B Gata H Kei

B Gata H Kei (B型H系 – B Type H Series) is a yonkoma magna (4-cell manga) written and illustrated by Youko Sanri since 2003. The manga is also licensed in Chinese in Taiwan. This series is later adapted into anime, which began airing on April 1, 2010 with a total of 12 episodes. A drama CD has also been released, along side a production of Internet radio show.

There are two opening and ending themes:

1. Yukari Tamura’s “Oshiete A to Z” (おしえて A to Z) DOWNLOAD
2. Yukari Tamura’s  “Hadashi no Princess” (裸足のプリンセス)

The two themes are scheduled for release on April 28, 2010.

The series is about a beautiful and popular 15-year-old high school girl, Yamada, who wants to lose her virginity as she sees it only as her drawback in moving forward in life. As a result, she constantly has lecherous and salacious thoughts in the most inappropriate of venues – ie. the school. Her dream is to have relations with 100 different partners. You would think that because of her lascivious nature she would be more flamboyant and flirtatious. She, however, is insecure with any attempts made by guys to date her, and is a total klutz in the area of “loosing her stigmata.”

She is often seen with a chibi version of herself, save the granny-like-mustache and floats around on a pink cloud.

To that end, she targets a very average and unremarkable boy in her class as her “golden cherry” to be her first. The story continues with her going through great lengths to seduce him unsuccessfully. Although this is a comedy series, which it does have its funny moments, it’s main theme trivializes the protagonist, and instead turns her into every teenage/adult male’s fantasy of a high school girl throwing herself at a random kid.

April 1, 2010, Ep. 1:
• Boy Meets Girl. Please Give Me Your First Time!!
• After School Strategy! Shall We Start With a Kiss?

Yamada meets her target boy in a bookstore, while looking for a replacement dictionary. Her current dictionary has been highlighted with only sexual terms, which makes it unusable in school. The boy, Kosuda Takashi, is a shy, kind, quiet and above all an average Joe who Yamada decides as her tool for popping the cherry.

Yamada's victim - Kosuda


Yamada’s side-kick and best friend, Takeshita Miharu, is privy to her prurient interests. She aids and abets the criminal, even though she really doesn’t want to, but I think she does it for shits and giggles.

Yamada “invites” herself to Kosuda’s house as part of her plan, by stealing his umbrella on a rainy day. There, they meet Kosuda’s busty and unabashed older sister, who often walks around the house naked to tease her brother. After a prolonged silence in the room, they slowly inch forward for a little kiss. Yamada thinks “the kiss” will be her first step to conquering the “world”, and as they pull apart, she sees that he has an immediate “physical” reaction to that. She immediately freaks out, and runs out the house, leaving him flustered, confused and a little abashed.  Kosuda’s initially interest in Yamada’s advances, soon turns into self-doubt and insecurity of his virginal state.

April 8, 2010, Ep. 2:
• I Know! Let’s Go to the Pool. You Want to See My Swimsuit Don’t You?
• A Rival Appears! Who is that F-Cup?!

The embarrassing turn of events at Kosuda’s place has turned both mates into strangers. To battle that, Miharu sets up a double date at the water park for the “love birds” and herself. Her boyfriend, a senior, finally makes an appearance, proving to be as mature and sensitive as Miharu. Yamada obviously shows up in a revealing two-piece, only to be out-shone (according to her) by Miharu’s bosoms (as she calls her, F-Shita).

After a few more encounters with Kosuda, Yamada realizes that he is more than a tool as she slowly develops genuine feelings for him. This little green-eyed monster almost pounced on a girl who showed up in front of Kosuda asking him to taste her cookies. Not only is she cute, but she is also amply endowed, much to Yamada’s disgust.

The two girlfriends then “happen” upon Kosuda’s house, and there, they see the buxom girl who has been eyeing him and giving him cookies. Seeing his older sister, Kazuki, the girls immediately question her. Turns out, Miyano Mayu is their neighbor and they have hung out together since childhood. She loves cooking and always lets Kosuda taste her creations.

Yamada then tries to “frighten” Mayu into backing off of Kosuda, but ends up being her “love confidant” instead. What a ditz!

April 15, 2010, Ep. 3:
• Quickie in the Dark Room! Somewhat Dangerous Club Activities!
• Blazing Culture Festival! The School Queen is Yamada (Me)!

