Legend of the Legendary Heroes

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes (伝説の勇者の伝説, Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu) is a light novel written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Saori Toyota. The first volume was published from February 25, 2002 to October 25 2006 with 11 volumes. It’s sequel, The Legend of the Great Heroes of Legend (大伝説の勇者の伝 説)was published in October 2007 with 8 volumes. There are two spin-off series: The Legend of Legendary Heroes Anyway (とりあえず伝説の勇者の伝説) from December 2002 to June 2007 with 11 volumes, and The Legend of the Black Fallen Hero (堕ちた黒い勇者の伝説) from December 2007 to September 2009 with 5 volumes. The series has also Drama CD, a manga adaptation with 3 bound volumes and a PSP video game released on February 18, 2010. A 26-episode anime adaptation premiered on July 1st, 2010 and is simulcasting on Funimation Entertainment in North America.

There is an opening and ending theme:

1. “LAMENT~やがて喜びを~” (LAMENT ~Yagate Yorokobi wo~) by Aira Yuki
2. Truth Of My Destiny by Ceui.

Main protagonist Ryner Lute is a lazy student of the Roland Empire Royal Magician’s Academy. The Empire goes to war against neighboring country Estabul, and uses the students to guard the front lines. Soon enough, they will learn that the war is a trap for Sion Astal, the heir of a nobleman, who is hated by his step brothers. Ryner loses his classmates to this senseless war, while Sion vouches to change their world for the better. At the command of a later crowned Emperor Sion, Ryner goes on a journey with Ferris Eris in search of the relics of a “Legendary Hero.”  During the journey, he unravels conspiracy throughout Roland and its neighboring countries.

July 1, 2010, ep. 1: Ambitions for a Kingdom of Naps

A long, long time ago, devils and legendary heroes exist as nemesis to the other. But, did they really exist?

Enter Ryner Lute, an unmotivated and unwitting Don Juan. He is the bearer of Alpha Stigma and Roland’s strongest mage. The Alpha Stigma is an ocular ability granting the owner power to analyze different forms of magic and copy its powers immediately. Besides that, Ryner’s eyes are no ordinary Alpha Stigmas. He is the only one to have regain his sanity after losing control of his Alpha Stigma. Ryner, together with Ferris Eris are searching for the “relics of heroes” from the land of Nelpha.

Ferris, a pretty blond with green eyes, hails from a clan of distinguished swordsmen serving as guards to the King of Roland. With her skills in sword fighting, she is task with protecting Ryner while he searches for the relics. It’s not quite protection, as she is constantly threatening his life if he doesn’t do as she instructs. Worse, for unknown reasons, she presumes Ryner to be a lecherous and perverted womanizer.

The dashing young king, Sion

The dashing young king, Sion Astal

Everyone in Roland loves their king, King Sion Astal, except for Ryner. Ryner thinks King Sion is no hero, in fact, he is the devil incarnate. He is an evil man who works his best friend to the bone. No doubt, however, he is handsome and charming and a good king. King Sion is surrounded by his trusted guards: Calne Kaiwal a woman with green hair and the King’s domestic director, Claugh Klom a redhead and Rahel Miller a blond military director (who looks suspiciously effeminate). During an outing, the King’s carriage is mistaken as Duke Klausberr’s. The attacker, Fiole Folkal, just wanted his sister, Eslina Folkal back from the Duke who had kidnapped her. King Sion helps him retrieve his sister after the Duke lecherously implies that she is his present to the King.

Back at Nelpha, Ryner and Ferris enter a cave guarded by magic spells. They are being followed by Milk Callaud, captain of Roland’s taboo breaker hunter. She seems to know and is familiar with Ryner. But Ryner has no recollection of who she is. They finally break out from the cave into the open, and a hero relic appears in the form of a robot. They run and hide from the robot. Ferris finds a chain which later exudes light and explodes.

July 8, 2010, ep. 2: Hero & the Sleeping Man

Backtrack to a few years back. Ryner’s friends died trying to make a the world a better place with Sion leading them.

Sion wasn’t always King. Even though he was born a Noble, he was thrown out on the streets a child, together with his commoner mother. Shunned and hated by his stepbrothers, he grew up bullied and pushed around by nobles who used him as a punching bag. His mother eventually dies, leaving him to fend for himself. The bullies didn’t even let his puppy live, but sent it boxed up back to him. His father must have taken him back as he is later enrolled in the Military Service of Roland as one of the top students, looked up to by others.

In the Service, Sion begins recruiting his men. He has his sights set on the Alpha Stigma bearer who happens to be the most powerful magician, Ryner Lute. Even though Ryner is talented, he is without a doubt extremely lazy. He constantly finds ways to nap. His sparring partner, Kiefer Knolles, is only too happy when Sion asks them to join his team. She urges Ryner to join, but it’s too much work. It seems Ryner was an orphan with the Roland Special Institute #37. They were using a charitable organization as a front to raise an army. The orphans had no choice but to participate, or die. Sion asks Ryner to join him, but Ryner passes. He does, however, request that when Sion becomes King, he would promote those who sleep. Suddenly, they are attacked by black cloaked men. Sion is saved by Ferris Eris, who is ordered by her brother, Lucile, to stop all battles in the school ground.

Ferris tells him, “I saved a dog, now get me my dumplings.” The girl has an affinity for dumplings and would do just about anything for it. And that is how Sion buys his way into Ferris’ loyalty. According to Ferris, her brother’s orders are absolute. There is no two ways about it. Sion now knows that his half-brothers truly hate him. They harbor enough hatred to seek his life for payment. Ferris uses her sister, Iris, as her henchman to gain more dumplings from Sion and as her go between to pass messages.

Soon, the Roland Academy comes under siege of King of Estabul. With the eminent invasion of Roland, and the impending flood, there will be an increase in food shortages. The students are ordered to be at the frontlines of the war. Kiefer runs to Ryner, asking him to run away with her, afraid they will lose their lives. Ryner calms her down, easing her worries that they will not die so easily.

At Borphs Manor, Iris and Ferris hears about the attack against Sion set as a trap by the Estabul warriors at the Roxanne Plains. The students will head to the rendezvous point and think they are saving the place. But in fact, 50 top magicians are gathered there by the orders of Sion’s stepbrothers to kill him. There is a spy within his group of friends.

July 15, 2010, ep. 3: Alpha Stigma

As Iris and Ferris torture their pawns into spilling information about the attack on Sion, Lucile Eris appears. Lucile is the head of the Eris Sword clan, brother to Iris and Ferris, and the protector of the Roland royal family. Whether Sion makes it back alive with 50 magicians after him, is up to fate and his own power.

The students take camp, while the idle Ryner is forced to pitch the tent without a brooding Kiefer’s help. She is extremely worried about the approaching war and tries to convince Ryner to run away with her. She confesses her love to him, hoping he will change his mind to escape with her, but he tells her not to pull his leg. She changes her tune, but she chants a protective spell on him and runs away into the cover of the maize.

