InuYasha: First season


Oct 3, 2009 ep. 1: Naraku’s Heart

InuYasha returns

InuYasha returns

Kagome is in school taking her final exams. InuYasha goes on school grounds to sniff her out, to bring her back to the feudal era. Having said her farewells and packed her bag with food for the gang, she leaves in the well with InuYasha.

Kagura (second detachment of Naraku) finds out where Naraku’s heart is – the only way of destroying him. It is with The Infant (Naraku’s seventh detachment).

The Infant together with Hakudoshi (Naraku’s eighth detachment) are bent on destroying Naraku. Hakudoshi creates Moryomaru to protect The Infant. Ironically, Kagura places The Infant inside of Moryomaru, thus effectively changing the vessel of Naraku’s heart to Moryomaru. Having discover their treachery through Kanna’s mirror (Naraku’s first detachment and who he truly trusts), he has the Saimyosho (killer bees) abandon Hakudoshi while in battle with InuYasha and gang. Without Naraku’s Saimyosho, Miroku uses his Wind Tunnel which sucks Hakudoshi in, subsequently killing him.

Was it me? Or did they try to cram a whole bunch of info in?  I guess I was trying my hardest to first remember the characters and their roles and finally where we actually left off.

Opening Theme:

1. “Kimi ga Inai Mirai” by Do as Infinity (ep. 1-26)
Ending Theme:
1. “With You” by AAA (ep. 1-9)  DOWNLOAD
2. “Diamond” by Alan (ep. 10-17)
3.”Tōi Michi Saki de” (遠い道の先で, The Long Road Ahead) by Ai Takekawa (18-26)

Sequel: InuYasha Kanketsu-hen

InuYasha 犬夜叉 完結編 (InuYasha Kanketsu-hen) is back this October 2009 with 26 episodes.

InuYasha Kanketsuhen

InuYasha Kanketsuhen

It will pick up from where it last left off – with the gang after Naraku. It will be more life threatening situations testing their friendship and love even more.

Oct 10, 2009 ep. 2: Kagura’s Wind

InuYasha has a secret rendezvous with Kikyo while she heals her wounds given by Naraku, taking Midoriko’s soul instead. Kikyo plans for Naraku to complete the gathering of the Shikon jewel. Once it is whole, it will be purified, thus destroying him. Kohaku stumbles into this conversation and promises to sacrifice his life to fulfill this goal.

Meanwhile, Koga and his lads are looking for the Goraishi – a powerful weapon of their clan to avenge against Naraku and Moryomaru. At the last moment, while his friends are in danger of being killed by the guardians of Goraishi, Koga gives up the weapon to save his friends instead. In doing so, he gained ownership of the powerful claws.

Moryomaru fortifies his outer self with an impenetrable armor by absorbing the demon Meioju’s powers. Sesshomaru battles it out with Moryomaru and seem to be losing, until he pumps Naraku’s detachment, overcharging him with an excessive amount of demonic power. He breaks his Tokijin in the process but tosses it away, frustrated that the sword cannot live up to HIS power.

Kagura meets her demise, after Naraku returns her heart in false pretense and turns around and stabs her instead. Sesshomaru senses and smells the dying Kagura and goes to her. He is about to pull the healing Tenseiga on her, but stops himself when he discerns that the wound afflicted on her is too deep to restore.

Oct 17, 2009 ep. 3: Meido Zangetsuha

Sesshomaru’s Tenseiga is reforged into a weapon when Totosai sees that Sesshomaru has a change of heart, with the death of Kagura (and the broken Tokijin). With the reforged, upgraded Tenseiga, Sesshomaru cuts a direct path to the underworld.

Shippo and his group of kitsune takes a ranking exam. They set out to torture and play pranks on the group of travelers, especially Inuyasha. Shippo encounters a beautiful demon badger, Mujina, who enlists Shippo’s aid in stealing Inuyasha’s Tetsusaiga. With the sword in hand, Mujina absorbs the power of the Wind Scar with her own sword, the Dakki. She immediately turns on Shippo after gaining the power of the sword and attacks Inuyasha. However, the Wind Scar proves too much to handle for an inexperience demon like Mujina. Inuyasha quickly overcomes her, only to reveal the demon for it’s true form – a middle-aged, male badger, much to the disappointment of Shippo. Inuyasha retrieves the Dakki and visits Totosai to learn about the sword’s absorbing powers.

Oct 24, 2009 ep. 4: Ryuurin no Tetsusaiga – Dragon Scales of Tetsusaiga

Inuyasha visits Totosai with the power-absorbing Dakki sword. It is revealed that this sword is only a replica of the actual Dakki, but Totosai warns Inuyasha to stay away from the original as it may just absorb Tetsusaiga’s demonic energy, leaving the blade in it’s original rusted, useless form. Of course Inuyasha goes in search for the original, leading him to a blacksmith named Toshu.

