Oct. 12, 2010 • ep 25: Duets

Sam the ex-quarterback is in!

Oct. 5, 2010 • ep 24:

Glee finds religion, in this case, chee-sus – found by Finn while grilling his cheese sandwich. He dedicates a week of his life to Him in return for: a win for his football team, to touch Rachel’s boobs and to be the quarterback again. But Puck doesn’t want anything to do with giving thanks to JC, instead he wants to do songs by Jewish singers. Only the Good Die Young DOWNLOAD Rachel tells him that their children will be raised as Jews, not worshiping Jesus. They end up on the bed, with Finn’s hand on her breast, as he thanks JC one more time. Rachel shares her faith with Finn Papa Can You Hear Me DOWNLOAD. At the next game, Finn gets one more prayer answered, to be the quarterback again, at the expense of dislocating the shoulder of the current quarterback, Sam. Finally feeling guilty, Finn goes to Emma to confess. She tells him that God works in mysterious ways, but definitely not through a grilled sandwich. (Or maybe He does!) So chee-sus wasn’t listening to him? Losing My Religion DOWNLOAD How is it not OK to sing about religion in school but perfectly fine to sing about losing faith?

Kurt’s dad, Burt, goes into a coma after a heart attack. Days before, they were fighting about family time that Kurt was going to skip for a Sound of Music sing-a-long. Everyone at Glee Club gives Kurt their support, while Mercedes dedicates a song to him. I Look to You DOWNLOAD Kurt thanks her for the song, but he doesn’t believe in God. He can’t believe something he can’t see, not when God has forsaken him a long time ago. Rachel, Quinn and Mercedes have a round-the-clock prayer for Kurt’s dad but he makes them leave. He brings a Sikh acupuncturist in instead.  During his mom’s funeral, his father was there to hold his hand, to assure him that everything was going to be ok, which leads him to sing: I Want to Hold Your Hand DOWNLOAD. Mercedes convinces Kurt not to push his worried and caring friends away and to attend church with her, where the day is dedicated to his father. At church, they pray for Burt, even though Kurt does not believe in the power of prayer or God. She dedicates Bridge Over Troubled Water DOWNLOAD to him. After church, Kurt visits his dad in the hospital and tells about his church visit. He apologizes for chasing his friends out, but he certainly doesn’t believe in God. “I believe in you, and us.”  Suddenly Burt’s fingers move.

Sue wants the separation of State and church from school. She goes directly to Kurt to get him to rat on Will so that she can go to the school board with it, and hopefully get him fired. Emma stops Sue’s vindictive ways, and that’s how Sue tells how she lost her faith.  She tells her how she prayed for her sister not to be laughed at when they were younger, but no one heard her prayers. But her older sister reminds her, God never make mistakes. Maybe this was his way of bringing the siblings together.


Sept. 28, 2010 • ep 23: Britney

Mr. Shue chooses adult contemporary Christopher Cross’s Sailing for the kids. But they can’t relate to it. Kurt suggest doing Britney, but Brittany S. Pears doesn’t want to have to live up to Britney Spears. The rest disagrees with Will and Britney. They will have to do Michael Bolton then. Groan!

Emma’s dating her dentist Carl. He’s helping her get over her anal retentiveness. Turns out, Carl is John Stamos. He visits the Glee Club to see if they have cavities. Brittany turns out to have the worse set of teeth.  She goes under and thinks she’s Britney. I’m a Slave 4 You DOWNLOAD She finally awakens, and Carl tells her she’s got 68 cavities and she’s got to go back again. She doesn’t need one toothbrush, she needs 100. Brush girl.

Next up, Santana, who has perfect teeth but she just wants to get anesthesia to feel high. Brittany and Santana, simultaneously, have one Britney fantasy. Me Against the Music DOWNLOAD Brittany wants to be the lead from now on, instead of Rachel. Will has to see the dentist too, but they talk about Emma instead of doing some cleaning and drilling. Otherwise, someone’s going to get hurt. Time for Will to back off. Time for him to loosen up, as Kurt tells him to. Next up, Rachel. She goes under and dreams of Britney too. Baby One More Time DOWNLOAD

Santana tells Rachel she dresses like a bake sale Brownie. Even Finn agrees that she dresses like grandma. Time for a redo! With that, Rachel goes around like Britney. Finn has to cover her up, but she’s not willing to change now. She’s liberated. It’s Santana approve.

Even Artie is on the Britney action. He’s stronger after Tina. Stronger DOWNLOAD The Nitrous Oxide is helping all of them loosen up.

Finn, tired of being attacked by the football team, and his popularity going down the drain, he tries out for the football team again. Artie wants in too. Someone’s smiling down on them, as Coach lets them both in. With that, Rachel changes her clothes back to grandma wear, to get Finn to quit football too. She wants both of them to be losers at the same time. She’s actually asking him to choose between football and her. Quinn is canoodling up to Finn again, but he’s not going to fall for her again. Rachel sees that, with the help of Quinn.

Will changes his car to a yellow convertible, to woo Emma. But the ex-Terri comes to remind him that he still needs to support her. No big ticket items for him. Not unless her name is on it.

Coach Sly calls on Will. She sees the reporter naked in the library, doing the unthinkable after seeing Rachel dressed as Britney. She tries to convince him to do or NOT to do Britney. Which is it?

Mr. Shue finally agrees on Britney. Cheers! What’s more he’s performing with them. Boo! At the Homecoming assembly, Will prepares for the Britney show.  Acoustic Toxic DOWNLOAD The crowd goes wild, much to Coach Sly’s disgust and horror. It’s a Britney Spears sex riot, and Coach Sly pulls the fire alarm. Stampede anyone? Sly breaks her neck from that, she wants to sue him.

