Fairy Tail

Fairy Tale is a manga created by Hiro Mashima serialized since Aug. 23, 2006 and is ongoing. Season 1 of the anime began airing on Oct. 12, 2009 and will end on September 27, 2010 with a total of 48 episodes. Even though it was initially meant for only one season, due to the popularity of the series, a second season was announced and began airing on October 2010. This series is also being developed as a game for PS by Konami. Third season of Fairy Tail aired September 2011.

Mashima Sensei made a special appearance in New York Comic Con Oct. 14. 2011, in conjunction with Kodansha Comics. What a treat it was for all that were there! Managed to capture him drawing Natsu.

On March 4, 2013, Mashima sensei announced on his Twitter account that the anime (after 4 seasons) will not end yet… :O

Season 1 Opening and Ending Themes:

1. “Snow fairy” by FUNKIST (ep. 1-11)
2. “S.O.W. Sense of Wonder (S.O.W.センスオブワンダー)” by Idoling!!! (ep. 12-24)

3. “Ft.” by Funkist (ep. 25-35)
4. “R.P.G. ~Rockin’ Playing Game” by SuG (ep. 36-48)
5. “Kanpeki gu~no ne (完璧ぐ~のね)” by Watarirouka Hashiri Tai (ep. 1-11)
6. “Tsuioku Merry-Go-Round (追憶メリーゴーランド)” by onelifecrew (ep. 12-24)
7. “Gomen ne Watashi” by Shiho Nanba (ep. 25-35)
8. “Kimi ga Iru Kara” by Mikuni Shimokawa (ep. 36-48)

Season 2 Opening and Ending Themes:

1. “Egao No Mahou – Airi” by Magic Party (ep. 49-60) DOWNLOAD
2. “HOLY SHINE” by Daisy X Daisy (EP. 49-60)
3. “Fiesta” by +Plus (ep. 61-70)
4. “Be as One” by w-inds (ep. 61-70) DOWNLOAD
5. “Evidence” by Daisy x Daisy (ep. 71 – 85)
6. “Lonely Person” by ShaNa (ep. 71 – 85)
7. “The Rock City Boy” by Jamil (ep. 86 – 96) DOWNLOAD (TV Size)
8. “Don’t Think. Feel!!!” by Idoling!!! (ep. 86 – 96) DOWNLOAD

Season 3 Opening and Ending Themes:

1. “The Rock City Boy” by Jamil (ep. 96 – 98) DOWNLOAD (TV Size)
2. “Don’t Think. Feel!!!” by Idoling!!! (ep. 96 – 98) DOWNLOAD
3. “Towa no Kizuna” (永久(とわ)のキズナ Everlasting Bond) by Daisy x Daisy (ep. 98 – 111)
4. “Kono Te Nobashite” (この手を伸ばして Reach Out This Hand) by Hi-Fi Camp (ep. 98 – 111)
5. “I Wish” by Milky Bunny (ep. 112 – 124)
6. “Boys Be Ambitious!!” by Hi-Fi Camp (ep. 112 – 124)
7. “Hajimari no Sora” (はじまりの空 Beginning Sky) by +Plus  (ep. 125 – 137)
8. “Glitter (Starving Trancer Remix)” by Another Infinity  (ep. 125 – 137)
9. “Tenohira  (テノヒラ Palm of the Hand)” by HERO (ep 138 – 150)
10. “Yell ~Kagayaku Tame no Mono~ (YELL~輝くためのもの~ The Thing For Shining)” by Sata Andagi (es 138 – 150)

Season 4 Opening and Ending Themes:

1. “Break through” by Going Under Ground (ep. 151-166)
2. “Fairy Tail ~Yakusoku no Hi~” (フェアリーテイル ~約束の日~, “Fairy Tail ~The Promised Day~”)  by Chihiro Yonekura (ep. 167-175)
3. “Kimi ga Kureta Mono” (キミがくれたもの “What You Gave Me”) by Shizuka Kudō (ep. 151-166)
4. “We’re the Stars” by Aimi (ep. 167-175)


Season 1: Phantom GuildCelestial Spirit LokiTower of ParadiseBattle of Fairy Tail

Season 2Oración SeisCall of the DragonEdolas

Hiro Mashima Drawing Natsu

Season 3Tenrou IslandX791 • Oración Seis reborn •

Season 4 • Sabertooth • Grand Magic Games •

The series begins with Lucy Heartfilia meeting Natsu Dragnell and his best friend, Happy, who is searching for a fire dragon, Igneel. Turns out, Igneel is Natsu’s foster-father, the one who raised him and taught him the skills of a dragon slayer. Shortly after their meeting, Lucy is abducted by a person posing as Salamander of Fairy Tail, only to be sold as a slave. Natsu rescues her and reveals that he is the real Salamander. He then brings Lucy into the land of Fiore, and she is accepted as a Fairy Tail Guild member. Soon after, the three become teammates, together with two more Guild members, Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet. Of the lot, Lucy brings forth a saner and calmer side to the rest of the team, albeit being exceptionally klutzy. Natsu and Gray are constantly trying to outdo each other, while Erza, the Titania, rules with an iron fist.


Lucy – the not-so-dumb-blond

Lucy practices Celestial Spirit magic, which allows her to summon spirits using Gatekeys. There are Silver Keys, a common variety, and Gold Keys, rare keys symbolizing the 12 Gates of the Zodiac. Unlike the rest of her team members, Lucy’s magical powers are focused on this ability of hers. Without the keys, she is unable to perform magic. However, she later manages to call of her spirits without opening these gates, a testament to her love and respect for her spirits.

Even though Natsu is constantly bickering with Gray and Erza; Gray because of the barrage of insults they share with each other and Erza because she is of S-class standing and Natsu sees her as his bridge to cross, Natsu truly respects and is very loyal to the Guild and its members. Despite his reckless and stubborn nature, Natsu is a skilled tactician and can decipher his opponent’s abilities and weaknesses very quickly. One of his worst trait is that he suffers from very bad motion sickness from all modes of transportation. He is only fine when Happy, his talking blue cat, sprouts wings and carries him. A while back, Natsu and a few friends (the early departed Lisanna, younger sister to Mirajane and Elfman) found an egg in a forest and cared for the egg hoping that a dragon would emerge. Unfortunately, Happy hatched from the egg and they have both been inseparable since.

Natsu & Happy

Natsu & Happy

While Natsu expels fire, Gray uses ice magic. Being orphaned by a demon called Deliora, he was taken in by Ur who taught him the art of ice magic. To get him accustomed to the cold, he was trained to wear nothing but his underwear. Thus, he has an uncanny habit of stripping down to his briefs at the most inappropriate of times. Gray then sought revenge against Deliora, but Ur had to sacrifice herself to trap Deliora in ice to save Gray.

Erza, a very talented and powerful wizard, is much respected and feared by the members of Fairy Tail. She is given the title “Titania Erza” or Queen of the Fairies for her “re-quip” style of magic, which allows her to change her armor or weapons depending on the situation. She was a slave as a child, who was frequently beaten and eventually lost her right eye. After she escaped, she arrived at Fairy Tail. She got fixed with a false eye and armor to wear so that she would never be hurt again.

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Phantom Guild

The Phantom Guild lays a sudden siege on Fairy Tail in Fiore. Master forbids anyone from retaliating, until Levy’s team is attacked. The Guild brings their fury to the enemy, but Lucy is accidentally left. Unfortunately, she is the real target of the Phantom Guild and is kidnapped by Element 4, the élite of the Phantom Guild.

Lucy Heartfilia is a rich heiress, and her father wants her back by whatever means necessary. As Fairy Tail approaches the enemy’s gates, it looks as if they are “winning” the battle, until Master Makarov’s magical powers are drained by Aria of the Heavens, leader of the Element 4. Erza calls for a retreat of Fairy Tail. Instead of pulling back, Natsu goes in search for Lucy and arrives at the nick of time to save her as she jumps from the castle of the Phantom Guild.


After loosing Lucy, the Phantom Guild brings the fight to Fairy Tail’s doorsteps. There, they fire the powerful Jupiter cannon blaster to wipe out the entire place. But, Erza steps in, and takes on the pounding and brutal blast. As she goes down, the emergency is sent out to the Guild’s top mages to return. But Laxus (grandson to Makarov) refuses to return and Mystogan is MIA. With Master and Erza out of commission, no one else is able to defend the Guild. Elfman, Gray, Natsu and Mirajane must step up their game now.

The three boys sneak into the Phantom’s base to destroy Jupiter. Natsu takes down one of the Elements, Totomaru, who is left guarding the Jupiter canon. However, the Phantom Lord, Jose, still has another card up his sleeves. The Guild transforms into a giant Phantom Mk II and begins casting a forbidden magic, Abyss Break, to destroy Fairy Tail in one sweeping move.

Elfman is cornered by Monsieur Sol, the controller of sand and rocks. Mirajane, after stashing Lucy away from the battle, enters the Phantom Guild. The siblings, Elfman and Mirajane, specialize in “Take Over” magic, which allow the user to transform into the monster they defeat. During a hunt against a huge beast, their younger sister, Lisanna, sacrificed herself to return Elfman to his original form after his unsuccessful take over. Mirajane lost her will to use most magic except basic transformation magic. Elfman lost his ability to transform to anything except his arms. As the Element 4’s Monsieur Sol tries to kill off Elfman, he regains his magic to save Mirajane. Mirajane too regains her abilities from watching Elfman struggle against the cruel torturing of Monsieur Sol. She is then able to use water magic and a demonic Take Over form.

Element 4

Element 4: Aria, Juvia, Sol and Totomaru

Gray is stopped by Juvia, the water magician, who suddenly develops a crush on him. After trouncing her, Gray saves Juvia from falling off the roof and she becomes even more enamored with him. It will be safe to say that after this meeting, Juvia will be a new member of Fairy Tail. After three of the four Element users are taken down, the Phantom Mk II slows down. Mirajane hypothesizes that the giant was really ran by the power of the Elements. The trio from Fairy Tail regroup to look for Natsu and the remaining Element user to stop the moving giant.

Natsu finds Aria of the Heavens, the strongest of the Element 4, who not only is the master of void magic but is the one who brought down the Master. All attempts of attacks by Natsu is easily brushed off by Aria. Finally, tired of playing around with Natsu, Aria uses his draining magic on Natsu. Not a second too soon, Ezra appears (back from the brink of death!) and saves Natsu. She beats Aria to a pulp after learning that it was him who drained Master’s magic. She tells Natsu that she believes in him, that he still has untapped potential to bring to the table for Fairy Tail’s victory against the Phantom Guild.

Meanwhile, Lucy’s hideout is found by the Phantom Guild. They snatch her back, even with Loki coming at the last-minute to stop the kidnapping. Back at the Phantom Guild, Gajeel Redfox beats up Lucy only to have Natsu come in to stop the final blow. The two dragon slayers meet again!

(27) The Two Dragon Slayers

Gajeel Redfox, the Iron Dragon, forms scales of steel that is impenetrable. He boasts that Natsu can’t even scratch him, while Natsu is already in shreds. Natsu proves him wrong, as his fire is no ordinary flame, and makes a dent on Gajeel’s armor. However, Gajeel manages to reform and rejuvenate himself by eating steel around him. Dragons are able to energize themselves by eating their own element. Unfortunately for Natsu, there isn’t any fire around them. Lucy calls on her one remaining key, Sagittarius, since the rest were dropped when the Phantom Guild kidnapped her. Sadly, Sagittarius can’t shoot fire.

Gajeel Redfox

Gajeel Redfox

Meanwhile, the Shades on the outside begin to unify and assault Fairy Tail’s headquarters. Gajeel jeers and laughs at Natsu for his inability to protect his “home” and losing badly to him. While Natsu gazes at the crumbling Fairy Tail, he remembers the day when he first was accepted into the Guild, met Grey and immediately got into a fight. He was later separated by Erza who told them that the Guild is not only a home, but a family. When everyone laughed at Natsu’s illiteracy, even though he insists that he was taught by Igneel, Erza took him under her wing. She taught him to read and write, and soon became his second Igneel. Pumped with the resolve to protect the Guild, Natsu gets a second wind.

Sagittarius suddenly realizes that Lucy may not have wanted him to create fire, but somehow make fire appear. With that, he shoots his arrows at an electrical plant and bursts into flames. Natsu immediately swallows the flames and regains his strength and ups his power. Itadakimasu!  The real fight is only just beginning. Natsu stops Gajeel’s attacks with his bare hands. It is a mistake to pick a fight with Fairy Tail.

(28) Fairy Law

Natsu breaks the iron-encased-arm of Gajeel. This is for Levy, Jet, Dory, Gramps, Lucy and the Guild!! Natsu falls back after the victory to regain his energy. After catching his breath, Natsu asks Gajeel who he learned dragon slaying magic from?

“Metalicana, the Iron dragon… But he disappeared one day.”

“Did this happen in year 777, on the 7 month and 7 day?”

Igneel the fire dragon also disappeared on the same day. How can two dragons disappear at the same time?

Erza meets Jose, who sends her crashing to the wall with just a flick of a finger. Makarov wasn’t killed because Jose wants him to witness the destruction of his Guild. A long time ago, the Phantom Guild held the number one position, until Fairy Tail came into the picture with their own élite mages: Erza, Laxus, Mystogan and even Salamander. By using the Heartfilia’s fortune, he will rule the world after kidnapping Lucy. Erza suddenly realizes, in disbelief, that the war started because of one person’s jealousy. “It does not show your superiority against us,” Erza states factually. She laughs at his lack of intelligence of information gathering in his Guild. She tells him that Lucy ran away from her family. She wanted no part of the Heartfilia fortune. But even with her bravado, Erza is no match against Jose. He catches her and begins to drain her.

Not wanting to be a liability to her Guild/family, she decides to take her own life, but is stopped. Makarov the Master emerges from his deathbed.



It seems Mystogan (a ninja look-alike) was the one who collected all of Makarov’s lost powers. After that, he personally went around to crush all the Phantom’s branches by himself.

It has been 6 years since Makarov and Jose last met in battle. Makarov still believes in the righteous light that guides everything, while Jose, has obviously turned from bad to worse. The sky and the earth tremble in fear of the impending doom and destruction from the clash of the two top wizards.

“You could have used your power for good,” Makarov chastises Jose. “Beg for mercy (and I will let you go).”

Makarov unleashing the fury

Makarov unleashing the fury

But Jose sees only his goal. This forces Makarov’s hand, as he invokes the Fairy Law. A bright light, the light of righteousness and compassion, emits from the castle of Phantom Guild. The Shades are wiped out, while Jose turns into a blubbering old man. With that, Makarov warns him never to mess with Fairy Tail again. Victory goes to those who stand as a family, as one.

After the war is won, the Fairy Tail mages rebuild their destroyed home. Some of the former Phantom Guild members even join Fairy Tail, Juvia, for one, being the prime candidate. She becomes Grey’s ultimate fan stalker, following him where ever he goes, but never showing herself to him.

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Celestial Spirit Loki



Loki finds Lucy’s keys, but passes it to Mirajane instead of the rightful owner. He is weary of and maybe fearful of the Celestial Spirit Sorceress. After the completion of a mission by Natsu, Grey, Ezra and Lucy, Lucy leaves the bunch for a midnight stroll. She is cornered by two ruffians who hypnotize her and try to kidnap her. Lucky for her, Loki comes to her rescue. He tells her he’s dying, but in the end, retracts that statement and instead says that’s the line he uses to get girls to fall for him. He gets a nice tight slap for his trouble.

Leo the Lion

Leo the Lion

Curious about Loki, Lucy calls upon her Celestial Spirits. The spirit doesn’t tell her who Loki is, only that he once belonged to Karen Lilica, the most famous Celestial Sorceress in the Guild, belonging to the Blue Pegasus. Lucy however figures it out when he tells her that he knows what it is like as a star that just cannot return to heaven. He is, in fact, Leo the Lion, a Celestial Spirit banished to the human world for inadvertently killing his previous master (Karen). When she began her abuse against the timid Aries, Loki opened his own gate to fend for Aries. He forced Karen to release them to ensure that no other spirits were abused anymore. Since she refused, he remained in the human world, thus she was not able to call upon other Celestial Spirits until he returned. After three months passed, Karen took on a dangerous job, even without her Spirits. She was killed in the process. For that, he was banished from heaven for eternity as a traitor. It has been three years since Karen’s passing, and he is slowly dying because Celestial Spirits are not able to remain in the human world for extended periods of time. He finally accepts his fate. But Lucy will not let a friend die and forces the gate to open for him. “Magic is for protecting friends. I will change the rules,” she avows. When she calls for a reform, the Spirit King appears. Lucy, together with all her Celestial Spirits, begs the Spirit King to let Loki return home. Just as Leo did to save a friend, Aries, Lucy will stand up for her friend too, Loki (even if it means giving up her life). Seeing the display of friendship, the Spirit King lifts the ban and tells Loki, “Repent by aiding your friend and protecting her with your life. Live together forever.” With that, Loki forms a contract with Leo the Lion, leader of the 12 astrological signs.

After the keys are returned, Lucy ponders her status with the Fairy Tail Guild. Knowing her father will stop at nothing until her return, Lucy leaves the Guild.

Upon her return, she is summoned to her father. He recognizes her maturity in her own return, as she knew he would continuously hunt her down. The point for his search is to merge the Javener family’s wealth with the Heartfilia’s through marriage – hers. Lucy then tells him, “You’re mistaken. I’ve returned to show you my resolve. I will hold on to happiness. I will marry whomever I choose. And don’t you ever touch Fairy Tail again.”

After she leaves her father for the last time, she visits her mom’s (Layla) grave. There, she is met by Natsu, Grey, Erza and Happy who were all worried about her sudden disappearance from the Guild. Erza then comments that they should just leave this town for good. Lucy replies, “This is not a town. It’s our garden.”

A week after the incident, Fairy Tail is rounded up by the Rune Knights for questioning. Punishment will be meted out later. After interrogation, the verdict is read. The Phantom Guild is disbanded. Jose is stripped off his position as the Top 10 Wizard. Fairy Tail is found not guilty.

An old friend of Makarov encourages him to retire, while reminiscing and reminding him of Rob. They were all good friends once. Makarov wonders if any of the next generation is ready to take on and lead the Guild. Laxus, his grandson, is too headstrong and hot-headed, even though he has the biggest chance of taking over his position. Mystogan is the poster child for lack of communication. Finally, Erza is too young to be charged with such an onus.

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Tower of Paradise

(33) Tower of Heaven

The friends head to Akane Resort, courtesy of Loki as a show of gratitude towards Lucy for coming to his aid. It was all fun and games, until Erza’s old “pals” crash the party.

She was once an inhabitant in the R-System or Tower of Paradise, where she was forced to work as a slave building the Tower while awaiting the day of her sacrifice.

The first to be attacked is Gray, and a stalking Juvia, by a blockhead named Wally. Erza and Lucy are attacked by Sho, a blond lad. Using dark magic, he traps the guests of the resort in playing cards. Milliana, a girl with cat fetish, accuses Erza of betraying them, while Simon, a man with a lower jaw of skull, tells her they can all use magic now. They have come to retrieve her back to her the Tower of Paradise. They knock her out with a tranquilizer and abduct Happy too.

After the Fairy Tail wizards are hijacked, the Magic Council convene to lay a plan out for the R-System, which they thought were long destroyed. Eight years ago, the seven towers of the R-System was destroyed, but they never realized that an eight hidden tower, the Tower of Paradise, still stands. They propose an all out war using an army to destroy the Tower and its people. Sieglien, one of the council members, disagrees but proposes to destroy the Tower with Etherion, a cross dimension magic, instead. The council reminds him that his twin, Gérard, will be dead if they used such a treacherous form of magic. Ultear, the elder Leiji and Makarov’s old friend who healed him agrees with Sieg. Now they only need one more member to be on board to pass the edict. Elsewhere, Gérard too hears of these developments.

