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SEASON 3 returns with 22 episodes beginning Sept. 23, 2010.

Thurs. Sept. 23, 2010, episode 1 – Olivia

Olivia is kidnapped at the alternate universe, and held against her will at the Statue of Liberty. Olivia is brain-washed into believing she is Boliva, but she is lucid. At first, the treatment doesn’t work. She escapes to Jersey, after hijacking taxi driver’s, Henry Higgin’s, cab. (Is this a tribute to My Fair Lady?) She tries to get to Massive Dynamics, but it doesn’t exist. In a bind, she remembers a safehouse in Tarrytown, NY. This turns out to be Bolivia’s mother’s house. After her adrenaline-rush, she soon forgets her true identity. Walternate wants Olivia as Bolivia to gain insight to how they manage to cross over the universe.

Bolivia returns with Walter and Peter, and sends a message to Walternate that infiltration is complete. Peter is so in love that he’s oblivious of the switch. Walter, however, may be on to her, as she makes a slip up in noticing his “old” loafers, one which he is accustomed to wearing, one that Olivia not Bolivia would know is not “old.”

Thurs. Sept. 30, 2010, episode 2 – The Box

>Thurs. Oct. 7, 2010, episode 3 – The Plateau

Thurs. Oct. 14 , 2010, episode 4 – Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep

Thurs. Nov. 11 , 2010, episode 5 –


Thurs. Sept. 18, 2009, episode 1 – A New Day in the Old Town

Olivia is involved in a car accident EXCEPT that during the crash, she is lost from the scene of the “crime” for 6 hours. She crashes back to the current world, brain dead, when Walter and Peter arrive at the scene. She is almost pulled off life support, until Peter visits her. She awakens, muttering something in Greek, something that coincidentally Peter’s mother always told him while he was young.

A shape-shifter caused the automobile accident, wanting to stop Olivia’s meeting with a certain person. However, his mission was not accomplished. He takes over Charlie’s body, thereby killing him in the process. Agent Amy Jessup is introduced into the series, teaming up with Peter while Olivia lies in the hospital bed with amnesia, unable to recall what happened or what was said to her when she was missing.

Thurs. Sept. 24, 2009, episode 2 – Night of Desirable Objects

Charlie shimmies his way up to Olivia to try to gain her trust and to extract from her the temporarily misplaced information.

Meanwhile, the team is on a case where people mysteriously disappear/get sucked underground in PA. Back in the lab, Walter tries to simulate travel between realities on frogs – recreating and understanding what happened to Olivia.

Nina sends Olivia to see a man, Sam Weiss, who can help her with her pains and memory lost.

Thurs. Oct. 1, 2009, episode 3 – Fracture

It’s kamikaze to one’s enemies.  A retired soldier, pumped full of a certain chemical, is sent in to a rendezvous point (to stop a person with a suitcase) and spontaneously combusts. Question is, what is in the suitcase that is about to be delivered? Who is the intended recipient? And why is the content so important that it warrants human sacrifices?

Olivia starts getting painful headaches / flashes of her memory – the twin towers.

The fringe team manages to stop another explosion. But it might not be to their benefit. In the end, the suitcase carrying man accomplishes his mission. The case is delivered. To the bald man who has no taste buds. In it, are surveillance photos of Walter Bishop.

Thurs. Oct. 8, 2009, episode 4 – Momentum Deferred

Olivia remembers her meeting with William Bell after drinking Walter’s concoction of  blended worms. Only a handful of people (maybe five) have passed through the two universe and live to tell about it. One would be Olivia. William and Walter. Peter?  Possibly.  One more.

Bell tells her that there is a gate guarding the two dimensions. The shape shifters are looking for this individual to open the door.

It is also revealed that the shape shifter took over Charlie’s body – not before Olivia tells him the location of that “leader” who will open the door between the dimensions.

Thurs. Oct. 15, 2009, episode 5 – Dream Logic

Olivia returns her bowling shoes to Sam Weiss, telling him she has her memories back, thus ending their meeting. Sam tells her otherwise, when he sees her pain. She is called away, but he sends with her a message.

It’s a case of people having an out-of-body experience in a dream state while awake. These people are aging and dying from exhaustion, but not before they commit unspeakable crimes.

These perpetrators, who end up as victims, were all subjects to a medical sleep trial whereby they were implanted with a chip by a Doctor Nayak. It’s more like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. On one hand, he truly was a caring doctor.  On the other, he was hungry and addicted to dreams.  He was living on these people’s dreams, transmitted through the chip implanted in them.

During the investigation, Olivia plays along with Sam’s new “to do” to help her cope with Charlie’s demise. She picks up eight business cards from people who  have red in their attire. In it, she chooses one letter out of each person’s first and last name. That makes an anagram, which she finally solves to read, “You’re gonna be fine.”

