Tegami Bachi Reverse

Tegami Bachi or Letter Bee is written by Asada Hiroyuki and originally serialized in the now defunct Monthly Shonen Jump since January 2007 until February 2010. This shonen manga, entitled Tegami Bachi: Hikari to Ao no Gensou Yawa (Letter Bee: Light and Blue Night Fantasy) was adapted to anime in the fall of 2008. The television series soon premiered on October 3, 2009 and ran with 25 episodes. A second season of anime is due out in the Fall of 2010. A drama CD, aptly named “Drama CD Tegamibachi,” on Jiggy Pepper was released on February 2009.

The series revolves around Tegami Bachi / Letter Bee, or to be exact, letter carriers, and their fight against armored insects, Gaichuu, to deliver letters in the surrounding land of Amberground. Gaichuu feeds on human hearts and are attracted to the letters that Letter Bees carry because the letters have “heart” in them too. Once a human is attacked and drained off its heart, it becomes a soul-less vessel that doesn’t respond or eat. That human then dies from starvation.

Gauche, soon enough, appears before Lag, without any memories of Lag or being a Bee, and steals this letter from Lag. He calls himself a Marauder, agent of the group “Rebirth” who steals letters from the Bees, known by the name Noir. The group “Rebirth” is led by one known only as the “Person who was not able to become a Spirit.” It tries to cause a “Rebirth” of Amber Ground. Noir fires his new Shindanjuu, Gymnopédie, at Lag. While this is happening, Noir’s dingo, Roda (a quick human girl), distracts Niche by telling her she is inapt as a dingo to protect her master.

A 2nd season named Tegami Bachi REVERSE (テガミバチ REVERSE, Tegamibachi REVERSE). The second season premiered on October 2, 2010.

The opening and ending themes are:

1. Chisana Mahō (小さな魔法 Little Magic) is by Stereopony
2. Wasurenagusa (勿忘草 Forget-Me-Not) is by Piko

01 | October 2, 2010 | Promise 約束 (Yakusoku)
Niche carries the unconscious Lag back to the Bee Hive, but Jiggy Pepper, who is passing by, gives them a ride. During that time, Lag dreams of the amnesiac Gauche.

Gauche is now part of Reverse, an organization intent on finding information to topple the Amberground government. It is led by Lawrence the “one who is not able to become spirit.” He acquires a new identity in the process, Noir, thus making him a Marauder, one who steals letters from Bees.

Once Lag regains consciousness, he immediately informs Largo, Aria and Dr. Thunderland Jr. of Gauche’s defection and lost of memory. He is ordered not to mention Gauche’s desertion of the Bees to anyone to prevent chaos and dissent. A disheartened Lag wonders how he will explain to Sylvette about her brother, as Niche tries to cheer him up unsuccessfully.

In the meantime, Sylvette throws a party for Lag, to thank him for finding her brother’s whereabouts. In her optimism and encouragement, Lag is comforted by her understanding and immediately lightens up.

Elsewhere, in her fail attempt to protect and make her master happy, Niche runs away with Steak, leaving behind her underpants, which Zazie finds.

02 | October 9, 2010 | Underpants and Bread パンツとパン (Pantsu to Pan)
The alarm is sounded on Niche’s departure. Lag and Connor split up in search of her.

Meanwhile, a wandering Niche gets hungry and decides to eat her reserves: Steak, but still has to cook him. She finds a bakery to use their facilities, but is mistaken by the owners, Jacob and Sandra Gobeni, as a burglar. The Gobenis are not only a bakery shop, but a front for a repair gun shop that Gauche once frequented. After she explains herself, she is feed by the owners as she tells them her predicament. Sandra offers to put Niche up for the night.

Their conversation is soon interrupted by a rowdy drunken street performer attempting to walk a tightrope across the rooftops. Lag tries to stop him, but the performer persists, and in turn, the rope snaps. The performer falls, just as Lag manages to catch him. However, they are now dangling precariously from the roofs.

Sandra criticizes Lag’s missing dingo for not being near the master at times like this. Niche realizes her mistake and runs to rescue Lag and the performer. After which, she gets a brief reprimand from Lag, but he later asks her to return home with him.

After revealing that the Gobenis are friends with Gauche, Jacob gives Lag a letter bullet pulled from his maintenance shop. With a written letter rolled up in the bullet, Lag can fire that bullet onto Gauche to hopefully restore his memories.

03 | October 16, 2010 | The Hydrangea-Colored Picture Letter アジサイ色の絵テガミ (Ajisaīro no E-Tegami)

04 | October 23, 2010 | Lighthouse of Illusions in the Wilderness 荒野幻灯台 (Kōya Gentōdai)

05 | October 30, 2010 | Reverse World リバース・ワールド (Ribāsu Wārudo)

06 | November 6, 2010 | The Little Girl Doll 少女人形 (Shōjo ningyō)

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