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Season 7 premiers on Monday Sept. 20, 2010 on Fox

House’s relationship with Cuddy is in full bloom after a patient dies in his arms (last season) and he almost turns to vicodin. Wilson trying to sneak in to the apartment through the kitchen window, and ultimately getting stuck it in, is too funny. But him trying to ensure that his friend is doing well, that is indeed a true friend in need.

Monday, May 17, 2010, episode 132 – Help Me

Monday, May 10, 2010, episode 131 – A Place Called Home?

Monday, May 3, 2010, episode 130 – The Choice

House makes a choice between his needs and a relationship with Cuddy.

Monday, April 26, 2010, episode 129- Open & Shut

Monday, April 19, 2010, episode 128 – Knight’s Fall

Wilson finds an empty bottle of Vicodin in House’s laundry after losing a bet and forced to clean House’s dirty laundry.

Monday, April 12, 2010, episode 127 – Lockdown

An infant goes missing and everyone is put on lockdown in the hospital. They are to remain where they are at that moment – in whatever room, with whoever they are with. Hugh Laurie (House) makes his directorial debut with this episode.

Monday, March 15, 2010, episode 126 – Black Hole

A teenage girl is admitted into the hospital for severe allergic reaction, but one that the team cannot find the root cause to. They assume that it’s the boyfriend’s sperm that is hurting her, but in actual fact, it’s the boyfriend’s father’s semen, which is she allergic to.

Taub has a fight with his wife. It seems he’s not spending enough time with her. House implies that Taub is cheating on his wife – again. But Taub vehemently disputes and repudiate it. Finally he asks Taub if his wife said “yes.” Surprised, Taub asks House how he knows. To which House replies, “Monkey see, monkey do,” pointing to the patient’s boyfriend proposing to her as she lies dying in bed.

Meanwhile, House is egging Wilson on to purchase his own furniture for the apartment. He wants him to get one piece of his own choosing. After a few “wrong” choices, Wilson goes with an interior decorator but picks out an old organ for House. A perfect and much appreciated choice. Here’s the aww moment.

Monday, March 8, 2010, episode 125 – Private Lives

A blogger goes into the hospital and insists on sharing not only her private life with her boyfriend but discusses her medical procedure with her public.

Speed dating with Wilson, Chase and House. Priceless. House bets that no matter what a airhead or jerk Chase pretends to be, he will still get the call backs. House wins. And for that matter, it looks like maybe 13 and Chase may just start hitting it off.

Most surprising of all, House unearths Wilson’s dabble in porn movies. The entire hospital hears about it, and sees it too. To exact his revenge, Wilson finds out House is reading a book of sermons. What is more astonishing, is the writer of the book – House’s biological father.

Monday, Feb. 8, 2010, episode 124 – 5 to 9

The workings of the hospital is seen through the eyes of Lisa Cuddy, the Dean of Medicine. With the day that she has, I’m surprised the patience that she has in dealing with House and his antics.

Monday, Feb. 1, 2010, episode 123 – Moving the Chains

The team takes on the case of a college football player who banged his own head against his helmet after practice. The young man wants to be quickly discharged to play in front of NFL scouts, but it looks like the tests will take longer than that. In the end, House diagnoses it as skin melanoma, hidden between the toes of the player and quickly resolves the problem.

Foreman’s older brother is released from prison, and House hires him as an “assistant” only to be a needle at Foreman’s side. In fact, Wilson later comments that House was being sinister but ironically trying to pull the brothers together. Messed up!

Meanwhile, House and Wilson’s home is being sabotage and the two accuse each other of laying the trap, until both were pranked at the same time with the fire sprinklers going off and flooding their apartment. It seems Lucas, Cuddy’s boyfriend, is holding a grudge for the duo’s hand in outbidding Cuddy on the apartment.

Monday, Jan. 25, 2010, episode 122 – Remorse

House takes on an attractive female patient based on her outward appearance. While the men on the team swoons over her, 13 finds something wrong with her mental health and links it to her illness.

House tries to ease his conscience (if he ever had one) by reaching out to a ex-medical classmate who he switched his final paper with. In the end, even after knowing that that classmate did well, but screwed everything up himself, House still left him with a check to keep his house.

Monday, Jan. 11, 2010, episode 121 – The Down Low

A drug dealer, Mickey, collapses during a sale and his partner, Eddie, brings him to the hospital. The team can’t figure out what is wrong, until House realizes that Mickey is really an undercover cop.

