Naruto Shippuden Season 13

The Fourth Great Ninja War Escalates

The thirteenth season of Naruto Shippuden (Part II of the manga by Kishimoto Masashi) began airing from Aug. 23, 2012 to present. Since Jan. 2, 2009 Viz Media and Crunchyroll have been subtitling Naruto: Shippuden.

Naruto & Killer Bee lend their hand in the war as Tobi and Kabuto continue their assault against the allies with the awakening of the dead. The protected two will soon become the heroes of the war!

The season’s opening and ending themes:

1. The Cro-Magnons’ “Totsugeki Rock” (突撃ロックAssault Rock) (ep. 276-281)
2. Daisuke’s “Moshimo” (ep. 282 – 306)
3. Niwaka Ame ni mo Makezu (ニワカ雨ニモ負ケズ) by NICO Touches the Walls (ep. 307 – present)
4. Aisha ft. Chehon’s “Kono Koe Karashite” (この声枯らして Shout This Voice Dry) (ep. 276-281)
5. MUCC’s “MOTHER” (ep. 282 – 295)
6. 7!!’s “Sayonara Memories” (さよならメモリー Sayonara Memori) (ep. 296 – 306)
7. I Can Hear by DISH// (ep. 307 – present)



• SEASON 1 (Feb. 2007 – Oct. 2007)

• SEASON 2 (Nov. 2007 – April 2008)

• SEASON 3 (April. 2008 – Aug. 2008)

• SEASON 4 (Aug. 2008 – Dec. 2008)

• SEASON 5 (Dec. 2008 – June 2009)

• SEASON 6 (June 2009 – Dec. 2009)

• SEASON 7 (Jan. 2010 – March 2010)

• SEASON 8 (March 2010 – August 2010)

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• SEASON 10 (February 2011 – July 2011)

• SEASON 11 (July 2011 – December 2011)

• SEASON 12 (January 2012 – August 2012)



Aug. 2, 2012 | ep. 272: Mifune vs. Hanzo (EミフネVS半蔵) 

Kankuro’s moving Surprise Attack Division tries to retreat with Deidara, but is hunted down by the revived ninjas: Chiyo Obachan, Kimimaro, and Hanzou. Kankuro sends out an SOS to HQ for aid, and Mifune’s Special Battle Division is sent. Before Mifune’s team arrives, Hanzou summons his poisonous salamander, Ibuse, which unleashes a paralyzing fog of poison towards its targets.  Luckily for Kankuro, as Hanzou is about to deal him the death blow, Mifune and his samurais arrive for the save and send the fallen off to the medic team.

Mifune swooping in for the save

Mifune swooping in for the save

A long time ago, Mifune met Hanzou in battle and was left to die a slow poisonous death. Thinking his opponent is sure to meet his maker, he tells him his story. As a child, Hanzou was implanted with the sac of a poisonous salamander. To prevent self-poisoning, he wears a respirator in case his scar on his torso is ruptured (where the sac is inserted). But before passing, Mifune entrusts Hanzou with the sparing of his fellow comrades. Touched, Hanzou gives him the anecdote.

The Old vs. the dead: the living comes out victorious!

The Old vs. the dead: the living comes out victorious!

As they trade attacks, Mifune breaks Hanzou’s sickle and later, respirator. Seeing a different Hanzou standing before him, Mifune chastises Hanzou for losing his conviction to hone his skills, turning his blade blunt and worthless like the handler. Remembering their old encounter, the defeated Hanzou commits seppuku with his broken blade, the act of a samurai: thus honoring Mifune, and entrusts him with his conviction. Kabuto tries to stop him by putting him on a mindless mode, but the act itself releases the poisonous sac, thus enabling Hanzou to be “killed” and sealed.

Aug. 9, 2012 | ep. 273 & 274: True Kindness (Hontō no Yasashisa 本当 の優しさ) The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation! (Kanpeki na Inoshikachō!! 完璧な猪鹿蝶!!)

Ino-Shika-Cho steps in to try to seal Kakuzu as he replenishes all five of his hearts. But he warns them, their “accomplishment” of sealing Ginkaku and Kinkaku will be short lived as they still have trumps cards to play: in the form of Kato Dan, Tsunade’s old love, and Sarutobi Asuma the youngsters’ deceased teacher. Izumo and Kotetsu step in to deal with and seal Kakuzu as orders come in from Shikaku telling Team 10 to confront their sensei Asuma.

They recall during one of their trainings as genin, Asuma taught them a lesson in kindness after seeing Choji unwilling to lift a hand against his own comrades. Even on his last breath, he told Choji his kindness will make him stronger than the rest. His message to Ino as the strong-willed and dependable person of the group to pull the two boys together, guiding them.