Meanwhile Lucy, Natsu, Gray and Juvia travel out to sea to find Erza and Happy. As they close in on the Tower, they see only dead animals. Juvia camouflages them into the sea to escape detection from their enemy. Gérard sees the approaching enemies and permit their entry into his game. After taking down a few insignificant guards, the team lands in a room filled with food and they proceed to stuff their face.


Tower of Paradise – looking more like a turd of paradise

Erza is told that the Tower has been completed in her eight years of absence. They lock her up, once again as before, only to be told she will be their living sacrifice to revive Zeref using the R-System. Erza frees herself and knocks out Sho, the boy she once protected and held so dearly. Milliana, who has Happy locked up in her cat room, and Simon are informed of Erza’s escape. Unfortunately for Erza, there is no escaping the maze of a Tower made as an entrapment.

Erza stumbles upon the gorging Fairy Tail team and immediately tells them to leave. An unheeding Natsu, runs off in search of Happy to rescue him. Erza then tells them what the Tower is and how she is related to it. The Tower was created by a cult using human beings as sacrifices. She was one of those sacrifices. After an escape attempt by the children, Erza took the fall as the leader and was beaten up and secluded. The young Gérard came to her rescue, but the magic troops appear. She was sent back to the cell with the rest, but Gérard was captured, tortured and prepared as the next sacrifice instead. Inside the cell, she remembers Gérard words to rebel against the oppressors for their freedom. Unfortunately, Gérard is recruited by the devil herself.

The children and prisoners rebelled against their captors.The magic troops were released to quash the uprising of the prisoners. As they were about to kill Erza, while the rest retreated, Grandpa Rob a magic user, came to her rescue with what little magic he had left. He tells her, with his dying breath, that if she truly believed with her heart, she will achieve great power and freedom will be hers to attain. Gramps falls, and in anguish, Erza’s power is released. The weapons around her rises to her command and kills the standing troop before her. She vowed to save Gérard and gain their freedom.

Because of Gérard’s hatred towards the oppressors, the “God” that the cult wants to revive, Zeref, appears before him. She poisons his mind and heart and tells him that there is no such thing as freedom in the world.

Erza enters the sacrificial chambers to rescue Gérard, but he has changed. He no longer wants to leave, and instead, claims the tower as his. He will revive Zeref. But Erza will be permitted to leave without the rest, as they will have to remain as the sacrifice and his pawns. In turn, she will not be allowed to speak of this tower so as not to incur the suspicion and wrath of the government. The lives of her friends now lay in her hands.

Back in the present time, Sho overhears this story and rebuffs Erza’s lies that Gérard was the traitor of his friends instead of Erza. That would mean that they spent eight years finishing up the tower for a lie! Simon, the one who confessed his love for a young Erza, appears and confirms the truth in her words. He has waited for her reappearance, waiting for reinforcements of the wizards to gather to fight against Gérard.

(36) Heaven’s Game

Natsu, who is looking for Happy, gets stuck inside a cat’s head mask. He is promptly attacked by blockhead Wally and Milliana. Happy comes to Natsu’s rescue, and together, they overcome Wally and Milliana.

Elsewhere, Gérard calls upon the Assassin Guild called the Trinity Raven. The trio consists of Commander Ikaruga, an unassuming kimono clad girl, Fukuro the owl man, and Vidaldus Taka the rocker. The game begins and ends with Erza becoming his sacrifice as the door to the heavens open. The Fairy Tail wizards will have to overcome Gérard élite killer squad and the Magic Council’s Etherion blast.

Hearing this, Sho traps Erza into a playing card to protect her. He vows to take on Gérard by himself. Gray chases him down, leaving Juvia and Lucy to watch each other’s back.Vidaldus Taka sneak up on the girls, but Juvia traps him with in her water bubble.

He counters with his long hair, which absorbs the water. Then he turns Juvia into his Succubus – a slave under his control. A rocker-Juvia turns against Lucy. She attacks her with all her water powers. Lucy unleashes Aquarius from inside Juvia and hears her cries for help. Overcoming the mind control, Juvia and Lucy fuse their magic in the “Unison Raid” and thoroughly defeat Vidaldus.

Simon rushes off to find Natsu, only to see him and Happy take to the skies but are promptly stopped and taken down by Fukuro. Natsu, Simon and Happy land in an aerie for Fukuro.  Simon tells Natsu that they are allies having waited for Erza’s return. The fight between Natsu and Fukuro begins! Fukuro has an edge over Natsu. He knows Natsu’s weakness of motion sickness and uses that against him as he swallows him whole. He consumes the powers of Natsu, as poor Happy cries for his lost friend.

Gray searches for Sho and Erza. He remembers constantly picking fights with a young Erza. After he finds her crying alone by the river one day, he finally befriends her. Gray stumbles upon Fukuro’s nest and is told that Natsu has been swallowed. He engages Fukuro who uses Natsu’s fire power against Gray’s ice. Knowing that his friends are in danger, Gray pushes his icy powers and finally comes out victorious. Natsu is regurgitated by the owl.

At the Magic Council, the votes are in 4 to 5 against using the Etherion. Seig uses his trump card, telling the old geezers that Gérard is going to use Black Magic to revive Zeref. This frightens them into voting in his favor – 8 to 1 for using the Etherion. Elder Yajima then cautions Seig on using the Etherion, especially if there are other solutions. Sieg promises to bear the responsibility of the lives that will be taken, including his own brother’s. Elder Yajima finds out that Sieg is up to no good when he overhears Sieg’s conversation with Ultear in what was a private conversation. She has waited 8 years for this, the same 8 years that Gérard has been slogging over the Tower.

(38) Destiny

Etherion is fired up. Without the head of the Magic Council, the nine elders vote for using the Etherion to solve the impending Zeref problem. Only 27 more minutes till the Tower of Paradise is annihilated with everyone and everything in it.

Gray falls from lethargy after the fight with Fukuro, while Natsu recovers from his spinning world, only to realize that Gray has saved him. Happy is forced to leave with Gray, before Etherion hits. Simon and Natsu will go to Erza’s aid against Gérard. He is too powerful for Erza to handle by herself.

While Juvia and Lucy are knocked out, Wally and Milliana find them and rescue them. The foursome head towards the escape route and meet Gray and Happy. They leave the Tower for safety, against their wishes.

Erza in action

Erza in action against Ikaruga

Sho heads to Gérard, thinking he can take him down alone, while Erza tries to convince him to let her out of the card he imprisoned her in. Ikaruga, the Commander of Trinity Raven, stops him. In her clogs and ultra sharp katana, she severs his nerves without even cutting through his clothes. He assures Erza that the card is protected from attacks. But Ikaruga cuts through spatial time, releasing Erza from the card. Erza requips in an armor, but Ikaruga cuts it down. Erza attacks, but Ikaruga brushes off the blitz while destroying Erza’s armors. Erza is forced to requip with her strongest armor, the Purgatory Armor, yet Ikaruga breaks it. Don in just her cloth “armor,” Erza crosses swords with Ikaruga for the final time. Both swords break under pressure.

With her triumph over Ikaruga, Erza instructs Sho take everyone out of the Tower. She has unfinished business with Gérard. She finds him, and he tells her she will be Zeref’s sacrifice as Etherion rains down on them. He attacks, but Erza evades skillfully. He then imprisons her in an impenetrable ball, but she slices through it when she thinks of everyone placing their faith on her. She corner Gérard and questions his true motive for making the R-system.

(39) A Prayer Under the Holy Light

The R-system is not complete and is lacking in something more than just a sacrifice. On top of that, Gérard’s magic is not up to par to complete whatever is needed. Moreover, Gérard knows the council is launching Etherion onto the Tower, but is not even trying to escape. He convinces her he has long given up his freedom when he was possessed by Zeref. He begs Erza to kill him, making her think he is the victim. He will atone for his weakness by sacrificing himself. They share a kiss and embrace.

Etherion is fired. Gray, Happy, Juvia, Sho, Wally and Milliana gasp in horror knowing their friends are still in the tower. The explosion causes a tidal wave and the boat is swept away. Juvia rescues everyone in a water bubble. The tower goes down in shambles. But Erza, Gérard, Natsu and Simon are alive. Barely.

Soon, magic crystals form on the Tower. Gérard changes his tune. The day of reckoning is here. The true form of the Tower of Paradise takes shape. It has absorbed the power of Etherion, thus turning it into a giant lacrima to complete the R-system. Sieg disappears from the council’s tower and take form at the Tower of Paradise. There never were twins. It has always been only one – Gérard. Sieg was an illusion. He joined the council to gain their trust and finally the power of Etherion. His motive has always been to resurrect Zeref with the help of Ultear, forgotten daughter of Ur, once thought to be dead. Ultear begins to rain down destruction on the Council as they become paralyzed with shock.

Erza, realizing her mistake in trusting Gérard, takes up arms against him. But he had already cast a binding spell on her, when they embraced earlier. She will be, as he had stated earlier, a sacrifice for Zeref’s return. She is fed to the crystals, who will be deconstructed and reconstructed again as Zeref’s new body. Natsu arrives in time to pull her out from the crystals.

Gérard warns him to leave, as he is no match for him. No one makes Erza cry and not pay for it. Gérard is just too fast for Natsu with his meteor body. Using his senses, Natsu evades his attacker. Gérard ups the ante and calls the seven star blade: Grand Chariot, which he uses to trounce Natsu into a pulp. However, the R-System has sustained too much damage from their fight and the magic slowly oozes out from it. This is Natsu’s chance. The Fairy Tail wizards are infamous for breaking buildings and this is right up his alley, even if they are half dead.

Natsu with his scales

Natsu with his dragon scales

Gérard creates a black hole, the Altairis, to stop Natsu’s destruction. But Simon blocks the attack and is fatally wounded. He dies protecting the one he loves, Erza. Natsu watches a heart-broken Erza weep for the lost friend as Gérard laughs and vows that no one will be leaving the torn up Crystal Towers. In anger, Natsu punches Gérard and begins eating the Etherion Tower to harvest its powers. He is poisoned momentarily from its overwheling power, but his body adjusts to it as it absorbs the powers. Gérard tries to use his speed to escape, but Natsu catches up to him and socks him nicely.

His idea of freedom at the expense of the lives of others is thoroughly wretched. Gérard finally goes down as Natsu’s true power as the dragon slayer shines through. After Gérard topples, Natsu too falls from the overexertion of power. The tower begins to go out of control, unable to hold on to the tremendous power it absorbed earlier.

Erza carries Natsu to safety and realizes the only way to save everyone is to sacrifice herself to stop the explosion. Natsu tries to stop Erza, but this is the only way everyone can be saved. Before being taken in by the Tower, she entrusts the care of everyone in Fairy Tail to Natsu, promising him that she will always be by his side.

As she is sucked in, she remembers her first few days with the Fairy Tail bunch. Master brought her to the old healer in the East Forest, who granted her sight of the lost eye again. In spite of that, only one eye can shed tears. To that she says, “It’s ok, as I have cried half my tears already.”

(41) Home

Erza is pulled into Etherion, or is she? She sees the Fairy Tail wizards crying at her tombstone.  At last, her sword shines for those she loves dearly.

“Love makes us stronger, and it makes us weak too,” the Master eulogizes her. “She was like a daughter to me.”

For her valiant death protecting the land, the Magic Council awards one of the 2 empty seat to her and makes her the 10 wizards. Suddenly, Natsu, who has been absent the entire wake, storms into the ceremony angrily. He vehemently proclaims that Erza is not dead. The boys hold him down. “Erza is still alive!” he cries.  As she watches them, she cries. This wasn’t what she wanted. Suddenly as hand comes out from the sky and pulls her. She awakens to Natsu carrying her after pulling her out from the vortex created by Etherion. The gang rushes to their side.

The heroic save

The heroic save

“Don’t ever do that again! Never,” Natsu scolds her. “You don’t die for your friends, you live for them!”

The mages return home

The mages return home

They return home to a rebuilt Fairy Tail. As Natsu sleeps for 3 days straight, the rest heals from their wounds. Wally, Sho and Milliana apologize to Erza for distrusting her. Erza wants the three to join Fairy Tail to learn what freedom truly is, and have a family. Instead, they have taken off. They don’t want to be her responsibility anymore. They will venture into the world themselves to seek their truth and their freedom. Erza, Natsu, Gray and Lucy send them off with fireworks. In truth, they don’t want to be around her to remind her of the painful memories from before.

A newly rebuilt and renovated Fairy Tail has an outdoor café and even a goods shop. In the Guild, there is a huge pool and a parlor basement. The second floor is changed where everyone is allowed to go up, not just S-Class wizards. Juvia has joined Fairy Tail, and so how Gajeel, the iron dragon. Yesterday’s enemy has become today’s friend. Natsu is against this. Wasn’t he the one who destroyed  the guild in the first place! But this is the master’s decision. Is it time for the Master to retire?

Gajeel has to prove his loyalty to the rest of the Fairy Tail mages but Levy protects him against her boys. Laxus suddenly returns. He sees Gajeel and realizes he was the one who destroyed the Guild. He takes Gajeel down, who does not defend himself. He wants them to accept him as an ally instead of an enemy. Laxus even tries to take down Levy in the process, but Gajeel protects her. When Laxus has his fill of beating up Gajeel, he leaves. Disgusted, Laxus vows to take over Fairy Tail and change things. No more will weaklings be able to thrive in the guild.

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Battle of Fairy Tail

(42) Battle of Fairy Tail

Lucy worries about making rent for the month since she hasn’t found any jobs lately. She tries to sleep off her worries only to realize that Natsu is still in her bed since they returned. This is the side effect of eating Etherion, much like the time when Natsu ate Laxus’ lightning. On a brighter note, Happy then tells Lucy about a beauty contest at the Harvest Festival, with the prize money 500,000 jewels.

In the town of Shirotsune, a Dark Guild called Ghoul Spirit is under siege by three individuals: a woman who uses her eyes to turn others to stone, a green-haired man, and an armored guy with puppets. They all have Fairy Tail tattoos on them. They are the Raijin Tribe, belonging to Laxus.

Back in Magnolia, Gramps/Master Makarov finds out that Laxus is back in town. He reminisces when Laxus was young, waiting to grow up to become part of the guild. Laxus adored the Master, calling him the “best Guild Master.” Not anymore.

On the day of the Harvest Festival, Natsu finally awakens. Juvia meets a guild member who recently returned: Warren Rocko who has telepathic abilities. People from all over Fantasia arrive at the Festival.

Hotties alert

Hotties alert

At the Miss Fairy Tail contest, Lucy nervously awaits her turn. First contestant is Cana Alberona who uses her cards to show off her skills. Next comes Juvia Lockser, participating only because Lucy is in, with her water skills. Then Mirajane, who wows everyone with her appearance, but disappoints when she transforms to Happy and Gajeel. Fourth contestant is Erza Scarlet who requips into a Goth Loli making everyone swoon. Then comes Levy McGarden with her script magic, followed by sniper Bisca Moulin. The host calls out for Lucy Heartf…, but is stopped before her entire name is announced. Can’t let the others know she is from a rich family, otherwise her chances of winning the prize goes down the drain. Before she can even perform her celestial magic, the final contestant barges in. Evergreen enters and leaves everyone speechless, not for her beauty but for her association with Laxus. Lucy fights for her time on stage, but Evergreen turns her to stone with one look. In fact, she has turned all the other participants into stone: Cana, Juvia, Mirajane, Erza, Levy and Bisca.

Laxus enters with his men, Freed and Bickslow. They hold the women as hostages to force the Fairy Tail mages to fight against each other. The winner will go against Laxus, to save the girls from turning into dust. The only have three hours to achieve the feat.

Everyone has someone to lose if they don’t fight. Before Master can even stop the carnage, the perpetrators disappear, leaving the statuesque girls behind. The rest of the mages rush out of the hall, but Gramps is trapped in Freed’s runes; a barrier has been erected to stop those older than 80 years of age to pass. This rune was not something that can be written overnight. Laxus was planning this for a long time!

Meanwhile, Natsu who was electrocuted earlier by Laxus awakens to give chase. But it seems that he too is stuck in the hall with Master. Natsu, unlike Gramps, if upset only because he can’t be fighting with the rest.

The rest of the magicians are slowly separated and forced to fight each other. One by one they fall like flies. It looks like the barrier only works for the wizards and not the civilians as they can move in and out of Freed’s runes.

The clock ticks. 2 hours 18 minutes left with 42 wizards left standing.

“These foolish children,” Gramps mutters, irritated. How long can he watch the infighting among his own wizards and not do anything?

Gramps sends Reedus, the painter, into to the East Forest to find the female mage, Poluchka, to retrieve a purification potion against Freed’s rune. Unfortunately for Reedus, there is a barrier that stops him from crossing into the outside of Fiore. Freed corners Reedus, who uses an illusion of Lucy, only to be taken down.

Evergreen/Eve meets Elfman, who is overtaken by the monster in him. He pinpoints her position with precision only to be attacked by her fairy dust. She turns him into a statue.

With every defeat, the rune tells the rest who wins and how many are left. Laxus laughs at Makarov’s sorry state of a Guild. No one can take down the Raijin Tribe. But Makarov stands up for his men, telling Laxus there is still Gray.

Gray fights of Bickslow, and gains ground when he freezes Bickslow’s dolls. However, that was a pointless move as he can just put the souls into different dolls. Soon, Gray loses the battle when he pauses during the fight. They both punch each other out, but Bickslow has the protection of his armor. Gray goes down. Only 28 left.

With that, Gramps concedes, but Laxus it is not that simple. He wants his place as the Master of Fairy Tail. It’s not the position that Makarov can’t relinquish. It’s his children. If Laxus became the Master of Fairy Tail, the rest of the mages will go through hard times. Suddenly Gajeel appears!

He was there the entire time, eating his fill of steel. Gramps sends him out to fight, but he too is trapped. “You are 80 too?!” Natsu shouts in surprise. Knuckle-head.

Alzack goes down at the hands of Freed. And then there are two. TWO?! That would mean Natsu and Gajeel. Natsu tries to melt Erza’s stone façade to awaken her. But she begins to crack as Natsu panics and asks Happy for glue.

Erza awakens! She promptly socks Natsu for burning her. But she’s also glad that she’s awaken. Her artificial right eye may have lowered the effect of Evergreen’s magic on her. With her awakening, the counter changes to 3. Then it changed, again, to 4.

Mystogan is back! So is Erza. Time to even the playing field.

Erza takes on Evergreen, who thinks she’s the best of the lot in Fairy Tail. Eve realizes soon enough that her stoning magic is not working on Erza because of her false eye. She counters with needles. Erza uses all her limbs, even her feet (!), to attack Evergreen and pins her to a moat. The girls are released from their stony prisons.

With that, Master no longer needs to play Laxus’ games. But he still has a trump card. He activates the Thunder Palace, with the clock ticking at 1 hour 10 minutes, the remaining Fairy Tail wizards have to take down Laxus.

Makarov will wring that boy’s neck when he gets his hand on him. He wil… then he falls. The rest rush to his side as Mirajane notices floating orbs surrounding them.

The Thunder Palace consists of thunderbolt lacrimal orbs surrounding the city of Magnolia. Bisca shoots it down, but she is promptly electrocuted after one orb is destroyed. Through Body Link Magic, the attacker becomes the attacked.

Laxus has the entire village as hostage. Freed is unhappy with taking civilians as hostage, but vows to follow Laxus till the end even though he does not agree with his tactics. Laxus will face Erza and Mystogan while Freed takes on Cana and Juvia.

