The Zhangs 张 are from the long bow family, descendants of kings and princes (but as my father would like to remind me, ALL Chinese people come from royalty).  My father believes that most “zhangs” are descended from Zhang Liang, a Han advisor who plotted to assassinate Qin Shi Huang.  According to my father, from Zhang Liang’s time to present day we are at the 70th generation (+/-5 generations) of Zhangs.  And if we looked back even further, to our royal ancestor the prince Hui – the 5th son of Shao Hao,  then we are about the 150th generation.

So, technically, I AM a princess.  Now if I can only get a certain somebody to just genuflect, bring me my tea and show some respect – that would be PERFECT!

The Family Tree


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