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The second season, Kuroshitsuji II, set in 19th century England follows a butler, Claude Faustus, and his master, Alois Trancy, while reprising the roles of Sebastian and Ciel. It is simulcasting on Funimation and was released on July 2, 2010 with 12 episodes.

It has an opening and ending theme:

1. “Shiver” by the Gazette.
2. “Bird” by Yuya Matsushita.

July 2, 2010, ep. 1: Black Butler

A young boy awakens from bed naked with a body riddled with bruises. Next to him lies a naked older man. He cries out to the darkness in despair, calling for reprieve from his suffering. Something/someone hears him and the contract is made. The pentagram seal forms on his tongue while a spider creeps into its web having caught a prey.

Alois & Claude

Alois & Claude

Alois Trancy looks like a refined and elegant noble, but he ill-mannered, cruel and abusive nature soon appears. His butler, Claude Faustus, has Alois’ tea and clothes laid out for him. As he dresses his young master, the spoiled lad undoes the buttons that Claude fastens. During breakfast, he not only plays with his food, and messes things up for his maid, Hanna, but he promptly gouges her eye too. Claude walks in to stop his abusive behavior. Soon enough, Alois tells Claude to prepare for the arrival of his uncle, Arnold Trancy who will be at their doorstep with a priest and Viscount Droit to authentic his legitimacy as the heir to the Trancy fortune. “Yes, your highness,” Claude replies. He also tells him that he “wants to greedily devour him.”

Arnold’s nephew was kidnapped as a baby. His mother died soon after, but the child was found years later and returned with a black butler. Alois Trancy’s father mysteriously died after his return to the manor, making him the heir. As the guests arrive, Alois shares with them his life in a village as a slave. He befriended a child of his age and thought of him as a brother, Andrew. Unfortunately, death claimed the village and little Andrew. He was left to fend for himself until his father found him and brought him home. Soon after, his father was taken away from him too. Hearing the sad tale of Alois, the priest and the Viscount promises to be his pillar of strength and to be with him forever if ever he needed help. Alois slyly replies that he only needed his uncle Arnold. After the priest and Viscount leave, Alouis baits the uncle by throwing money, deeds and title to him.

Soon the rain envelopes the night. A stranger in a cloak knocks at the door asking for shelter from the unexpected weather. Alois immediately permits his entrance into the manor, while pretending to be the perfect host and gentleman. Hanna serves the stranger with the necessities, only to have Alois enter, abuse her and slap her in front of the stranger. Curious, Alois fiddles with the stranger’s trunk and asks to see the contents of it. The stranger strikes up a bargain with Alois. If he is permitted to enter the basement of the manor, Alois will be shown the contents of the trunk. Alois leads him down the basement, and the stranger picks up a box of “New Moon Drop” for the “Motion of the Soul.”  Claude appears and attacks the stranger, revealing that the trunk carried the body of Ciel Phantomhive and the stranger is none other than Ciel’s loyal butler, Sebastian Michaelis.

Ciel & Sebastian

Ciel & Sebastian

Claude is bent on nabbing Sebastian and his precious cargo, but Sebastian calls him a second-rate butler. Sebastian takes out the lights and bursts out of the manor. Claude tries to give chase, but Alois begs him not to leave, afraid that he will be left alone once again. Claude complies.

Finally Sebastian stops in the woods the next morning. He uncovers the box of “Moon Drop” and pulls out a ring. He slips the blue ring, (a shard of hope) on Ciel’s thumb and loyally says, “It’s time to wake up, my master.”

July 9, 2010, ep. 2: Solo Butler

Ciel awakens from his slumber. He is greeted by his fiancee Elizabeth, Sebastian, and his former household staff: Bardroy, Finnian and Maylene.

He sets off to work immediately, building a new dam for the people to control the flood waters. He’s quickly buying up companies after companies in the market. Some of the nobles are not liking that one bit. For appearance sake, Elizabeth goes to the ribbon cutting for the new water gate to support Ciel. But she truly wants only his happiness and have heard news that a white deer was seen nearby. She convinces him to find that white deer with her.

Their old friend, the Chinese pair: Lau and Lan Mao are also at hand to place their bets on whether Elizabeth’s and Ciel’s relationship will last. It seems a great number of people want their engagement to be canceled.

In the process, the end up in a torrential downpour in the river. Instead of remaining on shore, Elizabeth is determine to find that happiness for Ciel. She gets into a dory, but a flimsy dam ahead is about to break. Ciel orders Sebastian to stop the flood, while Ciel himself went to Elizabeth’s rescue. Sebastian breaks the dam, and Ciel and Elizabeth is immediately caught in the flood.

When Ciel finally regains consciousness, he questions Sebastian’s intentions as he almost drown. Sebastian innocently informs Ciel that he stopped the flood by redirecting the river flow, thus creating a new river pattern. What’s more, Sebastian has found the elusive white deer, in the form of a large ground drawing, a Geoglpyh.

