White Collar

White Collar premiered on USA Network on Oct. 23, 2009 and ran for 14 episodes until March 9, 2010. It focuses on Neal Caffry who is a very skilled con-artist by night and a FBI consultant by day. His partner is Special Agent Peter Burke, working in the white collar crime division, and Neal’s arresting officer – twice.

White collar

Neal was put in a maximum security federal prison by Burke four years ago and broke out of it three months before his parole when his girlfriend, Kate, broke up with him. After his recapture, Burke and Caffry struck a deal for him to work alongside the FBI to capture other white collar criminals. Caffry is a master forger and apt thief who’s charisma even opens the door to a guest room in June’s, a wealthy widow, mansion. Caffry soon works his magic not only into Peter’s home, but into the Burke’s heart. Even Elizabeth, Peter’s wife, takes on Neal’s side on occasion.

Neal is out to find Kate and release her from the evil grasp of OPR – a higher up to Peter’s FBI. Together with the help of his old friend of the trade, Mozzie, they track down Kate and the OPR agent. When he finally gives agent Garret Fowler, of OPR, the music box from Catherine the Great’s collection as part of the famed Amber Room in St. Petersburg, both Neil and Kate are given a new identity to start over anew. However, Peter appears one last time, before Neil leaves, to try to make him stay. In doing so, Peter inadvertently stops Neil from perishing, but not so for unlucky Kate who blows up in the awaiting plane.

White Collar cast

White Collar cast

Season 2 begins July 2010 and ends September 2010 with a total of 9 episodes.

Neal is on the hunt for the murderer of Kate, first retrieving the black box from the plane, which ends up at his nemesis’ (Sara Ellis, the insurance agent accusing him of stealing a Raphael) house, then to tracking down the music box, which is in Diana’s possession and then to finally meeting Fowler face-to-face. In the end, however, to crack the code of the music box, Mozzie is shot on the chest. Let’s hope they don’t kill off Mozzie just like that. He is an integral part of Neal’s prowess and brings much comedic relief to the series.

Season 3 will return January 2011

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