Toshu was charged with reforging Dakki for a dragon demon Ryujin. Toshu, however, was making the blade strong enough to even protect himself against Ryujin. Just as Ryujin arrives to claim the sword from Toshu, Inuyasha arrives to protect him. Inuyasha strikes with his Wind Scar but Ryujin is protected by his dragon-scaled shield. Ryujin retaliates, and Inuyasha uses his Backlash Wave, which finally strikes a chord. Seeing this, Toshu strikes Ryujin with Dakki and immediately absorbs all of Ryujin’s demonic powers. With this new power, Toshu then attacks Inuyasha, in hopes of absorbing Tetsusaiga too. Tetsusaiga begins to crack under Dakki’s seige, even as Tetsusaiga attempts to protect itself. However, Dakki absorbs Tetsusaiga’s powers, but its powers are too much for Dakki, killing off Toshu and shattering instead. Tetsusaiga is restored, but having absorbed Dakki’s powers, has dragon scales along its blade now.

Meanwhile, two demon wolf cubs are attacked by Naraku’s minion – Byakuya, who captures the younger of the two cubs, and promises his release only with the death of Koga. The older of wolf cub finds Koga but is unable to kill him. Koga, in turn, trails the cub only to see the master mind behind the plot. He quickly attacks Byakuya, but the demon escapes with the younger cub. Koga is then embroiled in battle with Moryomaru, but as Midoriko’s will overtakes the shards in Koga’s legs, Moryomaru quickly overcomes him. Moryomaru then captures the older of the cub and Koga.

With Inuyasha regaining Tetsusaiga, Kagome senses Shikon shards in the area and gives chase. They arrive in time to save the wolves from Moryomaru’s grasp. Inuyasha uses his Adamant Barrage, but Moryomaru absorbs it instead. Inuyasha then uses his newly acquired Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga, but this too backfires and injures Inuyasha in the process. Koga then combines his Gorashi with Inuyasha’s Tetsusaiga and Kagome’s arrows to finally cause damage to Moryomaru, which sent him running. Byakuya, watching on the sidelines, return to Naraku to report on Moryomaru’s injury and Tetsusaiga’s new weakness.

Oct 31, 2009 ep. 5: The Great Holy Demon Spirit’s Test

Kohaku goes after Kikyo telling her he wants her to use his shard, knowing that his life will be forfeited once she retrieves the shard.

Koga bids the Wolf Demon Tribe farewell, unwilling to endanger the tribe further.

Moryomaru finds the twin, Kinka and Ginka, to strengthen the bond of his shell body. Sesshomaru sees this, and tests his Meido Zangetsuha on Moryomaru.

Meanwhile, Totosai tells Inuyasha that his Tetsusaiga has become too powerful for Inuyasha to use, and he would have to be retrained by Yoreitaisei to properly use the sword. Inuyasha then learns to attack the invisible vortexes of demonic energy surrounding demons, thus learning the proper way of handling the Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga.

Nov. 7 2009 ep. 6: The End of Moryomaru

Naraku devours a demonic tree, Yomeiju, to increase his powers of absorption.

Kikyo and Kohaku continue their search for Moryomaru and bumps into Koga with the same agenda in mind. The older two begin to fight each other for Koga’s shikon shards, but Kikyo is knocked from a cliff.

Moryomaru heads toward Naraku, seemingly invincible since his absorption of the twin Kinka and Ginka. Moryomary seemingly overpowers Naraku and absorbs him, with Inuyasha’s team witnessing this. Koga arrives at the scene, and together with Inuyasha, they both try to vanquish the remaining Morymaru-Naraku. Unfortunately for Moryomaru, Naraku appears inside him and threatens the Infant. Naraku then uses Yomeiju’s abilities of tearing down barriers to reach the Infant and begins absorbing him. Moryomaru, who captured Koga, begins to rip the shards off of his legs.

Seeing her comrade in peril, Kagome fires and arrow to free Koga off Moryomaru’s grasp. Moryomaru perishes and Naraku emerges from within, with the Infant as his captive now. Unwilling to let Naraku off, Miroku opens his Wind Tunnel in an attempt to destroy Naraku. However, having absorbed a massive amount of miasma, Miroku finally falls and Kikyo arrives in time to announce that Naraku’s poison has almost reached Miroku’s heart. With this, Naraku once again flees and warns them that they will rue their decision.

Nov. 14 2009 ep. 7: Mausoleum of Mount Azusa

Kikyo absorbs Miroku’s poisonous miasma into her own body, which puzzles Sango as Kikyo seems bent on sacrificing Kohaku (with his shard) in order to kill Naraku. When Miroku awakens, he is warned by Kikyo that his Wind Tunnel has limited usage left. With each subsequent use, the remaining poison in his body will spread to his heart, thus killing him. The secret is between them two. Kikyo leaves the group.

In the meantime, Naraku returns to Mount Hakurei and absorbs his human heart.

Kikyo meets up with Kohaku and they enter a village that is engulfed with Naraku’s spider webs. Touching even one string of the web will contaminate Kikyo with Naraku’s demonic energy. Unfortunately, Naraku slyly puts a child’s life in the line. Before Kikyo is cocooned in his web, she sends a butterfly carrying her scent to Inuyasha’s group.

