Naruto Shippuden Season 6

Master’s Prophecy and Vengeance

The sixth season of Naruto Shippuden (Part II of the manga by Masashi Kishimoto) aired from June 11, 2009 and is scheduled to end Dec. 24, 2009. It is on going with a total of 29 episodes scheduled (113-141). The season begins with the overpowering and subsequent murder of a despised teacher and ends with the demise of another sannin, sensei and a godfather who is much beloved. Sasuke forms team Hebi to avenge his clan, while Naruto is forced to become stronger just to get a brother back home. This is the turning of the tide, or was it set in motion a long time ago? The pieces are finally falling into place for someone.

The season has two opening themes and three ending themes.

1. Ikiminogakari’s “Hotaru no Hikari”
(ホタルノヒカリ – Light of the Fireflies) (ep. 113-128)
Flow’s “Sign” (129-134)
3. Super Beaver’s “Shinkokyuu” (
深呼吸) (3 episodes)
Seamo’s “My Answer” (ep. 116-128)
5.Kishidan’s “Omae dattanda”(おまえだったんだ – It was you) (ep. 129-134)

A third feature movie, Naruto Shippuden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire, was also released on Aug. 1, 2009.



• SEASON 1 (Feb. 2007 – Oct. 2007)

• SEASON 2 (Nov. 2007 – April 2008)

• SEASON 3 (April. 2008 – Aug. 2008)

• SEASON 4 (Aug. 2008 – Dec. 2008)

• SEASON 5 (Dec. 2008 – June 2009)

JUNE 2009

June 11, 2009 ep. 113: The Serpent’s Pupil

Orochimaru is ready to reanimate himself into a new vessel, which has been prepped and shaped to his desire all these years. He tests Sasuke’s abilities by having him fight hundreds of Sound ninjas. He not only completes the test without a scratch on himself, but leaves all of them unharmed, just disarmed and immobilized.

However, Sasuke is not one to sit idle and neither does he have anything to learn from Orochimaru anymore. Before Orochimaru overtakes his body, Sasuke entraps a weakened Orochimaru with his sharingan, thereby absorbing Orochimaru into his body. He becomes the new serpent king and leaves Orochimaru’s hideout.

June 25, 2009 ep. 115: Zabuza’s Blade

Sasuke is recruiting. The first member is Suigetsu Hozuki of the Mist Village. After defeating Orochimaru, Sasuke free Suigetsu from a holding tube inside a lab. They both proceeded to the Land of Waves to retrieve Zabuza’s sword from his grave (Suigetsu is said to be Zabuza’s reincarnation). Suigetsu is known for his passion for collecting exotic swords and joining Sasuke was only to further his goal in attaining Kisame’s (the shark head partner of Itachi Uchiha) Samehada. Suigetsu has a passion for killing, but refrains from it for his fear of Sasuke.

Suigetsu can reduce himself to mere liquid and readily return to a solid body form, allowing him to alter the shape and size of his body when necessary.

June 18, 2009 ep. 114: Eye of the Hawk

Kabuto arrives in time to see Sasuke standing over Orochimaru’s snake corpse. He realizes that Orochimaru failed to possess Sasuke’s body and instead, Sasuke absorbs Orochimaru’s body. The pupil has surpassed the master and he is out for blood!

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JULY 2009

July 2, 2009 ep. 116: Guardian of the Iron Wall

Second member: Karin of the Sound Village, a prison guard, who proves to have a serious crush on Sasuke. Only Suigetsu seem to realize her affinity for the said victim.

Sasuke wants Karin on his team for her tracking, sensing and transferring of chakra abilities.

July 9, 2009 ep. 117: Juugo of the North

Third member: Juugo, of the Sound Village, who was imprisoned in a tower. He is the original source of Orochimaru’s cursed seal experiment, which was used on Sasuke. Juugo is able to morph and strengthen his body with this curse. He becomes a killing machine who is unable to control his urges. Kimimaro was the only one who was able to subdue his urges, and was his only friend.