She realizes that she was strangling Finn. Time to free him and stop controlling. The Only Exception DOWNLOAD

Sept. 21, 2010 • ep 22

It’s back to school! Every club out there is looking for fresh meat to recruit. Unfortunately, no one thinks the New Directions is worth the time. Even then, the next Nationals will be in New York. They have to beef up their team to go up against Vocal Adrenaline the next time. To do that, they have to attract the attention of the new students. The Glee-kers put up a performance in the courtyard singing Empire State of Mind DOWNLOAD to show that they are not just an 80s and show tunes club. They barely draw a foot tap and a hum.

Enter Coach Bieste (pronounced Beast), the new coach for the Panthers after Tanaka suffers from a nervous breakdown. She’s a man who’s really a woman, who has come to slash the Cheerios’ and New Directions’ budgets. Sue and Will  have to work together to rid themselves off the freak of nature. It’s a (w0)man-on-(wo)man-on man action. Operation Mean Girl is on! They start by ordering pizza for the football team, only to get their ass bitten. They ban her from sitting with them during lunch. (A crying Beast doesn’t look pretty at all.) But Will is not made to be mean. Just as the Glee Clubbers are outsiders, Will made Bieste feel like that too.

Then Santana gets called in to Sue’s office for getting a boob job during summer. Quinn is back to being the head cheerleader after ratting on Santana and she’s assigned to the bottom of the pyramid. Cat fight anyone? Worse yet, under Coach Sue’s coercion, Britney accuses Coach Bieste of sexual misconduct by touching her. After Will steps in, Britney retracts her accusations. Sue is no longer Will’s friend after that.

Finn goes out recruiting and sees/hears a football freshie singing Every Rose has its Thorn. But Coach Bieste makes everyone try out again, including the star quarterback. Finn tries to recruit Sam, the newbie, as he wows the boys with his rendition of Billionaire DOWNLOAD .

Asian girl, Tina, breaks up with Artie during summer camp only to hook up with Mike, who has the killer abs. Artie begs Finn to help me get into the football team, to make me irresistible. When Finn brings Artie in, Bieste thinks Finn’s messing with her, and throws him off the team. No longer the quarterback, Finn tries to audition for the Cheerios, unsuccessfully. Sam’s the new quarterback and he’s not pushing his chances by joining Glee.

In the mean time, Rachel tries to recruit Sunshine, a Filipino. She tells the newbie she can be her backup, but really, her voice is just as amazing. (She only sings with Celine Dion!) Telephone DOWNLOAD They start singing but get stopped by Sue. On second thought, maybe Sunshine shouldn’t audition for the New Direction. Rachel goes to Mercedes and Kurt to complain about Sunshine to get sympathy points. She ends up sending Sunshine to a crack house but is saved by Tina and Mike, the two new love birds. To make it right, she finally asks her to come for a real audition that brings down the house and excites everyone except for Rachel. Listen DOWNLOAD Rachel’s got serious competition, and she knows it. But Vocal Adrenaline gets to her first, thanks to Sue who’s paying Will for stabbing her in the back with the Beast coach. Rachel’s alibi is that she was doing it all for the Club. But it’s all about her spotlight. Can they forgive her? What I Did for Love DOWNLOAD

Season 2 of Glee is back this September 21, 2010.

June 8 , 2010 • ep. 21: Season Finale – Journey to Regionals

Sue is one of the judges at Regionals, because she’s a “celebrity” now, and she has vowed to crush McKinley High’s Glee Club. Will is pressured into placing at Regionals or Glee will disbanded. The judges of the Regionals are Josh Groban, Olivia Newton John, Rod Remington and Sue.

Glee is in Mr. Schue’s place for a set list nomination “party.” But what’s the point in trying anymore? They already know that Sue will crush them. After their demoralizing soiree at Mr. Schue’s, Finn find Rachel in school and convinces her, as the leader of the New Direction, that they are all going to Regionals, and they will win. She kisses him for his confidence in her.

Will goes to Emma for advice. He cannot give up on his student. And by the way, she’s been seeing her dentist, Carl Hau. As Will drives home in his broken car, he breaks down in the middle of the road while listening to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing!” Just like that, his inspiration is back.

What began as a Glee Club with only 5 people, has now blossomed. Mr. Schue confesses that he loves them too much to let them give up. They will be going to Regionals, and they will be doing a Journey mash-up. Finn finally gets up the nerve and says, “I Love You,” to Rachel just before they perform.

First up, Oral Intensity with a mesh up of Josh Groban and Olivia Newton John. Somebody leaked the judges’ names to them.

Mr. Schue tells them that this is not just about winning. It was a journey getting them here. The New Directions performs next. Faithfully DOWNLOAD Anyway You Want It/Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ DOWNLOAD , and finally Don’t Stop Believing DOWNLOAD – their very first song sung as a group. They bring the crowd to their feet.

Vocal Adrenaline does Bohemian Rhapsody DOWNLOAD

Quinn’s mom watches from within the crowd. After their performance, she finds Quinn and tells her she has kicked her father out for cheating on her with a tattoo artist. Her mom wants her to go home. Instead of replying her, Quinn says, “My water just broke.” The entire Glee Club rushes to the ER. Puck and Mercedes goes in with her. Quinn gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. Do they want to keep the baby? She looks exactly like Quinn. Puck names her Beth. As they watch their new baby together, Shelby comes up to her. Beth is adopted her eventually.

At the judging, Sue is called an underachiever and delusional with grandeur, lumping her together with her school’s Glee Club. She finally sees what she has to do. Runner up: Oral Intensity and Show Choir Champions goes to Vocal Adrenaline. New Direction didn’t even place. Does that mean that they will be disbanded? She casted her vote for who she thought should win, (New Direction) but she can’t reveal her vote.

The next day at school, Emma screams at the Principal, standing up for Glee Club, begging that the group not be disbanded. Will sees this, and stops Emma. How can he give up so easily and not fight for it? Are they still talking about Glee Club or them. Either way, he confesses his love to her. He loves her?

