Nurarihyon no Mago

Nurarihyon no Mago (ぬらりひょんの孫 Grandchild of Nurarihyon) is a manga series written and illustrated by Hiroshi Shiibashi in 2007 with a total of 10 tankoubon volumes as of April 2010. The series is adapted into anime by Studio DEEN and began airing July 5, 2010 a total of 26 episodes (24 official ones + 2 recap episodes). A drama CD was also released in December 2009. A second season has been announced for the series.

It’s opening and ending themes are:

1. “Fast Forward” by Monkey Majik (ep. 1-13) DOWNLOAD
2. “Sunshine” by Monkey Majik (ep. 14-26) DOWNLOAD
3. “Sparky☆Start” by Katate☆SIZE (ep. 1-13) DOWNLOAD
4. “Symphonic☆Dream” by Katate☆SIZE (ep. 14-26)

Nura Rikou  is one part youkai (demon) and three parts human. He lives with his youkai grandfather in a house filled with spirits that call him “Master” / “Waka.” He constantly does good deeds to escape his fate of becoming a demon himself, despite his grandfather’s wishes of his succession to the Nura clan.

However, he soon comes to terms with his demon blood and his place in the House of Nura. Factions arise to stop and usurp his position as Rikou gathers friends and allies to strengthen his claim to spread “Fear.”

Rikou looks innocent and kind enough, being all but 12 years old. His alter ego, on the other hand, is what the rest of the demon world are waiting for to appear and lead them on their fear parade.

At first glance, the premise of the story is akin to Shonen Onmyouji, where the grandson is forced to succeed and live up to the family name. However, one character exorcises demons, while the other is the demon himself.

July 5, 2010, ep. 1: Becoming the Lord of Pandemonium

Humans fear the spirit world. They are led by the king of the underworld, the Supreme Commander, the Lord of Pandemonium Nurarihyon. After the passing of his son, the second heir to the Nura Clan, Nurarihyon is forced to name his grandson, Nura Rikou, as the successor. Since Rikou is still young, Nurarihyon has to rule in his place until he is ready to take on the 72 demon clans with their 10,000 spirits.

Rikou, who is only one-third demon, together with his mother, Wakana, are the sole humans in Nurarihyon’s household. Twelve-year-old Rikou doesn’t want any part of this job. After his inner demon was awakened (his night persona) four years ago, he was named heir to the throne. The Nura Clan is awaiting the return of that demon to lead them on their Night Parade of a 100 demons. They want him to instill fear in humans and spirits alike.

Aotoba & Yuki-ona

Aotoba & Yuki-ona

Rikou assembles his retainers, aka the demons living under his grandfather’s roof, and orders them not to venture anywhere near the old high school. His “friends” at school will be tempting fate tonight by searching for spirits there. Three boys (including Rikou) and Kana, the sole female, visits the school late at night to disproof the myth of a haunted school. Rikou realizes soon enough that there are spirits, spirits that do not belong to the Nura Clan, which reside in the school. Rikou tries to clear as many rooms as possible, but eventually, they stumble into the kitchen with a resident demon as guardian. The beast comes after them, and Rikou is about to change into his demon form when his own retainers come to his rescue. Aotoba and Yuki-ona (Snow girl) kills off the demon. They will always be his guardian and protector, now that he’s been named heir.

July 12, 2010, ep. 2: Poison Wings Flutter in the Bamboo Forest

One night, Rikou steps out of his room. Rikou sees a man in the tree who comments that he looks down. Rikou replies that he is upset with himself for not saving Kana when she was attacked. He wants to be stronger. Suddenly, that man in the tree disappears.

Lord Zen, a Bird Yokai, of the Zen Ippa Group visits Rikou, the third heir of the Nura Clan, the next morning with his assistant, Hebidayu. Upon seeing him, he immediately calls him, “Master!” Rikou is only too happy that Lord Zen is visiting. He denies his succession as he is only a mere human. None of the top heads will support Rikou’s position as the heir. Angered by this proclamation, Lord Zen attacks Rikou with his poisonous feathers. He finally leaves the Nura mansion, when his sickness acts up, due to his inherent weakness as a Bird Yokai. In their carriage, Hebidayu chastises him for not wanting to succeed the weaker Rikou. Lord Zen will never betray the Nura Clan. For four generations, the Zen Ippa Group has been protected by the Nura Clan, and they have been indebted to them because of that. Ah! But Hebidayu surmises that his master’s death is drawing near. He attacks him – like the snake that he is. There is no loyalty, especially for a traitor like him. Plus, it’s not like he betrayed him first. Lord Zen did himself in when he wasn’t more ambitious in usurping Rikou’s place.

Lord Zen

Lord Zen

Back in the Nura mansion, Karasu-Tengu, the family adviser (an owl) explains to Nurarihyon that through the years, it has been the Nura Clan’s duty to protect the weaker demon clans. Suddenly, Rikou realizes something is not right. He dashes out of the mansion with only Karasu-Tengu with him. Rikou reaches Lord Zen in the nick of time.

Hebidayu only laughs at the appearance of little Rikou, but soon he enough, his alter ego, the Night Rikou appears. Hebidayu is slaughtered while Lord Zen watches in awe. Lord Zen then swears his allegiance (again) to Rikou, and takes an oath as his sworn brother, to serve him as long as he is still breathing. He can’t die yet, he still has a duty to protect Rikou. Before Night Rikou disappears, he swears to Karasu-Tengu that he will become the third heir of the Nura Clan!

The next day, Yuki-ona (as Oikawa Tsurara) and Aotoba follow Rikou to school as students. They have to remain with him for protection, and as a compromise, Yuki-ona promises not to call Rikou, “Master.” Back in the classroom, the teacher introduces a new student, Keikan Yura, who looks a little too suspicious. Meanwhile, Rikou doesn’t remember a thing about the night’s event.

July 19, 2010, ep. 3: Keikan Yura and the Kiyojuji Paranormal Patrol

In Ukiyoe, a drunk man stumbles home only to see a man in a dark alley eating a woman! He makes a mad dash for his life.

At school, Rikou’s friends are playing a yokai quiz in class when the new girl, Keikan Yura, answers all the questions correctly and then some more. They induct her to their newly formed group, “Kiyojuji Paranormal Patrol.” Rikou and Ienaga Kana are also dragged in as unwilling and unsuspecting members. They will have their ceremony at Rikou’s house, as they have heard from the neighbors that his house is haunted.

Immediately, Yuki-ona and Aotoba realize their master is in trouble. On the way back home, Rikou reminds them that they all have to keep quiet tonight. Upon entering the yard, Rikou hears a ruckus going on. So much for peace and quiet. He opens the hall and finds a drinking party in session – in his honor after he transformed as Night Rikou to defeat Hebidayu and save Lord Zen. They have to clean up immediately. Not a second too soon, and they friends are already at the door calling in.

Rikou’s mom, Wakana, is at hand to greet them as the “human visitors.” She is so oblivious to things. Upon entering the house, Yura’s interest of the abode is piqued. Only Yokai lives in big mansions like this. She senses traces of Yokai as they watch her and try to hide out of sight. As the students begin the ceremony on Yokai research, a woman with ample bosoms enter the room to serve them tea. Rikou is in shock, but the other two male friends cannot believe their dumb luck that such a beautiful woman lives in Rikou’s house. Rikou immediately excuses himself and pulls Kejoro with him. She innocently tells him that they kitchen staff was not informed of his human guests.

