Naruto Shippuden Season 10

The Five Kage Summit

The tenth season of Naruto Shippuden (Part II of the manga by Kishimoto Masashi) began airing from February 10 to July 28, 2011. Since Jan. 2, 2009 Viz Media and Crunchyroll have been subtitling Naruto: Shippuden. The Leaf Village learns of Danzou’s treachery of claiming the Hokage seat while the Fifth is still unconscious. Meanwhile he puts out an edict calling for the assassination of Sasuke as he is now considered a missing rogue nin. Gaara of the Sand Village tries to protect Sasuke, on behalf of the absent Naruto, warning them that anyone who touches one hair on Sasuke will have to answer to him. However, events roll down hill thereafter and the Fourth Shinobi War is declared by the ever conniving and power-hungry Madara. Sasuke meets the bandaged Danzou and questions his involvement in the elimination of the Uchiha clan: the real Sharingan battles the impostor in a fight to the death. Soon, the prodigal student meets the teacher and his fading eyesight proves to be a hindrance.

The season’s opening and ending themes:

1. Nico Touches the Wall’s “Diver” (ep. 197-205) DOWNLOAD
2. Maiko’s “Lovers”  (ラヴァーズ Ravāzu) (ep. 206-221)
3. Aqua Timez’ “Mayonaka no Orchestra” (真夜中のオーケストラ, “Midnight Orchestra”) (ep. 197-205) DOWNLOAD
4. HomeMade Kazoku’s “FREEDOM” (ep. 206-218) DOWNLOAD
5. Okamoto’s “Yokubō o Sakebe!!!!” (欲望を叫べ!!!!, “Shout Out Your Desires!!!!”) (ep. 219-221)



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Feb. 10, 2011 | ep. 197 & 198: The Sixth Hokage Danzo (Rokudaime Hokage Danzō  六代目火影ダンゾウ) & The Eve of the Summit (Kaidan Zen’ya 会議前夜)

Before Pain’s attack on Konohagakure, Sai, Yamato and Anko were commissioned to track and locate Kabuto. However, Yamato had to leave the two after sensing Naruto breaking out of his seal. Back at Orochimaru’s last known hideout, the remaining duo think that the cave is being used by Kabuto. But Sai too is pulled back to the village. News reaches them that the village is not only destroyed by Akatsuki, but the Fifth Hokage Tsunade is lying in a coma while Danzou self-appoints himself as the Sixth.

Meanwhile, the new Hokage of Leaf Village tells his hidden ninjas, “It is time to be come out from the dark now.” After Sai returns to the village, Danzou immediately orders him to keep a watchful eye on Naruto, the jinchuuriki of the Village. Even though he cannot be touched YET (as the villagers look upon him as the hero of their home), Danzou will not be lax like the Fifth. It looks as though Sai is momentarily relief that Danzou has no “plans” for Naruto yet. But his forced loyalty towards this old man is slowly wavering. He further orders Dajimu and Tera to capture (and/assassination) Anko before she gets to Kabuto. He needs cover his tracks from the rest, as Kabuto knows too much. Plus, he needs Kabuto, believing him able to restore his right arm and eye. His trusty ninjas, Foo (of the Yamanaka Clan) and Torune (of the Aburame Clan) will accompany him to the Five Kage Summit Conference in the Land of Iron. Before leaving, Torune is instructed to have his men watch Naruto.

Danzou the Sixth Hokage

Killer Bee’s students from the Kumogakure (Land of Lightning), led by their captain Samui, head towards Leaf Village with the Raikage’s official letter. But when they reach the village, they are shocked to see the devastation before them and learn of the new Hokage’s take over. “The Fifth is no longer,” came Danzou’s order. “I am the Sixth.” With that, the usurp is whole.

The news spread quickly as Kiba and Akamaru look for Kakashi’s team. Tsunade has been relieved of her duties by Danzou. He is the new Hokage. What’s more, Sasuke has been declared a rogue ninja. All this time, Tsunade has been protecting Sasuke. But with Danzou’s take over, he will find any excuse to keep Naruto, host to kyuubi, under lock and key.

Sai’s Curse

With Sai back in the Village, Kakashi guesses correctly that his student is forced to spy on his own friend. However, Sai cannot besmirch the Hokage. A curse mark has been placed on his tongue by Danzou when he first entered the Foundation (Root), just as the rest of the ninjas placed in there too. But Team 7 is sought out by Team Samui, minus the captain, for questioning. It is revealed to them that not only is Sasuke part of Akatsuki, but he abducted and presumably murdered their master. To rectify the problem, Danzou has given them permission to kill Sasuke (whether they are able to or not that’s a different matter). Just as Naruto wanted to seek vengeance for the death of his beloved master once, they too are looking for an outlet. Even though Sasuke has gone rogue, he is still a ninja of the Leaf Village, their comrade and friend. This hatred that leads to vengeance is what caused the destruction of the Village in the first place. The vicious cycle never ends. But, if she so wishes, Karui can take her anger and frustration out on him, and pummel him to her heart’s content. With Sakura out of the picture, Sai watches the beating silently, and wonders why Naruto keeps standing up for a “friend” who is constantly letting him down. After taking a breather, she continues the beating, but Sai stops her. Even Omoi has had enough.

In the meantime, Captain Samui searches for her team and hears that a young boy named Naruto actually saved the village.

Naruto manages to dissuade them from searching for Sasuke, and turn their attention to finding Killer Bee instead. He knows that Killer Bee has to be alive for Akatsuki to drain his tailed-beast out from him. They will return to the Raikage with the new information, as Naruto tries to follow to personally meet with the Raikage in hopes of persuade him to forgive Sasuke. Samui finally locates her team members and together they leave Konohagakure.

Sai takes the badly beaten Naruto back to Kakashi and Yamato. Naruto is determined to see the Raikage with or without his teachers accompanying him. He will convince the Raikage to stop the hunt for Sasuke. He also tells them, while between consciousness, he met the Fourth Hokage. A man, Uchiha Madara, once came to investigate the existence of kyuubi. What’s more, he is the same man who used Pain and is using Sasuke now. Madara was once good friends with the First Hokage, but turned his back against the Village when they chose the First instead of him to lead them.

Remembering when he was passing over, Kakashi met his father. He then asks Naruto what the Fourth told him (as a father). Smiling at the emotional reunion, Naruto replies, “He believed in me.” Just for that, Kakashi decides for them that they, including Yamato (aka Tenzo) will journey to the Land of Iron to find the Fourth Raikage to seek his forgiveness. But Sai is sworn to keep their departure a secret from Danzou, instead report on Madara resurfacing.

Elsewhere, Madara prevents Team Taka from journeying towards Konohagakure, even though they have left Akatsuki after delivering Killer Bee.  Not so fast. Firstly, the body given to Madara was only a substitute, which means their deal is not complete. Secondly, Leaf Village has been destroyed by Pain, who in turn was stopped by Naruto. Madara lets Sasuke know that Naruto may just be more powerful than him now. Most importantly, the much despised Danzou, who ordered the cleansing of the Uchiha Clan, is the new Hokage. He will be at the Five Kage Summit Conference. Having momentarily leaving the grasp of Madara, Sasuke is quickly back in Madara’s hold again. Team Taka heads to the Summit with the split Zetsu leading the way.