July 16, 2010, ep. 3: Female Butler

The recent cases of human combustion in London has the Queen looking for Ciel to resolve the matter. It doesn’t help that Grell Sutcliffe, once butler and partner in crime of Madame Red (Angelina Durless and aunt to Cien) is at the crime scenes. Grell and Madame Red were once known as Jack the Ripper. But when she couldn’t bring herself to kill Ciel, who she sees as her own son, Grell killed her instead.

The official letter from the Queen arrives, ordering her loyal dog and the elusive Spider to get to the bottom of the dead women. Ciel tells Sebastian not to tell Madame Red about it. (she must have recovered from her death in the first season). Ciel and Sebastian reach the latest crime scene. Inspector Randall of Scotland Yard tells Ciel that there are on records of the cases.

Ciel and Sebastian visit the Undertaker at his funeral home. Even though he helps Ciel, he has a strong disdain for the Queen. As a retired Grim Reaper, he still ranks high in the management level and is much respected by the other reapers. He is also able to access the Grim Reaper’s Library and alter the books. He shares with Ciel the ashes of the corpse, made up of sparkly dust.

The duo visits the funeral of the latest victim, a newly wed, and they meet Mr. Turner of the photo studio who brings the last picture of the deceased. As they leave, Mrs. Turner seem to be exuding sparkly dust too. It seems that particle is Magnesium Oxide and Lau confirms that a huge shipment of it has been sent to the photo studio. They later discover that all newly weds who have visited the studio later find their wife dead. It is spreading around town like wild fire. They will have to catch the culprit red handed.

Mrs. Margaret Turner suddenly goes berserk. A long time ago, she was forced into this loveless marriage. By taking out the wives, she will have the men love her instead. She burns her husband and the studio. Then she takes to the streets and begins to burn the entire city! Inspector Randall evacuates the city. Grell appears and waits for his chance to collect the soul of Mrs. Turner at 12 am, as per his book. But the book’s prediction is wrong. Grell will have to report back to Will about the book’s err. William T. Spears is a high-ranking shinigami belonging to the Dispatch Management Division who once came for Grell in the human world to punish him. William also respects the Undertaker a lot.

With the case solved, Ciel still has to find the mysterious Spider.

July 23, 2010, ep. 4: Terrorist Butler

The Phantomhive household are at the train depot, sending off their young master on his next orders of the Queen: to find the kidnapped son of Lord Akryod and apprehend the villain. Finny runs around the station and knocks over a man carrying a crate with a mummy in it. Ciel notices that the man’s hand is injured. As the train pulls out of the station, Lord Akryod shakes in fear with his $5000 pounds in ransom. Ciel begins to worry about the Trancy family problem and their issue at hand.

They head out to the other cars to see who else is on the train. There is an Egyptian Archeologist, a ranting fool who spouts the train’s timetable, an old Japanese man with a suspicious looking package and his wife who offers everyone on the train sushi and a detective on board. This is a case of a whodunnit. (It’s the professor in the library with the candlestick!)

The detective stumbles into the car and raises panic by announcing there is a killer on board under their care. The detective immediately recognizes a familiar face, Ciel Phantomhive, of whom his twin brother has mentioned before. Soon enough, Lord Akryod gets a note to leave the money in the last car of the train. With the money on the move, Ciel and Sebastian follow it and bump into the previous mummy carrier. Ciel immediately recognizes his injured hand and runs after him. The man breaks off the train, but not before Sebastian hops on to it. The man tells Sebastian that his efforts are futile as the head of the train has a bomb strapped to it. When the head of the train stops, a bomb will go off, with Ciel and the rest of the people in it.

Sebastian takes care of the kidnapper and goes in hot pursuit of the runaway train with the bomb. He detours the train off its original stop and orders the train master to keep it running or it will blow up. Soon enough though, they will realize that the train is heading towards a bridge that has a gaping hole in the middle. Meanwhile, in the chaos, the killer is left unattended by the policemen. He escapes his chains while Ciel looks for the child. Ciel finds the child hidden in the storage room in the mummy’s crate and returns him to his crying father. Elsewhere in the train, the Detective and the old Japanese woman come down with a case of cholera from the spoiled sushi.

The runaway killer uses Ciel as hostage but Sebastian comes to his rescue. Then he pulls off the roof of the train and hurls it together with the bomb. With that taken cared of, he then single-handedly stops the train at the bridge. Even the cholera outbreak has been averted. The detective comments that Sebastian is no ordinary butler. No. He is one hell of a butler.

At the end of this incident, another butler comes out of it unfazed. Ciel and Sebastian will have to discover who his master is.