Laxus vs. Mystogan

Laxus vs. Mystogan

Lucy and Happy runs off to evacuate the city! They are stopped by Bickslow and his puppets. Lucy calls upon Sagittarius, who shoots down the dolls, but is quickly taken down by his other puppets. The dolls steal her keys stopping her from summoning any more spirits. Bickslow is about to deal the finishing blow on Lucy, when suddenly Loki appears and stops him. He is the only one who can cross the gates by will. Loki takes on Bickslow and asks Lucy to take cover. She will not use her Celestial Spirits as shield. She fights alongside Loki, causing Happy to remark that, “You like him.” awwwww.…

Loki immediately jumps on Bickslow for attacking Lucy. Bickslow uses his ultimate weapon, the Figure Eyes, able to control those it meets in its gaze turning the victim into a puppet. Both Loki and Lucy close their eyes, but that results in the merciless attack of Bickslow’s dolls. Loki counters with his Lion Flare, while Lucy binds Bickslow. Loki professes his love to Lucy, which has makes him stronger than before.

30 minutes.

Juvia and Cana are stopped by Freed who leads them into another rune in the middle of a dessert. Juvia questions him, if he would fight honorably if only one of them was left. He promises to. She dissolves into water and takes out a thunder orb, knowing she will be electrocuted. The runes unlock. She tells a crying Cana that just want people to quickly accept her as a member of Fairy Tail.

“Accept? But you are already one of us, a member of Fairy Tail,” Cana sobs tearfully.

Cana fights with Freed, but she’s not his match. A rune is drawn on her forehead as she writhes in pain.

The explosion of the orb brings Mirajane who was aiding Elfman to the scene. Mirajane stops Freed from further attacking Cana, as Elfman attacks him. Freed states the rules of the game rules: those who lost in the game cannot reenter to fight again. He summons the Ecriture of Darkness, and Elfman goes down. Freed mutters for the annihilation of Elfman, and suddenly Mirajane perks up, remembering Lisanna giving up her life to protect Elfman. It is time for her to fight.

Mirajane’s unconscious awakens. Her powers come alive as she attacks Freed with her Demon take over. Freed uses the forbidden magic on himself to try to overpower Mirajane, but his ass is handed to him. Using Flare Bombs, he drives her into the sea, but she envelopes herself in the water and causes an explosion. “Soul Extinction!” the demon Mirajane screams. With that, Freed is down. She almost kills him but is stopped by Lisanna’s smile, “Mira-nee.”

She changes back. “There is no point to this battle. We are allies of the same guild. We move forward together. We are all connected together.”

Freed realizes that this is why he loves this guild. He didn’t want to do this in the first place. With that, Freed and Mirajane remove themselves from contention.

Levy researches the written rune, to decode it, believing that Gajeel and Natsu will stop Laxus. She solves Freed’s rune, using Gheel’s grammar, and the boys are released. They split up to look for Laxus. Gajeel uses the opportunity to send a message to someone he calls Master Ivan.

“Gain their trust,” the man on the other side tells him. “Act as a member no matter what. Fairy Tail’s punishment will come later.”

(46) Clash at Kardia Cathedral

The Raijin Tribe is defeated. Freed and Erza withdraw from the contest. Laxus is the only one standing, with Mystogan, Natsu and maybe Gajeel hot on his trail. But the Thunder Palace is still hovering over the city. There is not way to take it down without causing great harm to themselves. Lucy has to evacuate the city. With only 10 minutes remaining to the detonation of the orbs, Poluchka arrives for Makarov after getting  word that he is down. After taking one look at him, she tells Levy to bring that stubborn and spoiled grandson called Laxus over as he doesn’t have long.

A waiting Laxus suddenly reminisces of his childhood with gramps. He was always seen as only Makarov’s grandson. Nobody saw him as an individual. No one gave him the credit. Most of all, there was no sympathy in expelling his father, Makarov’s own son. Why was he expelled?! He was bringing grave danger to the guild. It is worse that he was his only son and his family. It was more reason not to keep him around to hurt the rest of the Fairy Tail mages. But a teenage Laxus doesn’t understand this. He sees Makarov as just an unreasonable parent. It’s fine, because his father has started his own guild. He vows to surpass Makarov one day and be his own man, much like his father, Ivan.

The Guild has become pitiful and he will change it when he becomes master. But why isn’t Makarov coming to stop him? Doesn’t he care for the guild? Or is holding on to the position more important?

Mystogan's Matenrou

Mystogan’s Matenrou

6 minutes. Mystogan gets to Laxus and tells him to call off the Thunder Palace or face his wrath. Laxus laughs. It’s just them now. And they are both just as powerful. As they began to deck it out against each other, Mystogan realizes Laxus shouldn’t have known that particular magic. And explosion occurs, pinpointing their location to those searching for Laxus, at the Kardia Cathedral. Mystogan summons the Tower of Babel upon Laxus, which captures Laxus into an abyss. He realizes that it’s just an illusion, but just as Laxus is caught by Mystogan’s magic, so is Mystogan. Both manage to escape relatively unscathed.

Natsu and Erza reaches the cathedral. Seeing Erza, Mystogan shies away for but a second, but soon his masked face is unveiled as Gérard. Or is he? Mystogan explains himself that even though he is Gérard, he really isn’t him. With his identity revealed, he leaves Laxus to them. Natsu takes on Laxus, while the momentarily dazed Erza is electrocuted by Laxus taking a cheap shot. She’s back. She’s awake. Got to handle Laxus before thinking about Gérard/Mystogan. As she takes him on, Natsu tells her that the Thunder Palace cannot be destroyed as Body Link Magic is attached to it. Erza requips with her Thunder Empress Armor, fighting thunder with thunder when she realizes her previous armor will not harm Laxus.

Even as the clock ticks to the end, Natsu has faith that Erza will save the city and its inhabitants, and still return alive.

Realizing they have a bigger problem at hand, Erza takes off, leaving Laxus in the capable hands of Natsu. She will take down the Thunder Palace and bear the consequences. Erza gets to the middle of the town, and telepathically calls for the others to lend her their powers. Only Gray and Lucy hears her as she summons every single sword she ever possesses, each taking aim at an orb. The 200 swords she manages is not enough to bring down the Thunder Palace. With 3 minutes left, she’s running out of time.

Gray looks for Warren Rocko to call for the rest of the mages to rally together to destroy the Thunder Palace with Erza. When they are connected, the mages begin to fight with each other but Lucy stops them. This is no time for their petty bickering. They have to protect everyone in the city by combining their powers. They have to save the Guild. Finally united, they prepare to take down the orbs as Erza sets herself to the North and the rest to the South.

They successfully bring down the Thunder Palace, but are soon electrocuted.

Back in the Cathedral, Natsu boasts of his friends. Laxus cannot be the master of the Guild without being part of that circle of friends. He never planned to be their friends anyway. He will take them by force, as he is doing now. Laxus easily takes down Natsu, and calls upon his powers to turn Natsu to ashes. But Natsu is saved by the Iron Dragon, Gajeel. Natsu and Gajeel will have to work together against the Guild’s enemy now, since everyone else is immobilized from taking down the Thunder Palace. They attack Laxus relentlessly, but he stands. Not only does Makarov’s blood flow in him, but he is also the Thunder Dragon. He blasts them both and prepares for the Master’s ultimate magic: Fairy Law. As he forms it, Levy finally reaches them and tries to stop him by telling him that his grandfather is dying. He hesitates only but a moment, and when he next looks up, he sneers, “Perfect timing.”

Fairy Tail will be vanquished and destroyed. Laxus will rebuild it from scratch. He invokes the Fairy Law, the one that aged, wounded and meant to kill Master Josef in one strike. But after the smoke clears, everyone is still alive, much to Laxus’ chagrin. A wounded Freed stumbles into the cathedral to tell Laxus that it was his heart that prevented him from killing the Fairy Tail mages. Not only did he get Makarov’s blood and powers, he inherited his heart too. Fairy Law can only be inflicted upon a true enemy. Laxus’ heart knows it loves Fairy Tail. Unsatisfied with the outcome, he decks it out with Natsu again. It’s the fire dragon against the thunder dragon. After what seems like an unending battle, Natsu goes down. Laxus unleashes the Thunder Dragon Fist to inflict more pain, but Natsu stands. He fires one more deadly shot, but Gajeel uses himself as a lightning rod to attract Laxus’ attacks. Seeing an opening, Natsu pours all the technique he has left against Laxus. Laxus finally goes down. He loses.

Elsewhere, at a dragon lair, Grandine complains to Igneel that his child has gone overboard, much like the sire. If he continues down this path, he is bound to meet an early demise.

Back at Magnolia, Master is saved for the time being. He is getting old after all, and his heart cannot take the stress anymore. The planning for the Fantasia fare continues. Natsu and Gajeel end up in bandages, with Natsu getting the worst end of the stick. Laxus returns to visit the Master, with everyone but Erza stopping him. Laxus is chastised by his grandfather. A guild is a place for friends. It is a home for those who gather there. It is a place where everlasting bonds are formed. Laxus only wanted to make the Guild stronger, but ended up betraying it. If he listens, he will hear. If he looks, he will see. With that, Makarov expels his grandson. As Laxus finally apologizes and leaves, Makarov turns his back to him and cries. “Take care of yourself,” Laxus calls out.

Raijin Tribe aka egoists and narcissists

Raijin Tribe aka egoists and narcissists

The Raijin Tribe remains as Laxus bids his farewell. They will surely see each other again. In the meantime, Gajeel finds the Master and tells him the location of Master Ivan. Ivan has no idea he’s a double agent. Neither does Makarov. Does that make him a “quadruple agent?” How does that even work? A mole within a mole. That makes him quite mole-y.

That night, Fantasia parade, fireworks, magic, fun and laughter take place as Laxus watches it for the last time. When he was young boy participating in the festivities, he made a sign to signify he was always looking at gramps. Now, as he leaves, Master, together with the rest of the Fairy Tail wizards, have this same message for him. A gun pointing skyward, they all remind him that he will always be watched over by the Fairy Tail guild. Even if he can no longer be seen, even if they are miles apart, he will always be watched forever.

Meanwhile, at the abyss, Master Hades has found a key through Ultear to open a seal. Eight years of pretending to be Zeref with Gérard has caused him his life.

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New Adventure: Season 2

(49) The Day of the Fateful Encounter

As the aftermath of the clash between Makarov and Laxus sinks in, Natsu  rejects Laxus’ expulsion from Fairy Tail. He tries to say that Laxus is part of the family, but what he really wants is to fight him again. It is then that Makarov reveals that Laxus isn’t a real Dragon Slayer. He was a frail child, much like his father. Makarov embedded Dragon Slayer Magic Lacrima into him to make him stronger. Since the problem arose because of him, Makarov steps down as the Master of the guild. Everyone renounces the abdication, including Freed and the Raijin Tribe who slowly open up to the rest.

The real Mystogan

The real Mystogan

Erza, on the other hand, is mystified by Mystogan’s true identity. But even Makarov doesn’t know that answer.

Elsewhere, Lucy realizes she doesn’t have rent money and begins searching for ways to earn her keep. What’s worse, she loses the beauty contest to Erza, placing second only to her, but better than Juvia. Wallowing in self-pity, Cana reads Lucy’s fortune. It seems she is likely to have a fateful encounter (maybe leading to a relationship of some kind). Lucy is also told that a reporter, Jason, from the “Weekly Sorcerer” will be interviewing the wizards at Fairy Tail. Putting two and two together, Lucy thinks that the encounter will be with the reporter, who will lead to an exclusive with her, which in turn can land her some money to pay rent and maybe meet her future husband.

Trying to beautify herself, she looks up new hair styles at the local bookstore, only to be drawn to a book aptly titled, “Fateful Encounter.” She reaches for it, just as a man reaches for it too. The bespectacled novelist just maybe her “encounter.” She runs off, as he chases after her to ask her to show him around the town as he is a tourist. He also gives her the book from before as a present. But she really can’t hang around. She’s got a reporter to snag and impress.

Back at the guild, the over-enthusiastic reporter jumps at all the wizards (Erza, Happy, Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, Juvia, Elfman, Mirajane, Cana, the Raijin Tribe) except for the miserable Lucy. Exasperated at her lame attempt, Lucy finally leaves.

Back in town, a little girl in blue leaves a shop. A disappointed Lucy strolls around the city and bumps into the novelist again. This time, she shows him around town. At the end of the tour, he invites her to dinner, an unofficial “date.” However, Natsu and Happy has other plans for her. Hearing Lucy’s money woes, they found a job for them that leaves that very night. So she has to choose: a possible new beginning, or being with her friends. In the end, she chooses the latter. She sends Cana in her place to meet the novelist, who swoons at her sight, while Lucy boards the train with Natsu and Happy waiting for her. The little girl in blue just happens to be on the same train.

(50) Special Request: Watch Out for the Guy You Like!

On a strange rainy in Magnolia, Natsu, Happy and Lucy return from their quick job. Juvia, unable to get Gray to even look at her, seeks the help of a potion brewer. She pays handsomely (60,000 jewels) for an unknown concoction, which could potentially destroy Fairy Tail. Of course, the quack of a magician takes leave as soon as he gets his money. He really doesn’t know what effect the potion has, since he haphazardly threw things together.

Back at Fairy Tail, Mirajane poison Lucy into thinking that Natsu and her would make a fine couple. She leaves, unwilling to think of Natsu as anything more than just a good teammate and friend. She gets home, and Natsu, shyly tells her he’s got something important to tell her. Unable to take anymore, Lucy chases him out. The next day, Natsu tries to approach Lucy, but she avoids him like the plague. This leads to Gray and Natsu starting a fight. They finally stop, only to have Natsu ask Lucy to meet him at the South Gate Park for something important. That night, Lucy, against her better judgement, dresses up for her “date” with Natsu. But when they finally meet, Natsu reveals that he really needs the help of Virgo to help him dig for treasure. It is a treasure chest of Fairy Tail wizard photos that will most likely embarrass the rest.

So she got all worked up and worried for just a hole? She storms off, but not before socking him nicely.

Juvia tries out her love potion on an unsuspecting Gray

Juvia tries out her love potion on an unsuspecting Gray

Meanwhile, Juvia tries out her concoction on Gray. As she floats the bubbles of potion towards Gray, he manages to avoid it, only to have the rest of the Fairy Tail mages ingest it instead. Everyone begins to fight with each other, seeing the first person that they see as their rival. It’s Master against a keg. Soon Cana finds Master and challenges him to a drinking contest. Erza against a pillar that is in her way. Mirajane calls on a distracted Erza. Raijin Tribe posing against the Shadow Gear, Levy’s team. When it finally gets to Gray, instead to him reacting positively towards her, he picks a fight with Happy. Thinking that the dosage is not right, Juvia gives Gray even more of the dubious potion causing him to become blind with rage.

The next morning, no one remembers the rivalry from before. But just as Gray awakens in the middle of the ocean, Juvia comes to his “rescue” only to force feed him the rest of the potion. The horizon is now Gray’s new rival.

(51) Love & Lucky
Lucy realizes that someone is watching her. She lets Natsu know, but he just laughs at her paranoia. Gray, on the other hand, catches glimpses of said stranger. She rushes home, and soon the stalker approaches her. Turns out, it’s her father, dressed as a vagabond. Heartfilia Railways has been confiscated. He lost everything overnight. But luckily Layla Heartfilia’s grave was transferred in time. He has come to see Lucy before leaving for Acalypha, a Trade Guild in the West, for work. Also, more importantly, he needs money. Not much. Just 100,000 jewels.

Doesn’t even matter that she can’t even make rent. But how dare he? After neglecting her all this time. And worse, trying to kidnap her and causing trouble for her friends. She promptly chases him away.

As she gets home, Natsu and Happy are there at her door, worried for her safety. Even Gray is there. In any case, the old team is ready for a new job. Natsu, Happy, Gray, Erza and Lucy prepare to retrieve Velveno, an escape Guild Hunter, for 400,000 jewels per person. Before they leave, Lucy overhears that Acalypha has been taken hostage by the Mummy Guild. Lucy, realizing her father may be captured, rushes to his aid without her teammates.

At Acalypha, Lucy breaks through the building with the help of Virgo and takes on the wizards with Taurus and Cancer. She saves the hostages only to realize her father is no where to be seen. Turns out, since he didn’t have the money, he had to walk there. In turn, he missed the entire hostage situation by a hair. When he realizes that Lucy came to his rescue, he thanks her.

“I haven’t forgiven you yet,” she replies, her resolve slowly melting away.

“It’s fine. I am going to change,” he promises.

Then he finally tells Lucy, that this is where he first met Layla, at Love and Lucky. When Layla became pregnant, they left the place, but not before deciding to name their unborn child after it. Since the “k” in Lucky fell out, they named their child Lucy.

At the end, Gray, Natsu and Erza finally reach the town after Lucy’s abrupt departure. Their job was also canceled.

Elsewhere, two new nemesis appears. At the headquarters of the Dark Guild, Dark Mummy, the leaders, Zato and Gato, punish their subordinates for returning without the money. Their protection money to Oración Seis is due soon, and no one disobeys the Brain.

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Oracion Seis

(52) Allied Forces, Gather Up!

Team Natsu is waiting table for the Elder Yajima-san at his newly acquired restaurant. He has since left the Council and retired after Gérard and Ultear’s betrayal. He is replaced by a new council member, who will no longer have Fairy Tail’s interest at heart. The team returns home to Magnolia after earning enough rent money for Lucy.

Elsewhere deep at sea, on Grimoire Heart’s ship, the dark guild is making their move. Ultear bows to her new master, Master Hades, who is still finding ways to release Zeref’s seal.

Back at Fairy Tail, Master Makarov tells his men that the Dark Guilds are making their moves, led by Circle Balam or the Balam Alliance. The alliance is made up of three powerful Dark Guilds: Tartaros, Grimoire Heart, and Oración Seis. Each of these sect controls a few smaller Dark Guilds. The Oración Seis consists of only 6 members lead by Brain (former teacher of Gérard), followed by Cobra (who has a large snake, Cubelios, follow him and uses artificial Poison Dragonslayer technique), Racer (known for speed but actually slows down time), Angel (a celestial spirit summoner who owns Gemini, Scorpio and Aries), Midnight (who distorts objects and is constantly sleeping on his flying carpet) and Hoteye (who uses his eye to warp the ground). They are after a powerful spell called the Nirvana sealed away in Worth Woodsea for its destructive magic.

To counter the Dark Guilds, Fairy Tail has teamed up with other guilds, namely the Blue Pegasus (led by Master Bob, an overweight cross-dressing fairy), Lamia Scale and Caitshelter. Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Gray and Erza are chosen to represent Fairy Tail, as they travel to the Blue Pegasus’ headquarters to meet the rest. There, they are greeted by three rappers, the Trimens: Hibiki, Eve and Ren. They are all enraptured with Erza the Titania and begin to woo her. That comes to an abrupt stop when their leader, a red-headed rotund, midget, Ichiya waltzes in. Upon seeing Erza, he calls out, “My Honey!” Before the ruckus escalates, Lyon Bastia (Gray’s senior under the same master Ul) enters with the rest of his team: Shelly and Jura from Lamia Scale.

Before a full-fledged riot erupts, they realize they are still waiting for one more member to convene from the Caitshelter Guild. Sending only one representative must mean that this person is highly skilled and incredibly powerful. Suddenly, a blue-haired girl runs in, and trips upon entering. She dusts herself off and introduces herself as Wendy Marvell from the Caitshelter Guild. After her, a cat named Charle enters – much to an enamored Happy’s delight.