Madara has unexpectedly lost one very important pawn in his plan: Nagato’s Rebirth jutsu. He didn’t factor in Nagato giving up his life for the Leaf Village. He didn’t account for Naruto. He also knows now that Sasuke cannot be controlled. His contingent plan “Project Tsuki no Me” will be carried out; he will be pushing forward full force, with no shilly-shallying around.

Feb. 17, 2011 | ep. 199: Enter the Five Kage (Gokage Tōjō” (五影登場)

Each of the five Kages leave their respective villages, each protected by two bodyguards. Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage of Sunagakure (The Hidden Sand Village) and the youngest of the kages, is accompanied by his siblings Temari and Kankuro. Oonoki, the Third Tsuchikage of Iwagakure (The Hidden Stone Village) and the oldest kage of the group, is accompanied by his two trusty retainers: Akatsuchi (a rather large man who eventually carries the little Tsuchikage on his back) and Kurotsuchi. The Fifth Mizukage of Kirigakure (The Hidden Mist Village), Terumii Mei seems to have marriage issues, whereby every word that her guards Chojuro and Ao say become a thorn on her side, especially those uttered by the older of the two, Ao. The Hidden Mist village has much to prove, that they are no longer the blood mist village, and no longer under the reign of the Fourth kage. Finally, there is the Fourth Raikage of Kumogakure (The Hidden Cloud Village), A, who called the meeting to the Land of Iron, accompanied by Darui and C.

On the way to the Summit, Danzou is attacked by a group of assassins. He stops Foo and Torune from interfering. Instead, he uncovers his bandaged  right eye, revealing a blood-shot Sharingan, and takes out his 17 attackers.

Elsewhere, the split Zetsu guides Team Taka to the Five Kage Summit in the Land of Iron; an icy country defended only by samurai and not ninjas. They will lay in wait to ambush Danzou after the Summit and not before, so as not to draw the attention of the rest of the Kages.

Yamato, Kakashi and Naruto tail Team Samui toward the Raikage heading to the Summit. However, before leaving Kakashi asks Sai to report that Naruto is still in the Village. It looks like Sai is losing the trust of the Foundation as more Anbus are sent to spy of Naruto, but in turn gaining the trust of his team 7 members.

Feb. 24, 2011 | ep. 200: Naruto’s Appeal (Naruto no Kongan ナルトの懇願)

Naruto and his guardians tail Team Samui to the Raikage at the mouth of the Summit. Naruto immediately pleads with the Raikage to nullify the order on Sasuke’s life. “He is my friend. I don’t want the Cloud and the Leaf to fight to avenge each other.” Untouched, the Raikage leaves with his entourage. Not discouraged, Naruto runs after his and genuflects before the elder. He appeals tearfully, “All Sasuke thought of was revenge. Revenge make you mad until you don’t recognize that person. I do not want to see both villages take up arms against each other.”

Unmoved, A replies, “After we dispose of Sasuke, you can stop this cycle.”

Unable to watch this pitiful sight, Yamato steps in. “Don’t forget what your village did during the chunin exams. Your ninjas tried to kidnap a Hyuuga to attain the Byakugan. We stopped the inquest to stop the fighting.”

Unperturbed to be set in his place by an underling, A scoffs, “A ninja doesn’t bow down so easily. Without power, we are crushed. The ninja world is not about friendship.” With that, he leaves with his posse once again.

At his departure, Kakashi wills Naruto to lift his bowed head again. But the Raikage is not untouched as he turns back and look at the young weeping ninja, begging for a friend’s life.

At the Land of Iron, Team Taka lies in wait as Zetsu points out Danzou to Sasuke. At the Raikage’s request, the five kages have gathered, with Mifune as the moderator.

Gaara tries to speak first, but is chastised by the Tsuchikage for not respecting his elders. But the Mizukage steps in on Gaara’s behalf. Gaara then explains to them, that as an ex-jinchuuriki, he was captured by the Akatsuki and then drained of his bijuu. They are extremely dangerous and not to be taken lightly. Controlling a bijuu takes takes as it isn’t easy to master it. Then Danzou steps in, meaning to rile the crowd by implicating everyone’s hand in the matter. Those who were able to control the bijuus were Uchiha Madara, the first Hokage Senju Hashirama (千手柱間), the fourth Mizukage Yagura host to the three-tailed Giant Turtle (Yagura was said to be controlled by Madara – who essential was the real fourth Mizukage) and Killer Bee (hachibi). With that, everyone goes up in arms.

Most rogue ninjas originate from Kirigakure. But they are all guilty of hiring the Akatsuki (mercenary) to lower their risk of war; all except Kumogakure. But this is the first Gaara has heard of this. Tsuchikage steps in to lecture the boy he assumes to be wet behind his ears. Villages need time, skill and money to train their ninjas – none of which they have. However, Akatsuki is already prepared. Akatsuki, under Orochimaru, was sent to destroy the Leaf Village, causing the death of Hiruzen the third Hokage. The villages became too good at waging war(s), too strong with the aid of hired guns. Each of these villages had to resort to these soldiers of fortune to protect themselves and fight back.

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March 3, 2011 | ep. 201: Painful Decision (Kujū no Ketsudan 苦渋の決断)

The younger generation of Konoha ninjas learn about Sasuke’s transgressions and association with Akatsuki. The batch mates are sadden and try to comfort the inconsolable Ino, as the rest watch helplessly. When Kiba tells her to stop, the rest realize that it is worse for members of Team 7: Sakura and Naruto. Powerless, they rely on Shikamura to solve the problem. The village has relied on Naruto too much. The 10 teams need Team 7’s approval on what will happen next. They will not let war break out between both the villages: Leaf and Cloud. If either Ino, Sakura or Naruto gets killed in the process, the cycle of revenge will begin. Each team and family member of those lost will certainly avenge the dead.

Meanwhile, Sai finds a saddened Sakura tending to a still unconscious Tsunade. He tells her that to protect Sasuke, Naruto was soundly trounced by Team Samui, and yet he never sold his friend out. Naruto has always loved Sakura, but he will never let her know this. Because of this, and his promise to her (whatever it maybe), he has left the village together with Kakashi and Yamato for the Five Kage Summit, in hopes of retrieving Sasuke. Whatever the promise was, it’s akin to the cursed that was placed on Sai. Even though it is Naruto’s sense of friendship and his nin-dou (ninja way), this fast-moving avalanche originated from Sakura’s request. As she weeps silently, knowing what she must do, Shikamura enters the tent and relays the 10 team’s next move. But, before carrying out the capture of Sasuke, he would need the consent of Team 7 – Sakura and Naruto.  They must all act quickly for the village’s safety and future. Furiously wiping her tears away, Sakura strengthens her resolve to correct the wrong. She was the one who made Naruto suffer the most. There will no longer be any mistakes or failings. She readies herself to head to the Land of Iron to speak to Naruto.

Elsewhere in the snowing Land of Iron, Team Taka and Zetsu take action. The wheels are finally turning in Madara’s favor.

In the meantime, at the “horse-shoe” table, Mifune, the moderator, appoints Danzou to take charge of all five nation’s forces to go against the Akatsuki. The Raikage immediately dissents, but Mifune reasons that A’s decisions are ruled by his emotions. Gaara is too young to lead, while the Tsuchikage is too old. Mizukage can’t be the choice as it is the birthplace of Akatsuki. The Hokage, has vested interest and “help”, seeing as how they have kyuubi.