July 30, 2010, ep. 5: Beacon Butler

During a cold wintry night, Sebastian looks for Prince Soma Asman Kadar and his servant, Agni (who was once a nobleman named Arshad). He breaks the devastating news: Ciel has lost his memories. For months now, since Ciel’s return from the dead, Sebastian has been going around to his friends to tell them not to mention it. They have all promised to keep up the act.

The Phantomhive servants prepare for a costume ball at the Trancy estate. Alois Trancy, was kidnapped as a child three years ago. Before the previous Earl died, he was returned with a butler.  That was also the time when Ciel’s parents perished. At the Trancy estate, Claude Faustus, the butler, invites them in. Sebastian notices a spider web at the door, and Claude tells them it’s the crest of the Trancy family. As Ciel enters the mansion, he begins to see double and sways. Sebastian steadies him, as Claude regretfully informs them that his master is out on business, but will be back for the ball. However, everyone’s at the parlour. Much to his surprise, Elizabeth and Lau and Lan Mao are there. But Madam Red is not there? Everyone avoids the obvious that Ciel’s aunt is already dead. Finally, Prince Soma appears, hugs Ciel and begins to cry for his “lost”. Agni pulls him away and introduces the Prince to Soma, a 17-year-old Indian prince, as the 26th child of the Nawab family.  Having proclaimed Ciel as his best friend, their friendship was and is very important to Indian pair. Soon, the foreigners break down and cry, much to the surprise of Ciel.

Men of acquintance to the Phantomhive master

Men of acquaintance to the Phantomhive master

Ciel is led to his room to rest, and on the way there begins to see illusions again. He tells Sebastian to investigate the mansion throughly.

Elsewhere, Alois is looking for a costume for the ball, and throws a crown at his maid Hanna causing her to bleed. Claude enters the room, and looks disdainfully at Alois. Alois then makes Hanna strip, which she does willingly. Everything is ready for Ciel. The day will turn to night, pleasure to pain, waltz to requiem, all for the sake of the Earl of Phantomhive.

The ball begins. Lizzy is dressed as a red Indian, while Ciel is a ship’s captain. Prince Soma enters Sherlock Homes and Agni as Watson. Agni enters with a freshly made tray of Curry Pan, hoping to job Ciel’s memories. The Phantomhive servants dressed as Saiyuki: the monkey, pig and the water sprite. They make a mess of things, but are quickly cleaned up by the Trancy servants. Lau and Lan Mao are dressed as a Japanese lord and his geisha.

Sebastian compliments Claude for the room that was prepared for Ciel. However, he flatly tells him, “I won’t hand my master over to you. I’m one hell of a butler.”

At the ball, a maid singles out Ciel and spills red wine on his coat. She leads him into a room to clean the jacket, but returned it uncleaned. She looks at his ring and comments that his eyes are the “aame color as his ring.” She begins seducing him by licking his ear and proposing to be one with him. Soon, she removes his eye patch and runs out of the room. Ciel follows, not knowing where she went, but the hallways soon begin to distort. Ciel finds himself in the kitchen and a feeling of deja vu washes over him. He walks down the basement of the kitchen and sees an illusion of Sebastian walking down the stairs retrieving the New Moon Drop, also known as the Soul’s Temperature. He begins to hear voices, telling him the time is not right yet. Ciel begins to feel nauseous and stumbles. The voices are getting louder, “Don’t kill him. Get him Claude. I have you Ciel Phantomhive.” Ciel runs out of the mansion.

The ballroom crowd realize Ciel is gone.

In the forest, the maid appears before Ciel and questions him, “What’s wrong?” “If it hurts, I will lick it to make it better.” Turns out, the maid is none other than Alois Trancy. His butler, Claude, and his minions too appear. This is not the time to underestimate Ciel. Sebastian  appears by his master’s side. Alois threatens Ciel with the lives of his friends in the ballroom. Everyone who is important to Ciel will die if he does not do as he commands. Ciels calmly replies, “Do as you like.” Not to be outplayed, Alois shows Ciel his mark on his tongue. Alois boasts that Claude is definitely stronger than Sebastian.

A demented pair

A demented pair

With that, the challenge has been issued. Ciel orders Sebastian to protect him with everything he has. “Yes my lord.”

On the other side, the order to capture and kill is issued. “Yes your highness.”

Aug. 6, 2010, ep. 6: Night Dew Butler

At a dark secluded castle, Sebastian finds the unconscious body of Ciel. His master has become only a body void of a soul. In anger, he destroys the place on the mountains and carries the body of Ciel. Sebastian soon realizes that it was Claude who took Ciel’s soul, under the command of Alois. So Sebastian saves the body of Ciel and awakens him later, only to realize he has risen without his memories. The first soul of Ciel wished for revenge, but the second soul, the one without its original memories, was void of any vengeful thoughts without recollection of the past.

Lifeless master

Lifeless master

The assault of Ciel and Sebastian continues at the Trancy estate by Claude and Alois. They are trapped, but Sebastian still manages to overcome them while carrying and protecting Ciel. It feels like the day Sebastian carried off the soulless Ciel in a trunk as a doll.