Wendy instantly apologizes for her tardiness and the fact that she really has no fighting abilities, unlike what they believe. But Ezra warmly welcomes her to the group.

(53) Oración Seis Appears!

After their introductions, Blue Pegasus hatches a plan to take down Oración Seis’ base using their pride and joy, Christina, a magical bomber. Lucy and Wendy voice their apprehension of taking down the Dark Guild consisting of only 6 members. Eager to defeat the Guild himself, Natsu runs off by himself, while the rest follows in hot pursuit. Unknown to them, Jura and Ichiya have been taken down by Angel, who impersonated Ichiya and now knows that the guilds have joined forces. When the tag team finally reaches the Worth Woodsea, Christina is taken down before it even has a chance of fighting. The members of the Dark Guild emerge and take on all joined forces. Ezra battles Cobra, but he seems to read her every move. Soon, Cubelios attacks Ezra and leaves her paralyzed and on the verge of death. Just as Brain is about to cast Dark Rondo, a destructive spell, he catches sight of a hiding girl. He realizes Wendy, the Sky Priestess, is around.

Oracion Seis

Oración Seis members: Hoteye, Angel, Brain, Cobra and Racer (missing Midnite)

He immediately kidnaps her, and an unfortunate Happy. Brain wants to use her powers to resurrect Gérard, Brain’s former student. In the meantime, Hoteye, Angel and Cobra are sent out to locate Nirvana.

As the poison spreads in Erza’s arm, she asks for her arm to be amputated. However, Charle stops her telling that Wendy has the power to save her. Turns out, Wendy is a Sky Dragon Slayer equipped with a lost magic: healing powers. The rest decide to find and rescue Wendy and Happy to save Erza, while Lucy and Hibiki remain behind to tend to Erza. Hibiki begins to start an archive of everyone’s position, to eventually lead them back to their current location.

Wendy volunteered for the mission, even though she had no defense skills, because she wanted to meet Natsu as she too lost her dragon, Grandine 7 years ago. Along the way, Natsu, Gray and Charle are stopped by the Naked Mummy Guild under the control of Oración Seis.

The kidnapped Wendy is ordered to revive Gérard, who she loves and owes her life to. Even though she has caught wind of his evil deeds, she believes and trusts his innocence in the matter. Since his “death,” Brain had preserved Gérard in a sealed coffin. She proceeds to resurrect him.

Elsewhere, Natsu and Gray easily defeat the Zato and Gato of the Naked Mummy guild but are then stopped by Erigor, whom Natsu had once defeated. Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus (excluding Hibiki and Ichiya) also defeat the other guilds they are up against. After their rousing win, they simultaneously learn the location of Oración Seis’ base from their defeated enemies.

Racer kicking ass

Racer kicking ass

As Natsu, Gray and Charle near the base, the imbecile calls out for Happy and Wendy, thus attracting the attention of the enemy. Racer takes on Natsu and Gray, but Natsu and Charle manage to slip off. Their joy of reuniting is short-lived when Natsu sees the revived Gérard. Wendy apologizes for her hand in reviving Gérard, which she sobbingly tells Natsu she owes him too much  not to save him. Wendy promptly faints from over-exertion thereafter. The revived Gérard suddenly attacks Brain suddenly and walks out of the cave. Natsu tries to go after Gérard, but Charle reminds him that his duty is to save Erza. He quickly scoops up the little ones, and the quartet take off towards Erza.

Brain, barely escaping Gérard’s fiery blast, questions how loyal this new Gérard is to him. The former student either hates him that much or overheard his discussion about Nirvana while he was in deep freeze. Cobra is then ordered to retrieve the run-away. He needs Gérard to resurrect the R-system in the Tower of Heaven and use his inside knowledge of the Bureau of Magic to retrieve Nirvana.

The engaged Racer sees them escaping and tries to stop them, but Gray stops him instead.

Racer, angered by the escaped prisoners and Gray stopping him twice, proceeds to trounce Gray with his Dead Grand Prix magic. Mounting one of the magical motorcycle, Gray races off, only to stumble upon Lyon and Sherry. Having to maneuver the bike with magic, Gray is unable to use his powers to stop Racer. Lyon joins in the battle and discovers Racer’s weakness. Racer really isn’t that fast. He has seen Racer’s weakness. He quickly whispers it to Gray, but then freezes him, to protect him and allow his to see this weakness. Racer’s magic slows down his opponent’s sense of time and it only works within a certain radius. The magic has no effect on someone from afar who can see it.

Speed vs. Ice

Speed vs. Ice

Sherry backs up Lyon, but is quickly thrown down. Lyon begins to lead Racer away from his circle of magic. He is, however, defeated too. Before Lyon is killed, Gray breaks free from his icy imprisonment and fires an ice arrow at Racer. At this juncture, Racer remembers himself running away from the Tower of Heaven once too. Brushing that off, Racer reveals an explosive lacrima on his body, which he would use against Gray, Lyon and Sherry. Unable to conjure up more magic after the super freeze arrow, Gray can only watch helplessly. To stop Racer’s kamikaze act, Lyon grabs him and jumps down a cliff. A huge explosion ensues.

Brain, sensing Racer’s demise, awakens Midnight. “Get rid of everyone.”

“Yes, Father,” came the chilling reply.

Meanwhile, Hibiki, using this magic Archive, leads Natsu’s team to Erza’s location.

(57) Darkness

Cobra follows an unsuspecting Gérard into a cave, but is unable to hear his thoughts. Gérard stops at a frozen tree held on by chains. Upon touching it, an explosion erupts, signaling the release of the infamous Nirvana. The eruption causes a dark pillar of light to burst through the cave, as everyone in the surrounding area stare at it in awe and shock.

Wendy using her voodoo on Erza

Wendy using her voodoo on Erza

The newly revived Erza still lay unconscious as Natsu realizes the burst of light is Gérard’s doing. He rushes off towards the light, as Erza regains consciousness and overhears of Gérard’s revival and goes after him. With the team taking off, Hibiki realizes that the powers from the light is blocking his communication with the rest. Fearing Wendy’s self-blame of Gérard’s revival turning against them, Hibiki knocks her out.

The magic of Nirvana is dangerous because it changes light to dark and vice versa. Negative emotions like anger, jealousy, and suspicion would lead the allied Guilds to death and destruction.

Sherry in shock

Sherry in shock

A confused and devastated Sherry mourns the apparent death of her beloved Lyon. Slowly, she begins to pin the blame on Gray, as he moves towards Erza. When Nirvana’s darkness takes over the skies, Sherry turns evil and attacks Gray. Realizing that the light from Nirvana is affecting Sherry, Gray tries to stop Sherry. As the tousle continues, Lyon reappears. He recounts how he managed to disengage Racer from the detonation at the last moment. Sherry’s sudden evilness evaporates with the reappearance of her love.

As Erza rushes towards Gérard, the remaining team: Lucy, Hibiki, an unconscious Wendy, Charle and Happy take after Natsu. At the river bank, Natsu sees an unconscious Gray and immediately goes to his aid. Unfortunately it’s a trap laid by Angel, a celestial spirit user, to ensnare and immobilize Natsu. As “Gray” is about to finish off a motion sick Natsu, the team appears. Gray soon changes into Lucy, thus manipulating Sagitaurus that is summoned by the real Lucy. Charle, seeing the danger in the situation, flies off with Wendy. Lucy tries to close the door off Sagitaurus who is controlled by the replica, but Angel appears and calls off Gemini, the said replicator.  Gemini, the twin Celestial Spirit, is not only able to copy its target’s body, but also its thought and abilities.

Not quite cherubic Angel

Not quite cherubic Angel

Angel now has her eyes set on Lucy’s keys. Seeing their surrounding water, Lucy calls on Aquarius, only to be outdone by Angel, who summons Scorpio, Aquarius’ boyfriend. As the long-lost pair take off, Angel points out to Lucy that relationship between Spirits are very important. Lost, Lucy summons Loki, her most powerful and trusted spirit, but Angel forces Aries, the timid ram, out to take on Loki. Aries was Karen’s spirit, and Angel knows that Loki is very protective of her. An enraged Hibiki realizes that it was Angel who killed Karen, his love. However, he quells his fury to stop the darkness from overcoming him. Lucy, on the other hand, refuses to allow both the friends to fight and tries to close Loki’s door, but they both decide to fight for their pride and their owners. They embattle each other until Angel opens the Gate of the Chisel and fires Caelumis towards Aries and Loki. With both the spirits taken down, Lucy summons Taurus. Angel responds by calling on Gemini, who then changes into Lucy to distract Taurus. A transformed Gemini wallops Lucy, she begs and cries for the release of Aries from her contract. She even offers everything (but her keys) including her life to Angel in exchange for Aries’ freedom.

“She has suffered enough in the hands of her previous owner.”

This strikes a chord with Gemini, who doesn’t kill Lucy even after an edict from Angel. Lucy truly loves the Celestial Spirits. Enraged, Angels orders Caelum to attacks again. But Hibiki, seeing this, transfers his Archive spell to Lucy, thus granting her momentary knowledge of the 88 stars of Heaven. Lucy unlocks the powers and uses it to cast a powerful spell, Uranometoria, which defeats Angel. Unwilling to take the defeat, Angel tries one more attack with Caelum, but both have run out of juice. Angel, too, was once an unwilling occupant of the Tower. A stripe from Brain’s face disappears as he realizes that Angel too has fallen.

With the battle concluded, Lucy goes after the raft that Natsu was set on. Unfortunately, they are pulled down stream into a waterfall. Virgo comes out on her own accord and rescues her master and Natsu. More amazingly, since they were drenched, she clads them both in matching new blue outfits, which will be questioned by Gray later when they meet up.

The escaped Wendy, comes to, and begins to relay her journey with Gérard. Seven years ago, after Grandine vanished, she went looking for her Sky Dragon. Lost in the woods, she cries out for her dragon, only to be saved by Gérard. For one month, they traveled together in the forest, until they reached a desert. During that time, Gérard avows to her that he will always be with her, until one fateful day, when he suddenly utters, “Anima.” She was dropped off CaitShelter thereafter.

As Erza heads towards the light, she wonders how Gérard survived the destruction of the Tower. She enters said cave and sees Gérard.

“Why are you here?” she asks.

“I dont know. Erza?” came the confused answer. He has lost all his memories, save the name Erza. Who is Erza? Soon enough, the sky turns blood red. Alarmed, Gérard warns Erza to stand back.

“I am Erza,” she replies. “You are Gérard, my friend,” she continues and then proceeds to tell him of his deeds of killing his own friend, Simon.

Star crossed lovers

Star crossed lovers

Gérard cries for his other self who killed his own friend. The creepy Cobra finally shows himself, as he tries to dispel the self-destruction magic that Gérard set in place. While Gérard was in a comatose state, he heard Oracion Seis talking about Nirvana. When he was awaken, he immediately rushed towards it, knowing that he had to destroy Nirvana. With that said, Gérard creates a self-destruction magic circle and seals both Cobra and Erza out of it, believing that his demise will erase Erza’s pain. Feeling Erza’s suffering, he tells her, “You can continue to hate me.” He sacrifices his life to destroy Nirvana, taking Erza’s hatred and sadness with him, thus freeing her. Unwilling to witness Gérard’s death for the second time, Erza rescues Gérard from his kamikaze mission.

Elsewhere, Jura is confronted and attacked by Hoteye of the Heavenly Eye. The tenth Saint is almost defeated save for the light that erupts. His love for money suddenly changes, as Jura sees Hoteye’s transformation. Hoteye reveals that his money hungry heart stemmed from him wanting to save his brother.

Meanwhile, Midnight finds one of the Trimens, and Eve becomes the first casualty. Ren, on the other hand, heads towards the light, only to become Midnight’s second victim.

(60) March to Destruction

Brain arrives at Nirvana and stops the self-destruction circle created by Gérard. After all, he was the one who taught him that trick when he was a child. Soon enough, Brain gains control of Nirvana and awakens it – the final resurrection stage of Nirvana. As a result, Erza and Gérard are momentarily separated by the trembling and rumbling earth. She manages to save him in time, and urges him to live on to fight for the future. Soon, a city emerges from the rubble. It sprouts legs and begin to move, much to the allied guild’s horror.

Meanwhile, Wendy and Charle mobilize towards the moving city and realize that the ancient ruins is heading towards CaitShelter.

Elsewhere, Natsu, Happy, Gray and Lucy make their way towards Nirvana. Happy and Natsu take off to the top of the city, while Gray and Lucy enter the city through a small hole. Happy and Natsu reaches the summit of the city in time to prevent Brain from moving forward with his plan of destroying the first Guild in sight. However, Cobra and his pet Cubelios are immediately dispatched to intercept Natsu and engage him in an aerial battle.

Cobra and Cuberos

Cobra and Cuberos

The battle between Natsu and Cobra begins, as Brains orders the death of Natsu. Things don’t look too good for Natsu, not when all his moves are read and heard by Cobra. After a few failed attempts, Natsu manages to sneak in a few hits based on pure battle instincts. As things heat up, Cobra reveals that he too is a dragon slayer. This “new generation” poison dragon slayer is very much like Laxus who injected himself with dragon lacrima. With both battling for keeps, Cobra excretes his poison virus, which immobilizes both Natsu and Happy. As things look gloom for Natsu, Cobra begins to taunt Natsu that there really weren’t any dragons out there to begin with. In anger, Natsu gives out a fearsome and deafening dragon roar, which damages Cobra’s hearing and takes him down. With that, Cobra falls. Unwilling to be defeated, he staggers towards Natsu to take his life, but Brain appears and finishes him off. There is no place in Oración Seis for fake dragon slayers. Allies can always be made with Nirvana in his hand. And Natsu will be his first puppet.

Cobra goes down

Cobra goes down

Simultaneously, Lucy and Gray stumble upon a ruins of the old city and meet up with Jura and Hoteye. After convincing them that the Oracion Seis member has changed sides, Hoteye proceeds to tell them the history of the ruins. It was once home to the Nirvits 400 years ago. Unfortunately, the surrounding area was engulfed in war, but the Nirvit stayed neutral by creating a magic to balance the good and bad. That magic, Nirvana, was for peace, but now in Brain’s hands will be use for destruction. As the ancient city continues to move, the foursome know that they have to stop it as Brain directs it towards CaitShelter. Their chance of attacking Brain is while he is maneuvering the city. At that moment, Midnight appears. Seeing Hoteye with the “enemy,” he accuses him of betraying the Guild. It is not betrayal if one differentiates right from wrong. Then he proceeds to reveal his real name, Richard, to his new friends. Hoteye holds off Midnite, while the other three get to Brain. He easily wins his battle against Midnite. However, afraid to be left behind by his father, Midnite pushes on.

Midnight vs. the Alliance

Midnite vs. the Alliance

With Natsu immobilized, Brain intends to replace his lost generals with him. But he is stopped by Jura, Lucy and Gray. Enraged by his evil rants, Jura the Tenth Saint engages Brain in battle, determine to find a reason for the attack on CaitShelter when there are other guilds closer on the path of Nirvana. But Brain has no reason to impart that information. He is, however, taken aback by Jura’s power. They spar, with Brain throwing his Dark Rondo and Dark Capriccio magic, but Jura manages to not only evade the attacks but retaliate by burying Brain in a stone wall and eventually shattering it. Brain goes down, and simultaneously transfers all his powers to Midnite. Even if the 6 generals/prayers vanish, Nirvana will continue to move.

Lucy, Gray and Jura rush to the summit of Nirvana to try to stop it unsuccessfully. Wendy and Charle rejoins the group and Wendy cures Natsu’s motion sickness by stabilizing his equilibrium. Gaining his sense, Natsu promises to save CaitShelter even if it means his life. As the rest scramble to figure out how to stop Nirvana, Wendy and Charle take off in search of Gérard.

CaitShelter knows Nirvana is moving towards them. Someone knows their true identity: they are the descendants of the Nirvits who sealed Nirvana and are capable of (re)sealing Nirvana again. Can Oración Seis force the peace-loving clan into war?

A fallen Midnite is suddenly rejuvenated, surpassing even his father, and dispels Hoteye. Hoteye falls, but manages to telepathically report to his allies that Midnite has fatally injured him. Through Brain’s Body Link Magic, the 6 generals are now down to only one: Midnite. Nirvana will not stop as long as Midnite is still standing.

Dying Brain

Dying Brain

Erza and a maimed Gérard take on Midnite unsuccessfully. His reflective magic uses his opponent’s magic against themselves and bind them. Taking both Erza and Gérard down, Midnite then tries to recruit Gérard. Gérard’s soul is as black as his: he killed his own friends and even tried to kill Erza. But the fallen Erza awakens and stops Midnite. She believes in Gérard’s light. And she has found Midnite’s weakness. His magic binds objects and not human body, and promptly punches him out. He also can’t bend more than one object at one time, which cause her simultaneous attack of swords. Finally, he cannot bend her flexible Robe of Remoteness. Midnite falls only to suddenly have time stand on his side. The clock strikes 12 and his magic is amplified. He incites both his adversaries’ worst nightmare upon them and gain a momentary upper-hand. But just as night is always overcome by dawn, so does Erza take down Midnite. His illusion doesn’t work on Erza’s glass eye.

Hearing Hoteye’s message, Natsu and his team try to leave the summit to get to him. But they are booby-trapped by Brain and an explosion ensues. Lucky for the youngsters, Jura is there to protect them, but he suffers from the deadly explosion. Suddenly, Brain’s staff, Klodoa, sniggers. The “leader” used up his remaining powers only to destroy one miserly enemy. However, with the fall of Midnite, Klodoa suddenly trembles in fear. “He is coming,” he whispers.

Brain’s erased lines activate and awaken his alter ego Zero. Zero is sealed away using the six generals, but now that they are all down, Zero is rebuilt and roused again. Zero, the ultimate destruction, is the true Guild Master of Oración Seis. And his destruction will begin with the death of Jura. Gray quickly stops him with his ice shield, but it is easily shattered. Slowly, Natsu, Happy and Lucy all go down too. In his joy of taking down the enemy, Zero destroys Klodoa too and calls for Nirvana to annihilate CaitShelter.

Wendy and Charle finally reunites with Gérard and Erza. Much to her disappointment, the man she idolizes no longer remembers her. But Erza explains that his memories are discombobulated from the awakening. But worse yet, no one is able to stop the moving Nirvana.

Suddenly, an aerial strike maims Nirvana and causes it to misfire at the last moment. Pegasus has been partially revived by the weakened guild allies. Lyon, Sherry, Hibiki, Eve and Ren are combining forces to fly the beast. Unfortunately, everyone’s powers are waning. Hibiki telepathically speaks to those remaining on the ground and tells them the plan of simultaneously taking down all six legs of Nirvana, which is powered by lacrima. Nirvana is powered by those legs that absorbs magic from the earth. Zero hijacks the conversation through Archive and tells them that he is standing in one of the lacrimas. The immobilized and badly injured Natsu, Happy, Lucy and Gray answers the call together with Erza, Wendy (who has no destructive powers) and Ichiya (who is still tied up like a pig lead to a roast). Before Hibiki’s powers run out, he sends the map to the volunteers. Natsu chooses lacrima in spot 1, Gray at 2, Lucy and Happy at 3, Ichiya at 4, Erza at 5 and a muffled Gérard at 6.

Natsu sniffs out Zero’s location, something that Erza figured out. Zero stops Natsu and trounces him soundly, just as Gérard appearances. His memories are not recovered, but he remembers that fire increases Natsu’s powers. He is there to lend support, support that Natsu doesn’t believe him capable of. Zero uses the opportunity to launch a secret attack, but Gérard, seeing this, takes the shot instead to protect Natsu. With him down, he gives Natsu his remaining powers of Golden Flames. With the added fire power, Natsu showcases his true Dragon Slayer powers and wins adulation from Zero who tries to pull Natsu over to his side and cause. But Natsu will have nothing to do with it. Rejected, Zero uses his Dark Gravity magic against Natsu, as he is quickly sucked down by the crumbling building.

