KimiKiss – Pure Rouge

KimiKiss girls

KimiKiss girls: Mao Misuzawa, Asuka Sakino, Nana, Narumi Satonaka, Eriko Futami, Mitsuki Shijyo, Yuumi Hoshino

KimiKiss is a dating simulation game for PS2 (2006) that was adapted into a manga and then an anime.  In the game world, the main protagonist is Kouichi Sanada. But in the anime, this character is split in two: Kouichi Sanada and Kazuki Aihara.

This anime has almost the same feel as Hatsukoi Limited – finding and eluding love in school, except one takes place in high school, while the latter in middle school.

Mao, Nana, Asuka, Kouichi & Kazuki

Mao neechan, Nana, Narumi, Asuka, Kouichi & Kazuki

Aired Oct. 2007-March 2008 with 24 episodes.

The story begins with the reunion of three childhood friends – Kouichi Sanada and Kazuki Aihara’s with Mao Mizusawa, aka Mao-neechan, having just returned from France after living there for 2 years. Kouichi’s mom permits Mao to live with them because her parents are still overseas.

The three friends help each other deal with the ups and downs of romance only to find themselves back at square one – where they first started. Kouichi harbors a love interest in his classmate Yuumi.  The feeling is mutual until Kouichi realizes that maybe the person who he really cares for is the one who has always been with him and who grew up with him.

Meanwhile, Kazuki is also caught in a love triangle between experiment-girl Futami who has no social skills and super athlete Asuka.

Opening Theme:

“Aozora loop” by marble


Ending Theme:

“Negai boshi” by Snow*  DOWNLOAD
#2: “Wasurenaide (忘れないで)” by Suara (eps 13-24) DOWNLOAD

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