Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru (裏切りは僕の名前を知っている, Betrayal Knows My Name), also known as UraBoku, is a Shōjo manga by Odagiri Hotaru, making its debut in October 2005. The anime adaptation aired on April 2010 with a planned 24 episodes.

There is an opening and ending theme:

1. “Uragiri no nai Sekai made” by Rayflower
2. “Aoi Ito” by Rayflower

The main protagonist, Sakurai Yuki is an orphan with mysterious powers. When he touches others, he has the ability to read their past. Yuki strives for independence and hates to be a burden to anyone, yet is afraid of being alone. Unable to control this power, he errs on the side of kindness. A strange, but beautiful man (Luka Crosszeria) enters his life in his time of need, and Yuki feels like he’s met him before. Soon enough, a man claiming to be his older brother, Giou Takashiro, appears at the orphanage and whisks him away into the world of Duras, Zweilt Guardians and the past.

The series is a cross between the anime X and Loveless. Be forewarned that this series is not for those who are homophobic as it seems like the male characters have a tendency to show overly tender feelings towards their counterpart.


April 10, 2010, ep. 1: Set in Motion

As a baby, Sakurai Yuki was abandoned by his mother at Asahi orphanage. He grows up alone, afraid of being unwanted and questions his existence. There is one person, however, who he looks up to as an older brother figure, fellow orphan Wakamiya Kanata. A freshman in high school now, Yuki takes on the duty of caring for the younger orphans, as he gradually makes plans to move out of his “home.” Orphanages have rules that once a child grows up to a certain age, they have to leave their refuge and seek a life of their own. Just as Kanata did, so does Yuki. However, the caregiver of the place tells him there is no rush.

Aside from that troubling thought, Yuki has begun to have mysterious dreams. He wakes up not remembering anything about it, but feels their importance. He shares the revelation with Kanata. Kanata eases his mind and even helps him with looking for a place to stay after graduation. He pulls out a book called the Key of Raziel to share with Yuki. He tells Yuki that the book is something to benefit the world, as the world is moving towards destruction. The world is diseased and has to be reset to cleanse it. Yuki leaves Kanata’s apartment even more confused.

Worst, he has received anonymous death threats in the mail. While heading to school, Yuki stops a bully from beating up a man at the bus stop. When Yuki touches his hand, he glimpses into the bully’s past and realizes that he is abused at home. Watching him from afar, and then coming to his aid are a pair of siblings, Murasame Tokou and Tsukumo. They surprise him when they call out his name.

Tokou & Tsukumo

Tokou & Tsukumo

Thinking nothing of it, Yuki heads to school only to have his only “friend” distance himself from him. Yuki is aware that Uzuki’s mother tried to kill him a few times. Despising Yuki for his crocodile tears, Uzuki sends the death threats to Yuki. A curse mark takes root on Uzuki’s neck. That night, Yuki hears the cries of help from Uzuki. He runs to his aid, only to realize too late that Uzuki has been possessed. Uzuki captures Yuki, while an oncoming truck heads towards them in the middle of the road. Yuki is almost hit, but a strange man with silver eyes and dark hair (the same man from his dream!) saves him.

April 18, 2010, ep. 2: Eternal investigation

The mysteriously beautiful man tells Yuki that the Uzuki at the road was an illusion meant to trap him. After that, he promises Yuki that he will “never betray him.” Weirdly enough, Yuki feels at peace with this confession. The stranger disappears soon after.

The next day, Giou Takashiro visits Asahi Orphanage and claims to be Yuki’s long-lost brother. They had different mothers. Their father left Yuki’s mother (not realizing she was with child) a while back. He died two years ago, and Takashiro has since been searching for Yuki. Finally finding him, Takashiro wants Yuki to return to Tokyo with him. Confused and shocked, Yuki begs for time to think things over. If he remained, he will have a place to belong to and feel needed. Suddenly a female voice from inside him berates him for running away. In his confusion, his unchecked powers break the windows of the orphanage.

Kanata assures Yuki that he can live with him as long as he wants and until he figures things out.

At school, Uzuki is further possessed by  his desire to destroy Yuki. The power of darkness grows stronger within him. That darkness tells him that Yuki is not his friend but a foe.

A heavy-hearted Yuki suddenly has the urge to see the strange man again. In an instance, he appears. Yuki tells him that Uzuki is a friend because he was the only person to befriend him when he was alone. Yuki is comforted by his mere presence. He asks for his name.

“Zess,”comes the reply.

Suddenly, demons called Duras attack them. Tokou and Tsukumo, members of the Giou family, come to his rescue.

April 25, 2010, ep. 3: Walpurgis Night

The Giou family tries to convince Yuki that they can teach him how to control his powers; to choose the best path for himself. Does he belong with the Giou Clan fighting against demons or with the children of Asahi orphanage?

Members of the clan possess special abilities for generations, many of which are very influential in their social circle. Clan members use their abilities to fight duras that threaten the balance of the human world. Giou Takashiro has been leading the clan for quite some time now.

While battling with his decision, Yuki finds solace in the company of Zess. Soon enough, the minions of the devil will come after him.

A fully possessed Uzuki kidnaps two orphans girls from the Asahi Orphanage and lures Yuki to the roof of the school. There Yuki is attacked by a Duras, who introduces himself as a Mid-Villain. The demons have a ranking system. A the bottom of the totem pole lies the Nied, then comes the Mid-Villain and finally the powerful Opast. If this demon kills Yuki, he will then be promoted to an Opast. Tsukumo and Tokou come to Yuki’s aid again having sensed the danger he is in.

Murasame Tsukumo is the younger brother of Tokou, both Zweilt Guardians. His powers lie in his ability to speak with animals, sense people and transforming his ring into a gun during battle. He also has the ability to purify a human soul when it is possessed by a Duras. Tokou is the older of the siblings. They are distant relatives of Yuki. Her ring transforms into a huge sword. She seems to empathize with Yuki a lot. Since their previous lives, the Zweilt Guardians are paired. History is only repeating itself. They have all returned with their memories of the past – except for Yuki.

May 2, 2010, ep. 4: Lost Days and White Future

As the siblings tries to ward off the advances of the Mid-Villain, Tsukumo is injured in the process, taking a fatal hit at the chest. With nowhere to run, Zess suddenly appears. Tsukumo’s fatal wound will not heal, but if the Mid-Villain dies he will be able to survive. Zess shows the Duras who he is, as he exposes the double xs “XX” etched on his left arm. The “Brand Zess” is an unremovable fingerprint that marks the bearer as an automatic traitor originating from the Zess clan.