Gray and Erza reach their assigned destination, but Lucy and Happy struggle and stumble to their location. Lucy knows she has no more magic left in her to destroy the lacrima. Just as she loses hope, Gemini appears – on their own will to aid her. Meanwhile Ichiya crawls to his spot while Wendy and Charle take over Gérard’s post.

Down but not dejected, the group calls upon their last strengths and each other for support.

Zero, wanting to end the battle, calls upon “Genesis Zero” to open a gate of destruction, which erases a person’s existence. Natsu is sucked into this dark gate, into a land of nothing, with no strength and power. Almost dejected, he suddenly hears Igneel telling him never to lose faith on himself as a dragon slayer. With that pep talk, Natsu breaks out of the abyss with renewed strength, power and determination. Natsu’s true dragon form is released and Zero watches in a trance as his magic is rendered to ashes. Natsu immediately takes down Zero and the standing lacrima.

A real ZERO

A real ZERO

Simultaneously, the team calls on their reserves and shatters the lacrima; stopping and destroying the Nirvana in its tracks, much to the sunrise and shock of the Nirvits. Nirvana quickly crumbles and everyone rushes out of the building to escape the destruction. Hoteye and Jura appear at the nick of time to save Lucy and Wendy with Charle. As the group convenes outside of the ruins, they rejoice at each other’s presence and their feat. They even slowly warm to a revived Gérard as Erza vows to be with him even when his memories return.

But all’s well do not end well. The allies suddenly realize they are being locked up in a powerful rune, much like Freed’s. Soldiers on horses guarding a palanquin approach. The bespectacled Captain of the Reformed Magic Council introduces himself as Lahar. He is there to uphold justice and peace. He is there to capture the Oración Seis (AFTER the fight – how convenient). Lahar immediately asks for Hoteye to be handed over, but Jura vouches for him. Touched, but willing to suffer the consequences, Hoteye agrees to be taken into custody. He, however, requests that Jura looks for his brother Wally Buchanan. Much to everyone’s surprise – it is Blockhead from the Tower. Erza assures him that he is well-taken care of, and is currently traveling with friends.

With Hoteye in the Council’s hands, the team thinks they are free to go. But the Council’s true objective is not Oración Seis. It is the person who infiltrated the Council: Gérard Fernandez. The rest go up in arms, but a grateful Gérard stops them from resisting the Council. Erza too stops them, but she is devastated. Just when she found him, he’s taken away from her again – this time for execution or life without parole. Before he leaves, he calls out to her, using the name he first gave her: Scarlet because of the color of her hair.

The pain

The pain

The group recovers at Caitshelter, but the guild master, Robaul, reveals the truth behind the Guild and the Nirvits. There are no descendants of the Nirvits. They (the current inhabitants) are the Nirvits. He created Nirvana 400 years ago to stop the war from crossing the world. He create magic that turned darkness to light to move towards peace. But with power comes destruction: it is capable of turning darkness to light, but vice versa light to dark. Soon, hell encroached upon them. Everyone was against each other, until none was left. He became the sole survivor. But, he too had perished. He died physically and all that was left was a mere spectrum/ghost of him. He watched over Nirvana for 400 years to prevent the same destruction, until someone worthy came along to safeguard it. Seven years ago, Wendy was brought in, and Robaul, created an entire village of people just for her safekeeping and joy. Now that she has found new friends and created lasting bonds, the villagers vanish one by one, including the old Master. This was a guild created solely for Wendy. The friends are sadden by the news, but Erza gives Wendy and Charle her support.

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(69) Call of the Dragon

Ultear informs Master Hades of the defeat of Oración Seis by the Alliance. But their plan remains: to revive Zeref.

Lucy inherits Scorpio (much to the delight of Aquarius), Gemini and Aries (LEO!) from Angel. Wendy and Charle return to Magnolia with the Fairy Tail wizards, and is given a warm welcome. Now, Fairy Tail has three dragon slayers in their guild:  Natsu (Igneel), Gajeel (Metalicana) and Wendy (Grandine). But Gajeel feels left out because he alone does not have a winged cat as his sidekick.



Gray goes missing for a few days and upon his return, tells Natsu and Wendy that he met a woman, Daphne, who claims to have seen a dragon outside the city walls. Gajeel warns them against investigating, but it falls on deaf ears. Natsu, Happy, Wendy and Charle head out to the Inn where Daphne resides and are immediately trapped in it. The dragon bit was a ploy to get them there, to use and drain the powers of the dragon slayers to feed her artificial dragon, the Dragonoid. Natsu tries to break free, but is stopped by Gray! Has Gray betrayed them?

Natsu vs. Gray

Natsu vs. Gray

Gray and Natsu go on an all out battle, while the rest of the guild members worry about their missing members.

Meanwhile, Erza encounters a mage with Requip magic akin to hers while buying a cake to welcome Wendy and Charle. After scaring off the imitator, she returns to tell Makarov of the incident and the attacker smelling more like a beast than human. The wizards are told to take immediate precautions. Lucy and Erza search for Natsu, Wendy and the cats, while Elfman, Wakaba and Macao are sent as a search party for the missing Gray. However, the girls are stopped by beasts that mimic their abilities. When they finally eliminate them, they catch the sight of a mobile dragon in the sky heading towards them.

Erza & Lucy vs dragonoid

Erza & Lucy vs dragonoid

The Dragonoid, controlled by Daphne and powered by Natsu who is drained, takes flight towards Fairy Tail, to blow it to smithereens.

Daphne originates from a town called the City without a Sound. She loved dragons, but never caught sight of one. When she began to experiment on creating dragons, her own people begin avoiding her.  To that end, she cast a curse on the residents, since they always hid from her, to remain invisible forever. It was Natsu, who came along, who promised them as a Dragon Slayer to take her down, in order to break the spell. He forgot that promise made when he was younger. However, trapped in the bubble created by Daphne, he slowly hears the voices of these invisible people. He recalls his promise and calls on all his power to break free, but it only feeds the artificial dragon’s power vault and further drains him to the point of death.

Erza tries to take on the Dragonoid herself, but is stopped by “lizardmen” the apers of her abilities. Daphne collected Erza’s fighting data in the earlier sneak attack, thus making it difficult for Erza to defeat the reptiles. The search party is also attacked by similar clone lizards too. Proving too much for them, Wakaba and Macao hold off the lizards for Macao to return with Gray to Fairy Tail. Gray is immediately called into the master’s room for his betrayal, but he pleads with the master to prove his innocence. Only Natsu can destroy the Dragonoid, as he once promised the residents of the City without a Sound. Gray was there when Natsu made that promise. The people were waiting for Natsu to fulfill his promise. When Makarov exits his room, he tells the wizards to take down the Dragonoide instead of saving Natsu (as they all want to). He has a plan to save both Natsu and Magnolia.

But he tells his wizards that, “Saving the city and the guild is our first priority.”

A match made in heaven

A match made in heaven

Then he sends Erza for a full frontal attack, while Gray and Juvia provided headed for the Dragonoid’s blind spot. Uniting their powers, Gray and Juvia attack using Unison Raid, shelling a barrage of icicles towards the Dragonoid. Soon after, Gray goes on the offensive.


Antagonist-protagonist: each other’s stoker

“Natsu! You can hear me!” Gray yells. “You are USELESS!! You are WEAK!!”

This cussing riles up Natsu, who begins to take control of the Dragonoide through his anger. Seeing that Natsu has been drained of his fire power, his guild members begin to feed him their flames. Natsu’s anger is his true power. With that, he roars and pummels the fake dragon into bits. Daphne finally sees a real dragon before passing on. And finally, the spell on the City without a Sound is also broken.

Down with the troublemaker

Down with the troublemaker

Thereafter, the Fairy Tail mages celebrate their victory in conjunction with hanami, watching the blooming of the sakura (cherry blossoms). Unfortunately, Lucy falls ill after the mission. Since Muhammad can’t go to the mountains, the mountains must go to Muhammad. Natsu and Happy (together with the rest) uproots the biggest, oldest and most beautiful tree to the outside of Lucy’s doorsteps.  Much later, Wendy goes on her first assignment at Team Natsu’s old theatre troupe in Onibus as a healer. Since Charle refuse to accompany Wendy, the rest clamor to her aid – with disastrous results: exhaustion, food poisoning and of course, motion sickness (even though Freed is sent as her protective detail by Makarov). For a bit more fun, the annual 24-hour endurance road race contest takes off. This time, however, Makarov forbids anyone from using flying magic OR drop out from the race. Their objective is to get the Wyvern Scales from the top of Mt. Ivor and return to the starting line. The winner is promised a huge reward, and this time the loser will really get it! Happy wins it all by sheer determination, while Gray, Jet, Natsu and Gajeel all come in at the bottom of the heap.

Team Natsu

The Fairy Tail mages

(76) Gildarts

The wheels of fate are moving, as Poluchka predicted, once all three dragon slayers gather in Fairy Tail.

Gildarts, the strongest mage in Fairy Tail, has finally returned after three long years. He was on an SS-class 100-year-quest (so named because 100 years have passed with no one capable of completing it). He has returned, unable to accomplish the mission, but the accomplishment comes from him returning alive. As he steps into Magnolia, the city transforms, originally built for him, to avoid destruction. But he has returned, mainly for Natsu, to relay news on Igneel, and to forbid him from looking for this particular dragon guarding the mountain. The one at Mt. Zone is a black dragon, unlike Ignell (a red dragon), and has no qualms about killing a human. He was lucky to have made it out alive – losing an arm, leg and a few organs.

Lisanna and Natsu watching over an unhatched Happy

Lisanna and Natsu watching over an unhatched Happy

A long time ago, the young Lisanna, Natsu and Happy went looking for a giant footprint in the forest (hoping that it would lead to Ignell, but were hijacked by a giant ape, which took Lisanna as hostage. Lucky for them, Gildarts came to their rescue. In turn, Gildarts became Natsu like a father to him, and Natsu, a son to Gildarts.

Elsewhere, Happy tries to woo and win over Charle, unsuccessfully. Seeing Charle’s cold shoulder towards the tomcat, Wendy chastises her. Charle takes off, but Happy goes after her. In their “talks,” she reveals that Happy is too weak to protect his master, Natsu. “But I will protect Wendy,” Charle insists and leaves. In the pouring rain, Wendy goes looking for Charle, finds her, and sees and approaching Mystogan. It surprises her to see Gérard, but he soon reveals that it is he, Mystogan, who was the one who saved her 7 years ago. He just told her his name as Gérard to prevent her from looking for him because of his mission. It seems he has failed this mission of reducing the Anima. He only has enough time to warn her to leave the city. The rest will perish with the destruction of Magnolia. The Anima has grown too big for his powers to suppress. Wendy realizes that she can’t just let the rest die and insists on warning them

The person who once saved Wendy

The return of Mystogan to warn of the impending end of days

Back at the Guild, Mirajane and Elfmann head to the church on the eve of Lisanna’s death anniversary.

The vortex opens up, and sucks up everything, including the Guild, before Wendy gets there. When the worm hole clears out, she awakens in a barren land. However, Natsu appears. Only the dragon slayers are left. Everyone and everything has been transported to Edola’s gate. Suddenly, Charle reveals that the city vanished because of her and Happy. They are from Edolas.

Back to top

(78) Edolas

Charle retells the tale of Edolas. When the country’s resources (magic) dried up, the king decided to create Anime to absorb magic from other worlds. Six years ago, someone (most likely Mystogan) was closing up all the Animas. However, this passing Anima was too bug for him and Fairy Tail was sucked up for its magic. This is indirectly Happy and Charle’s fault. Even though they were born on earth, it was ingrained in them of their mission for Edolas, their home world. Unfortunately, Happy doesn’t remember a thing.

With that, Natsu vows to go into Edolas to save his comrades and beloved guild. However, Charle warns them that magic is most likely limited or non-existent to them when they arrive in Edolas. Charle will lead the group into Edolas. However there are a few things they need to know:

1. Returning to Edolas is forbidden
2. They have to go in disguise
3. She cannot navigate them (since she’s not from there)
4. If the two cats (Charle and Happy) betray them, they (Wendy and Natsu) will have to kill them

Cats in disguise

Cats in disguise

With that, Charle instructs Happy to spread his wings, wings that are meant to return them home to Edolas. When they finally burst through the remaining Anima into Edolas, they are greated by floating land masses, flying fishes swimming in the sky and everything smelling, looking and tasting different. When they are attacked by a huge koi fish, after Natsu tries to catch him for dinner, they realize that they have all lost their ability to use magic. Running to escape the monstrous fish, they bump into two humans who upon seeing the cats, cower, genuflect and finally escape in fear, calling them the “Exceed.” The unwitting and befuddled group finally stumble upon a residence with Fairy Tail’s icon imprinted on it. Excited and relieved, they walk on, only to realize that these guild belongs to Edolas and not to Earthland. Every one of the Edolas Fairy Tail members have the exact opposite character of their counterpart on earth. Even more shocking, is Lisanna standing in front of Natsu, all grown up and alive.

However, they do not recognize little Wendy, as their Wendy is a young lady. Worse, they are afraid of the cats, once again calling them “Exceed.” Lucy, unlike the timid one on Earth, is much scarier and tougher. Also, Erza is missing from this group. In this world, Erza Knightwalker is the second captain of the king’s army, a Fairy hunter bent on capturing and destroying the remaining magic guilds in their world, to drain them off their powers. The first captain, Panter Lily is an ominous giant figure, while the fourth captain, Sugar Boy is an effeminate blond, and finally the third captain is Hughes, a talkative man. Their king, Faust, is an old man  hungry for power.

The Earthland mages immediately tell their somewhat-allies that they are looking for their guild, sucked up by Edolas, imprisoned and sealed in lacrima in the Royal City. Since this Fairy Tail Guild is an underground guild, without much magic, the members, who are barely surviving each attack by the royal army, decide to back out of aiding the Earthland wizards. Those who go against the king forfeits their life. Only the king controls all magic.

So the Earthland wizards walk 5 days to the Royal City. On the way, they are attacked by a frog, but scary Lucy comes to their rescue. They stop at the city of Louen to regroup, where scary Lucy tells them that although trafficking magic is forbidden, there is a shop that sells magical objects. In Edolas, magic is an object. On earth, magic is inborn. Scary Lucy brings them to an underground shop to purchase magic equipment. Natsu gets a fire-spewing gun, while Wendy falls in love with an air popping entrapment. Scary Lucy promises to lead them to the Royal City, but sit out of the fight. However, they are soon surrounded by the royal army, but Earthland Lucy appears and uses scorpio to save them.

At the same moment, Gajeel walks into Louen, but no one wants to speak to him. After asking around, he finally realizes that his doppelgänger in Edolas is a weak but truth-telling journalist who everyone avoids. He finally meets his twin in a tavern, after overhearing that the sealed lacrima will be extracted in two days. He was also sent by Mystogan, which means, he too retained his magic. He needs to hurry to his friends, but in the mean time, he finds a “commonality” between him and his other half and they both form a pact.

During the chaos on earth, Horologium (her clock) realized a change in time and came out by himself to save her. When Mystogan found her, he told her about Edolas and sent her to Edolas to save their comrades (but not before giving her a pill). Mystogan (who must have known about Edolas) remained on earth to search for other remaining members. As the group reach Sycea, scary Lucy finally leaves them to fight their own battle, torn between standing up for what’s right with the Earthland mages and just trying to stay alive with her friends on Edolas. After her departure, an army airship arrives. Natsu hatches a plan to hijack the ship to hasten their journey the Royal City, instead, they are caught. At that juncture, a 4-wheeler shows up and rescues them. It’s Edolas’ Natsu, the speed racer and fireball, all pumped up and revved to go. However, he too drops them off after rescuing them, because he doesn’t want to be part of the fight. When Natsu presses the fireball Natsu, he breaks down and cries, revealing that he really isn’t he who portrays himself to be – plucky and ballsy.

(82) Welcome Home

At the Royal City, a huge Lacrima stands in the middle of the city on display for the overjoyed citizens. In it, is Magnolia.  For 10 years now, the king has been creating these lacrima to drain its power. The problem is how are they going to convert the lacrimal back to their friends? They would have to infiltrate and get close to the King of Edolas. Once that occurs, Lucy can use Gemini to learn how to transform the Lacrima. Charle realizes that since returning to Edolas, the layout of the land has been slowly flooding her memory. She leads them down an underground tunnel. As they walk into a cave, they are ambushed and nabbed by Erza Knightwalker. She then genuflects to Happy and Charle, “Welcome home, Exceeds.”

Wendy and Natsu are immediately thrown into a cell, to further drain their Dragonslayers’ powers. (Lucy is separated from them, masked with a goo that prevents her from calling on her keys) There, they learn that the Exceeds are borne to complete one mission – return home. Charle’s duty then is to bring the “enemies” home. Since birth, they are programmed to exterminate dragonslayers. Six years ago, 100 exceeds were sent to earth by the Queen to harvest the powers of the exterminate the slayers. The situation changed because of the Anima created by men.

The Queen of the Exceeds are considered God. In turn, the Exceeds are angels to the human race of Edolas.

Charle and Happy are escorted to Extalia, home of the Exceeds. It seems the cats there rule over the humans! And the Queen of the cats control the men from Extalia. It is she alone who decides the fate of men in Edolas. However, hearing of their “duty-bound-betrayal” to their friends, Happy refuses to give in to that fate. He grabs Charle, vowing to save everyone, and escapes the Royal Cat Guards. Running away from the guards, the realize that they are on a floating land.

Cat is shining armor

Cat is shining armor

They fling themselves off the cliff and bump into a farmer, who invites him to his abode. There, the old couple, Marla and Lucky, tell them that they too have escaped the grasp of the Queen. Their child/egg was stolen from them and sent to earth.  After learning much from Lucky, Happy and Charle take off. With their new-found confidence, their wings sprout again, giving them the gift of flight once again. As they leave, Marla and Lucky realize tearfully, that Happy is their long-lost boy.

Crazy Farmer

Crazy Farmer

Simultaneously, as Wendy and Natsu are jail-bound, Lucy is man-handled by Erza Knightwalker. She appeals to the latter, but in the end, Edolas Erza responds by throwing her off the tower. Fortunately for Lucy, Happy and Charle happen to found their wings in time. Charle immediately orders Erza to free Wendy and Natsu. Erza bows to the Queen’s daughter (much to everyone’s disbelief), and even relays that the prisoners are kept at the West Tower. Unfortunately, a flock of Exceeds swoop in to stop the run-a-ways.

(85) Code ETD

Elsewhere at the Royal City, Panther Lily notices a recent military buildup. The king calls for the immediate activation of Code ETD (Exceed Total Destruction). The humans are rebelling against their masters. They have been building their military to gain an infinite supply of power. They also kidnapped the dragon slayers to extract their powers, which poor Natsu and Wendy have to endure as their powers are sapped dry. Soon the amassing Exceeds are turned into Lacrima, much to the fortunate delight of Happy, Charle and Lucy. The three hatch a plan to try to get to Wendy and Natsu; using Happy as a decoy and the other two as the search party. Unfortunately for them, Erza, even without her magic powers, is still a tough opponent to beat. They are all trounced and beaten to a pulp. Just as things couldn’t get worse, Erza strikes the finishing blow.

