Sengoku Basara

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Season 2

Second season for this anime has just been announced for 2010. It will be taking over Fullmetal Alchemist’s time slot (5 pm on Sunday) in July. Funimation will be simulcasting Sengoku Basara 2. A movie has been announced for 2011. The time slot of Sengoku Basara 2 will be replaced by Star Driver on Oct. 3, 2010.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi will be the next unifier of Japan. Unlike history, he has no connection to Oda Nobunaga (the previous warlord), whose retainers were wiped out in the last attack by Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune.

July 11, 2010, ep. 1: Troubled Times Once Again! Advent of the Great Cataclysmic Warlord, Toyotomi Hideyoshi!

The series begins with three major clans fighting each other at the Kawanakajima field, in Shinano province. Sanada Yukimura is pitted against Date Masamune, but they are enjoying their fight with no intention of causing bodily harm. The Tiger of Kai is up against Uesugi Kenshin of Echigo at the Fifth and final Battle of Kawanakajima (1564). (The first was in 1553 also known as the Battle of Fuse, the second in 1555 was also known as the Battle of the Saigawa, the third in 1557 and t he fourth in 1561). Suddenly, Sarutobi Sasuke and Kasuga approach their respective masters and tell them that a new enemy approaches to claim the land they are fighting for.


Tanaka Hanbei

Takenaka Hanbei


The Toyotomi Army, led by Toyotomi Hideyoshi and his trusted strategist Takenaka Hanbei encroached upon the battle ahead. The three clans stop their in-fighting and direct their army towards Toyotomi. Hideyoshi, a giant man, stops the rain of  arrows released by the three clans with just his bare hands. He hurls it back to them.

Masamune immediately attacks Hideyoshi, flanked by his trusty bodyguard Katakura Kojuurou, who takes on Takenaka. It is time to withdraw. The Tiger of Kai and Uesugi retreat too.

Elsewhere, Maeda Keiji, nephew to Maeda Toshiie and Matsue gallops ahead to try to stop the battle only to arrive after everyone leaves. He returns home, and realizes Toshiie and Matsu have aligned themselves with Hideyoshi, his once upon a time friend and prank comrade. They reason that Nobunaga had weaken Japan even more, but Hideyoshi will make Japan rise again, and become the true Land of the Rising Sun. Hideyoshi is only attacking because he lost his wife, and if Toshiie lost Matsu too, he would do the same for her. Unbeknown to them, Hideyoshi may have murdered his own wife, Lady Nene, as his hunger for power grew. Keiji then asks for the next point of attack, but they will not divulge.

Back at the land of Kai, Takeda Shingen (Tiger of Kai) meets with Sasuke. If Toyotomi’s Army did not appear, they would have suffered a humiliating defeat at Masamune’s hands. Toyotomi has already formed an alliance with the Daimyo of Chuugoku, Mōri Motonari, who is also rival to Chōsokabe Motochika of Shikoku. Takeda will head to the South and claim Kyushuu, where Toyotomi and Mori has not extended their reach. However, the Tiger will not leave his den. His cub, Yukimura, will go in his place. “Oyakata-sama!”

The Oushuu Clan of Masamune surmise that someone has infiltrated their group. Is it a trap and is the enemy trying to create a discord within the clan? Either way, they will have to prepare for a decoy and find the traitor before it is too late. This they tell to the rest of the army, but during the night, no one escapes. However, Takenaka Hanbei appears, using two villagers as his ransom against Katakura Kojuurou. They surround Kojuurou, while trying to recruit him into the Toyotomi Army. But the Right hand of the Dragon is ever faithful.

July 18, 2010, ep. 2: The Lost Right Eye – The Dragon’s Back Rent Asunder!

Hanbei wants Kojuurou. Without him, Masamune will never have taken Azuchi Castle and the Devil King. He himself could have raised an army without the Oushuu lord. Kojuurou will never betray Date, who will always be his sole master. Hanbei uses the captured villagers as his hostage to force Kojuurou’s hand. But he attacks the Toyotomi army and frees the villagers. With his hands full, protecting the villagers and himself from the army, Hanbei ambushes him with his chain-linked sword. The Right-Eye of Masamune goes down and is kidnapped.


Katakura Kojuurou

Katakura Kojuurou


In the middle of the night, Masamune is awakened to news that they are under attack on three fronts by the Nambu, Tsugaru and Souma, who have all pledged their alliance to Toyotomi. What’s worst, the kidnapped villagers have returned to report of Kojuurou’s kidnap. They found only his sword, the black dragon and the traitor. Date vows to retrieve his friend and general. Masamune meets the encroaching three armies head on at Suriagehara and gains an upper hand until Ashina’s forces of Aizu joins in the fight. Now Masamune’s army is under pressure from all sides. He pulls his men to meet Hanbei, who arrives with his own men, and realizes his mistake in splitting his troops. Without Kojuurou there to direct the men, Masamune has fallen into their trap. Hanbei attacks Masamune. He strikes Masamune on his helmet and slashes him on his back, cutting his tabard. His back is left wide open now that Kojuurou is not there to protect it. Angered by this, Masamune proceeds to battle Hanbei and injures him in the process. But Hanbei knows when his battle is lost. He pulls out, leaving Masamune to deal with the rest of the army from Nanbu, Tsugaru, Souma and Aizu.


Date vs. Hanbei

Date vs. Hanbei…but sore loser pulls out before he is wasted


In Echigo, Kenshin, Kasuga and Keiji sit down for a nice meal together. They realize that Mori Motonari of Chuugoku has formed an alliance with Toyotomi.  Toyotomi will most likely attack Chousokabe Motochika of Shikoku soon. Motochika is an old friend of Keiji too. He will head off to stop Hideyoshi and Motochika’s fight. But they are interrupted with news of an army heading to Echigo. Keiji has to leave immediately. The Maeda Clan of Kaga, Keiji’s family, is here to relinquish Echigo from the  Uesugi Kenshin.

At Kai, Sasuke reports back to Takeda Shingen and Yukimura that Oushuu is under attack by Toyotomi forces and allies. Furthermore, Masamune’s general has been kidnapped by Hanbei. Toyotomi is on the move springing traps on neighboring clans. They will unite Japan even if it means painting the land red with human sacrifices.

Yukimura will not be going to aid Masamune, even though he wishes to. Instead, he will lead the Knights of Takeda towards Kyushuu to claim their stronghold there too.

