Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou

Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou (ぬらりひょんの孫 千年魔京 Grandchild of Nurarihyon: Rise of the Yokai Clan – Demon Capital) is a manga series written and illustrated by Hiroshi Shiibashi in 2007 with a total of 10 tankoubon volumes as of April 2010. The series was adapted into anime by Studio DEEN in July 5, 2010 with a total of 26 episodes. The second season began airing in Japan on July 3, 2011 with a 24-hour delayed broadcast on subtitled in English. A total of 24 episodes (with two recap episodes between ep. 12 & 13 and the end) are scheduled for the season.

Theme songs:

1. “Hoshi no Arika” by LM.C. (ep. 1-16)
2. “Orange Smile” by Katate☆SIZE (ep. 1-12)
3. “The Love Song” by LM.C. (ep. 17-24)
4. “Departure” by Katate☆SIZE (ep. 13-24)

Nura Rikou is one part youkai (demon) and three parts human. He lives with his youkai grandfather, the Supreme Commander of the demons, in a house filled with spirits that call him “Master” / “Waka.” Even as he tries to escape his fate as the heir, he soon comes to terms with his demon blood and his place in the House of Nura. Factions arise to stop and usurp his position as Rikou gathers friends and allies to strengthen his claim to spread “Fear.” At the last turn of event, Rikou manages to defeat the Shikoku demons and earn not only the respect from his clan, but of the enemy too.

This brand new season traces back to how Rikou came to be who he is, and how he continues to grow.

July 3, 2011, ep. 1: The Nura Clan’s Third Heir Awakens | 覚醒、奴良組三代目

Flashback: Eight-year-old Rikou sees his father, Nura Rihan, murdered in front of him by a young girl. This young girl is said to resemble Rihan’s first wife Yamabuki Otome. With the death of his son, Nurarihyon has no choice but to appoint his young grandson as his next heir and leader to the Nura Clan. One of the demons, Gagoze, a child eater, decides that this is too much for him.


That night, upon returning home from school, Rikou sees the school bus in an accident. He goes out, against the wishes of his “servants,” to save the human children whom he know are being attacked by the demon Gagoze. Just as Gagoze’s group of demon are about to attack the fearful children, Rikou arrives. But he arrives not as himself, but a changed person. He has become Night Rikou, and he has brought his own legion of demons. He manages to stop the attacking demons with the help of Aotabo, Kurotabou, Yuki-ona, Kappa and Kejorou. Night Rikou kills Gagoze whom he deem unfit as a leader for preying on the weak. After the massacre, he put out an edict that those who attack humans will never be forgiven.

Four years after that, he has grown more powerful and even defeats the Shikoku youkai.

July 10, 2011, ep. 2: Two Justice | Futari no Seigi 二人の正義

Rikou adds yet another demon, kind-hearted demon protecting humans, to his 100: Jami.

Aotabo and Kurotabou hit a tavern and find fakes in their place. After walloping their asses and throwing them out, they discuss about young Rikou’s leadership. Even though young, he is a worthy successor to the Supreme Commander. However, he is still a human in the daylight hours, which is more reason for them to support him. As the conversation dies down, and the girls crowd around Kurotabou, the miffed Aotabo leaves. Only to be ambushed and beat up by professional demon hunters. In fact, they are so strong that Aotabo was tempted to release his skulls.

The Keikans: Yura, Hidemoto, Ryuuji, Mamiru

Meanwhile, Yura, the Keikain, goes into hiding, unable to face her friends who she can’t protect. Ashamed, she trains. Until Nura finds her, worried that something has happened to her. As he tells of his admiration and respect towards her, two unknown figures approach. Her brother, Ryuuji, and trusty companion, Mamiru have come. Ryuuji immediately attacks Rikou with his water demon. “Didn’t you notice? He’s a demon!”

Those words hit Yura like a ton of bricks. She suspected but never wanted to believe. Rikou is a demon.

Immediately, the overprotective Mamiru attacks. To him, all demons are evil and must be destroyed. But as Yura snaps out of her daze, she steps in to protect Rikou. “Nura-kun is human. Right?”

“I am human.” (which is not a lie)

Her brother chastises her. “You are going against the Keikain law of protecting demons.”

Ryuuji attacks his own sister with his word play (not his wolf). He warns her that she will die if she doesn’t return with him. But Night Rikou appears. He protects and saves Yura from her own brother.

July 17 2011, ep. 3: Yura’s Realization | Keikain Yura no Nattoku 花開院ゆらの納得

As Yura fights with her own inner demons of what is a black and white issue: demons must be exorcist by Keikain, a new realization hits her. Rikou, despite being a demon, is also human and has proven time and again to be a friend to her. Most importantly, he has rescued her countless times as a demon.

