High School of the Dead

High School of the Dead (学園黙示録, Gakuen Mokushiroku “Academy Apocalypse”) began as a manga series written by Daisuke Sato and illustrated by Shouji Sato since September 2006. It was on hiatus since 2008, but has since resumed with issue 24 on March 2010. An anime adaptation by Madhouse aired on July 5, 2010 with a total of 12 episodes. It was shown in Japan and simulcasted in the US through Anime Network.

There is an opening theme. Each episode has different ending themes sung by Kurosaki Maon:

1. “HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD” by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets
2. “Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda Hi (君と太陽が死んだ日)” by Kurosaki Maon

A deadly virus overtakes the world, turning humans into zombies. In Fujimi High School, a few students: including the survivor of the initial outbreak, Komuro Takashi, and childhood sweetheart Rei, together with the school nurse join forces to survive the apocalypse. In trying to survive, Takashi, is forced to kill his best friend, Hisashi. Hisashi coincidentally Rei’s boyfriend and is particularly smart. After he is bitten and infected while protecting Rei, Takashi kills him after he turns into a zombie.

He realizes, the only way to kill a zombie is to smash its head into smithereens.

July 5, 2010, ep. 1: Spring of the Dead

Miyamoto Rei has always had a crush on Komuro Takashi. As children, they promised each other to be the other’s mate for life. But Takashi begins to distance himself from Rei, causing her to fall for his best friend, Hisashi, instead.

Moping from their recent fight, Takashi watches from the school’s rooftop as four teachers deter a stranger from entering the school grounds. As soon as Tejima Sensei sticks his hand out of the gate, he is bitten and drops dead. Not a moment too soon, and that same teacher, who is presumably dead, awakens and begins attacking the rest of the teachers. Takashi sees a problematic situation arising before his eyes. He rushes into class (late) and drags Rei and Hisashi out from class before the panic sets in.

Not a moment too soon and the intercom buzzes announcing an emergency on the school grounds. Before the intercom goes dead, the students and the faculty hear the announcer being eaten alive. The school erupts in a widespread panic as every student runs out in fear of their lives. Soon the school becomes a feeding ground, and an infestation of zombies begin.

The trio tries to get to the rooftop, but on the way there, Hisashi is bitten while saving Rei. Takashi picks up a bat and bashes the zombie teacher’s head. They escape to the roof and barricade themselves there. They finally see the carnage below them. The entire city is under attack. Blackhawks are sent in, not to save them, but to combat the outbreak of zombies. Soon, Hisashi succumbs to his injury as he slowly turns into a living dead. Not wanting to be an undead, he pleads with Takashi to take his life.

Ending theme: “Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda Hi (君と太陽が死んだ日)” by Kurosaki Maon

July 12, 2010, ep. 2: Escape from the Dead

Takagi Saya and Hirano Kohta are classmates and two more survivors trying to avoid death by zombies. Takagi thinks of herself a genius and looks down upon the overweight Hirano. She surmises that calling the police is useless, because they would have been the first that survivors would contact. Unfortunately, they do not hear sirens, which means the police is gone too. She also deduces that the zombies are only reacting to sound. They cannot feel or hear as she tests them with a wet rag. Hirano finally proves himself useful when he alters a nail gun at the school’s workshop into a machine gun. He demonstrates his skills as a gun expert and a skilled marksman.

Takagi & HIrano

Book smart meets street smart: Takagi & Hirano

Meanwhile, Rei calls her father on an emergency line, only to hear gunshots and him not realizing it was her on the other end of the line. He manages to tell her that the city is in a panic before the line is cut off. Together with Takashi, they water hose their way down from the roof. Rei proves herself as capable of protecting herself when she uses she sojutsu (Spear Technique) to take down a few zombies on the way. They will try to make it back to his home, as he worries about his mother who is also a teacher.

In the mean time, kendo club president Busujima Saeko saves the ditsy and extra clumsy school nurse, Marikawa Shizuka from the zombies. Saeko is a senior of the school and the calmest of the lot. She is also very skilled with a bokken and close combat. The pair tries to get to the faculty room to get the keys of the school, but are waylaid by more zombies.


Shizuka, the ultimate dumb blond with the humongous papayas

However, Hirano’s ammo is quickly depleted. Takagi is forced to defend herself when a zombie comes up from behind. With a shrill scream, she leads the rest of the other surviving teams to her. She takes a chainsaw on that zombie and is momentarily disturbed by the scene after that.

