Chrome Shelled Regios

Leyfon, Felli, Nina, Lilin

Felli, Layfon, Nina, Lilin

Chrome Shelled Regios (鋼殻のレギオス, Kōkaku no Regiosu) is a short novel that is adapted three times into manga. The anime adaptation aired on January 2009 with 24 episodes. The end of the anime has many unresolved plot lines, hinting to another season in 2010?

In a polluted world overtaken by infected beasts, humans are living in isolated mobile cities called Regios and use weapons called Dite to defend themselves. These cities are each powered and named after and Electronic Fairy. There are Academy Cities, which are student governed and where education takes place and General Cities, where most of the population lives.

Layfon Alseif, having left the city of Grendan to end the fighting, enrolls in the Academy city of Zuellni hoping to find a more peaceful life ahead. Instead, he is noticed by the captain of the 17th Military Arts platoon, Nina Antalk. She recruits him with the aid of the Student Council President, Karian Loss, who effectively blackmails Layfon. Unknown to everyone, except Karian, he is one of the twelve Heaven’s Blades wielder.

Layfon finally joins the 17th platoon. The group consists of Nina, the captain, Felli Loss, sister of Karian and a psychokinesis user, Sharnid Elipton a sniper and Harley Sutton the Dite-mechanic of the team. Slowly, the group becomes one, but the unity is short-lived. Nina finds out that Layfon is originally one of the Heaven’s Blade warrior and that his only philosophy is to stay alive. She expels him.

Layfon is pretty thick when it comes to the matters of the heart.

Meanwhile in Grendan, Leerin Marfes, a fellow orphan like Layfon, catches the attention of Queen Alsheyra and Heaven’s Blade warrior is sent for her protection. The Queen maybe Leerin’s mother.  The queens wanders around the city posing as Synola Leisler to find the whereabouts of Layfon, in hopes that the 12 Heaven’s Blade warriors will one day reunite.

Heaven's Blades

Heaven's Blades

Opening Song:

“Brave your truth” by Daisy × Daisy

Closing Songs:

“Yasashii Uso (ヤサシイウソ)” by Chrome Shelled
“Yasahii Uso w/z Felli Loss 「ヤサシイウソ w/z フェリ・ロス」” by Chrome Shelled feat. Felli Loss (eps 4,9,11)
“Yasahii Uso w/z Nina Antalk 「ヤサシイウソ w/z ニーナ・アントーク」” by Chrome Shelled feat. Nina Antalk (eps 5,7,10)
“Yasahii Uso w/z Leerin Marfes 「ヤサシイウソ w/z リーリン・マーフェス」” by Chrome Shelled feat. Leerin Marfes (eps 6,12)
“Ai no Zuellni (愛のツェルニ)” by Chrome Shelled (eps 13-15,17-22,24)
“Ai no Zuellni w/z Mayshen Torinden” (愛のツェルニ w/z メイシェン・トリンデン) by Chrome Shelled feat. Mayshen Torinden (ep 16)
“Ai no Zuellni w/z Leerin Marfes” (愛のツェルニ w/z リーリン・マーフェス) by Chrome Shelled feat. Leerin Marfes (ep 23)

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