Takenaka Hanbei returns to Osaka Castle with an injured arm and a prisoner, Kojuurou. Hanbei was once a retainer and strategist of Oda Nobunaga, the 6th Devil King. When his master and his castle fell, he pledged his allegiance to Toyotomi Hideyoshi. With their army and stronghold expanding, they will need more capable generals, like Kojuurou on their side. Everything is as they have planned (or is it?). Takeda Shingen, the Tiger of Kai, is bottled up. Maeda has Uesugi Kenshin of Echigo. Masamune is in a losing battle. Hanbei will head to Aki Province to strengthen their alliance with Mori Motonari of Chuugoku. Meanwhile Chousokabe Motochika of Shikoku is missing.

July 25, 2010, ep. 3: Keiji vs. Toshiie! Tedorigawa Choked with Unequivocal Ideals!

As Maeda approaches Echigo, Keiji rides ahead to stop his brother-in-law Toshiie. He meets the invading army, trying to persuade them to retreat, but Toshiie and Matsu ride past him. This is one war that Keiji will have no control over. Finally, Kasuga catches up with him and tells him to leave it to Kenshin.


Uesugi Kenshin the effeminate God of War

Uesugi Kenshin the effeminate God of War


The Maeda army marches on and is met by Kenshin’s army. Maeda Toshiie politely introduces himself and his wife. Uesugi pleads with them to withdraw immediately. His army has marched towards Kaga, home to Maeda. They can try to strike down a man such as Kenshin to get Echigo, but they will lose Kaga in the process. Is protecting one’s homeland more important, or fulfilling a pact with men more important? Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Hanbei have entrusted Maeda to conquer Echigo, therefore they cannot withdraw. However, their opponent is no ordinary man. This is the one they call the God of War, the one who the Tiger of Kai sees as an equal. Seeing Toshiie struggle with his dilemma, Matsu asks Toshiie to return home. The Aizu, Nanbu, Tsugaru and Souma clan will be there soon to aid them. It’s unequivocal that Toshiie returns to Kaga to protect their land.

With their backs against the wall and Toshiie knowing that Matsu is no match against Lord Uesugi, Toshiie decides to return to Kaga empty-handed. In the rain, they ride back only to be met by an approaching army that has flanked him. They have no choice but to face them head on now. Soon more armies approach and they are quickly surrounded. Will Lord Uesugi let them surrender without bloodshed? That doesn’t seem like a possibility. They will have to break through Uesugi’s forces led by Naoe Kane, the first general of Uesugi Kenshin. As the Maeda army takes a hit, husband and wife are the only ones left standing. Then Keiji arrives.

However, Keiji is not there to aid them. A victory for Maeda will be a victory for Toyotomi. Keiji is there to fight against them. Matsu tries to explain, but Toshiie stops her from telling him that they have essentially withdrawn from the war. If they think they can usurp a sovereign land by brute force, someday, someone else will also do it to them too. Toshiie believes in Toyotomi’s ideals, but Keiji tells him that Toyotomi is not building a world that HE wants. They begin their brutal fight against each other, but use only the blunt side of their spears to attack.


Battle within the family

Battle within the family


Kenshin finally makes his way to the battle site and sees Keiji beating up Toshiie. During their fight, Keiji sees Hideyoshi’s wife, and later her death, a death that Hideyoshi claims is not accidental. Keiji goes for the attack while apologizing and ends the fight with one final and fatal blow to Toshiie. Matsu prepares to defend her husband’s honor, but Kenshin asks Matsu to leave with her still breathing husband. Both uncle and nephew desire peace for the land. However, they are fighting at different ends in mind. Neither one is right or wrong.

Elsewhere, Date Masamune calls on his men to wake up from their defeat. They rise, like the living dead, as they prepare to return to Oushuu to lick their wounds. When they are better prepared, they will head to Osaka to retrieve Kojuurou from the Toyotomi men. Suddenly a huge gust of wind blows, throwing up a sand cloud, and a giant figure appears. It is none other than Toyotomi Hideyoshi. In his weakened state, Date is forced to fight Hideyoshi. He needs someone to protect his back, but that person is longer around. Hideyoshi chides Date, that his dragon scales have been stripped away and his right eye ripped away from him. But Date responds that the dragon scales can never fall, not until he is dead. The fight begins!

Meanwhile, Yukimura and the Takeda Knights make their way towards Kyushuu. They stop to rest for the night at Omi. Yukimura notes to Lord Oyamada that ever since entering Omi, he has seen only people toiling from dawn to dusk. Even the old, feeble, women and children are not excused. Lord Oyamada surmises that it is Toyotomi’s doing. Yukimura goes to aid an old woman who has fallen while carrying her load. In a trance, he sees the old woman walking towards the Toyotomi army to give them their wares. Suddenly he hears a woman’s crying voice, “Sorry. This is all Ichi’s fault.”

Aug. 1, 2010, ep. 4: The Ghost of Azuchi Castle?! The Lamentation and Howl of Evil that Assail Yukimura!

In the village where Yukimura’s men rest, they hear the souls of the dead crying at the Azuchi mountains. Lady Oichi, sister of the 6th Devil king is weeping sorrowfully. It seems the rumors are true about the wandering aimless souls. Yukimura enters the battle ravaged castle of the Devil King and the cries of Oichi grows louder and more persistent. Someone else is there. He greets Yukimura from the shadows, telling him that it’s nice to meet again. As the shadowy figure moves into the light, Yukimura recognizes this man. It is impossible. Matsunaga Hisahide! Why is he here? Wasn’t he killed in the offing of Oda Nobunaga too?


Yukimura fighting with…the dead?

Yukimura fighting with…the dead?


The cries and wailing persists from Oichi. Matsunaga surmises that Oichi is trapped between their world and the next. He explained that he escaped at the last moment during the battle. But he is back for Oda’s skull. To desert his master when he was alive is traitorous, but to plunder his grave after his death, is crude, inhumane and abhorrently evil. Matsunaga simply brushes off Yukimura’s disgust. Oda may have been an evil ruler, but even Yukimura will not stand for it. As he tries to retrieve the skull with Matsunaga retreating, a swift ninja appears and blocks his way. It is the famed Fuuma Kotaro. Oichi continues to cry, asking for her brother’s skull back, but Matsunaga takes off. She attacks Yukimura instead. He realizes she’s being possessed by the spirit of her brother, as he is strangled and held back by ghostly hands. He finally frees himself and exorcises the spirit of her brother. He momentarily loses consciousness.

Before Matsunaga left, he told Yukimura that Date Masamune has fallen into Toyotomi’s trap. This is what you call karma. In the end, after Date’s army took a beating from Toyotomi, Hideyoshi came out to deal the finishing blow. Yukimura will not believe that Date will fall that easily.