Seeing them, Asuma proudly says to them, “You’ve become a fine shinobi.” The attack begins, but at the last moment, Choji just can’t perform. Even Asuma is shocked, as he moves to strike with his ash dust, but Ino comes in for the save. His hesitation will not only cost him his life, but his friends too. Shikamaru even resorts to calling him a “fatso (debu デブ)” to rile him up, but it doesn’t work, as Choji can’t bare to hurt those he loves.

Team 10: Ino-Shika-Cho vs. Asuma Sensei

Team 10: Ino-Shika-Cho vs. Asuma Sensei

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Ten-Ten finds the Bashousen (Banana Palm Fan), while Darui picks up Shichiseken (the Seven Star Sword). Ten-Ten uses her new chakra-eating equipment to take out one of Kakuzu’s hearts (even though Dario tried to use his, he was out of chakra to properly wield it).

Since Choji can’t bring himself to attack Asuma, Ino enters his mind and reminds him the meaning of their earrings given by Asuma. They all do not want to fight Asuma, but this is not just for them. It’s for the “king” – the future generation. Chouza is forced to step in on behalf of his son (his “king”), to protect the future generation of the Akamichi clan. But soon, Chouza is called off to handle Dan, but before he leaves, he warns his son, “Are you kind or just plain cowardly? Be more confident!”

With his resolve, Choji pushes Ino out and finally grows blue wings without the help of the family pills. Team 10 attacks Asuma with the sealing team on standby. Choji makes a direct hit on Asuma as Shikamura pins him down with his shadow jutsu. Before Asuma is sealed, he leaves them with encouraging, but sad words, “I don’t have anymore things to say (teach) to you. Your formation is perfect.”

Aug. 16, 2012 | ep. 275: A Letter In the Heart (Kokoro no Naka no Tegami 心の中の手紙)

At the moving island training hall, Naruto can’t help but stop his unfinished training to voice his unrest. (Sealed and secluded) He felt kyuubi’s chakra outside of him and decides to leave the grounds. He is immediately stopped by guards lead by Aburame Shibi (Shino’s dad) and an arriving Iruka who tries to fool him yet again. Not taken in, Naruto turns on his Sage mode and punches out of the cave, and in doing so, his band on his forehead drops. Restrained by the shadow jutsu, Iruka tries to convince Naruto to remain behind. But during the scuffle, he suddenly sees the war and its casualties. Iruka is forced to tell him that Madara’s war is upon them, and the sole purpose of the war is to retrieve hachibi and kyuubi to complete his “mission” to recreate the ten-tail to bring about doomsday.

But Naruto, telling Pain once about his peace, decides that he will continue to break this curse. As others have entrusted him, he will move on to stop the war. He tells Iruka Sensei to have faith in him, and not just as the host to kyuubi, but as his pupil. However, Iruka replies, “You are more than a pupil to me. You are like my little brother.” With that, he picks up Naruto’s dropped headband, returns it to him, and simultaneously sets a seal on him. But Naruto easily breaks the seal, the shadow hold and Shibi’s insects, and escapes. As he leaves, and reties his band, he finds a note left by Iruka, “If you are reading this note, it means I was too weak to hold you back.…But, no matter what, come back alive!” With that, Naruto eats the letter: his word is his promise.

Naruto breaking free

Naruto breaking free

At the same time, Killer Bee too breaks out of the cave to go after Naruto (half-heartedly, knowing that Naruto’s best training is on the field of battle). He is stopped by Iruka who begs for him to protect Naruto.

Naruto and Killer Bee quickly meet up but are stopped by the Barrier Corps. But the two easily break through the blockade and busts out of the Turtle Island.

They will head towards the heart of the war (but not before being stopped by an infuriated Raikage!)

Aug. 23, 2012 | ep. 276: Invasion of the Heretical Demon Statue (Gedō Mazō no Shūrai 外道魔像の襲来) 

With Naruto and Bee out of enclosure, Tobi too makes his move.

Protected, the Feudal Lords become bored. However, their quiet existence if quickly disrupted by Black Zetsu. Fortunately, the Mizukage, Terumi Mei, and her team arrives to stop him. A battle ensues, but when he senses kyuubi and hachibi’s chakra, he alerts White Zetsu, who in turn relays the message to Tobi. They do not need the Lords now that the main actors are in, but Tobi intends to keep the Mizukage hands full for a while so as to divide their forces.

Back at the shoreline, Ten-Ten takes out yet another of Kakuzu’s heart but quickly falls from exhaustion. Simultaneously, Choji corners Kakuzu and the White Zetsus are wiped clean. Not a second too soon for a breather and elation that Tobi appears. What’s more, he summons the chained Demonic Statue of the Outer Path: Gedou Statue (外道魔像, Gedō Mazō), the personal summon of Nagato and Tobi.