Down but never beaten

Down but never beaten

Meanwhile, Edolas Gajeel tries to find a gap in their security for Earthland Gajeel to get to the lacrima that holds his friends. He frees Gray and Erza, who get to Happy, Charle and Lucy in time. Before letting them off, he gives them pills, Exballs, from Mystogan that enables them to use their magic. Gajeel still has to find the bigger lacrimal, which holds the rest of the Fairy Tail wizards. The lacrimal can be broken with a dragon slayer’s fist. Of course, it won’t be war if there isn’t an enemy at every turn. The Exceed Panther Lily stops Gajeel.

Erza immediately holds down the fort against Edolas’ Erza, allowing Lucy, Gray and Charle to find Wendy and Natsu. Happy goes to Gajeel. Gray’s team finds the weakened and unconscious dragon slayers. Gray awakens Natsu and warns that the extraction and destruction of Fairy Tail is eminent, if they don’t do anything. Fairy Tail will be used as a giant explosion against Extalia, as the two collide. When that happens, their magic will fuse, causing a storm of magic to rain down on the humans forever. Wendy and Charle volunteer to head to Extalia to warn them, while Natsu, Gray and Lucy seek out the king to stop the impending crash of the floating cities. They run into an amusement park guarded by both the captains: Hughes and Sugarboy.

The King orders the Dragon Chain Cannon to be activated, with a key, to begin the fusing of Magnolia and Extalia. But Coco, Panther Lily’s friend, tries to circumvent (knowing that he is on Magnolia’s lacrimal) and ends up running away with the key. The King’s Chief of Staff, Bryon, takes after Coco and stops her by burning her legs to force her to return the key. Fortunately for Coco, she bumps into Lucy who is escaping Hughes’ and Sugarboy’s funland.

In a mixup, Lucy inadvertently assumes that Byron wants her Gatekeys (not realizing the he’s looking for Coco’s). As she summons multiple celestial spirits for help, Byron counters by turning himself into a giant octopus. Virgo give Lucy a Spirit World whip, that extends a contract, just as Natsu appears and takes down the transformed Byron. In gratitude, Coco passes the key to the friends to destroy. She would rather have peace, than infinite magic. Unfortunately, Sugarboy takes off with the key with Gray hot on his tail. A fight ensues, the ice maker against the ice melter and soon the key cracks under pressure. Sugarboy warns that the key, even though can destroy Magnolia, can also free Gray’s friends. Untouched, Gray destroys the key. As Sugarboy leaves, defeated, Gray still has a card up his sleeve. He is, after all, the ice maker! He remakes the key!

(89) The Doomsday Dragon Chain Cannon

The Queen of Extalia, Chagot, is informed that the floating lacrima will crash into their island soon. Unheeding to Wendy and Charle’s warning, the Exceeds remain in Extalia, waiting for their “powerful” Queen to rain down her wrath against the human. The royal army quickly descend upon Extalia and begins its siege against it. Chagot has no choice but to finally tell the truth. She has no power to fight against human. She only has one wing left. Long time ago, it was the elders who created the “Queen” to scare the humans to in turn protect themselves against them. Chagot’s power is in her weak ability in seeing into the future. As the cats begin to lose hope, Charle rouses them to buck up and fight for their own home.

Meanwhile, Natsu, Happy, Gray, Lucy, Erza and Coco fly towards the floating lacrima to stop the moving city. While the Fairy Tail wizards try to stop it, the awaken Exeeds lend a helping hand too. Pather Lily, who was once exiled from his home for saving a human child, also lends a helping hand. Suddenly, a huge gust of wind throws all hands off the city. The floating lacrima slowly dissipates with the dragon chain.

Mystogan appears before them, telling them that the lacrima has been safely returned to Earthland. Panther Lily is only too happy to see the man before him and so is Coco. They both call to him in unison, “My Prince!”

But the happy reunion lasts but a second, as Panther Lily is shot from the back by Erza Knightwalker and falls.

Mystogan, Prince Gérard of Edolas, is a betrayer of Edolas – according to the King Faust, his father. The king himself will exterminate them all, using the Dragon Knight Armor: Droma Anim. Erza Knightwalker and the approaching royal army begin to turn all the Exceeds into lacrima. Mystogan steps in to try to protect everyone from Droma Anim’s blast, but it is reflected back. A while back, Edolas was almost wiped out by the Dragon Knight.

Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy immediately attack the iron dragon armor worn manned by the King. Wendy floats both the boys to aid in their attack against the steel beast. But they only manage a small scratch on the armor. Seeing their powers, the King becomes determined to nab them to extract their powers. Is there no way to defeat him? The battle continues, and soon the Slayers fall as the King demands for their powers. Natsu, unwilling to give up, calls on more power. Seeing his persistence and determination, Gajeel and Wendy call on their reserves too. Together, they tear the King away from the Droma Anima as the robot combusts.

In the meantime, Erza, Lucy, Gray, Happy and Charle try to protect/save the cats. Erza Knightwalker corners them and takes on Erza Scarlet. A fierce battle ensues among the remaining lot until Lucy and Gray are cornered – that is until the Fairy Tail wizards of Edolas show up, after much debate, to save their own home. Erza Scarlet to overcome Knightwalker when she too convinces her that not everything is about magic powers. Life goes on without it.

Simultaneously, Mystogan goes in search of the injured Lily. They have something else to finish. The two begin reversing/returning the Anima causing a wide spread panic to the citizens of Edolas. The floating islands begin to fall. What (little) magic that the land owns is returned to earth. The battle is won, but is Edolas lost? Can they truly live without magic?

With that drastic a change, the people would need a new leader (king). To ensure a smooth and stabile transition for the people, Mystogan declares himself as the villain of Edolas and orders Lily to kill him, so that he can emerge as a hero to the people. As the two argue between themselves, Natsu announces to the crowd that he killed the King of Edolas. Even Wendy and Gajeel emerge to scare the people. Mystogans tries to stop them from taking the fall, but instead, becomes the hero he never wanted to be. The people soon stand behind their prince as Mystogan “defeats” Natsu.

As Natsu goes down, he bids Mystogan, his fellow Fairy Tail member, a heartfelt and joyous farewell. With that, the Fairy Tail wizards are pulled back to Earthland through the Anima, together with the Exceeds.

Back on earth, the Queen finally reveals that the Exceed eggs were sent away because she foresaw the destruction of Extalia. To save her people, she had to save the new generation. Charle too has the same clairvoyant  powers. Soon, the Exceeds leave Fairy Tail in search of their children/comrades. Panther Lily, however, remains by Gajeel’s side to honor Mystogan’s dedication to his beloved Guild. What’s more, he presents them with Lisanna, who was once captured from Earth.

Gran Doma

The New Magic Council convenes and decides that not only is Fairy Tail a thorn on their side, but a lose cannon. Even though they did take down Oración Seis and the Balam Alliance could strike the remaining guild at any time, Gérard was an ally to Fairy Tail. Gran Doma orders Rune Knights Lahar and Doranbolt to keep a close eye on Fairy Tail. Any misstep, and they will be disbanded.

Elsewhere, a mysterious black-haired youth (spoiler: Zeref) emerges from the forest, but he shies away from approaching wolves, warning them to stay away. Unfortunately, as they approach him, everything begin to perish – against his will. He needs to find Natsu.

In Edolas, Fairy Tail drags their guild closer to the Royal City to aid with its rebuild. Meanwhile, Mystogan hands out sentences: his repentant father Faust is banished (and later joins a  Guild. Could he be Gran Doma’s alter ego on Earthland?), Erza is never to leave the city without his permission, and the rest are to rebuild the city to atone for their wrongdoings.

Mashima Sensei drawing Natsu @ New York Comic Con 2011:

Season 3

S-Class Wizard Promotion – Tenrou Island

(97) Best Partner

Master Makarov announces the newly selected wizards to take part in the annual S-Class Advance Test: Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Juvia Lockser, Elfman, Cana Alberona, Freed Justine, Levy McGarden and Mest Gryder (who claims to be Mystogan’s disciple, but is in truth, Doranbolt member of the Magic Council and Head of a Division of the Rune Knights. Using memory control, he is able to deceive everyone in the Guild of his new identity). Each candidate has to chose a partner, who cannot be an S-Class wizard, to aid them in their journey to be the new S-Class wizard (and only ONE of the 8 chosen will become the next S-Class wizard). Erza Scarlet, Mirajane and Gildarts Clive will be their opponents. They will all meet in a week at Hargeon Port and board a ship to Tenroujima (Tenrou Island). The contestants find their partners: Natsu with Happy, Gray with Loki, Juvia with Lisanna, Elfman with Evergreen, Freed with Bickslow, Levy with Gajeel and Mest with Wendy.

During this momentous period, Cana announces to Lucy that if she fails this exam yet again (fifth time), she will leave the guild. Elsewhere, Charle catches glimpses of what looks like a disastrous future: Natsu and Cana crying, a lifeless hand and Zeref.



The participants gather and set sail to the very hot Tenroujima. As they arrive, Makarov warns them that there are other wizards on the island. Their first trial/test is Power and Luck. Each team has to choose from eight different paths, only one team is allowed to enter each path as it is sealed after it is entered. The objective is to get to the other end of the path to proceed. Of the eight paths, four are connected to the other path, meaning that the teams will have to fight each other to continue (these are the “battle” paths), while three have S-rank mages guarding it (“hard battle” paths) and only one is a “quiet” path. A maximum of six teams can pass, with a minimum of only three making it to the other end.

Natsu and Happy immediately take flight but are stopped by Freed’s rune. Levy manages to rewrite to rune to hers and Gajeel’s benefit, with Elfman and Evergreen following in pursuit. As the rune slowly dissipates, the rest follows. Elfman & Evergreen enters Route A, while Freed & Bickslow choses Route B. The late comers Cana & Lucy are forced to enter Route C, while Juvia & Lisanna goes into Route D. Natsu & Happy enter Route E, Levy & Gajeel in Route F, Gray & Loki in Route G, and Mest & Wendy in Route H.

Cana & Lucy passes

Cana & Lucy passes

As Cana and Lucy enter the passage, promising Cana her luck will definitely pull them through, until they encounter Freed and Bickslow. The girls prove to be no match against the boys (since their last battle). However, Freed throws the battle by pretending to be distracted by the girls’ bikinis and Cana’s scantily clad illusions. Looks like Lucy is truly the lucky one. So is Levy and Gajeel who get the quiet path, thus advancing to the second level of the test.

On Route E (for Ezra – according to Natsu), Natsu is elated to find Gildarts waiting for him instead of Erza. Gildarts throws Natsu around like a ragdoll, without even moving. Natsu, however, finds a small opening and attacks, budging Gildarts ever so slightly. Gildarts is happy to see Natsu’s progress and allows them a passage but Natsu refuses, not without first overcoming Gildarts. With that, Gildarts releases a fearful aura, that brings Natsu to his knees and “gives up.”

Natsu in fright

Natsu in fright

A lesson is taught and learned: Fear is not evil. Neither is it a weakness. It is wise to surrender and sheath the sword than march to one’s death. Admitting defeat to save one’s life is not a weakness. Without defeating Gildarts, but learning a very valuable lesson, Gildarts allows Natsu and Happy to pass.

The unfortunate (Route D) Juvia and Lisanna walk into Erza’s lair and fight, and loses the battle. In the meantime, (Route A) Elfman and Evergreen meets his transformed sister Mirajane. As Mirajane is about to end it for Elfman, Evergreen revels a secret that not only throws Mirajane off, but allows Elfman to defeat her. Evergreen confesses that they are both getting married! The horror!

Elsewhere, Gray Fullbuster & Loki easily defeat Mest Gryder and Wendy Marvell as their paths meet. As Gray and Loki advance, the defeated Mest convinces Wendy to follow him in search of “secrets” on the island, Fairy Tail’s Holy Ground where Grand Master Mavis lies. Curiosity kills the “cat.” In the mean time, Charle and Panther Lily feels something amiss about Mest and quickly go in search of Wendy in Tenrou Island. Mystogan could not have a disciple. For that matter, is Mest even a member of the Guild? Who was his partner before this? Questions begin to arise as the victors move on to meet Makarov for the next part to their exam.

Five teams remain: Gray & Loki, Cana & Lucy, Levy & Gajeel, Natsu & Happy and Elfman & Evergreen. Freed, Bickslow and Gildarts return to the Guild, while the rest remain in the island.

Next test is to find the grave of Mavis Vermillion in six hours or be disqualified. Mavis is one of Fairy Tail’s founding father and first master. This is not only a test of survival, but most importantly, of intelligence as no explicit hints of the whereabouts of the grave is given. They each take off on their own path and each team meets their own harrowing monster of the island.

Elfman and Evergreen, however, encounter Zeref. Backing away, while warning them to stay away, he involuntarily unleashes his deadly wizardry, Natsu arrives in time to save them. Zeref too is overjoyed and relieved upon seeing the newcomer’s arrival.



(101) Black Wizard

“You have grown,” Zeref says in tears of joy as everything around them dies. “I wanted to meet you.”

Tears of joy

Tears of joy

Thinking this a challenge, Natsu immediately sucker punches Zeref. Unaffected, Zeref stands and realizes then that Natsu is not ready to destroy him yet. He does not wish to go this endless road of destruction. However, Natsu is the only one who can stop him.

inconsequential attack

inconsequential attack

Suddenly, blackness envelopes him. He immediately tells the Fairy Tail members to make a beeline for it. But Natsu gets drawn in. When the cloud clears, everyone remains alive – thanks to Natsu’s scarf absorbing the black magic (but Natsu doesn’t realize this and notices that Zeref, who disappears soon after, turned his scarf black). Thinking nothing of that encounter, they continue with their test.

Lucy quickly realizes where Mavis’ grave is and pulls Cana towards it. Gray and Loki follow in hot pursuit. While Ezra and Juvia, suspicious of Mest go in search of him and Wendy.

With that, everyone on the search for Zeref is alerted by the emission of colossal power. Not only does Mest sense it, but, Balam Alliance: Grimoire Heart too locates him. Zeref was the one who plunged the world into darkness and created demons. It’s time to reawaken Zeref!

Seven Kins of Purgatory: Rustyrose, Hikaru, Zancrow, Hades, Ultear, Caprico & Meredy

Seven Kins of Purgatory: Rustyrose, Kain Hikaru, Zancrow, Hades, Ultear, Caprico & Meredy

Grimoire Heart, lead by Master Hades has Seven Kin of Purgatory, each possessing a lost magic, all personally trained and raised by Hades. Ultear Milkovich, the eldest and the leader (before her defection with Meredy), is the daughter of Ur (Gray’s teacher). Zancrow, an arrogant and violent blondie, Caprico, an emotionless goat (who was/is a Celestial Spirit owned by Lucy’s mother), Kain Hikaru, an overweight clumsy man, Rustyrose, a lanky young man in designer glasses and designer clothing, and Meredy, a pink-haired child who adores Ultear, and Azuma, a massively muscular man who’s always on the lookout for worthy opponents. (One more unseen member is Zoldeo, the possessor of Capricorn’s body)

In the mean time, a separated Levy is attacked by Grimoire Heart members (aka small potatoes): Yomazu (ape) and Kawazu (chicken). Gajeel immediately comes to Levy’s rescue and a battle ensues. But the newcomers have an upper hand over the Gajeel by deafening him with Eastern scripture magic. Levy instantly sees this and nullifies the noise from Yomazu. Still, they are no match against the minions of Grimoire Heart. Gajeel realizes they have to warn the others of the intrusion and impending attack. He opens an outlet for Levy to escape, and she parts with a gift of rejuvenating iron. Makarov, once, showed him a path without darkness, into a Guild where he will never be alone again. Where the members were his family. Calling upon that spirit, he takes down Yomazu, but quickly falls too.

Levy runs off, but falls and loses consciousness. Luck for her, Erza and Juvia who are searching for Mest and Wendy chance upon her. The three girls find Gajeel in time. The ape and chicken, even though defeated, can only laugh. The main guild of Grimoire Heart is fast approaching and will be deployed to take them down. With that, Erza quickly sends out a red flare to warn of the impending attack, and that the exam is officially over. The enemy is on the island. So is Zeref. The 400-year-old demon and harbinger of death. Hades will awaken the “sleeping” Zeref and the world will be plunged into darkness.

Everyone sees the emergency flare. Even though they don’t want the exam to end, they have to fight for and protect their guild.

Elsewhere, Panther Lily and Charle catches up to Mest and Wendy. Lily immediately questions Mest’s motives. He is in fact, Doranbolt, member of the Magic Council sent to Tenrou Island to find incriminating evidence against the Guild to try to disband it. But their “talk” is disrupted by the arrival, attack and subsequent defeat of Azuma. He not only brings the cats, Mest and Wendy down, but destroys the council ships sent to backup Mest. Seeing his weakling opponents, consisting of cats and children only, he leaves to find a worthier opponent.

From the approaching Grimoire Heart ship. the rest of the Seven Kin of Purgatory are dispatched onto Tenrou Island to take down Fairy Tail and most importantly, to find and retrieve Zeref. With the rest of the crew gone, Hades takes on Makarov. The Master of Fairy Tail stands in his enlarged form, preparing for battle to protect his precious guild. Just as he casts Fairy Law to repel the approaching Grimoire Heart ship, Master Hades appears and counters it with Grimoire Law. The same magic that Makarov was once taught by his exalted Master. To Makarov’s horror, standing before him is Hades, also known to him as Purehito, his predecessor of Fairy Tail.

Purehito aka Hades

Purehito aka Hades

Master Purehito, aka the newly crowned Master Hades, once taught the younger Makarov about peace and unity.

Today, they fight not as comrades, but enemies, on two differing ideals. Magic is born of evil. While in search of the true meaning of magic, Hades found Zeref, the very essence of magic. Unfortunately for Makarov, he is no match against his old master. He is not only badly beaten, but gravely wounded. Far off, a wandering Laxus senses the fall of his grandfather.

Trouncing of the disciple

Trouncing of the disciple

(104) Lost Magic

The members of Fairy Tail are forced to battle the intruding army and the Seven Kin of Purgatory, each possessing Lost Magic, a forbidden form of magic. They are part of the bigger Black Guild, consisting of Oración Seis (taken down by Fairy Tail), Grimoire Heart and finally Tartaros.

NATSU & HAPPY (Wendy,  Charle, Panther Lily)
Natsu and Happy finds Panther Lily, Charle and Wendy (with Mest conveniently disappearing at the most apropos of time). Natsu is stopped by the egoistic Zancrow. With his rinnegan-like eyes (too much Naruto), black flames emit from him, and takes down everyone, including his allies. Natsu can only look on in shock as he is unable to eat those flames, flames that Zancrow calls the “Flames of God,” expelled by a “God Slayer.” So begins the battle of the Dragon Slayer against the God Slayer. On a losing streak, Natsu in unable to stand his ground, much less protect his little friends. He stumbles and falls of a cliff only to find an unconscious Makarov. He is instantly enraged. Makarov stirs and cautions Natsu from moving on. The battle will be lost for Fairy Tail. Sometimes, retreat is the only option, not a cowardly option but a logical one: to live to fight another day. Zancrow finds them and fear begins to show on Natsu. But as Gildarts once taught him, fear is not a weakness. Just an acknowledgement.

Fallen but never beaten

Fallen but never beaten

Makarov begs Natsu to escape, but Natsu will not move. He will not forgive those who took down his Master. Deforestation quickly happens. Zancrow traps Natsu in his flames as Natsu tries again to eat it, but is unable to. In this dire predicament, the weaken Makarov calls on his reserves and grabs Zancrow with his enlarged hand to force him to release Natsu. Zancrow burns Makarov as Makarov tightens his grip around the enemy. In this chaos, Natsu finds his calm and thoughts, which eventually allows him to consume the black flames.