With Rikou absent, Yura decides to rudely wander the house as she finds something odd about the place. When Rikou returns, he panics as he realizes the friends are missing. He looks for them and finds them looking for spirits, as they hide from Yura. She brings them to the bathhouse, where the spirits conceal themselves inside the water, and tuck away in a shelf or closet. They finally enter a room with a giant Buddha statue in it. Yura definitely feels an odd energy emitting from the room. She enters it and begins to touch the statue where the spirits are hidden behind the idol. Rikou gently tells Yura that Grandpa has warned against touching sacred objects. Suddenly grandpa appears and hands out candies to the children, while meeting Rikou’s friends. No one notices his weirdly shaped head. Yura, however, says to the group that high-ranking Yokai can hide and mask their presence and blend in as a human.

Keikan Yura exorcising the rat

Keikan Yura exorcising the rat

Suddenly, they see a rat in the worship room. The students scream, but only Yura gives chase. The rat runs out into the garden, and when cornered, begins to grow in size. Yura exorcises him. She is an Onmyouji of the Keikan Clan in Kyoto. Her grandfather, is the famous Keikan Hidemoto. She is sent to Ukiyoe Town to find a leader of a Yokai said to live there. After she defeats him, she will prove herself worthy of being a successor to her grandfather’s legacy. Oh boy! Rikou’s in trouble.

Not only is Yura going to try to exorcise his family, but someone has infiltrated into the Nura home to cause harm to the heir.

As the children leave, Yura promises that she will definitely be back!

The girls, Yura and Kana, walk home. They are stopped by six men. They are ones with intelligence but no rationality. They are the yokai. They greet them as friends to the third heir. And suddenly, their human faces transform to rats. Yura counterattacks by calling upon her shikigami, a white wolf named Tauro.

July 26, 2010, ep. 4: The Rat of Darkness Devours the Cat

Tauro attacks the rats of Kyuuso clan, led by a guy coincidentally named Kyuuso. He tries to touch Yura, but she slaps his hand away and he laughs at her childish behavior. Kana is quickly surrounded by Kyuuso’s minions and Yura is forced to call off her shikigami Tauro. With that, Kyuuso knocks Yura unconscious and kidnaps both the girls. They do not know who they are messing with.

The Bakaneko clan (cats) led by Ryota-neko is supposed to keep watch on First Street in Ukiyoe, making sure that the rats do not run amok. However, the rats have overrun the city, and even the leader is forced to run away while leaving his underlings to protect him.

At the Nura house, a rat approaches Rikou telling him that he witnessed his friends Yura and Kana being kidnapped. He is told not to bring his men as the girl is an onmyouji. He goes alone, falling into their trap, but the broom follows him. Once in their lair, Rikou is attacked and Kyuuso tells him that the unconditional loyalty of the youkai ends today. With the girls as his hostage, Rikou is forced to step down as the third heir of the Nura clan. He will write his edict and announce it tonight. With that, the girls will gain their freedom. After Rikou leaves, Kyuuso vows to never return the girls, not when they are all ripe for the taking.

On his way home, Rikou bumps into an injured Ryota-neko and brings him back to the mansion. At the mansion, Rikou tells Karasu-Tengu to send his declaration around. But gramps appear, not to stop him, but to tell him to handle things by himself instead of taking the easy way out. Rikou tells him how much he hates being a youkai. He hates being powerless. But the injured Ryota-neko stops Rikou from sending out the edict. The rat will never keep his promise of releasing the girls. Even in his weakness, he will fight till his death, if it means the release of the girls. That is what a youkai is. But Rikou does not have any powers. He is only a human. With that, Night Rikou appears. It is time to hunt some rodents and exterminate them once and for all.

Night Rikou with his army

Night Rikou with his army

The Kyuuso lair is torn down. Night Rikou has brought his army of Hyaku-Yakko down on the Kyuuso clan. Kurotabou, the monk, Aotoba, Yuki-ona and the rest of the youkai attack the rats. Ryouta-neko takes on Kyuuso as he transforms into an enormous rat. Night Rikou, seeing that Ryouta-neko is trounced, steps in. Using the Ougi, he brings the flames of hell to Kyuuso thereby dragging him to the pits of his fiery death.

Yura catches glimpses of Night Rikou and vows to meet this leader again.

Aug. 2, 2010, ep. 5: Red Plum Blossoms on the Demon’s Mountain

Rikou falls ill after the episode with Kyuuso. The Nura Clan leader suspects that someone from the inside tried to unseat Rikou as the third Heir of the Clan and sends Karasu-Tengu to investigate. Gramps intentionally asks his second-in-command, Gyuuki, if he thought this was probable. He states a known fact that Night Rikou can only keep his form during a quarter of the day, which means that Rikou is powerless most times and in need of protection. Anyone can attack him.

In the meantime, Rikou’s classmates of the Kiyojuji Paranormal Patrol (KPP) pays his a visit. Kana turns green-eyed when she realizes that Yuki-ona aka Tsurara is there before them and even tends to him. KPP’s leader, Kiyotsugu, decides on a field trip to Umerakuen. Before they leave, Rikou tells his mom that they are leaving to Umerakuen by train, and for some reason, that name seems strangely familiar. Aotoba follows them by hitching a ride with the train.

The group reaches Umerakuen, and the plum blossoms are still in bloom. They meet Professor Adashibara, their guide, at the shrine on the mountain and proceed into the temple up the hill. Shima, the blond classmate, sees Yuki-ona and Rikou’s relationship and begins to get jealous. He has his sights set on her. As they climb up Umewakawaru, they (Rikou, Yuki-ona and Yura) begin to feel something ominous descend upon them. The professor tells them that a hero of the yokai legend has been enshrined in the temple. Because of rumors of travelers getting lost and devoured by demons in the area, the once named Paradise of Plum Blossom at Mount Nejireme has been changed.

Meanwhile, Gramps, mom and Karasu-Tengu discusses Rikou’s field trip and Karasu-Tengu realizes Rikou is walking into a trap. Umerakuen is home to Gyuki. Karasu-Tengu calls upon his sons to rescue Rikou. It was as he suspected. The person behind Kyuuso’s attack was Gyuuki.

Back at the temple, Gyuuki is informed that the prey has arrived. Mozumaru, Gyuuki’s underling, is in control of Professor Adashibara, as he brings the students to him. The trap is set.

Aug. 9, 2010, ep. 6: Trap Set on the Demon Mountain

The once named Mount Nejireme is home to fearsome demons who attack lost travelers, or so it is rumored. It is also home to Gyuuki.

Rikou, Yuki-ona and Yura sense that the mountain has an sinister presence. Without Ao around, it will be Yuki-ona’s duty to protect Rikou, since he is still in his layman’s form. Rikou tries to convince his friends to turn back, but the Professor, manipulated by Mozumaru, tells that the place is protected by talismans against demons. Furthermore, the infamous onmyouji, Yura, is there should there encounter any demons. They will move forward, and put up a night at a ryokan with hot springs.



With that, the Professor takes leave from the children. As he leaves the shrine, he bumps into a lost Ao and misdirects him. Gozumaru meets up with Mozumaru. They, led by Gyuuki, will rise up against the main family of the Nura clan. Or is that Gyuuki’s true motive? The minions hatch a plan to separate the group. The smaller the numbers, the easier it is to defeat them. Gozumaru will take on Rikou’s guardian, while Mozumaru will take care of the other classmates. They are lured in by the ryokan’s proprietress and her hand. The girls are led to an outdoor hot springs, but Kana begins to wonder why Tsurara isn’t with them and thinks that she is having an alone time with Rikou. She goes looking for Rikou and Tsurara, leaving the other two female classmates behind. They are soon surrounded by Mozumaru’s minion, who ready themselves for the feast before them. But the tardy Yura comes to their rescue, releasing her shinigami, Rokuson, in the form of a deer. Elsewhere, Kana heads up an extra long flight of stairs to the shrine.