Gedou Statue wrecks havoc

Gedou Statue wrecks havoc

The Gedou Statue is the vessel of all the jinchuurikis: essentially the Ten Tails. It is a giant, humanoid entity (first summoned by Nagato and appeared with a  blindfold). It is able to emit dragon-like forms of energy from its mouth, which when comes in contact with ordinary humans rips the soul from them. When the dragons surround the jinchuuriki, it gathers its chakra and stores it in its mouth for future use. To that end, Tobi wishes to reassemble all nine jinchuuriki’s chakra to recreate it into the Ten Tails.

Choji and his father immediately attack the Statue, but are out-sized and out-powered. Battleground of the First and Second Divisions quickly fall apart in its seams, devastating not only the landscape but the people. The allies retreat as Kitsuchi tries to squash the statue, but the Statue crumbles his wall.

Meanwhile, Tobi sets his eyes on the sealed Gourds Kohaku no Johei and Benihisago. The quick thinking Shikamaru sees this, knows Tobi’s intentions of acquiring kyuubi’s trapped chakra and immediately tries to stop him together with Darui. The duo are no match against the powerful Tobi as he easily retrieves his prizes. As soon as Tobi gains the Gourd with the trapped Kinkaku, the Gedou Statue retreats with its master.

With Naruto and Bee out of the protected enclosure, the Raikage A and Tsunade are forced to move out too, and the reins in headquarters is passed off to the brilliant mind and capable hands of Shikaku.

Night begins to fall. Kabuto recalls his zombied soldiers. A new plan of attack is called for as the allies access their loss (half gone of the original 80,000 with many injured).

Aug. 30, 2012 | ep. 277: The Sign of Unison (Wakai no In 和解の印)

The forced link between Naruto and kyuubi is unstable. Naruto understands that even though he is able to draw off kyuubi’s chakra, this can eventually lead to his own death. Kyuubi berates and scorns Naruto for his naiveté, thinking that he alone can end a war like this.

“When your friends and comrades are killed, your hatred will grow. …Much like Sasuke’s, you can’t erase everyone’s hatred.”

Kyuubi then points to Naruto and Sauske’s first meeting at the training Academy. Even when sparring, at the end of the fight, the two opponents had to “shake” after by way of a unison sign of friendship. What surprised Naruto was seeing the hatred in Sasuke’s eyes, not for him though. At the end of their fight, instead of “shaking” on it, they promised to fight each other. Sasuke’s hatred grew as Naruto continued to try to quell it unsuccessfully.

Knowing this, Naruto still pushes on. He will continue to help Sasuke. He will do something to stop this war. And as he leaves their conversation, he turns to kyuubi and promises with a smile, “You know, kyuubi, one day I will come after all your hatred too!”

Sept. 6, 2012 | ep. 278: The Targeted Medical Ninja (Nerawareta Iryō Ninja 狙われた医療忍者)

Darkness covers the battleground, but even as the enemies withdraw, the allies continue their vigilance and watch. One of the scouts is Neji, who keeps watch, but is slowly drained of his energy. Kiba warns him not to over-stress his eyes, as he is still needed when the dawn breaks. He advises him to seek medical help from the nearest camp.

At the medical nin camp, Neji arrives to havoc as not only do the top medic nins (Shizune and Sakura) have to treat the wounded, but they also have to deal with the sudden deaths (attacks) of their medic Jonin. Neji hypothesizes that by targeting the healers, not only is the enemy taking away the Shinobi’s chance of prolonging the battle, but will cause a rift of trust amongst themselves as they begin to wonder who amongst them is the true enemy. Even so, the treatments continue as they all approach each other caution.

As they each return to their respective duties, Sakura (and later Shizune) is targeted. Looks like Neji is the real culprit. (While the real Neji rests with Kiba watching over him) Neji finds Sakura, who then asks for the location of Shizune. Not thinking much of it, she divulges that Captain Shizune is treating Tonton’s sprained leg in Tent 2B. Keeping the conversation going, Neji replies (not knowing that Tonton is really a pig and not a human) that it’s good that Tonton’s hands weren’t hurt. Catching that slight from Neji, Sakura immediately takes down Neji as he attempts to kill her. “Neji” then reverts to his original form: the White Zetsu. He has been sending out his parasitic clones that absorbs the chakras of those he comes in contact with and turns himself into their perfect clone to infiltrate the camps.

Explosive beat down

Explosive beat down

With all sectors of the allied group being ambushed that night, Sakura quickly relays this information to HQ, hoping that Shikaku can come up with a plan for them to counter the night time attack. This was the plan of the enemy from the start: the true fight was not during the day, but at night, when they were least aware and most weary.

White Zetsu subjugated

White Zetsu subjugated

Elsewhere, Nagato, using Itachi as a crutch, wonders through the forest, knowing someone evil has awoken them.

