This anime has 26 episodes that began in Oct. 2005.

Mushishi 蟲師 is about a wondering spirit chaser.  This anime is an adaption of a manga series that began in 1999.

Mushi is a form of life at its purest forms. Ghosts or spirits are a sort of mushi.  Most humans are not aware of its existence. Enter, Ginko, a Mushi master (mushi-shi) who travels around to investigate and aid those who are plagued by these phenomenons/supernatural events brought on by “mushis.”  There are no reoccurring characters in this “episodic” story, except for Ginko.

Ginko, the mushi master, stumbled upon the mushi world by chance too.  His unusual white hair and green eye (the other eye was lost in an accident) is also caused by this very same incident that happened to him as a child. From here on, he attracts mushi, therefore does not stay in one place for long less he brings harm to others.

Mushishi won a few awards at the 2006 Tokyo Anime award and the Tokyo International Anime Fair. The story was also made into a movie released in 2007, starring Joe Odagiri of Azumi and Shinobi: Heart Under Blade. In 2008, Mushishi was also released as a Nintendo game.

Watch Mushishi (2007) Movie in Entertainment

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