As the group arrives at the hut where Kikyo is kept, only Kagome sees the web, but both she and Inuyasha rushes forth to save Kikyo. With Inuyasha and Kikyo now trapped, Kagome is given Kikyo’s bow to purify Kikyo’s new wound that she received after touching Naraku’s web. However, Kagome too is contaminated, thus breaking the string on the bow. Kagome, seeing the love scene playing out in front of her leaves to Mount Azusa with Koga to purify herself and to retrieve a more powerful bow.

Upon reaching Mount Azusa, the remaining group members quickly realize that only Kagome is meant to climb the stairs to the mausoleum where the bow is kept. Kagome then encounter the guardian of the Mount, who takes the form of Kikyo to test her will if she truly wants to save Kikyo. Kagome overcomes this hurdle and claims the bow, but falls off the mountain instead, with Naraku’s webs enmassing her.

Meanwhile, Kohaku under the protection of Kikyo’s shinigami assistants are killed by Byakuya who is ready to take his shard. Sesshomaru arrives in time to drive him away. Sensing the danger Kohaku is in, Kikyo and Inuyasha heads out of the hut. Byakuya returns to Naraku without his prize, and Naraku says it is time to kill Kikyo.

Nov. 21 2009 ep. 8: Among the Twinkling Stars

As Kagome plummets down Mount Azusa, Inuyasha is there to save her in time. They return to Kikyo’s side, only to be met with a huge crater of what used to be the team. Naraku easily captures Kikyo and even tries to nab an attacking Koga. Unfortunately for Naraku, Koga’s shards seem to have been purified. The moment Naraku touched that shard, his body begin to purify, thus injuring him in the process.

Inuyasha arrives to lop off Naraku’s arm to free Kikyo, but Tetsusaiga proves to be no match against Naraku. He then uses the Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga and opens a portal from Naraku’s body, which Kagome sees the almost whole Shikon Jewel there. Naraku drops Kikyo, and Koga rushes for an attack through that open portal. Kagome realizes too late that the Jewel is not within Naraku. Naraku captures Koga, who he quickly taints with miasma. Miroku, seeing no other alternatives, uses his Wind Tunnel.

With everyone working as a team, Kagome then searches for the missing Jewel, only to find it in a weakened Kikyo. She releases her arrow, which pushes the purifying Jewel back into Naraku. As the Jewel reenters his body, Naraku releases his miasma to poison the Jewel. Inuyasha and Koga try to flee, just as Naraku to rips Koga’s shards off of him and leaves.

As Naraku disappears, Inuyasha rushes to the side of a dying Kikyo. Everyone mourns the passing of Kikyo as Inuyasha cradles her in his arms.

Nov. 28 2009 ep. 9: Sesshomaru in the Underworld

Rin, Jaken & Sesshomaru

Sesshomaru sees a large demon flying across the sky and he gives chase while transforming into his full demonic wolf form. The other demon then transforms into a beautiful woman, and much to Jaken’s surprise, it’s Sesshomaru’s mother. Sesshomaru questions her about enhancing the powers of Tenseiga, and is pulled to his mother’s palace in the sky with the rest of his group. His mother then shows him a talisman left by his late father, which unleashes a demon from the underworld. Unfortunately, none of Sesshomaru’s attacks have any affect on the demon, and in turn, the demon retaliates by eating Rin and Kohaku and retreats into the portal to the underworld. Sesshomaru gives chase but is advised by his mother to not waste his life for human children. In the underworld, Sesshomaru uses his healing Tenseiga to save both children. Kohaku awakens with the power of the Shikon Shard but Rin looks like she may just be dead. Not wanting to believe that Rin is lost to him, Sesshomaru tries to restore her life, only to have his mother opening a portal to bring only Sesshomaru and Kohaku back. Sesshomaru rejects that, and returns for Rin. In despair, he tosses his sword and curses it for its inability to save the one thing that actually means something to him. Sesshomaru’s mother than tells Jaken that Rin must have been saved by Tensaiga once, as the sword can only work it’s powers once. Sesshomaru then takes Tenseiga and a bright light surrounds him, as a portal opens and out steps Sesshomaru carrying Rin’s body together with Kohaku. Moved by Sesshomaru’s love for this human child, his mother uses the talisman and places it around Rin’s neck, thus restoring her life.

As Inuyasha mourns the passing of Kikyo, Koga leaves the group after the lost of his shards and tells Inyasha that his fighting is not in vain.

Dec. 5 2009 ep. 10: Flowers Drenched in Sadness

Kanna notices (she doesn’t mourn, as she has no feelings) Kagura’s departure and wonders if she is finally at peace. Byakuya finds Kanna paying her last respects and tells her Naraku orders her to unleash her mirror on Inuyasha.

Naraku realizes that Kikyo left a single speck of untainted shard in his almost complete and tainted jewel.