Team Mizukage

Team Mizukage

Suddenly, Mizukage’s bodyguard Ao senses something amiss. Using his Byakugan, he is shocked to find Danzou using a hypnotic sharingan, an eye that once belonged to Uchiha Shisui, to manipulate Mifune without his knowledge. Enraged, the Raikage tries to attack Danzou but is stopped by Zetsu’s appearance.

“Sasuke is here,” he announces vindictively.

The already irked Raikage attacks a surprised Zetsu.

The protected Naruto slips into a sleepless night as he wonders where Sasuke is and what he is thinking. He is so consumed with hatred that can he turn himself into a criminal too? He is losing sight of himself. But his thoughts are disturbed by a certain orange-masked man who sneaks in quietly.

March 10, 2011 | ep. 202: Racing Lightning (Hashiru Ikazuchi 疾走る雷)

Naruto immediately attacks Madara with rasengan, but the later teleports himself. However, he is just as quickly imprisoned by Yamato and Kakashi. He professes that he’s not there to capture Naruto but to talk to him. He wants to know how Naruto changed and convinced Pain, for him to betray the Akatsuki. Instead, Naruto questions him about Sasuke and what Madara did to him for him to forsake his village.

“If you want to know about Sasuke’s hatred, you would first have to learn about Itachi,” came Madara’s calm reply, unperturbed that he is snared.

At the Summit, all hell breaks loose. The Raikage seemingly squeezes the life out of Zetsu in his rage. After that, he, together with his guards, C (Shee) and Darui, go in search for Sasuke, while Ao keeps a watchful eye on Danzou. At the same time, Karin raises the bell that they are hunted. An irritated Sasuke warns the approaching samurai guards to back away or they will meet their deaths. Unmoved, the samurais attack only to be taken down by a colder, ruthless Sasuke. However, Sasuke meets his match when the Raikage approaches with his men. Seeing his brother’s killer, A immediately engages Sasuke, only to have Suigetsu get in at a critical moment to save Sasuke. But his machete of a sword breaks.  Jugo, too, joins in the fight and transforms, letting his animal instincts take over. He takes on the Raikage, and blasts him at point blank range, while Suigetsu attacks C with his broken sword. Meanwhile Sasuke prepares his sharingan, and finally captures and paralyzes C in his genjustu. With Suigetsu free, he attacks Darui who is busy searching for the last member of Team Taka, Karin. Jugo proves to be no match against the Raikage. He goes down as Sasuke prepares to take on the big man himself.

Meanwhile, at the Summit Room, having lost his credibility, Danzou threatens everyone with the power of Akatsuki. Everyone gets up in arms and forgets who the real enemy is. As everyone becomes jaded and untrusting, Gaara finally asks, “When did you all forsake yourself?” This embarrasses the elder Tsuchikage who constantly finds a chance to berate Gaara of his age. Unable to trust any one, they live only in constant fear. Trust is their key to victory and forging their alliance. Tired with dealing with the world-weary old bunch of leaders, Gaara takes off with his siblings to find Sasuke. Kurotsuchi, of Iwagakure, begs to see this infamous boy who killed her brother Deidara, leaving only Akatsuchi to guard the old man.

March 17, 2011 | ep. 203: Sasuke’s Ninja Way (Sasuke no Nindō サスケの忍道)

Sasuke’s Chidori clashes against A’s Elbow Bolt, but his doesn’t penetrate the Raikage’s armor. The bigger man picks up Sasuke and throws him down like a bag of leaf using only taijutsu. But Sasuke is protected – by something resembling a bone structure, which he pulled for protection with Mangekyo Sharingan. Susanoo.



He even lives through the Raikage’s Liger Bomb and growing chakra. As Sasuke’s left eye bleeds, the calls upon Amaterasu to incinerate the approaching samurai reinforcements. What’s more, he’s protected by those black flames as A sacrifices his left arm to hit Sasuke with a blow. Sasuke falls, and is about to be finished off by the Raikage until Gaara enters with his sand to rescue Sasuke, while his siblings save the burning Samurais. Gaara asks to speak to Sasuke, while the Raikage gets C to heal his amputated arm.

The bleed

The bleed

“Your eyes are still the same, filled with hatred and revenge,” Gaara notes. “But it’s not too late to return. There is still light in your life.”

Unmoved, Sasuke replies, “There is only darkness in my life.”

Forced to act as the Kazekage of his village, instead of a friend to Naruto, Gaara embattles Sasuke. Darui and Gaara combine their efforts to attack the Amaterasu-wielding-Sasuke.  A huge explosion ensues but Sasuke reappears, as the smoke clears, shrouded by a giant and complete bone-structure. As the chakra around Sasuke changes, he has finally activated both Mangekyo in his eyes to pull off Itachi’s Susanoo.

While the fight continues in one chamber, Danzou is informed that a sensory-type member in Sasuke’s team has found them. They are about to depart, but Ao from Kirigakure stops them.

Elsewhere, outside of the summit, Naruto is shaken and distraught that Itachi not only died for Sasuke but the village too. He reasons that knowing this fact, Sasuke will want to continue to protect his brother’s legacy by returning to the village and protecting it. Unfortunately for the Leaf Village, Madara’s gamble paid off. Sasuke is a true avenger and will exact his vengeance for the elimination of the Uchiha clan, but the death of his dear brother. It is the curse of the Uchiha hatred, passed down from generations before, originating from the Sage of Six Paths, 六道仙人 Rikudou Senin,  who possessed the Rinnegan.

Coincidentally, the Sage was also the first jinchuuriki when he defeated the Ten-Tailed Beast and sealed it within his own body. Upon his death, knowing that the seal would break, the Sage divided the Ten-Tail’s chakra into nine-parts, thus creating the nine tailed-beasts. Using Chibaku Tensei, he then sealed the Ten-Tails’ body in a colossal stone prison in the sky, thus creating the moon. A tablet was left for his descendants, regarding the Ten-Tails. Those who possess Rinnegan can fully decipher the tablet, while another with a lesser doujutsu can partially interpret it. (Rinnegan manifested within Nagato, descendant of the Uzumaki Clan, who are related by blood to the Senju)

Towards the end of his life, he entrusted to his (2) children his strength, dream and legacy: the eldest inheriting his eyes and his yen for power, believing it to be the key to peace while the younger of the boys inherited his body and his love of peace. At his deathbed, instead of choosing his first born as his heir as customary, he opted for his peace-loving second son to succeed him. And that began a century old curse, that grew and festered over the years. The descendants of the first born became the Uchihas, while the younger boy’s generations became the Senjus. The two clans loved each other as much as they hated each other.

Seeing the Senju blood in Naruto, the clash between Sasuke and Naruto is bound to happen, according to Madara. Just like he once controlled Nagato, he will do the same with Sasuke. In fact, he will push one towards the other.

Confused by the turn of events, Kakashi questions Madara’s intentions with the tailed beasts. He merely states, “It is to be complete,” before teleporting away.

