My Story

Spent the first 18 years of my life growing up immersed in the Asian world and culture.  Was educated in a Catholic school: Assunta. Had a very typical Chinese up-bringing: Went to school.  Was expected to do well.  But came out – ah – so-so.  Never quite excelled in anything.

A decade of piano training made my fingers crooked (actually, I’m double-jointed.  It’s quite a sight!)  Playing tennis gave me a nice tan (at one point I could have easily assimilated with a different race).  Joining the Girl Guides and Rangers turned me into a licensed tom-boy (the only thing that I could never part with was my long hair.  Quite a sissy)

I left my protective shell and came to America, where I have spent a relatively equal amount of time.  Lived in Minnesota for 5 years.  Moved to NJ and have since set roots here.

Childhood • High School • University1+1

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