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The Chinese philosophy in food is very simple, everything in moderation and in balance. Yin against the Yang. The cooling against the heaty matched with the in between “yun.” That is why a Chinese meal always begins with soup, which has brewed the entire with day with herbs and ends with “dessert” of fruits. Nothing too heavy to mess with the inner workings of the body. Even when serving meats, it usually isn’t just a slab of meat, but often served with a medley of vegetables on top of having a separate vegetable dish.

SOUP | tong sui | barley • cheng pou leong • chrysanthemum • lohan guo longan •
gingko biloba barley • green bean • red bean •

chinese | bak kut teh • chicken stew mixed vegetable •
chinese cabbage & mushroom souppeanut soup

american | spinach soup

APPETIZER | pot stickers •

MEAT | beef | asian baked beef

chicken | curry chicken • egg with tomato chicken • ponte chicken •
satay chicken • sweet & sticky chicken • teriyaki chicken with peppers

pork | sesame seed pork

seafood | curry shrimp • salmon topped with mixed vege

NOODLES | dan dan mien • turkey kilbasa fried noodles

pasta | seafood vodka penne • tuna casserole •

RICE | nasi lemak • vegetarian fried rice •

VEGETABLES | broccoli carrot • buddha’s delight
kangkung belacan • mushrooms in coconut milk •
soft tofu with mixed vege
• spicy brinjal • vegetable laksa •

DESSERT | cookies

JUICES | apple carrot celerycucumber • grape • tomato

SMOOTHIES | banana peanut butterberry banana
mango lassipapaya

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