The students find Mr. Schue and make a heartfelt dedication to him. When they first joined Glee, they were all missing something. Divas, underachievers, overachievers, bullies, nerds, fatherless, motherless, friendless, and homosexuals. But Mr. Schue brought them all together and made them stronger because he believed in them. Even though they didn’t win in the eyes of the judges, but they won, because they will always have Mr. Schue. To Sir With Love DOWNLOAD

Glee Club gets a pardon. They get another year because of Will’s dedication to the students. Sue has spoken on their behalf to the Principal.

Will sings in return to the students, a Hawaiian version of Over the Rainbow DOWNLOAD

June 1 , 2010 • ep. 20: Funk

The Funk is in the house!

Coach Sly gives Vocal Adrenaline the key into Glee Club’s auditorium, where they show Glee Club how much of an edge they have over them. They belt out “Another One Bites the Dust” and bring down the confidence of Glee Club just like that.  After that, Glee Club’s choir room is sabotaged with tp.  Coach Sly wants to take over the choir room of Glee Club for her impending trophies. For her spite in crushing Glee Club’s hope, Will breaks the trophy that Sue holds dear to her.

Will and Teri are officially divorced. Regrets? Anyone? Everyone. Will pumps up the Club by telling them not to give in to Vocal Adrenaline, without first giving themselves a chance. It will be up to Finn and Puck to defend the New Direction, with harmless prank, by slashing the tires of the entire team. The boys end up in the Principal’s office. Instead of getting expelled, Shelby just wants the tires to be paid for. She suggests that the money be taken out from the Glee Club budget, but Glee doesn’t even have any budget to begin with. The boys agree to work at Linens and Things, for a month to pay for the busted tires, with the ex-Mrs. Schue.

Suddenly, Puck and Finn feel like Beck’s Loser was meant for them DOWNLOAD.  Teri sets her sights on 16-year-old Finn, just as she realizes that she has a compulsive need to crush other people’s dream. She decides that Finn could be her second chance. She promptly promotes Finn as the Assistant, Assistant Manager.

Will realizes Vocal Adrenaline has a weakness, after speaking with Mr. Harrison. Since they are all in a funk, McKinley High will do the Funky Town. Quinn shows them how it is done with her pent-up anger and oppressed as an unwed mother. Quinn finally realizes what Mercedes is goes through on a daily basis. She only has to deal with the pregnancy for nine months, but Mercedes has to deal with racism forever. As a peace-offering, Mercedes offers Quinn a room in her house. Finn, Puck and Mercedes, do Marky Mark’s Good Vibration DOWNLOAD. But that’s rap and not funk. They are in a bigger funk that they thought that they are in, when they can’t even differentiate the genre.

Will decides to butter up Coach Sly – for revenge! In a “test” of material for his students, he shakes his booty for her, and even bends over for her. He starts stripping and rubs himself against her. “Anything? Too dirty?” She runs away. Sue confesses to her diary that she actually felt something below the neck, for Will. It went from true hate to true love. On cue, Will brings carnations and carbogel for her. He then proceeds to ask her out on a date, on Wednesday. He tactfully reminds her too that Wednesday is “hump day.” Wednesday comes along, and Sue is at the restaurant, waiting. Will stands her up. He wants to teach her cruelty as only the way she would understand. If she can dish it out, she should be able to take it. Unfortunately, she doesn’t take it too well.

Humiliated, Coach Sly remains at home in bed and pulls out the Cheerios from the Nationals. She is hurt, but her girls are in shambles. She doesn’t need the trophy, but the girls need the scholarships. With five consecutive nationals under her belt, Will coaxes her back into the game while apologizing for his underhanded ways. She is not alone, not when her Cheerios are waiting for her and relying on her. “I loathe you,” Sue says, “but you make a good trophy husband.” After winning the nationals for her cheerleaders, she hauls the over-sized trophy for her sixth consecutive win to Will’s home. The next day, the trophy gets wheeled into a bullet proof case in the choir room of Glee Club, as a daily reminder for Will not to ever mess with her again.

Rachel gets called into Will’s office about Jesse. Was it all just for fun and giggles with him? Jesse finally calls her up and she is gets excited at the sight of him. Instead, the meeting is a trap as she is egged by the Vocal Adrenaline, while he watches on, sad. Now, not only is her heart truly broken, but she is totally humiliated too. The boys in Glee Club cannot just let this trespass against one of their own by. They will stand up for her, but Will refuses to let them have their physical revenge. Instead, they will show them how FUNK is done. Up the Funk DOWNLOAD

After seeing Glee Club’s performance, the Vocal Adrenalines is now in the funk. That is because they can never pull off funk.

May 24 , 2010 • ep. 19: Theatrical

It is Lady Gaga week…and that is not the only shock and awe of the show.

Tina is in trouble for her Goth look because of Twilight fever (damn you Edward Cullen!). According to the Principal, McKinley High’s students are obsessed with the occult. “They” (the vampires) have even attacked a nerd at school. The Principal really thinks vampires exist and wants to expel Tina if she continues to dress the way she does. Tina is forced to dress in a sweatshirt, even though she knows who she is, but she can’t be that person – thanks to “social norms.”

Carol, Finn’s mom, introduces Finn to his new home, Burt and Kurt’s home. The boys are sharing a room and Burt is giving them $300 to redecorate it.

Rachel finds out Vocal Adrenaline is doing Gaga. Rachel, Quinn and Mercedes sneak into Vocal Adrenalin’s stage to steal a few pointers from the team and their coach. Shelby tells her team that, “theatricality” means to express what is inside of you. She proceeds to do Barbara’s “Funny” to show them how it’s done. Rachel sneaks down and introduces herself as “Rachel Barry, her daughter.” They both talk and realize how dramatically alike they are. Shelby wants a movie-like reunion, but Rachel immediately knows this is not how it’s meant to be.