They will soon learn that they outbreak is worse than they thought as they make their way to Takashi’s place.

Ending theme: “Color Me Dark” by Kurosaki Maon

July 19 , 2010, ep. 3: Democracy Under the Dead

News of the outbreak begins to spread like wildfire. Civilians are told to remain inside their house. The pandemic has spread worldwide: in US the White House has been evacuated, Russia, Beijing, London and other major cities in the world have declared state of emergencies. Within a few hours, chaos has erupted. It is like an outbreak of a disease; the Spanish Influenza and the Black Plague of the 14th century where a third of Europe perished. Medical logic will not apply to these living dead. Where ever they escape to, it will be crucial for their survival.

The students of Fujimi High School must make a plan. They will form a team to strengthen their chances of survival. They (Takashi/Rei, Takagi/Hirano, Saeko/Shizuka) decide to leave the school grounds. As they fight their way out of the staff room, they meet other survivors, consisting of two guys and two girls. Saeko tells them they should not engage in useless fights and conserve their energy and ammo instead. Takashi tests Takagi’s theory of the zombies being sensitive only to sound. He sneaks up on the zombies, with his bat in hand ready to beat them senseless. A zombie approaches him and walks past him without so much as flinching. He picks up a discarded shoe and throws it at a door on the opposite end. That causes the distraction while the rest slowly sneaks out the main door of the school. However, one of the earlier rescues, Takuzo, accidentally hits his weapon on the railing causing the zombies to head to them. It is time to RUN!

They will have to make it out of the school grounds and find a safe haven away from these ravenous monsters!

They reach the courtyard of the school, but Takuzo is taken down. Naomi, one of the other girls, goes back for him. They get on the bus, but as they are about to pull out, another group of survivors appears. Rei tells them not to stop for that particular teacher and his group, as they will regret their actions. Takashi clears the way for them. On the way to the bus, the teacher beats up a student who has sprained his ankle, leaving him to the zombies. They make their escape into the city, and the new teacher, Shido, immediately tells them they need a leader to survive. As he is the “teacher” and they are all students, he smugly appoints himself as the only suitable choice in leading the group. They pass through the city, which has become a ghost town except for the occasional stumbling zombie.

Shizuka, who is driving the bus, suggests they head to Komuro, her friend’s place. But the rest of the new group wants to just barricade themselves in a small shop. After Shido appoints himself, Rei will not abide by that choice. She leaves the bus in protest as Takashi goes after her. Soon, a bus filled with zombies careen towards them. The bus blocks the entrance to a tunnel, where Rei and Takashi are in, while the rest are on the other side of the bus. Takashi yells to Saeko, telling them they will meet at the East police station at 7pm if not today, then the next day.

Takashi and Rei makes a mad dash off to the other side of the tunnel, but are attacked by a biker zombie. Lucky for Takashi, the zombie has a full-headed helmet on and Rei comes to his rescue.

Ending theme: “Return to Destiny” by Kurosaki Maon

July 25, 2010, ep. 4: Running in the Dead

The anime is doomed to have an early demise. It’s only the fourth episode and they are recapping previous events like it is so hard to follow – in the perspective of Takashi.

The bus survivors head towards the bridge, just as the rest of remaining survivors of the city do too, causing  a massive traffic jam and making everyone a sitting duck. Policemen are at hand to tell everyone to leave their vehicles as crossing the bridge will be dangerous. In the bus, Shido hugs the terrified female students as Takagi and Saeko watches in disgust.

Rei’s father, a police detective, was investigating a corruption in connection with Shido’s father. To punish her father, Shido failed Rei, forcing her to repeat a grade, thus falling behind Saeko, who is the same year as her.

In any case, Takashi and Rei weave through the city on their newly acquired bike in the middle of the night and stumble upon a police car with its dead occupants. Rei gathers a gun, cuffs and ammo from the officers. Soon, they stop to refuel at a gas station, but neither have any cash with them. Takashi runs into the store to break into the till, not knowing that they are being watched. Silently, the watcher approaches Rei and captures her. She lets out a scream, which sends Takashi running to her. The survivor who has Rei at knife point, has lost his sanity after being forced to kill his own family. He reasons that since he is the sole survivor, he would need a female to repopulate the earth. He holds her hostage, and even begins sexually assaulting her while Takashi tries to reason with him. He refuels the bike and throws away his steel bat (causing an echo to ripple across the quiet city) at the request of the survivor. Instead of giving up his girl, Takashi finally shoots him and leaves him to die at the hands of the approaching insatiable zombies.