Sept. 13, 2012 | ep. 279: White Zetsu’s Trap (Shiro Zetsu no Torappu 白ゼツの罠) 

As Shikaku tries to come up with a feasible plan to uncover the impostors, multiple seals are set up at the base camp. However, a hole emerges in a nearby cave, and Team 8 is sent to investigate and plug it. As Kiba, Akamaru, Shino and Hinata enter the cave, multiple White Zetsus ambush them as Team 8 holds out for the Sealing Corps to arrive. When the duo of sealers arrive to seal off the cave, White Zetsus pursues the escaping Team 8. Kiba attacks, only to accidentally knock an oil lamp that ignites a massive explosion left by paper bombs. The incident not only traps them, but separates the teams. As they slowly find each other, suspicions grow as to who the real Kiba, Shino and Hinata is. However, this is of course the plan of the enemy. Shino then devises a plan to root out the impostor.

Playing Rock-Paper-Scissors, Shino hides signals for the real Kiba and Hinata to see, knowing at the back of his mind that Yamato was taken and probably squeezed for info on the allies. Hinata is quickly revealed as the fake and taken down.

Sept. 20, 2012 | ep. 280: Aesthetics of an Artist (Geijutsuka no Bigaku 芸術家の美学)

Mifune and his samurai keep their vigil. In the meantime, Kurotsuchi visits Deidara, held in captivity by Kankuro’s Fifth Division. Simultaneously, a White Zetsu manages to infiltrate and impersonate Kankuro’s guards. Before he is able to free Deidara, Kurotsuchi and Okisuke arrive, so White Zetsu slips a katana to Deidara instead. She questions her brother on the whereabouts of Kabuto and Sasuke, but he didn’t realize that the later is still alive and currently a member of Akatsuki. Realizing something is amiss, Okisuke cuts the imposter guard as Deidara breaks free from his encasement. Deidara takes off with one of the White Zetsu (that multiplies to protect and retrieve Deidara).

The reappearance of Sasuke

The reappearance of Sasuke

The Fifth Division gives chase as Mifune and his samurais too aid in the capture. Kabuto tries to reseal Deidara to “save” him, but Deidara convinces Kabuto to let him try out his Ultimate Art blast. To counter, Kurotsuchi comes out with a plan. Sasuke suddenly appears before Deidara, which enrages him, and lures him to a valley. There, the group ambushes Deidara, revealing that “Sasuke” is only Kurotsuchi, and recaptures him.

Deidara caged

Deidara caged

Sept. 27, 2012 | ep. 281: The Allied Mom Force!! (Kā-chan Rengōgun!! 母ちゃん連合軍!!) 


Ebisu rallies the remaining villagers: mostly children and their mothers, to protect the Village and keep the will of fire alive. The children quickly become suspicious of happenings in the village and turns to Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon for guidance.

Oct. 4 2012 | ep. 282: The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag-Team! (Hiwa: Saikyō Taggu! 秘話・最強タッグ!) 

As Naruto and Bee make their way towards the war zone, Naruto senses that the enemy has already infiltrated their camp. The duo are quickly blocked by Tsunade and A. As Tsunade watches, Naruto and Bee argue and plead their way to the battlefield. Naruto reasons that he doesn’t want to be the only one left after everyone dies for their safety. Unable to convince A, Naruto is forced to use brute strength to show his determination. Turning to the Sage mode, with kyuubi’s power under his belt, Minato Namikaze’s son tries to prove his worth to A. A, trying to stop Naruto’s and his brother’s “childish whims” decides to kill Naruto instead, reasoning that this could buy the allies some time.

Bee immediately stops A, and declares that if he takes Naruto’s life, he too will yield his life to A. Couldn’t his “brother” read his heart? After forging their bonds together, by first becoming the Ultimate Tag Team. then mastering the Double Lariat test, overcoming the life of the jinchuuriki, and finally encountering Minato. In each of these hurdles, A was warned that Bee, as the jinchuuriki, would need to find that “something” to fill his void. Minato too cautions A to find that important “something” for Bee soon.

Oct. 11 2012 | ep. 283: Two Suns (Futatsu no Taiyō!! 二つの太陽!!) 

As the fight between brothers continue, Bee laments that A is overprotecting him and holding them against their will. Determined not to be treated as a commodity, Bee lands a hit just as Naruto attacks simultaneously too. One of Hachibi’s tentacles holds off A, leaving room for Naruto to make a run for it. A immediately asks Tsunade for help, but she hesitates and remembers a young Naruto’s dream and determination of being the Hokage. As A disentangles himself, Tsunade then steps in front of the jinchuurikis, to protect them. She reasons that if A kills Naruto, they will still have to find a quick and suitable host of kyuubi (which is unlikely). It is wiser to let the jinchuurikis lend their powers to the allies.

Still unconvinced, the hard-headed A makes a final attack on Naruto, but the lad flashes like his father and averts the deadly punch. With that, A gives them the green light. Coincidentally at the same moment in HQ, it dawns on Shikaku that only Naruto and his negative sensing capabilities can whittle out the enemy.