Suddenly, Tahile’s body is shredded in two and thrown back to the clearing. The massacre has begun. Dressed in red armor, the black knights forces the Roland Academy students to fall back into the woods. The remaining team members of Sion and Ryner, Tony and Fahle,  split with them as Sion and Ryner try to stall the army while the rest make their escape. As the black magicians attack, Ryner uses their chant and spell, saving Sion in the process. Sion is surprised that Ryner know their magic. This is not the time to hold back his powers, Sion chastises him for not using it earlier. But Ryner, having last used it 3 years ago, is afraid he might be rusty. The enemy realizes that he is the Alpha Stigma bearer.

Ryner Lute with stars in his eyes

Ryner Lute with stars in his eyes

The magicians quickly capture Ryner. Everyone one is dead now, except for Sion and the run-away Kiefer. They force him to watch as they beat Sion into a pulp and try to molest Kiefer. In his rage, his Alpha Stigma is released, and Ryner loses control of himself. In a blink of an eye, he uses their power and kills them all. He approaches a terrified Kiefer and Sion, grabs them and chokes them. The half conscious Ryner tries to overcome his Alpha Stigma by closing his eye, but the devil is too powerful. Sion comes to his aid before they are strangled to death.

Back in Roland, Sion returns to a cheering crowd over his victory. He heads to the Academy to mourn the lost of his friends.

Meanwhile, Ryner, the true war hero, is caught, tortured and called a monster. Even Kiefer is locked up, used as bait. Ryner, realizing Kiefer is also being used, bargains with the King. He trades Kiefer’s freedom for his imprisonment at the Roland’s Detention Cell.

At the Cell, Ryner tells Kiefer that her younger sister died long ago. She no longer has to answer to the army’s call to arms. He also reasons with her, that he is truly a monster, akin to wars. It is best she forgot about him. She kisses him and tells him, “That’s why I love you. You are kind, strong and you’re definitely not a monster.” With that, she leaves.

That night, Sion visits Ryner. A war hero cannot be treated as such. The people will not have it. Sion wants Ryner to break out of prison, and a horse will be waiting for him. However, Ryner doesn’t like that suggestion one bit. In prison, he gets to sleep whenever he wants, and gets his three square meals a day. What’s there not to like? Ryner will see Sion soon.

Sion takes leave, as they are being watched. He has lost everything and will not be led astray anymore.

Ryner has plenty of time to kill now. What to do? What to do? Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

July 22, 2010, ep. 4: Ryner Report

After surviving the attack by his stepbrothers, Sion is summoned to the House of Eris by Lucile. It looks like Lucile wants to judge for himself and determine if Sion will be a suitable king. The House of Eris has served the Roland king for generations and this will be Sion’s test. If Lucile doesn’t like Sion’s answer, he will be killed. Not to worry though. He won’t even notice when his head leaves his body. Sion follows Lucile into a dark chamber.

Meanwhile, at the Roland High Prison, a new prison guard meets with his wife and newly born daughter before heading back into the cell to guard his new, but very young prisoner. The prisoner, is none other than Ryner Lute. He is barely 20 years old, and yet he is kept in the dark where a normal human being will go mad in a matter of days. Ryner, however, has a request for him. He only asks for stationery and books from the Aslude Memorial Library of the Roland Academy. Each day, the request for materials increases. Winter passes and soon the guard’s baby begins to walk. He tells Ryner how tough life has become for everyone. His wife has a deli and sells vegetables in the market early in the morning where he helps out a bit. The seven-year war has been hard on everyone. The baby has become a toddler, as Ryner amasses more knowledge as the days turn into months and then years. When the guard’s daughter turns 3, he visits Ryner in prison one day with a long face. As he opens the door to his cell, Ryner realizes that the date of his execution has been decided. His research and books will have to be left behind.

The first encounter of Ryner and Ferris

Ryner Lute with his future partner in crime - Ferris

The guard cries as he leads Ryner out into the open, even as the child and wife of the guard wave their goodbyes to him. Ryner Lute finally meets Ferris Eris, as she escorts him through the forest while calling him a sex fiend after only meeting him for a bit. Ryner realizes this is his chance to escape, to fulfill a promise to an old friend to make use of himself for a better good. He uses his spell, but Ferris easily breaks through it. He has to get serious, leading to an all out duel between the two. Ferris easily overpowers him, but only because he is unwilling to kill a beauty. But then again, he is the first person to take it easy on her, other than her brother.

She takes him into Roland, as the king awaits. They reach the castle and much to Ryner’s surprise, Sion has become king. In that case, it is time for him to take a well deserved nap. Kiefer has taken leave to travel the world. But Sion is very interested in the research Ryner has done on the relics of the legendary hero. They are both immediately ordered to to look for the relics. Lucile threatens to demolish the Wynit dumpling shop if Ferris doesn’t get Ryner to go along on the journey. She gives him three choices: lose his head, lose his torso or follow her orders. This is not an option for him to choose, as he is dragged out of the castle by his collar.

This will be a good path for Ryner to take, a different path from that of the king. Sion chooses to change things after losing all his friends. Ryner will build a world where no one ever looses their loved ones; a world with no war or conflicts.

Off to see the world…or the dango dies

Off to see the world…or to acquire more dango

July 29, 2010, ep. 5: A World That Has Begun to Awaken

Roland wants a peace treaty with the Nelphan empire. Ryner and Ferris head out that way to investigate the ruins, searching for relics and dango shops. They stop at the Royal Nelphan Library manned by Gainel. He stops the “barbarians” from entering, barring admittance to a place of knowledge to people like them. Suddenly, Ryner hears the distance cries of children. He saves tyrants from beating two children and their protector, a young adult. Turns out, the young man is none other than Lord Toale Nelph, grandson of the Lord Emperor, son to Lord Starnel, brother to Gainel the Library Guardian. Toale was abandoned as a child, much like Sion, because of his lowly birth to a commoner mother. Most, if not all, of his siblings are also abandoned. A few days later, Iris checks up on the progress of Ferris and Ryner.

At the Roland Palace, Fiole is now employed as Sion’s personal secretary. He tends to the king’s personal needs and cares for his well-being. Sion tells him that everyone, regardless of birth status, should have happiness. Same goes for Fiole, he should never give up hope. Fiole is glad that Sion is Roland’s king. As the empire is about to throw a ball that night, Sion excuses Fiole to take off to see his sister. After much ado, Fiole agrees to take time away from his master to visit Eslina.

Claugh Klom

Admiral Claugh Klom the giant

That night at the ball, Sion’s personal guards Claugh and Calne egg him on to woo some of the single ladies in the room. But they are sent off to have their fun as Lord Beryl and Pearl approach Sion to brown nose the king. However, Sion sees a figure with blue long hair watching him. Suddenly, Claugh approaches Sion and tells him that Fiole has been discovered murdered in the study. The Lords immediately brush off the incident, noting that he’s just a commoner. “It will be troubling if it was a noble.” Sion can only grit his teeth and smile back at them.

Later, they find the lifeless remains of Fiole’s bloodied body. Sion believes this is his fault. Because he doesn’t have enough stake in the country, and power to control the nobles, he has to bow down to the rest of the nobles. He still needs them. But what good is he as a King, if he can’t even protect a single commoner in his employment. Jealousy creeps up on him, as he thinks of Ryner and Ferris’ carefree ways. He picks up Fiole’s final letter to his sister, telling her of his impending visit. In it, he writes of how blessed he is to have an incredible master like Sion who treats commoners as equals. He would have to endure.