Ending theme: “Cold Bullet Blues” by Kurosaki Maon

Aug. 2, 2010, ep. 5: Streets of the Dead

Finally, the government is doing something, but that too is for the benefit of the politicians and their family. Anti-terrorist snipers, led by Minami Rika, pull their weight in assisting commercial airplanes leave Tokyo from Kansai International Airport.

Elsewhere, Takagi (genius), Hirano (gun aficionado), Saeko (kendo expert) and Shizuka (school nurse) desert the bus and Shido’s leadership after having enough of his lecherous and demented looks and cult-like following from the adoring students. They realize they have to keep moving onwards, since they are all sitting ducks headed towards the Onbetsu Bridge, the bridge that has been blocked off by the police. Shido tries to stop them, by forcing Shizuka to leave, as he ogles her buxom physique, only to have Hirano fire his makeshift nail gun at him. Shido backs off cowardly, as the girls leave the bus, with Saeko’s panties flashing, giving him the last look at what he would be missing.  Escaping one battle scene unscathed, they are soon bombarded by more zombies.

Meanwhile, Takashi and Rei bulldoze their way through the city, which has turned into a war zone.  Civilians have gone crazy and violent, making it dangerous for survivors and zombies alike. Soon, the pair discovers that they too can’t cross the bridges as all of them have been blocked to prevent the infected (and non-infected) from going through and infecting the rest. Those that sneak through are hosed off the bridge with a water pump.

Just as each group wonders where the other is, they meet by chance when Takashi and Rei come to their rescue as they are cornered and attacked by zombies. As Hirano runs out of nail ammo, Takashi hurls him his police gun, while aiding Saeko in taking out the rest of the zombies.

Keanu action

Keanu's style of dodging bullets

After the fanfare, Shizuka suggests putting up a night at a friend’s place nearby. Her friend, Minami Rika, is coincidentally the same lady who led the SAT squad of the country’s top 5 snipers in evacuating the civilians at the airport earlier. She will be meeting Shizuka soon enough. With the promise of clean bath, convenient store and a huge car to carry them all, Takashi and Shizuka head to the apartment to scout it out first and to retrieve the car to transport everyone else there.

So begins Takashi’s journey with an extra large pair of breasts pressed up tightly against his back. This must be every teenage boy’s dream… sex and violence.

Ending theme: “Memories of Days Gone By” by Kurosaki Maon

Aug. 9, 2010, ep. 6: In the Dead of the Night

The news crew are on the bridge where the police has set up their barricade. Within two days of the outbreak, an estimated 2 million are dead (or turned).  At the blockades, civilians and zombies alike put pressure on the police on duty. Soon, the chief receives an order that gives them full control of the situation if things get out of hand. Conspiracy theorists hold a rally at the blockade protesting that the outbreak is caused by a biological weapons released by the US and Japanese government. To maintain order and with no additional backup, the policemen are pressured into using deadly force against the protesters and zombies alike.

Elsewhere, Takashi’s group reaches Rika’s apartment building that is surrounded by zombies. They enter the apartment safely and regroup. The girls clean up, while Takashi and Hirano break into Rika’s weapon and ammunition vault. Hirano gets excited seeing the array of weapons at his disposal. He tells Takashi of his one month trip to America training with an ex-Delta force commander. The weapons are a dream come true for this skilled marksman.

This must be fun - toys for the boys

Toys for the boys while the girls play in the tub

Their calm lasts just about a minute as Rei and Shizuka go into a drunken stupor. Shizuka tries to grab Takashi’s little brother, but he evades her. She goes for Hirano, gives him a little peck on the cheek, and he has a nose bleed. Soon, she dozes off while Hirano walks around in a daze. Takashi carries her to the couch, and unwittingly grabs her bare bottom while piggy-backing her to the living room. Rei enters in a drunken stupor, as she too begins to hit on him, only to slowly unravel with everything that has happened. He manages to hold both Shizuka and Rei off, setting them off to sleep in the living room as he forages for food.

It seems there is no relief even in the kitchen! Takashi finds a barely dressed Saeko, in an apron and a G-string, cooking up dinner and the next day’s meal. She apologizes for her state of undress, as Rei awakens and calls for Takashi. She excuses Rei, telling him that girls like to pretend to be helpless to gain the affection of another. Does that apply to her?