As the first light hits the forest floors, Tobi summons the captured and killed jinchuurikis: each newly equipped with Sharingan and Rinnegan.

Oct. 18 2012 | ep. 284: The Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino! (Kabutowari! Akebino Jinin 兜割! 通草野餌人) 


Even through the quiet night, Kakashi puts his team on alert while  resting. HQ sends backup sealing scrolls to Kakashi as Lee is quickly assigned as Sai’s bodyguard (while preparing the sealing jutsu to seal the reanimated ninjas). Not only has Sai to release all of his emotions while under the jutsu, but the spell is risky too.

As dawn approaches, the killings begin and even Jinin Akebino makes an appearance. Finally overcoming his emotions, Sai is able to seal the destructive enemy.

Oct. 25 2012 | ep. 285: User of the Scorch Style: Pakura of the Sand! (Shakuton Tsukai! Sunagakure no Pakura 灼遁使い! 砂隠れのパクラ)  


Pakura of Sunogakure (Sand Village) was sent as a sacrificial offering to Kirigakure (Mist Village), unbeknown to her student Maki. Flashback to the current war, Maki is forced to face her reanimated and vengeful teacher.

Nov. 1 2012 | ep. 286 & 287: Things You Can’t Get Back (Torimodosenai mono 取り戻せないもの) & One Worth Betting On (Kakeru ni Ataisuru mono 賭けるに値する者) 


Tsunade (and A), escorting Naruto and Bee to the war, remembers when she first met A: trying to save the life of a subordinate.

Nov. 8 2012 | ep. 288: Danger: Jinpachi and Kushimaru! (Kyōi, Jinpachi – Kushimaru Konbi!! 脅威、甚八・串丸コンビ!!) 


Kakashi, wielding Kubikiribocho, confronts legendary Jinpachi Munashi and Kushimaru Kuriarare of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Kirigakure (Mist Village).

Nov. 15 2012 | ep. 289: The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo! (Raitō!! Ringo Ameyuri 雷刀!! 林檎雨由利) 


Omoi vs Ameyuri Ringo with a parting gift of a blade Fang from the later.

Nov. 22 2012 | ep. 290: Power – Episode 1 (「力-Chikara-」episode1) 


Nov. 29 2012 | ep. 291: Power – Episode 2 (「力-Chikara-」episode2) 


Dec. 6 2012 | ep. 292: Power – Episode 3 (「力-Chikara-」episode3) 


Dec. 13 2012 | ep. 293: Power – Episode 4 (「力-Chikara-」episode4) 


Dec. 20 2012 | ep. 294: Power – Episode 5 (「力-Chikara-」episode5) 


Jan. 10 2013 | ep. 295: Power – Final Episode (「力-Chikara-」Final) 


Jan. 17 2013 | ep. 296: Naruto Enters the Battle! (Naruto, Sansen!! ナルト, 参戦!!)

Under heavy security, Sakura and Shizune analyze the immobilized white Zetsu and conclude that Yamato was probably used to make the army (with his DNA similarities to the First Hokage). This info is quickly inseminated back to HQ.

Soon, Tsunade and A arrive back at HQ and receive news that Madara is most likely trying to rebuild his own body, and gain immortality. Learning that the jinchuuriki are out in the battlefield, Shikaku immediately reaches out to Naruto and B (through Inoichi’s telepathy) about the white Zetsu (who Naruto is the only one able to sense), reanimated zombies and Madara’s ultimate plan: 月の眼計画, Tsuki no Me Keikaku (Eye of the Moon Plan). Madara’s objective, by luring the duo out, is hachi and kyuubi. But this was not for peace. It was a complete control of mankind through his genjutsu, thus robbing humanity of its free will.

Naruto and Bee are quickly ambushed by the transformed white Zetsu’s clones. It seems that with Kisame’s intel on Naruto, and his abilities akin to the First Hokage’s wife, Uzumaki Mito, (fuinjutsu: sealing, extraordinary reserves of strong chakra, and the ability to sense negative emotions), white Zetsus were used to lure Naruto out. Naruto hurls mini Rasenshuriken on his enemies and summons toad to aid. He then deploys his shadow clones to the other battlefields.


Elsewhere, Tsuchikage and Gaara face the formerly deceased kages, including Gaara’s father, the Fourth Kazekage and Muu. the Second Tsuchikage. Gaara immediately launches his sand attack against the kages, but is hampered by the Fourth Kazekage’s heavier Gold Dust.

Gold vs. Sand

Gold vs. Sand

He is quickly greeted by his son, and not Shukaku whom he taught was the attacker (the Fourth Kazekage used this very method to stop Shukaku before). Even though Gaara’s attack was obstructed, he managed to capture three of the four kages with his sand arms. Muu, escaping capture is stopped by Oonoki. Gaara then quells his father’s curiosity and surprise of the missing One-Tail by telling him that he is no longer the jinchuuriki his father created.