Back at Oushuu, Date Masamune awakens from his injuries. His men are by his side watching over him vigilantly, waiting for him to regain consciousness after the fatal fight with Hideyoshi. The odds were against him to begin with after the dragged out war. He was thrown like a rag doll as his men came to his side to protect him and retrieve his swords. Seeing them protecting their master, Hideyoshi falters and leave. An injured Keiji once protected a wounded and fallen Hideyoshi with his own body too. He remembers it all too well. As Date struggles to rise, he realizes his mistake of underestimating the country bumpkins.

Elsewhere, Keiji rests for the night and remembers the pranks and good times he and Toshiie once had. Until the last battle, all their fights were play fights as they lived together, played together, and ate together. It’s time for him to head to Osaka to try to stop another bosom friend – Hideyoshi.

Yukimura awakens and see Oichi still alive. The remnants of Oda’s army has come to protect their mistress just as Takeda’s men arrive too to safeguard Yukimura. Lord Oyamada tells Yukimura that the surviving Oda army is slowly gathering to rebuild their forces again. As they leave, the remaining Oda castle burns to the ground as Oichi orders its destruction for it to be rebuilt.

Meanwhile, Hanbei proceeds with his alliance with Mori Motonari of Chuugoku. With their pact signed, attack on Kawanakajima completed, Kojuurou captured, all they have to do now is take over the Chousokabe fortress in Shikoku, with the aid of their new ally.

Aug. 8, 2010, ep. 5: The Vow’s Seal! The One-Eyed Dragon vs. the War God – Confrontation at Hitotoribashi!

Once, not too long ago, an outnumbered and tired Date army won Oushuu by a hair. However, he was injured in the process. Entering his domicile, Kojuurou was about to commit sepukku for allowing his chief get hurt, under his watch. Date stopped him, and after punching him out with his broken right arm, he tells him, “It is time for you to be my right hand, since I can’t use my right hand.” Kojuurou apologizes for his mistake, promises to forever protect his master, and finally congratulates Masamune for conquering Oushuu.

Back at the present, Date’s men apologize for only retrieving five of his six claws. “It’s ok,” he replies, “It’s more than enough.” But Kojuurou is no longer with them. Masamune has to get him back. He gathers his men to head to Toyotomi’s stronghold in Osaka to retrieve his Right Eye. But they are waylaid and surrounded by Uesugi Kenshin‘s army at Hitotoribashi.

His men are surprised. Was Uesugi taken over by Toyotomi? Or is this an alliance? But why are they not attacking them?

Date’s men use the time to recoup, heal and ponder their actions. Date realizes that cordoning them to this site, Hitotoribashi, is no accident. His men once fought on this battlefield, when the odds were against them (his 7000 men against Hatakeyama’s 30,000), which eventually led to their victory and claiming of Oushuu. With that, he vows not to let the Date army lose again. He owes Uesugi Kenshin for opening up his eyes. This was the site of his biggest lost (of men) and greatest gain (in the outcome).


Date on a date by himself

Date on a date by himself…time to think of past doings


Kasuga informs Kenshin that Hideyoshi is attacking Shikoku with their new ally Mori. It’s time to pull back from Hitotoribashi. The true and only rival to the Tiger of Kai is not Uesugi Kenshin, but Date Masamune. He can end this war.

With Uesugi’s men pulling back, Date approaches Uesugi to thank him. Before leaving, Kenshin warns, “If you don’t return, I will claim Oushuu!”

At Toyotomi’s fort, Hanbei confronts Kojuurou, telling him Date is really something having overcome the Nambu, Tsurugu, Soma and Ashi’s army all at once. He even forced Hideyoshi to meet him on the battlefield, making him think that Date is dead. He presents to him one of Date’s battered and broken claw. “It’s time to join Toyotomi,” he urges.

Hideyoshi’s army is ready to march forward to take on Chousokabe Motochika‘s fortress in Shikoku. Keiji reaches him just as the army pulls out. He tries to stop Hideyoshi, to beg him to break off the alliance with Maede. Hideyoshi turns away, as Hanbei stops Keiji. He warns Keiji that if Maede so much as shows an ounce of hostility towards Toyotomi, they will be the next to fall. “Hideyoshi has changed. He is no longer the prankster you once knew. He can’t hear you anymore more.”

Elsewhere,Yukimura helps out the remaining villagers as much before leaving. Only the women and children are left. All the men have been enlisted to war. He wonders if there truly is peace awaiting them. As they leave for Kyushuu, Yukimura sees Toyotomi’s flags waving towards Shikoku. Will Yukimura go against Takeda Shingen’s wishes to aid Shikoku against Toyotomi and Mori?

Aug. 15, 2010, ep. 6: The Threatening Alliance of Toyotomi-Mori! The Powerful Fist of Supremacy Cleaves the Sea!

The Toyotomi-Mori army reaches Chousokabe’s stronghold in Fugakue. This will be the pirate’s fight to the end to stay afloat. The villagers around them realize that Toyotomi is coming and offer to fight alongside Chousokabe, the Demon of the West Sea. However, he tells that to return home. He is touched by their willingness to fight for the home, but Toyotomi’s army is too merciless for the villagers of old men and children. Chousokabe Motochika awaits Toyotomi’s navy fleet. But Mori’s army is approaching. They load the Shaku cannon and destroys the approaching men. Looks like it’s bait to lure them out, even if their numbers are dwindling.

Hanbei reminds a hesitant Mori that he will take Kyushuu with or without him. Their ally could easily have been Chousokabe, and this war could have been brought to his doorstep.

Soon, Toyotomi’s men arrive and Mori’s is withdrawn. Chousokabe’s parrot warns him that something more ominous is approaching. Hideyoshi the giant appears! He walks into the sea and asks them for their allegiance or there will be slaughtered like the bandits that they are. Chousokabe laughs at his request. In retaliation, Hideyoshi hits the sea and parts in, leaving only land behind. So, he had no need for a fleet, as the Toyotomi army inches forward towards Chousokabe’s armada. Chousokabe fires his cannon. The unflinching Hideyoshi dispels it with one hand. The army quickly surrounds the armada. But the ship surprises the enemy when it begins to move on land! Hideyoshi attacks Chousokabe. His country doesn’t need a pirate like him.

Toyotomi will never have Seto Sea. Hideyoshi lands a fatal punch on Chousokabe that throws him into the air like a rag doll. Chousokabe arises and attacks Hideyoshi again, as the armada goes up in flames. Thinking that their victory is sealed with the destruction of the ship, Toyotomi pulls back. Not a second too soon, the sea water comes flowing back onto the dry land.


Ahoy matey!

