3 becomes 5…6?

At first there were three of us.  Three girls.  Three sisters constantly at each other’s throats.  We fought like there was no tomorrow.  We played like there was no regrets.  We entertained each other while our parents were at work.  We watched each other’s backs whilst we tried not to kill the other off. We played with the neighborhood boys – climbing trees, playing tag, racing, scrapping our knees – we WERE one of the boys.  We did not have gameboys, or nintendos, no computers nor was watching the tv 24/7 allowed.  We had nature.  We drew hopscotch lines in the sand.  Played skipping rope using tied up rubber-bands.  When we had run ourselves tired, ragged and dirty, we would head home for dinner and THEN homework.

Slowly, but surely, we all left our safe cocoon we call home.

We each made our ways to America to further our studies, to further our careers.  Through hard work and gritted teeth we finally settled in to our adopted country.  And now we are starting to build nests.  I am no longer one.  But two.  That makes four in the family.

This September 2009 there will be another addition to the siblings.  Three girls, two boys, … and maybe in the near future, the score will be even.

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