Kimimaro was once Orochimaru’s sought after vessel, because of his latent ability to manipulate his skeletal structure (Shikotsumyaku). However, this kekkei genkai (technique limited to bloodline) must have degenerated Kimimaro’s body and he contracted a rare disease which left his body inhabitable for Orochimaru. Before Kimimaro left Juugo, he spoke of his mission – bringing Sasuke, the new vessel and his successor, back to Orochimaru. Kimimaro met his demise when he encountered Naruto who wanted to retrieve Sasuke. Rock Lee took over the battle so that Naruto could go after Sasuke and finally, Gaara engulfed a weakened Kimimaro in a sea of sand.

At first, Juugo is reluctant to join Sasuke on his travels. He relents when he realizes that Sasuke can now take over Kimimaro’s role in many ways.

July 23, 2009 ep. 118: Formation

Team Hebi

Team Hebi is formed for the sole purpose of seeking revenge upon Uchiha Itachi. And if Sakura’s not quick to catch up soon, she will be loosing her precious Sasuke to Karin (who I think was having a nose bleed situation when Sasuke and Juugo were decking it out). Only Suigetsu seems to notice this attraction.

Also, I found “MY ANSWER” to my question of the ending theme to Naruto. Yatta! 😀

SEAMO’s My Answer


Release Date: 2009.08.19


02. 不景気なんてぶっ飛ばせ!!
03. Go!!
04. My ANSWER (instrumental)
05. 不景気なんてぶっとばせ!! (instrumental)
06. Go!! (instrumental)


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July 30, 2009. ep 119 & 120: Kakashi Chronicles

The story of team Minato (or Yondaime’s team) – consisting of Kakashi, Obito and Rin and how Kakashi gets his Sharingan (from Obito Sasuke – who was once thought to be Tobi, even thought Madara Uchiha was already revealed to be the said Akatsuki member). Madara is also the other ninja to have also taken another person’s Sharingan – namely his younger brother’s. Absolutely love Kakashi’s character.

Team Kakashi_Team Minato

Team Kakashi_Team Minato

This team has a striking resemblance to Team Kakashi of Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura. One’s the clown, the other’s the brooding type with a past and a woman who is caught in a love triangle.

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Aug 6, 2009. ep 121: Assemble

Sasuke takes his team to the “cat ninja” to gather medicine and supplies for their impending trip of hunting down Itachi. He pays her with the Uchiha money, which he is not lacking off. The akatsuki have the meeting of the minds and the draining of sanbi and yonbi. They are told that Orochimaru has died in the hands of Sasuke. The ponder whether to hunt down Sasuke and his team OR is it more important for them to get Kakashi’s team and the kyuubi. Meanwhile, in Konoha village, Tsunade is assembling her team of ninjas with the help of Kakashi. The mission? To try to “capture” Itachi and slow down Sasuke in the process. Team Kakashi and Team 8 – the tracking team – consisting of Shino, Kiba and Hinata, have been summoned for the task.

Aug 13, 2009. ep 122: The Hunt

Kakashi's Ninja Hounds

Kakashi sensei calls upon his ninja dogs – 2 each for each member to help out with the search. Sakura, Sai and Shino each gets two tracking and communicating dogs. Kiba is off with Akamaru, and Kakashi sensei is with the every loyal pakkun. Naruto is teamed up with Hinata, Yamato and a bulldog ninja for protection from the Akatsuki and for tracking Sasuke and Itachi. Kabuto stumbles upon them, and he throws the Akatsuki files to Naruto as a “thank you” gift for “showing” him to search for his own identity. Kabuto had incorporated the dead Orichimaru into himself and is trying to control the power that is trying to overtake his body.

Meanwhile, Sasuke is ambushed by Deidara and Tobi.

Deidara & Tobi

Deidara & Tobi

Aug. 27, 2009. ep 124: Geijutsu

Sasuke’s analytic skills take center stage in this episode. He is not only able to analyze and determine the source and weakness of Deidara‘s power, but is also capable of strategizing two plans of escape. Sasuke figures out that his Chidori neutralizes Deidara’s earth-style explosions. He uses his sharingan to create a make-believe stand-in who dies in one of Deidara’s C4 explosion. Deidara, however, is on to him. This back and forth goes on for one more round before Deidara finally kamikazes himself just to take Sasuke out with him. But is Sasuke really gone, even as badly battered as he is?