In any case, she tells him to stop being so formal and call her by her given name instead.

Time for a little action

For every action

He runs up the stairs to Rei as she begins to ramble. She admits that Hisashi was very kind to her, unlike the aloof Takashi, who always manages to avoid and distance himself from her. Hisashi cared for her. That’s why she took to Hisashi. It helped that he wasn’t bad on the eyes either. But Takashi has enough of the comparisons knowing he cannot live up to his dead friend’s legacy, and worse yet, he killed him. The guilt is too much to bear.

Enraged, he screams, “Stop bringing up his name! I’m not him.”

In the heat of the moment, the two lost souls, wanting companionship, are drawn to each other. (Rather conveniently too: she in her state of undress and he all bent out of shape from being compared to his best friend) She sees him as she has always seen him, a kind soul who she has never stopped caring for. And he, probably, sees her as a very willing and hot participant, but hopefully for who she really is.

Getting a little action

…there is a reaction (even though it is not aimed at the same person)

Ending theme: “Under the Honey Shrine” by Kurosaki Maon

Aug. 16, 2010, ep. 7: Dead Night and the Dead Ruck

Inside the safety of the apartment, the girls  enjoy their rest and few minutes of peace. Outside, hell breaks loose. A barking dog outside the apartment soon attracts the attention of the zombies. Oddly enough, the zombies have no reaction towards the alerting dog. To detract the attention from the apartment, Saeko turns off the lights.

Making Takashi hot

Making Takashi hot & bothered…again

Laying low, the on guard Hirano and Takashi see a man trying to find a shelter for his 7-year-old daughter, Alice Maresato. She asks for her mother, only to be told they are “meeting later.” He sees a house with lights on, and goes to them seeking shelter. They open the door after he threatens to break it. Unfortunately, he is stabbed by a makeshift spear: knife attached to a rod, when the door opens. Young Alice watches in horror as her father goes down. Their earlier ruckus draws the attention of the zombies, and her screams draw even more towards her. With his dying breath, he tells Alice to hide so that no one finds her. The earlier noise dog comes to her protection.

Hirano, who earlier said he was going to abandon everyone just to survive, begins to snipe out the zombies as they encircle Alice. It’s a little girl! Takashi goes to her rescue about a block away, while Hirano provides sniper support. The girls are awaken to pack up, refuel and get ready to move, while Takashi picks up the little girl. As Takagi coordinates the move, she exasperatedly tells a sleepy Shizuka, “For the love of God, put on some clothes already,” as Hirano faints at her nakedness.

Takashi takes the bike towards Alice as he realizes even after this, they are all still capable of compassion and humanity.

Alice protected by Zeke

Alice protected by Zeke

Takashi gets to the house, but the bike crashes onto the wall when it hits a mountain of corpses. Realizing Takashi is there to protect her, Alice warns him of a zombie behind him. Meanwhile, the awaken and sniping Hirano realizes Takashi can no longer return with the mutilated bike. Shizuka tells them they will get to him instead. Takashi realizes that his group has to come for him, but yet, he still has to leave the death pit before they can reach him. With Alice on his back, and the dog in front, he climbs on the narrow walls to advance their position.

Soon, he sees the Humvee approaching them with Saeko still in her apron and G-string coming to his aid. Even Hirano manages to work while two pairs of boobs hover over his face. Takashi and his wards finally get on board.

Once reassembled, they head towards the other side of the river in Rika’s Humvee. Tougher days lie ahead of them as they cross the river to get to their families.

Ending theme: “Fuss Fuzz” by Kurosaki Maon

Aug. 23, 2010, ep. 8: The Dead Way Home

The zombies penetrates Air Force One after the First Lady is bitten and takes down the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the President of the United States. Before turning into zombies, the Chairman pleads with the president to launch the ICBMs while they are still coherent.

Elsewhere in Japan, Takashi’s team gets to the other side of the river, with no signs of survivors or zombies by the river bank. Hirano has taken Alice under his wing, as the tired Takashi sleeps with Rei and Saeko curled up against him. The girls are all still barely dressed. As their amphibious vehicle crosses the river, the girls and Takashi are woken up. The girls start changing into less gaudy pieces of coverings while the boys familiarize themselves with their new weapons, borrowed from Rika’s stash. Hirano teaches Takashi how to use a shotgun and tells of its power of spraying its bullets. After the girls are properly dressed to kill (literally), Rei gets a bayonet from Hirano as a weapon and as a shield.