But there’s more. It seems that the nobles are setting a trap for Sion. They push for peace with Nelph, but in truth, the anti-royalist are ambushing the king as he leaves the country with few men as his guard. The long-haired man from before appears. He introduces himself as the son of the Marquis of Froaude, Miran Froaude. He opposes the nobility. He was originally an orphan. Asking Claugh to leave the room, Sion asks Miran what he wants. He replies that it is not him who needs anything from the King. He is only the sword to the king, moving and swinging as the king commands. Since he can’t bear the darkness, as the people see his as the light of the empire, Miran will act as his darkness. He will do all the evil deeds and Sion only needs to reap its benefits. Very well then, Miran will be his dark knight and sword to spread Roland’s rule to the Continent of Menois.

Aug. 5, 2010, ep. 6: Those Lurking Darkness

At the dying bed of Sion’s mother, she parts with an advice. “No matter who speaks badly of you, there will be plenty who loves you.”

Iris reports back to Sion o-nichan that Toale Nelphi is much-loved by his people. Colonel Froaude enters and tells Sion about the trap that the nobles have set up for him. This is their chance to round-up the anti-royalist faction. Claugh Klom cautions the king in leaving Roland for Nelpha without his guards. Sion decides to go with only Froaude.

They arrive at Nelpha Castle, but as Sion approaches the King, the guards wonder is Sion will attack them. Both sides are equally jumpy about their meeting. They are met by the Grand Nelphi but Prince Starnel, too, enters court and sneers at Sion. After shaming the kingdom, Grand Nelphi forces his son to leave. They will hold a grand bouquet the following night in his honor. Looks like maybe the grandson, Toale, is the better choice for succession.

In the mean time, Sion has to visit someone at Toale’s residence. Ryner is caught by surprise at his appearance, but Sion stops him from blurting out his identity to Toale. Instead, he claims to be Ryner’s cousin. Sion questions Toale’s link to the royal blood. But he just brushes it off, not caring about the succession, only his siblings he has to care for. Then Sion asks for a favor from Ryner and Ferris. Froaude has caught the ring leader: Count Werius. Prince Sternal is ready to overthrow his father’s throne. Froaude will take care of Sternal’s loose ends.

He visits Toale’s residence, but Ryner and Ferris already sensed him. He attacks them, thinking Ryner is Toale, with the intention of killing him. After Ryner uses his Alpha Stigma, Froaude realizes this is not Toale. With guards this strong, the more Toale has to be disposed off. Ferris goes down against Froaude’s power. It seems he is controlling the shadows with his ring. Legend has it that Kokuei Grand Emperor once possessed the ring, but Halford Miran killed him for it. The ring is a hero’s relic. Froaude realizes that he has to finish these two up for his master. As he leaves, he promises that Toale will not be touched. The next day, Ryner and Ferris decide that their presence will only harm Toale. They leave, but are watched by a little girl followed by four men.

Claugh digs up Froaude’s past. He was an adopted child, but everyone who knows of his birth is now dead. Froaude arrives in time to ask Sion what he has found out about him? If so, is Sion ready to dismiss him? No. He has done good work for him in Nelpha. In fact, Froaude tells Sion that he tried to kill Toale, but he had interference. Sion made a mistake! He indiretly tried to kill Ferris and Ryner. He will not make that same mistake twice.

Aug. 12, 2010, ep. 7: Don’t Let Go of That Hand
A little girl is sobbing by herself pitifully. Suddenly the orphans are on the run during at attack. The adult guard tells them that they have to hold on for the sake of Roland – using them as shields. She falls and when she regains consciousness, she sees only dead bodies of the children. She begins to sob quietly. A boy approaches her, and yells, “Idiot! A lot of people who died wanted to live.” She cries even harder. Ryner scolds her. She has to learn to live. He extends his hand to her.  Ryner tells her to, “Never let go of my hand.”

Milk Callaud

Milk Callaud the airhead

Suddenly, she awakens. Milk Callaud has to find and protect Ryner, just as he once did for her.  Together with her team of taboo breakers: Lear Rinkal, Luke Stokkart, Lach and Moe, they enter Nelph’s land. She once gave up on life. She tried to escape reality to be free from pain. But her courage was renewed upon meeting Ryner. Her team is her family. In a foreign land, hey have to avoid using their Roland magic so that no one else can decode it and learn to break the country’s magic.

Ryner and Ferris are in a fortress, led by their map, looking for the heroes relic but come out empty-handed. Ryner rechecks his map again, before Ferris decides to kill him. …maybe it’s in the forest that they passed. Since they didn’t see any on the way in, maybe someone stole it. Then they realize that someone’s spying on them. A pair of siblings with pink hair appear, searching for the treasure. The girl, Kuu, a 14-year-old, addresses her brother as, Sui-niichan, a 26-year-old poor commoner. They need the treasure to cover Kuu’s marriage cost. Ryner almost blurts out that they found no relic, but Ferris saves the day by telling them they are on orders of the Nelpharian Empire.

Having retrieved no treasure, the pink siblings bump into the Taboo breakers and tell them about Ryner and Ferris. Milk jumps at the chance of “saving” Ryner. They ambush them in the forest, but they are the ones attacked in the end. The four boys are tied up, while Ferris binds Milk up on a tree. Milk shouts out to Ryner that it is her! “I’m Milk! From the same orphanage.”


“You promised to marry me!” Milk wails.

Ryner and Ferris leave them tied up and continue their excavation of a probable relic. He stumbles upon a sword, by the looks of it. There is some power on it, but he can’t read what it is.

Soon Milk sees Nelph guards marching in. If they announce themselves, they will go after Ryner. So she begins screaming, making it look like her bounded boys were the ones attacking her. She attracts the attention of the army, who tries to save her by shooting a blast in her direction. Ryner only sees the girl being attacked, and protects them instead. So Milk’s brilliant plan backfires with Ryner and Ferris attacking the army. But at least she is freed now. Ferris urges Ryner to use the hero’s sword, as he unsheathes the dagger.  He uses his alpha stigma to analyze it, but can’t seem to see its powers. In frustration, he throws it away and it lands on the ground. A beast with wings, talon and a tail breaks out of it. It looks like a dragon. The army retreats, and the group leaves the dragon that they summoned.

Unwitting release of a dragon

Unwitting release of a dragon

In a graveyard in Roland, Sion visits his mom and rues his inability to gain power. His men bring Eslina to him. She tells him not to blame himself for Fiole’s death. Her brother was very proud and happy to serve Sion as master. So she too wishes to be useful to Sion too, to serve under him, just as her brother once did. Suddenly news approach that the Estabul nation has risen up in a rebellion.

Aug. 19, 2010, ep. 8: The Estabul Revolt

The Council of Roland gather after the second night of Estabul’s uprising. They question Sion how he would solve the looming problem of Lady Noa Ehn’s insurrection. Colonel Miran Froaude advices the nobles to evacuate the castle immediately to protect their territories against the encroaching 50,000 strong men of Estabul. Major General Claugh Klom will led the royal army together with Froaude. Sion knows it was Froaude who started the revolt.