Chase, 13 and Taub pretend to have higher pays than Foreman. In the end, THEY get burnt.

Wilson has his eye set on his new neighbor, but she thinks that Wilson and his “housemate” – House is gay. House gets wind of this, and tries to sabotage the “relationship.” So the race begins of who will finally woo the new girl. House becomes the stereotypical gay man, who loves broadway and even notices her shoes. Wilson even ends up proposing to House, just to prove a point. But in the end, no one gets the girl.And they are both stuck with show tunes.

Monday, Nov. 30, 2009, episode 120 – Wilson

Wilson has a hunting buddy, Tucker, whose cancer relapses but he is too emotionally invested to see it.  He makes mistakes after mistakes, but eventually kills the cancer cells with an extra dose of chemotherapy, which ends up killing Tucker’s liver. Wilson, against everyone’s advice, gives Tucker his liver, and ends up realizing who his real friend is – House.

After he recovers, he outbids Cuddy for the 2-bedroom loft that she has her sights set on. House and Wilson officially has a bigger bachelor pad and they are “moving in together.”

Monday, Nov. 23, 2009, episode 119 – Ignorance is Bliss

The team’s new patient is a brilliant physicist, who’s mixing cough medication with alcohol to dumb himself down to the level of his wife.

Cuddy and Lucas’ relationship is about to get a jolt from House, who is determined to break them apart. House is the one who gets punked instead, missing out on Thanksgiving with them, and getting fooled by them for thinking they really broke up for him.

The team is also concern for Chase’s breakup, but Chase gets so frustrated, he socks House instead. Taub uses the black-eye as “proof” that HE was man enough to stand up to House, with his wife.

Monday, Nov. 16, 2009, episode 118 – Teamwork

House’s medical license is reinstated. He notices that he current team – Chase, Cameron and Foreman – is breaking apart. He begins re-recruiting his former team members: Taub and 13.

An adult film star is admitted into the hospital complaining of eye pain, and his condition worsens throughout.

In the end, not only does Cameron leave the diagnostics team, but she leaves Chase too. Taub and 13 are officially back.

Monday, Nov. 9, 2009, episode 117 – Known Unknowns

A teenage girl is hospitalized after a wild night out stalking a comic book creator. She is less than honest with the night’s events, which leaves the team baffled by and stumped with the diagnosis.

Cuddy, Wilson and House are away from the hospital for a medical conference. House meets up with Cuddy during the 80s night party, but is rejected, citing that she needs someone “responsible” in her life now. To be more responsible, House offers to babysit her daughter, but discovers that Lucas (his  PI) is actually there looking after the baby and mother.

Meanwhile, Wilson plans on giving a speech about euthanasia (after he just performed it on a terminally ill cancer patient), thus hurting his career in the process. House drugs Wilson and gives the talk on his behalf, while posing as another doctor.

Chase breaks down and tells Cameron that he killed Dibala.

Monday, Oct. 19, 2009, episode 116 – Brave Heart

A policeman thinks he inherited heart problems from generations of men in his family. The team sets out to find out what’s wrong with him, but House rules it as a case of a hypochondriac not wanting to face up to life challenges. He signs him off as healthy, the policeman is discharged, but he is promptly brought back to the hospital – dead. This really befuddles the team. House and Foreman does an autopsy. Just as they cut into his chest, the policeman wakes up.

This time, Cuddy is House’s muse, as she tells him to stop pressing her buttons. House realizes what’s wrong with policeman, and cuts him open to take out a growing bubble in his head. Voila! All better.

Back at Wilson’s house, House is promoted to “room” status now.  But House thinks he’s hearing things, only to find out that it’s Wilson who’s talking to his dead girlfriend, Amber. In the end, House settles into his room, and, he too, starts a conversation with his deceased father.

Monday, Oct. 12, 2009, episode 115 – Instant Karma

A billionaire’s son is sick and no one knows why and how to cure him. He asks for House to treat him, to no avail. In the end, thinking that it’s karma, he signs away his fortune.  At the same moment, House has an epiphany while talking to his muse – Wilson. The child is saved. The billionaire is no longer one, but he thinks that it’s karma that saved his son.

Foreman has to give a symposium on the cause of the dictator’s death. Both him and Chase scramble to find ways to cover up the lie, when they discover the anomaly in the cholesterol reading. House comes to the rescue again.

While trying to cover his tracks, and not involve Cameron, Chase inevitably pushes her away.

