Ookami Kakushi (spirited away by wolves) is a novel developed by Konami for Playstation Portable released on August 20, 2009 in Japan. It was later adapted to anime by AIC and aired on January 8, 2010 on TBS. To promote the anime, an Internet radio show called “JTTB Jouga-machi Kankou Kyoukai” began broadcasting weekly on Fridays beginning December 18, 2009. Mirura Yano later adapted this series to manga, entitling it Ookami Kakushi: Fukahi no Shou (おおかみかくし〜深緋の章〜) in February 2010.

Cast of Ookami Kakushi

The opening and ending themes:

1. Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora (時の向こう 幻の空, “Across Time, Sky of Illusions”) by FictionJunction
2. Tsukishirube ((月導, “Moon Guide”) by Yuuka Nanri (member of FictionJunction)

The main protagonist of the series is Kuzumi Hiroshi, or Hiro-Kun as called by Tsumuhana Isuzu. He is also called Hakase (Professor) by Asagiri Kaname as the kanji of his name can also be read as that. Hiro’s family recently moved to the city of Jouga for his father’s research on his latest occult novel. The new town is mysteriously separated into new and old city by a river. Even though he is new in town, many people, including his classmates are drawn to him, all except class committee member and what seems to be like the leader of the pack, Kushinada Nemuru.  Like his classmates, Hiro is only 15 years old and quite unworldly and naive. He has a younger sister, Mana, who is paralyzed from the waist down, from an earlier accident.


First meeting of Hiro & Isuzu

The first to greet him, affectionately – much to his dismay, upon his arrival in his new home, is neighbor Tsumuhana Isuzu. Together with her best friend, Asagiri Kaname, who recently moved to Jouga a few months before Hiro, they quickly form a bond of friendship with Hiro. Kaname loves the mysterious occult and local folklore. She later discovers the truth of the Jouga wolves and the legend surrounding the town. Isuzu also has an older brother in university, Issei, who seems eerily and lustfully drawn to Hiro.

It is later revealed to Hiro that these kamibito / God-like wolf-humans are drawn to certain human beings that emit a certain scent that are very intoxicating to the wolves, which with constant exposure drive them insane. These one in 10,000 rare humans are called “temptation” or misai, and Hiro is one of them.

Kushinada Nemuru

After these Jouga wolves become uncontrollable, they are, by protective law for the human, hunted and then executed by Nemuru who unwittingly inherits the duty of guardian to the town.

Hiro and his younger sister, Mana, are drawn to the sounds of violin in a garden and wander towards it. There, they meet Kaori who later takes on the role as violin teacher to Mana. Her true form is later revealed as the White Wolf Kannon, who prowls Jouga to rid the land of fallen wolves. She seems to be in a weakened/dying state. She uncannily also looks like the former love of Sakaki who is trying to flush out the entire Jouga town with the downing of a nearby dam. But all well after the group of friends gather together to stop this disaster from happening. In the end, Kaori gives up her life to save the rest, and jumps to her death with Sakaki.

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