Ahoy matey! The Demon of Onigashima


From afar, Yukimura arrives and is told by a watching Sasuke that Hideyoshi dried up the sea with one punch. He should not involve himself. But Yukimura reasons that if Shikoku falls, the next will be Kyushuu. They have to help. But Sasuke interjects. That is more reason to get to Kyushuu before Toyotomi does. They have to leave immediately. Yukimura goes against Sasuke’s better judgment and lead his men into Toyotomi’s army. He will be Chousokabe’s reinforcements. Sasuke tries to stop him, but Oyadama goes with his master, telling Sasuke this is how a general is made, through experience, be it good or bad. Clearing the way for Yukimura, Oyadama is taken down.

Date gets news that Shikoku has fallen.

At Kaga, a recovering Toshiie wants to return to the war field, but Matsu stop him. Keiji returns home in time to stop the madness. He convinces them to stay out of the war, as Toshie prepares to attack the Tiger of Kai to starve them out for Toyotomi. Takeda may attack Osaka while the entire army is moving towards Chousokabe in Shikoku. The Maedas have no choice. If they don’t fight, they will be destroyed.

Aug. 22, 2010, ep. 7: Satsuma in the far South! A New Encounter as a man for Yukimura!

After Oyadama Nobushige’s death, the Takeda army led by Sanada Yukimura pull back. Sasuke chastises Yukimura for his rash decision to bring his men into Shikoku in aid of Chosoukabe, even though it was a valiant act. For this, he lost half his men and his trusted aide Oyadama. Now, more than ever, Takeda’s life and death depends on Yukimumra forming an alliance with Shimazu in Kyushuu.

After a trying journey, Yukimura finally arrives in Kyushuu after losing his men and losing to Toyotomi in Shikoku. He has to hasten his learning to be a General of caliber during war times like this. Soon, they are lured into the forest by a group of men he assumes is defending Satsuma. He extends his olive branch by immediately telling them he is from Kai, here to aid their fight against Toyotomi. Musashi, the supposed leader, fights the Takeda army, but Yukimura cautions them against killing. After their “test,” Musashi leads Yukimura to the real leader of the Satsuma province. Upon seeing the bandaged old man, Yukimura introduces himself formally as Sanada Genjirou Yukimura from Kai. He is sent by Takeda Shingen as an envoy to bolster Satsuma’s army against Toyotomi. The old man introduces himself as Shimazu Yoshihiro, leader of the Shimazu clan.



Shimazu Yoshihiro


Kyushuu’s alliance with Kai will be Takeda’s trump card against Toyotomi. They will have the east and the west and encircle Toyotomi in the middle.

Sasuke returns to Kai, reporting to his master, asking if he should follow Yukimura in case he pulls another stunt like that again. Takeda argues that the only way Yukimura will become the General that Takeda wants him to be is through experiences like this. Sasuke just has to sit this one out and let Yukimura handle things by himself. On another front, Sasuke informs Takeda that Date could be falling into Toyotomi’s booby trap to waylay him on the way to Osaka.

As Date Masamune’s army marches on to Osaka to retrieve his right eye, they see Takeda Shingen’s flags. Is this a ruse? The Tiger of Kai has fallen and is taken by Toyotomi? Suddenly Sasuke appears at Date’s battle field telling him that what he sees is not Takeda’s army but Toyotomi’s trap. The Tiger of Kai has personally come to stop him. It is Toyotomi’s intentions to get Date and Takeda to fight against each other, thus eliminating one enemy for Toyotomi, or both. Takeda proposes an alliance between them to take down Odawara together with Uesugi. Date ponders for a second on this plan. It isn’t a bad idea, but he’s got a right eye he has to retrieve in Osaka. Without it, he will not move. But Takeda urges him that if his right eye was here, he would be pushing for this alliance too.

“But he’s not.” That’s why Date has to get him back.

With that, the Tiger returns to Kai, awaiting the Dragon to get his Right Eye back before taking Odawara.

In Osaka, the imprisoned Kojuurou believes that Date is still alive. Hanbei enters his holding room, seeking his answer. “As long as I don’t see Date’s head, I will never concede or call another man master. Why don’t you bring Hideyoshi to me instead.”

An infuriated Hanbei can barely spit out, “Your duty, is to join Toyotomi.” He hits Kojuurou with a slap across his face.

“You’re wasting your time,” Kojuurou replies.

“You have no choice.”

Hanbei informs Hideyoshi that new weapons will be arriving soon for his army. Date just threw their plan off a little, by not falling for their trap. But they can readjust while awaiting for the guns. News arrive that Maeda of Kaga has arrived and is seeking an audience with Hideyoshi. It’s not the injured Toshiie.

Aug. 29, 2010, ep. 8: A Sad Reunion with a Friend – Memory of the Day Etched with Blinding Obsession

Maeda Keiji meets with a solemn Toyotomi Hideyoshi and introduce themselves as complete strangers do. After that bit of formality is out of the way, Hideyoshi promptly accuses Kaga of betraying him by not capturing Echigo and letting Uesugi live. However, that is not the reason why Keiji is there. He is there to dissolve the alliance between Maeda and Toyotomi since Kaga has renounced war.

“You betrayed Oda. Now you’re betraying me,” Hideyoshi answers, but, “Very well.”

On to personally business. Chousokabe Motochika is Keiji’s friend. They were all once friends. What happened? “I have no friends,” Hideyoshi booms. He only needs strength and power. Is that Keiji’s real reason for the visit? To avenge a friend and break the alliance? “Your business with me is over.”

If revenge was the sole reason, it would have been taken a long time ago. Why did Nene have to die? Lady Nene is Hideyoshi’s wife and the one they both loved. It looks like Hideyoshi killed his own wife to further his cause. Hideyoshi replies that she is but a trifling. He has a bigger agenda. Strength is the only thing needed to change this weak country. He will weed out the weak, as he is doing.


Keiji the useless sausage

Keiji the useless sausage


“People live for happiness. Not for their country. The bonds we create form tomorrow!” Keiji reasons with Hideyoshi.

“Leave me, Keiji!”

A defeated Keiji leaves but is met by Hanbei, who is also his friend. Hanbei tries to make Keiji see things Hideyoshi’s way. But Keiji replies this is no longer the same man he once knew, not when Hideyoshi can’t even cry for Nene. He finally leaves. Hanbei coughs blood, figuratively and literally.

At least the meeting was not all fruitless. He got Toshiie and Matsue out of the war. It’s time to go home to Kaga. But Yumekichi falls ill. A rider flanked by two guards stop to ask him about his little fallen friend. “Take care of your friend!” he advises. Keiji has seen this man before.