Jan. 24 2013 | ep. 297: A Father’s Hope, A Mother’s Love (Chichi no Omoi, Haha no Ai 父の想い, 母の愛)

Gaara is no longer a jinchuuriki, thanks to the Akatsuki, the ones responsible for reanimating the deceased kages. He died, but Chiyo and his friends (namely Naruto, the villagers of Konoha and Suno) resurrected him, thus forever linking the two villages in goodwill. What’s more, he has become the new Kazekage without the aid of the bijuu, and even the Commander of the allied forces. (To which, the rest of the kages remark to the Fourth that he is one fine son!) He no longer has hatred for his father, who tried to kill him countless times when he was younger, because he understands the responsibility as the leader of his village now.

A fierce battle ensues, and the Fourth Kazekage is quickly trapped in Gaara’s sand attack, alongside the Second Mizukage and the Third Raikage. (Oonoki signals the troop to move in as he confronts his late teacher and leader) Seeing the sand manifests itself in the form of his late wife, Karura, the Fourth Kazekage realizes that she (her sand) has been protecting Gaara his entire life.

Karura protecting Gaara

Karura protecting Gaara

Gaara was born premature and quickly lost his mother to childbirth. Yashamaru, Gaara uncle and brother to Karura, was his sole caregiver. In order to determine if Gaara was able to handle Shukaku, the Kazekage was forced to provoke and his young child of his ability to control the beast in him. Yashamaru was sent in his stead to provoke Gaara: by lying that his mother never loved him or wanted him. Realizing what a fine young man he has turned out, the Fourth Kazekage apologizes for his failure as a father in his inability to see and trust in Gaara’s potential and character, thus robbing him of his (childhood) happiness. Karura will always love Gaara. Even in death, she will always be protecting him.

The cold heart finds warmth in the words of his father

The cold heart finds warmth in the words of his father

The tearful Gaara surprises the Fourth further, by forgiving him and telling him that he alone has mend his broken heart. As he is sealed by Gaara, the Fourth smiles at him and says, “You have surpassed me, Gaara. Keep the village safe and protect it!” thus giving him closure.

Jan. 31 2013 | ep. 298: Contact! Naruto vs. Itachi (Tsuini Sesshoku!! Naruto VS Itachi ついに接触!! ナルトVSイタチ)

Itachi the crutch for Nagato

Itachi the crutch for Nagato

Itachi and Nagato, walking with the aid of the former, travel towards an unknown destination and an unknown opponent. But their paths cross with Naruto and Bee. Kabuto immediately seizes this opportunity to capture the Jinchurikis. Itachi and Naruto clash. Soon the brother learns that Sasuke knows the truth behind the Uchiha Clan massacre from “Madara”, orchestrated by the Third Hokage. Itachi sacrificed himself as the villain to protect the village, but Sasuke has no such sentiments. Instead, he is only filled with hatred and wants to avenge his innocent and beloved brother by destroying Konohagakure. No one knows of this truth, except Kakashi and Itachi wants it to be kept that way (including keeping Nagato out of the loop too). Soon, Nagato loses control of his body and attacks Naruto, but not before Itachi tells Naruto, “I’ll let you deal with Sasuke.”

The battle of the four shinobi ensues. Nagato (with his summon of a giant dog and bird) x Naruto. Itachi x Killer Bee. Even though unable to control their bodies, Nagato and Itachi warn their opponents of their strengths: Nagato warns Naruto to stop attacking his summoned giant two-headed dog, as each time it takes a hit, it grows. Itachi too warns Bee not to look into his sharingan. Just as things begin to look bleak for the jinchuurikis, Naruto regurgitates a crow, placed there by Itachi when they last met, activated by Itachi’s Mangekyo Sharingan. Through his bleeding eye, Itachi then casts Amaterasu on Nagato and his summons thus incinerating them.

Bird "flew"

Bird “flew”

Itachi has broken the bond of Edo Tensei with the crow placed in Naruto! The crow had Uchiha Shisui’s much coveted eye embedded into it, which Itachi rigged to react to Itachi’s eye and cast with Kotoamatsukami, a genjutsu that orders the order party to “protect Konoha.”

Unlikely protector

Unlikely protector

This genjutsu was meant for Sasuke, for when Naruto would eventually meet him. But, fortuitously it allowed Itachi to break free from Edo Tensei. This precious eye of Shisui, willed to Itachi for safe keeping, was given to Naruto for protection, as Itachi knew that his brother would have taken his eyes eventually, thus activating this genjutsu ordering Sasuke to protect the village instead of destroying it.

Shisui's coveted eye

Shisui’s coveted eye

Kabuto, upon hearing of Shisui’s eye, immediately regenerates Nagato and attacks with his summoned Giant Snake-tailed Chameleon. Bee attacks, only to have hachibi’s chakra absorbed by Nagato, thus restoring his youth. Nagato then captures the approaching Naruto and begins to suck his soul.