Monday, Oct. 5, 2009, episode 114 – The Tyrant

House wants back into the team. Except no one else is IN the team. With Foreman still as the boss, Chase and Cameron are recruited again. However, House is not allowed to see the patient or be a part of any test – as he doesn’t have his license. House becomes a “silent” consultant.

13 and Foreman are officially over. It looks like she may be moving on. Does that mean the Taub, 13, (and Kutner) team is no longer and the old team returns?

House with his "new" team of "old" faces

House with his "new" team of "old" faces

A cruel dictator becomes a patient. Chase and Cameron wrestle with their duty as a doctor to save lives, and their duty as a civilian not to allow a monster to live. Meanwhile, House toys with Foreman’s judgment and calls. In the end, Chase swaps a dead patient’s blood with scleroderma with the dictator’s when a test was required to confirm the disease. Because the result was positive, steroids were prescribed, thus effectively killing the dictator. Foreman, wanting to ascertain his earlier call against House was right, is once again prodded by House to visit the morgue for an autopsy. He is quickly barred from entering by the dictator’s guards but found that Chase was in the morgue earlier that day and the only body in there was a dead patient with scleroderma.

Wilson’s condo board member is giving him a hard time because of the smell and noise emanating from his apartment. House volunteers to solve the problem – ala Dexter – medication to knock him up, and when the victim awakens, he is bound to a chair with a tape over his mouth. Except, he cures the war veteran of a persistent pain in his hand – with a two way mirror. Voila! and he’s back!

Monday, Sept. 28, 2009, episode 113 – Epic Fall

House quits the Teaching Hospital and through the advice of his doctor, he takes up a hobby.  Wilson’s hobby.  He cooks up a storm while hurling insults at everyone. At one point, while Wilson was cooking meatballs, House uses science (vinegar) to save his burning meat.  Wilson says, “You saved my balls.”  House cooks up a storm, but the pain in his leg doesn’t go away.

Meanwhile, the team is breaking up over House’s unexpected departure. A patient/gamer goes in with a burning hand problem/hallucinating. He does everything, from Googling his problem and eventually setting up a prize money ($25K) for the person who comes up with the solution to his problem, except take the advice of his doctors.

Taub quits the team, citing that he was there in the first place to work with House. 13 gets fired by Foreman who becomes the boss of the diagnostic team.  And House get the $25K, which he turns over to the psychiatric hospital. The doc sends him back to the hospital – without a license to practice.

Monday, Sept. 21, 2009, episode 111 & 112 – Broken I & II

Took a page right out of One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

Institutionalized, House tries to first manipulate the inmates to gain his release papers. When that didn’t succeed he goes after the staff members. After causing enough mayhem with the rest of the loony tunes, he finally gets one on one time with the head warden. House falls in love with an inmate’s best friend only to be heartbroken when she leaves with her family.  When he comes to the warden for advice, he gains his key to leave the nut house.

House actually learns to admit that his failures are not the end of the world. He learns to trust and learns to reciprocate and earn that trust. He learns that asking for help is not a sign of weakness.  He learns humility. The dog is never too old to learn new tricks.

Season 6 premiers with a 2-hour episode on Monday Sept. 21, 2009 on Fox

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House, a medical drama, made its debut on Fox on Nov. 2004. Dr. Gregory House, the protagonist, is a medical genius who does things unconventionally.  He heads the diagnostics team at a Princeton Teaching Hospital in NJ. His character is said to be much like the infamous Sherlock Holmes. Both are forensic geniuses, musicians, drug users/abusers and very much aloof. They both have a sidekick – Watson/Wilson.

The antagonist is hospital administrator and Dean of Medicine Dr. Lisa Cuddy.  House either has the hots for her, or he just love rubbing her the wrong way. House’s only friend is head of Oncology, Dr. James Wilson, a divorcée who also lost his later girlfriend because of House. Season 1-3, House’s diagnostic team consists of Robert Chase, Allison Cameron and Eric Foreman. Season 4 a new team was formed consisting of 13, Taub and Kutner. Kutner was killed off toward the end of season 5, due to him being chosen as the spokespersons for the Asian community in the Obama administration.

At the end of Season 5, after abusing Vicodin for way too long, House starts hallucinating, seeing Wilson’s dead girlfriend. Finally, he commits himself to Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital. 13 and Foreman are a couple, and 13 deals with her Huntington’s disease which Foreman runs a trial for. Chase and Cameron gets engage and at then married towards the final episode.

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