Yuki quickly recognizes that he is the cause for everyone’s injuries. In his turmoil, his power awakens. The Light of God exudes from him. He is the bearer of Kami no Hikari (God’s Source of Light). With no other options, he decides to follow the Giou family wherever they may lead him. Yuki channels his power to healing Tsukumo and when he is revived, Tsukumo immediately purifies Uzuki from the Duras. Once the Duras is purged from Uzuki, Zess binds him with his powerful magic and slays him. Yuki offers to heal Zess’ injury, but he declines for fear of weakening him even more.

Yuki has the power to feel one’s pain and is able to heal the injured too. Abandoned as a baby, with no one wanting him, Yuki wonders why he was even born. Easing his fears, Zess reiterates his earlier vow to Yuki, “I’ll be with you forever and I will never betray you.”

The next day, the Giou clan together with Zess fetches Yuki from the orphanage. Ibuki, the secretary of Takashiro chauffeurs them. Zess formally introduces himself to Yuki, calling himself, “Luka Crosszeria” and Yuki as his “master.”

May 9, 2010, ep. 5: A New Encounter

Luka has quietly watched over and protected Yuki since birth 15 years ago. He promises to act on the Giou Clan’s side (as long as Yuki is with them) even as he is branded as a traitor by the Duras. His priority is protecting Yuki. Other than that, he doesn’t care which side he is fighting on. Luka is not only a descendant of a family of sinners (Zess), but he is also an élite demon, an Opast. Furthermore, he is not just any Opast. Luka is the demon king’s sole protector.

That night, Yuki dreams again. The female Yuki tells him they have to return. “He’s waiting for us. Our Beloved.”

Yuki takes the trip into Tokyo with Luka and the Zweilt Guardian siblings. On the way there, Luka falls asleep on Yuki’s shoulder. Tokou comments that Luka never sleeps in front of anyone, except with Yuki. He only shows kindness to one. Yuki too should use the opportunity to rest. Every time he uses his powers, he will not only feel the pain of others, but his energy will be drained too. That is the reason Luka doesn’t want Yuki to heal him. The Duras are targeting Yuki because of his ability to heal. It is an unavoidable fate.

In Tokyo, only the elite police, World’s End, know of the Giou Clan’s existence. They deal with the unknown cases, handling the unexplainable phenomenon of demons. The new team is dropped off at the police station instead of the Twilight Mansion. They will be meeting the other Zweilt Guardian pair: Renjyou Hotsuma and his partner Usui Shuusei. Hotsuma and Shuusei react weirdly when they realize that Yuki is coming. Is it because Hotsuma once had feelings for Yuki? Thus Shuusei is jealous of him? And why has this Yuki been reborn, for the first time, as a boy?

After Luka and Yuki are dropped at the police station, Ibuki takes the siblings to the mansion. Left on his own while Luka and Takashiro meets, Yuki sees a young girl outside the station and goes to her aid. Soon enough, he is attacked by Duras lying in wait for him. Hotsuma comes to his rescue. After the ordeal, Yuki tries to thank him, but Hotsuma flinches and tells Yuki that he is not there to befriend him. He is only doing his job, as ordered by Takashiro

Later Hotsuma explains to Shuusei that, “I only need you,” after he sees the earlier interaction of the pair in action.

May 16, 2010, ep. 6: The Boundary Between Light and Despair

Yuki brings the little girl into the police station. The girl doesn’t seem to want to return home, crying as she tells him that her parents will surely be upset with her having torn and sullied her pretty frock. Luka emerges from his meeting with Takashiro, but realizes that they are being watched. He gives chase after making Yuki promise that he will remain in the station with the girl. The moment Luka turns his back, the little girl makes a disappearing act. Yuki goes after her, and Hotsuma seeing this tails him too. Luka easily destroys the Duras he tails, but realizes too late it is a trap to pry him away from Yuki.

Meanwhile, Yuki runs out of the station into a park only to stop a golem in the form of a man from hurting the little girl. The girl’s Duras awakens, revealing her motive to kill Yuki in exchange for a wish. Countless Duras sprouts out from the ground. Hotsuma reaches them in time, and mutters a spell that turns into burning flames to destroy the burgeoning Duras. Shuusei immediately creates a barrier from the outside world, but Takashiro stops him from going to Hotsuma and Yuki’s aid. Luka finally arrives and destroys the rest. The demons were only mud dolls created by someone else from afar. They are revived. Hotsuma begrudgingly buys time for them, as Luka summons the Salamander dragon, King of the Beasts. With one fell swoop, the dolls are destroyed.

Yuki uses his light to force the demon out of the girl’s body to no avail. But Shuusei finally arrives with the rest, and goes to work purifying her while Hotsuma finishes off the Duras.

Shuusei & Hotsuma

Shuusei & Hotsuma

Hotsuma and Shuusei are then introduced to Yuki. Hotsuma is the Voice of God, using and controlling fire as he wishes. He is short tempered, impulsive and sometimes has a foul mouth. He has been friends with Shuusei since childhood. Shuusei is the Eye of God, a seer who uses his powers to help solve crimes with his sixth sense. He is the opposite of Hotsuma, being quiet, reserved and sensitive. He doesn’t seem to eat most times.

May 23, 2010, ep. 7: The Twilight Mansion

Yuki and the others finally return to the Twilight Mansion at dusk. The manor is located in Shinjuku, but is hidden by a barrier. It can never be found even with a map.

Once in there, they are warmly greeted by Kureha Aya, the caretaker of the mansion and its residents. Tokou and Tsukumo rushes down to welcome and invite Yuki into his new home. Luka, watching from the sideline, seems a little green-eyed from the touching of Yuki. Giou Tachibana, the steward and director, also welcomes Yuki to the mansion. Aside from them, Yuki is also greeted by the chef, Katsumi Tooma. Soon after, Luka visits the resident doctor of Twlight Mansion, Isuzu Fuijiwara. The sensei is only too happy to get his hands on Zess.

The siblings and Tachibana are about to show Yuki to his room, when he wanders off himself, feeling as if he has been in this place before. He finds his own room. After the doctor’s visit, Luka goes to Yuki and shares with him his familiar – Sodom, a black creature the size of the palm with wings, the legendary dragon king.