The still-in-mourning Inuyasha pursues Naraku with his team, but they stop for a break at a village surrounded by flowers. Inuyasha, Shippo and Kirara are allergic to the scent. As they settle in for the night, they witness the villagers getting eaten by the vines from the flowers. The Flower Prince, Kao, sacrifices his subjects and uses their sorrows to feed himself. Kao flees, but Inuyasha is on his tail. Kagome goes after Inuyasha with Miroku’s demon repelling beads. Inuyasha is trapped by Kao’s vines, and is wallows in his lost of Kikyo, thereby feeding Kao. Kagome, realizing Inuyasha is trapped behind a barrier she can’t break, uses Miroku’s beads on her arrow to break the barrier. She then leaves herself open to Kao’s attacks. Inuyasha, awakes from his sorrow through Kagome’s shouts, comes to her rescue and destroys Kao. He then acknowledges that everyone too is sadden by Kikyo’s lost.

They leave the next day, only to be drawn to a light emanating from a lake that has turned into a mirror. A demon emerges with Kanna on its side, and quickly draws a mirror image of Tetsusaiga, which drains all the demonic energy from the real sword. Powerless, the group retreats into a cave.

Dec. 12 2009 ep. 11: Kanna’s Gravestone

Kanna, her Mirror Demon and Byakuya arrive outside the mouth of the cave. The Mirror Demon, using the transformed red Tetsusaiga breaks the barrier that Miroku erects. Inuyasha realizes that Tetsusaiga is trying to protect them, and he transforms into his full demon self as his sword draws on his innate demonic power. Inuyasha slashes the Mirror Demon, and then finally realizes that all the damage on the Mirror Demon, even though healed, is being transferred to Kanna as she cracks under each cut. Inuyasha destroys the fake Tetsusaiga as the group pleads with Kanna not to needlessly throw her life away for the likes of Naraku.

Naraku, unable to stand Inuyasha’s kindness, kills Kanna himself by crushing her heart and making her explode. Kanna shatters and a shard flies into Kagome’s eye, telling her that the light in the Shikon jewel will kill Naraku.

Dec. 19 2009 ep. 12: Sango’s Feelings, Miroku’s Resolve

With the full moon out, Inuyasha is turned into his human self without any powers. Sango and Miroku are left to fend off a Bone Demon and his daughter. As Miroku falls from his forced usage of his Wind Tunnel, Sango pours poison on Hiraikotsu to kill off the demon and her beloved weapon. Hiraikotsu is destroyed, but Myoga the flea tells her that help can be found with a sage at a nearby mountain.

Sango is put on a trial to rescue and reinstate her over-sized boomerang while Miroku is confronted by the sage of his own poisoning. The sage offers an antidote, not cure, that will eradicate the pain of the miasma, but not to treat the injuries. Miroku agrees, much to Inuyasha’s chagrin.

Meanwhile, the demons of Hiraikotsu questions Sango for sacrificing them over the monk, Miroku. However, when they feel Miroku’s resolve to live and protect Sango, they relent and transforms back into Hiraikotsu. The sage then advises Sango that the next time she uses Hiraikotsu, it will be a totally differnt weapon.

Dec. 26 2009 ep. 13: A Complete Meido

Shishinki corners Sesshomaru and tells him that Meido Zangetsuha was his technique stolen by Sesshomaru’s father. Shishinki then tells Sesshomaru, that his Tensaiga is actually part of Inuyasha’s Tetsusaiga, and his father gave him the shorter end of the stick, as his father didn’t know how to master that technique. Thinking that his father gave him a sword housing an unwanted ability, he lashes out at Shishinki in anger.

Inuyasha arrives with his team and tries to stop an enraged Sesshomaru from falling into Shishinki’s traps of small Meido Zangetsuha orbs. Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga vibrate in unison at their close proximity, as Sesshomaru unleashes a complete Meido Zangetsuha circle, pulling Shishinki into the hell hole.

Jan. 2 2010 ep. 14: In Pursuit of Naraku

Unwilling to accept his cruel faith, Sesshomaru visits Totosai, the blacksmith. He tells Totosai that he knows his father’s intention is for Tenseiga to be once again whole with Tetsusaiga. Totosai tells Sesshomaru to let go of his hatred for Inuyasha and his desire for Tetsusaiga. Instead, he should focus on what he has, as Sesshomaru’s father had things planned for him.

While Sesshomaru is away from the children and Jaken, Naraku sneaks in to steal the final Shikon Jewel from Kohaku. Upon touching the shard, Naraku’s tentacles is purified by the little light left in the almost completed jewel. The children and Jaken flee on A-Un, but Naraku is bent on getting the final piece.

Inyasha’s sees Naraku pursuit of Kohaku and tries to come to their rescue, but is hampered by Byakuya. As Naraku poisons the forest with miasma, and Kohaku’s shard slowly becomes tainted, Sango arrives to stop Kohaku from decapitating himself. She hurls Hiraikotsu, which disperses Naraku’s body upon impact. Unable to reconstitute himself, Naraku tries to flee, but Kagome shoots an arrow that furthers breaks him down.