The boys don’t want to do Gaga for their assignment. Meanwhile, Kurt and Tina get sidelined and hit by the football players for their Gaga impersonation. They want to just express themselves. The Glee Club is all dressed up, but Rachel is no where to be found. Mercedes and Quinn let the Club know that Rachel is Shelby’s daughter. In her haste of meeting her mom, Rachel doesn’t have the time to put a costume together. Her dads just stapled all the soft toys together on her, as Kurt calls it the Kermit-the-frog look. Kurt and the girls perform Bad Romance DOWNLOAD

After that, Rachel goes to her mom for help with her outfit and gets a hot little black and silver number. Mr. Shue calls a meeting with Shelby to make sure that Rachel doesn’t get hurt in this temporary reunion. Rachel is very young and fragile, while Shelby is not prepared to have a teenage daughter. “If you love her, you have to tell her what you really think.” Shelby finally meets Rachel, and immediately she knows she’s getting a “goodbye.”


Apart from Kurt, Finn is also picked on by the football players when they find out he has moved in with Kurt – as he draws his face for his next performance. The boys channel KISS aka Gaga of the opposite sex in the 70s.  There were plenty of makeup and skin tight pants too! After that, in their shared room, Finn tells Kurt that everyone thinks they are a couple and he doesn’t like that assumption. He tries to rub out his makeup and Kurt tries to help but gets pushed away.

“It’s just a moist towelette! Grow up Finn!”

Kurt shows Finn their redone room – in orange and red, much like the red light district, complete with curtains and a room separator for “privacy.”

“I don’t want to worry about that “stuff” about you.”

“It’s just a room! We’ll redecorate,” Kurt pleads.

“First of, you can get rid of the faggy lamp, and the faggy throw!”

Burt comes in and corrects him. “When I was young, I thought being gay is wrong. That it is punishable… but I thought you were different. You are from the new generation, and came into the world knowing what has taken me years to figure out. I’m sorry, but you can’t stay. I love your mom, but I can’t let my son get hurt. You need to leave.” Kurt just got the best recognition and acknowledgment from his father.

The next day, back at school Tina exasperatedly rails about her Gaga costume, “My balls keeps falling off!”

“I get that too,” Kurt replies. Finn finally realizes his mistake and tries to apologize to Kurt.

Puck wants to name the daughter Jack Daniels. Forget it! After realizing his mistake, Puck apologizes to Quinn infront of the Glee Club. Citing his own father as a “good” example not to be followed, he vouches that he will not be that same person as his dad. He performs “Beth” with the boys. At the end, he tells her, “I know you’re giving her up, but I hope you will name her “Beth” and I would like to meet her.”

The boys are finally growing up!

What was the lesson of the week? They will all dress as whoever they want to, and be whomever they choose to be. Even Finn is in a red shower curtain to protect Kurt from the damn over-sized goons. Together, they are all freaks, but a family freak.

May 17 , 2010 • ep. 18

Neil Patrick Harris is on this week’s Les Miz and “dream” theme with his on again, off again love with Glee Club.

The newest member of the School Board, Bryan Ryan, is at McKinley High to do an audit of the district’s arts program – namely trying to nix the Glee Club. Will and Bryan went to school together, but Bryan dated all the girls and got all the solos. He runs a used Hummer dealership and a Show Choir Anonymous. He claims to not want the kids to build up their hopes for naught. But really, he’s just a wash-up wannabe. He was the bully with a dream then, but now he’s a bully without a dream.

He meets the Glee Club and tells them to write their biggest dream. Before even reading it, he douses cold water on them, telling them, “It’s never going to happen.” Showbiz dreams are the most unrealistic of them all. He tells them Will is only living HIS dream through the children. He’s definitely cutting Glee now.

Dream On DOWNLOAD. Will and Bryan head to the local production of Les Miz’s audition, but are forced to sing as a duet. After the audition, Bryan feels very philanthropic. One minute, he is pro Glee Club by providing them clothes and sheet music after siphoning off money from the Cheerios. But Sue crashes the Glee Club party instead to “congratulate” Will for landing the lead role inLes Miz, while Bryan gets a small, one-liner, part. Bryan changes his tune after that and immediately pulls everything from the Glee Club after giving it to them. Will tells Bryan that he is jaded and bitter. When a star dies it becomes a black hole. It looses its light and hope. And Will for one, will not see his stars die. He trades his one dream for 13 other dreams.

Since there isn’t an assignment this week, Artie and Tina decide on a dance number after she realizes Artie’s dream is to dance. As they practice, Artie thinks his tap wheelchair sucks. He gets hand crutches, but he falls hard. Embarrassed, he asks Tina to leave and blames her for pushing him to hard. But dreams are never easy. Tina, not wanting Artie to give up on his dream, researches on hundreds of studies on stem cell. She encourages him by saying that, “If he can imagine it, it can definitely come true.” Inspired, he buys tap shoes as a start. But he quickly dreams of the day when he not only walks but puts up a dance show in the mall. Artie, however, gets a reality check when he visit Miss Pillsbury to talk about the new medical research on stem cell research. Even though she doesn’t want to let him down, she tells him that the damage on his spinal cord is irreversible. While the trials and research show promises, the actual cure/medication will take more than 10 years to develop. Dejected, Artie leaves.

After that, he tells Tina to go ahead without him on the dance number. He’s going to focus on dreams that he can make come true as he sings Beautiful South’s Dream a Little Dream DOWNLOAD

Jesse returns to Rachel because he “misses” her drama. He tells her that her singing “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” one day is inevitable. When she tells him that her dream is to know who her mom is, (aside from her two gay dads) Jesse insists that he will help her on her quest. Rachel quickly jumps on the chance of claiming her mother as Patti Lupone. As they search through the Rachel “shrine,” Jesse slips in a cassette and called “From Mother to Daughter.”  Even though they “find” the tape, Rachel doesn’t want to listen to it. It seems, Jesse is really working with Coach Shelby of Vocal Adrenaline. But he wants to stop the lies as he is starting to like Rachel. The bigger bombshell would be Shelby is Rachel’s mother. Due to the contract she signed, she’s not allowed to contact Rachel until she’s 18. But the girl can definitely contact her. Jesse finally forces Rachel to listen to the tape with a song sung by Shelby, Les Miz’ I Dreamed a Dream DOWNLOAD

May 10, 2010 • ep. 17: Laryngitis

Puck shaves off his Mohawk because of a freckle his mom thought was cancerous. For that, he gets thrown into the garbage by the geeks and losers of McKinley. He sees Mercedes, and thinks that she will be his road out of geek-dom. He puts his charms on her but is rewarded instead with her telling him that she’s getting embarrassed for him.