That night, Yuki tries to reach Kanata to explain his sudden departure, but gets his voice mail instead. Later, he dreams of Kanata bidding him farewell for his lies.

Elsewhere, a figure called Reiga (Kanata most likely) forbids a pair of twins and a girl from going out to play. They will remain inside their mansion until the orders are given.

May 30, 2010, ep. 8: Brand Zess

The boys head to the communal bath not realizing (on purpose maybe) that Tokou and Aya were in there. The girls curses the boys, but Tokou lets slip that Yuki has always seen them naked, implying that Yuki wasn’t always a boy. After the girls leave, the boys (Tsukumo, Hotsuma and Yuki) head to the bath. Yuki comments about the absence of Shuusei.

“He doesn’t join us,” came the reply.

Shuusei is embarrassed about the burnt marks on his upper torso. It was Hotsuma, not able to control his fire abilities after isolation and ostracization from friends, who unintentionally scarred Shuusei when he tried to kill himself.

Meanwhile, up in the study, Takashiro is happy that things are going as planned, with Yuki in their hands.

Luka takes on chauffeuring duties of Yuki to and from school. The moment Luka leaves, Kanata appears from the shadows and tries to convince Yuki to return with him. He tells Yuki he does not belong in this place with these people. Tokou and Tsukumo interrupts their conversation, but Yuki has already made up his mind.

Later that day, Yuki speaks to Luka about his fears of remaining with the clan. Luka merely tells Yuki that whatever his choice maybe, he will always follow him. Suddenly, three Mid-Villains appear in an attempt to kill Yuki. They use their familiars, a snake, a bat and a spider, to attack them not knowing who is protecting Yuki. When they finally realize that they are dealing with Luka Crosszeria, beloved of the demon king, they begin to pull back. But Luka just kills them. He was born in blood. Serving and taking the place of his ancestors in fighting for the demon king.

After this episode, Yuki decides to make crosses for everyone of the Guardians to wear. Knowing their fight ahead, he hopes this token will keep them protected and safe. He also calls Kanata and leaves him a message, telling him that he won’t be returning any time soon.

June 6, 2010, ep. 9: Scars

Yuki looks for Shuusei for breakfast. He finds him changing and sees the burnt scars. Shuusei immediately tells him that even he can’t heal wounds like his. No one can erase scars caused by friends. With that, he leaves for school without breakfast.

Hotsuma and Shuusei were childhood friends. Hotsuma was bullied as a child and to protect himself, he unintentionally burnt the abusers. After that incident, everyone knows of his ability to control fire. Thereafter, no one wanted to be near him, except Shuusei.

At school, Hotsuma finds Shuusei and gives him his breakfast made by the chef. He realizes something is wrong with Shuusei, but Shuusei just brushes him off.

Meanwhile, Takashiro meets with World’s End to be briefed on the latest phenomenon. Male teachers have gone missing. Besides that, there are high school girls caught in a “sleeping beauty syndrome,” where they do not wake up. Are the two cases related? Tokou, Tsukumo and Shuusei are called in for the meeting from school. Hotsuma is left with protective duty for Yuki.

That night, Shuusei passes the cross chain made by Yuki to Hotsuma. But Hotsuma ignores it telling him he only needs Shuusei.

“If that’s what you want, I will stay with you forever,” Shuusei replies while leaving the room.

And Hotsuma will spend the rest of his life atoning for it. Tachibana interrupts him to let him know that his parents want to see him. Hotsuma realizes that it’s not him they want to see, but the Giou money. It’s been three years since they last called. His parents are afraid of him, calling him a monster instead of God’s Voice. Hotsuma leaves the mansion in agony.

Seeing this, Yuki runs after him. Shuusei and Luka watch him go to Hotsuma’s side. Yuki stops Hotsuma from running and realizes that his parents didn’t want him and were afraid of him. Hotsuma has always been unwanted, feared and worthless. He even tried to kill himself, but Shuusei stopped him. Just like before, he tried to burn himself, but as Yuki gets burnt too, Hotsuma squelch his flames. Shuusei and Luka watch from afar as Yuki tames Hotsuma’s fire.

“You’re kind. You’re not a monster but a human,” Yuki says gently to Hotsuma.

So Yuki heals Hotsuma’s wounds. But who will heal Shuusei’s wounds? He feels as if he has served his purpose. Suddenly, he disappears.

The House of Divination welcomes another female victim, Yoshino of Hotsuma and Yuki’s class.

News of Shuusei’s disappearance spread within the mansion. Hotsuma goes looking for Shuusei but is stopped by Tsukumo. Even he can’t sense Shuusei’s presence.

Hotsuma realizes that Shuusei lied. He broke his promise of staying with him forever.

June 13, 2010, ep. 10: Cry of Despair

The Duras must be involved. The World’s End is looking for Shuusei. They can’t decipher if he left on his own accord, or if he was kidnapped.

Elsewhere, Shuusei awakens in a dark place, with his hands bound, surrounded by teachers who were reported missing. Ashley, an Opast, appears before him telling him that she will add him to her doll collection. He is certainly someone’s beloved, if he is a Zweilt Guardian. She then shows him Yoshino from Hotsuma’s class with his handkerchief. Ashley “saves” poor girls from their unrequited and one-sided love. She takes their power in exchange for their death – the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome! Suddenly a thought creeps in her head.

Hotsuma tries to look for him, but Takashiro stops him. The group is put on a house arrest until things clear up. Hotsuma begs Yuki to search for Shuusei for him. He’s the only one who can pass through Takashiro’s barrier. If not for Shuusei, he would have died a long time ago. He treasures life now because of him.

Tachibana stops their conversation. Takashiro is calling for an audience with Yuki. Ashley, the Opast, has Shuusei, and his life is hanging on a thread. If the Giou Clan wants him back, they would have to trade him with the God of Light – Yuki. They have two days to decide the fate of Shuusei and Yuki.

Tokou and Tsukumo are sent out to investigate Yoshino, the missing girl from Yuki and Hotsuma’s class. Tokou leaves in another direction, while Tsukumo hears a scream from afar. He looks into it and sees the familiar face of one of the male teachers reported missing being attacked by dolls. Tsukumo immediately saves the man, and captures one last doll for interrogation. Unfortunately for him, it is a trap. Tsukumo is attacked by a set of Opast twins. They ask permission from a hooded figure, who they call Reiga, to kill Tsukumo. Reiga appears before him and he realizes right away it is Kanata. He has to find a way to relay this message before they kill him. Is it too late?