Jan. 9 2010 ep. 15: True Heir

A reforming Naraku adds salt to Sesshomaru’s open wound, instigating that his father really wanted Inuyasha to have his sword and whatever powers that came with it. Naraku passes him a piece of Kanna’s broken mirror and asked Sesshomaru to sprinkle the crushed mirror on Tensaiga enabling him to absorb Tetsusaiga’s powers. Even knowing Naraku’s intention, Sesshomaru forges ahead to see if Inuyasha really has the resolve and the strength to be the true owner of their father’s sword.

They are transported, by Byakuya, into a worm hole and there they are left to fight. Inuyasha, having had Tetsusaiga’s powers drained by Tensaiga, turns into a demon lending Tetsusaiga his powers. Sesshomaru opens a Meido black hole that sucks Inuyasha in to the underworld. With Inuyasha sucked into the void, Sesshomaru releases his hold on Tensaiga and tosses it into the void not wanting anything to do with his father anymore. With the void closing in on Inuyasha, Tetsusaiga’s repowers itself and shows Inuyasha his own demon vortex to slice through. Unfortunately, Naraku uses the opportunity to attack Inuyasha from the back, forging the Adamant Barrage. Inuyasha is hurt in the process fighting an out-of-control Tensaiga. Seeing this, Sesshomaru enters his hole that Tensaiga created and reclaims ownership of the sword. He fights Inuyasha with Tenseiga, allowing him to cut through his sword on purpose. As he does, Tetsusaiga regains the powers of Meido Zangetsuha. However, the link back to their world now closes. It’s up to Inuyasha and Tetsusaiga. Seeing a flickering of light, Inuyasha slashes it, and both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha returns to earth.

The broken Tetsusaiga is whole again and falls back on to earth as a healing sword once again, but against Totosai’s wishes, Sesshomaru abandons and reliquishes ownership to the sword. Rin, however, picks the sword up, promising to return the sword to Sesshomaru when he is in a better mood.

Jan. 16 2010 ep. 16: Hitomiko’s Barrier

Priestess Hitomiko was once visited by Naraku when she was a child. Now, he returns with the power of the Shikon Jewel and captures her with his spiderwebs to do his bidding – kill of Kagome.

Inuyasha and the group arrive at the village to learn of the dead and tarnished priestess. Kagome is pulled into the temple after shooting an arrow and is imprisoned by Hitomiko and Naraku, while the rest are left on the other side of the erected barrier.

After much debate, Kagome realizes that her name and she herself holds untold and untapped powers. Kagome finally frees Hitomiko from Naraku’s grasps and frees her dead soul. As the group leaves the village, Kagome ponders if it was Kikyo who has sealed her powers away.

Jan. 23 2010 ep. 17: Magatsuhi’s Evil Will

The group heads back to Kaede’s village to tell her of Kikyo’s passing and to recover from their battles. Kaede dispels Kagome’s worries of Kikyo sealing her powers, and suspects that it is the Shikon Jewel that sealed her powers instead. Within the jewel, lies two spirits an evil and a good spirit. Realizing Kagome’s potential powers/destruction against it, the evil spirit, Magatsuhi, probably sealed her powers.

A healing Naraku offers his remaining body to the Shikon Jewel so that the final shard may be retrieved. The new demon, Magatsuhi appears at Sesshomaru’s location, intent on killing Kohaku and retrieving the final piece of the shard. After defiling the shard, Magatsuhi tries to finish off Sesshomaru, just as Inuyasha arrives with his team. Sesshomaru, unwilling to accept his own weakness, transform into his full demonic state, but is still no match for this full-fledged monster. Beaten to near death and engulfed in it’s choke-hold, a light suddenly emits from the death trap. As Magatsuhi’s body explides, Sesshomaru emerges with a newly regenerated arm and a sword – Bakusaiga. Magatsuhi’s spirit flees and Kagome, who passed out upon seeing the demon, awakens but is weakened from her contact with Magtsuhi.

Jan. 30 2010 ep. 18: The Day of Days

When Kagome awakens, she realizes that she has lost her miko powers, as she is unable to purify Kohaku’s shard. With no powers, Kagome returns to her own time to prepare for her high school entrance exam. She arrives home only to realize that everyone has left to do their own things. She begins to feel lonely, just as Inuyasha shows up, promises to protect her with his life and almost gives her a kiss before the entire family appears. Later, she makes it to her exam site with the help of her mother and Inuyasha.

Back in the feudal era, Sesshomaru receives a scabbard from Totosai and sets out to battle Magatsuhi. He commands Rin and Jaken to remain in Kaede’s village as a safety precaution.

Feb. 6 2010 ep. 19: A Fragment of Kohaku

An army of demons attack Kaede’s village and Kohaku awakens, possessed by Magatsuhi. Rin and Sango try to help, only to be thrown back and injured in the process. Miroku then uses his Wind Tunnel, but in turn spreads more poison to his body. His Wind Tunnel now looks like it may suck him up too if he is not careful.