Meanwhile Kiyotsugu convinces Shima to go demon hunting with him. To stop them from venturing out alone, Rikou had to volunteer himself to go with them. Yuki-ona/Tsurara, upon hearing this, follows them too. They head into the forest with Gozumaru watching their every move. He then hypnotizes the two bumbling idiots and split them in different directions. Rikou goes after Kiyotsugu while Yuki-ona is ordered to protect Shima. Soon, Rikou realizes this is a trap to separate him from Yuki-ona. She is attacked by Gozumaru. “Do you know who I am?” she questions him. Of course he does and promptly stabs her on her foot.

Is it me? But why is a demon bleeding? In any case, Rikou reaches her in time and throw off Gozumaru’s sword that is about to deal the finishing blow. “You tried to kill her after knowing she’s my man?! I will kill you!”

Aug. 16, 2010, ep. 7: Darkness Moves the Night of the New Moon

As Yuki-ona dozes in and out of consciousness, she sees an unchanged Rikou coming to her rescue. “Waka?” She tries to protect him in her state, causing Gozumaru to laugh at his weakness as the third heir to the Nura Clan. He attacks Rikou who manages to block the assaults and retaliate. In his day form, Rikou manages to fight on a level ground with his assailant. Strangely enough, Rikou has always known this strength, but didn’t want to acknowledge it. Gozumaru transforms into his Ox Claw form, while Gyuuki chants elsewhere, and momentarily paralyzes Rikou. Yuki-ona sees Rikou being attacked and comes to his rescue, injuring herself in the process. Gozumaru taunts him.

“No human can beat me.”

The day form Rikou replies, “Human? The evil blood of the Supreme Commander runs in me.” Suddenly Night Rikou emerges and defeats Gozumaru with one slice.

Yura tells summons her shinigami just as Karasu-Tengu’s children arrive. They catch Mozumaru, but Yura catches wind that their “master” is on the premises.

Simultaneously, Karasu-Tengu receives news that his children have taken Mozumaru hostage. The demons at the Nura house sees the sudden arrival of Lord Zen and goes into a frenzy. Lord Zen meets with Nurarihyon after realizing that the young master has been lured into Mount Nejireme. “Is it wise to ignore Gyuuki’s actions?” The commander tells them to stand down, and let Rikou discern Gyuuki’s true intentions.

Elsewhere, the lost Aotoba stumbles upon the hypnotized Kiyotsugu and Shima. He takes them to safety, bringing them back to the hot springs inn, but escaping when he sees Yura on sight. The girls care for the unconscious boys, but suddenly realize that Kana and Rikou are missing.

Kana is still ascending the steep steps into the shrine alone. Suddenly she hears an animal’s screech. In her fright, she drops her torchlight down the stairs and breaks it. Unease washes over her, as she realizes her mistake of walking into the forest alone at night. Blue flames appear from afar. The figure approaches with another limp body, and she realizes she has seen him before. It’s the same yokai who beat Kyuuso, the rat. He approaches her, as Kana backs away. She slips on the stairs, just as Night Rikou catches her. “Careful!” he warns her, “The new moon is dangerous for humans.” She suddenly realizes that Night Rikou is carrying Tsurara/Yuki-Ona. He leaves Yuki-ona in Kana’s care, just as Yuki-ona drops Rikou’s glasses, with guiding flames to keep them safe.

Swooning at the touch

Swooning at the touch

The ominous dark clouds gather. “Something wrong Kana-chan,” Night Rikou asks.

Surprised, she asks, “How do you know my name?”

“I’ve known it for a while now.”

Nostalgia washes over her as he vanishes into the night. Night Rikou proceeds towards Gyuuki. He enters the shrine and demands an answer from Gyuuki. “What are you thinking, Gyuuki?”

“You have come,” mutters Gyuuki unemotionally. “Must be nice to appear elusively whenever you feel like it.”

Aug. 23, 2010, ep. 8: Tragic Umewakamaru!

Night Rikou calmly points out Gyuuki’s foolishness in trying to assassinate him. It dawns on him that Kyuuso was also under Gyuuki’s control, when the rat tried to kill him. Gyuuki reasons that Night Rikou will not remember all of this when he returns to the human form in the morning.

“Foolish!” Night Rikou replies, “From the moment I realized the blood flowing in me, our wish became the same… to be the third heir to the Nura Clan.” He pauses and threatens Gyuuki’s life for his treasonous actions.

A fight ensues and ends when both skilled fighters have swords pointed at each other’s throats. Illusions of Kyuuso and Hebidayu appear to distract Night Rikou from his main target. But the focused successor draws blood from the traitorous man.

A wounded Gyuuki tells the story of a noble family in an impoverished place during war. The couple was childless for a while. The wife, Hanako, went to a nearby shrine to plead for an offspring. She remain barren, until one night, a light enters her body. She awakens thinking it a strange dream, with the scent of the plum blossoms wafting around her. A boy was born the next spring. They named him Umewakamaru.

The child was doted on by both parents. He was taught the art of sword fighting and well-educated. On his fifth birthday, his father, Yoshida Sosho, was said to have died of illness, but they knew he had perished at war. Two years later, the mother was forced to remarry to survive. The boy was sent away to study at a monastery. He was a prodigy in all fields and excelled in everything that was taught to him. Unfortunately for him, that was not the end of his tragedies. At the age of 12, news traveled to the monastery that his mother died of an illness.

Ultra buff plum

Ultra buff plum

He leaves the monastery in hopes of reaching his mother before she is buried. During the journey, he rests at the foothills of Mount Nejireme. Soon, two women awaken him telling him that they are Hanako’s attendants. It seems his mother is not dead, but recuperating from her illness and waiting for her son’s return.  He rushes up the mountain, only to be way-laid by a demon. He fights the demon tooth and nail, thinking he has to live to see his mother one last time. Reading his mind, the demon asks him while opening his mouth, “Are you taking about this mother?”

Enraged, the boy attacks the yokai and jumps into his mouth. The yokai, Lord Gyuuki, laughs at the boy’s stupidity. But soon, the demon throws himself to his death and out jumps the boy.

The boy resurfaces, and the earlier two women tremble in fear, knowing they will be next to go. They beg for their lives, explaining that it was Lord Gyuuki who forced them to lure travelers up the mountain. Instead of forgiving them, he takes their life. From then on, he realizes how weak humans are and vows to be a strong demon, killing travelers up the mountain over and over again to ease his pain.

Once suave gramps

Once suave gramps

Centuries pass and Umewakamaru takes on Gyuuki’s persona, forgetting his name and the love of his parents. Soon, a horde of demons approach him, led by the Supreme Commander Nurarihyon to attack Gyuuki’s mansion to gain control of the West. The war rages on for three days and three nights, before Nurarihyon outmatches Gyuuki. Gyuuki prepares for his death, but Nurarihyon asks him to join the clan in admiration of his strength. He gives him two days to decide. At the end of the second day, Gyuuki visits Nurarihyon’s camp site and sees demons surrounding the Commander. He kneels before him and swears his allegiance.

Drink to loyalty

Drink to loyalty

Nurarihyon simple states to Gyuuki, “I will become your parent, Umewaka.” He has never forgotten that since then, which bought his loyalty for eternity.

Aug. 30, 2010, ep. 9: Gyuuki’s Beloved Nura Clan

Blood oozes out from an injured Gyuuki. Knowing how weak humans are, he warns Night Rikou, “If you reject the demon in you and live as a human, I will risk my life to stop you from succeeding as the heir.” Mount Nejireme lies on the western border of Nura clan. There are no other allies farther west. Nura clan’s first line of defense is its only defense against encroaching enemies – Gyuuki’s clan.

Night Rikou responds that he will be the successor and slashes Gyuuki. Gyuuki falls, but vows he will give his life to protect the clan from a “useless” heir.