March 24, 2011 | ep. 204: The Five Kage’s Power (Gokage no Chikara 五影の実力)

Amidst the chaos, Killer Bee is rejoicing for his good fortunate of not only escaping Team Taka, but from his over protective brother, the Raikage. His need to escape his brother, village and duties stems from his exhaustion of protecting them as the jinchuuriki. But Hachibi, the Eight-Tail Giant Ox, cautions him for staying away too long, knowing the Raikage’s temper. In any case, Killer Bee will be paying a visit to the Enka King (ninja music master), called Sabu.

Back in the Land of Iron, Kakashi warns an anguished Naruto in believing Madara’s story before confirming its validity.

Meanwhile, C warns his comrades to fall back as Sasuke begins a full out attack. But Sasuke is not aiming for the men, but the pillars instead, which promptly collapses the ceiling onto everyone, including his own teammates. He, however, saves Karin, who has found Danzou’s location.

As the rest break out of their imprisonment, Sasuke and Karin rushes towards the room that houses the much hated man. He enters the room, as the top dogs realize his presence and gives him credit for his fearless audacity (and maybe stupidity) for meeting the five kage head on. However, in the chaos of Mifune embattling Sasuke, the sly and cowardly Danzou slips out with his men. Seeing this, Sasuke tries to take after him with Karin in tow, but the Mizukage seals the hole of the wall with her kekkei genkai: a lava release. She expresses her regret of killing someone as handsome as Sasuke, which promptly turns Karin into a green-eyed monster. This Mizukage is not be messed with. She is capable of manipulating 3 elements: the earth, fire and water natures and has two kekkei genkai.

Mizukage vs Sasuke

Mizukage vs Sasuke

Chojuuro then forces Sasuke into an adjacent hall, which the Mizukage then seals. She block all exits from Sasuke with the intention of killing him with her boil release jutsu. Sasuke, using the protection of Susanoo, tries to push his way out of the corrosive mist, but his body’s cells begin to slowly disintegrate. Suddenly, little white spores begin to sprout from her body and the rest of the participants of the Summit. Zetsu had implanted them with his spores well before he was “killed” by the Raikage. The spores quickly drain them of their chakra and pass it on to Sasuke. Tsuchikage, unwilling to hang back from the ceiling any longer, finally lends a hand.

Much like Deidara’s deadly explosions, the Tsuchikage too creates an encasement of explosion that seals Sasuke in and blows him away to smithereens. At his abrupt disappearance, Karin screams in despair as she finds no trace of Sasuke’s presence. The rest of the missing crew arrives back in the room only to be told by the Tsuchikage that he had single-handedly turned Sasuke to dust. But his self-extolling speech is cut short with the appearance of Madara, and a limp Sasuke in his hand. He quickly assures an irate Raikage that he will still get his chance of killing Sasuke. But, “Understand this. My plan, Tsuki no Me, is underway.”

March 31, 2011 | ep. 205: Declaration of War (Sensenfukoku 宣戦布告)

Seeing the limp Sasuke, the Raikage tries to attack him, but Madara simply teleports him away. He then orders Karin to heal his ace and teleports her too. This Uchiha is out to collect rare eyes: especially the ones that Sasuke and his dead brother had – Susanoo. He is still recovering from Senju’s (First Hokage) attack from a long time back. He thinks he can unite the Kages and the villages under his reign and “save” the world that way. He will gather all ten, yes ten, tailed-beasts that the Sage of Six Paths once separated and become its new host. He’s already enmassed Shikaku, the one-tailed Tanuki (dog), from Gaara (the current Kazekage), the two-tailed cat bijuu of Yugito of the Hidden Cloud Village, the three-tailed turtle, from the fourth Mizukage Yagura, the four-tailed ape, from Roushi of the Hidden Rock Village, the five-tailed whale-horse, from Han of the Hidden Rock Village, the six-tailed gastropod, from Utakata of the Hidden Mist Village, and the seven-tailed rhino-beetle, from Fuu of the Hidden Waterfall Village. But that only devoid the world of hope, dreams and freedom.

For leaving the villages unscathed, Madara asks for Naruto and Killer Bee to be handed to him (proving to the Raikage that his brother has yet to be captured). Gaara immediately tells him that Naruto will never be handed over. Soon, the remaining Kages too refuse Madara’s demands. In turn, Madara declares the onset of the Fourth Shinobi World War. The next time they meet, it will be at the battlefield.

Cornered, the Kages form a Shinobi Alliance, led by the Raikage. At the Mizukage’s prompt, they agree to protect Naruto and Bee from Akatsuki, instead of using them as weapons. Gaara promises to speak to Kakashi about this alliance, since they have all lost the trust of Danzou as the acting Kage in Tsunade’s absence. Before parting ways back to their own village, Chojuro warns the rest of Kisame and his sword Samehada’s powers, which is akin to a bijuu.

Sakura, Lee, Kiba, Akamaru and Sai head to the Land of Iron for Naruto. In the Land of Iron, Naruto vows to speak to Sasuke himself – could this truly be the path he wants for himself?

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April 7, 2011 | ep. 206: Sakura’s Feelings (Sakura no Omoi サクラの想い)

The 5 members of Leaf Village recon group finally reach Naruto and the two teachers. Sakura doesn’t beat around the bush, when she comes out and shocks everyone with her confession of love to Naruto. Lee and Yamato reacts badly to the news, and so does Naruto, who promptly tells her not to joke.

Instead, Sakura replies with a speech for Naruto’s benefit. “I just realized that I cannot love a criminal. So you can forget about the promise.” But her plan of sparing Naruto grieve from telling him that the team is out to capture Sasuke backfires.

“Sasuke keeps moving farther and farther away from me. But you are always there for me.”

Naruto stops her. “Stop this joke. I especially hate those who lie to themselves.” He wants to tell them what Madara told them about Sasuke and Itachi, but is immediately stopped by Kakashi sensei since they don’t know the facts.  He continues, “No matter if there’s a promise between us, Sakura, I will save Sasuke.” You just don’t stop loving someone.

Kiba tries to prompt Sakura into telling Naruto their true motive for being there, but Sakura stops him and storms off with the boys. As they leave, Sakura asks Kiba to begin the tracking of Sasuke.

Elsewhere, Killer Bee’s enka session with Kin-sensei and his giant racoon, Ponta is soon disrupted by an approaching evil aura. Kisame’s sword, Samehada, has tracked down Killer Bee from his chakra, and is hungering for it. Ponta immediately attacks Kisame, but is thrown off like a rag doll. Combining their attacks prove futile, as Kisame seem to read Killer Bee’s moves. Even when Killer Bee releases hachibi’s chakra, Samehada is there to absorb the chakra. Soon, as the sword becomes fully fed, Kisame releases the Shark Skin to his enemies.

With A as the leader of the Shinobi Alliance, the Summit has finally bore fruit. They will each notify the Feudal Lords of the latest development. The kages leave the Land of Iron in haste, but Kurotsuchi questions the Tsuchikage if it’s not better to just finish off Killer Bee and Naruto instead of going to war. But having learned something new from the young un Gaara, the Tsuchikage will, for once, uphold their alliance.