Inuyasha and Kagome return to the Feudal era, only to find the wreckage left behind by Magatsuhi: injured friends and a missing Kohaku. The duo then track Kohaku down to try to save him. But Sango finds him, tortured by his own demons of murdering his own father and clansmen. When Kohaku regains control of his body, and after unconsciously speaking to Sango, he decides to kill himself so that Sango and Miroku can get his shard and protect the last piece from Naraku. As he hurls himself into the valley, Magatsuhi is forced out by Kikyo’s light.

Feb. 13 2010 ep. 20: When the Jewel is Whole

Sesshomaru arrives and dispatches Magatsuhi’s presence from Kohaku with Tenseiga. As the demon’s presence disperses, he warns them that he will be back with a vengeance.  Back in the village, Miroku’s poison dissipates as he awakens.

Naraku’s tentacles suddenly emerge in an attempt to get the final shard from Kohaku. However, Sesshomaru cuts him down with Bakusaiga and he flees. Sango warns Sesshomaru that Rin maybe in danger and he rushes back to Kaede’s village. Too late, as Magatsuhi has taken over Rin, and even a watchful Jaken is unable to stop her from taking off on the back of a demon.

In Sesshomaru’s absence, Naraku reemerges and kidnaps Kagome. He then uses her as a bargaining chip in exchange for the shard. Kohaku surrenders himself to Naraku, but not before picking up one of Kagome’s fallen arrows that had a glow coming from it. As both Kohaku and Kagome are whisked away in Naraku’s barrier, Kohaku pulls out the arrow and stabs Naraku where the Shikon Jewel hid. Kikyo’s light in Kohaku’s shard begin to purify Naraku and Kohaku is immediately dropped like a hot potato. Seeing the opening, Inuyasha then uses Kongosoha to save Kagome and Naraku retreats.

The group’s victory is cut short, when a piece of Naraku’s flesh rips through Kohaku’s throat, thereby stealing the Shikon Shard and instantly killing Kohaku. As the girls weep in despair, Naraku laughs at Inuyasha’s feeble attempt to attack him. With the rising of the sun, Kohaku’s limp body suddenly glows as he rises. Much to their amazement and realization, Kikyo had placed her light with Kohaku instead of the remaining shard, believing that Kohaku’s life was more important to save than destroying Naraku’s.

Feb. 20 2010 ep. 21: Inside Naraku

Hidden in a cave, Naraku reminisces his past as Onigumo offering himself to the demons to attain Kikyo. The Shikon Jewel is at last whole and defiled, as Naraku finally absorbs it. He is instantly healed from the wounds acquired from Inuyasha, Sango and Sesshomaru.

Kagome returns to the present era and learns that she will graduate and move on to high school.

Back in the Feudal era, a dark cloud forms from afar as the team prepares themselves for the final battle with Naraku. Inuyasha forbids Shippo from going to battle, as he reasons that Shippo will be the one to avenge them all if they were to die. Shippo protests, but is knocked unconscious just as Naraku approaches as a transformed colossal spider.

Naraku then opens his mouth as an invitation, and Sesshomaru immediately rushes in to save Rin. The rest follows suit. Once inside, Naraku sends minions of himself to fight everyone. The group is quickly separated, where Sango, Kirara and Miroku are together, while Kagome and Inuyasha are together. As Kagome tries to sense the jewel while moving deeper within Naraku, Inuyasha transforms into his demonic state and attacks Kagome. Naraku eggs her on and even gives her a miasma filled arrow to kill off Inuyasha (just as Kikyo once did). Kagome refuses and instead, Inuyasha throws her off into the abyss.

Feb. 27 2010 ep. 22: Naraku: Trap of Darkness

A demonized Inuyasha wanders around trying to fend of his killing urge when he suddenly recall from the scent of blood on him that he attacked Kagome earlier. He goes off to look for Kagome, but stumbles upon Rin instead, who is tagged by Magatsuhi. Upon seeing Inuyasha, Magatsuhi immediately possesses Inuyasha, who tries to kill Rin.

Meanwhile, Kagome regains consciousness and finds Sesshomaru protecting her from demons. They both then go in search for Rin. They arrive in time to stop a possessed Inuyasha. Inuyasha tries to overpower Magatsuhi, by unleashing Meido Zangetsuha. The technique opens a gaping hole in Naraku’s body, allowing Kohaku, Shippo and Jaken to enter from the outside. Sesshomaru simply states that Magatsuhi picked the wrong half-demon to possess, as he quickly disarms Inuyasha. Kagome, unwilling to believe Inuyasha is lost to her, keeps calling out to him and finally gets Tetsusaiga back to Inuyasha’s hands. Inuyasha then uses his sword and quickly dispatches him. With that, Sesshomaru uses Tenseiga to kill off Magatsuhi once and for all.

As Sango and Miroku continue their search for Naraku, Miroku realizes that sooner or later, his Wind Tunnel will soon open up and suck not only him in but Sango as well. With this revelation, he bids Sango farewell.

March 6 2010 ep. 23: Naraku: Trap of Light

With the death of Magatsuhi, the curse on Kagome’s powers are lifted. Inuyasha is purified just by being in contact with her.