The sons of Karasu-Tengu arrive to protect their master. But Night Rikou stops them from attacking. Gyuuki is unrepentant for the love of his clan and his master, Nurarihyon. He will not acknowledge one who won’t be see himself as a demon. Gyuuki picks up his sword, as the crow siblings ready themselves for some action. But Gyuuki tries to commit sepukku. Night Rikou stops him.

Night Rikou challenging Gyuuki

Night Rikou challenging Gyuuki

“If I am weak,” Night Rikou counters, “you can kill me. There is no reason to die over something trivial like this.”

The next morning, Rikou visits the resting Gyuuki and tells him he remembers everything: from Hebidayu to Mount Nejireme. He also knows he is a yokai and it is time for him to decide on the future of his clan. Even though he wants to live in peace, he also wants to protect his family and friends. He will have to rely on his blood, and people like Gyuuki to protect his family. “And you are my family too,” Rikou states, reinforcing his grandfather’s earlier edict to Gyuuki.

Gramps finds Rikou and expresses his outrage that Gyuuki dare draw his sword against him. He should be expelled or worse, force him to commit harakiri. But Rikou calms his down, explaining that this was Gyuuki’s way of saving the clan, by not wanting it to fall into the hands of a weak heir. In that case, Rikou will have to explain this to the rest of the clan during the next general meeting.

On the day of the meeting, the household buzzes with activity. Rikou’s mother, Wakana, and Yuki-ona fret about Rikou’s performance. Gozumaru and Mezomaru, the earlier perpetrators, tell Yuki-ona they will be staying at the main house for a while. Nurarihyon announces the reason for calling the meeting, to officially name his grandson, Nura Rikou, as the third heir and his successor.

Hitotsume voices his displeasure and questions Gyuuki’s traitorous actions against Rikou. Rikou steps up to the plate, bows to the clan leaders and welcomes them to his abode. He accepts the charge as the heir of the Nura Clan even though he is still a novice. He then asks for forgiveness ahead of time for his missteps in the future. Finally, he explains Gyuuki’s actions; everything was done because of Rikou’s incompetence. Therefore, Rikou is solely responsible for Gyuuki’s actions.

Hitotsume, the one-eyed demon lord, roars in disbelief. “Nonsense!” he yells. “You have to punish his actions.”

Rikou admits that even though Gyuuki betrayed the clan, he was trying to protect Nura’s territory to the West by ensuring that the proper heir succeeds the Commander. Moreover, only Gyuuki is capable of and fearsome enough to protecting the land.

Even though Hitotsume has voiced his dissenting opinion, Gramps and the others are pleased with the turn of the events. Things will only get tougher for Rikou here on out. Until he reaches the age of 13 years, the seat to the Supreme Commander is still open.

Elsewhere, Yura begins to suspect Nura’s identity. The boys want to go on a yokai hunt, since they missed it while up on the Mount Nejireme. Yura volunteers to go along, forcing Maki and Lori to follow suit.

Sept. 6, 2010, ep. 10: The Demon Mirror Devours the Fruit

As Rikou quietly enjoys the moon, Yuki-ona serves him tea, telling him this is the perfect weather for playing tricks. Now that he has won over Gyuuki, he resolves to be stronger. Unfortunately for him, an ominous wind is blowing from the west.

The next day, Kana awakens from her nightmare, one she has been having since she was six. It is her birthday today, and she’s turning 13, an age that turns one into an adult in the eyes of the yokai. Lack of sleep from her restless night, she dozes off in class on to dream the same dream. This time the demon vows to get her on her birthday.

Elsewhere on the roof of the school, Yura is teaching the girls to protect themselves after their last encounter with the demons. She wants Kana to learn too since she always encountering youkais. But she is distracted. Kiyotsuga surprises Kana with a birthday present. She opens it, only to discover he has given her a voodoo doll. That is kind of sick and not quite nice a birthday present. She excuses herself telling them she is very tired and has to head home. Kana hurries home with her odd present, only to hear a voice calling out to her. “On your birthday, I will come for you.” She rushes home. Kana hears a bicycle following her. She turns around and sees a ghost riding it. “Found you!”

Rikou sends Yuki-ona and Aotoba home to make dinner ahead of him. She tells him not to stay out too late.

Meanwhile, Kiyotsuga tells the girls at the roof about the urban legend of the purple mirror. Legend has it, if you look into the mirror on your 13th birthday, you will be killed. On the 13 year, a child becomes an adult. He then pulls out a similar doll to Kana’s. It’s actually a phone. He calls her.

Kana runs away from the ghost. It has come to pick up where it left off 7 years ago. She was only 6 when she picked up a purple mirror. The mirage told her she was too young then. It will wait until she comes of age. She tries to get home, but soon realizes she is caught inside the mirror and transported back to school. Suddenly Kana’s voodoo doll rings.

“Help me!” Kana screams. She tells them she is being attacked by a mirror monster. She can’t get out.

The friends are surprised. She tells them she’s in the boy’s lavatory and the immediately split up to look for her. The group scatters to search for her. Kiyotsuga walks into the right toilet, but he doesn’t see that she’s trapped in the mirror. No one can see or hear her, the demon tells her. But Rikou does.

The demon immediately breaks the mirror and just as he is about to absorb her, Night Rikou appears and saves her.

“Don’t lay a hand on my woman in my territory.”

The mirror duplicates and surrounds him. But Rikou quickly slices it down.

Saved, Kana calls out to her worried friends that she’s fine. It was a mistake caused by her lack of sleep. She turns her attention back to Rikou. Who is he? Where ever Rikou is, he appears. She rugs on his kimono and pleads for him to stay and tell about himself.

“You don’t mind being scared?” he asks.

Scaring the date into loving your family

Scaring the date into loving your family

She insists that if he’s around, she’s unafraid. If that’s the case, he will bring her to a little out of the way establishment. He takes her to Bakeneko’s restaurant. Ryota, the leader, immediately notices that she is the human Rikou saved. Night Rikou then asks him for a favor. The rest of the demons surround themselves to the master and call Kana his “cute lover.” She does notice that everyone acknowledges him as the “master.” So he is a demon. They begin to question what kind of a demon she is. Night Rikou simply tells her that if she told them she is a human, the will eat her.

The future Mr. & Mrs. Nura

The future Mr. & Mrs. Nura

Soon, Ryota returns with that favor from his master. He presents Kana with a mirror as a present for her birthday. In the mirror, she sees them both together. Isn’t it weird that the mirror can see a demon?

Then the rest of the yokai see the voodoo doll in her bag and coo at how adorable it is. So, not all demons are scary. These are definitely friendly and nice. As the night goes on, Kana finally falls asleep right on Night Rikou’s back as he takes her home.

That night, gramps return home only to see Yuki-ona and Aotoba waiting for the young master to return. The next morning, gramps and Rikou’s mom realize that Rikou never did return. He’s growing up.

Rikou meets Yuki-ona and Aotoba in school and they ask him what he did the night before. As he is about to explain, Kana shows up and he immediately apologizes for the night. Shocked, Yuki-ona and Aotoba follow the two when Kana drags him aside to ask him “something.”

“Are you and that guy…friends?” She wants to know about him.

Of all the stupid associations - friend?

Of all the stupid associations - friend?


She’s really an airhead. But she is an airhead who has fallen in love with Night Rikou, much to Yuki-ona’s dismay.

Elsewhere at Bakeneko’s establishment, Ryota’s man, Subora Neko, was attacked, but he brushes it off as an attack by a very gusty wind. Someone else is out to test the Nura Clan’s master and claim his territory.

Sept. 13, 2010, ep. 11: The Vanguard of the Wind, Heading to the West

News gets to the Nura house that the Bakeneko Alley was attacked. Even Lord Zen, who’s residing at the main residence, smells poison in the wind.