Rachel gets someone to tape their Glee Club practice to see who isn’t pulling their weight and points out the slackers to Mr. Shue. He tells them that the Glee club is a myriad of voices coming together as one and when one drops, the entire team falls. Their assignment then is to come up with the song that represents themselves. Solos for everyone this week!

Rachel volunteers to be the first by signing Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb.” She blows it (as only someone with perfect pitch can – out of tune!) Mister Schue tells her she’s lost her voice. Finn takes Rachel to the doctor who tells her to take her meds and rest her voice. Her severe tonsillitis has affected her hearing. “You’re nothing but a vocal cripple,” says Finn to Rachel but wishes instead that she would take him back again. Jessie’s Girl DOWNLOAD

To prove to Mercedes that he (Puck) is really the guy for her, Puck goes up singing Sammy Davis’ hits The Lady is a Tramp with her DOWNLOAD He thinks he’s black now, by joining the black church and having black jazz friends. Mercedes gets high from the duet and on his mojo, but is quickly warned by Quinn that she will be hurt (not because she’s jealous but because of Santana). She couldn’t care less for someone who thinks that Super Mario Brothers changed civilization. It’s true, as the new hot couple make their presence known in school, Santana is about to kill someone soon. Monica/Brandy’s The Boy is Mine are sung by Mercedes and Santana as the nails come out for Puck DOWNLOAD

Soon, Puck regains his popularity and begins throwing kids into dumpsters again but this does not sit right with Mercedes, as she stops him. He argues that their popularity comes with a price of doing horrible things to the less popular kids. Mercedes quits Cheerio finally. She tells Puck, “Be true to who you are,” as he really isn’t such a mean person.

Kurt’s dad, Burt, is in school to pick Finn up for a game. Kurt feels he’s loosing his father because of his sexuality and begins changing. He even picks John Mellencamp as his assignment thinking the song is about interior decór, but his father tells him it’s about the 80s being a tough time and not what the American dream is cracked up to be. He sings “Aint that America” but ends up turning everyone off except one – Britney. Mister Schue tells him the point of the assignment was to pick a song that expressed himself, not someone else. Britney comes up to him to let him know he can tap her. As they make out in his room, he leaves a note for his father to find him. After finding the “unsuspecting” couple, Burt tells Kurt, “You’re free to be who ever you are, but when you make up your mind, let me know. In the meantime, use protection.” Blondie asks, “Does he mean like a burglar alarm?” Oh Brother!

The next day, Burt goes to school looking for Finn again. Kurt realizes no matter how he changes, he will never be Finn to his father. But Burt cancels the “date” with Finn and looks for an upset Kurt instead. When he finally finds a crying Kurt, he tells him, “Your job is to be who you are, and my job is to love who you are.”

Rachel walks around school listlessly thinking she is nothing without her voice. Seeing her lifeless self, Finn takes her to visit a friend. Finn met Sean at football camp, and was paralyzed from the upper chest down in a sport accident. When it happened, Sean was understandably angry at his lost and he is still gets infuriated missing what could have been. But then he soon realized that he’s got more going for him than just football. He’s good at maths, and even singing. Rachel finally understands that not only is her “loss” not deserving of her moping around, but she has more to offer than just her voice. She visits Sean by herself one day and offers to give Sean singing lessons. One DOWNLOAD

May 3, 2010 • ep. 16:

In this very 80s episode, Sue Sylvester’s video of herself in Olivia Newton John’s “Physical” is posted on youTube. Kurt finds the video after being forced into retrieving her hormone replacement injection and shares it with Glee. One of the post’s comments says, “The man in this video looks like Sue Sylvester.”

The list of Glist, based on sexual promiscuity, suddenly appears in school. Sue uses it as an excuse to punish the Glee kids after learning that they were the ones who posted the video. The list was posted from the school library’s computer with the password set as “Glee Club.” Rachel rips off the list in disgust, as she is listed right at the bottom with a score of -5. Will is forced to find out who is behind it, before the Club is disbanded. Everyone immediately points to Puck. Nothing. And even after questioning each member by themselves, no one admits to the deed.


Ever since the video, Sue becomes the laughing stock in school. Even Brenda Castle (guest starring Molly Shannon), the new astronomy and badminton teacher, laughs at her. Sue then approaches Emma, asking for help. She’s volunteering her “services” since she has a degree in psychology. She tells her about Local Adrenaline coach’s make-out session with Will and April’s sleepover with him. Sue pushes for a public showdown, instead of a private meeting with Will for Emma to communicate her feelings towards him.

After pumping her and riling her up, Emma finally does it! “I’m sorry for disturbing your heavy petting session,”  Emma chides a newly widowed fellow teacher who is speaking to Will in the break room. “You were fooling around with Shelby and even slept with April. I’m finally sticking up for myself. You’re a slut Will, a slut!” she scream, “And I’m through with you.”

Realizing his mistake, Will goes a wooing and begs for forgiveness for his detours. It is after he is rejected that he realizes who is behind the Glist – It’s Quinn. It takes years to build a good rep, and seconds to loose it. She had the most to gain with the list being up.

Even with all the embarrassment the video causes Sue, when it surpasses 3 million hits on youTube, Olivia Newton John calls. Sue, however, thinks it is a prank, “Nice try!” she says, and hangs up the phone.  After Olivia calls back, and they actually speak, she finally asks, “Whatever would possess a person to do something like that?” Olivia admits that she botched her own video up with obese guys and spandex. She wants a redo.