It is also revealed that when Peter was younger, he used to have nightmares. Walter helped him in managing those dreams, by making him forget. Back in their new house, Peter is awoken from his dream by Walter. He recounts that in his dream, Walter was in it, but in a flash, something dark with sinister eyes snatched him up.

Thurs. Nov. 5, 2009, episode 6 – Earthling

People are turning to ashes, leading them to a Fringe division in Russia. A man was sent to space and returned with a dark entity that drained people off their natural radiation. Walter discovers that the man and the entity have become one – to destroy one, the other has to die too.

Thurs. Nov. 12, 2009, episode 7 – Of Human Action

The son of a Massive Dynamic employee, Tyler, is kidnapped. During a rescue operation, the cops kill each other. Walter hypothesize that one of them in the group uses hypnotism to do what the user wants, but reevaluates his hypothesis after Peter suggests that hypnotism is only a suggested action. So it is mind control.

After Fringe closes in on the kidnappers, it is revealed that the kidnappers were the one being controlled – by the kid. Too late, as Peter too has been taken away by Tyler, to find his “dead mother.” Tyler is subdued with Peter’s quick thinking and Massive Dynamic takes Tyler into custody.

At the end, Nina Sharp types a message to William Bell, “One of the Tylers successfully used mind control, but things went bad when he tracked down his surrogate mother.” Tyler’s “father” wheels him into a room full of Tyler clones.

Thurs. Nov. 19, 2009, episode 8 – August

An Observer abducts a young lady from a park. When the Fringe division studies the footage, they realize this one is different from the other that they have been monitoring, leading them to conclude that there are more than one observer. A symbologist from Massive Dynamics theorizes that the Observers are time travelers who appear to observe important historical events. A journal was left behind but no one, except for Walter, is able to decode it.

Turns out, this Observer, August, is saving the girl from a plane crash, thus changing events and not just merely observing. Walter meets the Observer, who once saved him and Peter’s life, afraid that he is there to retrieve Peter. On the contrary, the Observer wants to know how to preserve this girl’s life. Walter told him that the others will stop hunting the girl when she becomes important.

The Observer becomes bait and gets shot (and killed) by the assassin sent to kill the girl, just as Olivia and Peter arrive at the scene. The original Observer retrieves August, who tells him that the girl is now safe as she is important. “She has killed one of us.”

Olivia takes her niece to an amusement park (as promised before the case started), as two Observers remark that things are about to get really bad for her.

Thurs. Dec. 3, 2009, episode 9 – Snakehead

Crew members from a cargo ship seem to be infected with parasites, which is used as a medicinal compound said to be a cure all for diseases.

Thurs. Dec. 10, 2009, episode 10 – Grey Matters

Brain surgery is performed on a patient at a mental institution, and other patients elsewhere, leaving their with their mental issues anymore. As Olivia and the Bishop duo look into the cases, they realize that something was pulled out of their brain. The later find out that Walter, during his stay in the nut house, had three pieces of his brain tissue removed from his Hippocampus, controlling a part of his memory.

It seems, the “brain surgeon” aka Thomas Newton/leader of the shape-shifters is looking for a way to open the portal of the other dimension, just as Walter once did.

Walter is then kidnapped, his brain fragments electronically hooked up to him, to learn the secret way in. After the information is extracted, Thomas injects Walter with a substance that allows him to live for a few minutes, thus when Olivia gave chase, she had to choose between saving Walter and capturing Thomas. Much to the disgust of Thomas, Olivia choose Walter, thus letting him escape.

Mon. Jan. 11, 2010, episode 11 – Unearthed

A young girl is brain dead and taken off life support, but as her organs are about to be harvested, she regains consciousness. As she awakens, she acquires the ability to speak Russian and even mutters information that is highly classified.

The Fringe team delves into the psyche of the teenager, only to realize that the person possessing her mind was murdered by a fellow navy officer. As they bring that said officer in for questioning, the girl escapes, only to be found in the murdered navy officer’s former wife’s house. It seems that she was the one who asked that her husband be killed, after the years of abuse from him. He, in turn, was back for revenge.

Mon. Jan. 14, 2010, episode 12 – Johari Window

Fringe goes to Edina City, where disfigured people have managed to hide themselves from the rest of the world.

Mon. Jan. 21, 2010, episode 13 – What Lies Below

The team investigates a lethal virus released into an office building. Olivia and Peter are first to arrive at the scene, unbeknown to them that the virus may be airborne. As they are quarantined, Walter and Astrid race against time to find the cure before the entire building with infected people are destroyed.