While Rikou is oblivious to the change that is to befall them, Hihi, the masked youkai asks the Supreme Commander for permission to take action against the attackers. Soon after he leaves, a recon team consisting of Bakeneko and Sanbagarasu discover Hihi and his underlings’ corpses. Bakeneko surmises that they were cut by an extremely sharp blade, like the wind that cut Subora Neko who collapsed after that encounter. This is an outward challenge towards the Nura Clan after naming of its successor.

Kurasu-Tengu immediately increases Rikou’s guards to six, instead of just Yuki-Ona and Aotoba. They all follow Rikou to school, including the new guards Kubinashi, Kappa, Kejoro, and Kurotabo, who in his zeal of blending in, forgets to follow the master out of the train. Even the other high-ranking officials are assigned bodyguards, much to their annoyance. The Supreme Commander avoids an assignment of bodyguard by slipping out of the mansion, but Natto-Kozo, the broom head, manages to follow him. Gozu and Mezu are left wondering who their charge is, as they try to be useful in times of need at the Clan.

Master of disguises

Master of disguises

Gramps bumps into Yura while she tries to grab an after-school-special at a store, but realizes it is harder than killing a youkai with her indecisiveness. Instead, Gramps metes out his spoils with her. As they rest in a park, he acknowledges her as the successor of the famous onmouji Keikan family. She shares with him her doubts of her ability and the evilness of the youkai. She was, after all, saved by one (as she thinks of Night Rikou). Are they really her enemy? Gramps tells her that youkais are bad (in general, much to the horror of a hiding Natto). Finding a confidant in Gramps, she promises him to look out for Rikou. She also strengthens her resolve to defeat the great Nurarihyon one day, even though she wouldn’t know him if he were sitting right next to her chatting her up!

Suddenly, a gust of wind sweeps through the playground, and Yura’s senses are piqued. She immediately forms a barrier with her talisman to protect Gramps. Gramps assumes it’s the Kamaitachi clan, but Yura corrects him. The Wind-controlling demon has arrived with his team to take down Gramps, unbeknown to Yura. She does, however, realize that the leader’s, Muchi, attacks are poisonous and must be avoided at all cost. Yura summons Rokuson, her shikigami, to remove Gramps out of harm’s way. He, on the other hand, may have to jump in as this may be too much even for the Keikan family to handle. He is pleasantly surprised, however, when Yura pulls out two more shikigami at her disposal: Tanro and Bukyoku. That’s three, no wait; she summons yet another Rentei, four shikigamis that she summons for a girl her age and skill. She earns Gramps’ respect after that. Releasing the Abyss: Rakshaha, Muchi’s team is vanquished.

Summoning four shikigamis

Summoning four shikigamis - including a goldfish bazooka

Elsewhere in school, Kiyotsugu charts the abnormalities in Japan and realizes Shikoku has the highest concentration of youkai activities.

Sept. 20, 2010, ep. 12: Tamazuki and the Seven Shadows

A long time ago, the Seven Phantom Travelers led by Inugamiyobu-tankuki, brought misfortune, and worse death, to anyone who accidentally stumbled upon them. Inugamiyobu was destined to rule. Presently, they are making their way into the capital.

In school, Rikou and the rest notice a distressed Karasu-Tengu flying by without even noticing them. They prepare to run after him, but are stopped by Gozumaru and Mezumaru who are out searching for the run-a-way Supreme Commander. They are secretly pleased to be entrusted with the protection of the Commander. The children return to class after Gozu and Mezu reasons that it will be safer for Rikou to remain in school instead of wondering around with them. Upon seeing Kana eyeing Rikou and her, Yuki-ona quickly snuggles up to Rikou. Kana must subconsciously know that Rikou is connected more intimately to Night Rikou that she shows. In turn, she is infatuated with both, just as Yuki-Ona is in love with her master. The green-eyed monster is about to show itself again.

The chit brought down

The chit brought down

Yura is pleased that she took the bandits down. She doesn’t suspect one, Muchi, is still alive, and is promptly attacked from behind. His poison seeps into her, as she slowly loses control of her shikigamis. Rokuson is the first to fall, followed by Tanro and Reitei. But Bukyoku protects her from Muchi’s barrage of wind attacks. Muchi doesn’t waste any more time with Yura after she goes down, and immediately goes in search of the Supreme Commander. He finds the Supreme Commander at the top of the building where Rokuson left him earlier. Spying on the battle are two teenagers in school uniforms.

“So, you killed Hihi,” Gramps states matter of factly. “He was one of the first to pledge his loyalty to me. That makes him a veteran of the clan.”

The face of fear

The face of fear

Muchi immediately jumps into action, trying to take Gramps out, but he easily evades the whip-lashes of wind. He will destroy the Nura clan together with their Night Parade of a 100 Demons. Gramps eventually pulls out his dagger to bounce the wind back to Muchi. In a blink of an eye, Gramps disappears from Muchi’s vision but he is not gone. He is sucked into Gramps’ illusion. Such is his power that even if one can see, they lose the ability to recognize. Muchi is paralyzed with fear, not knowing the extent of Nurarihyon’s Meikyoushisui. He hears Gramps, but has no way of avoiding the final stab. Before Muchi dies, Gramps questions him why a youkai from Shikoku wants him dead? Muchi simply wastes himself away.

By the time Yura gets to the roof, she sees Gramps alone with a crumbling building. Gramps collects a blown-away Natto after making a quick disappearance from Yura. He has a nagging feeling. So instead of heading home, he goes off on a trip himself.

Back at school, Kappa senses an ominous aura and gives chase together with Kejoro and Kubinashi. Before they realize it is a trap to separate them from Rikou, the little master is attacked by the earlier spying teenagers. The leader, Tamazuki, remarks that him and Rikou are so much alike with their blood inheritance. The only difference is Rikou has everything from the start. Tamazuki, the Inugamiyobu-tankuki, leader of the Phantom Travelers, will take that away from Rikou. Together with his 88 Demons of Shikoku, they will evoke and gather more fear than the 100 Demons of the Nura Clan.

The Phantom 7 with their leader Tamazuki

The Phantom 7 with their leader Tamazuki

Will Rikou be able to hold down the fort and combat the new force from Shikoku while the Supreme Commander goes on hiatus?

Sept. 27, 2010, ep. 13: The Circumstances of Gyuuki’s rebellion

A recap of Gyuuki’s treachery, which turns out to be his way of showing utter loyalty to the Nura clan and the person who calls himself Gyuuki’s father.

Little Umewakamaru, having just lost his father, promises to protect his mother in his father’s place. But after she is brutally taken away from him by the demon Gyuuki, he curses God for stealing both his parents and vows to make humans suffer. By throwing away his given name and doing heinous crimes against humans, he becomes the true Gyuuki.  He reigns in utter terror and ruthlessness, until Nurarihyon visits him one day with his battalion of demons and overpowers him, thereby forever winning his loyalty.

After their encounter, Rikou vows to protect his family and friends with his blood, the same blood that he inherited from the Supreme Commander. Just as his grandfather did, he too accepts Gyuuki as his family.

Sept 27, 2010, ep. 14: Inugamiyobu-tankuki, Tamazuki’s Beckoning

The Supreme Commander is officially missing, as Karasu-Tengu frets at his absence. However, the Nura Clan is not the only one who knows of Nurarihyon’s unannounced departure after the fight with Muchi. The Phantom 7 Travelers are stealthily watching this development. They will use this opportunity to attack, weaken and even overthrow the Nura Clan. But then again, the Nura Clan has Gods in reserve as their trump card. A diversion will have to be created, by attacking the city and separating their forces.

Yura is the first to encounter the Shikoku intruders and fights them off.

Soon Rikou is notified of the increase attacks on their territory. This is a predicament that they have to act immediately but tread carefully. Rikou suggests that they resume their activities until the enemies show their true colors.