Back at the House of Divination, Shuusei is being tortured with a voodoo doll. Ashley is trying to extract information about the Guardians and their weaknesses. Shuusei tells Ashley to just kill him as he will never betray his friends. He has already grown tired of living. She find his weakness and upon reading his mind, sees Hotsuma. She will just have to put him in her collection of dolls permanently. There is no waking up for him now.

An agitated Yuki feels that something is wrong. Luka tells him that Tsukumo is hurt.

June 20, 2010, ep. 11: That Which is Fleeting, Strong and Precious

Tsukumo is rushed to the emergency ward, cared for by Isuzu Sensei. The external body is healed, but Yuki has to heal Tsukumo from the inside as the miasma is consuming him. When they found Tsukumo, the charm necklace from Yuki was glowing, protecting him. After channeling his powers to Tsukumo the entire night, he finally gains consciousness. His first words were, “Careful. Reiga is … ,” and promptly drifts off again. Yuki faints right into Luka’s arms after exerting his powers to save Tsukumo. Upon rising again, he realizes he never understood what it meant to risk one’s life fighting against the Duras. Now he does.

He springs into action. With Luka by his side, he removes Hostuma’s barrier from his room. They will find Shuusei together.

Meanwhile, Takashiro is told that Reiga is Kanata. This he doesn’t share with the rest. Why? I’m not sure. You certainly don’t hog information as important as this to yourself, especially when it means the lives of your men.

Luka, Yuki and Hotsuma go to Takashiro for saving Shuusei, even if they know they are walking right into a trap. Luka and Hotsuma vow to protect Yuki even if it costs them their lives. In that case, Takashiro will go with them too. They will need Ashley’s invite for two, and Takashiro will open the barrier for three to enter. Once the doors are opened, the trio are swept in and land in a deserted amusement park. They are watched. Suddenly, the park comes alive with music, light and people. Luka kills off a rabbit suit and the park dies down again. However, the possessed dolls come alive. Luka asks Hotsuma to go ahead with Yuki as he takes care of Ashley’s minions. They are after Yuki. Therefore they have to keep Yuki safe for the exchange of Shuusei.

“He is, after all, your partner,” Luka remarks to Hotsuma. Does it mean what I think it means? Hotsuma was once Yuki’s partner, but Yuki chose Luka over him?

Elsewhere, Takashiro enters a massive library and pulls out a thick tome. He calls upon the powers of the book to find Reiga. Meanwhile, Reiga makes his entrance at the amusement park with his set of twins, who he sends to Ashley’s aid.

Luka draws the dolls away. The dolls overpower Luka with their numbers and capture him. They begin to drain Luka off his blood, thinking they will become stronger. But soon enough, they explode, unable to retain his blood, the blood of the Demon King.

A horde of dolls surround Hotsuma and Yuki as they make their escape. They find a room to hide in, only to find a shaking Kanata hiding in it. Yuki and Hotsuma decide they can’t hide forever and leave the room to find Shuusei. Kanata begs him to return with him, but Yuki insists on saving his friends. “I’ve wanted to watch over you, as a brother,” Kanata calmly replies. But with this rejection, he can choose his path.

Hotsuma and Yuki heads to the castle ground and Yuki realizes that Hotsuma is injured. He heals him, but Hotsuma tells him he has carried his chain. They are finally reunited with Shuusei. He has been hung out to dry.

June 27, 2010, ep. 12: To Be a “Pair”

Ashley stops them. Hotsuma springs into action, while Yuki saves and heals Shuusei. Ashley only laughs. It is futile to save him. That Zweilt will not wake again. He will sleep for eternity as her doll. Plus, it wasn’t her doing. He wanted it so, wishing for his death. She just obliged by stopping his heart.

She extends her nails and slices Hotsuma who immediately falls. She prepares to strike him again, but Yuki protects a fallen Hotsuma with his body. Hotsuma stirs, and tries to take her on, but Ashley traps him with her hair and captures Yuki with her thorns. Unwilling to believe that Shuusei is really gone, Hotsuma calls for his one and only partner to awaken. Shuusei was the one who pulled him back from the dead. If he can do it, so can Hotsuma. Hotsuma begs God for the power to live, specifically Shuusei to live.

Out of no where, Ashley is stabbed. Shuusei has miraculously awakened. Ashley, unable to believe this phenomenon, runs to hide. The duo begin to move and attack as one. Shuusei senses her, signals her position to Hotsuma, and Hotsuma puts her through his infernal flames. Yuki sees this and realizes this is why the Guardians are paired. Their attacks are synchronized. The Guardians reach a stalemate when Shuusei is unexpectedly attacked by one of the twins. With Shuusei down, the other twin attacks Hotsuma.

Ashley crawls up, and readies herself to turn the boys into her personal doll collection. The first person she chooses to kill becomes her last. Luka  is there in a blink of an eye to rescue Yuki and the other two. Jekyll is dismembered while Hyde is pinned against the wall. He tells Hotsuma to finish them off, but the place suddenly ices up.

Reiga appears before them. He unveils his hood to Yuki.

July 4, 2010, ep. 13: The Irony of Fate

Yuki is in shock with the realization that Kanata is Giou Reiga. He refuses to believe that Kanata was the one pulling the strings from the start in all the assassination attempts while the Guardians protected him. With the entrance of Reiga, the Opast twins are healed and freed from their entrapment.

A weakened Shuusei and Hotsuma are forced to take on the twins again. Meanwhile, Luka takes on Reiga’s three familiar beasts, Fenrir. Before he is forced to fight Fenrir, Luka calls upon Sodom to guard Yuki. Pushing the Guardians and Luka to the outer perimeter, Reiga creates an ice barrier and traps Yuki in it with him. Reiga then freezes Sodom to the ground while he makes ice blades to kill Yuki.

Kanata/Reiga & Takashiro

Kanata/Reiga & Takashiro

Innocently wanting to believe the man standing before him is not Kanata, Yuki does nothing to stop Reiga’s attack of the ice blades. Before the blades reaches him, Takashiro takes the hit, shielding Yuki from harm. Luka too kills Fenrir at the same time and breaks the ice barrier.

Elsewhere, Hotsuma and Shuusei led the twins on a wild goose chase, loosing on purpose. When Shuusei is ready, the trap is finally set. The twins are caught and Hotsuma burns them to ashes.

