Hana Kimi

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 花ざかりの君たちへ

The Ikimen Poster

The Ikimen Poster

Hana Kimi, was aired in Japan from July-Sept 2007 with 12 episodes plus a special in 2008, is adapted from a manga.

The drama is about Ashiya Mizuki who falls in love with a high jumper from Japan.  She leaves home in the US, enrolls herself into a new school and infiltrates the all-boy’s school dressed as – a boy!

Sano Izumi is the said high jumper who has lost hope of jumping after an accident.  He is reserved and cool towards Ashiya, and does not understand what business she has poking her nose in his life. Coincidentally, she finds herself as Sano’s roomate.  Isn’t fate sometimes a miraculous thing – especially in the world of make believe?

Nanba senpai, Ashiya, Sano, Nakatsu

Nanba senpai, Ashiya, Sano, Nakatsu

This version of the adaptation focuses on Sano returning to high-jumping.  The relationship of Sano and Ashiya isn’t quite developed as much.


TDrama – Hua Yang Shau Nian Shau Nu 花樣少年少女

Hana Kimi

Sano Izumi: Zuo Yi Quan • Ashiya Mizuki: Rui Xi

This version has 15 episodes and was aired from Nov. 2006 – March 2007. The premise of the story is the same, but this version although following the story of Zuo Yi Quan returning to the sport, it really focuses on the relationship between Quan and Rui Xi.

Ending theme

Tank – Zhuan Shi Tian Shi | DOWNLOAD


Both version are equally captivating.  Oguri Shun plays a very suave and reserved Sano Izumi.  While Ella Chen is a rambunctious and delightful Rui Xi.  Give both versions a chance and you will see that they both have their appealing qualities. (I would recommend watching the Japanese version first)

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