Tears to Tiara

Tears to Tiara was first released on April 2005 in Japan as a PC eroge role-playing game. A PS3 game was then released in Asia on July 2008 where certain adult content was removed. The game was then adapted to anime and aired from April to September 2009 in Japan with 26 episodes. The manga adaptation, done by Shirometsukusa (who did Fate/Stay Night), was then serialized on June 2009.

Tears to Tiara

In a fictitious land of magic and fantasy, a priestess, descendant of Pwyll the Elf king, is being sacrificed by Drwc (priest of the Holy Empire) to revive a demon king. The ritual is interrupted with the timely appearance of Arthur, brother of the priestess Riannon. The seal imprisoning the demon king Arawn for 1000 years is also broken and he is resurrected. Riannon takes a liking to Arawn instantly (for awakening her from her hypnotic – not erotic, even though it did look a little like that – slumber) and promises to be his wife. By being her husband, Arawn automatically becomes chieftain of the Gael tribe. Arthur, as the First Warrior, of the tribe does not like this arrangement, but soon takes a liking to his new leader. While escaping the failed ritual, Ogam, a sage and wizard appears and leads the new family to safety. Ogam was a friend to Myrddin (Arawn’s father) before Arawn’s birth.

Arawn, not knowing of customs, stumbles into pit holes that leaves him with more wives then he knows what to do with.

Morgan, Second Warrior of the Gael Tribe, an excellent archer and an avarice.
She is wife/concubine #2 to Arawn when her life is sparred for her foolishness.
Limris and Ermin, House Elves/guardian of Arawn’s Avalon castle. Limris and
Ermin are besotted with Arwan, and eventually become wife/concubine
#3 & 4 to Arawn.
Llyr is a Water Elf. She became wife/concubine #5 to Arawn when he
unknowingly burns her seal pelt (which allows her to return home) by giving
it to Riannon to start a fire for dinner.
Octavia, defunct noble and knight of the Holy Empire. She, like Llyr,
accidentally becomes wife/concubine #6 to Arawn when he grabs her hand.
Rathty is a Mine Faerie who was first thought of as a young boy, but later
discovered as a young girl.


Arawn‘s true name, one that will awaken him to his powers and identity, is Lucifer. As the last angel, he assumed his father’s, Myrddin, role when his father died opposing the remaining 11 White Angels. Myrddin gave the humans the gift of fire and spring to save the human race from Ice Age created by the White Angels. Thus Arwan was exiled and became the Fallen Angel. Arawn freed Primula, the sole survivor in a cave, and the humans from the grasp of the white angels who were cursed to worship them until their death. For this, Arawn was put into a deep slumber with an Electrum.

Riannon‘s true name to awaken her magical power is Primula. Arthur‘s true name is Pwyll (Pwyll’s true name is Regius). Arthur is nurtured by Arawn to walk the Road of the Kings and stays with him until the end of the war with the Holy Empire.

The Holy Empire, bent on quashing the Gael Tribe of Erin Island, is led by the commander general Gaius. His name is based on the Latin name of Julius Caesar. His soldiers call the tribe – the barbarians. He is soon defeated at the siege on Avalon Castle and looses his life. Arthur forms an alliance with the Brigantine tribe lead by a traveling minstrel by the name of Taliesin, which brings the empire down on its knees. Before Gaius dies, he finally realizes that Arawn’s goal of Regius (royalty) did not point to himself.  It was meant for Arthur – the little king.  Arawn is molding Arthur to walk the Path of Kings.

With the fall of Gaius, the Gaels and Brigantine should have peace in their lands. However, the remaining White Angels refuse to let it be. They awaken the dark army, of the dead. Arawn figures the only way to quash the unliving dead is to draw them to the ice mountains where Myrddin first brought a young Lucifer. There, he hopes to call upon the aid of the giants to create an avalanche that will wipe out the army. The group heads to the mountain, where Taliesin briefly splits from the group. He witnesses the birth/hatching of a baby dragon and learns about Arawn’s past as Lucifer and his suffering in losing his father and his exile. Through the visions, he learns to sing the Song of Creation, the song that Myrddin once sang to bring about Spring onto earth. As a child, it was foretold that he will have a ominous future that didn’t end well with him being engulfed by a beast.  Knowing this, he decides to sing the Song of Creation to bring about the avalanche (which was created by the giants of the mountain, but then stopped by the spirits). He perishes with the dark army but his friends mourn his passing. Even Epona, the merchant elf, who Taliesin teases and professes his love too mourns for him.

Their next final battle lies with the White Spirits who overtake the emperor of the Holy Empire.  Arthur retrieves Dyrnwyn (brother sword of Arawn’s and a god slayer) with his sister and the girls,while Arawn led the men to Palladium. There they encounter the living dead brought to life by the Resurrection Cauldron, but the elves were weaken by the Obelisk that emitted gravitas. But Ogam steps in, and destroys both the Obelisk and the Resurrection Cauldron. They head up to the top of the tower and finds Lector, the White Spirit who killed Arthur and Riannon’s father and put the blame on Arawn. Enraged, Arthur strikes Lector, who then summons Mercadis, who defeated Arawn a long time ago and led him to him 1000-year slumber. Taliesin shows up with his horde of dragons and temporarily rescues the team while they contemplate how to rid themselves off Mercadis. This time, it is Riannon who saves the day, having remember the old words that Primula once uttered to destroy Mercadis. Arthur then uses Dyrnwyn and kills Lector, ending the reign of the White Spirits over humankind and elves alike.

Opening Theme:
“Free and Dream” by Suara
Ending Theme:
#1: “Blue sky, True sky” by Aira Yuhki
#2: “Weeping alone” by Aira Yuhki
#3: “memory” by Suara (ep 26)

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