It’s Takashiro against Reiga now; friends turned enemies. They once were partners who held the keys to nether worlds. They both pull their tomes; Reiga has the Key of Raziel, while Takashiro has the Key of Solomon. They both summon their beasts, the fire (Nidhogg) and ice (Voivre) dragons. Realizing Reiga has not fully awakened, Takashiro overpowers and breaks Reiga’s Voivre, injuring him in the process. As Takashiro is about to deal the finishing blow, Yuki stops him, pleading with Reiga not to let their memories together be lies.

Reiga takes the opportunity to leave through the door of his book. Before he leaves, he warns Yuki that Takashiro is not who he think he is. He cautions Yuki into believing everything that Takashiro has fed him.

July 11, 2010, ep. 14: Bound by Contract

At the end of that shocking revelation and confrontation with Reiga, Yuki is bedridden for two days. During that time, he dreams of a simpler life of being a college student meeting Kanata who is a graduate student. They would visit the orphanage every week. But that is only a dream, which he weeps for. Sodom, in the present time, licks up Yuki’s tears and turns into a half human.

Once he awakens, he insists to everyone he is doing fine. He busies himself with helping, organizing, dusting and cleaning around the mansion instead of thinking of the betrayal.

Meanwhile, Hotsuma asks Shuusei about Ashley’s statement of Shuusei wanting to die. He turns around and asks Hotsuma if he loves Yuki instead. Hotsuma immediately denies it. But Shuusei only says that every one of the Guardian loves Yuki very much and wants to protect him with their lives. How can they not love him, when he is the source of their lives? However, Shuusei now knows that Yuki is the only one who can quench Hotsuma’s thirst, therefore he no longer needs him around. Especially since the sight of his burnt torso weighs on Hotsuma. As long as the scars remain, Hotsuma will always be hurt. In this case, Shuusei just has to remove himself from the equation. Hotsuma begs Shuusei never to leave him and he promises never to turn away from the scares. The pair finally reconcile and are getting along famously (sounds like a love story doesn’t it?!).

Yuki realizes he has to stop running away from his past and continuously rely on Luka’s power to save him. Soon however, the siblings press Luka to reveal to Yuki his past life. Tokou urges Luka to tell Yuki they were once lovers. But Luka reasons that this is Yuki’s answer to him. He chooses not only to forget their past together (proof of his non-existent memory), but he also chose not to be reborn as a woman again. Yuki, on the other hand, thinks that Luka is bound to him by a contract, which he wants to free him from and not be a burden to him. But Luka refuses to cancel that contract and insists on being by Yuki’s side forever because he means the world to him. The rest of the Guardians show up and tell him that he will never be alone. Takashiro requests Yuki to visit the old Kamakura residence to learn about his past.

July 18, 2010, ep. 15: After Determination

Yuki agrees to go to the primary residence of the Giou Clan, without much convincing. He is accompanied by Tachibana, Luka and Sodom, while the rest of the Guardians are not permitted to follow. Kuroto, the yet unseen and unheard of Zweilt Guardian pair , will be there too. Instead, the siblings, Hotsuma and Shuusei vow that they will find their own way out to the mansion. Meanwhile, Hotsuma will have to make do “saving” Yuki in class by taking notes for him.

Before heading to the Kamakura residence, they are met by Furouri Senshirou (or Sen-kun as Tachibana calls him). Senshirou humbly introduces himself to Yuki as just a Guardian in training, but Zess corrects that statement saying that Senshirou is the talent that trains the Guardians. His partner is Hourai Kuroto, a prodigal child shogi player who just quit the team to focus on the impending war ahead of them. On that note, Yuki shouldn’t be resting either. He should begin preparing for the war too. Seems like Kuroto doesn’t fancy Yuki much.

In the meantime, Takashiro prepares for the ritual. As he cleanses himself in holy water, his butler Kureha Fuyutoki, brother to Aya, helps him dress. Takashiro has a fainting spell, and asks Fuyutoki for his medication. He is not to tell anyone of his bout with his health. Takashiro empathizes with Yuki, but in order to right the wrong, he has to cause him even more pain by telling him the truth. Why has Yuki been reborn as a male? For that matter, why does he know Reiga? Something is changing.

They finally reach the primary residence of the Giou Clan, the Kamakura residence. Everyone enters but Zess who promises to wait for Yuki outside instead. Even though the Twilight Mansion welcomes Duras like him, the mansion may not be as welcoming. He remembers female Yuki once telling him she loved him, but cannot be with him.

Yuki is shown to a room by Fuyutoki, and is greeted by Takashiro.

July 25, 2010, ep. 16: Frozen Time

With Yuki gone, the remaining Guardians at the Twilight mansion wonder if he’s going to be fine learning the truth of his past. Even if things get harder for him here on out, they will be there to protect him.

At the Kamakura residence, a lady runs in to Yuki’s room and hugs and kisses him. She introduces herself as Shikibe Tsubaki, younger sister of Ibuki. Seventeen-year-old Shinmei Masamune follows her in, and introduces himself as a nacromancer Guardian. However, this is not the time for reunions. Takashiro takes Yuki for a stroll into the garden and begins to retell the story of the Giou Clan. As they stroll through the gardens, a sense of déjà vu creeps up to him. But before Takashiro even begins, Yuki notices that Takashiro isn’t looking well.

Takashiro stumbles from weakness, but Yuki catches him before he falls and notices his wound from the fight with Reiga is completed healed. Takashiro tells Yuki he is able to heal wounds, except for the one on his face. He used the Lost Spell’s forbidden magic and sealed a Duras in his body. Unlike the rest of the Guardians, he is not reborn. He has lived for more than 1000 years – since the start of the battle – because he harbors a Duras in him. The Duras in him regenerates everything including his memories. He reasons that this is his only chance of leveling the playing field against the formidable Duras. However, the Guardians have all been forcibly reincarnated because Takashiro needs them to aid in the war ahead.

He then apologizes to Yuki for deceiving him as his blood brother to gain his trust and to put his powers to use. But Yuki sees only the pain Takashiro has been suffering through the years. “Even if you’re not my brother, you are still important to me.”

Takashiro then leads them to through a bamboo forest and shows Yuki a monument known as God’s Stone. It is the source of Giou clan’s powers, and it symbolizes Zweilt Guardians who have fallen and can never be reincarnated. That is the power of the Duras; when they attack, they destroy the soul of the being. And it is Reiga who believes that human beings do not deserve to live. Takashiro vows to finish the fight that was started even if it costs him his life.