April 14, 2011 | ep. 207: The Tailed Beast vs. the Tailless Tailed Beast (Bijū VS O no nai Bijū 尾獣VS尾のない尾獣)

As Danzou, Torune and Foo leave the Summit, they realize that soon they will be hunted by at least one of the kages. If it is the Mizukage, Danzou wants the Byakugan eye of Ao. So they set a trap. Foo (of the Yamanaka clan) uses his mind transfer jutsu to take over the approaching Ao’s mind and seal his body into a straw puppet instead. Trapped, Ao sees Foo’s intention of taking his eye, but the eye has been sealed ahead of time for times like this. In turn, Foo prepares an elaborate scheme to lure the Mizukage out, thinking she can unseal the eye for him to steal. He tries to “kill himself,” only to be saved by approaching Mizukage and Chojuuro. He immediately thanks the Mizukage for saving his life, controlled by the mind transfer ninja. He asks for her to untie him and to unseal his eye. The Mizukage, seeing through his ruse, immediately orders Chojuuro to wield his Hiramekarei (ヒラメカレイ), to push the intruding soul out of Ao’s body.

Hiramekarei is also known as the Twin Swords (双刀, Sōtō), a blade that shoots out chakra in the form of a hammer. It was once wielded by Houzuki Mangetsu, Suigetsu’s brother.

The Hiramekarei is the only sword of the original seven blades still in Kirigakure’s possession. The other six blades are:

Kubikiribouchou ((首斬り包丁 the Decapitating Carving Knife), having the ability to regenerate using the iron absorbed from the blood of those it cuts down, was once wielded by Zabuza (Mangetsu) and then Suigetsu, member of Taka. It is also called a “Seversword” (断刀, Dantō).

Samehada ((鮫肌 Shark Skin), the most terrifying of the seven blades because of its ability to consume chakra. It was wielded by Mangetsu, Kisame, current member of Akatsuki and finally Killer Bee. It is also called a “Greatsword” (大刀, Daitō).

Kiba ((牙 Fangs), the twin bolt swords that are imbued with lightning, is said to be the sharpest sword forged. The “Thunderswords” (雷刀, Raitō) was once wielded by Mangetsu.

Kabutowari (兜割 Helmet Splitter), a blunt sword with an axe and a hammer joined by a chain, is capable of crushing all defenses was wielded by Akebino Jinin and Mangetsu. It is also called a “Bluntsword” (鈍刀, Dontō).

Nuibari (縫い針 Sewing Needle), a long sword used to pierce enemies and “sew” them together, was wielded by Kuriarare Kushimaru and Mangetsu. It is also called a “Longsword” (長刀, Chōtō).

Shibuki (飛沫 Splash), is a sword that has a scroll full of explosive tags, was wielded by Munashi Jinpachi and Mangetsu. It is also called a “Blastsword” (爆刀, Bakutō).

Killer Bee vs. Kisame & Samehada

Killer Bee vs. Kisame & Samehada

Meanwhile, Killer Bee tries repeatedly to attack Kisame, but his chakra, including Hachibi’s, is sucked up by Samehada. The sword grows even bigger and greedier. Using Hachibi’s added chakra, Killer Bee transforms to a second version of Lariat. But as they attack Kisame and Samehada, Killer Bee is reduced to the first stage of Lariat as Samehada eagerly sucks up the chakra. However, Killer Bee lands a decisive blow on Kisame. Unfortunately for him, Kisame is immediately healed by Samehada’s stolen chakra. In that way, he is a tailless bijuu, with never ending chakra at his disposal. Kisame merges with Samehada, becoming a real shark, and envelopes Killer Bee, Kin-sensei and Ponta in a water bubble. Bee manages to push Kin and Ponta out in time, but that was really Kisame’s plan.



As Bee holds off Kisame from attacking the other two, Samehada drains Bee’s chakra, thus exciting the sword even more. Using his last burst of energy, Bee manages to erupt the water bubble.  Bee falls, totally drained, as Kisame tries to maim Bee. But Samehada stops him, having enjoyed Bee’s chakra too much. Luckily for Bee, the Raikage arrives in time to stop Kisame. The disloyal sword transfers his chakra back to Bee and both brothers bring Kisame down (but not for good).

April 21, 2011 | ep. 208: As One’s Friend (Tomo to shite 親友として)

Sai’s ink bunshin (clone) remains in the Land of Iron to tell Naruto of Sakura’s true intentions. Since Team 10 reached a consensus to handle Sasuke as they deem fit, it was Sakura’s deliberate intent to free Naruto of his onus:  to save Sasuke on her behalf. She intends to apprehend, if not kill, Sasuke herself. Her love for him so great that she feels it will be easier for her to kill Sasuke with her own hands and bear Naruto’s hatred thereafter. After relying on Naruto for so long, it is time she stood up for herself. But for Naruto, is the original Team 7 truly lost? What should he do?

Before he is able to decide his next course of action, Gaara and his siblings arrive. He debriefs Kakashi of the alliance between the nations after Madara’s declaration of war against them. As the appointed Hokage of the Leaf Village (since Danzou betrayed their trust), Kakashi is duty-bound to undertake the responsibility. This is a battle to protect kyuubi and hachibi. Thereafter, Gaara tells Naruto of his meeting with an extremely vengeful and unrepentant Sasuke.  Sasuke does not care for his friends anymore. He is only filled with darkness. The Kazekage vows to give his life to protect Naruto and not hesitate to kill Sasuke if necessary. As Naruto rejects his plea, Gaara parts with these words:

“When you are prepared to bear the burden of a kage, know what you have to do with Sasuke. You are my friend, Naruto. You made me realize the importance of that word. … What else can you do for him?”

Meanwhile, an escaping Danzou is waylaid by Madara. Danzou immediately releases the seals on his arm while Torune and Foo buys him time. Madara proves too much for the subordinates to handle when he uses Torune’s (of the Aburame clan) poison jutsu against him. Unfortunately for them, they meet their demise when Madara sucks them into his abyss.

As Karin heals an unconscious Sasuke, Madara returns to his stow-a-ways. He tells the awakening Sasuke that he has a gift for him waiting on the outside. They are teleported back, in front of Danzou. Unsealed and uncovered, Danzou unveils his Sharingan covered right arm.

April 28, 2011 | ep. 209: Danzou’s Right Arm (Danzō no Migiude ダンゾウの右腕)

The unveil

The unveil

The robe, bandages and three golden braces come off, as Danzou unveals an arm that once belong to Uchiha Shusui (Itachi’s best friend who was murdered) holding ten Sharingans and a strange facial pattern where Hashirama Senju’s (the First Hokage) DNA is embedded into his body. The kage’s DNA was implanted into the ill-begotten arm through a collaboration with Orochimaru to modify Danzou’s own physical energy.  The ten Sharingan eyes stare back at a shocked Sasuke, as realization hits him how the Uchiha eyes came about. At the unveil, Danzou voices his intent of adding Madara and Sasuke’s Sharingan to his collection (as if it is a possibility). His collection of Sharingan were all attained by “various means,” Danzou informs the infuriated Sasuke. He subsequently attacks a seemingly distracted Sasuke, but is already protected by Susanoo.