The newly assembled team of concubines

The newly assembled team of concubines

The group votes to go to Takagi’s house because of its proximity, but she has to be prepared for the worse that has taken place. Inching forward, they realize they haven’t spotted one zombie yet. Rei and Takashi are on the roof on the Humvee as lookouts. It’s really too quiet. Suddenly they see a wire barrier and warns Shizuka who is unable to break due to the tires locking. The Humvee crashes into the barrier and throws Rei off. Immediately, their worse fears are realized as a horde of zombies approach them. Takashi has no choice but to use his newly acquired shotgun, but is unable to properly utilize it. Hirano gives on an immediate 101 on it as his aims becomes better, instead of wasting the bullets. Saeko backs the boys up. Soon they run out of ammo. Takashi, who is protecting an injured Rei, tells her, “Whatever it is, at least they can die together.” He embraces her and realizes she still has her bayonet. After getting another quick 101 on the weapon from Hirano, Takashi manages to kill a few more. Even Hirano runs out of ammo, and little Alice has to help.

Shizuka tries desperately to restart the Humvee, as the engine chokes. Takagi too will fight. Her house is just around the corner. But they are cornered. Zeke suddenly dashes out of the protection of the Humvee and grabs a zombie’s ankle. Seeing this, Takashi realizes what he has to do to keep the rest alive. Outnumbered, he clears a path and bats his way out of there, trying to lure the zombies away from the rest. Saeko goes with him too.

Hirano tries to put little Alice over the wire barrier while the rest of the “older” students stayed. Instead, she cries out to him telling them she doesn’t ever want to be alone again.

Soon, Takagi too will take on the role of a mother to an adoring Alice, who looks up to the group as her older brothers and sisters. Despite losing her parents to “them,” she still carries a cheerful and positive attitude. The group realizes that they will have to arm young Alice soon, so that she too can protect not only herself, but the group.

Takashi's Harem separated

Takashi's harem is separated

Just when the situation looked gloom, a group of firefighters arrive, led by Takagi’s mother.  Takashi and Saeko are separated from the group.

Ending theme: “The Place of Hope” by Kurosaki Maon

Aug. 30, 2010, ep. 9: The Sword and Dead

A squad of firemen hoses down the zombies approaching Takagi and the rest. Takagi’s mom rescues her and her friends. Satisfied that the girls are going to be fine, Saeko and Takashi deal with their amassing zombies. Before they leave, Takagi screams that they will be waiting for them at her mansion!

The formidable pair run around the neighborhood to reach the mansion. “If only we have a bike,” Takashi says, and they immediately find a bike store. Instead of helping themselves to a motorcycle, Saeko finds them an amphibious vehicle and set up shop  on a sand bank by the river. The stalking zombies crash down the stairs and slope leading down the embankment, but resume their slow stumble towards Saeko and Takashi after they recover. With a plan in mind, Takashi takes advantage of the amphibious nature of the vehicle, and drives into the river where the zombies cannot follow. However, Saeko gets drenched in the process. Wet t-shirt contest anyone?

Unable to reach them, the zombies leave the duo as they slowly drift towards the other side of the riverbank. The gentleman in Takashi finds his dry shirt for Saeko to change into. He doesn’t know which is worse – the clinging wet shirt or the bra-less tank top. In any case, to clear the tension, he tells her even through her tough stance, he has always seen her as a beautiful girl. Suddenly, he blurts out, “Do you like someone? I thought you would have…” and drifts off when he realizes how rude he may sound. (Cheating while the cat is away?)

She replies that she does have someone she likes, while looking at him at the same time. Er, dude, if you stop staring at her chest, maybe you can hear her telling you that the “someone” just may be you.
Moving on, Takashi heads to the park as the number of zombies grow. He immediately pulls the vehicle into the park’s fountain, drenching Saeko again.

“Do you like to make girls wet?”

After he tapes the vehicle to allow it to move independently, Saeko sees his brilliance. The vehicle will just spin around the fountain, attracting the attention of the zombies, while they make their escape. She immediately jumps into action with her bokutou to clear a safe path for them, but stops short when she sees two children zombies. Seeing this, Takashi who was looking at her in awe earlier, quickly goes to her rescue, and blows them away with his shotgun. Grabbing her by her hand, he whisks her away to hide out in a deserted shrine.