This same man once beat Hideyoshi to a pulp, during their younger years. Keiji was left begging for Hideyoshi’s life, protecting him with his own body. They were just unworldly youngsters trying to test their strengths and limit. Keiji got beaten too, as Hideyoshi laid awake during the ordeal, unable to do anything. Soon a group of Hoganji monks came to exact their revenge too. Hideyoshi got up. “Strength: some have it, others lack it.” He vowed never to be weak again and trounced the group of monks. Weakness is a sin. The powerless grasp at nothing.

In Osaka, Hideyoshi meets with the man who once taught him the meaning of strength by beating it into him. The man, Matsunaga Hisahide, does not realize who he is, even though he seem familiar to him. General Matsunaga presents a prized blade to Hideyoshi as a token to their first meeting and successful alliance. Hideyoshi wants Matsunaga to take down Date.

Elsewhere, Date is surrounded by pirates, Chousokabe Motochika’s men. They want to borrow his horses, with no intention of returning them.

At Satsuma, the elder Shimazu is still healing from his wounds from Nobunaga, the previous demon king. The men protecting the island are drifters from villagers around them after Toyotomi chased them out.While he was at Aki, he thought Mori wanted to form an alliance with him. But his main purpose was to delay his attack. Yukimura promises to serve Shimazu while he is there, in place of Takeda. While there, Musashi invites Yukimura to join them in their sword practice. He is one of them now.

Sept. 5 , 2010, ep. 9: Dragon and Demon – Clash and Roar in Owari! The Combined Force of Date and Chousokabe

An imprisoned Kojuurou is visited by Matsunaga. Looks like he has gained privileges to move in and out of the Osaka castle as he wish. But his mission is not on the battlefield. He is to lure Date in using his Right Eye, Kojuurou, as bait. Date, according to Matsunaga, is all but dead without his Eye.


The Azure Dragon

The Azure Dragon


At Owari, Chousokabe Motochika‘s men try to steal Date Masamune‘s horses, while announcing themselves as pirates. Pirates in the mountain! That’s a first for Date. They are both evenly matched, as both leaders fight each other while their men watch. “Aniki!” the pirates cheer. Not to be out done, the Oushuu mean roar, “Chief!” As the match draws out, both sides finally realize who the opponent is. The pirate is the infamous Demon of the West Sea, while the land-farer is none other than Dokuganryū, the One-Eyed Blue Dragon. Both are on a mission towards Osaka. Upon recognition of each other, Date shares his men’s horses with Chousokabe’s army, and together, they ride on to Osaka to bring down Toyotomi. As they plan their surprise attack on Toyotomi, they begin to argue as to who will be the bait to distract Toyotomi. Their quarrel end when Matsunaga sends a memento of Kojuurou flying towards Date.

Meanwhile, Mori Motonari takes over Chousokabe’s Fugakue fortress and renames it the Nichirin Fortress. Everything has to be repaired and fixed in time for his own plan. He is no fool and tool of Toyotomi.

Elsewhere in the Osaka castle, Hideyoshi and Hanbei discuss the possibility of Mori betraying them once Fugakue is ready for battle again, and Satsuma is won. Mori will most likely head to Osaka after that. But Toyotomi will move its base to Odawara in the East. He’s certain that Takeda has formed an alliance with Satsuma to reach the North and Kyushuu in hopes of securing his own territory. Before Hideyoshi moves out, he reveals that he knows Hanbei is gravely ill and doesn’t have much time. They will rest after the war is won.

Meanwhile, Keiji is awakened by Kasuga, carrying a message from Uesugi Kenshin. Bishamonten will only protect those who will lift up their swords to fight for what is rightfully theirs. Keiji can’t stay neutral in times of war as Hideyoshi will surely be his enemy one day. A barely recovered Maeda Toshiie has already left for Echigo to join forces with Uesugi against Toyotomi.

At Kyushuu, Yukimura spars with Musashi, the grandson of Shimazu Yoshihiro, only to be told that the enemy is at their doorstep! However, they have one advantage against the encroaching enemy. They know the ways of the island and around it, not realizing that the land assault is just the beginning of Toyotomi’s treachery. Mori is attacking Satsuma from the South by the waters.

Sept. 12 , 2010, ep. 10: Rebirth of a Young Tiger. The Great Fortress Rebuilt – the Menace of the Sun Heads East!

Satsuma is unwittingly embroiled in Toyotomi’s war. Just as Yukimura and Musashi are about to celebrate the retreat of the Toyotomi army, a second wave of attack from the sea arrives. Mori’s army approaches firing cannons from his armada, as expected by Shimazu. Shimazu, having yet recovered, is forced to partake in the war. Even the island civilians are not safe from the war as Yukimura protects them from the retreating land force. Before Toyotomi’s army leaves, he hears one soldier saying, “I want to go home too!” It suddenly hits Yukimura, that as men, their needs and wants are simple and similar. A separate force from the North could be approaching Kyushuu. As the fight continues, Mori’s men are pushed back momentarily when Mori deserts his post as the commander.

During the short relief, Shimazu finds a confused Yukimura, wondering where he stands in the war. Shimazu relays Musashi’s goal: to simply be the greatest warrior of the land. As long as Yukimura finds his goal, the path will show itself. All great leaders have a goal. Yukimura realizes he wants to protect men’s dreams and their homes. With that, Shimazu sends Yukimura to chase after Mori with his men as a parting gift. He, together with his grandson, Musashi, will hold down the fort. His parting words are for Yukimura to be the Land of the Rising Sun’s strongest warrior!



Sanada Yukimura

Sanada Yukimura


After the earlier message from Matsunaga, Date decides to attack Osaka alone. He leaves his men with Chousokabe, but Chousokabe reasons that they can breach Matsunaga’s defenses faster and better if they work together. Date and Chousokabe ride towards Matsunaga. But it is another trap, as Kojuurou is left in Osaka castle. Date and Chousokabe almost meet their demise when Matsunaga releases his bombs, which hurls them down the cliffs.

Meanwhile, Keiji prepares to stop Mori, who has left his men fighting in Kyushuu. Matsu has remained in Kaga according to her husband’s wishes to protect the land. Keiji suddenly realizes his lucky charm hung around his neck is missing. Did Yumekichi steal it? In any case, he has to leave. He puts Yumekichi in Kasuga’s care, as she tells him that Toyotomi is immobilizing his army towards Odawara.

At Osaka castle, Hideyoshi prepares his men to march on to Odawara in Kanto, home of the Houjou clan, leaving Hanbei behind. Odawara Castle has been occupied by the Houjou Clan, headed by Houjou Soun since 1490. Sasuke watches this new development and sends him men back to inform their master. Meanwhile, Kasuga is there too, as she sends her subordinates back to Kenshin with the message. The time has come for the chess pieces to move.