Deidara and his "Art"

Deidara and his “Art”

Aug 20, 2009. ep 123: Clash


Deidara vs. Sasuke

Deidara vs. Sasuke

The fight is on between Sasuke Uchiha and Deidara (and his partner Tobi). This episode, unlike the killing of Orichimaru, really shows how far Sasuke has come from the days in Konoha village. (Naruto has best brush up on his skills) He takes on two akatsuki alone. Deidara keeps throwing his “katsu” bombs at Sasuke trying to kill him off. Not so fast.

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Sept.3, 2009. ep 125 – Disappearance

Deidara takes himself out together with everything within a few mile radius of the forest – including Sasuke and Tobi. Or did he?

Akatsuki revels at the death of one more Uchiha and bemoans Tobi’s passing – if not for his “contribution” to the group, then for his ability to lighten the mood within the group. Quick shift to Pain/Nagato who is the assumed leader of the group. He is shown taking orders from someone else – Tobi aka Uchiha Madara. The same Uchiha of the First Hokage’s time. His marching orders? Hunt down the kyuubi. In his hunt, will Naruto’s teachers fall trying to protect their much loved disciple? Can Naruto actually change the way Pain views life, as he has with all his comrades?

Can’t decipher who’s the worse of the evil, Madara or Pain, the user or the used.

Team Hebi races to Sasuke’s last known location and Suigetsu calls forth the king snake, Manda, with a drop of Sasuke’s blood. It seems that Sasuke summoned the snake and transported himself out in time before the blast. He was still hurt in the process but the snake took the brunt of the attack and dies. The team takes him to a safe house to rest and heal. Jugo careful watches over Sasuke while the rest of the team ponders why they remain with him and are loyal to him, even after he has freed them.

The Uchiha clan: Sasuke, Madara & Itachi

The Uchiha clan: Sasuke, Madara & Itachi

Meanwhile, Team Kakashi/Team 8 sees Deidara’s explosion and heads out to the blast site. Kiba catches a whiff of Sasuke’s scent and leads the team to his location.

Sept.10, 2009. ep 126: Twilight

The trackers close in on Team Hebi. But Karin, the lusting stalker of Sasuke, senses them and moves the entire team to a safer location.

While running after Sasuke, Naruto meets Itachi Uchiha. Even with a bunshin, a shadow clone, Itachi traps Naruto in his genjutsu after Naruto attacks him. He insists he is there to “talk.” Itachi asks Naruto why would he want anything to do with a traitor like Sasuke.

Naruto replies, “I am more of a brother to him than you could ever be.” He continues that he would do anything to bring Sasuke home to Konoha. Itachi, satisfied with the answer, leaves Naruto.

What was not shown is Itachi giving Naruto some of his powers. Next up, Itachi will meet Sasuke. Maybe he would finally make his little brother realize that, in fact, he has been protecting him all this while.

Jiraiya bids farewell to Tsunade after locating the hideout of Pain. This is a foreboding omen of what lies ahead.

Sept. 24, 2009. ep. 127 & 128: Jiraiya Ninja Scroll

The two-part series backtracks to how the legendary sannin (Jiraiya together with Tsunade & Orochimaru) began – as student under the tutelage of Hiruzen Sarutobi, who later became the Third Hokage. Jiraiya, much like Naruto, was the odd man out in the team, who never quite excelled in his arts, but was infatuated with his team mate. Sarutobi then teaches him the summoning jutsu. Jiraiya, instead of pulling an animal from the nether world, lands himself in the world of the toads and is trained by them, earning him the title of Gama sennin – the Toad Sage. The Great Lord Toad prophecies that Jiraiya will travel the world while writing a book and take on a pupil who will revolutionize the world (be it saving or destroying it).



During this time, the Great Ninja war takes place. Three children from the Rain village – Nagato, Yahiko & Konan – are orphaned and Jiraiya cares for them. During a skirmish with enemy ninja, Nagato awakens his Rinnegan – the most revered and powerful doujutsu/eye technique. Thinking that Nagato is the pupil foretold, Jiraiya trains the three friends in ninjutsu hoping that Nagato will one day bring peace to their war ravaged world. Little did he suspect, that Nagato will be the leader of Akatsuki, named Pain, who he will have to hunt down later.

