Zettai Kareshi

Night, Riiko & Soshi

Night, Riiko & Soshi

Zettai Kareshi was aired from April – June 2008. It has 11 episodes and a movie in 2009.

Tenjo Night (Hayami Mokomichi) is the perfect boyfriend.  He cooks, he cleans, he’s romantic, he saves his girlfriend when she’s in trouble, he the jealous kind, he’s good-looking with rock-hard abs. He’s Izawa Riiko’s (Aibu Saki) ideal man. The only problem?  He’s a robot created by Kronos Heaven.

This robot slowly evolves to have “human emotions” doing things that he’s not programmed to do. His makers want to shut him down. His creator wants to see how far Night will go before he breaks down. Night just wants to be with Riiko and protect her forever.

When Riiko finally falls in love with him, it’s too late. Or is it?

OST includes Ayaka’s ending theme – Okaeri.




Coincidentally, Ayaka who sang the ending theme for Zettai Kareshi later married Soshi aka Mizushima Hiro.

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