Naraku wastes no time in trying to stir things up soon after. Using illusions of himself and the Shikon Jewel, he pits Sango and Miroku against each other (knowing both are afraid of loosing the other). He pushes Miroku to use his Wind Tunnel, which will not only finish off the monk but absorb whoever else is in the vicinity. Naraku uses Rin to force Sango to choose between saving Miroku from using his Wind Tunnel and killing Rin. Fortunately, Inuyasha and Kagome stops Miroku in time, and Kagome is able to locate and disperse her arrow against a hidden Naraku. Kohaku and Sesshomaru finds an unwitting Sango who narrowly misses killing Rin.

As Naraku’s illusions are dispelled by Kagome’s arrow, Byakuya retreats. Everyone then follows the light of the Jewel. Kagome and Inuyasha approaches Naraku with Miroku. But Naraku emits toxic miasma, which stops Kagome from further purifying the jewel. Inuyasha uses his Meido Zangetsuha, in vain. It is all part of Naraku’s plan though. Byakuya wanders off, and finally pulls out his steeless sword to collect the demonic powers of Meido Zangetsuha as Shippo watches quietly from the shadows.

March 13 2010 ep. 24: Naraku’s Uncertain Wish

Everyone is finally gathered at Naraku’s hiding ground, but not before Naraku pumps his body with extra lethal miasma.

Inuyasha is with Kagome. Miroku, Sango, Kirara and Shippo gather after taking an antidote from Jinenji offered by Shippo to ward off the effects of the miasma. Sesshomaru mets Jaken, Rin and Kohaku who are atop of Aun.

As Kagome questions Naraku’s intentions of breaking apart friends and loved ones when the Shikon Jewel never did grant him his wish – as he remains a half demon. She may have struck as chord with him.

However, as Naraku is on the verge of destruction with Sesshomaru and Inuyasha’s barrage of attacks, Byakuya appears with the his version of Meido Zangetsu and slices Kagome with it. This stops Kagome from shooting her purifying arrow and most likely final attack against Naraku. The battle has only just begun.

March 20 2010 ep. 25: Thoughts Fall Short

As Naraku regenerates himself, after absorbing the Shikon Jewel, Sesshomaru orders Jaken to pull Kohaku and Rin to safety outside the walls of Naraku’s body. As Naraku disintegrate and regenerates over and over again, he reveals that his one wish from the Jewel was to have Kikyo’s love – something which will never be granted. As he crumbles again, Kagome finds an opening and pierces the Jewel with her arrow to purify it. This time, the Jewel forces Naraku to make a final wish, the Jewel’s wish. Naraku is no longer after that. With that, Miroku’s curse of the Wind Tunnel is also broken.

Just as Naraku vaporizes with the Shikon Jewel, a Meido portal opens behind Kagome and sucks her in.

Finally, Naraku’s evil plan reveals itself just as Naraku vanishes with the Shikon Jewel. His wish, from the jewel, is to forever eliminate Kagome, thus, the vicious cycle of the jewel will continue. Inuyasha goes in search of Kagome by leaping into his black hole, as the Bone Eater’s Well closes up from either side of the entrance. The Jewel puts fear into Kagome, to make her wish for herself out of the feudal era and never returning, thus giving the Jewel the opportunity to be reborn again. By asking to save herself, she in affect destroys the world.

March 27 2010 ep. 26 – FINAL: Towards Tomorrow

Inuyasha finally finds a crying, scared and confused Kagome. As Inuyasha reaches her, she realizes what her final wish has to be – the Jewel’s annihilation.

After that wish, the duo is whisked off to the present time, but as soon as Kagome exits the well, Inuyasha is forced back into the feudal era. The well is permanently sealed off once again. Just like that, the love birds are separated.

Three years go by.

Miroku and Sango are married, with twin girls and another on the way. Rin lives with Kaede with Sesshomaru visiting her often and leaving presents for her. Shippo is in training at the fox school, while Kohaku has Kirara with him hunting down demons with the help of Totosai and Myoga.

Kagome, on the other hand, finishes high school but just cannot forget Inuyasha. As she visits the sealed off well one day, it suddenly opens. Kagome’s mom walks into the shrine just in time to bid her daughter farewell forever, as Kagome jumps back into the well. On the other end of the well, Inuyasha catches Kagome’s scent and rushes to her side immediately. All’s well that ends well.

And it finally ends! I’m just relieved that Rumiko Takahashi has stopped this draggy torture – unlike her Ranma 1/2 saga, which never did have a definite ending for her main characters Ranma and Akane. At least Inuyasha and Kagome has a happy ending – much to the relief of my other half who doesn’t want to watch this anime ANYMORE! Inuyasha first started out quite endearing. After a while, he just looked weak and hopeless next to his very suave and cool older brother, Sesshomaru, who doesn’t seem to break a sweat for anything at all.