Inspired by the children, Jiraiya begins writing an autobiography, naming the main character Naruto. Even though the novel doesn’t do well, Minato Namikaze (his student and later the Fourth Hokage) likes the character so much that he names his unborn child after him. Jiraiya also becomes the godfather of the baby. He later pens Icha Icha – Make Out – a series of novels that become best sellers and is closely followed by Kakashi.

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Oct. 8, 2009. ep. 129 & 130: Infiltrate! The village hidden in the rain &
The man who became god

Jiraiya finds and infiltrates the Village Hidden in the Rain: Amegakure. It was once lead by the great Hanzou of the Salamander, who gave Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru their infamous title of Konoha’s Sannin. It was with great surprise that Jiraiya found that someone, by the name of Pain, has taken over leadership of Amegakure and inevitably killed off the unbeatable Hanzou.

Jiraiya lures in two low-grade ninjas for questioning. After realizing what he maybe up against, he summons the toad key that seals Kyuubi and sends him back to Naruto, not before telling him that he is going to meet the leader of Akatsuki.

To his disbelief, he meets his former student – Konan (who was sent ahead of Pain so that he could switch to his Animal path). Jiraiya always presumed that the children who he saved were dead.

After incapacitating Konan with toad oils, Pain appears and cleanses the oils with foam. Jiraiya immediately recognizes Pain as his former student, Nagato. His ideals have greatly been twisted. He thinks he is God now. The draining of the Jinchuuriki is for creating colossal explosions that will wipe out an entire village in an instance; by arming any given village with the weapon. His conviction is – to end a war, one must first be thought the pain of war – by starting one. By learning, through pain, one will seek only peace (as he thinks he has).

During the first half of the battle between sensei and former student, Pain (in the Animal Path) was able to summon different animals. Jiraiya, knowing he has to kill Pain, enters the Sage Mode and Gamaken (strong toad) appears.

Sign by FLOW

01 Sign
02 Nowhere ~君に贈る俺らなりの応援歌~
03 Bring it on! – Reggaeton Mix –
04 Sign – NARUTO Opening Mix –
05 Sign – Instrumental –

PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY • Release date: Jan. 13, 2010


Omae dattanda (おまえだったんだ)) by Kishidan

01 さよなら世界
02 おまえだったんだ


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Oct. 15, 2009. ep. 131: Honored Sage Mode

Knowing he can’t defeat Pain without backup, Jiraiya summons the elder toad couple, Shima and Fukasaku, to enter the Sage Mode. However, this stage takes time. To prolong the summoning, Jiraiya has to rely on Gamaken and his kage bunshins to fight for a little while.

Without being able to see where Pain is, they were just fighting off his animal summons. They fended off a multi-headed hound that kept separating, a dino-bird that dropped explosives and a rhino. Finally when the summoning jutsu was ready, Shima and Fukasaku appeared on the shoulders of the transformed Jiraiya.

Jiraiya Sage Mode

Jiraiya Sage Mode

They were able to decipher that Pain was on a chameleon, blending in with his surroundings. With a whip of her tongue, Shima immobilizes Pain with his chameleon. Fukasaku immediately kills off the animal.

The battle starts with the appearance of two more bodies of Pain (the Petra and Human paths)

Oct. 22, 2009. ep. 132: In Attendance, the Six Paths of Pain

The battle of the three Pains against Jiraiya and the two toad elders begin! Not knowing that these are not clones and that they are different embodiment of Pain, Jiraiya and the elders hypothesize that the three share the same vision and eyes, and each body has different abilities and purpose. Since the Human path (a tall and slender man) is temporarily blinded, Jiraiya can’t pinpoint his abilities. The Preta path (a big bulky individual) has the ability to absorb all the jutsus thrown at him, while the Animal path summons different animals to do its biddings.

Jiraiya and the elders determine that the only way they can come out of the battle standing is to take on each Pain alone. Jiraiya sets a trap and stalls for time, while Fukasaku and Shima prepares a powerful genjustu through their croaking. All three paths are snared and Jiraiya pierces each body’s heart with a sword. As Jiraiya leaves the scene to head back to Konoha, Pain’s Asura path (a bald man with no ears) is summoned, attacking Jiraiya, severing his left arm in the process.