Kosuda invites Yamada on one of his photo shoots. She thinks it’s for an erotic shoot. Turns out he’s a scenery photographer. They end up spending the day quietly taking scenic pictures, while Yamada dies of boredom.

In the photography club’s dark room, while developing the pictures, Yamada begins stripping – without Kosuda’s knowledge. Yamada creeps up behind him to try to hug him from behind, but accidentally trips over the low lights in the dark room and turn everything off. As they fumble carelessly around trying to find their way in the room, Kosuda tries to hit the light switch. Unbeknown to him, he keeps flicking the switch, which happens to be Yamada’s breasts, but nothing happens.

It is later revealed that Mayu’s first love is actually Kazuki, Kosuda’s elder sister, who she thought was a boy. Her infatuation has been transferred to Kosuda.

April 22, 2010, Ep. 4:
• Throbbing Christmas Eve. What Does a First Kiss Taste Like?
• We Can’t Go Home Like This! Let’s Go to the Make-out Park!

Just by the titles of the episode, you know nothing good can come of this.  I kept thinking to myself during the entire episode that this girl is truly hopeless and incurable!

So Christmas Eve is rolling around, and Yamada figures that she can’t lose to her younger sister who seem to be bringing home a lot of cute guys every day. She drops hints to Kosuda, and finally after sputtering around, he asks Yamada out on a date on Christmas Eve. Yamada has this notion that the Eve is a day for couples to have sex, and so that will be her final goal. After Kosuda gives her pierced earrings, she jumps at this “signal” that they should end up at a love hotel. They walk the entire stretch until they reach the end, before a nervous Kosuda tries to kiss her. He stumbles, she gets angry, and nervous at the same time, which eventually causes a serious headbutt when they both decide to act. In any case, they finally kiss. Although that turned out almost the way she planned, nervousness gets the better of her, and she runs away and hides in a toilet while calling and reporting to Miharu.

When she finally exits the lav, she pulls Kosuda to a love park, where couples are scattered everywhere making out. She prompts him, and even makes the first move by unbuttoning her shirt. Eventually he grabs one boob, while she compares her size to her friend’s. Inexperienced, clumsy and nervous, they still end up in a titillating position, with Yamada on Kosuda’s lap. However, their progression of bases end when they realize the park is frequented by perverts out for a quick shot.

April 29, 2010, Ep. 5:

• A Valentine of Sweat and Tears! Love(?) From Yamada is Put Into It
• Improve the Erotic Powers! It’s My First Time Feeling This Sensation…

Valentine Day is around the corner, and everyone in school are in a tizzy. The girls are worrying about their chocolates and who to give it to, while the boys fret that they may not even get one. Mayu bakes the perfect chocolate cake, but is unable to bring herself to give it personally to Kosuda. In the end, she hands it to Kosuda’s sister, Kazuki. Meanwhile, Yamada struggles the entire day trying to make/bake/freeze a batch of chocolates for Kosuda. Instead of personally giving it to him, she plays hard to get the entire day at school. Kosuda leaves school that day dejected knowing that Yamada never gave him chocolates. At the end of the day, Yamada hurries over to Kosuda’s house, only to chicken out at the last moment and stuffs the badly made chocolates into the mailbox. Kazuki finds that box of chocolates and tries to feed it to the fish, which even refused it. The next day at school, Kosuda tells Yamada that he got a box of anonymous chocolates the night before, and even though they were of a “unique taste” he ate it, because someone actually took the time to make them.

One night, Yamada is approached by the Sex God in her dream. She tells her that her “sexual powers” are decreasing, and in such has to find a way to increase it. She gets her idea of not wearing panties from Misato and immediately tries it out without thinking twice about the consequences. As she tries to broach the subject with Kosuda, she realizes that he really doesn’t find it in good taste, and backs off from it. Unfortunately for her, as Kosuda returns to the library and flings open the door, her skirt goes flying high up into the air too. He realizes soon enough that Yamada’s is not wearing any panties, freaks out and runs away. Later, he realizes that Yamada is indeed trying to show him her nether region, and it elates him. Yamada, that silly girl, panics and is disappointed and remorseful after that.

She really shouldn’t try things she is not comfortable with and end up hating herself for it.

May 6, 2010, Ep. 6:

• Kanejou Arrives! That Dazzle is Unforgivable!
• Underneath that Rose-colored Smile…is Kanejou’s Dark Secret!