Sept. 19 , 2010, ep. 11: Toyotomi’s Great Main Army Dashes for Supremacy! Earnest Keiji Draws Sword in Heartbreak!

Kojuurou’s time is up. Hanbei wants his answer when he returns from Aki. Looks like, Toyotomi is abandoning their alliance with Mori, just as Mori breaks off their short-lived pact. Hanbei gives him an ultimatum: “Serve the Toyotomi army for the greatest good of the Land of the Rising Sun or be a wandering, aimless ghost of Date.” But there is one more choice: After breaking through Matsunaga’s cheap trap, Date will crush Hideyoshi. Kojuurou knows Matsunaga couldn’t have killed Date. He merely stalled Date until Hanbei returned from his mission.

With that bit of cautioning, Hanbei leaves with a battalion towards Mori, but leaves only a few behind to guard the castle. An intruder enters the castle and skillfully and swiftly takes down the guards as Sarutobi Sasuke and Kasuga watches in interest, and secretly thanks him for making their job that much easier. Upon entering the castle, the ninja pair finds Kojuurou imprisoned and immediately release him.

The trio head to the map room and finds what they are after. Mori is heading towards Osaka, with the newly repaired and remodeled Nichirin. Toyotomi is sending troops to the North towards Uesugi, when he’s least expecting it. Kasuga is alarmed and frets for the safety of Kenshin. A second battalion (lead by Tokugawa and his trusty general Honda) is heading towards Kyushuu at Satsuma to subdue them. Kojuurou will hunt down Matsunaga for his deeds against Date, but even he would need a sword, as Sasuke finds one for him. Suddenly, a black figure emerges and attacks him while trying to retrieve the katana. Kasuga and Kojuurou immediately warn Sasuke. Sasuke evades him, as Kasuga tries to help him. The intruder is none other than Fuuma Kotaro, the legendary ninja, vassal to Matsunaga. Taking care of things, Sasuke sends Kasuga away with his new glider.



Kasuga the barely dressed ninja from Echi-go


Realizing that Fuuma is only after the katana, Sasuke hurls the sword away. With that, Kojuurou and Sasuke manages to escape. At they leave, Kojuurou hears Chousokabe’s men yelling in the cells below them, and releases them. They begin fighting the Toyotomi army to avenge their master.

Elsewhere, Matsunaga sees that Date and Chousokabe are still alive. His actions were not for Toyotomi, it was a temporary agreement for his benefit. As Date and Chousokabe are about to deck it out with him, Fuuma suddenly arrives with the katana he was seeking: Mikazuki Munechika the famed sword (instead of Otenta that was listed in Hideyoshi’s possession) raided from the treasure cove of the Demon King. With that raid, they leave. What a basket case!

Just as Date and Chousokabe are let down by the disappearance of Matsunaga, suddenly a voice calls out. “Masamune-sama!” The heart stops for a bit. The men cry. Katakura Kojuurou is back where he belongs, as the Right Eye and protector of Date. Their happy reunion is cut short, with Kojuurou telling Chousokabe that his men are laying seige to Toyotomi’s castle in his honor, but are terribly outnumbered. With that, they part ways – for the time being. Masamune will head to Odawara first, and Chousokabe will catch up after cleaning up Osaka. Before departing, Chousokabe warns the One-Eyed Dragon not to die before him.

Kojuurou apologizes for his absence, but what is important to Date is he is back. He tells him of Mori moving in from the West with the stolen fortress, which Toyotomi plans to relieve him off. Furthermore, another group is headed to Odawara and he had a separate force stationed North, thus taking control of Kanto in three directions. Then Masamune is outnumbered, as before. They would just have to beat the approaching armies to the punch lines first. This time, Kojuurou will surely protect Date’s back. His injury on the back didn’t come from Hideyoshi, it’s from Takenaka Hanbei.

Hanbei rides off towards Mori. He doesn’t need a big army to take him down and sends an advance army ahead of him. Mori’s own men are not loyal to him, with his treatment towards them. But before Hanbei even gets to Mori, he is blocked by Kojuurou. Revenge cannot taste sweeter.


Mori Motonari

Mori Motonari the green-feathered peacock


On Nichirin, Mori’s vassal, Akagawa Motoyasu offers him a celebratory drink, but Mori kills him instead. The sake has been poisoned. This man was merely Hanbei’s sacrificial pawn, but he did come in handy for Mori. As the armada moves towards shore, Mori catches sight of Hanbei’s small army. He prepares his fortress for an attack and obliterates half the army with the light of the sun, burning them to a crisp. With this, no army can lay a hand on him. With this, he will rule the Land.


The monkey and the tiger cub playing nice

The monkey and the tiger cub playing nice


As Yukimura rides towards Mori, it dawns on him that he has always been hiding behind Takeda’s shadows and not been of any help to him. He resolves to move alongside him, fighting by his side, searching for a world without war. He can’t be a tiger cub forever. For one day, he too will be the Tiger of Kai! But Yukimura is startled by the flare of light in the waters. Mori has done it now. Yukimura has to stop him. But can he? He has Takeda’s army and Shimazu’s men’s fate in his hands. Sasuke catches up to him, as he relays the battle plan ahead of them: Hideyoshi is off to Odawara, but Date, having met with Katakura is heading to Odawara too. Uesugi has Utsunomiya contained. But an army that Toyotomi hid in the North is attacking Kyushuu. Chousokabe and his men are taking down Osaka Castle. So Takeda’s army is the reserve force now. Yukimura relays his message to be taken back to Takeda. The master has to remain in Kai, for the the sudden change in the wind, to be the trump card if need be. He (Yukimura) will stop Mori after seeing him destroy Hideyoshi’s men in one flare of light.

Hideyoshi leads his army towards Odawara to gain Kanto. But enroute, Keiji stops him, not with a sword, but with bare hands. He tells Hideyoshi to wake up! The weak things are the things that make one strong. How can he forget what is important to protect?! But Hideyoshi doesn’t stop, and tramples him.

When Keiji finally awakens, Date greets him and later chastises him for not taking things seriously. But Keiji tells him he has always fought earnestly. Keiji tries to tell him that the Hideyoshi he once knew was a different man. But Date tells hims that Hideyoshi is exactly the man he thought he was. He’s no longer the “nice” guy Keiji remembers him to be. With that, they leave Keiji to “rest” while they they leave him as they head towards Odawara. Hideyoshi finally reaches Odawara Castle with his cavalry, but Date gets there before him.

Hideyoshi warns Date this could be his grave site. Date brushes it off, telling him that he always has his funeral shroud on.