As Kurt puts it, the Glee Club has a “Free falling rep in terminal velocity.” Kurt wants chaos to the nth degree just to prove how bad-ass the Glee Club members are. He, together with his fellow Glee Clubbers, dress in Hammer’s ultra fashionable baggy pants and head to the library to belt out McHammer’s “Can’t Touch This.” After the performance, they brace themselves for the librarian’s scolding, but what comes next is even more surprising, “That was very cute. I will talk to my pastor to see if we can let you perform next week.” DOWNLOAD Sigh! Their squeaky clean personality is still intact. Not knowing what else to do, Kurt admits to the posting to Sue. Instead of getting killed, he gets a thank you. Then they realize why. They check the video hits and realize that because of the youTube video, Sue was able to do a video with THE Olivia Newton John. Right after that, Sue rubs her new found fame into the faces of the faculty.

Rachel too wants to get down and dirty, the DOWN and DIRTY way.  She doesn’t want to be at the bottom of the list anymore. She wants to be musically promiscuous. She gets Puck to help her with David Getty’s “Run Joe Run.” Unfortunately for Rachel, Puck isn’t the only guy she asked to star in her “bad rep” video. She triple casts and hurts everyone in the end. Jesse tells her, “I should have been enough for you…That’s the thing about reps, everyone thinks I’m a bad boy, but I’m the one who got his heart broken first.” With that, the new power couple is no longer.

Total Eclipse of the Heart DOWNLOAD

April 27, 2010 • ep. 15:

Sue has gone too far. She has locked the Glee Club out from the auditorium. On top of that, she is forcing Mercedes and Kurt to go on a diet – Mercedes has to loose 10 lbs and Kurt has to loose his pear hips. On her weigh in, instead of loosing weight, Mercedes gains 2 lbs. Now she’s eating only a leaf just to fit in with the “in” crowd. All she sees are ice cream, cake, and soda floating around her before she suddenly faints. She wakes up at the nurse’s office with Quinn waiting to have a talk with her.

“You have always been at home with your own body. Don’t let Miss Sylvester take that away from you. You are beautiful. You know that.” And she stays with Mercedes until her mom arrives.

Meanwhile, Kurt’s dad, Burt, is dating Finn’s mom, Carol – thanks to Kurt careful planning to draw the two parents together, which will bring him and Finn closer. Kurt convinces Carol to sell all her old rustic furniture to move on with her life. She even intends on selling the leather couch – but Finn would not allow it as it holds the only memory of them together. During a dinner together, as Finn and Burt talk about football and the NFL it suddenly seems like Burt might like Finn more than Kurt, bonding with a son he never had. Looks like Kurt’s plan is back-firing. The children will have to break up the parents!

Finn tries flushing his father’s ashes down the toilet. His mother tells him to stop being selfish. For 16 years, she has been talking to an urn hoping it will reply one day. It’s time to let go. Burt drops by the house and explains to Finn that he’s not trying to replace his father. However, he truly loves Finn’s mother. After that, Finn lets him on his father’s leather chair and watches a basketball game with him. Meanwhile, Kurt watches from the window, crying, knowing that he just lost his father.

Will goes to a roller-rink to find a space for the Glee Club to practice. He bumps into April (Kristin Chenoweth), who is suddenly the mistress to a strip mall tycoon, Buddy, and owner of the skating rink. Of course, Will is also trying to sublet his place, and April comes knocking that night – not before going for a bikini wax. (TMI!!!) They end up in bed together. Or do they? April wants a repeat of the night before (more snuggling or in her case, kicking), but Will straightens her out. No more being someone’s mistress and starting kicking the drinking habit. She is worth more than that. April is about to break it off with the old fart, when he croaks and dies. To hush her up, the tycoon’s wife buys her off with $2 million. She takes that money and buys the auditorium in school for the Glee Club, calling it the “April Rhodes auditorium.”

During a scheduled showtime with a reporter, Sue promises something spectacular with her Cheerios. Mercedes comes out instead and makes a speech, “The Cheerios is about being hot and popular. …But how many of you feel fat, not worthy of much, and ugly. That is not right. And I have something to say about it. You can join me if you feel the same.”

Then she belts out Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.” Of course, the Glee Club is up there backing Mercedes up. The reporter, Mr. Pendergast, leaves after a rousing applause from the crowd and tells Sue he will be in contact with her the next day. Can’t tell if she’s about to choke someone or just kill Mercedes. Before the performance by Mercedes, the reporter was about to report on Sue’s bossy, insulting and racist attitude. Turns out he is “wrong.” He sees her as a visionary, redefining cheerleading.

April 20, 2010 • ep. 14: The Power of Madonna

Equality of the sexes! The theme has united Sue and Will, or so it seems, until Sue decides that she does not want to share.

When Mr. Schuester brings Madonna to the group to try to empower the girls, the boys immediately reject Madonna. The girls then show the guys how it’s done with Express Yourself DOWNLOAD

Rachel tries to convince Finn that her relationship with Jessie isn’t something to worry about. And then there are some who are willing to do anything to loose the stigmata of their virginity.

Meanwhile, Rachel tells Jesse “she’s ready” but in truth, she really isn’t ready for the deed after being pushed. Finn is ready with an ever willing cheerleader, Santana. Emma too wants in on the action when she is dissed by the likes of Sue, calling her primp and proper. She decides to take control of herself, her body and plans to do the “nasty” with Will at his place, that night. Like a Virgin DOWNLOAD

In the end, Rachel waits, Emma too waits, but Finn goes through with it and realizes it meant nothing at all – especially when it isn’t with someone he loves. As Will speaks to a frightened Emma, after she ran away into the night without her shoes, the pair will wait until his divorce papers are signed – today. Then they will have a start together. He even signed her up for counseling.