Elsewhere, Lady Noa Ehn questions her trusted adviser Sarawel Seal if it is necessary to fight against Roland after the King has been treating the Estabul people so well. He assures her this is the way to take back Estabul’s sovereignty.

At Shuss, Claugh faces the 8,000-9,000 men of Estabul. Instead of taking on the army, he finds the Commander and removes him easily. The leaderless army realizes they are fighting against the Red-Fingered Claugh and promptly retreats. Reports trickle in to Lady Noa Ehn and she soon realizes that Claugh Klom is not killing her men. He is merely taking out the Commanders of each unit to force them back. He, however, has reached Estabul’s frontlines and surrounds them. Sarawel sends out a message to Claugh Klom forcing him to withdraw immediately or else the hostage that were taken will all be killed. Lady Noa Ehn begs him to stop, but he urges that they are at the end of the road, and this is what they have to do. She realizes too late that she’s merely a puppet throne. She pleads with Sarawel to release the hostages. She will surrender herself.

Just then, Froaude enters the stronghold and surprises everyone, except Sarawel. He will dissolve the kingdom of Estabul. This will be perfect setting for the final tragedy of Estabul. Froaude murders all the nobles and generals presents. In the mean time, Sarawel pulls the princess to safety. But his true intention is really to use her as a scapegoat, even though he had always wanted to take her as his wife. He will return to Estabul as the hero, after stopping the rioting princess who caused the death of all her men. From the start, it was all his doing, planning the setup with Froaude. However, he didn’t count on Froaude betraying him. Froaude enters the inner chamber of the castle and rids himself of Sarawel. Lady Noa Ehn can’t believe that the good and just King of Roland is that underhanded. Froaude assures her, this is not the king’s doing, but his alone. As he approaches her, to deal the finishing blow, Claugh Klom enters and saves her.

The true Knight in Shining Armor

The true Knight in Shining Armor

Claugh is enrage that Froaude will go against the King’s wishes. Froaude will have to answer for himself, and die for it. He tells Claugh that he will kill all the hostages, transfer the blame to the princess and kill her off as a means justifying the end. He prepares to kill her, just as Claugh prepares to protect her. She sees both their powers and realizes that she has to stop this fight for the better of not only her land, but Roland’s King. She bargains with Froaude, pleading for the life of the hostages in return for hers.

Meanwhile, Iris reports back to Sion about Ryner and Ferris’ find of a dagger that turned into a dragon. When Miller confirms the appearance of the dragon and the consequence of it, Iris is sent back to the scavenging duo immediately with an urgent message.

Aug. 26, 2010, ep. 9: Rule Fragment

Iris returns to haunt Ryner at Nelfa, but doesn’t remember why she was sent back by the King. After pondering a while, she remembers Sion’s important letter to them. However, she has lost it. She only remembers that it is about the dragon that disappeared. Ferris deduces that maybe Sion wants them to clean up their mess of the dragon that they released. They head back into the forest that they last saw the dragon.

As soon as the leave the inn, someone picks up a letter that reads, “That dragon killed everyone. Give up on the relic search and return immediately.”

Quite the opposite of what Iris relayed.

Ferris and Ryner enters the forest and sees dead people lying around, and the presume it to be the work of the dragon. Oddly enough, there is no blood on these victims. Soon they reach a clearing and see the two pink-haired siblings: Sui-nichan and Kuu. Ferris realizes Sui has the relic dagger that they found earlier but threw it away and unintentionally released the dragon instead. They were the ones who killed the people, silencing those who saw the dragon. In that logic, Sui and Kuu have to kill Ryner and Ferris too, since they not only saw the dragon, but know their secret.

Kuu the cuckoo

Kuu the cuckoo

The boys start their battle, as Ryner copes Sui’s magic, making him realize that his the Alpha Stigma barer. Kuu beats up Ferris, but Ryner comes to her rescue. It seems Kuu has another hero’s relic in the form of a scythe, freezing everything she touches. Sui wants to crystallize Ryner’s eye, and pulls out a green gem, a rule fragment. Looks like the siblings are searching for the hero’s relic like Ryner and Ferris too. However, they are luckier than the later two.

Sui shows them how the relic dagger is supposed to be used. He stabs his own hand with the dagger, thus releasing the dragon onto his arm to attack Ryner, turning it to the Dolueli Sword Scale. The siblings will show the clueless pair the power of the relics. Suddenly, Sui pulls out another relic, the Elmio comb as his shield against Ryner’s magic. To counter attack, Sui uses the green gem from earlier. It resonates, as Ryner’s eye is activated, thus awakening the powers of the Alpha Stigma. Sui wants the stigma to go out of control. Nothing matters to him, except gaining control of that eye, to make it part of his collection. After all, the bearers are all monsters!

Ryner begins to lose control of his senses. But while he is still lucid, he pleads for Ferris to leave him. “Don’t look at me like a monster. I don’t want to kill you. Run away from me!” He remembers the few times his alpha stigma was activated as a child and when Sion and Kiefer were attacked. In both instances, everyone was massacred when he awoke. Those he thought he saved, in turn, called him a monster. But Ferris stays.

Sui, not expecting and unprepared for the unleash of the Alpha Stigma, uses the Elmio Comb to nullify Ryner’s powers. But even that is eaten up, and soon, his arm begins to rot away. He uses his activated dragon arm to bite off his decaying arm to stop the rot. Sui and Kuu escapes.

The Alpha Stigma takes over Ryner. His one goal is to obliterate everything in his sight.

Sept. 2, 2010, ep. 10: Twilight

As Ryner’s Alpha Stigma runs amok, the siblings make a run for it. Ferris is left with piecing the broken bits back together.Who is this man standing before her?

“I am God, the devil, a hero, your worst nightmare. Call me whatever you want, but you’re going to die.”

In that case, she will call him a sex pervert and a lazy person. But never a monster. She read the report he wrote while he was in prison. One particular page stood out from the rest. He said that people hate dying, as much as they hate killing. No more chit-chats lady. She is here to die. And he sends a barrage of attacks towards her, but she avoids all five of his attack. She won’t move on the next one. He can do whatever he wants to her then.

No more dango for you

No more dango for you

“You are not a monster. You are my partner. My friend. Not a monster.”

As he tries to hold back the massive powers, he apologizes to her for his inability to overcome it. He fires one off, but she moves closer and stops it with her bare hands. “You hear me, Ryner! You are not a monster,” she repeats herself as he strangles her.

“Ryner, you are not a monster.” She begins to cry. As she finally gets through, he begins to cry, and she is able to stop him and close his eyes. The skies open up and out pours the rain.

When he gains lucidness in her embrace, he weeps as he mutters, “This is who I am. I am a loathsome person. You can return to Roland now. I’m sure Sion has other duties for you. This journey has ended for you.”

“I am still alive. You can’t call yourself a monster when you can’t even kill a woman like me.” With that, he begins to cry earnestly.