In shock, he turns around and sees six Pains, including the three that he had killed earlier now revived. Amongst the Pains, he spots a familiar face – Yahiko. Truly horrified now, he wonders who and what Pain really is.

Pain: Animal path, Deva path, Asura path, Petra path, Human path & Naraka path

Pain: Animal path, Naraka path, Asura path, Deva path, Human path & Petra path

Oct. 29, 2009. ep. 133: The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant

Jiraiya stares in disbelief into the face of his former student, Yahiko, and wonders why is it that he has Nagato’s unmistakable Rinnengan eyes. With one arm left, he tries to find out who/what Pain really is. He manages to pull the Animal path into the stomach of the toad while suppressing his whereabouts from the rest. Shima hurls the Animal path into the gastric juices of the toad, but not before the Animal path leaves one more blow through Jiraiya’s right chest. As the Animal path crawls out from the juices dying, his head protection piece falls off, revealing a scar on his forehead – a former Fuma clan member who Jiraiya fought and cut with his kurenai. He orders the older toad couple to bring the Animal path back and report the finding to Tsunade, as he remains to further investigate Pain. Fukasaku refuses knowing that Jiraiya will still need him, thus sending Shima off with the duty. Shima leaves, but not before telling them that she will have dinner ready for them, Fukasaku and Jiraiya boy, when they returned.


Jiraiya reemerges from the hideout, trying to engage the five in battle. As he tries to sneak up on one path, he finally figures out who all the paths are – all former ninjas/rivals. Unfortunately, they already know he was there. The remaining five paths fatally stab him on the back, and crush his throat rendering him mute and lifeless. As his life slips away while Fukasaku watches in horror, his past life flashes before him – failing to win over Tsunade, failing to stop a friend, Orochimaru, from turning against Konoha and failing to protect both the Hokages; his master Hiruzen and his student Minato. However, all his failure led up to one shinning moment when Naruto, named after the hero of his book, became his godson. It dawns on him, that Naruto, not Nagato, was the child prophesied by the old toad. Taking a page out of Naruto’s ninja way of never giving up even until the end, he wills himself back to life and inscribes a coded message of his discovery on Fukasaku’s back to be sent to Naruto: 9, 31, 8, 106, 7, 207, 15.

The Asura path sees the coded message and throws a rocket hand bomb at him. But Fukasaku left. All that did was destroy the rock Jiraiya laid on, causing him to fall into the water. As he dies, he compares himself to the “Frog at the bottom of the well…Drifting off into the great ocean.” At least it was an honorable death. As he sinks to the depths of grave, he finds a new title for his book, “Tale of Uzumaki Naruto.” With that, he smiles, happy that he played an integral role in saving the world.

Jiraiya dying with a smile

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Nov. 5, 2009. ep. 134: Banquet Invitation

Back on the trail of Konoha ninjas pursuing Team Hebi in the forest, Naruto’s kagebunshin (clone) spots Sasuke and his team. Before this, Sasuke gets an invite from Itachi’s clone to meet him at the former Uchiha clan headquarters. Team Hebi travels to this location, only to be pursued by Sasuke’s former teammates, friends and sensei. At the entrance of Uchiha headquarters, Kisame is guarding the gate, only allowing Sasuke through. Juugo, Suigetsu and Karin are left behind. With time on his hands, Suigetsu eyes Kisame’s Samehada, a chakra absorbing sword, and goes into a fight with him.

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha

Madara, pretending to be the imbecile Tobi, stops the Konoha ninjas from proceeding. He easily dodges Naruto’s Rasengan the first and the second time. When the group executes, Formation B, where Naruto is hurled as a decoy while Sakura, and two other teammates attack Tobi, Naruto misses his second Rasengan shot. Through Tobi’s special teleporting jutsu, he evades each member’s attacks even when Formation A (where everyone attacked him) was executed. As Tobi toys with them, the Konoha ninjas know that their time is running short in retrieving Sasuke.

Revenge is within Sasuke’s grasp, but is it truly what he wants? Or are the brothers being played by a bigger, more powerful source?

Nov. 19, 2009. ep. 135 & 136: The Longest Moment & “Untitled”

Sasuke finally gets his wish for avenging his family. He meets the awaiting Itachi who reminisce the past and how he got to where he is today.