Engulfed in flames

Engulfed in flames

He gambles in the middle of a fight. In that split second, he emptied his own flames,  releasing his own powers, thereby creating a new vessel that allows him to swallow the foreign flames, thus gaining new flames and powers. Using the new “Godly” dragon flames, he exhumes Zancrow. With that, Natsu convinces Makarov to continue the fight, but subsequently becomes unconscious. Wendy and the cats find Natsu and the Master and quickly heal them. Unfortunately, her healing powers don’t work on Natsu because his marred black scarf is stopping the healing process. Upon removing the malevolence of the scarf, Natsu soon recovers. Back on the mission, Natsu smells the familiar scent of a masked man, Zalty, he once met on the island against Oración Seis and goes in pursuit.

Simultaneously, Lahar of the Magic Council heads back to Tenroujima. The returning Doranbolt aka Mest tries to convince Lahar not to destroy the island. Fairy Tail is not Grimoire Heart or Zeref. He tries to buy them time to evacuate the innocent mages.

Lucy, Gray, Loki and Cana are cornered by a never-ending arsenal of army, and Caprico. The friends are no match against the goat, as they realize that he is not even trying to dodge their attacks (since he’s not even being hit!) But Loki seems to know a secret. Caprico, looks suspiciously like the lost Celestial Spirit Capricorn. Loki immediately tells the team to leave him to this goat. Lucy leaves unwillingly, but reminds Loki to return to her. As she takes leave, Caprico realizes that Lucy is the spitting image of one Layla Hearfilia.

The goat appears

The goat appears

Capricorn has been missing for 17 years, ever since his master, Layla Heartfilia released him. Layla was a Celestial Spirit Mage who was the sole master of the zodiacs. Due to an illness, she retired her Spirits. She entrusts the Keys to three of her staff members, until Lucy is ready to inherit the spirits. Capricorn, however, made a separate contract with Layla, to watch over Lucy until she was ready. One of entrusted holder was Zoldio, who eventually was hit by dark magic and enslaved and fused with Capricorn using his Human Subordination magic.

Zoldio, realizing his opponent is none other than Loki, tries to possess him. Loki knocks out Capricorn, but not before Zoldio finds a new home. The possession lasts but a few waning minutes, as Capricorn soon frees Loki of his parasite. Before Capricorn went down, Loki passed his Regulus ring to the newly freed Capricorn, who used that to free him and destroy Zoldio. With that, they find one more ally.

Lucy’s group are convinced by Cana to split up in search of the Seven Kin. As soon as Lucy reveals Mavis’ grave location, Cana knocks her out with a sleeping spell. Cana heads off alone in search of the grave on Route E, determine to finish off her quest to become an S-class mage, regardless of the danger she is putting her friends. As she finally reaches the grave, it begins to emit a bright light.

The light of a leader

The light of a leader

She tries to touch the glow, and a magic rune appears. A spell, called the Fairy Glitter is up for grabs. But she doesn’t want a spell. That’s not her motive. She wants her promotion to an S-Class mage.

The drunkard and the vagabond: Cana and Gildarts

The drunkard and the vagabond: Cana and Gildarts

Twelve years ago, Cana’s mother died. She went in search of her father, only to find out he is the hero of Fairy Tail: Gildarts. His return to the Guild was as fast as his departure, and she never got a chance to let him know of her identity as his daughter. As she waited for his return from his mission, she too joined Fairy Tail. He returned two months later, but before she managed to say the words, he was on the way out again. She then picked up Tarot Card reading to predict his return. She got into card magic by accident, but she could never live up to her father. Worse, she has failed once again.

As she wallows in her own self-pity, Lucy’s card signals that she is in danger. Before the test, Cana had made a “Lucy Card” so that if the latter was in danger, Cana can find her wherever she is. As the card alerts her of Lucy’s predicament, Cana realizes just how traitorous her actions were. She not only wronged her friends by abandoning them at their time of need, she betrayed them to fulfill her own wanton desires. Through tears, she begs the emitting light of Mavis’ grave to grant her power to protect her Guild and friends. A female voice echos, and gifts her the power of Fairy Glitter.

Cana with Fairy Glitter

Cana with Fairy Glitter

All the Grimoire Seven has a role to play, all except the lost and hungry Kain Hikaru. That is until he stumbles upon the unconscious Lucy. She is awakened by the boisterous Kain Hikaru as he sets out to curse her with a voodoo doll. Surmising that the little man is not too brilliant, she gets him to try the magic on himself. But that quickly becomes old, as she is forced to call upon her Spirits to aid her – unsuccessfully.

Mirajane and younger sister Lisanna are confronted by Azuma, who scoffs at how weak Fairy Tail is, upon seeing the women trying to defend the Guild. The women understand that there is a difference in power. But that will not matter as they will protect everyone and return home together. Mirajane tries to hold Azuma back, to allow Lisanna to find help. But Lisanna will not leave her sister undefended. Azuma quickly recants his words and becomes excited when he realizes these are the infamous pair of demon sisters. He catches Lisanna, and plants a 3-minute time bomb on her to force the elder of the two to fight.



Transforming into her demonic form, she fights, but fearing of losing her sister again, Mirajane is attacked and trounced. With her quickly depleting magic, Mirajane knows she is no match against Azuma in her current state. She goes to Lisanna instead. Embracing her, Mirajane promises Lisanna she will never let her die again. The bomb explodes as Mirajane takes the brunt of the explosion. Lisanna survives it, with a badly injured Mirajane. Seeing the weakness, Azuma leaves them to rendezvous with Rustyrose.

Barely dressed vs. fully clothed

Barely dressed vs. fully clothed

Elfman with his “wife-to-be” Evergreen meet the narcissistic Rustyrose and his summoned Guardian Saint Beast, Belcusas the Thunderclap, an enormous heavily-armored creature. Their attack against this summoner has no effect as he is the “King of the Underworld.” Grimoire Heart will create a world where those without magic will cease to exist, a world of great magic! The duo manage to rid themselves off the sacred beast but the master remains. In a quick trick, Elfman manages to pull off Rustyrose’s glasses (key to allowing Eve to use her stone-eyes magic against him). Unfortunately for them, that is his magic, the Arc of Embodiment: illusion. He attacks and imprisons the duo in his Tower of Dingir, as it implodes.

Brawn vs. Belcusas

Brawn vs. Belcusas

The wounded are returned to camp. Gajeel, Mirajane and Eve rest while Elfman, Lisanna, Levy and Patherlily watch over them. If the enemy attacks, they will have to combine their powers and act as one entity. Unfortunately, there is no rest for the weary, as Rustyrose approaches camp. Their reinforcements: Team Natsu better get there soon.

Ultear Milkovich, the leader of the Seven Kin, goes off in search of Zeref and finds him. But her discovery only angers him. He orders her to leave if she values her life. She stubbornly remains and professes to yearn for his power. Could it be that he is not awaken, which explains his distaste for death? He attacks her, and she’s no match against his supreme powers, but evades it at the last moment. She counters by creating a time ark, which not only stops Zeref momentarily, but captures him. He is hers and hers alone. She will bring him back to the mothership and awaken him!


Ultear the cynic

Natsu follows his nose and encounters Ultear and the unconscious Zeref. So she was the one at Galuna Island, using Lyon. Natsu embattles Ultear, but ends up part of the Lucy-Hikaru match. Kain Hikaru immediately tells Ultear to leave with the precious package while he holds of the two. During the chaos, Kain Hikaru manages to snag a piece of Lucy’s hair and proceeds to force Lucy to fight Natsu through the voodoo doll. As luck would have had it, even though stuck under rocks, Natsu manages to retrieve Lucy’s doll. With the help of the flying Happy, the two men use the doll to their benefit and squash Kain Hikaru with a fireball. With that, they head out again in search of Zeref, who they know now will be used to bring doom to their world. But with their magic drained, they return to meet with Wendy, the cats and Master. As they head to camp to find refuge for the injured Master, Doranbolt finds them and unsuccessfully convinces them to evacuate the island: the Magic Council plans to fire the Etherion on the island, much like what happened at the Tower of Paradise. They have to save their friends and island.

The solo Gray encounters Ultear and the unconscious and immediately sees Ur in her. However, as he follows her, he is attacked by sharp pains (see Juvia’s fight with Meredy). As the pains subside, and the mysterious bracelet disappears, Gray meets Ultear face to face. She immediately recognizes him: her mom’s “killer.” But, she confesses that she’s on his side and realizes that her mother’s death is not Gray’s fault. Ur was only protecting her students. What’s more, her current actions are only what Ur wants: using Zeref to create demons like Deliora. She insists that she will run off with Zeref to hide him from the Master. All Gray has to do, is defeat Master Hades then, to buy her time. She further suggests that he uses the Iced Shell to defeat Master Hades, which outcome is death for the user. She then takes off with Zeref as Gray runs off to find the enemy.

Crocodile Tears: the long awaited encounter

Crocodile Tears: the long awaited encounter

But Gray is on to her.


Simultaneously, Ezra and Juvia has each other’s back and manage to slip away from the guards, only to be stopped by an unassuming Meredy. A fight quickly ensues. The fight seems almost one-sided as Meredy’s sensory blades injure even Juvia’s water body. However, she regains her will to fight when Meredy reveals that she will kill Gray to avenge Ultear.  With her new found will, Juvia sends Ezra to aid Gray and the rest. Meredy scoffs at the idea of fighting Juvia, to her, ranked only at #13. Ezra (#4) would have been a much worthier opponent. (#3 being Gildards, #2 Makaraov, and #1 Gray for his hand in killing Gray). With the knowledge that Gray-sama could be killed, Juvia goes berserk and proves herself a worthy opponent. Using Juvia’s feelings towards gray, Meredy links the two’s physical sense together to cause him pain. But that only empowers Juvia even more to protect Gray. With that, she links all three of their sense: so that no matter who gets killed in battle, Gray is bound to perish.

Ultear and little Meredy

Scars of War: Ultear and little Meredy

Seeing this, Juvia is unwilling to hurt Meredy and even stops her from killing herself. It is then, through their connection, she sees Meredy’s cherished memories with Ultear – the one who saved her from a war-torn country and raised her like her own. With that, Juvia manages to convince Meredy to stop the fighting, thereby breaking their link.

Ultear finally finds Meredy. She happily reports that Gray is no longer their enemy. He is now, their pawn! (insert evil witch’s laughter). They prepare to take leave, but Ultear notices the unconscious Juvia on the ground. She will clean up loose ends. Meredy tries half-heartedly to stop her, but Ultear proceeds to strike. Just as the sword reaches Juvia, it turns to ice!

(If only Juvia was awake, oh how she would swoon and pledge her soul to Gray) He will never give up his life and use Iced Shell again. He will live for his friends. Gray proceeds to teach Ultear a lesson, on behalf of Ur.

Occupied, Ultear orders Meredy to leave with Zeref. In the meantime, Juvia regains consciousness. Gray asks Juvia to retrieve Zeref from Meredy, but her leg seems broken. However, realizing that Gray saved her (swooning here), she would crawl to Meredy if she has to, and crawl she does!

Juvia gets to Meredy, but they are both stopped by Zancrow. He reproaches Meredy for betraying Grimoire Heart and relinquishes Zeref from her custody. She pleads with him, that she needs Zeref to create the World of Great Magic: to turn back the hands of time to whence her home was still whole, before war destroyed it. Zancrow only laughs at her naivete. How can it be returned to what it was, when it was Ultear, her savior, who destroyed it in the first place.

Suddenly, Zeref stirs. He mutters, “Acnologia,” and with one look, he kills Zancrow, destroys the surrounding forestation, but luckily only knocks out the two girls. He will not be anyone’s ally or enemy, but when the end nears, he will join in the battle.

Acnologia (アクノロギア), The Black Dragon (黒龍, Kokuryū), is a fearsomely powerful dragon, reputed as The Black Dragon in the Book of Apocalypse.

Meanwhile, hiding behind the bushes is the Magic Council’s dog: Dranbolt. He hears the word and immediately runs for cover. The magic council immediately pulls out of Tenrou Island. There is no hope left.

At the Grimoire Heart ship, Bluenote Stinger, the deputy commander, takes off after one more in the team falls. He stops the unit consisting of Natsu, Happy, Lucy and Wendy (looking to drop off Gramps at camp) with Gravity Magic.



Bluenote doesn’t even stop for a second as he immediately attacks the group and drops the ground they stand on. His goal is to get to the grave of Mavis Vermillion (who is really a girl!) to retrieve one of the three great spells of Fairy Tail: Fairy Glitter. His ability to manipulate gravity makes him quite invincible against the Fairy Tail mages.

Mavis Vermillion: first master and founder of Fairy Tail

Mavis Vermillion: first master and founder of Fairy Tail

The enemy spots the unconscious Makarov and decides to use his as bait to squeeze information out from the children. Their refusal to cooperate only angers him and forces him to use his “ultimate” attack on them. Just before doing so, the timely Cana uses Fairy Glitter to temporarily avert the destruction. But Cana is no match against Bluenote, even with her newly acquired power. Worse, he is now determine to pull Fairy Glitter out from Cana whether she be dead or alive. In horror, Cana swears she will not share the Guild’s magic with an outsider. Bluenote only laughs at her naiveté. All magic began as one (Lucy repeats this as Bluenote spouts it. This is not the first time she has heard this before). With the help of Natsu, Cana manages to once again gather the powers of the sun and the moon to use Fairy Glitter to bind Bluenote. Unfortunately for them, that is only a temporary relief as he quickly disperses the magic and laughs at her weakness. No matter how strong the magic, if the user is weak, the outcome is but mediocre. Bluenote proceeds to kill Cana, but with a gust of wind, Gildarts appears!

The father arrives

The father arrives

Gildarts immediately tells the children to leave, this is no place for them to be eating popcorn and watching the show. They leave, finally heading to camp to meet up with the injured. Gildarts manages to take on Bluenote, punch for punch, until Azuma activates his Lost Magic. Then, Gildarts falls as Bluenote takes the opportunity to give him a nice trashing…until his powers return to him. At this point, Bluenote begins to create a massive black hole: an abyss that sucks up everything.  However, Gildarts easily destroys it, much to Bluenote’s amazement. He proceeds to send Bluenote asoaring into the blue, blue sky.

(113) EZRA vs. AZUMA @ the Tenrou Tree

The wandering Ezra is stopped by Azuma, (out searching for the strongest foe) who emerges from the roots of the Tenrou Tree. Azuma is only to happy to find out his new opponent is none other than Titania. After countless attacks and different requips, Azuma commends her for being a worthy strong opponent to him. However, her goal is not to seek strong opponents, but to use her powers to protect her friends. Running out of time, Azuma activates his Lost Magic: Lost Ark, thus uprooting the Tenrou Tree. The tree protects and empowers the Fairy Tail members. Azuma’s earlier arrival to the island was to ascertain his flawless infiltration to the magical tree: to draw the powers of the Fairy Tail wizards and to eventually kill them. But with Azuma activating his magic, he then begins to draw the powers off of the Fairy Tail members, rendering them magic-less, all except Ezra.  She, and she alone, will have the power and chance to turn things around.

This is not what Azuma wants, but orders are orders. And Master Hades cannot be disobeyed. However, if Ezra beats Azuma, he will return the powers to all the guild members. Attempt after attempt prove futile for Ezra until Azuma finally attacks her from below using Tower Burst that severely injures her. At this point, she realizes that no armor of hers will defeat him. So, instead of thinking of ways to protect herself, she will use her lightest form to attack: Benizakura! But she still goes down – unconscious.

Ezra almost calling it quits

Ezra almost calling it quits

Miles away, the captured Gérard senses Ezra is down. He begins to, telepathically, root for her, telling her not to give up and lose. The unconscious Ezra hears this, awakens, and finds her reserves to protect her friends. Azuma catches her, and hits her with another blast of Terra Chrymal, but this time, Ezra hears not only Natsu’s voice, but all of her friends telling her not to give up. Drawing on their will to protect her (instead of her protecting them), she punches back, showing off her true strength: that not of one, but of many. Azuma goes down!

His body begins to desecrate and become one with the forest: the side effect of Lost Magic. But before passing on, Azuma warns Ezra of Ultear, the true mind behind it all. They (she: Ultear) want Zeref to get closer to the very first magic of the world, the source of all magic. He soon transforms into the trees of the island as Ezra too collapses from overexertion, just as the magical power are returned to their rightful owners.

Rustyrose drops in at camp, much to the horror of the conscious: Lisanna, Panther Lily and Levy, who are watching over the unconscious: Gajeel, Eve, Elfman, Mirajane. He pulls out a can of whoop ass and trounces them, but luckily, Fried and Bickslow turned back (together with Gildarts) when they saw the emergency flare go up. Too smug from beating the injured, Rustyrose gets taken down a few notches with the arrival of two of the Raijin Tribe. When Bickslow possesses his summon, Rustyrose falls in fear. But that same fear begins to build his imagination, and he proceeds to create something even worse than before.

As Rustyrose creates this new form, Azuma simultaneously sucks up the powers of all the Fairy Tail members. He pummels them gleefully but when their powers return, he summons the Tower of Dingir to end it all for them. However, Bickslow manages to use his magic on Elfman to get him to aid them. Elfman attacks when Rustyrose least expects and breaks the tower, thus releasing them. Fried then takes out Rustyrose.

Team Natsu reaches camp after the dust clears. They decide on a plan of action. Two teams: one on the attack, the other for defense. Attacking team, who will head to the mother ship of Grimoire Heart and face Hades, will consist of Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Wendy, Charle and Panter Lily. Defense Team, who will remain at camp to guard the fallen, will consist of Fried and Bickslow.

Unfortunately for these two, Yomazu (ape) and Kawazu (chicken) from earlier returns and punish them when they are down. Even Kain Hikaru reappears, forcing Elfman, Lisanna, Cana and Levy to aid their comrades. When they join forces, the enemy is beaten and sent flying.

Gray uses his Ice Magic against Ultear, but she merely laughs at his feeble attempts. She has been learning all this time how to kill Ul, she hates her. Ice Magic will not work on her form of Lost Magic as it disintegrates the ice. Unperturbed, Gray pushes on, knowing that Ultear’s hatred of her mom is misplaced and that the magic taught by Ul will get to her. He slices himself and infuses his ice with his blood. It is a counter! She cannot disintegrate human blood!

She, in turn, uses Ice Make: Rozen Kronen on Gray, the same magic and style as Ul. All is not lost in Grays eyes. He never imagined that he will ever see Ul’s magic again. He pulls her, and they eventually fall off a cliff into the ocean.

Breaking the fall

Breaking the fall

Ultear was abandoned by her mother as a child at a magic facility. She was used as a lab rat, electrocuted on a daily basis to test the limits of her magic. But, she was so distraught, she managed to break out of the facility herself to find her mother. Zero allows her to run free, knowing the deception he had planted earlier will bring her back to him on her on free will. Ultear finds her mother, with two younger boys Gray and Lyon, in her stead. Ul was happy.

Ultear left, unforgiving. She returned to the Magic Bureau but eventually turns their magic against them as she takes down the place. Later, she meets Hades and learns of Zeref, who is capable of creating a World of Great Magic and in return, give her the happiness she seeks. She will stop at nothing to attain/create this World of Great Magic.

Unbeknown to them, Gray and Ultear falls into the ocean where Ur’s shattered ice body drifted out Galuna Island. Underwater, Ultear hears her mother’s voice and feels her mother’s memories. There was too much magic in little Ul’s body, as a child, and she had fallen gravely ill. Ur took her to the Magic Bureau to receive healing, but instead of healing her, the tested her. Worse, the later told Ul that her beloved daughter died. As Ultear feels the love her mother bore fore her, her choke hold on revenge and pain dissipates. She admits defeat to Gray, however, warns him of Master Hades. Fairy Tail is no match against him. But they are not alone!