Feb. 7 2013 | ep. 299: The Acknowledged One (Mitomerareshi Mono 認められし者)

Naruto fights to hold on to his departing soul. He has seen and know of all of Nagato’s jutsu, but what is this?! Suddenly Naraka Path: Jigokudo 地獄道, the King of Hell, is summoned (main abilities: interrogation and restoration, to transport bodies and souls). It seems Kabuto plans to make his own Jinchuuriki without the knowledge of “Madara.”

Asura Path restraining Killer Bee & Naruto

Asura Path restraining Killer Bee & Naruto

Bee arrives for backup but is restrained by a summoned Asura Path: Shuradou 修羅道. Itachi immediately comes to their rescue with Susanoo.

Itachi's Susanoo to the rescue

Itachi’s Susanoo to the rescue

Nagato regenerates again and forms Chibaku Tensei, the black gravitational ball that pulls on everything in its path. The calm and collected Itachi cooly tells Naruto that every jutsu, however powerful, has its weakness. Since it’s a gravitational ball, all they have to do is throw their most powerful attack to it. The three throw all they have got at the ball (Naruto: Rasenshuriken, Itachi: Yasaka Magatama and Bee: bijou dama), and effectively neutralizes Nagato’s attack. Itachi then pulls out Sword of Totsuka, a variant of the Kusanagi Sword, and seals Nagato. Before Nagato disappears, he laments on his failed attempt to carry out their master’s legacy. But Naruto will definitely bring about a brilliant end to this trilogy.

The past leaving it to the future

The past leaving it to the future

With Nagato sealed, Kabuto cusses the immobility of Nagato. It is time to pull out his reserves!

Before Itachi and the jinchuurikis part ways, Itachi warns Naruto not to rely solely on his own power, but to entrust himself with his friends. “You have become stronger, but you have lost sight of what is important. Do not become egoistical because of your new found power and become like Madara. No matter how powerful you are, don’t shoulder everything yourself. You will fail. Even your parents didn’t go at it alone. Do not forget your friends. You already have what it takes to bring Sasuke back.”

Itachi then destroys the crow holding Shisui’s eye, as it is incapacitated for another decade. Leaving the care of Naruto in Bee’s hands, Itachi heads towards Kabuto to stop Edo Tensei.

Feb. 14 2013 | ep. 300: The Mizukage, a Giant Clam, and the Mirage (Mizukage to Ōhamaguri to Shinkirō 水影と蜃と蜃気楼)

The Second Mizukage and Third Raikage break out of Gaara’s seal, even as they earnestly try to aid the shinobis by relaying their strengths and weaknesses. The Second Mizukage, forced against his own will, summons a giant clam that creates a mirage of itself. He then tells the clambering shinobis, to defeat him, they have to first defeat the true clam.

Muu takes on Gaara and Oonoki but the later injures his back in the process. Lucky for them, Naruto arrives in the knick of time. With the aid of Gaara, Naruto lands his new Rasengan onto Muu just as the sealing team arrives to stop the Second Tsuchikage.


Muu hit by Rasengan

With the shinobis left with the Second Mizukage unable to defeat the giant clam, Gaara, Oonoki and Natsu come to their aid. Gaara locates the true giant clam and Oonoki, calling up his reserves, attacks the giant blame with his Earth Release: First Rock Technique, which only lifts the genjutsu around the clam. Doubling up his effort, Oonoki tries once more, this time making his first rock heavier (seemingly killing the clam), but further injures his back in the process. Seeing this opening, the Second Mizukage shoots his Water Gun Technique at the old man.

Feb. 21 2013 | ep. 301: Paradox (Mujun 矛盾)

The Fourth Division, lead by Temari, strengthen their futile attacks against the Third Raikage. Unwilling to watch the youngsters fall, the Third reiterates his strengths to them – but to no avail. Dodai, a former underling to the Third, tells Temari that they need a more powerful Wind Release user to bring down his former kage who gave up his life as a decoy holding down 100,000 men for 3 days 3 nights so that his comrades can escape.

Fortuitously, Naruto’s bunshin (clone) arrives and attacks with Rasenshuriken. The attack barely scratches the Third’s body called the “ultimate shield,” as the allies pull back to come up with a better plan. Dodai pulls Naruto to safety, just as Naruto sees a scar on the Third’s body. How did it get there? It seems he got it from a fight with hachibi – so the “most powerful” body isn’t quite so. Was it from an attack of bijuudama? But Naruto can hardly wield it. He gets in contact with Bee and Naruto quickly formulates a strategy using the Sage Mode: Frog Kumite (Frog Kata 蛙組手).