Back at Roland, Sion gets word about the siblings with their multitude of relics, which were used against Ryner and Ferris. Also Ryner’s Alpha Stigma went berserk. They are not sure if there are survivors. Meanwhile, Eslina checks on him, whether he is taking his meals, much like her brother used to fawn over the king. Calne and Clough enter with the Lady Noa. Even though she is there as a guest, she is really a hostage to suppress Estabul at the moment. It seems she has taken a liking to Admiral Klom. He blushes as she reminds him about their dinner date, which he obviously forgot.

With that bit of light-heartedness out of the way, Froaude enters the chambers as everyone leaves. He informs the King of the menacing North making their way over. The country of Stohl led by the Gastark family is slowly expanding their territories by overthrowing the governments of the little towns around them. The power of the nobles have to be quelled in a political purge. This is the fastest way to maintain balance, with the least amount of bloodshed before Roland is destroyed.

Miran Froaude meets with Duke Stearead, who thinks he is Sion’s close confidant and has his ear. The Duke mentions in passing that Froaude’s talents will be better utilized if he worked for him. It will be a waste of noble talent. He will get his just reward, just as the Duke will be able to fulfill his wishes. The hapless noble doesn’t realize that Froaude’s wishes can not be actualized by just anyone. Only the king can do it. He can allow the weak and the strong to co-exist. Instead, Froaude asks him, “Whose side will you show your loyalty? The lingering old forces of the country, or my king?”

That night, Clough has dinner with the Lady Noa Ehn, and is pleasantly surprised that she isn’t annoyed with him forgetting the “date.” She claims she is not that short-tempered. She is, however, very relieved and pleased to have met him, as he has become her protector. She watches the night sky with him before parting. The sky looks different when someone else is standing next to you. Clough leaves as she enters her castle. Entering the castle, sees that her guards are all dead. As she is held hostage, she understands that one scream from her will be the death of her other household staff. They begin to abase her by strip off her clothes.

How dare you touch my woman!

How dare you touch my woman!

A departing Clough realizes he just doesn’t understand women. Lady Noa is a different specimen altogether. Or could it be that he has taken a liking to her. In any case, he suddenly hears Lady Noa calling him. He turns the carriage back to her abode. When he gets there, no one is in the castle. A flying dagger knicks him on the arm and the illusion lifts. He sees dead guards on the floor, masked men, and in the middle, a naked and crying Lady Noa.

Thinking the worse, he screams, “What have you done to her?”

“Nothing yet,” came the calm reply.

“Then why is she crying?!”

He promptly kills them all and rescues the princess. The gallant knight with his helpless charge.

When Sion learns of the night’s attack on Lady Noa, he is angered by this daring feat by, most likely, the nobles. They are trying to disrupt the fragile peace between Estabul and Roland, who’s only bargaining chip is Lady Noa. If anything happens to her, Estabul will retaliate. Froaude hatches a scheme. Attract the nobles, letting them think that the King is with them. When their guards are lowered, they will go in to slaughter everyone of them. But they can’t just do that, since these nobles rule over towns. With their lords gone, many may die from starvation. Or is this Froaude’s way of forcing Sion’s hand. Did he order the attack on Lady Noa? Even though that was a brilliant plan, this is not his to claim. This time, it is not him. With that, he leaves.

At a Runa bordering village, Ryner and Ferris go in search of a rumored demon. But their mission is sidetracked by the screams of a little girl. Just as she falls and is about to be beaten, Ryner stops the two men with the help of Ferris.

“Please help me,” she pleads tearfully. “Please. Save Arua. He’s not a monster. Please help.”

When the waterworks stops, she manages to tell the Samaritans about her good friend Arua. The local lord began to raise the village taxes. Since both her parents were killed, there wasn’t a way for her to pay the taxes. The soldiers were going to kill her too, but Arua used his magic to save her. Everyone called him a monster because of his eyes. After that, they overpowered him and took him away to a nearby town after the woods.

Ryner knows immediately he has to save this alpha stigma bearer.

Sept. 9, 2010, ep. 11: Devil Child

At Roland, Sion hands down an edict encouraging the civilians to take up governmental positions that were once a noble’s “rights.” If they have what it takes, the King will promote them. The people rejoice. The nobles are indignant towards the dishonor. Claugh Klom is the new Field Marshall. The rest caution Sion for taking such drastic measures in openly taunting the nobles. A few nobles are in his chambers to argue to cause, namely Lord Gnull.

Sion shares with them about a little country up North of Menois called Stohl under the rule of the Gastark family. It has expanded its territories to two-thirds of the land there. It’s a long way from Roland, but as they expand, so will their greed for power. Others will soon build their armies against them. Roland has to take preliminary precautions too. Froaude steps in to suggest laying a trap for the nobles who are opposing them and then rid them.

Claugh opposes the approach as it will make Sion no different from the ruthless king before him. However, Sion overrules him. Froaude’s views are not wrong. Even though it is an inevitable result of trying to unite them and bring peace, he wants to use the least amount of aggression. If the nobles join his crusade, that is a great outcome. But if they defy him, they will die.

Clough accepts his King’s wishes. “Let everything be as my king envisions.” The rest join in.

Froaude coolly accepts this small piece of victory. They will lure the nobles and take them out. But saving lives? King Astal is still trying to walk the path of righteousness. This path will lead to more blood shed. Spare the rod spoil the child. But, “Let everything be as my king envisions.”

Elsewhere, Milk Callaud with her team of taboo breakers report to a glum Major Miller of their unsuccessful mission to stop Ryner. But she promises she will save Ryner. After the team is dismissed, Luke speaks to Miller privately. He wants to protect Milk as much as possible. This mission is an excuse to remove her from country with the current political turmoil against the nobles. Even though she is adopted by the Callaud family, and put through severe military training, she still carries a noble’s name.

Ryner and Ferris sneak up to the cave where the Runa’s magic knights and a lord take their prisoner. They see a little boy bound to a log like a pig to slaughter. They hide behind the covers of monolithic rocks, while little Arua is tortured before them. The priests are trying to invoke the Alpha Stigma. They beat him, trample on him and when that doesn’t work, they bring out his recently murdered mother. “Mother!” Arua cries in anguish. “Mother!”

They begin to poison his mind. Her death was because she gave birth to a demon. That means the father is to blame too. They haul him out, as he tells Arua, “This is not your fault. It’s these people. Don’t do what they tell you to.” Even if they were to kill him, Arua has to live on believing that he is loved as a human not a demon.

I've got your back you dango fiend. And I've got yours, sex addict.

I've got your back you dango fiend. And I've got yours, sex addict.

Ryner can’t sit back and watch anymore. As they move to strike the father, Ryner takes them down with Ferris watching his back. The magic knights attack him, but he uses his Alpha Stigma to evade them. He copies their art to throw them off. He screams for Arua’s father to take on the noble and save Arua.

As the badly beaten father crawls to his son, he promises to save Arua. He reaches Arua, only to have the noble kill him before he is able to reach Arua.

The noble laughs and in a daze screams, “This is divine punishment on the demon!”

I'm going to kill you sobs and mofos

I'm going to kill you sobs and mofos

Little Arua goes berserk as his Alpha Stigma awakens. Ryner wants to go after the noble, but as he takes off, he sees Arua freeing himself. To stop him, Ryner punches the little man out as he gently falls into his arms. Ferris convinces Ryner to leave with the newly orphaned child, instead of continuing their fight since reinforcements will be reaching them soon.

