Ameri, Yumina, Mifuyu & Mashiro - Yuuri's "harem"

April 2009 – June 2009 12 episodes

Tayutama – Kiss on my Deity is computer game that was initially adapted into manga and then to anime. The story revolves around Yuuri Mito, a third year high school student at the Sōsei Academy and the sole heir of Yachimata shrine.

Yuuri and his childhood friends, Ameri and Sankurou,  tried to protect a wooden relic that houses a Tayutai (animal) goddess – Kikuramikami no Hime – that the shrine worships. In the attempt to safeguard the artifact, Ameri accidentally breaks the seal, thus releasing the entire Tayutai race, including the ultra powerful Nue, Oryu (dragon) and Ou and Hou (a pair of phoenix that is formerly one). The released goddess materializes into a body of a young girl (with greatly reduced powers), who is rescued by Yuuri.  The young girl takes an oath to protect humankind by being Yuuri’s wife, and he names her Mashiro.  The next morning, Yuuri finds that the young girl has turned into a young lady overnight.

Ameri, who has long loved Yuuri from a far, harbors a hatred towards Mashiro because of her self-proclaimed status as Yuuri’s wife.  Thus begins the fight, which doesn’t end too well.  What’s heart-warming though is when Yuuri finally weds Mashiro, and announces that Mashiro will always be his one and ONLY wife for all eternity.  Will there be a second season, a true happy ending?

Opening Theme:

“The fine every day” by Kicco

Ending Theme:

“Kizuna no Uta (キズナノ唄)” by Ui Miyazaki
#1: “The fine every day” by Kicco (ep 1)

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