Reiga has a Giou-clan mother and an Opast father, thus making him a forbidden child. The Giou clan always had strange powers to begin with. They were called gods. Because of Reiga’s birth, he was shunned by the clan and the village. In turn, he came to hate humans. However, Wakamiya Kanata, like Yuki, has no memory of his past before his awakening. Until Reiga’s powers fully develops, they will have to seal his abilities and memories. Their time spent together in the orphanage was real; Kanata truly cared for Yuki. It may have been Kanata’s way of believing in humanity before Reiga awakens. What is the cause of Reiga’s consummate hatred that eventually led to his betrayal of the family?

Elsewhere, the other half of the Jekyll and Hyde twin is still alive. He tells Reiga he is ready to fight the detestable humans.

Aug. 1, 2010, ep. 17:  Sakura

A thousand years ago, during the Heian period, the Giou clan served the courts. This well-known family was led by four high-ranking personnel/saints: Ariou, Takashiro, a girl named Yomi and Reiga.

Reiga was not only feared but ostracized because of his half-demon parentage. He was, however, supported by Takashiro and Yomi. They compared him to a sakura tree in their compound that has yet to bloom, while the rest around it has shown its flowers. They led a relatively peaceful existence until the clan was summoned to court to exterminate monsters that were “accidentally” called upon. As winter approached, Takashiro took on the task, but left Reiga and Yomi to protect their village. Yomi voices her concerns about Reiga not understanding his powers, which was overheard by Reiga who harbored a love for her. Unfortunately for him, Yomi’s heart belongs to Takashiro, as the rest of the villagers too. Before leaving, he tells Reiga he will be back for the blooming of the barren sakura tree. By the time Takashiro returned, he village was decimated by a great fire. A dying villager unwittingly accused Reiga as the cause of the demons sacking the place that is protected by a barrier. He said, “The demons were there. Reiga…” and dies.

Takashiro goes in search for the two he left in charge of the village, only to find Yomi dead. A figure creeps out from the garden and gives a lasting memento to Takashiro: a scar on his face. Reiga appears, filled with darkness as he says, “You are late.” The sakura tree that was recently barren but finally bloomed goes up in flames with the rest of the place. What could have been his motive for attacking the village? Or did he? Where was Ariou, the most powerful of the saints?

In the present time, Yuki is given a choice to follow in their battle or stay out. After hearing the war of yesteryears, he vows to stop the hurting of the innocents. Takashiro also told Yuki that Tsubaki and Ibuki are his aunts. They share a happy but tearful reunion. His mother, Mizuki, was a beautiful girl of 19 when she had him. Even though he was left at the orphanage, his birth is not meaningless. It wasn’t that he was unwanted. But leaving him at the orphanage was for his protection. However, he will never know the name of his father, as Mizuki never shared that with anyone, including her sisters. After the story’s been told, Yuki finally gets time to himself and suddenly misses Luka.

At the Twilight Mansion, the four Guardians wonder if after learning the truth, Yuki will hate them for lying to him? After all, Yuki is the master to all the Zweilt Guardians.

Aug. 8, 2010, ep. 18: A World Without You

The sibling Guardians: Touko and Tsukumo, steal out of the house to catch up to Yuki in Kamakura. The Luka before the appearance of Yuki was one that is unapproachable. But now, they have all become good friends. Friends protect each other.

Elergy, the real rash on the side

Elergy, the real rash on the side

Outside the mansion in the forest, Luka hears the voice of female Yuki, telling him that regardless of how many times she is reincarnated, she will always love him. Her image disappears, and he gives chase ending up in a clearing of the bamboo forest. Luka stumbles upon someone from his past trying to persuade him to return to the Duras. Elergy, a General-class Opast, unsuccessfully convinces Luka to rejoin them and a fight ensues. She professes her love for him, unwilling to belief he can give up his “throne” for that of a human like Yuki. She begins to taunt him.

“No matter what you say, I belong to her. I will never betray Yuki,” he replies unmoved.

A fight ensues. Luka disarms her easily, but most likely because she doesn’t want to use her full power. Then again, he is a thoroughbred, born through generations of inbreeding. He is also the devil’s favorite, the only one permitted to drink his blood. For that, he has become stronger than the rest, maybe even stronger than the devil himself. As he is about to finish her off, an illusion of female Yuki appears. Stunned to see her before him, he embraces her as she tells him how much she loves him. He drops his guard and his sword. Elergy sees her opening. However, Tsukumo and Touko reaches him in time, and dispels the illusion. With Elegy outnumbered, she quickly retreats.

Meanwhile Yuki couldn’t bring himself to ask Takashiro about him and Luka’s past. Sodom suggests looking for his master to cheer up Yuki. Seeking permission from Takashiro to leave the protective barrier of the mansion, Yuki  is then assigned Senshirou and Kuroto as protectors as they head out into the forest is search of Luka. While looking for him, Yuki questions Senshirou and Kuroto’s dealings with Luka. They simply reply that they, “Owe him and enormous favor.” The Guardians, sensing a General-class Opast, returns Yuki back into the protective barrier of the mansion. Now, Yuki is even more worried about Luka’s safety and well-being.

Not to worry – your own personal Guardians will soon assemble and provide you with back-up and protection. Hotsuma and Shuusei will be summoned to the mansion soon.

Aug. 15, 2010, ep. 19: The Vengeful Pair

Hourai Kuroto was never Furouri Senshirou’s partner from the start. It was after Kuroto’s previous partner was killed by a General class Opast, Cadenza, that Senshirou became his second partner. After he was reincarnated, Kuroto was taken in by Senshirou’s grandfather, Master Garan, who taught his how to play Shogi. Seven-year-old Kuroto was introduced to Senshirou and Tsubaki, his then fiance by arranged marriage. Kuroto tells them he doesn’t have time for people at a time of war. But Senshirou immediately takes to him, calling him “Kuropi.” Over time, Master Garan adopts Kuroto as his grandson and his disciple, teaching him not only the art of a Guardian, mastering shogi but also what family is. The Master tells Kuroto that revenge on Cadenza is not everything. Humans cannot live alone.

After Kuroto accepts his new family, Cadenza the “Master Killer” returns to finish off Kuroto. To protect the two boys, Garan locks the boys up in a sealed room and stands guard over it during the siege. Grandfather dies protecting both Senshirou and Kuroto. When the sealed door next opens, the boys see Takashiro, who tells them that Cadenza has been banished to Infernus. Luka stands over the body of Grandfather, amazed that there are heroes in humans after all.