Things just got harder for Yamada as a junior. She thinks that everyone will fawn over her at drool at her sight. Unfortunately for her, her younger sister Chika just enrolled in the same school – so everyone’s fawning over her. She finds out that Mayu-chan is in her same class – another person to vie for Kosuda’s attention. Worst of all, the girl who nearly ousts her in last year’s beauty contest, Kanejou Kyoka, is now in her same class. She, however, chooses a seat right infront and feigns poor eyesight. But in truth, she has plopped herself next to Kosuda. Kanejou is the new lust after object. She is not only raised overseas, but excel in English, music, gym and cooking. She is the new Miss Popular and Yamada doesn’t like it one bit. After catching Kosuda eyeing her, Yamada tries to buy a shotgun online through her phone. She even brews a potion at home. All for nothing, as Kosuda’s interest was only because she looked familiar and then he realized that she appeared in a photography magazine. Kanejou has now usurped Yamada of her queenly status, and even claims the spot as class rep.

Kanejou still unable to forget her lost at the school festival the year before, hatches an evil scheme to dethrone and embarrass Yamada – before her brother returns to Japan. She must steal Yamada’s boyfriend!

Back in school, while Kosuda tries to ask Yamada on a date, Kanejou butts in and graciously invites Yamada to her house for tea. Kanejou’s scheme may just back fire, as Yamada really doesn’t see Kosuda as her boyfriend, thus there really isn’t anyone for Kanejou to “steal.” On top of that, Kanejou has revealed her inner sanctum to Yamada, which Yamada finds a secret box and is intrigued by it. Meanwhile, Kanejou warns Yamada that the school only has place for one queen. Yamada states that Kanejou is finally showing her fangs instead of hiding behind a façade of a kind and gracious girl.

After Yamada leaves, Kanejou opens her box of secret, kept in tight security (requiring her voice, pulse rate, retinal scan, and even a dozen doors of thick steel to gain access). She finally reaches a room filled with only her brother’s pictures and memorabilia. She has an extreme case of brother complex, where she is so in love with him that she wants him to be her first.

May 13, 2010, Ep. 7:

• A Huge Duel with School Swimsuits! I Definitely Won’t Lose to You!
• Memories of a Summer Day…Yamada, Returns to the Wild!

Yamada want to settle things once and for all with Kanejou. She asks for Miharu’s advice and realizes that both Kanejou and Mayu are perfect. She can’t cook, bad at languages and music and has a bad temper. But an opportunity presents itself when the class teacher announces a swim match. She checks herself out at home and decides to do a little grooming in the nether region. She ends up butchering the job.

The next day, as she parades herself around the boys, showing off her hot bod, only to be outshone by Mayu’s big boobs and then Kanejou’s dazzling entrance. They deck it out in a 50-meter freestyle swimming race, and Yamada starts by cheating – yelling that there is a UFO! Even with the early start, Kanejou manages to beat her. “You want to beat me? You’re 10 years too early!”

Left with no other choice, Yamada enlists the help of younger sister, Chika. However, it backfires as the two become fast friends. Meanwhile summer break approaches and Kosuda asks Yamada out on a date. Unfortunately, none of their schedule meets. As Kosuda heads out on a family camping trip with the Miyanos (Mayu’s family), Yamada catches wind of that and treks them into the woods by hitchhiking with a bunch of army men. She catches Kosuda with Mayu doing something suspiciously romantic, but Kosuda explains himself.

Their date finally realizes, under the night sky filled with stars.

May 20, 2010, Ep. 8:

• Yay, Field Trip! But We’re Not Alone Together…
• Yamada, I am in l… in for a Confusing and Bumpy Ride!

The class is on a field trip to Kyoto. Both Yamada and Kosuda sees this as a chance for a confession. But group outings are not conducive to divulging one’s feelings. Yamada even tells Misato that sex is more important than 1000 years of history in Kyoto, as she thinks of ways to be alone with Kosuda. Yamada finally finds a secluded spot near a temple and texts Kosuda to meet her. However, he deletes the message thinking it is a cyber sex spam. Even when they end up alone in a boat, their feelings are so muddled and they too nervous that they can’t even reveal themselves. On the trip back, a chance of a photo together is ruined by a boisterous and out of control Misato barging in at the last minute.