Making camp for the night, they barricade themselves in there. He begins to asks her what happened back there, but when she stoically looks at him, he drops the subject. Settling into the place, Takashi finds a real katana at the altar and gives it to Saeko.

Giving her space to change back into her dry uniform again, he rummages through his backpack for essentials. When she’s presentable, he pulls out their life saver, a portable toilet. Saeko finally laughs. She is relief and happy that of all people in their team, she is stuck with him. He doesn’t broach the earlier hiccup, knowing it is something too traumatic to share. But she finally opens up as he listens earnestly.

Her fears came rushing back seeing the “innocent” children. She did love someone, but she never told him. She never thought she was good enough.

Four years prior to the attack of the zombies, Saeko was attacked by an assailant intending to rape her. She escaped unharmed, but the man ended up with a broken femur and collar bone before the police arrived. It was never fear or self-defense, even though that was how it was covered up. She enjoyed every single moment of it, using her sword to beat the man into a pulp. In fact, she lured him in wanting to kill him. She was drunk with power. Her sadistic tendencies didn’t happen when the zombies attacked, unlike Takashi. It was intrinsic to her. That is her true nature. And her condition could be even worse now.

As they sit there silently staring at each other, taking in the new revelation, Takashi finally grabs Saeko’s hand. Slowly, he inches forward and kisses her.

Takashi taking the liberties without Rei around

Takashi taking the liberty of groping Saeko without Rei around

Cut to the following morning, the refreshed pair leaves the shrine. It will take them 20 minutes to get to Takagi’s. Suddenly, a swarm of zombies surround them. Saeko becomes paralyzed with fear again. Seeing this, instead of protecting her, Takashi embraces her from behind while groping her breast.

“No matter how tainted you are,” he speaks earnestly while squeezing her bosom, “I want you to live forever, because I think you’re the strongest woman I have ever known!”

Is there a need?

Surprised but happy, she thanks him for accepting her they way she is. She takes down a zombied shrine maiden followed by the rest of her crew. She enjoys her kill, and in fact, may have wetted herself from it.

They cut through the zombies, making their way to Takagi’s refuge. Before reaching their destination, she asks, “You’ll take responsibility for this?”

“Of course.”

Did I miss something? Did something happen in the shrine after the lips locked? Or is she talking about him man-handling her boobs?

Ending theme: “Jewel Spy” by Kurosaki Maon

Sept. 6, 2010, ep. 10: The Dead’s House Rules

Takashi and Saeko reach and settle into Takagi’s mansion, a heavily fortified fortress. Rei was injured from their last attack after Takashi used her body, particularly  her bosoms, to steady his rifle.

Takagi, however, has a tiff with her mother. Her parents had presumed Takagi’s death during the first outbreak, without even looking for her or ensuring her safety.

Gathering in Rei’s room, Team Takashi meet for the first time after their harrowing escape. First of, Takashi stops Takagi’s immature outburst, telling her to count her blessings knowing that her parents are alive. Realizing her selfishness to the group, Takagi apologizes.

Then comes the next problem. They have all become complacent to their situation, akin to the British in Tahiti in 1788. Should remain where they are – safe, but treated like children, or venture out into the questionable open and fend for themselves as they have been? Should they let themselves be absorbed into a bigger group, or be separate from them? Apart from that, their safe haven with the luxury of water and electricity can only last that long. All the power plants are manned by humans. Sooner or later, they too will go down. Before arriving at a solution, they hear a commotion outside.

The household retainers have all gathered at the courtyard. A staunch man exits a limo. It is Takagi’s father, Takagi Souichirou.

Souchirou is an Ultra Nationalists, who has no qualms of decapitating a zombified good friend to make a point. As a sword expert, he later questions Hirano’s attachment to the guns and even pushes him to give up his guns to his men. Team Takashi stands up for Hirano, rallying behind him, and eventually impresses upon Souchirou to permit Hirano to keep the guns taken from Rika’s home. He has protected Takagi Saya from the attacks with his guns, which is more than Souichirou can say of himself.

Ending theme: “The Last Pain” by Kurosaki Maon

Sept. 13, 2010, ep. 11: Dead Storm Rising

Elsewhere, Shidou brainwashes the students into believing that the world is coming to an end. They are the chosen survivors, and they will repopulate the earth. Outside of the bus, a fellow student is left out to die as the zombie attack him. His screams are drowned by the sounds of the cult engaging in an orgy.

