Hooked on it.  Getting caught up in a make-believe world is an escape. Learning something from it – now THAT is special.

We grew up watching Chinese martial arts serials.  In a home where we communicated mostly in English, we picked up Cantonese quite rapidly.  We were glued to Louis Cha’s wuxia novels – The Duke of Mount Deer 鹿鼎記 & the Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 倚天屠龍記.  Doesn’t hurt that the main actor(s) Tony Leung and Andy Lau were not bad on the eyes.

Now, I watch plenty of Taiwanese and Japanese dramas – it helps the language skills, you know.  Excuse. Excuse.


E-DRAMA | bones • burn notice • chuck • dexter • fringegleeheroeshouse

hotel babylon • how i met your mother • kyle xy • vampire diaries •

white collar

J-DRAMA | atashinchi no danshi • bambino! • bimbo danshi • meitantei conan •

gokusenhana yori dangohanazakari no kimitachi e • mei chan no shitsuji •

oh my girl • nodame cantabilerookies • stand up!! • zettai kareshi

T-DRAMA | easy fortune happy life • fated to love you • hana kimi 花樣少年少女

ko one • love at first fight • miss no good • my queen •

prince turns into frog • rolling love • romantic princess • x-family •

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