In the ballroom, a cart is suddenly wheeled in by Hanna. She unveils the instrument and slowly licks her fingers to wet them. She begins to play music from it, which everyone begins to feel its effects. The music even drifts out to the woods, where Sebastian tells Ciel to close his ears. The servants continue their attack against them. Meanwhile, the people in the ballroom are soon hypnotized and turn against the Phantomhive’s friends. Only Lau and Lan Mao have their ears covered by corks from wine bottles.  Agni begins to protect his master, Prince Soma, and the rest of Ciel’s friends. They continue to bring down the dolls, but they really should be taking Hannah out instead.

Friends of the Phantomhive

Friends of the Phantomhive

Suddenly, Sebastian reappears back in the ballroom to counterattack Hannah’s music. Hannah’s instrument begins to warp and break as everyone awakens. Sebastian tells Ciel that Hannah used an old demonic instrument, called the Armonica – the voice of angels. With everyone out from their trance, Alois finally enters the room and apologizes for his tardiness. Alois also compliments Sebastian for his talent, but Sebastian dispels it as not a talent, just him being a hell of a butler.

Trancy vs. Phantomhive

Trancy vs. Phantomhive: battle of the butlers

Sebastian and Claude meet in a fight off after both their masters call for it. They begin their battle and when it becomes clear it is a stalemate, they come to a solution. Back inside the house, they draw their blood, staining a rose to seal a contract between them. “I will set you as my young master’s enemies for revenge. In turn, you will receive Ciel after carrying out the revenge.”

Covenant between demons

Covenant between demons

Sebastian returns to Ciel showing him that Alois has been investigating the Phantomhive household, himself and his father included. Meanwhile, Alois is miffed that Claude didn’t kill Sebastian during the fight.

Alois catches an unwilling Lizzy to dance with him. While Ciel heads towards them but dances with someone else, as the butlers acknowledge each other.

One master wants to posses another, while the other master wants to kill the other.

Aug. 13, 2010, ep. 7: Dead Butler

After the incident at the ball, Alois reissues another invitation. This time the butlers will settle the score. Alois is determined to posses Ciel. While Ciel wants to kill Alois for injuring his pride.

Claude calls on his three demon minions and Hannah to aid him. They pull out swords and machine guns, while Sebastian merely retrieves butter knives from his pocket. A viscount enters the battle ground, presuming it to be the previous day’s ball, but stays after falling in love with Hannah, the one-eyed monster.

Sebastian immobilizes the three minions against the stone chess piece with their own sword, then takes on Hannah, who manages to tear his coat. While evading her, he mends his attire, and finally pins her down with his knives. He is about to finish her off when Claude finally pulls his own weight. Sebastian tells Claude, he will not forgive him for touching his master’s soul. However, their ground battle is suspended as tea time nears.

Battle of the Butlers

Battle of the Butlers

Soon the battle resumes with Claude pulling out a green, intricately woven ancient sword, the Laevatenin, from Hannah’s throat. The sword is so sharp it slices off the stone chess pieces. Bored with the scene before them, Ciel leaves with Alois for their own duel in the Trancy study. Sebastian gets caught in Claude’s web of death. One move, and he is dead. Claude begins to hack at the imprisoned Sebastian, but they soon realize that both their masters are in danger.

Chibis dueling

Chibis dueling

The battle of the masters begin, as Alois gains the upper hand on Ciel, and tells Ciel that he will tear up his soul to feed his house spiders. Before Alois can stab a fallen Ciel, Ciel grabs the blade and stabs Alois in the stomach instead. Ciel will avenge his parents. Tearfully and disdainfully, Alois begins to beg for his life just as the butlers enter the study. He likens his life to Ciel’s; his family and village was taken from him at a young age too. A hardened Ciel raises up his sword against the wailing Alois, but Claude comes to his rescue. Ciel slaps him across the face with his bleeding hand. The blood trickles from his cheek, as Claude tastes Ciel’s blood. Suddenly, he becomes alive. Sebastian leaves with Ciel, promising to finish their dance at a later date.

The enraptured Trancy butler continues to lick the remaining blood off of his face, ignoring the crying and bleeding Alois, who pleads for Claude to rescue him. Alois finally faints.

Aug. 20, 2010, ep. 8: Effusive Butler

Alois regains consciousness, with a bandaged torso, and realizes that maybe Claude doesn’t want him anymore. He questions, not his loyalty, but whether he still looked good enough to eat. Claude simply smiles at him. In despair, Alois searches for Hannah, and begs her to, “Take me…,” he mutters. And finishes his sentence with, “…to Ciel Phantomhive.” The demon minions report to Claude of Alois’ leave.