InuYasha 犬夜叉, a Feudal Fairy Tale, is a manga written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi (of Ranma 1/2) with 56 volumes. It was first published on November 1996 and ended on June 2008. The manga was later adapted to a 167 episode anime, which premiered on October 2000 and lasted until September 2004. The anime never concluded.  There were also four films released: Affections Touching Across Time, The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, Swords of an Honorable Ruler and Fire on the Mystic Island. There are also multiple games created for different game consoles.

The series begins in Feudal Japan, with half-demon InuYasha trying to steal the Jewel of Four Souls guarded by shrine maiden Kikyo. The jewel enhances the wielder’s powers and grants a single wish, to which InuYasha hopes to use to turn himself into a full-blooded demon. He is however stopped with a sacred arrow by Kikyo, thereby sealing him onto a sacred tree Goshinboku. It is later revealed that, through hoaxes played by a demon wanting to possess the jewel, Kikyo and InuYasha, the star-crossed lovers, were made to look like each one betrayed the other’s trust.

InuYasha was sealed. Kikyo was mortally wounded. Before her demise, Kikyo orders her younger sister, Kaede, to burn the jewel with her body to prevent it from landing in the hands of evil.

Fifty years after that incident, high school girl Kagome Higurashi lives on a hereditary Shinto shrine. While retrieving her cat, a centipede demon pulls her down a well. She awakens in Feudal Japan with only the Bone Eater’s Well and the Goshinboku tree as familiar landmarks. She sees InuYasha asleep (unbeknown to her that he is actually sealed) and a group of peasants trying to drag her back to their village priestess, Kaede. Upon laying eyes on Kagome, old Kaede realizes that she is the reincarnation of her sister Kikyo. With the demon centipede hot on her trails, it hits Kaede that the jewel too has been reborn in Kagome. Kagome frees InuYasha to get him to kill the demon. After soundly trashing the demon, he then tries to take the jewel. Kaede hands Kagome a magical rosary to be worn by InuYasha, thereby subduing him with a simple command – “Sit Boy!”

When demons came after the jewel (and Kagome), it shattered into numerous shards that dispersed across Japan. So begins Kagome and InuYasha’s journey of tracking down the shards of jewel. Along the voyage, they befriend Shippo, a small fox demon, Miroku a cursed but lecherous monk and Sango a demon-slayer looking for her younger brother Kohaku. InuYasha becomes stronger too and wields his father’s fang as his sword.

During the adventure, the group meets Sesshomaru, InuYasha’s older half-brother a full demon, a partially resurrected and very powerful Kikyo (who stirs long forgotten emotions in InuYasha), a wolf demon Koga, InuYasha’s rival in love (vying for Kagome’s attention) and war, and finally Naraku a powerful demon who was the manipulator of Kikyo and InuYasha’s initial conflict.

InuYasha with Sesshoumaru

Naraku eventually collects all of the shards of Jewel. Even though InuYasha defeats him, he uses the jewel’s wish-granting power to trap Kagome’s soul in with his. However, Naraku’s wish can only be fulfilled if Kagome selfishly wishes to save herself too. Instead, confident in InuYasha, she wishes the jewel to disappear forever.  Kagome is thrown back to her own time, no longer able to see InuYasha. Three years later, after Kagome graduates from high school, a portal opens and she returns to InuYasha’s world, whereby acknowledging their love for one another. Kagome in turn chooses to remain in the past with InuYasha.

Naraku, Kagome, InuYasha & Kikyo

Naraku, Kagome, InuYasha & Kikyo

Opening Theme:
#1: “Change the World” by V6 (eps 01-34) DOWNLOAD
#2: “I Am” by Hitomi (eps 35-64)
#3: “Owarinai Yume” by Nanase Aikawa (eps 65-95)
#4: “Grip!” by Every Little Thing (eps 96-127)
#5: “One Day, One Dream” by Tackey & Tsubasa (eps 128-153)
#6: “Angelus” by Hitomi Shimatani (eps 154-167)

Ending Theme:

#1: “My Will” by Dream (eps 01-20,166-167)
#2: “Fukai Mori” by Do As Infinity (eps 21-41)
#3: “Dearest” by Ayumi Hamasaki (eps 42-60) DOWNLOAD
#4: “Every Heart – Minna no Kimochi” by Boa (eps 61-85)
#5: “Shinjitsu no Uta” by Do As Infinity (eps 86-108)
#6: “Itazurana Kiss” by day after tomorrow (eps 109-127)
#7: “Come” by Namie Amuro (eps 128-148)
#8: “Brand-New World” by V6 (eps 149-165)
No More Words by Ayumi Hamasaki DOWNLOAD

21 thoughts on “Inuyasha

  1. wow, how great…

    the story of the episodes are cool…

    love this movie and especially the main character…


    Inuyasha is cool 😀

    • the love story between the two is definitely touching. however, rumiko did drag out the story a little. have you watched rorouni kenshin? or kaichou wa maid sama? find it all in my blog.

  2. i really wish that kagome and inuyasha could have more episodes i love it!! i feel sad for her brother and mother and grandpa will never see her again.

  3. i lyk the whole summary of inuyasha the final act..and those photos are all in high quality;i think?


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