Kuroto decides to leave, not wanting to remind Senshirou of the Master. He is the harbinger of death. But Senshirou rejects this argument, telling him that only he will understand the pain and remember the good times they share with grandfather. With that, the vows to be a Zweilt Guardian, and a partner to Kuroto. Four years later, through pain and hard work, Senshirou becomes a Guardian and partner of Kuroto. He is the Death Scythe wielder to Kuroto’s Black Sword. It is also then, that he breaks off his engagement to Tsubaki.

Promise ring…to never let the eye stray

Promise ring…to never let the eye stray. So help me God if I catch you…

Meanwhile, Hotsuma and Shuusei are called to the main mansion, to beef up security since the sighting of a General Class Opast in the area.

Aug. 22, 2010, ep. 20: Sin, Punishment and Promise

Reiga summons Cadenza and one of the remaining twin. They want to move, but Reiga tells them it is not time to act yet. Elergy corners Cadenza, and tells him that whatever happens, Zess is hers.

Meanwhile, Luka is keeping his distance from Yuki, knowing that Elergy is after him. The Guardian siblings hang with him until they are called upon at the mansion to protect him.

At the Kamakura Mansion, Fuyutoki worry for his master’s well-being, but is unable to do anything for him. However, he pushes Yuki to disobey Takashiro’s orders to remain in the mansion to go in search for Luka. Perhaps there is happiness in helping the one you love. The next day, Yuki is gone. Everyone immediately goes in search of him. Kuroto and Senshirou goes in search, but have some unfinished business with each other. At their last meeting, Kuroto insists that Senshirou quit being his partner, as he wants to be alone. But as they leave in search of Yuki, Senshirou promises Kuroto that even if the world abandons him, he will never leave him alone.

Yuki, searching for Luka, stumble upon a surprised but delighted Cadenza looking for a stray Guardian to ambush. What luck! It is the God of Light! Cadenza attacks Yuki, only to have Kuroto and Senshirou come to his rescue.

Sensing something amiss

Sensing something amiss, Sodom (what a name!) warns his part-time master

Yuki sees the hatred in their eyes, and the will to kill. Vengeance will be theirs. In a blink of an eye, the Guardians go down as Yuki watches in shock. They are not up to par against this General Class Opast. Cadenza grabs Kuroto, and strangles him, finishing what he started a long time ago. Yuki picks up Kuroto’s abandoned sword to try to rescue him. But Cadenza simply brushes him off. So, he wants to fight? Well, Cadenza will just have to extinguish the Zweilt’s hope by killing Yuki.

“Killing me won’t erase their love for each other,” Yuki tells him. “We are all living proof that love endures. That cannot be taken away even if you kill me.”

Kuroto and Senshirou gains strength from Yuki speech and in turn rescue him from Cadenza’s grasp. Senshirou binds him and stabs him with his scythe. But Cadenza merely laughs at that needle prick. Holding him off, Senshirou orders Kuroto to take Yuki back to the mansion. But he, instead, tells Yuki to get to the mansion himself, as he will have to take up arms with Senshirou. Yuki has to go, as he is their only hope.

Again, Cadenza quickly disarms them, and they end up pointing swords at each other. Seeing this, Yuki releases the Hallowed Wall, a Holy Light that builds a protective barrier around them against Cadenza. Soon enough, the barrier breaks against the powers of the Opast. But before he can kill Yuki, someone else is there to save them.

“I don’t remember ordering this,” boomed the voice. Reiga/Kanata is there to protect Yuki.

Elsewhere, Tsubaki, Tsukumo and Luka lose Yuki’s presence and go in search of him. They realize that a barrier must have been put up to seal Yuki from the rest. Suddenly they see Yuki’s light from afar, as the barrier breaks. They head towards him. Will it be too late?

Aug. 29, 2010, ep. 21: The Indelible Image

At the shrine, the barrier is gone after Yuki breaks it while protecting Senshirou and Kuroto. Reiga commands Cadenza to retreat by invoking the summoner’s right. This makes Cadenza question Reiga loyalty to them. Chains materialize to bind Cadenza to force his obedience. Disobeying the Master will result in the chains burning him.

However, Reiga already has two General Class Opast in his command, which means his powers are not only split among them, causing him to be weaker, but his necromancer is yet to be fully awakened. With that knowledge, Cadenza breaks off the chains and turns against his master. He is aptly and deservedly named the, “Master Killer.” Reiga and Cadenza take up swords against each other. Reiga is about to return Cadenza to Infernus, with the power of the Black King, but Cadenza easily deflects his weakened attacks. The master is soon overpowered, and just as the slave is about to finish him off, Luka arrives to stop the attack.

Back at the mansion, Takashiro is more ill than he wants to show. He just needs to hang on a little more to avenge all the fallen Zweilt Guardians. Hotsuma and Shuuhei finally reach the main mansion, and they are immediately dispatched towards towards the destruction.

Yuki is overjoyed to see a healthy Luka before him. Before the battle begins, Luka directs Kuroto and Senshirou to escort Yuki back to the mansion, as he promises Yuki that he will protect Reiga.

It’s Cadenza against Luka, as he unleashes his true demonic powers, powers that rivals even the Black King himself. The two Opasts begin their duel, just as the rest of the Guardians (the siblings and Hotsuma and Shuuhei) arrive to back him up. Cadenza tries a sneak attack on Yuki, but Reiga comes to his rescue yet again. This time, Yuki knows for sure it is no fluke that Reiga is protecting him. Kanata is still conscious. But Reiga dispels such thoughts by telling Yuki that it just isn’t his time to die yet. Kanata is long gone. It is Reiga steering the helm.

If that is Reiga’s plan, Cadenza will honor it. But where does Reiga loyalties lie?

Sept. 5, 2010, ep. 22: The Final Battle

After their little chat, Reiga and Cadenza temporarily retreat to Infernus via Lufen. But before he leaves, Reiga reminds Yuki that he is no longer Kanata. His name is Giou Reiga.

With that, Yuki loses consciousness and collapses after exerting his power to protect Seishirou and Kuroto. The Guardians gather and reassess their situation, concluding that it is their weakness that caused Yuki to be harmed. However, they renew their vow to end the war. This is their fight – together, as a unit. Unfortunately, Luka remains outside of the mansion. After Tachibana, the steward, convinces him that it is in Yuki’s best interest that Luka is with Yuki, and that everyone sees him as an ally, Luka moves his vigil into Yuki’s room.