Sold his soul Luka

Sold his soul Luka

The traveling and bleeding Alois remembers his childhood with his younger brother, Luka. As orphans, they did everything to fend for themselves, including stealing and wishing for the death of the villagers. One night, their dream comes true when they discover the annihilation of the village. The brothers celebrate, only to be greeted by a dark ominous gust of wind that takes Luka’s life too. The remaining surviving boys are transported to the Trancy estate, to feed the appetite of the lecherous pedophiliac master.

Death comes to those who curse others

Death comes to those who curse others

It is rumored among the boys that the Trancy estate has a fairy that grants wishes. Alois visits the forest and begins to chant. Ashes begin to fall from the sky as a black figure approaches him asking for his wish. He doesn’t know what he wants – yet, but the moment he does, the spider will return to make a contract with him. Soon the spider, Claude, has Alois’ ears and tells him about Sebastian and Ciel, clouding, hypnotizing and feeding him skewered information about Sebastian killing his brother.

Alois gains the “love” of the Trancy earl, who passes away, leaving the estate and fortune to his “son” Alois Trancy aka Jim McCain.

Lecherous reaper in red

Lecherous reaper in red

At the present time, Alois is bleeding to death as the grim reaper approaches his carriage to claim his soul. The reaper realizes that this soul is a strange one. He takes on a protective Hannah, while Alois tries to escape, but is cornered by a wolf. Claude finally reaches him, much to the delight of Alois. Unfortunately, Claude has come for Alois’ life. He kills Alois and seals his soul. Alois’ soul is no longer good enough for him. He has his sights set on another.

Aug. 27, 2010, ep. 9: Hollow Butler

Claude has Alois’ soul sealed in a ring, together with his memories. He will use that soon enough as he prepares for his next move, to slowly steal a new soul.

Elsewhere, Ciel is unhappy that Alois didn’t die from his stab wound. Unable to rest, Sebastian relays a message from the Queen. Young boys are being attacked with their eyes being gouged out. Sebastian and Ciel travel to the crime scene and question the latest victim. It seem like it was a child of noble stature who attacked. Through their investigation, Ciel realizes all the attacks occur between the Phantomhive and Trancy estate. The pattern draws out to a web. Unsure of the connection, Ciel questions Sebastian of his knowledge of Alois’ survival. But before he can answer, someone attacks them. Sebastian springs into action, hiding Ciel immediately in a crate.

Sebastian realizes that they have walked into Claude’s plan: to lure them out of their estate with the Queen’s note and then attacking them where they are most vulnerable. A blond grim reaper, calling himself Ronald “to die” Knox, attacks Sebastian. He has come because something very strange is going on. He is there to collect the soul of a dead Alois Trancy, but the soul is nowhere to be found. Another reaper, senior to Ronald, enters the scene and attacks Sebastian too. To escape both the reapers, Sebastian breaks the glasses of the elder reaper to get to his master.

Ciel, hiding in the crate, begins to feel trapped and as déjà vu washes over him. He hears the “London Bridge is Falling Down” tune and promptly escapes the box. In a flash, he sees Alois running away from the scene. He gives chase and ends up at a dead-end. Scotland Yard catches up to him and nabs him, with Hannah pointing Ciel out as her master, Alois Trancy, who has lost his mind from the abuse of his “father.”

Scotland Yard making a farce

Scotland Yard making a farce

Claude has finished weaving his web. It will soon be as he wishes, to have the soul of Ciel Phantomhive.

Ciel is taken in and interrogated by Scotland Yard, who accuses him of attacking the young boys. After insisting that he is Ciel Phantomhive, the watchdog of the Queen, they begin to “treat” him, by dousing him with cold water – a treatment meant for the insane. Sebastian finally tracks Ciel to the asylum, only to have Hannah stop him at the gates. Claude has entered the grounds, and is slowly hypnotizing Ciel. He slips on Alois’ ring onto Ciel and mashes both their memories together since both resemble the other. Soon he feeds Ciel lies of how Sebastian killed his brother Luka, and that his pride was tarnished by the older Trancy when he defiled him. He loses consciousness, and when he comes to, Sebastian is by his side.

“Don’t touch me,” he orders. “You were the one who killed my parents. Sebastian Michaelis.”

Claude controls Ciel, who promptly orders Sebastian to disappear from his sight. “This is an order!”

With no choice, Sebastian leaves his master to fend for himself. Claude has got him… for the time being. It is time for Sebastian to clean up the pesky little spiders.

Ciel will just have to be strong until Sebastian returns for him.

Sept. 3, 2010, ep. 10: Zero Butler

Sebastian watches from afar as Ciel awakens and is served by Claude. He asks for Alois’ whereabouts.

“Killed by your blade, my Lord.”

Claude or Sebastian?

Claude or Sebastian?

Claude dresses Ciel, as he used to dress Alois and finishes with a kiss on Ciel’s stockinged feet. Ciel slaps him and tells him to stop being disgusting.