Sept. 26 , 2010, ep. 12: Azure and Crimson Do-or-Die Battle! To the Sound of the Wind at the End of the Fierce Struggle!

Date vs. Hideyoshi at Odawara Castle. It’s the battle of brawn and verbal taunting. Hideyoshi’s size overpowers Date, as he strangles and tries to crush Date with one hand. Date tries to stand after the assault, but is bashed into the castle moat. The moat crumbles, as Date is buried underneath it. This could be the end of Date. Hideyoshi will eradicate the weak of the land. This is the fate of the powerless. Suddenly, a blue glow of light illuminates from within the rubble. Date stands. Even if it kills him, he will not let Toyotomi take over the country. Calling upon the last of his strength, he punches Hideyoshi, taking him down for good. As he falls, he sees himself, Keiji and Hanbei enjoying a quiet time together. He clutches the charm that Yumekichi stole from Keiji, to give to him for protection. The Toyotomi army is shattered. This is the end of an era of only the strong.


The giant and the ant

David and Goliath


Sarutobi Sasuke reports back to Takeda Shingen in Kai. It seems the pupil has become the master, both Yukimura and Date have grown.

Elsewhere, Mori is stopped by Yukimura’s men at the cliffs. Yukimura notices that Mori is about to use Nichirin to destroy the village, and immediately jumps into action using only his 2 spears to stop the armada. He pushes and finally stops the roving fortress back with sheer determination. Mori looks in awe as this new pawn, but notes that no pawn will actually stop him. He captures Yukimura in one of the solar panels and tries to use the sun’s beam to burn him. But Yukimura will not let his be his end. He breaks free from his shackles and shatters the mirrors of the fortress, while taking Nichirin and Mori down.


Yukimura angered. Don't mess with him…

Yukimura angered. Don't mess with him…


Kojuurou takes his fight to Hanbei. Nobody hurts Date and gets away with it. As the fight prolongs, Hanbei’s body gives out. He coughs blood. Even in his state, he manages to cut Kojuurou, but the later stabs him, as Hanbei falls to his watery death over the cliffs.

Uesugi Kenshin dukes it out with Ishida Mitsunari in Echigo, as Kasuga arrives in time to protect her master and overcome the Toyotomi army.

In Satsuma, Shimazu thwarts the arrival of Toyotomi’s allies Tokugawa Ieyasu with Honda Tadakatsu.

The Houjou of Odawara Castle were defeated by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the Battle of Odawara (1590), despite the castle’s impregnable reputation. It later came under control of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

In the end, Toyotomi’s army was overthrown. But a new unifier will come soon enough in the form of Tokugawa Ieyasu. In the mean time, they can rest and rebuild. Keiji is off to see Chousokabe Motochika, not intending to take over the leadership of the Maeda clan. Takeda knows that even though the war has ended, they must continue to fight and strengthen themselves. Soon, his health will wane, as the cub becomes the tiger. Date returns to Oushuu with Kojuurou protecting his back once again, to rebuild their land and fortify their army.

Mori Clan

Mōri Motonari (1497-1571), war lord of Chuugoku rivals of Chousokabe Motochika of Shikoku. Chuugoku lies in Aki province, South West of Japan.

Had a sly tactical mind, but uses his subordinates as disposable pawns. He wields a ringblade, which he separates to become twin blades. Using the stolen Fugakue fortress, he turns it into his own sun, draining his enemies’ life. He forms a temporary alliance with Toyotomi Hideyoshi to bid his time, and gain power to eventually become his own master.

1533 Terumoto, grandson, is born

Shikoku Pirates

Chousokabe Motochika (1538-1599) is a pirate of the Tosa Province on the South East of Japan. He eventually goes on to briefly rule the whole of Shikoku. He is called the “Demon of the West Sea”

Owns the Fugakue fortress that has a giant cannon which repels opponents. Rival Mori  Motonari later steals and renames the fortress Nichirin after briefly sleeping with the enemy.

He wields an anchor-like spear that is equipped with a metal chain.

Toyotomi Clan

Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536-1598) is born a peasant in Owari but rose to great heights after succeding his former liege lord Oda Nobunaga

He was called Saru, 猴, monkey by Nobunaga.

He is the second of the Three Unifiers. Unlike his true historical persona, he is depicted as a giant man with a formidable ambition to rule all of Japan. He is drunk with power, and thus ruthless and remorseless in attaining his goal. He is, however, a charismatic and caring leader towards his subordinates.

He was once friends with Keiji and a jovial man until Matsunaga Hisahide humiliated and corrupted him to strive for power. Maeda Keiji hints that Hideyoshi killed his wife, Lady Nene, to achieve even more power.

Takenaka Hanbei (1544-1579 born as Takenaka Shigeharu)

Hideyoshi’s tactician and strategist. He is highly brilliant and extremely loyal to Hideyoshi. Unlike his persona towards his master, he is a cold, cruel and narcissistic manipulator with his enemies. He suffers from tuberculosis, which eventually claims his life.

He wields a sword that turns whip-like, which he uses to back-stab his opponents when they are least aware.

Ishida Mitsunari (1560 – 1600)

His father, Ishida Masatsugu, was a retainer for the Azai clan. Hideyoshi made him a daimyo of Sawayama in Omi Province.

After Ieyasu killed Hideyoshi, Mitsunari wanted revenge. He is driven by the power of hatred and anger.

Best remembered for leading the Western army in the Battle of Sekigahara (Red Cliff).

Matsunaga Hisahide (1510-1577)

Infamous schemer and a downright manipulative villain. He was first Nobunaga’s retainer, but took to Hideyoshi after Nobunaga’s death. He doesn’t seem to remember humiliating and defeating  Hideyoshi when he was a younger man. His true loyalties are unknown.

Loves to play with fire and explosives.

Fuuma Kotaro of the Fuma Clan of ninjas (?? – 1603)

A legendary ninja, who served under the Houjou Ujimasa of Odawara. He hoped to join the Eastern army to restore his clan.

Houjou Clan

Houjou Ujimasa (1538-1590) is the head of the Houjou clan of Odawara in Sagami Province in Central Japan.

He wields a multi-blade spear. He much to live up to, with an ancestor like the notable Houjou Soun. His impressive castle was sacked by Toyotomi’s army (1561).

Shimazu Clan

Shimazu Yoshihiro (1535-1619) is a warlord of Kyushuu in Satsuma Province at the Southern most tip of Japan.

Even though he is up there in age, he is still a great and impressive warrior. He wields a broad sword and is known for ambush/guerilla tactics.

Miyamoto Musashi is his grandson

He is a wild “jungle” child, constantly itching for a fight to prove his strength.

Tokugawa Clan

Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543-1616) Ieyasu led the Eastern Army to unite the country with his power of bonds.