Kosuda saves the day though by chasing Yamada on her train ride home to confess to her. Stuck in a train door, Kosuda manages to scream that he loves her, only to have that last part drown out by a moving train. Yamada, unsure of what she heard, begins to think up of different combinations, other than the obvious. She finally comes up with the worse and, the entire school day following that incident, she avoids Kosuda. Meanwhile, Kosuda, who is relieved for spilling the beans, wants to know her answer to his confession. In the end, she simply runs away, scared. What does she know about love, when her motive is for her cherry to be popped. Poor Kosuda thinks he is rejected.

May 27, 2010, Ep. 9:

• No Way! Not In Front of Everyone…I Never Said I Hate You…
• An Athletic Festival! Do As You Please

Back in school, both Kosuda and Yamada are still at odds since Kyoto. When a “secret” popularity contest is held, with Yamada and Kanejou tying the top spot, Kosuda finally confesses to Yamada in public. “I like you Yamada,” he screams. They soon become the talk of the town, which surprises even Kanejou and Mayu. Even though Yamada is pleased with the confession, for appearance sake, she puts up an angry front. Unable to speak face-to-face, the issue soon turns into a venomous growth. Misato advises Yamada to give him an answer already, instead of stringing the poor boy along. She has to be considerate for his feelings too, and at least apologize for her earlier outburst in class, when she replied to his confession with an, “I hate you!”

Finally, when they are both appointed to the athletic committee, they get their chance to smooth things out. However, throw a few nerves into the mix and the issue blows up once again. She “apologizes” but scolds instead of sounding remorseful. When Kosuda realizes she’s apologizing, he asks her to repeat it, unable to believe his ears. “Do you want to be dead,” she replies instead. He then asks for her answer after his confession. “If you hate me, just say it.” Instead of replying him straightforwardly, she tells him, “I can’t say I hate you,” and kicks him before taking off. Is this a chance for him? What does she really know about love? It was supposed to be fun and easy.

Another person is fuming, from her lost once again to Yamada. Kanejou cannot believe she lost to Yamada, yet again, in another beauty contest. As sports day rolls around, Kanejou puts up a front since she knows her brother will be around. But she soon looses her cool when “boyfriend issues” crop up, both not wanting to admit that neither has a boyfriend. As the brawl erupts, a mysteriously suave guy begins to photograph the impromptu war. Keiichi, Kanejou’s beloved brother, has taken an interest in Yamada. Yamada, however, doesn’t feel the same, which infuriates Kanejou even more. Keiichi tries to kiss Yamada’s hand, but she snatches it away at the last minute. An insult in Kanejou’s eyes. Yamada runs away from the crowd and hides in a storage room. While putting away the sports equipment in the storage room, Kosuda finds her and soon enough scores a date with her. “Can I ask you out on a date sometime?” he broaches the subject gently.

“Do whatever you want,” she answers.

Now, everyone is happy. Almost everyone.

June 3, 2010, Ep. 10:

• The Kanejou Family The Celebrity Brother’s Dazzling Secret!
• Falling in Love? Don’t Lay a Hand on my Man (Kosuda)!!

So the world’s most improbable pair goes on a date.  Of course something is bound to go wrong. Yamada gets to the meeting spot 2 hours too early, and wonders why Kosuda is not there already. Meanwhile, the boy, while trying to get to his date early-ier, ends up helping an old woman off a train, thus missing his train in the process. In the meantime, a woman goes into labor, a little boy gets separated from his mother, and a blind man fumbles around trying to find his way – all in front of him. Of course he ends up late for the date. Yamada, who’s so frazzled from being early, becomes so jumpy that she grabs any one guy who gets close to her. After her first mistake, she ends up grabbing Keiichi, Kanejou’s brother. Kosuda decides to show up right at that moment too.

Even knowing that the two are on a date, Keiichi invites himself as an excuse to “apologize” to Yamada for his earlier behavior during sports day. He ends up confessing to her, in front of Kosuda who by now is looking like the third wheel.  She rejects him immediately telling him outright that she will not date someone who’s not a virgin. He corrects her and leaves it up to her to accept him or not. Kosuda and Yamada’s date end on a sour note, and worse, gets cut short when Mami unexpectedly appears at the Café.

Kosuda finally seeks the advice of Mayu, who has always been a good listener. Yamada goes to Miharu, who concludes that Yamada has fallen for Kosuda, virgin or not.