As they leave, the magic knights scream, “That is our research sample! If you take the demon, god’s divine punishment will befall you.” Ryner reacts only to be stopped by Ferris. They stop by a waterfall to rest and clean the unconscious Arua. Ryner cries for the little orphan. Why are people like them created only to be punished. They didn’t ask for these eyes. No one wants to be called monsters. If there really is a god, he wants to know why they are being tested.

Ferris watches Ryner battle his inner demons, but is unable to do anything.

Sept. 16, 2010, ep. 12: The Great House Cleaning Banquet

The Froaude holds a huge banquet/gathering for the nobles in Arkmel, their territory. The nobles are unrest and unhappy towards the King of Roland. Even the earlier Duke Stearead is present at the calling of Carl Froaude, Miran’s father. They wish to kill Sion. It is time to rise against it, for the better for the nobles. He is just a commoner who happen to be associated with Royal lineage. They have to crush him! Together with the Luna Kingdom, Miran will lead them. Or so Carl and the nobles think, as he passes the floor to Miran. “Do something for me,” Miran requests. “Please die.”

Using his ring, he calls upon the darkness and kills the nobles. The Duke has gone into hiding. His father cowers before him. Miran can’t do this to him. He rescued him as a boy of only 5 years. Miran only sees Carl as a stepping stone. The House of Froaude was never his in the first place. It belonged to Carl’s older brother. The entire Froaude family met with unfortunate deaths. One by one they fell like flies. Now, Froaude will be Miran’s as Carl is exterminated too. Duke Stearead finally appears. He is spared. But Miran warns him, if he so much as betray him…

Lighted Beasts

Lighted Beasts

Before the sentence is finished, a whiplash of light appears and takes off the head of the Duke. A man with short pink hair appear asking to be part of the Roland army. A fight ensues, with wearers of rings. It’s darkness against light. Miran correctly guess that this man’s master does not like being betrayed by the Duke. Unfortunately for the pink-haired intruder, he can’t use his magic or risk revealing which country he is from. Miran underestimates him. He breaks the Lino Doue crystal that begins to incinerate everything in sight.

The newly-appointed Field Marshal Klom writes a scathing mail to the King, thanking him for the mundane job of Field Marshall, of which, he was surely going to kill the King for. Sion only laughs. But it is one of many mails from newly appointed civilians to government positions. The others have good insights into how the King can better Roland.

Just as Miran is about to be vanquished, Klom arrives under the orders of the King to rescue Miran. After making their escape, Klom asks about the Blue Flame that took down everything. Either Miran really doesn’t know, or he’s hiding what he knows about the strange man. Their war has begun.

Soon, Sion is attacked by similar lighted beasts that attacked Miran. However, he is protected by Lucile Eris, who proves to be a very powerful opponent. Did Sion want the intruder to live or die? The King chooses to let him go.

Arua protected by Ryner

Arua protected by Ryner

Elsewhere, Ryner awakens with Arua asleep on him. Ferris has stolen a carriage for them to return to Regit for Kuku, friend of Arua. Unbeknown to them, they are being pursued by two pink-haired siblings, Kuu and Sui. The pink-haired bunch are from the Gastark empire. They are after the little Alpha Stigma bearer.

Inspection across the borders are tightened. A red-headed girl is about to pass through the Stohl Empire. Looks like the old flame, Kiefer, is going to stir things up even more.

Sept. 23, 2010, ep. 13: The Hero King of the North

Two years ago, at the start of the series, Kiefer Knolles enrolls into the Roland Academy. There, she infiltrates the empire, but falls in love with the least likely of candidates, Ryner Lute. Two years before that, as a child of 14 years, she and her younger sister Leimer were under the care of their older sister Naya. Roland priests and mage knights, under the rule of the former King of Roland, caught up to them, and decapitated their protector. Keifer was brutally beaten, but she promised to do anything for them if they would release Leimer. Unknown to her, her younger sister had already been murdered. In turn, she was sent to Roland as Estabul’s spy, a double agent of an elaborate internal plot to kill Sion. Because of that, she is versed in both Estabul and Roland magic.

After Sion’s ascension to the throne, she leaves to travel the world. In truth, she goes on a search for information on the Alpha Stigma, hoping to save Ryner. This leads her to Menoris as a wondering mercenary fighting for Stohl against the Gastark army. The Stohl army loses to the later, but she remains behind to protect two civilians of the Gastark empire. When an assault of magic arrows bombard them, she tries to ward them off, but her magic is averted. A huge man in pink hair, dressed in armory, deflect the arrows for her in one swift fling of his giant sword, most likely a relic. He realizes that she is not from Stohl, just as she tells him she hates war, much like him. But to end war, a war has to be fought. Much to her surprise, the man’s army come to his aid. They address him as the Sire of Gastark, Refal Edia. As the siege continues, he offers he left eye to his legendary sword, Glovil, to overcome the enemy in one fell swoop. He has already lost his sense of smell and left leg to the war. What is one eye? These are all cheap prices to pay compared to the lives he saves. After the battle is won, he offers a position to Keifer by his side, but she rejects only to promise to return after she finds herself.

King of Gastark

King of Gastark: Refal Edia

Back at Roland, the nobles whisper among themselves of Miran’s treachery towards the nobles and his father. Miran proposes to Sion that Claugh be sent as a goodwill ambassador to Estabul to rebuild the crumbling country and merge the Roland-Estabul army. It helps that his relationship with the Lady Noa is progressing. Sion regrets not being able to aid Kiefer once, but doesn’t blame her for betraying them. Instead, he blames himself for not seeing her pain and suffering earlier to safe and help her. With that bit of convincing, Field Marshall Claugh Klom and Lady Noa head to Estabul, while Miran Froaude heads to the village of Regit in Luna to investigate if the murdered Duke was indeed scheming Sion’s murder. Upon reaching the kingdom of Luna, Miran meets with the princess who tells him to pardon her father’s absence as he is bed-ridden. Likely story. Send the pretty one out to distract. But it is obvious from the exchanged looks, and sly glances, that the advisers are hiding something. Later, Miran finds out that Luna has betrayed Roland by joining forces with Gastark.

Ferris showing her affection

Ferris showing her affection

Ryner and Ferris finally return to Regit to get Kuku. But they are ambushed by the pink-haired siblings, Kuu and Sui. They know that Ryner is no ordinary Alpha Stigma bearer, not when he went berserk but still returned to normal. However, they are not after him. They are after the little one, Arua. Before the siblings depart, Sui leaves a parting gift for Ryner: Kuku, the girl they are looking for, is in the hands of the nobles in Luna.

There are two sides of the story. But in this case, both have an almost similar reason for fighting the war. So who is right?

Sept. 30, 2010, ep. 14: A World Where No One and Nothing is Lost

At Luna, Ryner watches over the unconscious Arua, while Kuu and Sui vow to hunt down the Alpha Stigma bearers. Arua finally awakens, and upon seeing Ryner, assumes him to be the enemy and backs away. The death of his parents come crashing back to his memory as Ryner tries to stop him from taking off.