Naruto forcing the “strongest spear” (最強の矛 saikyō no hoko) to hurt himself

Deftly evading the Third’s Hell Stab at the last moment, Naruto strikes the Third’s arm with Rasengan, thereby forcing the Third to impale himself with his One-Finger Nukite. The Third Raikage’s body crumbles and the seal team jumps into to complete his imprisonment. The Third Raikage would have the strongest spear amongst the shinobis, but it is Gaara who wields the strongest shield.

Feb. 28 2013 | ep. 302: Fear – Jokey Boy (Kyōfu – Jōki Bōi 恐怖・蒸危暴威)

Fortunately of Oonoki, the Mizukage’s attack was on a clone. Gaara’s sand rises to encase the Second Mizukage just as the sealing team approaches to immobilize him. However, Gaara’s Desert Layered Imperial Funeral explodes and mist/steam appears in the form of the Second’s smiling face. It’s the Second’s Steaming Danger Tyranny Technique (無限爆破忍術, mugen bakuha ninjutsu – Infinite explosion ninjutsu)!

The Second is ready for action!

The Second is ready for action against Oonoki and Gaara!

A chibi clone of the Second formed from water and oil, which is capable of heating up and cooling down quickly, attacks the Fourth Division; growing in size to the point of explosion. Gaara and Oonoki on the other hand, set out to look for the true Mizukage, who is left severely weakened after performing that technique. Gaara finds the Second, buries him in a sand pyramid and moves to quickly seal him. But before the seals are tagged, the clone swoops and and removes the seals, just as the sand pyramid begins to crumble.

The Second comically retreats into the pyramid for protection from the barrage of shrunken aimed his way, but not before saying that he will no longer assist the shinobis in taking himself down. The expanding clone explodes as Gaara uses his sand to protect everyone. He then goes after the clone and stops him with his mixed sand of hail and gold, thus keeping the clone cool and hardening it in the process. Thoroughly impressed by his ingenuity, The Second retracts his early statement of Gaara and declares him the “golden egg” of the kages. (Just as Gaara is bright, Naruto is dim – thus making them a good combi). Just like that, the Second too is sealed as Naruto’s clone arrives.

Meanwhile, Muu reemerges! Before the was sealed, he had split himself in half, but so too has his power, which is why he is out to free his other half. Oonoki is sent to away for medical treatment as the Medics try to stop the admittance of new patients in light of the White Zetsu threat.

March 7, 2013 | ep. 303: Ghost of the Past (Kako no Bōrei 過去の亡霊)

*filler* – Otogakure’s Sound Four is reincarnated on the battlefield and takes on the Sasuke Retrieval Team: Shikamaru, Kiba, Akamaru, Neji, and Chōji (minus Naruto).

March 14, 2013 | ep. 304: The Underworld Transfer Jutsu (Yomi Tenshin no Jutsu 黄泉転身の術)


March 21, 2013 | ep. 305: The Vengeful (Fukushūsha 復讐者)


March 28, 2013 | ep. 306: The Heart’s Eye (Kokoro no Me (心の目)

*filler* – Neji & Hinata: Oh NEJI! (weeps 😥 )

April 4, 2013 | ep. 307: Fade into the Moonlight (Gekkō ni Kiyu 月光に消ゆ)

*filler* – Summoning of Hayate Gekkō to retrieve the KIA scroll of the medical team of the allies.

April 11, 2013 | ep. 308: Night of the Crescent Moon (Mikazuki no Yoru 三日月の夜)

*filler* – Yūgao x Hayate

April 18, 2013 | ep. 309: An A-Rank Mission: The Contest (Ē-Ranku Ninmu: Gozen Jiai A級任務・御膳試合)

*filler* – Naruto + Team 10 (Team Asuma): Shika-Ino-Cho

April 25, 2013 | ep. 310: The Fallen Castle (Rakujō 落城)


May 2, 2013 | ep. 311: Prologue of Road to Ninja

*filler* – Naruto’s desire for friendship

May 9, 2013 | ep. 312: The Old Master and the Dragon’s Eye (Rōjin to Ryū no Me 老人と龍の目)

*filler* – Master Chen: famed taijutsu master

May 16, 2013 | ep. 313: Rain Followed by Snow, with Some Lightning (Ame Nochi Yuki, Tokidoki Kaminari 雨のち雪, ときどき雷)

*filler* – Team Asuma + Sakura + Kiba-Akamaru meet a reanimated Yota, an orphaned weather wielder

May 23, 2013 | ep. 314: The Sad Sun Shower (Kanashī Tenkiame 悲しい天気雨)


May 30, 2013 | ep. 315: Lingering Snow (Nagoriyuki 名残雪)


June 6, 2013 | ep. 316: Reanimation Allied Forces!! (Edo Tensei Rengōgun!! 穢土転生連合軍!!)

June 13, 2013 | ep. 317:

June 20, 2013 | ep. 318:

 June 27, 2013 | ep. 319:


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