The Takagi retainers are slowly despising the presence of the children in the mansion, and what they signify, them having to kill like cannibals. Unable to convince the adults that they have to protect themselves, Takagi, Takashi and Hirano leave. The adults don’t want to see what they believe is untrue. The adults are grasping at normalcy in vain.

Suddenly, Takagi and Hirano realizes that this is what makes Takashi a good leader. Soon after, the harem appoints him as the team’s leader, much to his surprise. Unsure of his qualities, he rejects the appointment, but Rei assures him that he is the man for the job. Saeko, Hirano and even Rei are the strong protectors of the group. Marikawa is the team’s doctor. Saya is the brains. Alice, is just Alice.

A little "something something"

A little "something something"

As Rei seduces him, she tells him that he has always done things because he had to, as he always had. She just never saw it until then. She vows to be with him here on out, even though if he falls in love with someone else (hint – starts with an S, wields a mean sword). They are about to do the nasty when Takashi grabs her injured boob. That is the end of their fooling around.

Trouble soon arises as Shidou’s sect shows up at the mansion, demanding refuge by using one of his female students to entice the guards. Rei, seeing Shidou, realizes that now’s the time to exact her revenge on a unscrupulous teacher who forced her to repeat a year at school. The rest doesn’t stop her, as this is her choice. However, she realizes that the man is not worth killing, even though Shidou eggs her on. Souchirou respectfully asks the group to leave.

“Get out and take your infected students with you.”

The group makes plans to leave the mansion in the morning to ascertain the safety of each of their member’s family. If they do not return in two days with their parents, the estate survivors and Takagis should leave without them.

Passing on a legacy

Passing on a legacy

Meanwhile, Takagi Souichirou bestows upon Saeko a very powerful, double-edged sword, crafted in the Tokyo armory by General Murata during the Meiji Era, as a token of gratitude towards her father’s kindness. Saeko’s father, in a self-defense conference before the Outbreak, once trained Souichirou.

Elsewhere, military submarines are authorized to launch missile attacks on land.

Ending theme: “Hollow Men” by Kurosaki Maon

Sept. 20, 2010, ep. 12: All Dead Attack

At Tokonosu Airport, Rika digs deeper for what lies ahead. Shizuka suddenly recalls Rika’s number and calls her to ascertain her safety. Their conversation is cut short when a burst of blinding light erupts from the earlier launched missile attacks.

Takagi immediately realizes that the nuclear missiles has caused an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), thus disabling all working electronics – vehicles, computers, and power plants included.

As a result of the EMP, Shidou’s bus careens into an unfinished barricade, further rendering it useless and leaving a gaping hole for the zombies to pass through. The retainers at Takagi mansion are forced to close the gates, or jeopardize the rest of the living, even though it means leaving others who have not returned out. It’s time for everyone to fight. And Mrs. Takagi Yuriko is no different, in fact, she’s a better shooter than her husband. When she orders Team Takashi to take up arms, Hirano merely drools at her, and replies, “Yes, Mama.”

The hoard of zombies finally push through the gates and begin their eating and killing rampage. Those, who before wanted peace and to talk, are now forced to fight, just as the children were forced to when they were on their own. The humans keep killing, and even as their ammo runs out, the zombies keep increasing in numbers. Takagi Souichirou realizes they can no longer barricade themselves in. They have to abandon ship and possibly relocate to other safer neighborhoods (that is if they can even get out of the place alive).



Team Takashi breaks from Souichirou and Yuriko, but not before the two boys swear to protect little Takagi. Their humvee that was stolen earlier, was EMP proof, but had taken a beating when Takashi and Saeko made their way to the mansion. They stall for Maddo, a Takagi retainer, to fix it, but Rei almost gets captured, save for Takashi rescuing her at the last minute. They make their way out, as Saya is finally able to tell her parents that she truly loves them. At the last shot, the Takagi’s future is unknown.

Team Takashi makes their way out of the mansion, thanks to Shizuka’s crazy driving skills but are met by a bigger hoard of zombies. When the truck’s engine finally gives way, they leave in search of their friends and family on foot. They reach a mall in high spirits, seeing as how far they have come.

Ending theme: “Eternal Song” by Kurosaki Maon

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