He is the third of the Three Unifiers.

He makes up his lack of size by surrounding himself with trusted generals, most prized of them all Honda Tadakatsu. As a child, he was constantly kidnapped and Honda had to rescue him time and time again. An experienced hostage, he goes by the name Matsudaira Takechiyo. He is usually seen as a young boy next to a giant robot of a man, Honda Tadakatsu.

Honda Clan

Honda Tadakatsu (1548-1610 also called Honda Heihachirou ) ruled Mikawa Province of the East (bordering Owari).

Oda Nobunaga called him the “Samurai among Samurai,” while Toyotomi Hideyoshi called him the “best Samurai of the East.”

He is a giant man in armor, who fights alongside Ieyasu, firing cannons from his shoulders while using a drill spear. His character looks like a giant robot, instead of a man.

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Sengoku Basara (戦国BASARA) is originally a Capcom video game series. It was later adapted into anime and aired on April 1, 2009 with 12 episodes.



This anime takes place in warring Japan (Sengoku Period) where many war lords, daimyos, and their loyal army fight to expand their territory and power, but only one man – the Devil King Oda Nobunaga – proves to be a much bigger threat than the others. The anime focuses on how the different war lords (notably Sanada Yukimura and Date Masmune) join forces and unite for a greater good. In the end, Nobunaga suffers a rousing defeat at the hands of Masamune and Yukimura. This anime has historical facts and figures in it. Season one (starting April 2009) has 12 episodes plus a movie.

This anime is an adaptation from a video game for Playstation 2 called the “Devil Kings” known as 戦国BASARA in Japan (1995).


Oda Clan

Oda Nobunaga (born 1534-1582 in Nagoya Castle. He was given the name Kippoushi) aka the Demon King. He ruled Owari, in Central Japan

He is the first of the three unifiers. He is ruthless to the point of viciousness and will stop at nothing until everyone bows down to him.


She is younger sister to Nobunaga and wife to Azai Nagamasa. She was forced to witness her own husband’s murder by the hands of her brother. Later on, she loses her sanity and memory after her brother’s death and became the sole survivor of the Incident at Honnou-ji.

Azai Nagamasa

Once an ally of Oda Nobunaga, he later rebelled against him for creating the chaos in their land. He was later murdered in front of his wife by his brother-in-law and once master.

Oushuu Clan

Date Masamune (1566-1636) aka Dokuganryū – the One-Eyed Dragon

A young warlord who can fight with six swords at once is Yukimura’s biggest rival and challenger. His six swords are referred to as the “Claws of the Dragon.” He conquered Oushuu (known as Mutsu Province), in the North, at a young age.

He is self-assured, ambitious man who is well-loved and respected by his men. He speaks in a mixture of English. He eliminated Oda Nobunaga with the aid of Yukimura, who later becomes his friend.

Katakura Kojuurou (Kagetsuna (1557-1615), the first and most famous of Katakura clan) aka the Right hand of the One-Eyed Dragon

A loyal and trusted strategist and bodyguard of Masamune.


Dragon and the Cub

Dragon and the Cub


Takeda Clan

Takeda Shingen (1521-1573, born as Takeda Harunobu) aka the Tiger of Kai ruled Kai with a stronghold in Kofu, of Central Japan.

He is a large man, who is as intelligent as he is kind. The Takeda clan is well-known for its cavalry. He wields a giant axe. He is often seen starting tiffs that turns into out-of-control brawls with Yukimura, by wrestling and sometimes punching each other out. Sasuke usually rolls his eyes and steps aside when this happens.

He later falls deathly ill, and Yukimura, who he has been molding into a leader, takes over the leadership of the Takeda army.

Sanada Yukimura (1567-1615) the Tiger cub

Yukimura is one of the most distinguished warriors in the Sengoku era who is fiercely loyal to Takeda Shingen even though he is constantly used as his punching bag.
He later became known as Japan’s “number 1 warrior”

He is fiercely and blindly loyal to Takeda Shingen, his “Oyakata-sama,” sometimes to a fault. He wields two juumonji-yari.

Sarutobi Sasuke the ninja (of Sanada Ten Braves)

His master is the Sanada clan, but since Yukimura is under Takeda, Sasuke essential serves the Tiger of Kai. He is on a friendly rivalry terms with Kasuga of Uesugi.

He is a legendary ninja in Japanese folklore.

He is one of the Sanada Ten Braves and wields a pair of giant shuriken. He is also able to summon a crow familiar to glide in the air.

Uesugi Clan

Uesugi Kenshin (1530-1578), born as Nagao Kagetora, also known as Uesugi Terutora aka the God of War – Bishamonten. His territory is in Echigo, North Central of Japan.

He is Takeda Shingen’s biggest rival and wields a katana.

Kasuga the ninja

This sexy ninja was sent to assasinate Kenshin but ends up falling in love with him instead and has been loyal since.

She is at odds with Sasuke, but respects his loyalty to Takeda and Yukimura. She wields two small ringblades, and later eight kunai. Similar to Sasuke, she has an owl familiar, which she uses to glide.

Maeda Clan

Maeda Keiji (Maeda Toshimasu) (1543-1612) the alliance/peacemaker (coincidentally his seiyuu – Masakazu Morita also voices Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach)

He is portrayed as a jovial adopted nephew of the Maeda family. He always has a small monkey named Yumekichi hanging out on his shoulder, or hiding in his inner lapels during battles. He wields a ridiculously oversized nodachi.

He was once friends with Toyotomi Hideyoshi, but lost him when he began lusting for power. It is also hinted that he is friends with Chousokabe Motochika. He is often seen in the company of Uesugi Kenshin and Kasuga when he is not home in Kaga.

The Maeda home lies is Kaga, North Central of Japan with Kanazawa as its capital.

Maeda Toshiie (1539 – 1599) is the warlord of Kaga and adoptive uncle to Keiji

Was once a general to Oda Nobunaga but defected when he realized the ruthlessness of Nobunaga’s ambition. He was called inu, 犬, dog by Nobunaga. He later became a retainer to Hideyoshi, the monkey, but deserted him too when he realized they do not share the same ideals.  He is last seen forming an alliance with Uesugi’s army. He wields a trident.

He loves his wife Matsu and Keiji dearly, but his brains are not as big as his heart. He is the usual target for Keiji’s often harmless pranks.

Maeda Matsu

Wife to Maeda Toshiie. She is level-headed, responsible and the perfect housewife to Toshiie and a loving aunt to Keiji. She wields a naginata.





Opening theme: JAP by Abingdon Boys School.
Ending theme: Break and Peace by Dustz

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