When the attacks in town increase, the elders gather at the Nura house to find a solution. They know the events in town is stirred up by the same people who murdered Hihi. His son, Shoei, has come seeking revenge.

Hitotsume, the one-eyed demon lord, immediately eggs Shoei on, stating his distrust of Rikou taking on the responsibilities of the head of the Nura Clan. Gyuuki, on the other hand, offers his support to the young master. Rikou warns them not take unauthorized action by themselves, or seek revenge alone. This is the Phantom 7’s plan to split them up. United they stand, divided they fall.

Rikou will lead the Clan in his grandfather’s absence. Shoei honors the Master’s wishes, and even pledges his loyalty. They will have to tighten their security, just as an intruder overhears them.

Suddenly, a vengeful spirit attacks the Nura Clan spirits in the courtyard. The intruder retreats as Rikou gives chase. The spirit leads him out of the house, where he is greeted by Tamazuki of the Inugamiyobu-tankuki. This is the official greeting and start of war between the two clans.

Oct. 1, 2010, ep. 15: Fierce Fire and Sudden Rain

Oct. 11, 2010, ep. 16: Battle of the Girls, Exquisite Beauty

Kurasu-Tengu’s children and Aotoba patrol the neighborhood and end up at Bakeneko’s restaurant. They see a new waitress there and chastises Ryota-neko for hiring new hands at a time like this.  They really should be more careful. The next morning, during another council meeting, Hitotsume chides the lack of leadership for information about the family to be leaked out. There has to be a informant. They will find the culprit, but first, they need to take control of the situation. Kurasu-Tengu’s family will look for the culprit of the leak.

Yura bumping into Kagibari-ona

Yura bumping into Kagibari-ona

Meanwhile, Rikou’s friends are staying over at his place. Only Yura is out roaming the streets, trying to find the source of the chaos. She walks into an alley way and sees a suspicious woman, who turns out to be the new waitress at Bakeneko’s restaurant. A fight ensues, and the demon realizes she’s dealing with an onmyouji and quickly leaves. It’s best she leaves otherwise she may create trouble for her master – Tamazuki. Yura gives chase, and ends up at the Nura house where her friends, and Rikou greets her. She tells him that she was going after a demon she found at the Ukioe Town alley.

Back at the Inugamiyobu-tankuki lair, the waitress, Kagibari-ona, reports back to Tamazuki. She is ordered to “take care of things,” and guard the onmyouji.

Night Rikou appears before the distraught yet happy Kana

Night Rikou appears before the distraught yet happy Kana

That night, Night Rikou appears. It is time for them to act. He goes with his trusted men to Bakeneko’s restaurant and immediately realizes that their enemy has set up a warning system at the entrance. Kagibari-ona, serving and extrating information from Hitotsume, realizes that someone fearful has entered her domain and immediately takes leave. So, it was the loud mouth Hitotsume who was the informant. As the rest of the council members corner Hitotsume for spilling the beans on the family, but he expertly shifts the blame once again to Rikou.

Loud-mouth one-eyed monster Hitotsume

Loud-mouth one-eyed monster Hitotsume

In any case, Night Rikou and his men are in hot pursuit of Kagibari-ona. Kejoro is left to protect the still injured Yura, but gets distracted when she sees a split end.

Kejoro cutting through tresses

Kejoro cutting through tresses

Yura, sensing the demonic aura, gets to a park as Kagibari-ona begins to attack her. But Karasu-Tengu sees this and goes in search of his master. Kagibari-ona questions Yura’s alliance with a demon clan even though she is an onmyouji. Confused, Yura releases her shikigami, but Kagibari-ona takes it down easily. As she is about to finish off a fallen Yura, Kejoro swoops in for the save. Both the women are equally matched, until Night Rikou appears with Kurasu-Tengu. As he attacks Kagibari-ona, she bows in fear of his aura. With her locks shredded, he sends her back to Tamazuki with a message.

“Do not send a woman to do your dirty work.”

When an unconscious Yura finally awakens, Night Rikou tells her to heal her wounds.

Oct. 18, 2010, ep. 17: The Noble Soul, Crimson Passion

Kagibari-ona returns to Tamazuki to report that Nura Rikou/Night Rikou is no ordinary brat. But Tamazuki brushes off her caution, as he sends his Shikoku demons to annihilate the Nura family.

Elsewhere, Night Rikou meets with his council. If Inugamiyobu wants to destroy the family, wouldn’t they have attacked them already, instead of creating diversions like these? What then is their true objective? As dawn breaks, the master returns to his original human form. Rikou realizes that aside from protecting his clan, he has to protect his over-zealous friends too. Meanwhile, Kiyotsugu rouses his friends into a frenzy and moves them to look for the cause behind the destruction of shrines in the town of Ukiyoe.

Rikou, upon hearing his friends’ search, sends Sahbagarasu and Aotoba out for their protection. Rikou and Yuki-ona catches up to them, and end up at a shrine that Yura is also investigating. She hides, before they realize her presence, as the group splits up to search for clues of demon activity. Rikou picks up a piece of cloth from a girl’s kimono and shows it to Yuki-ona. Yura, seeing this, thinks that they are trading saliva. She jumps out of the bushes, and surprises them. Rikou and Yuki-ona become nervous, unsure of what she heard transpiring between them about the demon clan. Yura, on the other hand, takes the nervousness as a sign of their guilt and Rikou’s betrayal to Kana. She warns him before she leaves, “If you chase two rabbits, you will loose both. Do not take rabbits too lightly.”

Back at the Nura house, Kiyotsugu and Shima look for information regarding the shredded kimono cloth that Rikou found. Rikou begins to ponder if the destruction of the shrines are related to his family. Thinking back, things begin to fall into place. It was during Kejoro and Kagibari-ona’s fight that the most recent shrine was destroyed. So, the fights were only a distraction for the Nura Clan. The real objective was the shrines. They are destroying shrines that lead to Tochigami – Nura’s foundation.

Quickly, Rikou calls a meeting, dispersing his men to protect the shrines around the area. In the mean time, Kiyotsugu has found a clue. Looks like the attacks of the shrine forms a spiral circle. Kiyotsugu knows where the next attack will be. Together with Shima, they head to the next plausible target.

Inside the shrine, Kiyotsugu continues his research, while a disinterested Shima plays football in the yard. It seems the cloth belongs to a teacher in Shikoku. This demon, Sodemogi, is skilled at killing Tochigami. It usually attacks from the back. Just as he says that, Shima sees a small demon creeping up behind Kiyotsugu, presuming the weird figure before him (Kiyotsugu) to be Tochigami. Not knowing how else to save his friend, Shima kicks his soccer ball towards the demon, which sends the demon flying out the window. Aotoba and the Sahbagarasu siblings stationed at the site watches the events before them unfold. Rikou, figuring out the next shrine targeted, reaches said shrine with Yuki-ona just as Sodemogi flies past him, hurled by Shima’s soccer ball.

A Herculean demon and a rooster, Inuhouou, corners Rikou, but Sahbagarasu and Aotoba come to their master’s aid. Led by Sasami, the sister of the two brother crows, they manage to overcome and kill Inuhouou by using his fire against himself. With that, the giant runs away knowing he is out-matched.

Meanwhile, in the middle of Shikoku, the Supreme Commander and Nattou stumble upon a giant demon. Gramps realizes that something is not right. There is a lack of security in the place. They give chase, and encounter a huge bear in their way. It has been 300 years since Nurarihyon last saw Inugamiyobu-Tanuki. This is the home to 108 gods, but it is no longer the case. The two leaders reminisce their past over sake.

Oct. 25, 2010, ep. 18: Natsumi and Senba-sama

The Nura Clan now knows that Tamazuki’s plan is to whittle away their clan’s power. With Inuhouou dead, they vow to take down all the Tochigamis, one by one.