Suddenly a loud bang from the outside of the mansion is heard. Hannah is told to watch over and guard Ciel, while Claude went to investigate the deforestation happening at the Trancy Estates.

He returns to his duties to Ciel after discovering it is only Sebastian, but knows he has to keep his distance, as ordered by Ciel. He brushes Ciel’s teeth only to almost choke him.

“Sebastian will never…,” Ciel stops himself.

Claude urges Ciel to form a contract with him. But Ciel reminds him, that he is only there because he doesn’t want to return to the Phantomhive mansion as it has too many memories. Not for a new contract.

He dismisses Claude, as Hannah follows him into the garden. In his confusion, Alois/Ciel wonders why Claude calls him “Young master,” as Sebastian does. Why did Sebastian do what he supposedly did? He wears one ring on each hand, one belonging to Sebastian, the other to Claude. In frustration, he hits the roses around him, and accidentally hits Hannah too. He immediately apologizes for his slight of hand. But she only encourages him to continue his abuse of her. “This is one mansion filled with weird occupants,” he thinks to himself.

Thompson triplets

Thompson triplets

After that episode, Claude calls on his minions, finally with a name, the Thompson brothers to take out Grell while he handles Sebastian.

Outside, Sebastian is hosting Grell the Reaper for tea. Sebastian woos him with salted tea to drain information about Ciel. Claude killed his own master, Alois Trancy. He then used a ritual to fuse the souls of Alois Trancy with Ciel Phantomhive. It is time to learn Alois’ past as Grell takes Sebastian to the destroyed village where everything began, Arachnohill. They meet an old woman, who says she’s the sole survivor of the burning of the village. She was saved by a little boy who had, earlier, made a contract with a demon. As the village whore, she took pity on the boy who was being bullied by older boys. In turn, he spared her life of what was to be the destruction of the village that night. Together, he and his brother will be freed of the village elders.

Shampoo commercial that strikes a chord for Grell

Shampoo commercial that strikes a chord for Grell

The Thompson triplets arrive and take out the woman before she made more damage. Sebastian pins one sibling down and asks Grell to use his death scythe on him, which he refuses. That is until Sebastian begins to toss his hair around, to flirt with the besotted Reaper. The scythe is used and out pours the memories of the Thompson on a reel of Ciel being tortured in the mental asylum.

The story of the dead

The story of the dead

Back inside the Trancy home, Ciel sees the reflection of Alois instead of himself in the mirror. In confusion and frustration, he breaks the mirror. Hannah and Claude rush in, as Claude requests Hannah to clean up the mess. But Ciel stops her. He orders Claude to clean it up instead, as he walks out with Hannah. He has had enough of this mansion. He wants to return home to the Phantomhive Estate.

As he rests, Hannah shows him where his missing eye is – inside her mouth. Ciel screams in horror.

That night, Sebastian sneaks up to the mansion after Ciel retires. He returns the blood rose to Claude, a symbol of their covenant, while punching him out. It was Claude who broke the covenant first when he went after Ciel’s soul.

“Sebastian!” The dueling butlers suddenly hear Ciel’s call. Looks like Sebastian is no longer fit to be Ciel’s butler if he can’t even follow a simple order like that, Claude taunts.

“Sebastian!!” the call becomes more urgent this time. “Help me!”

Demented Schizo

Demented Schizo

They watch Ciel climbing up a clock tower. Sebastian is not disobeying orders. That person up there, swinging his feet, is not Ciel Phantomhive. It is Alois Trancy.

Sept. 10, 2010, ep. 11: Crossroads Butlers

Ciel awakens, trapped in his own body fighting with Alois to gain control, only to see himself looking down the clock tower at a maze before him. He begins to sieve through memories, deciphering which are his, and which are Alois’. He sees his mansion burning, or is it a village? He stumbles upon a little boy, but doesn’t know who it is. As Ciel remembers his past, he struggles against Alois who has his body as hostage. Sebastian is warned that if he takes Hannah out, Ciel will fall and plunge to his death. To retrieve his master, Sebastian has to travel into Alois’ heart and mind, and play his game.

Demented one

Demented one

Claude and Sebastian steps into the maze Alois creates to the butlers to fight for Ciel’s soul. The maze is booby trapped with questions that are altered to give Claude the upper hand. What is Alois Trancy’s real name? Sebastian answers Jim Macken. He is immediately captured by the maze’s vines. In turn, Claude replies, that it has always been Alois Trancy. It is Alois’ own truth. However, Grell the Reaper comes to Sebastian’s aid. As soon as Ciel regains his memories and realizes he has attained his revenge against Alois, the maze begins to shift – in Sebastian’s favor. His parents were killed by the Queen, who was protected by her own angel of death. He formed a contract with Sebastian, stating that once his revenge was attained, his soul was Sebastian’s to take.