Squeezing sausage

Squeezing sausage

The enraged Sasuke questions him about the massacre of the Uchiha clan. Danzou’s confirmation of the story of the elders forcing Itachi to complete the mission further provokes Sasuke. Riled for Itachi’s name being tarnished, Sasuke fatally strikes Danzou with Susanoo, but his death is naught. All subsequent attacks prove futile too, as Danzou seem to revive after each kill; including deaths through suffocation and Amaterasu (which causes Sasuke’s eye to bleed).

squeezing the bug

Squeezing the bug

Here are two brothers with different ideals. One looking for peace while sacrificing his own clan, while the other seeking only revenge for the sacrifice.

The haunting

The haunting

Sasuke pulls Danzou into a genjutsu, calling upon Itachi’s likeness and use of crows.

Elsewhere, Kakashi leaves with Sai’s bunshin to retrieve Sakura and to stop her from engaging Sasuke (as she is no match for him). He also sends Pakkun ahead to bring the alliance news back to the village ahead of the returning Yamato and Naruto. However, Naruto, after realizing the truth in Kumogakure’s accusation in Sasuke abducting their master Killer Bee, and Madara’s insistence that Sasuke has only revenge in his mind, falls in a panic. In shock, he loses sign of what he can do for his friend. Plus, his own village members are now forced to hunt and kill Sasuke. In this domino effect of events that Naruto has no control over, Naruto passes out in what looks like a panic attack.

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May 5, 2011 | ep. 210: The Forbidden Ocular Jutsu (Kinjirareta dōjutsu 禁じられた瞳術)

With Danzou caught momentarily surprised by Itachi’s appearance, Sasuke launches an attack. However, before completing the strike, Sasuke is momentarily immobilized. Danzou activates a fuuinjutsu (a binding seal) placed earlier on Sasuke, temporarily paralyzing him. Karin tries to save Sasuke from his death, but is thrown aside like a rag doll. He does not understand Itachi’s need for saving an ingrate like Sasuke. As Madara prepares to swoop in to save his puppet while Danzou strikes, Sasuke breaks out of the curse with Susanoo protecting him from the attack.

Ares aka Susanoo ready for action

Ares aka Susanoo ready for action

This goads Sasuke to a point of fully developing Susanoo from a skeletal being to a full-bodied force, and finally firing a deadly arrow at Danzou. He quickly diverts the attack using Mokuton (Wood Release jutsu). Is Danzou too powerful and invincible for Sasuke?

Cross-breed vaccuum cleaner

Cross-breed vaccuum cleaner

To conserve his chakra and let his eye heal, Danzou summons a cross-breed giant tapir-elephant creature, Baku, the Nightmare-Eater. With Susanoo unable to move, Danzou attacks and finds a vulnerable spot of Susanoo. But Sasuke counters with his fire technique and punches out Danzou. He falls and Baku retreats. At this point, Sasuke is badly injured and Susanoo is left in its skeletal remains.

Then, Karin notices the Sharingan slowly closing, one by one. The life span of each eye is about 60 seconds when activated. When it becomes clear to Karin Danzou’s ability and weakness, she lets Sasuke know and warns him to prolong the battle.

The other spectator of the show, Madara, also realizes something else. He surmises that the use of Uchiha’s Sharingan and the First Hokage’s Mokuton must mean that Danzou has the intention of controlling kyuubi in Naruto. What’s more, he has used a forbidden jutsu banned even for the Uchihas – Izanagi. The jutsu allows him to warp reality, thus avoiding death. However, he must have at least one active Sharingan to activate the jutsu. Danzou has really gone and done it now.

Battle of brawn and brains

Battle of brawn and brains

As the battle progresses, Danzou begins to lose more and more Sharingan eyes, while Sasuke wears down his own pair. Furthermore, Danzou needs to reserve his power for his impending match with the watching Madara. Can he last? Who will succumb to fatigue first?

With one eye left opened in his arm, Danzou takes a gamble and clashes with Sasuke in a final duel. Both ninjas end up impaling the other with their chakra infused blades.

The deadly embrace

The deadly embrace

May 12, 2011 | ep. 211: Danzou Shimura (Shimura Danzō 志村ダンゾウ)

Locked in the final clash, Danzou smirks, thinking he won. Unfortunately for him, it is Sasuke who comes out victorious. He is no longer protected by Izanagi. Sasuke had placed a genjutsu on Danzou, making him think that he still had one Sharingan left. With a depleted chakra and newly acquired injury, Danzou loses control of the First Hokage’s DNA. He severs his arm before it engulfs him and turns him into a giant tree. He proceeds to release the bandages over Shusui’s eye (debating whether to “waste” the special eye on performing Izanagi).

But Sasuke is also badly injured. Karin comes to his aid to give new life to him, but Danzou, unwilling to give up, takes Karin as hostage.

Smiling at the irony of the situation, Sasuke comments aloud, “For one who professes self-sacrifice, you are now taking a hostage to protect your own life.”

Danzou counters, saying that he is too important a player in the game to end up being killed by a nobody.

In a split second, after telling Karin not to move, Sasuke stabs them both with his Chidori blade, fatally wounding Karin and Danzou. Danzou falters and tries to escape while Sasuke follows slowly from behind. Madara stops the desperate Danzou, vowing to retrieve Shusui’s eye – that has a jutsu exclusive to him: manipulating other people’s thoughts without their knowledge as demonstrated on Mifune during the Five Kage Summit. In spite of his questionable methods, Danzou shows a final honor and self-sacrifice to his village. He tries to take Madara and Sasuke with him in death, by activating the most powerful fuuinjutsu: Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique, a self-destruction jutsu. Four seal symbols from Danzou’s skin form a large sphere around them and draws and imprisons surrounding objects, thus sealing it with his corpse.

Before his demise, he chastises Sasuke for his hatred and violence against Konoha. Sasuke will undo what Itachi and his clan did for his own vengeance.

Unfortunately, Madara and Sasuke escapes the sealing jutsu.

As he dies, Danzou recollects his final mission with the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju, after being chased by foes from Kumogakure. When they realized they needed a decoy to escape, instead of having enough courage to volunteer immediately, his lets his younger teammate, Sarutobi Hiruzen, beat him to the punch line. Only upon his volunteer that Danzou finds his voice. By then, it was too late. The Second Hokage sacrificed himself instead to protect the the younger generation of Konoha and at the same time, appointed Hiruzen Sarutobi to be the next Hokage. Just like that, he is once again one second too late. No matter what he did, he could never be like Hiruzen.

“Hiruzen, it is my turn. But I can not even become a proper Hoakge. No matter how far I go, I can never catch up to you. You are the leaves bathing in the sun, while I am the roots growing in the dark.”

May 19, 2011 | ep. 212: Sakura’s Resolve (Sakura no Kakugo サクラの覚悟)

Sakura, Lee, Sai, sought out Sasuke after Kiba and Akamura sense him with Tobi. Sakura immediately tries to stop the rest from moving forward with her, but Sai stops her and the rest (or tries to dissuade and stall them while Kakashi catches up with Sai’s bunshin). None of them are Sasuke’s match, much less Tobi. But in the chaos, Sakura manages to release the sleeping gas and escapes the boys. Elsewhere, Kakashi immediately pushes on.

As Sakura closes the gap between her and Sasuke, she takes the time to think if this was all an infatuation.