Mon. Jan. 28, 2010, episode 14 – The Bishop Revival

A wedding becomes a testing-field for a chemical agent that causes certain guests to suffocate from the inside out. As the Fringe division investigates, Walter uncovers a disturbing connection between the lethal experiment and the Bishop family.

It seems this research assistant of Walter’s father, from the Nazi era, wants to create only the ultimate race and destroy the rest. With the threat of more attacks looming and pointing towards an international symposium, Olivia, Peter and Walter race around the clock in order to prevent more deaths.

In the end, using the agent’s own DNA, Walter creates a chemical substance to destroy only the agent, not realizing and questioning that this agent was able to live through so many years without aging.

Mon. Feb. 4, 2010, episode 15 – Jacksonville

During a bizarre earthquake, a building in Manhattan is left distorted and the people inside are left with their alternate dimension likeness conjoined with them.

Walter then realizes that another building from the other dimension was sent over to their world, which means that a building from this dimension, of equal mass, will vanish together with its occupants in 32 hours.

The Fringe team travels to Jacksonville, Florida, the site of Olivia’s childhood drug trials of Cortexiphan to enable her to see the radiation/glow of the building which will be sucked away. After Olivia awakens from her trial, she realizes she no longer has that ability, because she is no longer that frighten little child.

Disappointed, the Bishops and Olivia return to New York. When Olivia finally fears her inability of saving countless lives in New York, she once again regains her ability and evacuates the building in time.

After this, Peter and Olivia goes on a date. When she arrives at his house, she sees Peter radiating with the same glow indicating that he is from the other dimension. Walter realizes this, and begs Olivia for her silence in the matter.

After a brief absence, Fringe returned on April 1, 2010 with an additional eight episodes ending the season on May 20, 2010 on episode 23.

Walter explains to Oivia why Peter was taken from the other side. After his own Peter dies from an incurable genetic disorder, which he never found a cure in time, he saw through his machine of the alternate dimension that Walternate found the cure. However, Walternate never saw it because the Observer September came visiting. In order to save the alternate Peter, Walter crosses over the parallel universe while Nina tries to stop him, thus loosing her right arm in the process. After Walter gets Peter, they fall through the icy lake. When September realizes his mistake in altering destiny when he stopped Walternate from realizing his success in the cure, and caused Walter to cross over, he had to help. He saves them from drowning, explaining that Peter is very important. After Peter is cured, Walter was going to bring him back, until Elizabeth his wife refused to let him go.

After this, Olivia struggles with keeping the secret from Peter. She also doesn’t want to betray Walter’s trust. In truth, it’s really not her place to tell. Just as Walter prepares himself to tell Peter this truth, Peter himself finds out about his existence when Walternate crosses the universe to retrieve his son. Walternate, the US Secretary of Defense from the alternate universe, leads a more powerful Fringe Division and has massive control over its society. His purpose of retrieving his son is more nefarious than for reuniting the family. A confused Peter returns to his “home” without much convincing from the Secretary.

Olivia and Walter travel to the alternate universe to retrieve Peter, after the Observers tell them that Peter will be used to destroy their universe. Bell meets up with them and even aid in their retrieval of Peter. After Olivia and Peter share a kiss, she convinces him that Walternate is trying to destroy their universe. On their way back, with Bell sacrificing himself to open the portal for them, the alternate Olivia (Bolivia) passes herself off as Oliva. Unaware of the switch, the trio return home, with Walter and Peter patching things up. Bolivia makes contact with the other side, while Olivia is caught and held in a sensory deprivation cell in the alternate dimension.

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A sci-fi series based in Boston, MA following an FBI Fringe Division, investigating the supernatural – ala X-Files and Twilight Zone. The series premiered on Sept. 9, 2008 on Fox with half the commercials aired compared to normal programming. The longest commercial break was 90 seconds (enough for me to brush my teeth and run back down again).

The series revolves around FBI agent Olivia Dunham, Walter Bishop, a mental but brilliant scientist and his son Peter Bishop who’s a computer whiz and almost a know-it-all. These three are charged with investigating strange events that are seemingly unconnected. Walter was a government researcher partnered with William Bell, before he was institutionalized in the loony hole. After Walter’s arrest, Bell is said to have stolen Walter’s research materials to build Massive Dynamic, a leading global technology company. Then there is Astrid Farnsworth, Walter’s lab assistant and a federal agent, who’s tolerance for Walter’s idiosyncrasies gives the series its occasional humor.

First season ended with Olivia meeting the elusive William Bell (played by Leonard NImoy) in a parallel universe – inside a still-standing World Trade Center post-911.  It is also revealed that the “current” Peter, Walter’s son, is from another dimension. The original Peter passed away as a child from illness that was not curable (or that Walter couldn’t find in time. Which is why he traveled into a different dimensions in the first place).

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