Level E

Level E (レベルE Reberu Ī) is a sci-fi/comedic manga created by Togashi Yoshihiro and was serialized from 1995-1997. It is adapted to anime by Studio Pierrot and David Production and aired January 11, 2011 (Tuesday at 1:45 am). Crunchyroll is also simulcasting the series.

The opening and ending themes are:

1. “Cold Finger Girl” (コールドフィンガーガール) by Kuriyama Chiaki
2. “(Yume) ~Mugennokanata~” (「夢」~ムゲンノカナタ~) by Vivid.

A high school student, Yukitaka Tsutsui, who is a gifted baseball player finds himself with strange company after moving into his new apartment away from his parents. Yukitaka is unwilling to believe this stranger’s claim of being an alien, a Prince nonetheless from another planet. It seems that earth is populated with an array of aliens, who know of each other’s existence and try to coexist peaceful. The humans, however, do not know of their existence until the crash of Prince’s craft onto earth. Yukitaka soon becomes the target of Prince’s torment (who had momentarily lost his memories after the crash).

Yukitaka with the "normal-looking" alien

Yukitaka with the "normal-looking" alien

This is what sleeping with the enemy means. It’s a double-edged sword that has humorous consequences: with the aliens trying to keep peace with the other alien races and this one human that has become the Prince’s (Baka ki El Dogra from the planet Dogra) involuntary roommate.

Black & Blue Pulp

Black & Blue Pulp

After meeting the Prince and momentarily taking him in, the torturous egoist gets himself and his people into trouble with the Drakonian. The Dogras, led by Captain Kraft and his men, Sado and Colin, are sent to retrieve the Prince but are left with the mess to deal with. When trouble finds its way to Yukitaka’s apartment, it is revealed that it is all the Prince’s doing – only to test the loyalty of his men.   The Drakonias were in for the ride because of meeting with a baseball star. Even his neighbor and schoolmate’s father (Miho), a researcher studying alien life on earth, was in on the ruse. The only positive thing that came out of his scheming was finding a new friend who would stand up for him in times of trouble.

(4) The Prince goes on to entertain his comrades with a demented story of aliens, wanting to reproduce, begin to feast on females. A group of friends witness a fellow student being eaten and proceed to look for help. It seems that these aliens from Cornwell, consisting of a father and his two sons were forced to leave their planet after it exploded. They have an urge to eat the females in order to reproduce. (5) Yet another time, the Prince kidnaps four children and turn them into color rangers with the excuse of training them to save the earth from aliens. Soon, through this transformation, the children realize that their form teacher Tachibana is really an alien assassin for hire. But they also learn that their alien teacher really isn’t that bad, and truly cares for their well-being. Then, they realize that it is the Prince who is the manipulator and forces him to remove their wristlets that changes them to the rangers. Here comes the kicker. The Prince professes not to have the key to remove these charming straps. The key lies with Kraft, his captain, who is in Yamagata. The children will first have to get better, in order to get that key. Once again, the Prince is up to no good.

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