In their quiet moment, Luka remembers the time when he promised female Yuki that, “No matter how you look, or how long time passes, I will always find your soul.”

Giou’s family doctor, Fujiwara Isuzu, warns that Yuki’s damage is life-threatening. If he overstrains again, he could possibly lose his life. Takashiro too is resting and preparing for the battle ahead. But the leader promises Fuyutoki that his impending death will not be in vain.

Meanwhile, back at the demon’s lair, Cadenza tells the remaining Opasts that Reiga prevented him from killing Yuki. They will have to wait to see how things unfold; if their master’s intentions are true or if they move on their own? Apart from that, Jekyll/Hyde has drank Elergy’s blood, turning him into a whole new breed of demon.

Yuki finally awakens. He realizes after the clash with the Opasts that Kanata is real. But so is Reiga. He will have to end this before anyone else gets hurt. Luka reminds Yuki that, “You are my everything.” Soon the Guardians, very much relieved, visit. They vow to fight together so that they can all return to the Twilight Mansion soon.

Suddenly the ground shakes. The Opasts have arrived, and are attacking Kamakura Mansion. The Guardians immediately meet their foes, but makes Luka stay with Yuki for his protection. Hotsuma and Shuuhei take on a reborn Jekyll and Hyde. The siblings, Tsukumo and Touko, handle Elergy. Finally Kuroto and Senshirou take on their arch nemesis Cadenza. But when things get hairy, Luka goes to their aid, leaving Sodom to guard Yuki. Yuki, unable to sit back while the rest fought, stumbles into the courtyard with Sodom. Just as Yuki is about to release his powers to protect the rest from Cadenza’s attack, Reiga comes for Yuki. Taking an unconscious Yuki as hostage, Reiga warns the rest not to attempt anything, else their comrade dies. Kidnapping him, the Opasts retreat using Lufen.

Luka can only roar in anger and frustration at his inability to protect the love of his life.

Sept. 12, 2010, ep. 23: The Traitor’s Battle

In shock and confusion, Luka tries to search for Yuki. But Hotsuma reminds him, that he is not alone in his quest. They are all friends. With Takashiro’s help, Luka and the rest of the Guardians locate Reiga. But this is only part of Reiga’s trap.

Yuki finally awakens and realizes Reiga has imprisoned and sealed him in a prism. He questions Reiga’s motive of keeping him alive, hinting that maybe it’s because Kanata is still alive in him. But Reiga immediately crushes his hopes. “You are alive because you still have a value to me. Wakamiya Kanata is dead.” In any case, Yuki should betray the Gious and align himself with the Opasts. In Reiga’s eyes, the world is moving towards destruction. Yuki disputes his views. No one person can actually go through life without betraying another. However, what makes them different from animals is that people are born innately kind and will try not to betray another. Just as the Guardians, Takashiro, and Luka have done, so will Kanata.

When the Guardians, together with Luka, reach the Opast castle, Jekyll/Hyde is there to “welcome” them. Hotsuma and Shuusei  holds him off while the rest moves toward the castle. The schizophrenic Opast has become more powerful than before. Elergy stops the next group, but the Murasame siblings handle her. Finally, Cadenza shows up, leading to Kuroto and Senshirou taking him on. A long time ago, their sole reason for fighting was revenge against Cadenza. Today, it is for a friend. With that, they find an opening while attacking and injuring Cadenza.

That leaves Luka and Sodom open to battle Reiga and save Yuki. Luka finally finds Yuki and Reiga.

“Will both the traitors finally be together?” Reiga comments.

Traitors? Both? Luka is a traitor for betraying the Duras clan and his previous master the demon king. But how is Yuki a traitor?

Not letting the truth sink in, Reiga summons Voivre with the Key of Raziel. Luka counters by summoning Salamander aka Sodom. The two dragons take flight and charge at each other. Sodom takes Voivre down, but just as Sodom catches a breather, Reiga summons Izabod for a follow-up attack. Being stuck in Reiga’s barrier, Luka tries to counter with his own spell Selefty, but it bounces back to him. Injured by his own spell, Reiga takes the opportunity to finish off Luka. Yuki tries to stop Reiga in vain. In the chaos, a blast ensues. When the smoke clears, an Opast figure appears, calling Reiga, “Fowler.” It is none other than Luka’s younger twin brother, Luze.

Sept. 19, 2010, ep. 24: Connected Hearts

Luze is prepared to kill his own brother, telling him that a “new breed of anger was born, as the cycle continues.” He doesn’t understand his brother’s pension for fighting for the humans. The family’s humiliation as the traitor is bad enough. Sleeping with the enemy is even worse.

Reiga reminds those present, that Yuki can not only create light, but darkness as well. The purer Yuki’s feelings are, the darker his hatred. But with that thought, his barrier shatters as Takashiro breaks through. Luze, seeing this, tries to stop Takashiro, but Luka stops him first. A fight ensues between the brothers, as Takashiro vows for the 100 years of hatred to end. The blue and red dragons take flight and collide.

Seeing the fight before him, Yuki begins to uncontrollably create a Halo Wall, going berserk with the intention of eradicating all Duras. If he can’t erase their hatred, at least he can protect the Guardians. Cadenza, Luze, Reiga and Elergy, sensing this threatening purification leaves immediately as the light goes up. But Jekyll/Hyde is vanquished by the emanating light. In their retreat/defeat, the Duras lick their wounds only to vow to return for their next battle.

Everyone of the Guardian’s wounds begin to heal with Yuki’s Halo Wall. Oddly enough, Luka is not incinerated. Their contract protects Luke against Yuki’s powers. What’s more, their love has overcome everything, time, space and gender included.

The Guardians return to the mansion with their precious cargo, Yuki. Luka alone sits with an unconscious Yuki. He promises Yuki that he will no longer suffer. Once, the female Yuki told that that she wants him to be the one to free her, and kill her. Man may betray each other. But once connected, their hearts can never be separated. Once Yuki awakens, Luka once again, swears his allegiance to him. That he will use his life as a shield for Yuki, to always protect him. But Yuki stops him. Instead, he wants Luka to promise him that live on and never give up on his own happiness. The rest finally meet the love birds, and soon, they make their way home to the Twilight Mansion.

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