Sebastian too realizes that Ciel may have awaken as his next pass is the symbol of Peter Rabbit, Phantomhive’s product. The rightful Ciel then asks Sebastian why his soul was not eaten after he first died. That was because Sebastian lost the arm with the contract sealed on it, and Claude used the opportunity to steal Ciel’s soul. As Claude reaches the final door, he is asked why he killed Alois. The answer, was what Alois dreaded to hear. He was just a means to get to Ciel and finally obtain him. Hurt and angered, Alois drops Claude down a chute.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee

Alois’ soul begins to cry, only to be comforted by Hannah. She soothes him, telling him that, “Big brother is always the best,” mimicking what Luka used to say. Claude returns to the starting point of the maze again and the questions are asked. Why did Claude form a contract with Luka? As things unfold, Alois learns that it is Hannah, not Claude, who contracted Luka. Hannah Annefellows is a demon sword with the Thompson triples as her minions. To fulfill Jim’s wish, Luka contracted her. Humans were getting boring to her, but then came Luka. He was different. He so loved his brother that he endeared himself to her. After fulfilling his wish of killing the townspeople, he thanked her for it before his soul was eaten. This was something no one ever did. Of course, Claude knew about this contract and never told Alois about it. Again, Alois asks Claude why he chose to kill him. Claude doesn’t answer any differently than the first time, but instead of falling for the same trick twice, he escapes two chutes. But Sebastian is there to try to finish him off.

Alois, upon hearing this, realizes that he has only been loved by two people in his life: Luka and Hannah. As Ciel breakthrough, Alois asks Hannah to help him silence Ciel. Ciel regains his body and calls out to Sebastian to eat his soul. He is his butler! “Yes, my lord,” answers a thrilled Sebastian.

Alois fights back. He will annihilate everyone of them. He leaves with Hannah. She urges Alois to make a new contract with her, thereby reuniting him with Luka. Seeing Alois/Ciel leaving with Hannah, the butlers run after them into the clock tower. When they get to Alois/Ciel, but their rings are tossed aside like yesterday’s newspapers. Alois has formed a new contract with Hannah. All he wanted was Claude’s love. tells Claude that he always sought for his love.

Hannah’s contract with Jim Macken is complete, and unfortunately, Ciel too.

Sept. 17, 2010, ep. 12: Black Butler

The butlers and the maid ferry Ciel’s body to a remote island, called the Island of Death. Since Alois contracted Hannah while in Ciel’s body, Ciel’s soul is stuck in limbo. To retrieve him, either one will have to kill Alois.

Sebastian and Claude are forced to fight a true Demon’s Duel for Ciel’s soul. They enter a cave, whereby Hannah’s Demon Blade is removed for the butlers to use. Wounds by the sword will not heal. Souls cut by the sword will come to an end too. And so the fight begins. Claude gets the first draw, but Sebastian evades it nicely. As they exchange blows, Sebastian uses the sword to split the cave upon, thereby creating a large fissure on the ground. Hannah save Alois/Ciel from the crumbling cave.

Child talk

Child talk

Alois and Ciel begin to talk inside Ciel’s vessel. Alois apologizes for taking his body.

They reach a stalemate but Claude lands on a broken ledge that gives way. He loses his balance, thus giving Sebastian an opening to plunge the Demon Blade into Claude. Sebastian tells Claude that he has been played by Alois all this time. As Claude dies, he states that Alois has managed to make a “small ripple” in his long and boring life as a demon. Perhaps, Alois’ soul was more precious than he thought. Simultaneously, Alois learns that Claude is dead. He doesn’t know if he’s happy or not, but his soul disappears with a smile on his face. Ciel is left, trapped.

Hearing Claude’s last words, Hannah begins to weep. Her contract is complete. Claude has finally acknowledged Alois. Ciel is nothing but a soulless body.

Leaving with precious cargo

Demon in the making

Sebastian reaches for Ciel, but Hannah dives into the ocean before mumbling something that shocks Sebastian. He dives in after Ciel and retrieves him. Alois’ contract with Hannah was not to let either one have Ciel’s soul. Hannah, Claude, Jim and Luka are finally together. The brothers are finally united. They will never be alone again. United. But dead.

Demon child

Demon child

When Ciel next awakens, Sebastian prepares faux tea for him at the Phantomhive mansion. Ciel’s eye glows ruby red as Sebastian begins to dress him. He is no longer wearing his rings. Even his nails are black as night. Maylene announces that Lady Elizabeth is there to see Ciel. Sebastian excuses himself to run errands on behalf of his master. Sebastian gets to Lau first. He leaves with him a box and a farewell message from Ciel. “It would be troublesome to kill you, so live as you wish.” Then he visits, the Prince and the Reaper, who all receive a box. The Phantomhive staff is also dismissed.