Rikou and his friends visit a little shrine housing a deity, Senba-sama, who has the power to heal. Unfortunately for Senba-sama, he is Sodemogi’s next target. They return home, and Natsumi, one of the girls in the group, begins to fold paper cranes for the deity. Her grandmother was once healed by the deity and she wants to return to pay her respect. However, in her rush, she bumps into Kurotabou, who is changing shift with Aotoba.

Natsumi returns to the shrine, to pray to the deity and give thanks. But a sound distracts her. When she looks up, the little Sodemogi tugs at her clothing, intending to eat her. Fortunately for her, Kurotabou swoops in to save her. However, he is one second too late. Her soul has been scared away. Only her lifeless body remains. Rikou appears and promises that no one else will get hurt. As Natsumi is taken to the hospital, Rikou speaks to Senba-sama. He affirms that he heals those who pray to him. However, he cannot heal those who are cursed. It is not an physical illness that afflicts Natsumi. All is not lost. If Rikou defeats Sodemogi, Natsumi will be saved.

That night, Night Rikou makes his appearance while summoning Karasu-Tengu’s children, Sahbagarasu, to his aid to find Sodemogi. The crows flood the city seeking Sodemogi, as he thinks he has gotten away with murder. Bakeneko reaches Night Rikou, before Tosakumaru, to tell the master that Sodemogi has been found.

Sodemogi walks into a shrine, and readies himself to attack the shrine maiden Koke-hime. As he is about to tear her kimono, Kurotabou attacks and kills him. “That is the last sleeve you will tear.”

Before Sodemogi dies, he smiles a Night Rikoue. “If I die, the curse will be lifted. But she will still die. The curse erodes life.”

Meanwhile, the friends at Nura house begin to fold paper cranes for the unconscious Natsumi whose condition worsens. Natsumi once prayed to Senba-sama, making him stronger. But then, no one came to him after that. This time, her friends will do the praying and honoring of the deity on Natsumi’s behalf. The bring to Senba-sama, the senbazuru: 1000 folded cranes. With the friend’s wishes making Senba-sama stronger, Natsumi slowly recovers and awakens from her deep slumber.

The next morning, a recovered Natsumi visits the shrine to pay her respects to Senba-sama with her friends. Senba-sama bows to Rikou, as Yura sees the respect shown to him.

Elsewhere, Tamazuki is told of Sodemogi’s death. Night Rikou is indeed a worthy opponent. Inugami begs his master to let him have a go at the boy.

Nov. 1, 2010, ep. 19: Evil Dog Howling in the Ruins

In Shikoku, the Supreme Commander continues his conversation with Inugamiyobu-Tanuki. His 100 odd demons under him has dwindled down to just 70. Worse, his trusted man, Hihi, has recently been taken down by Muchi. Inugamiyobu-Tanuki is shocked to hear of Muchi’s attack. This must be the doing of this son, eight son of his 88th wife, Tamazuki. Together with the Seven Pilgrims, led by Inugami who is filled with hatred and jealousy, Tamazuki will wreck havoc.

Inugami is permitted to go after Nura Rikou, as he pleases. He enters the Nura house, and watches Rikou wasting time playing cards with his human friends without a care in the world. Rikou knows, that after Sodemogi’s death, Tamazuki’s next victim will be him. Or, in this case, his human friends. Therefore, he has to keep his friends in the mansion to protect them.

Meanwhile, Kiyotsugu gets an alert that there are sightings of demons at an abandoned school building. He mobilizes the group to investigate, but Rikou stops them as night time fast approaches. Before the issue is resolved, Kejoro informs Rikou that there is a call for him. Immediately, Rikou knows it is his enemy on the other end.

“What do you want?” he questions calmly.

“To kill you,” came the hysterical reply. “But maybe killing your friends will do.”


A panicked Rikou goes in search of his friends, only to find them gone. He realizes it’s a trap from Inugami. He runs out after them. Soon enough, Aotoba, Kejoro, Kurotabou, Yuki-ona and Kubinashi realize their master is missing.

Luckily for the group, they have half the right mind to call Yura as back-up. The students reach the building, with 88 demons lying in wait to pounce on them. Yura notices the presence of demonic aura, but can’t seem to see anything. The boys runs off to the back of the auditorium to turn on the projector, as the girls remain in the hall. Rikou arrives at the auditorium and tells Yura to take the girls out of the building. He will look for the boys. This is no place to be. The Nura clan arrives in time too, to rescue their master.

Just as the boys fix the projector, Inugami appears as a silhouette before Rikou warning him that his friends will be food to the demons. The green-eyed monster wants to know how a powerless half-bred like Nura Rikou is loved by both humans and demons alike. On the other hand, he is treated like a monster. He detests Rikou. Brushing that aside, Rikou questions Inugami of the base of Tamazuki and the number of the Shikoku demons. Enraged, Inugami transforms and attacks Rikou.

Nov. 8, 2010, ep. 20: The Curtains Rises in Darkness

Tamazuki is trying to rule Fear with the Seven Travellers. Among them, the most fearful is Inugami. He once tried to approach humans, but was rejected. With no where to go, and no one to call a friend, he was enlisted by Tamazuki, who used this hatred to the best of his advantage. He “befriended” Inugami when no one would. But the moment he joined them, he was tied up and tortured physically and mentally to measure his strength.


Inugami breaks out of his human form, breaking off his neck in the process, and proceeds to attack Rikou. The gang arrives in time to aid the powerless Rikou. Kubinashi manages to stop Inugami with his magical thread. Further infuriated from being held back, Inugami transforms into a giant wolf and breaks off of Kubinashi’s threads. After throwing off Aotoba, he sets his sights on Rikou. The head of the wolf reattaches to the body. The loyal subjects quickly gather around Rikou to protect him, only to be brushed aside by the giant Inugami. Just as the sun sets, Inugami catches Rikou. He bashes him into the wall, as the rest look on in utter horror. He begins to laugh, but soon realizes his hand is injured. He looks. Standing before him is Night Rikou. As Inugami tries to attack, Night Rikou cuts him down. The wolf cannot accept his defeat, but flees knowing he is no match.

Elsewhere, the clueless boys muddle around as Shima is sent to check things out. As he looks out, he sees the newly formed colossal wolf before him as the building begins to crumble.

In the mean time, Yura protects the girls with her Shinigami Rentei. The escaping girls catches a glimpse of the fleeing beast as Night Rikou gives chase.

He catches up to Inugami and finally cuts him down to size. In his human form, Tamazuki suddenly appears and rescues Inugami. He tells Night Rikou that he will steal Fear from him and be the leader of the yokai. The next time they meet, he will take Night Rikou’s Fear and life.

Nov. 15, 2010, ep. 21: 7:3 Pledge of Loyalty

Dark clouds begin to form. The spirits enter the human world, gathering to join forces with Tamazuki. With the local deities crushed, Nura’s strength is diminished. The 88 spirits are ready for an all out attack.
Elsewhere in Shikoku, Inugamiyobu-Tanuki tells Nurarihyon that Tamazuki has taken possession of the Devil’s Hammer. He changed once he inherited the Proof of the Conquerer.

Meanwhile at school, Kiyotsugu is angered by his inability to cross paths with a yokai. He gathers the team up for another patrol that night, but they all refuse to participate after their last go.

Rikou naively believes that Tamazuki will keep his word of not harming his friends and family. But the spirits in the Nura house are vigilant and a buzz with activities. They are preparing themselves for an all-out attack. But can Rikou unite the clan without his grandfather around?

In the mean time, Shoei is angered that the young master has not sought revenge for his father’s death. That night, as everyone sleeps, Shoei sneaks out to the enemy’s lair alone. He is badly injured from the intrusion, save for the Sahbagarasu siblings showing up. Rikou is informed of the former’s fatal injuries and blames himself and his weakness for allowing such tragedy to befall his men. Shoei is family too. He resolves to lead his own yokai and not his grandfather’s.