Itachi became disenchanted with the Uchiha clan when he realized that they were planning to overthrow Konoha village. As an ANBU, he was tasked to spy on the clan for the third Hokage and Danzou. Itachi soon begins missing meetings with the clan, speaking out against them, and is even seen as the prime suspect to the death of his best friend, Uchiha Shisui. Soon after this, his father began focusing on Sasuke instead. Meanwhile, the Third’s attempt to negotiating a peaceful end to hostilities between the Uchihas and Konoha prove ineffective. Against his wishes, Danzou and the Konoha Council order the massacre of the Uchiha by Itachi. Before this edict, Itachi discovered the existence of Uchiha Madara, who wanted vengeance against his own clan for turning their backs against him decades earlier when they chose the First Hokage instead of him as the leader of Konoha. In return for not attacking Konoha and sparing Sasuke’s life, Itachi offered to help Madara slaughter his entire clan. Itachi makes himself out as the villain in front of his younger brother, torturing Sasuke with his Mangekyou Sharingan to awaken Sasuke’s will and vengeance so that one day, Sasuke would be stronger and more powerful than him so that he may kill him, the village traitor. More importantly, Itachi wanted Sasuke to be stronger to protect him against the wiles of Madara. Itachi wanted Sasuke to be so strong that he becomes the hero to Konoha, thus redeeming the Uchiha name once again. As bargaining chip for Sasuke’s safety, Itachi threatened to reveal Konoha’s secrets to enemy countries to Danzou. In doing so, he secured Sasuke’s safety and used himself as scapegoat for the death of his clan.

In better times, Itachi said to Sasuke, “We are brothers. That is a unique bond. I am the barrier you must overcome, so you and I will continue to exist together, even if you hate me. That’s what being a big brother means.” –

Uchiha Brothers

Uchiha Brothers

Sasuke finally arrives at the meeting point and right off the bat, they both entrap the other in their genjutsu (much to the surprise of the spying Zetsu who only sees two brothers standing still against the other for the longest time). In one of the traps, Sasuke slowly pierces Itachi’s chest and asks him to answer one question. On that fateful night of the massacre of the clan, Itachi had mentioned that there were three people now who has the Mangekyou Sharingan. Sasuke wanted to know who that third Uchiha is, who also happens to be his accomplice of that night, as it is impossible for Itachi to have acted alone in such a short span of time. Itachi then sucks Sasuke in his Mangekyou Sharingan revealing to him who Uchiha Madara is.

Madara was the first person in the Uchiha clan, together with his brother, to attain the Mangekyou Sharingan. Besides overpowering kyuubi, the Mangekyou Sharingan also has a cursed. With the increased usage of that technique, the eye will be sealed in itself, leaving the user virtually in darkness. Madara eventually looses his sight, but because of his hunger for power, he takes his brother’s eyes and creates an entirely new jutsu – never to be recreated again. Itachi then reveals his disgust for the true abilities of the Uchiha. Their “powers” are born with siblings, parents, and relatives. They all take from the other.

And just as Madara has once taken from his brother, Itachi too will take from Sasuke, revealing to Sasuke that Itachi is slowly growing blind. As he says this, Itachi pins Sasuke on the wall just as he slowly widens Sasuke’s eyes. A loud, agonizing scream is heard, as Itachi supposedly removes Sasuke’s eye.

Naruto and the ninjas have to deal with Tobi before it becomes too late to meet Sasuke.

Nov. 26, 2009. ep. 137: Amaterasu

Turns out the gouging of Sasuke’s eye is a genjutsu – as expected. Sasuke repels Itachi’s Tsukuyomi, and the two begin a battle of ninjutsu, with Itachi igniting his Amaterasu as both brothers use the Fire Release/Katon technique. Tsukuyomi originates from Itachi’s left eye, while Amaterasu comes from his right. As Itachi forces the usage of Amaterasu, his right eye begins to bleed.

Amaterasu is the highest level Katon, as well as one of the most powerful ninjutsu in existence. It burns everything within the user’s vision range into cinders. The Amaterasu is the antipode to Tsukuyomi, a genjutsu of similar potency and a fellow Mangekyou Sharingan doujutsu. Itachi is the first person able to use Amaterasu. –

It seems like Sasuke is caught in the flames, but on closer inspection, the body is just a shell.