Gray stumbles weakly (after his tremendous exertion of power against Ultear) towards Master Hades. He falls, but just as well, the battle weary Erza too finds him and together they move towards the mother ship. On their way, they meet Natsu’s attack team. Team Natsu is whole once again.

Team Natsu

Team Natsu

The team splits into two: the cats to find the source of the ship and destroy it, while the humans seek out Master Hades.

The awaiting and bemused Master Hades smirks at Makarov’s foot soldiers’ audacity. Upon seeing the dark guild’s master, Team Natsu immediately attacks him, but Hades easily evades it. Instead he teaches the brats a lesson of respecting their elders. They try their attack again, this time in sync: Unison Raid, which pushes Hades off a bit, but not a scratch is made.

Suddenly, Hades’ magic changes and the wizards brace themselves for the worse. Wendy is vaporized without a trace. Luckily for her, Lucy’s clock Horologium self activates to save Wendy. But Hades laughs at their feeble attempt.

After all, he is the second master of Fairy Tail after Mavis, Purehito. The one who appointed Makarov as the next master of the Guild. Makarov exposed the guild to too much light, changing what Purehito had in mind for the future of his guild.

Faulting Makarov, Hades shoots magic bullets and maims the wizards. As Natsu is continuously pummeled, suddenly lightning hits the ship. The prodigal (grand)son, Laxus has returned. He was on his way to visit the grave of Mavis, but found Purehito instead.

Laxus the Lightning Slayer

Laxus the Lightning Slayer

Laxus throws everything he’s got to Master Hades, but nothing sticks. Worse, Laxus is gravely injured, but he manages to transfer his lightning magic to Natsu before falling. Natsu, fused with not only his fire but Laxus’ lightning, and his anger towards Hades, rushes towards him with a hundred fold payback: the Thunder Flame Dragon punch!

Even with the added power of Laxus’ lightning, Hades just brushes it off. In fact, he decides to end things for the youngsters. He pulls off the eye patch, revealing the devil’s eye, and awakens the true depths of his power; summoning monsters from the abyss. Things are looking grim for the powerless and fearful Team Natsu, but knowing that they are in it together and having people they love counting on them, to call on their reserve.

The snooping cats, Happy, Charle and Panther Lily, find the mechanical heart of the ship and proceed to destroy it. This turns out to be Hades’ power source and brings down the former Master of Fairy Tail. The ship blows up and Hades’ power slowly disseminates, thus allowing Team Natsu to finally defeat the now powerless Master Hades. However, the unfortunate kitties have a hoard of enemy combatants chasing them towards Team Natsu. Fortuitously for the drained mages, the rest of the Fairy Tail wizards, led by Makarov arrive as backup. The army, seeing Hades down and the new emerging backup, retreat.

Simultaneously, the tree of Tenroujima regrows with the help of Ultear who uses her magic to reverse time.

Makarov acknowledges and gives credit to his returning grandson, Laxus, but chastises him for returning to the island as he is no longer a member of the guild. Hades pushes for Makarov to finish him, warning him that letting him live will result in his return to accomplish his goal of destroying the guild.  Instead, Makarov questions his reason for falling to darkness.

“Magic, is darkness,” came the reply. “The world of Great Magic is the real world. Therefore he needs to resurrect Zeref to do that.” With that, Hades leaves with his ship and his remaining men: Rusty Rose and Hikari Kain as the Fairy Tail wizards regroup back at camp. Juvia finally meets up with them and breaks the news that she lost Zeref.

Unfortunately for the Fairy Tails, Zeref is onboard Hades’ ship (much to his delight). The worlds is at it’s knees now. Acnologia, the black dragon, will be released.  Master Hades immediately looks for the “keys” to awaken Zeref.

“There is no need for that,” was the unemotionally response. ” He was never asleep, thus, there is no need for an “awakening.” Four hundred years ago, he saw death. But one fateful day, he learned the value of life. So he fights, all the time, to hold back his magic. It was them, the Grimoire Heart, that unleashed Acnologia. This will be their undoing and their deaths.

Elsewehere, Ultear reunites with Meredy – on a boat. Meredy questions Ultear if she was the one who destroyed her village. She admits the deed, but softens the blow by explaining that she had the full intention of letting her know.

“I won’t ask for your forgiveness. But I’m sorry,” she solemnly and dejectedly confesses. “You can kill me. But you don’t have to dirty your hands. I will kill myself for your happiness. I love you, Meredy.” With that admission, she throws herself into the sea, where her own mother is. However, Meredy isn’t ready to let Ultear go. She saves her telling her to go on living…together.

At camp, the Fairy Tail mages rejoice at their win (and recover), not knowing that a greater evil looms over them. Makarov postpones the S-Class exam, much to everyone’s disappointment (especially Natsu’s), and Cana finally tells Gildards that he is her father (but not before apologizing to Lucy for abandoning her).

The appearance of the black dragon, Acnologia

The appearance of the black dragon, Acnologia

As the guild members pack up to leave for home, without Laxus even though Ezra puts in a good word for him, a foreboding figure overshadow them. A dragon’s roar ripple throughout the island, and Gildarts immediately warns them that this is the black dragon that tore him apart. This is one fight they have to abandon. They survive by escaping it. Makarov orders his children to leave the island as he hunkers down to take on the dragon. Leaving against their will, Natsu finally turns around, unwilling to let the master sacrifice himself. The rest return to aid as Mavis watches. As the dragon prepares for his final attack, the guild members encircle each other, while combining their powers to protect their land and each other. The dragon takes out the island by sinking it.

Fairy Tail vs. Acnologia

Fairy Tail vs. Acnologia

On December 16, 784, Teroujima is annihilated in a blink of an eye by the black dragon,  Acnologia. The search for survivors go on for 6 months, but nothing turns up. Seven years pass.

X791, Fairy Tail’s new master is Macao and the guild is down on its knees, with its strongest members gone, being pushed around by and indebted to the Twilight Ogre. However, change is in the air. Ichiya and the Tri-men (Hibiki, Ken and Eve) of Blue Pegasus show up to the guild, telling them they have just found a change in the magical energy around the waters where Tenroujima once stood. At sea, the winds quiet down by the island, and the search team sees a woman standing in the waters – Master Mavis! She leads them to the island, where they soon find Natsu’s body together with the rest of the missing guild members. They haven’t aged one day, while the remaining members back at the guild has gone through seven painful years. Mavis  had cast a defensive spell, Fairy Sphere, which froze time for seven years. They return to the guild, in time to drive away the bullies of Twilight Ogre.

Life has gone on without the rest of the guild members for seven years. Little Romeo, Macao’s son, is now a young man capable of using the blue flames. Macao, much to his chagrin, holds on as the Master of the guild. Bisac and Alzack are married, and even have a daughter, Asuka. In their absence, Lamia Scale became the number 2 guild of the Magic World. A little troubling fact is, Zeref is not only still alive, but a new threat to them.

Fairy Tail is in dire financial straits. Fortunately for Lucy, her landlady kept her place for the pass 7 years. Unfortunately for her, she owes rent for the lapse time. Looking for money, Lucy heads out to find her father, only to discover that he died a month ago. All this time, he never gave up hope looking for her. She returns home, and sees the pristine condition it has been kept and what’s more, gifts delivered every year for her birthday, by her father, including one new delivery that morning. In it, is rent money for the seven years. Her father, whom she thought didn’t love her, truly cared for her.

So the guild members know what they have to do. Earn money to keep the guild afloat. So they set on on missions/jobs. The first for Team Natsu is to capture Velveno, an escape convict, capable of turning to anyone and mimicking the opponent’s magic. The employer is the wealthy Count Balsamico who intends to marry off his daughter, Aceto, in a ball. The twist of the festivities is this: whomsoever gets the family ring, gets Aceto. Velveno, true to his craft, swipes the family jewel under their noses, and his true intentions were to propose and win over Aceto, whom he had loved for a while. In doing so, he wins the girl, but the mages lose their reward for the job.

Next, they meet the “Jiggle Butt Gang” while escorting gold, which they deliver successfully.

One day, a beautiful blond comes into Magnolia, looking for Lucy and claims to be her “younger” sister. Michelle Lobster brings a trunk of memento from Jude Heartfilia, Lucy’s late father. It was his last request that this was put safely in Lucy’s hands. When Lucy opens it, they see a mummified staff-like instrument encased in the trunk. Soon, the staff activates by itself. Since Levy and Freed have left on missions, and the rest can’t decipher runes, they decide to wait for the code masters to return before moving forward. In the meantime, Macao investigates Michelle’s background and finds out that the Lobsters were a rich plantation family.

When Levy returns to the guild, she decodes the runs, discovering that it is a hand of a legendary clock that passes through generations. The hand is etched with the words, “Time is etched and then chaos descends,” which not surprisingly, Lucy has heard before. She finally finds the corresponding book of those words, in the library of her late father. Unfortunately for them, someone else come for the Lucy and the hand too: (Mary) Hughes, Sugarboy and Coco of Edolas.

Sugarboy, Mary Hughes & Coco of Edolas

Sugarboy, Mary Hughes & Coco of Edolas

Hughes redirects all the magic thrown at her, while Sugarboy saps the magic of all of them with his green goop.

In the chaos, Michelle passes herself off as Lucy, and so do the rest of the guild females, thus confusing the three intruders. This allows Lucy and Michelle to escape with the hand, but Hughes pursues them forces them off the cliff.

Meanwhile, Natsu takes on Sugar Boy and Byro of the Legion Corps, a group of religious crusaders working for the Archbishop of Zentopia. They seek Lucy’s clock hand (not knowing that what she had with her was it). When all of Natsu’s attacks are negated by Byro, Gildarts appears as reinforcement. Their fight has no winning end as Gray and Erza come to Natsu and Gildarts’ assistance. Even Wendy, Charle and Panter Lily are kept busy by Coco. However, all is lost when Hughes captures Lucy, realizes the item that they are seeking is right in front of them, and signals the rest to retreat.

With Lucy back with them, Team Natsu heads out to Heartfilia’s Mansion to search for clues. The girls head to the stately library and find an empty book that is addressed to Lucy, “To my Daughter.” After finding an anagram in the message (Great Myths), she then finds an enchanted pictured book she loved as a child called “Key of the Starry Heavens,” written by Will Neville.

Children's book - key to the heavens

Children’s book – key to the heavens

Before they can leave with the book, Samuel, the Legion’s Exceed leader, and Dan Straight, his knight, attack them.

Samuel, Dan Straight and his shield Ricochet

Samuel, the Legion’s Exceed, Dan Straight and his shield Ricochet

However, Dan falls in love at first sight/fight with Lucy. As Ezra and Natsu holds off Dan, the girls make a dash for it. Unfortunately, Samuel catches up, steals the book and memorizes its content before discarding it back to them. Having no need for them, they take leave, but not before Dan shrinks Natsu.

The roles reversed

The roles reversed

They return to the guild to regroup and decipher the message of the book. The book is about a young girl who goes in search of 6 keys to bring happiness. She goes on different journeys seeking these keys and finally brings them all together at a church. All the places mentioned in the book are true existing places, ancient ruins, of which Lucy researched on as a child. The keys then represents the different clock parts. But Makarov warns them that bringing all parts together could bring forth chaos, as suggested by the rhyme on Lucy’s memento from her father. To facilitate a faster resolution, Ezra suggests that the group splits up to search for the parts.

Team 1 consists of Levy,  Jet, Droy, Panter Lily and Gajeel (up on the mountains).
Team 2: Juvia, Gray and the third wheel, Lyon (in the dessert).
Team 3 (at sea): Michelle, Lucy, Natsu, Happy and Romeo.
Team 4: Ezra, Wendy, Charle and Cana (stopping for a picnic).
Team 5: Elfman, Lisanna and Mirajane.

As they leave, so does the entire “world” trekking the going ons of the clock parts. Team Natsu is warned by archeologists to stop their search. The parts are dispersed at different ruins for a reason. However, seeing their determination, the archeologists leave a parting gift for them by returning Natsu to his original form.

Team Natsu, after sailing at sea, lands in the dessert and finds an underground labyrinth of floating stones, clues, moving statues and even deeper, a tomb. They are waylaid by Coco and Dan, and a battle ensues in the crypt between the boys. Natsu’s attacks are ricocheted back at him and worse, hits him. One throws him off their location and sends him hurling off.

Straight up hiding behing a shield

Straight up hiding behing a shield

Lucy and Coco get separated from the others after falling through a secret door as Lucy tries to save Coco. As the girls fumble their way through the hole, they begin to form a momentary truce and friendship. At a dead end, Coco unwittingly brings down the “ceiling” on them, but she goes to Lucy’s rescue, and loses consciousness in the process.

Trust the little girl to save the big buffalo

Trust the little girl to save the big buffalo

Lucy, unhurt, sees her friends above and rescues the fallen Coco before leaving with the rest to get to the clock part. They make their way to a chapel and begin to look for clues for the missing treasure there. The tossed Natsu ends up in the chapel, with Dan chasing after him.  With the help of his friends, Dan is defeated and the clock part is revealed in the underground church.

There he reveals that he’s from a family of knights that protect the church. Just as Dan and Coco finally breaks, Byro appears with Lucy’s clock hand and chastises and renounces them by attacking his fellow comrades. He reveals to Natsu’s team that under the orders of the archbishop of Zentopia, the Legion is gathering and safeguarding the clock parts from a Guild that seeks to assemble it to form the Infinity Clock, which in turn will lead to doomsday.

But, finding their motives suspicious, Team Natsu continue their attack on Byro while protecting Dan and Coco. Even as Byro overpowers the youngsters, their determination moves Coco to switch sides, thus affectively betraying the Legion.

Team Gray uncovers a ruins in a parallel dimension with the clock part hidden in it. Sugarboy awaits them there, as the duo fight for the clock part. Gray comes out victorious as they all get transported back to Edolas.

Team Ezra-Wendy gets to the magic library, only to have the Jiggle Butt Gang (JBG) lying in wait for them. They are only too happy to be reunited with Wendy. However, Erza distracts and disciplines them while Cana and Charle goes in search of the clock part. When the JBG decides to repay Erza for her teachings with their highly toxic flatulence, which travels to Cana, she in turn tries to evade it and ends up accidentally falls into a hidden bookcase and finds the part. They haul it back with Erza’s over-the-top caravan.

Simultaneously, Team Levy-Gajeel reaches the top of the mountain. However, they are waylaid by Samuel the Legionnaire Exceed. The fight between Panther Lily and Samuel breaks out while Levy and the rest go in search for the clock part. They dig and finally fall into a cavern and there they find the clock face. After Samuel’s lost in the fight, he moves with the team.

Elsewhere Elfman and his sisters stumble upon another clock part but are stopped by Mary Hughes who tries to steal it from them. She extracts Mirajane’s Satan Soul from her body and uses it against her siblings. In her anguish, she releases “Halphas” – the one forbidden by Makarov, and comes out victorious.

Mirajane taking on the fight herself

Mirajane taking on the fight herself

As Byro is about to defeat Natsu, the rest of the guild members arrive with their found treasure, guided to the crypt when the clock parts react to each other. But with all size parts gathered in one spot, the Infinity Clock begins to assemble itself, and the revived Oración Seis appears!

New Oración Seis

New Oración Seis: Cobra, Grim Reaper, Racer, Brain II, Angel & Jackpot

Midnight, the new Brain II, now leads the dark guild to defeat both Fairy Tail and Legion in order to destroy everything and bring forth total chaos. Brain II is joined by Cobra, Angel, Racer, Grim Reaper (Erigor of Eisenwald) and Jackpot. Overpowered by the dark guild, the Fairy Tail mages are saved by Blue Pegasus as Oración Seis takes off with the Infinity Clock.

Upon returning home, Lucy rereads the Key of the Starry Heavens, and realizes that her job with the block hand was not to reassemble it, but to prevent it’s unification. With that, they set out to right the wrong, not knowing that the Infinity Clock is not complete – yet.

The Infinity Clock’s power will only be completed through the destruction of churches.

Cana uses her divination to split the mages up in order to seek them out and to stop the destruction. Kinana, their newest and “found lost” member goes in a trance and tells them not to “waste time” and etches ancient potamelian writings on the wall. As Levy studies it, she realizes that the ancient characters speaks of Will Neville, the author of Key of the Starry Heavens. It seems he was not only Zentopia’s Cardinal (who later became an author), but was also the first contractor of the Celestial Spirits. He had many disciples, of which was noted in a book and it secrets known only by a priest.

The new teams are formed, consisting of:

• Team 1: Gray and Fried

• Team 2: Ezra, Evegreen and the lone male, Max Alors (the social director of Fairy Tail)

• Team 3: Gajeel and Juvia (who protects this combination and insists on being paired with Gray)

• Team 4: Bickslow and Wendy

• Team 5: The Exceeds – Happy, Charle and Panther Lily

• Team 6: Natsu, Lucy, Michelle and Elfman

Elsewhere, at the Legion’s base, Coco is held up as a prisoner for her betrayal and a new member, Guttman Kubrick (the cleaner) is introduced from its Forbidden Cell of Zentopia’s main prison. He uses rupture magic. Dan pleads with the Cardinal Lapointe (Rapowant) to release Coco if they should succeed in there mission. The Cardinal is later seen with Lahar of the Magic Council, questioning his hand in the recent escape of the imprisoned Oración Seis. It seems that when they were incarcerated, someone from the church were constantly visiting them. Brushing off Lahar, the Cardinal makes a visit with a imprisoned priest (a survivor from a destroyed church), who is held with Coco. When the priest refuses to tell who the disciples of Neville are, he is tortured to death.

Lahar enlists the help of Dranbalt (Mest Gryder), who has retired over his inability to aid the Fairy Tail mages on Tenrou Island (he can’t get over abandoning Wendy and the rest). They soon meet with Katjia, one of many celestial wizards (and descendant of one of Will Neville’s disciples) tasked with guarding an unknown being that Oración Seis is seeking. However, they are stopped by Racer and after fighting Dranbalt, uses the Anti-Link spell to permanently sever Katja’s power (thus weakening the seal to their target).

Meanwhile, Gildarts and Laki are off to investigate the long-abandoned plantation of Michelle’s family. There they find a church filled with artificial priests and nuns created out of wood and mud working for Zentopia. Digging deeper in the abandoned church, they find a comatose body of a girl – Michelle! Who then is the Michelle Lobster with Natsu’s team?

The teams soon meet their nemesis. Team 6-Natsu is stopped by by Jackpot aka Klodoa (the Magical staff used by Brain). While Bickslow and Wendy are attacked by Grim Reaper (Erigor of Eisenwald), the strongest member of the new Oración Seis who can manipulate wind and storm magic. After much beating, Wendy manages to defeat Grim Reaper and restores his memories that were altered.

Brainwashed Grim Reaper - Erigor

Brainwashed Grim Reaper – Erigor of Eisenwald

Gajeel and Juvia happen upon two members of the Legion: Guttman Kubrick and Mary Hughes destroying a church. But as Mary Hughes voices her dissent, Guttman Kubrick begins to torture her and even tries to kill her. Gajeel and Juvia immediately save her. Elsewhere, Gray and Fried are stopped by Angel, while Erza’s team is attacked by Cobra.

Soon, the members of Oración Seis stop their attacks on the Fairy Tail mages to finish their mission: casting Anti-Links on celestial wizards hidden in churches, which will completely lift the seal on the Infinity Clock’s true form: a massive clockwork dreadnought. With that, Michelle Lobster posted with Team Natsu reveals herself as a member of the dark guild, by the name of Imitatia. Furthermore, she also has authority as the archbishop (bestowed upon her by the real figure), thus forcing Byro to complete his mission by returning with Lucy.

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