In a show of loyalty and trust, the household spirits perform sakazuki (杯事) pledging their loyalty to him over an exchange of sake. The pledge is akin to a sacred blood pledge linking fellow yokai of different families. A 50-50 portion division is a sakazuki of sworn brothers. While a 70-30 pledge is of fealty between a master and his subordinates, which requires a great amount of trust on both parties.

The drinking pledge

The drinking pledge

Aotoba, Kubinashi, Yuki-ona, Kejoro, Kurotabou and more pledge their loyalty to him, regardless of the time of day or his name as the sole descendant of the Nura clan. Once, as a child, he pleaded with the Supreme Commander to allow him to follow in the night parade of the demons. He was stopped. It is now up to him to collect his own men. Just as they vow loyalty, Night Rikou appears before them. He will lead his own night parade, protecting humans and yokais alike. It is a small parade, but it promises to grow in time.

Nov. 22, 2010, ep. 22: Towards the Sunshine

Tanuki’s son once held the name of an old king, Tamazusa, who knew right from wrong. After inheriting the Proof of the Conquerer, he changed his name to Tamazuki and began coveting the throne.Three hundred years ago, Tanuki tried to usurp the human’s castle. Except they were no mere humans. The yokais were massacred by a sword, the Devil’s Hammer, which is infused with Koduku a poisonous insect.

The enemy has crossed the Chichibo pass with his army. They reach Ukiyoe Town by night fall, causing a massive landslide for the humans. Tamazuki uses the opportunity to seek out Kana, and makes it known that Rikou is very much like him. However, she disagrees, reproaching him that Rikou is nothing like him. Fortunately, Yura arrives in time to protect her friend. He leaves them for the time being, with a bigger fish to fry. He attends to his gathering demons and calls for the crushing of the Nura clan. “Kill to your heart’s content!” he orders.

The Nura Clan

The Nura Clan

At the Nura household, things are moving forward, with or without the Supreme Commander. The other council members, like Hitotsume, questions the validity and strength of their meager army. At that moment, the Sahbagarasu siblings swoop down to relay that not only are the yokais approaching from all directions, but their proxies have arrived in their aid too. With that, Rikou leads the newly formed night parade of his own yokais.

Dec. 6, 2010, ep. 23: Darkness and Ice

Immediately, Aotoba offers himself as a decoy, while Yuki-Ona promises to guard Rikou with her life. Elsewhere, Gozumaru and Mozumaru serves up some poison to the approaching enemy and learns of the Devil’s Hammer, the legacy of the conquerer. Before they can warn the rest, they are stopped by Tamazuki.

Tamazuki transforms to his true nature, a white-haired demon in mask as the battle of the night parade begins. Instead of letting Aotoba take the fall, Rikou leads his men and attacks the enemy head on. The similar cannot be said of Tamazuki who sits back and watches his men get slaughtered, while trying to keep an eye on Night Rikou’s whereabouts. Lost in the shuffle, he loses sight of Night Rikou. Out of the blue, he catches what no one else sees. Night Rikou moves about his enemies easily, overwhelming them in such a way that they don’t even see him. Before he knows it, Night Rikou is by his side, and has him on his knees. They spar for but a minute, until Yosuzume sneaks up to Night Rikou and blinds him with darkness.

Seeing this, Yuki-Ona rushes up to her master to protect him knowing the danger of Yosuzume. Tamazki offers Night Rikou to join his evil reign, but he rejects. Enraged, Tamazaki tries to kill Rikou, but Yuki-ona blocks it. Seeing this, Yosuzume blinds her as well as the rest of the Nura forces. Pledging her loyalty for all eternity to Rikou, Yuki-ona proceeds to freeze her left eye, thus enabling her to see and breaking the spell in the process. With the spell broken, Night Rikou attacks Tamazuki immediately.

Dec. 13, 2010, ep. 24: The Demon Lord’s Gavel

The Supreme Commander rushes back to Ukiyoe with Tanuki. Tamazuki wants to surpass his old man. Thirty years ago, the legion of demon army that was defeated by the humans was lead by Tanuki.

In Ukiyoe, Yura begins to feel the strong presence of demons and warns Kana to stay put in the house while she heads towards the evil aura.

Gozumaru and Mezumaru are badly injured, but manages to find Lord Zen to relay Tamazuki’s real plans. Night Rikou is immediately informed of Tamazuki’s sword: it kills demons to absorb their strength.

Release of a demon

Release of a demon

Soon the tides turn for the Nura Clan. Aotoba releases his true energy to take down a bigger opponent, while Kurotabou disposes the demons surrounding him and Kubinashi has a stronghold on Inugami. On the contrary, Tamazuki knows that all his demons are weaklings. They are there for only one reason: to feed the Devil’s Hammer. He goes on a killing rampage, taking down all his comrades including Kejorou, as the Nura Clan watches in horror.

The Kiyojuji team, not wanting to be left out, rushes to the scene but are stopped by Yura, who summons all four of her shikigamis to take down the demons. Unfortunately for her, Tamazuki is right around the corner, and easily dispatches all of her summons while taking her hostage. Night Rikou comes to her rescue and breaks off a piece of Tamazuki’s mask. Much to her surprise, he orders her to protect the humans, while he takes down the demons.  An escaped Inugami, sees Kana alone and abducts her as a hostage. Night Rikou steps up to the plate again and assures Kana of her safety, just as he did once when they were children trapped in a derailed train. Believing and trusting him, she causes Inugami’s to go in rage. Tamazaki steps in then, and slaughters his loyal dog to complete the transformation of the sword. With the forging of his new sword, Tamazaki loses all his friends and allies.

The Nura Clan followers realize that this is the difference between their master and this Shikoku leader. Nura’s “fear” is out of adoration. Tamazuki’s is out of intimidation and hatred.

Dec. 20, 2010, ep. 25: The Moon in the Sky

Night Rikou, as the Commander of the Nura Clan, meets Tamazuki and his sword head on. They quickly vanish into their little world. The fight continues into the break of dawn, as Night Rikou begins to bleed from a wound sustain from the blade’s cut. He is momentarily shaken by the rising sun, but is reminded that even as the sun rises, the moon still lingers. He is but one and the same person – Nura Rikou, the Third Heir of the Nura Clan. His friends, both humans and yokais alike, are depending on him to defeat Tamazuki.

In the meantime, Kana tries to convince Yura that Night Rikou has the human’s best interest and is always protecting them.

Nura Rikou

As the sword begins to grow, cherry blossom petals begin to rain from the sky. Using Kiyokasuigetsu, Tamazuki is unable to tell where his opponent is and begins to swing his sword wildly in the air. It is Night Rikou, instead, who manages to maim Tamazuki. Taking him down, he tells him, “It’s not your father you have to surpass, but yourself.”

The saving

The saving

The spirits of the sword scatter as Tamazuki crumbles. Night Rikou is about to deal the finishing blow until the Supreme Commander swoops in to stop him. They have finally arrived – at the nick of time, with the help of Karasu-Tengu and his children. The gigantic Tanuki picks up his frail child and begs the Nura Clan for their forgiveness. He gives up his life in exchange for his son’s. Their lives are spared, with a condition that Tamazuki build a memorial to honor his fallen men.

Back in Shikoku, a healing Tamazuki has a little puppy following him around, even though he warns him he will be a bad master.

Two days after, Rikou finally awakens and meet with his grandfather and the council. It seems that even his friends are in the household, as everyone but Kiyotsugu sees the roaming demons. Even Yura turns a blind eye and begins to accept what she knew all along.

Dec. 27, 2010, ep. 26: The Afterglow of Youth

Recap of episodes 14-25

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