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Dec. 3, 2009. ep. 138: Demise

Sasuke surprises Itachi with his lightning jutsu Kirin. The earlier release of Sasuke’s Katon wasn’t to set Itachi aflame but to create heat pockets in the air, thus creating cloud, which turns into rain. Using nature’s elements to enhance his lightning jutsu, Sasuke is able to strike Itachi with an even more powerful chidori, Kirin. Even the spying Zetsu has to take cover. Itachi escapes Sasuke’s strike with the use of his third and final Mangekyo technique, Susano’o.



With Sasuke drained of chakra, Orochimaru makes a final attempt and appearance to take over Sasuke’s body. However, Itachi uses Susano’o to permanently seal Orochimaru, with a sword Orochimaru has been searching for all these years, in a genjutsu and rids Sasuke off his cursed marks forever. Itachi corners a defeated and scared Sasuke and aims for his eyes. Instead, he flicks Sasuke on his forehead and falls on the floor dead. Sasuke too passes out. Little does Sasuke realize, Itachi sealed his Amaterasu in Sasuke’s eye upon his death.

Dec. 10, 2009. ep. 139: The Mystery of Tobi

The Leaf ninjas are still trying to shake Tobi off their backs, but to no avail. Neither can figure out Tobi’s real powers or motive. Instead, Tobi escapes them, realizing the fight between brothers have ended.

Sasuke wakes up in a cave in the care of Tobi. Tobi tries to befriend Sasuke by removing his mask and revealing his Sharingan eye and his identity as Uchiha Madara. However, Itachi’s Mangekyo Sharingan in Sasuke automatically turns on Amaterasu. Madara later explained that Itachi had implanted Amaterasu in Sasuke’s eye to detonate upon seeing Madara’s Sharingan.

Dec. 17, 2009. ep. 140: Fate

Madara tries to convince Sasuke about Itachi’s ill fate of shouldering the responsibility of murdering his own clan under the orders of Danzou, and two other village elders. Even though the third Hokage knew about it, he tried to stop the massacre unsuccessfully.

Madara twists the truth of his greed of power and war mongering to appeal to Sasuke’s love of his clan and Itachi. He weaves the web of deception to slowly draw Sasuke in to his own hatred of Konoha Village, for “neglecting” him and forgetting his “sacrifice” of him taking his own brother’s eyes.

Uchiha Madara

Uchiha Madara

It all began during the First Ninja War, where the Uchihas and Senjus were constantly set against each other in battle. When Senju Hashirama proved to be the superior warrior and was chosen as leader of a newly established Konoha Village, Madara faked his own death only to plot against the village and its successive Hokages for revenge. Madara spins a convoluted lie by stating that Senju Tobirama’s founding of the Military Police, headed and ran by the Uchiha, was a ruse to watch over them and to separate them from the politics of Konoha.

Dec. 24, 2009. ep. 141: Truth

Madara imparts HIS truth – half lies half truth – to Sasuke. Itachi sacrificed himself for the safety and growth of Sasuke, so Sasuke can be the true hero of Konoha Village. The release of kyuubi, according to Itachi, was instigated by Madara. But Madara insists that it is through the hands of the Uchiha who rose up to revolt against Konoha for their ill treatment and seclusion from the general society.

In the end, Sasuke sees the Itachi’s sacrifice for him. He remembers Itachi’s last words, “Sorry Sasuke. This is it,” as he flicks his forehead. As children, whenever Itachi can’t oblige Sasuke, he would always flick Sasuke’s forehead and say, “Sorry Sasuke. Next time.”

With this, a hardened and remorseful Sasuke, with his puppeteer watching closely from behind, changes his team’s name from Hebi to Taka. He then vows to avenge his brother’s death by annihilating Konoha Village.

Sasuke needs to see Madara as Itachi has seen him. He also needs to understand Itachi’s love for Konoha. Finally, he has to realize how much Itachi truly loved him, for Itachi to put him in higher importance than Konoha. For all this and more, Sasuke should not be moving closer to Madara and his twisted views of war. Unless, this is all a ruse – to fulfill Itachi’s dream of what he wants Sasuke to be.

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