Avarice is a sin…and poisonous

That boy sure knows how to up the ante!

He ate my Easter Chocolate Egg from church.

Hubs and I were busy trying to set up our Pax closet (from Ikea – the poor man’s California Closet – which isn’t really that cheap either). On my last trip downstairs to clear the boxes, I realized the black dog was missing. That usually doesn’t sum up to anything good.

I turned on all the lights, and caught the boy, underneath the sofa, with my bag and the chocolate wrapper from my chocolate egg all torn up.

In a panic, I called my sister up to check exactly how much chocolate that greedy little canine took.

In case you don’t know, chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Roughly about a pound of milk chocolate is detrimental to a 20 lb dog. Lucky for us, we discovered it immediately. We knew we had to induce vomiting. Just to be on the safe side, I called the vet (which was no longer open at 7:45 pm, who in turn referred us to the Animal Poison Control Center, who tried to charge me for nonexistence advice. Unfortunately, since I couldn’t ascertain the amount of chocolate the boy took, I hung up on them).

After discovering, a few days back, that Dusty has car sickness, we took him out for a drive – but not before making him drink a ton of water.

Hubs made the ride so bad, that even I had car sick. By the time Dusty threw up, I wanted to gag too – from the ride and from the atrocious stench of the bile.

We finally got home, in the pouring rain, feeling good that he regurgitated the chocolate. Not too seconds home, and he was down the front porch having explosive diarrhea.

That should, hopefully, be everything.

We finally had dinner at 10:30 pm. Even he took five.

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