“It is my fault,” Arua weeps pitifully.

Ryner lets Arua know he is not alone. He shares with Arua his own misery of living as an Alpha Stigma, constantly hunted and hated. His self-loathing changed when he found a king who treated him as a brother, a beauty who loved him, and a slave-driver who called him a friend. He reminds Arua of his father’s dying words: “to live on.” Besides that, he has to save Kuku.

With that, Arua takes to Ryner as his teacher while Ferris warns him of Ryner’s womanizing and alcoholism. So, it comes to be, that Arua gains two tutors, one to hone his mage skills, the other for his combat dexterity.

The trio finally reach the noble’s mansion, where the Orla siblings await them. Kuu has taken Kuku hostage. They are from the Gastark Empire, fighting for their king, the benevolent and peaceful Refal Edia. As they argue on who’s king is better, Ryner points out that killing people and trying to kidnap innocent Alpha Stigma bearers does not make one a peace-loving king. Instead, his king, Sion, is trying to make a world for people like him, the Alpha Stigma bearers to live in.

Having enough of their chit-chat, Sui actives his Rule Fragment, Blade of Dolueli, to fight Ryner for Arua. Kuu unleashes her icy Scythe of Ailuchrono to attack Ferris. But Arua acts as Ryner and Ferris’ secret weapon as he provides back-up attacks against the siblings. Caught by surprise at the additional reinforcements, Sui prepares to launch an attack with his Blade of Dolueli and kill Kuku. However, Miran Froaude intervenes and slices off Sui’s summoned arm. Kuu immediately freezes the fatal wound, as Miran tries to finish him off.  But Ryner steps in to deflect Miran’s shadow beasts summon.

The Orla siblings take off.

Miran had unintentionally saved Ryner, Ferris and the children. Even knowing that they are from Roland, he hides his identity by pretending to be from Stohl Empire. Before he makes his exit, he warns them that he will eliminate all obstacles in his way. In the end, only the useful will be left. He leaves, taking with his Sui’s Rule Fragment the Blade of Dolueli.

The war against the Roland Empire has begun, whether or not Sion is prepared for it. Luna has their own agenda. Even Nelpha maybe revolting.

Oct. 7, 2010, ep. 15 & 15.5: Killing the King

Two fillers: Ryner and Ferris get separated. Ferris ends up with Milk, and starts poisoning her mind with talks of Ryner’s lechery and tales of skirt chasing. At the end, Froaude begins to see Ryner as an obstacle that has to be removed. The other filler is of Iris retelling the story of Ryner and Ferris to Sion.

Oct. 21, 2010, ep. 16: Smileless Goddess

Ferris Eris comes from a clan of blue blood. They insist that their blood is not only pure, but one that cannot be intermingled with others. In as such, Ferris’ parents are actual siblings. When Ferris was thought to be a weakling and embarrassment to the Eris household, she was restrained by her mother for her father to impregnate her. Her father almost rapes her, but for Lucile coming in that the most apropos of times to rescue her. He kills his parents without blinking an eye, and from then on, vows to protect his sisters Ferris and Iris.

Back from Luna, Ryner takes a much needed rest while hiding from the rest. But Sion still manages to find him and orders Ryner escort him to Estabul together with Ferris. Meanwhile Arua and Kuku have been posted at the House of Eris for protection. Ryner goes in search for the children at the House of Eris. He is welcomed by the butler, who tells him that Ferris’ parents have long past on. But Ryner also knows that Ferris has been abused as a child, and the ill-treatment ended with the death of her parents at 14 years old. They stop at what seems like a dojo, a sparring hall, but Ryner knows better. The butler tells him that it is only Lucile’s study. He tries to peek into it, but a barrier against his powers has been set up. Finally meeting Ferris, they both decide not to follow Sion to Estabul. Instead, they will run off to look for the relics. To prepare for their trip, Ferris runs off to order her stock of dango. With Ferris gone, Ryner tries to break into the study again, this time using Arua. But Lucile appears before him, stopping his magic easily.

IF Lucile is that powerful, why isn’t he the guard to escort Sion to Estabul. Unless, his magic only works in Roland.

Elsewhere in the Roland Kingdom, Miller passes a tome to Luka of the Taboo Breakers. Luka learns from an excerpt in the book that “All Alpha Stigma bearer who go berserk will definitely perish. There is no exception.” (except, in this case, Ryner Lute)

Milk, with the encouragement of her Taboo Breakers, decides to throw a birthday celebration for herself. Knowing that Ryner will be on a mission again, she gives him an invite too. However, the invite was switched earlier by Luke. Instead of the invite, Luke shares with Ryner an edict by the King, ordering his persecution as an Alpha Stigma bearer. He knows what he has to do.

Oct. 28, 2010, ep. 17: Iino Doue – Annihilation Eye

Ryner is ready.

So is Ferris. But both have a separate destination.

Ferris heads to their agreed upon meeting place before taking off. But Ryner doesn’t show up. She goes in search of him in vain by means of Sion. Did Sion do something to Ryner because they both decided to disobey orders to escort him to Estabul? Or could Ryner’s disappearance be caused by his conversation with Lucile? Was it Sion or Lucile who caused Ryner to go amiss.

However, her search is cut short when reports get in that Klom’s army is under attack in Estabul by an Alpha Stigma bearer. This logically cannot be pinned on Ryner, as he was only missing in the morning. Claugh Klom’s search of a black-haired, black eyes and black-clothed Alpha Stigma bearer bares fruit when he comes face to face with said person. Every attack on the Alpha Stigma bearer is consumed by him. He swallows the power and furls it back to his attackers. In the attack, he cuts of Claugh’s arm and consumes the powers of that arm. The army protects their Field Marshall, but lose their lives in the process. Claugh manages to escape, badly injured.

Soon, the palace folk, amid the chaos, realize that Milk is missing too. Ferris decides to look for Ryner herself. Sargent Luke Stokkart goes in search for her. Could she have seen Luke’s letter that was meant for Ryner and gone in search for him? But he stumbles upon strange men who seem to want something from him. He easily takes them down only to be approached by Miran Froaude. Miran forces Luke’s hand: kill Ryner Lute and Milk will be released. But Luke refuses and holds Miran captive with his golden wires.

Elsewhere, Kiefer looks for sources of the Alpha Stigma in Glensdale. There are five types of Alpha Stigma eyes. Each differ a little, but they are all able to analyze and decode magic upon seeing it. Kiefer bumps into Refal Edia, King of Gastark, who has come in search of her.

Nov. 4, 2010, ep. 18: Cursed Eyes

Ryner is in Estabul himself.

Ferris goes in search of Ryner herself. She thinks she knows where he is. And finds him by himself, having a meal alone. She attacks him out of frustration and anger. He thinks she is attacking to kill under the edict of Sion. He doesn’t stop her. But when she realizes what he is saying, she stops. “What order?!” she questions.