Angered by the change in Yura, Ryuuji holds off Mamiru to take out Night Rikou himself. He creates a Gougen – anything that touches the flowers will met but 3 minutes is his limit. But that is only a ruse, buying Ryuuji time for him to set up something more vindictive: an acid circle. The vapors swallows Rikou and as the fog clears, only a piece of clothing is left. Ryuuji smiles smugly, knowing he killed a demon.
Not so fast. Rikou has his sword, Nenekirimaru, on Ryuuji. Nenekirimaru (祢々切丸) is an exorcism blade which only harms cuts youkai. Only his hoari is burnt. As Rikou takes down Ryuuji, Mamiru attacks from behind. But Gyuuki arrives with Gozumaru and Mezumaru and the Hyakki Yakou all loyal to Nura Rikou. With that, Ryuuji, who was first taken aback by the sword, realizes that this man, is none other than the leader of the Nura Clan, grandson to Nurarihyon.

The fighting stops. But Ryuuji orders Yura to return. He will not accept the existence between human and demon in Rikou. Hagaromo Gitsune has awaken. Kyoto’s youkai are on the move.

As Yura’s wounds are treated after the departure of her family, she questions Rikou’s existence.

“I am a human in daylight and a youkai at night fall. But I am the same person.”

With that answer, Yura accepts Rikou as who he is. Her friend. It is time for her to take leave for Kyoto.

July 24, 2011, ep. 4: Nurarihyon and Princess Yo | Nurarihyon to Yō-hime ぬらりひょんと珱姫

This is a good episode on gramps, the Supreme Commander of the demons, meeting the love of his life, Yo Hime. (Princess YO!)

A thousand years ago, Hagaromo Gitsune was Abe no Seimei’s mother. They formed a secret pact whereby he would be reborn and she will live forever. Six hundred years later, she appears as the courtesan Lady Yodo, mother of Toyotomi Hideyori designated successor of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Seeing her son as an inane halfwit, she meets with her underling yokai for a nightly feed of human hearts/livers – all for the sake of giving birth to Nue (Seimei). However, knowing that mere human hearts won’t do, she began looking for humans with special powers. With Osaka Castle as her stronghold, she feeds her unborn child with living beings, all in the hopes of overthrowing the Tokugawa empire.

Maiden in distress - YO!

During the Keichou era, the beautiful Yo Hime (Princess Yo) uses her abilities to heal while her father swims in gold with her abilities. With recent stealing of human hearts, the Princess is protected by Keikain Koremitsu (older brother of the more flamboyant and head of the Keikain house: Hidemoto) while carrying out her duties. She is also presented with the Nenekirimaru, by Keikain Hidemoto, as an added precaution and protection.

A young Nurarihyon hears of this beautiful maiden and decides to visit her while being surrounded by seals, barriers and onmyoujis. Knowing him to be a youkai, Yo Hime uses her sword and injures him. However, upon seeing him bleed, she softens and immediately heals him. That intrigues Nurarihyon even more. He leaves, only to revisit the next day. Calling her a caged bird, she defends her reason to stay: for her family and father. That night, he escapes with her, back to his den of youkais. She has a blast with the demons, as Nurarihyon proposes to her: to be man and wife.

She is returned in the morning. Unfortunately, Toyotomi also want her. Demons come for her hand in marriage, but her greedy father asks for more gold. He gets his wishes, as he is pelted to death with gold bars and Yo Hime is kidnapped and whisked off to Osaka Castle. That night, as Nurarihyon returns for his bride, he is greeted by a massacre.

July 31, 2011, ep. 5: Towards Today | Ima e to Tsunagu 今へと繋ぐ

Nurarihyon, proves to his men and himself, why he is the leader of the Nura Clan by taking on the Feathered-Robe Fox at the Osaka Castle in Kyoto. In the end, he becomes the unconventional knight in shining armor to Yo Hime, and the rest, as they say, is history.


He shows up at Osaka Castle to save a human – much to the surprise of Lady Yodo the Feather-Robed Fox. Even his entourage of demon has followed suit with their leader. She seems to overpower him, until Nurarihyon pulls out the Nenekirimaru and slashes her. The energy to her unborn child quickly seeps away. He gives chase as the Nura Clan secures and protects Yo Hime. Unfortunately for Nurarihyon, she ambushes him and takes his organ for replenishment.

Elsewhere, head of the Keikain family, Keikain Hidemoto, sole summoner of the shikigami Hagun, creator of Nenekirimaru, ponders on the possibility of Nurarihyon taking on the old fox. She is no ordinary demon. She lives as longs as her host, but to truly extinguish her, her “true” body has to be sealed. (Hagun is a technique of summoning previous ancestors of the Keikain House as one colossal shikigami. Only Keikain Yura is able to do it in this new generation) After being told of Yo Hime’s kidnapping, he and his brother travel to the scene of the crime.