Kanejou, after finding out her brother confessed to Yamada, is not hell-bent on stealing Kosuda from Yamada. She throws out the red carpet for him and even invites him to her house. But Yamada sees Kosuda being whisked away by the conniving and scheming woman and immediately rushes to his rescue. Yamada gets to the mansion, only to find Kosuda shaking from Kanejou’s earlier seduction attempts and from seeing a tigress entering the window (Yamada). This is how herbivores feel as the end nears.

June 10, 2010, Ep. 11:

• Year 2 Class H’s Christmas Party. Take Me to the Bed
• Kanejou-san is Watching. A Bare Broadcast Just Shy off the Limit!

Kanejou invites her classmates to her family’s Christmas party. Keiichi requests for both Yamada and Kosuda to be invited, much to her surprise. Yamada didn’t want to attend the party, until she hears about a “Secret Room” that Misato mentions (which is really Kanejou’s “Brother Room”). Yamada just storms up to Kanejou in class and demands an invite.

The students are shipped to her mansion in a chartered bus. At the party, they have a hard time mingling with the well-off folks. Meanwhile, Yamada and Kosuda sneaks into a random room, and nervously fumbles the opportunity at hand. However, using surveillance hidden in her own pictures, Kanejou finds out that the duo have snuck into her room and are trying to get it on. Kanejou begins recording this, for future use. However, Kosuda seeing the eerie paintings in the room, draws the curtains around the bed.

Instead of taking off Kosuda’s jacket or ties, Yamada immediately unzips his pants. Kosuda, on the other hand, flounders around trying to get Yamada’s dress off. When the dress is removed, he struggles with her bra and grabs her breasts. Kanejou, unable to see or record any evidence, bring Takeshita along with her to storm the room. When they hear noises outside the room, Yamada and Kosuda scramble into the nearest closet. Takeshita tries to stop her when she realizes Kanejou is trying to catch the her dear friend red handed.

Yamada, thinking she can help them, meows loudly giving away their location. They are however saved when Kanejou hears the doors of her “Brother Room” opening. She rushes in to stop a lost Miyano from finding out her secret. Yamada and Kosuda takes the opportunity to escape. Miyano then asks Kanejou how she made that room, as she too wants to create one for Kosuda. Grabbing the bulls by the horns, Yamada asks Kosuda out on a Christmas date. Of course he jumps at the opportunity. But Yamada surprises him as well as herself by asking him to slow down!

June 17 , 2010, Ep. 12:

• The World Revolves Around Us. Goodbye…B-Type H-Style
• The Angel Yamada! Farewell B-Type H-Style!

Yamada and Kosuda both asks their siblings to teach them how to have sex without failing. Yamada ends up fumbling with her words, saying to Kosuda that she wants to “ride…fast” but Kosuda thinks she wants to go for a car ride. Finally they meet for their date and Yamada blurts out, “Let’s have sex!” The end up at a love hotel rather nervously and tensely, but the usual obstacles arise. The try to start things off with a porn movie, which does nothing for Kosuda, but turns Yamada on. In turn, Kosuda is aroused and jumps her. But he remembers his sister’s advice of not going wild the first time, and taking things slow with a kiss first. Yamada, in her excitement, accidentally hits the rotating bed, throwing Kosuda off and fracturing his ankle. He ends up hospitalized.

Kosuda’s sister visits him in the hospital and asks him, “Before or after.” Unfortunately, it is before.

To “care” for the injured Kosuda, Yamada dresses up in a sexy pink nurse’s outfit and head to the hospital. When the real nurse enters though, she hides under his sheets. She thinks he is turned on by the nurse’s comments, and hits him in the groin. In truth, he was turned on because her face was near his crotch. After the real nurse leaves, the silly pair plays doctor/nurse and then the real nurse enters again. Sigh! Things are just not meant to happen for this unfortunate pair.

As Kosuda is discharged before New Year’s Eve, Yamada finds another opportunity to sneak by his place with him alone. After the classmates stop by Kosuda’s house before heading to the shrine for the traditional New Year’s Eve prayer, Yamada secretly stays behind. She sneaks into his bath, but their attempt of doing it fails yet again. Kosuda promptly faints in the bathroom due to overexposure to heat. While the rest of the class prays for good fortune and love, Yamada and Kosuda head to another shrine together. He asks her what she wished for. “Same as what you wished for.” They are officially a couple.

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