Hatsukoi Limited

The girls

The girls: Misaki, Meguru, Nanoka, Koyoi, Rika, Ayumi, Kei

Hatsukoi Limited 初恋限定

This anime has 12 episodes that was aired from April – June 2009.  It is adapted from a manga by Mizuki Kawashita.

The anime involves middle-school and high-school students with their first loves.

Appearances quickly play second fiddle when the beauty of the heart shines – Kei Enomoto. A loud-mouth perv becomes endearing – Kusuda.

kei & kusuda

kei & kusuda

A brutish high-school ogre, Misao Zaitsu, has a softer side. A petite flower has fearsome strength yet is ditsy most of the time, who becomes involved in a love triangle between two brothers – Ayumi Arihara. A middle-school boy, Mamoru Zaitsu, who has a secret crush for his older neighbor, only to find out she really treats him as a younger brother.

ayumi arihara

Ayumi Arihara: the most sought after middle-school girl

A strong-willed athlete, Rika Dobashi, who falls for an insecure klutz, Haruto Terai.


Haruto & Rika

A high-schooler, Misaka Yamamoto, who seemingly has all the boys drooling after her has a hard time convincing one to take an interest . A brother, Yuuji Arahara, who has a younger sister complex, suddenly finds himself pursued by the most unexpected beauty of them all.


Misaki Yamamoto: the most sought after high-school girl

All is not as it seems when you realize how small the circle of friends really is.

Just finished watching the 12th episode of the first season.  The final two episodes were hilarious.  The younger boys were comical, having decided to “run away from home to find themselves.”  First, they didn’t know where they were going.  Then, they didn’t have rations (or enough of it).  No accommodations.  Chased by a pack of wild boars. Compare them to the girls who went searching for them – they look like amateurs.


All’s well, ends well… or so it seems.  It never quite settled who Ayumi’s choice was between the two brothers. Let’s hope there is a second season for continued silliness, friendship and puppy love.

If Hatsukoi Limited interests you, here another shojo anime that should suit your fancy. It’s called Kimi ni Todoke, From Me to You.

Opening Theme:

“Future Stream” by Sphere

Ending Theme:

“Gensou no Basho, Sorezore no Michi no Ue (幻想の場所、それぞれの道の上)” by marble (ep 6)
“Hatsukoi limited (初恋 limited)” by marble
“Sora ni Mau (空に舞う)” by marble (ep 9)

Here’s the ending theme by Marble.

Booklet 01


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