Mercedes and Kurt approach Sue for an amicable agreement after seeing Coach Sly and Mr. Schue take it out at each other. The teenage pair will mend Sue’s hair and image in return for her Cheerios to appear in their video homage to Madonna. “Sue Slyvester dance on air,… Wil Schuster I hate you.”  Vogue DOWNLOAD

Suddenly, Jesse is enrolled at McKinley High too and of course, Glee. Sue one-ups Will with her performance, by bringing in the band, Kurt and Mercedes to do an act with her Cheerios 4 Minutes DOWNLOAD.

Kurt and Mercedes realize that with Jessie in the group, they longer have a chance as backups, and instead will join forces with the Cheerios, much to Mr. Schue’s disdain.

They end the night with a superb performance of Like a Prayer DOWNLOAD

The boys, at the end, are taught a lesson of not objectifying the girls and instead respecting each other as individuals.

(Kristin Chenoweth will be back next week reprising her role as April!)

April 13, 2010 • ep. 13

The group is back, and back at the bottom of the totem pole. Coach Sly is reinstated back in McKinley, after blackmailing the headmaster by “sleeping” with him. With the impending cooler weather setting in to Ohio, Glee Club is forced to share indoor space with the Cheerios.

Finn and Rachel are a couple. Or so Rachel thinks, until Finn tells her they are definitely not together. Then, Jesse St. James, from a enemy Glee Club called the Local Adrenaline, comes a knocking, singing, “Hello!” by Lionel Richie to Rachel.  DOWNLOAD

Heartbroken Rachel is quick on the uptake and just like that she latches on to the next good-looking, raspy voiced teenager.  But then she is told by her club that she is being duped. Local Adrenaline’s motto is, “Murder or be murdered.” Jesse St. James is just playing with her. Drama queen, meet drama queen. He plays her like a fiddle, and like the fiddle that she is, she allows him to twiddle his thumb on her.

Just as fickle as an absent-minded teenager, when Finn realizes he is being dumped, he goes right back to Rachel, asking her to give him another chance. The grass is always greener on the other side, but you never cherish what you have until it is too late.

Mr. Shue is on the fast track with Emma. Then he realizes she is a virgin, and everything changes. After Finn comes to him about Rachel fraternizing with the enemy, Mr. Shue goes to the other school. He goes from being married, dating to jumping the next thing in a skirt. He gets the same advice from two different people – spend some time alone.

Emma tells Will, “You have been together with this girl (Terri) since you were 15. It is time you spent some time alone and find yourself.” She will be waiting when he comes around.

Hello Goodbye DOWNLOAD

Next prize – the regionals.

Nov. 25, 2009 • ep. 12: Sectionals

It’s almost D-Day. Rachel hears it from the group that Finn is not the father of Quinn’s baby.  She HAD to tell Finn, who is oblivious.  That breaks up Glee, with sectionals just a day away.  No Finn. No Mr. Shue.

Emma steps in for Will, and the school’s wannabe journalist steps in for Finn, just to fill human space. When they get there, they realize, the other two schools have their set list. Thanks to Coach Sly – who is consequently suspended. Mercedes gives up her spotlight for solo, back to Rachel. The group revamps the entire list, with Finn coming in to the rescue at the end.

Not much of a shocker, Glee Club of McKinley High wins the competition.

Will finally breaks up with Terri. Emma, who is ditched by Ken, is so ashamed that she resigns from her post as counselor to McKinley. As she leaves, Will goes after her and finally kisses her.

Dec. 2, 2009 • ep. 11: Once Upon a Mattress

Glee club doesn’t have a page in their high school yearbook. But the rest of the members are happy they are not part of it, because they don’t want to be ridiculed. However, Will goes into the principal’s office and fights for his students’ rights. He gets a quarter page, but pays for it with his own money. The page being so small, only two people from the club will represent the rest. Rachel is chosen, as no one else wants to be the butt of everyone’s joke. She choses Finn to be her co-captain, but he chickens out at the last minute. She goes for the photo session alone, and gets wind from the photographer that he’s shooting a commercial for his brother-in-law’s mattress store. Rachel quickly sells Glee to the “director,” and just like that, the club is picked up for their first commercial gig.

In gratitude, the store owner sends them mattresses as “payment.”

Will finally finds out that Terri’s pregnancy has been a lie all this while, while searching for a piece of missing clothing. He walks out of their made-up life and goes straight back into school. He’s only too happy to see mattresses miraculously stowed in Glee Club.

Coach Sue not only passes the school’s set list for sectionals to the other two competitors, but she tries to disqualify Glee Club because of their participation in a paid job, thus deeming them as “professionals.” But the ploy doesn’t work. Will pulls himself off as the advisor to Glee, as he was the only one who actually used the mattress. He begs Emma to be his stand in for Sectionals, but she realizes that she is getting married on the same day.

Nov. 25, 2009 • ep. 10: Hairography

Nov. 18, 2009 • ep. 9: Ballads

Rachel is paired with Mr. S for ballads and suddenly he becomes her new-found love. She’s giving him adoring looks, cooking for him and even cleaning his house, much to the delight of Teri.

Finn is paired with a lovesick Kurt, who advises him on how to go about telling the family about the baby. Finn is invited for dinner over at Quinn’s and he sings to her parents about the baby. Quinn is thrown out of the house and lands up in Finn’s place.

Puck tells Mercedes, during practice, that the baby is his, but she brushes him off and tells him that Quinn chose Finn as the baby’s father and Puck should respect that decision.

In the end, the group sings Stand By Me, as a show of support for the pair.

Nov. 11, 2009 • ep. 8: Wheels

Quinn is literally giving Finn an ultimatum – get me money or the baby and I are leaving you. The nerve!

Meanwhile, Will gets the kids to put up a bake sale so that they can raise money to rent a bus so that everyone, including Artie, can get to the meet together. When they make fun of him being in a wheelchair, Will forces his students to go around school on wheels for a week.