The Keikain brothers arrive in time. Using Hagun, Hidemoto immobilizes Hagoromo Gitsune while Nurarihyon uses Nenekirimaru to cut her in half. Before dying, (evils are so long-winded!) she curses Nurarihyon and his bloodline. Brushing it off, the Nura clan return to Hidemoto’s pad to celebrate the peaceful co-existence between demons and humans alike.

Demon and human co-existing

Nurarihyon returns to Edo with his new human bride and Hidemoto puts up an eight Kyoto seal, a barrier to last 400 years against yokai from taking over Kyoto again.

Aug. 7, 2011, ep. 6: The Legend of Tono | Tōno Monogatari 遠野・物語

Yura returns home in Kyoto only to see a gathering of the elders and exorcists. She returns as the guardian of the seal and the sole summoner of Hagun.

Soon, the friends at school asks to head out to Kyoto too. Rikou too realizes that it was this “new” emerging foe, the fox, who killed his father. However, gramps is in the way. After a long talk, the Supreme Commander calls on the Oshu-Tono family for help. Even if he may lose his only heir, Rikou will go to Kyoto. But not before proving himself worthy first and overcoming his own fears.

“If he dies, so be it. Train my grandson.”

Rikou is spirited away by Namahage (a pair of demons with huge heads and keeper of Nenekirimaru while Rikou is in the village) and sent to the Red River Inn at Toono Hidden Village. Soon he realizes, even in daylight, he remains in his demon form. But he is trapped in the village, unable to cut through “Fear.”

The new weasel teacher

As he tries to escape, and almost falls to his death, he is saved by a boy called Itaku, who later introduces himself as the person in charge of Rikou’s training. There he meets his new friends and allies: Awashima (a man by day woman by night), Amezou (the lizard janitor – until the arrival of Rikou who then took over his toilet duties), Dohiko (an ape), Yukari (a SYT with an acid tongue) and Reira (a yuki-ona).

Aug. 14, 2011, ep. 7: Kyoka Suigetsu | I鏡花水月

The training begins!

Rikou first exhibits Meikyō Shisui (明鏡止水,Soul Mirror, Deadly Water), his hatsu technique, to battle Itaku. Hatsu (鬼發) “Manifestation” is the first stage of activating “Fear.” It is merely a ploy to scare the foe by exerting a frightening aura, and even led the victim to hallucinate. Rikou’s Meikyo Shisui makes the enemy unaware of his presence (dissipating him in a black cloud), which allows him to attack the enemy’s blind spot. If Rikuo’s “Fear” is cut, the technique is nullified and he “appears” before his enemy.

Meikyō Shisui

However, Itaku sees through the ruse and cuts through Rikou’s Fear, with his own Fear, thus completing the “Possession.” Seeing this, Rikou is humbled and begs to be taught before heading to Kyoto. That night, while relieving their sore muscles, Rikou learns (much to his surprise) that Awashima is a woman (by night).

Simultaneously, Kidoumaru, Hagoromo Gitsune’s loyal follower, enters Toono Village with two of his men. He unsuccessfully tries to recruit 30 of Toono’s best men but Akagappa, the leader, refuses. Four hundred years ago, after Nurarihyon left the village, Akagappa would have left with Nurarihyon and his men if not for his responsibility towards the village. Enrage, Kidoumaru vows that the village will be crushed along with the Yura Clan.

The intruders leave the next morning, only to see Nura Rikou at the river bed. The vengeful Kidoumaru attacks him immediately (carrying the grudge of the past to the younger Nura) but Rikou “disappears.” Even though hidden by his Fear, Rikou is unarmed (having had his sword removed from his person upon entering the village) and unable to protect himself further. Kidoumaru quickly cuts through the “Fear” and vows to return to Kyoto with Rikou’s head as a gift to his Lady.

Fortunately, Itaku comes in for the rescue, just as Rikou suddenly remembers gramps’ Kyōka Suigetsu (鏡花水月, Mirror Flower, Water Moon). This technique is a hyoid technique – the second stage of activating “Fear.” “Fear” is materialized into an attack that severs the enemy’s fear. In Rikou’s case, this technique distorts the enemy’s perception of him by creating a illusionary afterimage.

Barely able to master the technique, Kidoumaru cuts through this “Fear” and tries an attack from the back. Reira comes to his rescue.

Seeing this, the infuriated Kidoumaru realizes that not only is the grandson of his enemy in the village, but the denizens of the village are also aiding him. They leave vowing the death of all.

The new posse: Yukari, Reira, and cross-er Awashima

Elsewhere, the awaken Hagoromo Gitsune begins her rejuvenation by feasting on human livers. Her demons prepare themselves to destroy each of the eight (8) Kyoto seals erected by Hidemoto. An all out war against the onmyoji is declared and they have their eyes set on Nijou Castle guarded by Keikain Akifusa !