Team 7

Team 7: Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi sensei

From the time that they were announced as Team 7, to disobeying orders to share their lunch with Naruto (thereby learning from Kakashi that “Those who break the rules are scum, but those who forsake their team mates are worse”), to Orochimaru’s marking of Sasuke and his growing hunger for more power and vengeance, forcing the two friends, Naruto and Sasuke, to battle each other for the first time with their newly acquired skills (chidori and rasengan), and finally his leaving. It was then that she begged Naruto to bring him back, thus causing this unbreakable cycle of torment to all three members of Team 7. It is time for her to do something for herself and the team, instead of relying on others.

Back at Sasuke’s location, Madara takes Shusui’s eye and orders Sasuke to return to their hideout to recuperate and heal his almost blind eye before heading out to take on Konoha. As Madara leaves with Danzou’s body, he reminds Sasuke, “If you don’t need her, then finish her off (pointing to Karin).” Sasuke approaches the dying Karin, as she remembers their first meeting They were just children, during the chuunin exam, when she was cornered by a bear, but subsequently saved by Sasuke. However, he is no longer saving her. This time, he will be taking her life. But before he ends her, a voice stops him.

“Sasuke,” the female voice calls out. “I’m deserting Konoha…for you.”

May 26, 2011 | ep. 213: Lost Bonds (Ushinawareta Kizuna 失われた絆)

The unconscious Naruto finally awakens and flashes back to his childhood. Their first unofficial meeting began when Naruto overhears the other kids talking about Sasuke being the sole survivor of the Uchiha clan. From then on, the rivalry began. Soon enough, they became each other’s equal. But Sasuke began to grow apart and lived solely for revenge. With that, Sasuke gave up their bond of friendship. He tells Naruto that because they have become friends, he is now worthy of being killed. He thinks that it’s the pain that makes them stronger, which led them to the battle at the Valley of the End.

Valley of the End

Valley of the End: Uchiha Madara vs. Senju Hashirama

For someone who grew up without parents, siblings and knew not of friendship, Sasuke was his very first bond. That is why he finds it so hard to give up on Sasuke. Jiraiya once told Naruto, that Orochimaru too changed after his parents’ death, and became progressively obsessed with attaining the forbidden jutsu. Only after Jiraiya death did Naruto truly understand this hatred that Sasuke harbored since an early age. But he learned to change from that.

Yamato tells the weakened and lifeless Naruto that they are ordered by Kakashi to return to the village. Naruto tells Yamato that he still needs his rest. In truth, the real Naruto in Sage mode goes after Sasuke by following Kakashi sensei’s chakra, unwilling to give up on this brother and his first true friend.

Before Itachi died, he found Naruto and spoke to him.

“What if Sasuke decides to attack Konoha?” the question was posed. “Will you kill him to save the village?”

Albeit naive, but earnest, Naruto replies, “I will protect the village without killing Sasuke.”

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June 2, 2011 | ep. 214: The Burden I Should Bear (Seōbeki Omoni 背負うべき重荷)

Skeptical that Sakura would actually forsake the village, Sasuke tells Sakura to finish off a dying Karin to prove her sincerity and love for him. When she hesitates, Sasuke attacks with Chidori, with the intent to kill, only to be stopped by Kakashi. Their laughable efforts for his return to Konoha is too absurd. He immediately attacks Kakashi to finish him off. He calls on Susanoo, only to have his eyesight deteriorate even further from its earlier fight with Danzou. His double vision worsens, and this gives Sakura an opening (after healing Karin). However, unable to bring herself to kill Sasuke, Sakura falters. In turn, the nearly blind Sasuke finds another opening, as he senses her hesitation and tries to kill her instead. Naruto arrives in time to save her.

This opens for the clash between Naruto and Sasuke, matching Rasengan to Chidori.

June 9, 2011 | ep. 215: The Fated Two (Shukumei no Futari 宿命のふたり)

Naruto berates Sasuke for attacking his own team members. But Sasuke mocks his sentimentality. He is no longer part of Team 7, and instead, his new mission is to destroy Naruto’s much-loved Konohagakure to purify and clear the Uchiha of all their wrongdoings.

Upon seeing this Sasuke, Kakashi realizes that the Uchiha history of hatred is about to repeat itself: a hatred that has turned Sasuke into what he is today. As the sensei of Team 7, he realizes he never did enough for his student. To end the hatred once and for all, Kakashi decides to finish off Sasuke by himself, but Naruto stops him.

Naruto charges Sasuke with his Rasengan and the two meet once again, much like the day they met at the Final Valley/Valley of the End. Naruto was once alone, until Iruka sensei and Sasuke came along. He was hesitant of their friendship because of his jealousy towards Sasuke’s skills and intelligence. But in the end, they became not only friends but brothers. How will this ill-fated bond of two orphans end? Are they doomed to be sworn enemies, but brothers at heart?

June 16, 2011 | ep. 216: High-Level Shinobi (Ichiryū no Shinobi 一流の忍)

Back in Madara’s hidden lair, surrounded by vials of Sharingans, he realizes disgustedly that Danzou destroyed Shisui’s eye when he killed himself, rendering the eye useless to him. However, white Zetsu appears to warn him that Sasuke has disobeyed his command to return to base and is currently in a clash with his former team mates.

Naruto vs Sasuke

Naruto vs Sasuke

Once, at the Valley of the End, the departing Sasuke told Naruto in battle, only a high-leveled Shinobi will understand the other without ever speaking, just by meeting him in battle. Sasuke vows to exterminate Konohagakure to avenge the Uchiha Clan. So Naruto has only two choices: Killed or be killed. But Naruto doesn’t believe that those are his only options. He will not lose, and neither will he be the hero who kills Sasuke.

Back to the current time, Naruto and Sasuke’s unconscious meet in battle. After they return to reality, Naruto reminds Sasuke of what he once spoke of at the Valley of the End about high-leveled Shinobi. He understands now that their final battle will be inevitable. He also knows now that when they do meet, they will both perish. Naruto, however, is content with this outcome.

In frustration Sasuke asks why Naruto is so fixated with him. “Because you’re my friend,” he answers earnestly. “I will never give up on you. I will bring you home. If we both die, we will be free of our burden: the Uchiha and the jinchuuriki.” However, Kakashi steps in, offering to take down Sasuke. Naruto immediately stops him. If he can’t even save one friend, he will never be fit to be the hokage.

The boss arrives

The boss arrives

For an instance, Sasuke seemed moved by Naruto’s honest pleas. But Madara and Zetsu appears and that instance is lost. Zetsu immediately volunteers to take on Naruto, but Madara stops him. The task of capturing Naruto will be his gift to Sasuke. Before leaving, he orders Zetsu to check on Kisame and rendezvous with his black half. He then teleports Sasuke back to his lair, and Sasuke immediately ask for Itachi’s eyes to be transplanted into him.

June 23, 2011 | ep. 217: Infiltrator (Sennyūsha 潜入者)

Yamato finally reaches Team 7 and chastises Naruto for pulling a fast one on him. They soon return to Konohagakure, with the victims of Sakura, and the no-longer-disillusioned Karin (who presumes herself a prisoner of the Konoha nin). For Naruto, even though Sasuke has changed, he is still him. “Sasuke is Sasuke.”

In Konohagakure, the elders Homura and Komaru meet with Shikaku as the Foundation has become restless without news of Danzou’s whereabouts. ANBU Root members decide to seek out Sai.

When Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi and Karin finally reach the knocked-out ninjas and awaken them, Sai realizes his curse mark is gone. He quickly concludes that Danzou is dead, which Karin confirms that Sasuke killed him. Before they leave, they are cornered by Konoha’s ANBU, who question Sai of Danzou’s whereabouts. He retells what he knows: Danzou is dead. Foo and Torune are missing. But he also introduces to them the new Hokage: Hatake Kakashi.

Elsewhere, A and Killer B return to Kumogakure, where they are welcomed without much pomp and circumstance. They immediately meet with their feudal lord about the events that took place during the Five Kage Summit that eventually lead to the declaration of war by Madara and the formation of the five nation alliance (Sand, Stone, Mist, Cloud and Leaf). This alliance is to pool the nations’ resources to protect the remaining bijuus (hachibi & kyuubi) against the Akatsuki. As the Feudal Lords give their approval and prepare for their own summit, the village teems with anticipation as they officially prepare for war.



Black and white Zetsu meets. Zetsu, who has the ability to clone himself by absorbing someone’s chakra, cloned himself to make it seem like it was Kisame who was decapitated. In the meantime, the real Kisame, before faking his death, hides inside Samehada to infiltrate Kumogakure and to blend his chakra with Samehada to hide his presence.

June 30, 2011 | ep. 218: The Five Nations Mobilize (Ugokidasu Taikoku 動き出す大国)

The Feudal Lords of the Five Nations meet in a tele-conference. At the end of it, the Allied Shinobi Forces are ratified.

The Kages of the Five Nations return home to prepare for war. As they all realize this is the first time the new generation of ninjas will have to meet at war. Even though Sasuke and Madara did appear simultaneously at the Summit, one cannot be certain that both their goals are the same. The enemy’s strength is unknown, but so is the combined forces of the Five Nations.

Naruto’s recon team finally reach Konohagakure as earlier news travel to the village that Sasuke attacked and killed Danzou at the Summit. Naruto calls for a meeting with his fellow shinobis.

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July 7, 2011 | ep. 219: The Hokage Hatake Kakashi (Hokage Hatake Kakashi 火影はたけカカシ)

Naruto fills his friends in with the clash of Sasuke and Danzou. He insists on handling Sasuke himself. He knows he can’t defeat him…yet. (Underlying to that is the fact that when they do fight, they will both meet their end)

Kakashi meets with the village elders as they in turn head to the feudal lord for Kakashi’s appointment as the next hokage. Soon, the burden of protecting the village falls solely on Kakashi’s shoulders. The news spread quickly, and Guy too corners Kakashi. Seeing as this will be his last freedom before taking on the position, Guy challenges Kakashi to a match. During this time, Tsunade regains consciousness – much to the relief of Kakashi, as she is quickly reinstated as Konohagakure’s Hokage.


July 21, 2011 | ep. 220: The Great Toad’s Prediction (Ōgama no Yogen 大ガマの予言)

Gerotora and Jiraiya with the seal

Gerotora and Jiraiya with the seal

At Mount Myouboku, Gerotora a scroll toad visits the Great Toad Sage with his dilemma. The scroll toad is a rare species that guards secrets written on its scroll abdomen, and resides in the belly of its contractor, until its contractor dies. Gerotora, in this case, is the “key” to the Eight Trigrams Seal placed by Namikaze Minato on Naruto. After Minato’s death, the key was left in Jiraiya’s safekeeping. Now, with the death of Jiraiya, should the key be returned to Naruto? Will Naruto be able to handle kyuubi if the nine-tailed fox was released? (Kyuubi took over after Hinata was “killed” by Pain. None of Naruto’s will remained. What’s more, the First Hokage’s necklace was lost. There is no way of controlling kyuubi now)

Back at Konohagakure, the villagers rejoice at Tsunade’s awakening. She eats up to muster up all her chakra. Kakashi finally visits her, and shows a sigh of great relief that he escaped the chains of burden. He informs her that Madara is still alive. Another war with the Uchihas is brewing in the horizon. She then calls for the assembly for all ninjas, and the rounding of provisions.

Karin’s interrogation continues, but she soon realizes what a difference this village is from the rest. They are all warm and cheerful, much like Naruto. They bicker only to find her the “best” tonkatsu around.

Ogama Sennin's Prophecy

Ogama Sennin’s Prophecy

The Great Toad Sage summons Naruto (through Fukasaku’s reverse-summon) to Mt. Myouboku. After temporarily forgetting who Naruto is, the Great Toad Sage begins to prophesies: Naruto will meet an octopus. He will then fight a boy with powers in his eyes. However, before he continues, Naruto tells him, “I know.” (I will die) Finally, he also saw that Naruto was given the key to remove Minato’s seal. Gerotora questions Naruto if he is ready for it? Uncertain, but knowing he needs kyuubi’s power to defeat Sasuke, Naruto braces himself for what lies ahead.

July 28, 2011 | ep. 221 & 222: Storage (Kurairi 蔵入り) & The Five Kage’s Decision (Gokage no Ketsudan 五影の決断)

Kabuto finds Madara, and the latter immediately tries to kill him. Kabuto surprises Madara by using the Reanimation Jutsu to revive Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, Kakuzu and Nagato. (the horror!!!) Kabuto sweet talks his way in: he will revive anyone he wants, in return for Sasuke’s body. Madara refuses, and Kabuto summons an unknown sixth casket. Madara sees this corpse, and is taken aback (most likely this is Senju’s body). This forces Madara to concede to this unseen body and accepts on condition that he will only get Sasuke’s body after the war. Meanwhile, Anko who is tracking Kabuto is led to Madara’s location on purpose.

The Fourth Shinobi World War declared by Uchiha Madara of the Akatsuki will meet head-to-head with the Five Nations. Currently, Akatsuki have the power of 7 bijuus. The remaining members will definitely be more powerful than Nagato. Soon, the Five Kages meet to discuss the impending war. Little does Tsunade know, that Naruto and Killer Bee will not be used in the war. However, before meeting, Shizune comes with an alarming news: Naruto has gone missing. Just as the search party is sent out, Naruto reappears and explains that he was summoned by the Great Toad Sage.

At Kumogakure, Tsunade discusses with Raikage about the two jinchuurikis. It is best to hide them. The point of the alliance is to protect the two of them. Therefore, the best place to hide them is in a secret location in Kumogakure: a place where A once trained B. As Tsunade agrees to this, she also asks the Raikage to get Killer B to show/teach Naruto how to control kyuubi. There maybe a point when they will need to rely on both their powers.

Back at Konohagakure, Naruto is told he will be sent on an S-Rank mission with Yamato to a “resort.”

• SEASON 11 (July 2011 – December 2011)

• SEASON 12 (January 2012 – August 2012)

• SEASON 13 (August 2012 – present)

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7 thoughts on “Naruto Shippuden Season 10

  1. que coisa mais grande e estranha .eu adoro o naruto e gosto de desenhar o naruto e os outros personagen e tal….mais pra lê tudo isso eu tive que ir no tradutor do google e eu demorei muito pra lê.em fim eu adorei isso

  2. this was so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • the entire Naruto series is awesome. The writer, Kishimoto, is just brilliant. He must be a superb chess player 😀

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