Detoxing is a process of systemically purifying and flushing out the body. Most use it as a source of weight control. I do it because it relieves my pain. You will be refreshed and most importantly healthier at the end of the process.  I do not claim to be a health care professional, neither am I prescribing it as a cure all for everyone.  Seek advise from your doctor before attempting to do this. Most importantly, if at any time during the process, you are unable to continue with the process, stop immediately and re-introduce food back into your system slowly. The key is to listen to your body.

Week 1: Fresh Air and Sunshine.

Just water – like a plant.  Adding a little honey into the water will thoroughly cleanse your system and the added substance will aid the cleansing and healing.

If at any time during the 7 days of fasting you are uncomfortable, nausea or weak to the point of being faint, slowly introduce food back into your diet.  Hunger pangs is normal. During this week, I realize I am more alert and quick on the feet.

Try to keep yourself busy.  The more you have going on, the less you will be thinking about food. Nothing strenuous though.  Take up sewing, reading or even scrap-booking.  I have excelled in these areas and have much to proof for it.

Week 2: Juice/Fruits

The hard part is over.  Now comes the fun part. Slowly introduce fresh fruits into your diet by eating them whole or juicing or making smoothies.

Week 3: Vegetables

The adventure begins.  There are so many recipes out there with just vegetables – all very flexible, all extremely tasty and healthful.

Week 4: Meats

Don’t indulge on an ENTIRE day of meat eating.  Add “safe” fruits, nuts or vegetables, were tested from the weeks before, into the mixture.

Week 5: Carbs (and everything else)

Time to throw everything back into the mixture.

Health Progress

Health Progress

During and after the entire process, I record the food I consume, medication that I am on, other physical activities that I do (ie. exercise, walking), and the weather of the day (weather plays a huge role in my life as I get affected by it tremendously).

There are certain foods that will trigger certain reaction to your body.  And then there are others that will truly help and energize it. If you monitor your food intake, you will find out what is best for you.

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