Realizing she is not there for the edict, he dismisses that verbalized thought. She doesn’t drop the subject. In fact, she reminds him, that he is not a monster. He is her friend. Before their conversation continues, in walks the killer Alpha Stigma bearer: Iino Doue. He is there for Ryner. He reminds Ryner, that he is as much a monster as he is.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Roland army, led by Sion to avenge Claugh’s defeat attacks the inn where Iino Doue is with a barrage of arrows. The three exit the inn and see Sion’s army. The army protects Ryner and Ferris, until the soldiers realize that Ryner too is a Alpha Stigma bearer. Then they shy away from him in fear. After much convincing, Ryner runs off with Iino Doue, much to the dismay and horror of Ferris. But Sion smiles at his temporary “victory” in “defeating” the Iino Doue.

He returns to Roland as a hero, once again.

Nov. 11, 2010, ep. 19: The Directionless Ingrate

Nov. 18, 2010, ep. 20: A Mind Not Filled with Despair

Nov. 25, 2010, ep. 21:

At the Gastark Empire, Refal Edia speaks to his aid about the recent attack on his army using the forbidden magic. The aid urges the King to question Kiefer, as she not only knows Ryner, but she could very well be a spy for them.

Ryner and Ferris return to Roland. Upon entering Sion’s chambers, they see him enveloped by a mountain of paperwork. He immediately puts them to work, but Miran sneakily cautions the King of Ryner’s return to the kingdom. While Ferris makes excuses to leave the chamber, Ryner is forced to remain with the King to finish the work set before them. Just for a moment,  Sion dozes off from exhaustion as Ryner watches his stead. That quiet moment, Ryner realizes just how tirelessly Sion works to put the country before anything else, and respects him for that. Sion soon awakens and Ryner too leaves. Soon, Sion’s alter ego appears demanding for Ryner’s head, just as Miran had spoken too. Even though the nobles were silenced by Sion, he orders Miran not to kill Ryner.

The duty-shrugger runs off and suddenly hears someone calling him. His father? He turns around, and sees this blond man before him. Before he can react, the man stabs him. Ryner appears to be fatally wounded and faints.

Elsewhere in Roland, Milk has been placed under a spell by Miran. She sees a crying young Sion Astal. She tries to comfort him, but is soon awaken. Her men are beside her, but she realizes they are hiding something from her. When she is well enough, she hurries back to the Callaud household, only to see its ruin and learning of her adoptive parent’s death. She cries for them, even knowing that she was just a pawn to them. Noblemen would adopt orphans to raise as soldier to later sent to war to show their “graciousness” of “sacrificing” their own children for a better cause.

Meanwhile, Claugh gets fitted with a new arm. He immediately asks to begin training for the impending war, but Noa asks him to rest. Just as they are about to share a private moment, Calne Kaiwal interrupts them. She tells Claugh that the Duke of Callaud was murdered by “someone” to silence his views against the King.

Dec. 2, 2010, ep. 22: The Beast Called Alpha

Duke Lieral Lieutolu carries Ryner Lute off. But Lucile Eris appears and warns him of the peril of opening the gate too soon for Ryner. The Duke throws off Lucile with the Siphamus that erupts into a ball of light, which is seen by Sion, Miran and Ferris. At this prompt, Sion orders Miran to finish off Lieral Lieutolu.

Ferris runs towards the light and sees the strange man carrying an unconscious Ryner. She attacks, but her sword suddenly becomes heavier. Unable to wield the sword, the Duke tells her he has killed Ryner. In despair, she retaliates and swings her onus wildly. The Duke merely punches her out, having ascertain that she truly cares for Ryner, enough to have risked her life. He takes off with both.

Ryner’s unconscious awakens in an open space with doric columns surrounding him. The sky tears opens as a seal is lifted. Suddenly, a familiar woman from his past appears (his mother). She tells him of her undying love for him and how she has waited for this day to come to see him all grown up. She tells him to get into the Weaver of All Formula. She wants to watch him live on, but the monstrous seal sprouts arms and captures her. Ryner will be the seal’s next sacrifice. He takes off to a door and sees a man calling for his help. He struggles. He is soon awaken from his dream. When he opens his eyes, he sees Ferris sleeping next to him. In his nakedness, he sees a new tattoo on his chest. Ferris proceeds to “kill” him for “defiling” her. But he is saved by a rap at the door.

Meanwhile, the Taboo Breakers hunt an experiment that has gone awry. The boys end up killing the man, much to Milk’s horror and dismay. She learns that the forbidden experiment was ordered by Sion Astal. This was their secret from her.

Elsewhere in Gastark, Kiefer is told about the Solver of Formula. By breaking the seal, the breaker will be consumed by the Lonesome Devil. It is time for the King to move. He will launch an attack on Sion and save Ryner before Sion betrays him. The Fallen Black Hero will consume the Lonesome Devil. Kiefer has to stop Ryner before this happens.

Dec. 9, 2010, ep. 23: The Last Day

Ryner and Ferris returns to Sion. In turn, they get thrown piles of work. But the castle is a buzz with Sion’s impending birthday celebrations, but the king if oblivious to that, only to the work sitting in front of him. Finally, it is the day of the big celebration. Ryner is sent out into the woods to release the fireworks. Knowing this, Sion breaks out from his party earlier to seek out Ryner, his one true friend. They stop and finally talk. Being a ruler is hard work. It is no longer just an empty dream. Friends and men have died for his goal. Overworked and running on fumes, Sion finally catches forty winks under the watchful eye of Ryner. Will the friends be forced to fight each other one day?

Claugh pushes on with his training, knowing the war has only just begun.

Dec. 16, 2010, ep. 24: A Distant Day’s Promise

Once, a long long time ago, the Black Hero fought with all his might, but was sealed. The Lonesome Devil came along and made a deal with the Black Hero. The All Formulae, Solver and Weaver of Formula, was split. But after that, he found only darkness greeting him. Lost, the Devil gave up his remaining powers.

In a dream-like sequence, Ryner and Sion are caught in an coliseum.

“Are you going to kill me?” Ryner questions Sion.

“Sorry,” came the apology.

“Sorry,” Ryner replies. “I made a promise to someone (Ferris). There’s no going about it. You can’t win.”

The floors suddenly opens up and Ryner is attacked by Sion’s human experiments. Ryner is not ready to give up on Sion just yet, but Sion can no longer hear him. The two clash swords. Sion draws the black sword: Lonesome Devil and stabs Ryner. It is time to consume Ryner again. But Ryner’s mom appears from within Ryner and stops Sion.

“It is not time yet,” she explains calmly, “Not time for the Weaver of Formula.”

At the same moment, Lucille Eris appears too, seemingly controlling Sion.

Suddenly, Sion awakens from his nightmare. He has been asleep for 4 hours and Ryner finished the work for him. Even though it was a dream, Sion knew that it was time to move forward, to kill Ryner and save his friend. Ryner is doomed to wander hell forever. He needs to save him from that.

As the wheels begin to turn, Ryner is next found in a jail cell, injured. Feris and Kiefer, in turn, come to his rescue. Sion is no longer what he was. He has called on his army, and they are marching towards Nelpha. The war breaks out for the hero king, but Ryner and Feris will stop him and reveal the truth. Ryner still believes in his friend. It is time for Ryner to return the favor of “rescue.”

Gastark forces move forward with an Alpha Stigma bearer by his side.

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