In the meantime, Kurt wants Rachel’s part and they both try out singing Defying Gravity DOWNLOAD.

Kurt throws it off by one note because he didn’t want his father to be ostracized by society because his son is not only gay, but takes on roles meant for girls too.

Finn can’t find a job. So Rachel helps him get one at a restaurant. The only catch – he was sold with his wheelchair.

Coach Sly has a soft spot for the mentally challenged.

Oct. 21, 2009 • ep. 7: Mashup!

In a weird twist of events, the cools kids are now the social outcasts, given the icy treatment. Glee club comes to the rescue showing that true friends will always emerge in times of trouble.

Coach Tanaka sees green when fiancé Emma takes dance lessons from Will. So much so that he makes his football team choose between Glee and the team. Everyone except for Finn choose Glee. Finn finally realizes that he has true friends in the club unlike the team, which only wants him when he’s popular.

Will tries to motivate the group with more mashup ideas and starts Young MC’s Bust a Move DOWNLOAD

Puck sings Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline to impress the Jewish girl: Rachel (and probably to get in her pants)  DOWNLOAD

Will breaks into Cisco’s Thong Song for Emma. DOWNLOAD

While in her wedding dress, ala Audrey Hepburn, and testing it out with Will to the tune of “I Could Have Danced All Night” from My Fair Lady, she realizes that the only person who she really wants to marry is Will.

Oct. 14, 2009 • ep. 6: Throwdown!

It’s on! Coach Sly vs. Mr. S. Coach Sly takes the “minority” of Glee Club to form her own group. The remaining “whites” sing, Jordin Spark’s No Air, led by Finn and Rachel.

In the end, after “mom” and “dad” unleashes hell in front of the kids causing them to storm out of the auditorium. The adults make up and play nice after that.

Meanwhile, Teri blackmails her ob-gyn to fake her ultrasound while Will is in the room. What idiots!

The Club would soon have to rally around Quinn when it is revealed through a school blog that she is pregnant. They end with Avril Lavigne’s Keep Holding On signaling the Club’s unity especially for a “fallen comrade.” DOWNLOAD

Oct. 7, 2009 • ep. 5: Vitamin D

In an effort to squelch her husband’s “roving eyes,” Terri applies for the school nurse position, with a little nudging from coach Sly. She starts drugging the Glee club with Sudafed D – for the extra oomph! in the day.

To encourage his kids to be more competitive for the sectionals, Will splits the group up in two. It’s boys against girls. High on their “over the counter, FDA approved drug,” the kids perform superbly for their in-house battle of the sexes.

The Glee Boys perform Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life meshed with Usher’s Confessions. DOWNLOAD

The Glee Girls perform Beyonce’s Halo with Katrina and the Waves’ Walking on Sunshine. DOWNLOAD

Emma’s not waiting for Will anymore. She accepts Ken’s, the football coach, proposal – with conditions: they live apart, separate houses preferably, they never see each other, most importantly the wedding will be a secret.

Quinn decides to “give” the baby to Terri after it is born.

In the end, Terri gets fired. Will needs supervised time with the kids, and coach Sly is the supervisor.

Sept. 30, 2009 • ep. 4

The secret is not out in the open.  Will still doesn’t know that the missus is not pregnant. Finn doesn’t know that the baby is not his. Rachel still thinks that she’s a star with Cabaret. Meanwhile Terri is eyeing Quinn’s baby to pull it off as hers when she pops.

Guest star Kristin Chenoweth makes an appearance as April, former Glee club member, high school dropout and current bum.

All’s well that ends well.  April, after a night of boozing, pulls out from the final performance and Rachel steps up, as the under study, for her friends.

Sept. 23, 2009 • ep. 3

Kurt tries out for the football team and ends up making everyone on the team loosening their hips to Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

Rachel pulls out from Glee club when the lead role of Maria of West Side Story is given to Tina instead. This is all part of coach Slyvester’s plan.

Finn’s girlfriend, Quinn, is pregnant. But it’s not his, even though it is MADE to look that way.  It is his best friend’s – Puck’s.  Do these kids even pay attention in science class?  Do they know how the birds and the bees work?

Sept. 16, 2009 • ep. 2 Accafella

Sept. 9, 2009 • ep. 1

Will is up against the cheerleading coach, Sue Slyvester, who promises to shut Glee club down.  His only comrade, a germaphobe who is in love with him, Emma Pillsbury, is “leaving him for greener pastures.” His gold-digger wife, Terri, fakes pregnancy to get her dream house – knowing full well he really can’t afford anything fancy on his teacher’s salary.

Glee Cast: Kanye’s Gold Digger DOWNLOAD

Meanwhile, Rachel – the main lead female vocalist of the club laments that Finn, the star quarterback is not even giving her a second glance. However, a school assembly performance pulls them closer. Instead of performing the humiliating and back-dated “disco” performance selected by Mr. Schuester, Rachel changes it to Salt n Pepper’s “Push it”.

Seeing this, the cheerleader girlfriend, Quinn, decides to infiltrate the club.

Glee Cast: Rihanna’s Take a BowDOWNLOAD

Glee cast

Glee cast




For those who have not caught the premier of Glee on Fox from last season, this is the time to do so!  Finally, a series that inspires instead of glorifying the corruption of the human mind and soul. It’s a breath of fresh air!

The comedy is about a teacher, Will Schuester, who goes against the school’s wishes and revives a dead musical club – GLEE.  The remaining members of the club, a handicap on wheelchair (Artie), a fashionable male soprano (Kurt), an African-American diva (Mercedes), and Asian punk rocker (Tina) count on new and talented members Rachel and Finn to pull them out of the rut. Rachel thinks that MySpace will be where she will be “discovered” and gain fame from. While Finn, a popular quarterback is a little too embarrassed by the club to try anything substantial to progress in the club.

Glee Cast: Journey’s Don’t Stop BelievingDOWNLOAD

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