The company you keep

The company you keep…and dismiss

Ciel is no longer a human. He has been reborn as a demon, thanks to Hannah. Sebastian couldn’t bring himself to kill Ciel before he awaken, thus turning him into a monster like him. Sebastian can no longer consume Ciel’s soul, but they are still bound by their contract with Ciel as the master and Sebastian as the servant. Before he was whisked away by Hannah and Alois, he ordered Sebastian to be his butler. Sebastian agreed.

As the friends open the box, a lollipop first greets them. Then a slowly appearing message materialize. “In memory of Ciel Phantomhive who died August 26, 1889. Age 15 years.”

He leaves with Sebastian, towards a field of black and white roses towards a cliff.

Together, forever

Together, forever

Ciel’s curse has been lifted, and in exchange, Sebastian is cursed to serve Ciel for all eternity. However they started and ended, Sebastian will always be Ciel’s butler. As Sebastian jumps off the cliff with Ciel, he answers, “Yes, My Lord.”

Season 1

Kuroshitsuji (黒執事 – the Black Butler) is an ongoing manga written and illustrated by Yana Toboso since September 2006 and is ongoing with nine volumes to date. On October 2008 it made its premier as an adapted anime with 24 episodes. Season 2 of the anime, titled Kuroshitsuhi II, is released on July 1, 2010. The series has also been adapted to a musical, entitled The Butler Friendship (その執事、友好, Sono Shitsuji, Yūkō) that ran from May-June 2009. A video game for Nintendo DS (Black Butler: Phantom Ghost), drama CDs (2007 & 2008) books (Black Butler Character Guide released in 2008 & Black Record in 2009) have also been developed for this series.

The series has an opening and two ending theme:

1. ” Kiss of Monochrome” by SID
2. “I’m ALIVE!” by BECCA
3. “Lacrimosa” by Kalafina

Sebastian & Ciel

Sebastian & Ciel

Kuroshitsuji is about a highly skilled butler, Sebastian Michaelis, choosing to serve a 12-year-old English noble and an heir to a toy and candy empire. Sebastian has a Faustian contract with his master, the Earl Ciel Phantomhive; a contract that is fulfilled only when the master dies, thus claiming his soul. The young lad takes over the head of family role from his departed parents, Lord Vincent and Lady Rachel Phantomhive, and runs the Funtom Company. He wears an eye patch on his right eye, which bears a pentacle (a sign of the contract with Sebastian). He was taken in as a slave and was almost sacrificed in a cult ritual until Sebastian was summoned through his hatred. Ciel is engaged to his cousin, Elizabeth, daughter to his father’s sister.

The Phantomhive Estate, is located at the outskirts of Victorian era London. The noble family is a secret agency of the Queen’s, thereby earning them the callous name of “Evil Noblemen” and the “Queen’s Watchdogs.” Their duty is to eliminate evidence of the royal family’s wrongdoings by any means necessary.

Ciel, who serves directly under the Queen, has a household staff consisting of a cook, Bardroy, gardener, Finnian, an extra clumsy maid, Maylene and his steward Tanaka. Even though they are hired as servants to the estate by Sebastian, their first and only duty is to protect the Phantomhive Estate. As a cook, Bardroy or Bard rarely makes anything edible, but adapts well to his environment thanks to his training as a soldier. Finnian or Finny ends up always destroying his garden instead of beautifying it. He is the keeper of Pluto and in the manga as rescued by Sebastian from human experimentation, which explained his brute strength. Maylene the maid is not only awkward, but blind as a bat, a result of her refusing to get a new pair of glasses to replace the pair given by Ciel. She has a huge crush on Sebastian. Even with her vision problems, she is a superb sniper. Tanaka, the oldest of the staff, has served the former master of Phantomhive, but was stabbed in the back when Ciel’s parents were killed, thus he rarely works or even talk. Finally, Sebastian is the butler of the household and Ciel’s bodyguard. His appearance is similar to that of Ciel’s father. His name is one given by Ciel from his previous dog.

Together, Ciel and Sebastian encounter Jack the Ripper – a combination of Madam Red, his aunt, and Grell Sutcliff, her butler and a Grim Reaper. After Grell cuts her down for her inability to kill Ciel, her memories flash before their eyes. It reveals that she once loved Ciel’s father, but he chose her sister, Rachel, instead of her. She married someone who loved her, but she couldn’t reciprocate the feelings. They were soon to have a baby, but an accident causes her to loose not only her unborn child, but her womb too to save her life. She soon takes up the profession of a doctor, and helps the prostitutes from aborting their unwanted “nuisance.”

They even take on the Queen herself, and her butler Ash, who turns out to be a fallen angel bent on taking Sebastian’s life.

Sebastian’s favorite phrase to his master, even till the end as he carried his tiny limp body is, “Yes, My Lord!”

Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive

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    • i think it should have had a better ending the second time around. Although Ciel turning into a demon himself is poetic justice…

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