Aug. 21, 2011, ep. 8: Hagoromo Gitsune’s Total Destruction Invasion of Kyoto | Hagoromo Gitsune Kyōto Zenmetsu Shinkō 羽衣狐京都全滅侵攻

The location of the first seal is at Nijou Castle 二乗, guarded by the very talented Keikain Akifusa of the Yaso branch, who was thought to be the next successor of the clan. Unfortunately, a successor had to be able to summon hagun, and he proved unable.

Second seal is at Soukoku-ji 相国寺 guarded by Keikain Pato of the Aika Branch. He looks to be a young child, but controls the strongest shikigami, Gomoramaru (強毛裸丸) a giant black cyclops, of the Aika style. Tsuchigumo, a yokai known as one must never encounter, is sealed beneath the stronghold.

Third seal is at Rokukin-ji 鹿金寺 guarded by Keikain Masatsugu of the Fukuju Branch. He is a master of barrier arts. The site is present day Kinkaku-ji / Rokupon-ji.

Fourth seal is located at Nishihougan-ji with Gashadokuro (がしゃどくろ) is a large skeleton yokai sealed beneath it. The location is guarded by Keikain Hisa. She is of the Keikain House branch family. Fifth seal is at Seiei-ji 清永寺, guarded by Keikain Haigo, a well-learned man, of the Idoro Branch. Sixth seal is at Ryuuan-ji 龍安寺, guarded by Keikain Gora, a dark-skinned man. Seventh seal is guarded by Yura’s older brother, Keikain Koreto at the Hashira Imperial Villa. The final seal at Fushimi Inari Shrine is guarded by Keikain Shuuji, Yura’s other older brother. Both brothers were killed by the Kyoto yokai before Yura’s  return.

The stronghold - or so it seems

After the easy falling of the eight, seventh, sixth, fifth and fourth seal, Hagoromo Gitsune sets her sights on the third seal. Together with the Daughter of Kyoukotsu, they storm the temple, only to be unexpectedly separated from her retainers by Masatsugu’s ultimate barrier. Waiting for her in the barrier, are Akifusa with his Spirit Lance and Pato with his Shikigami. She barely bats an eye as Gashadokuro, the skeleton from the fourth location, effortlessly breaks Masatsugu’s barrier. She too easily takes down Pato’s Shikigami as Akifusa calls for Masatsugu and Pato to cover him as his Demonic Lance possess him.

Earlier, the Keikain elders decide to strengthen their fort by sending reinforcements to go on the offensive. Akifusa, Pato (second seal) and Masatsugu (third seal) congregate at the Castle for an all out fight against the storming demons. Unfortunately, not only does the temple fall, but the three are swallowed by a demon. Akifusa becomes possessed by Minagoroshi Jizou and used to attack the second seal.

Elsewhere, Rikou recollects the events surrounding his father’s death. He hastens his training as Dohiko orders for an update on the Kyoto situation. When bad news return, Rikou asks Akagappa to “release him.” Cutting through the village’s protective “Fear,” Rikou leaves Toono Village with Nenekimaru and his new friends following in tow – as his training was not complete.

Aug. 28, 2011, ep. 9: The Gray Onmyoji | Haiiro no Onmyōji 灰色の陰陽師

Yura finally reaches home to the clan.

Everyone begins to move. Rikou reaches home with his allies: the Toono group (who follow him to complete his training). He prepares to leave with his pandemonium as gramps presents him with his 300-year-old battle ship.

Meanwhile, his friends of the Kiyojuuji Paranormal Investigation Squad too reach Kyoto. However, Torii and Maki are immediately picked up by the demons. Kiyotsugu, is as usual, oblivious to his surroundings as Kana and Shima fret. Kana sees the demons and tries to run. Aotabo, Yuki-ona and Yura arrives simultaneously to save their friends. Before leaving her friends, she warns them that her brothers and 3 top Keikain masters are defeated, thus making the city extremely dangerous. If Kyoto falls, Japan will be invaded.

Masatsugu olio

Pato olio

Presuming that the three earlier guardians are dead, a large force of onmyouji from the Fukuju Branch and Yura gather at Soukoku-ji to protect it.  There, they encounter a mess of a demon, comprising of Masatsu, Pato and Akifusa, who takes down the Fukuju barriers with Akifusa’s weapon. Yura calls on all her shikigami but Akifusa easily stops and traps her. Before he is able to finish her, Ryuuji comes to her rescue.

Sept. 4, 2011, ep. 10: Hagun | Hagun 破軍

An utterly confused Yura stares in shock at Akifusa’s betrayal. The battle between her kinsmen continue but Ryuuji soon gains an upper hand when he manages to poison Akifusa. Upon closer look, he realizes that Akifusa is possessed. He was supposed to be the Head of the clan, but is unable to summon Hagun. As darkness crept in his heart, he enabled the demon, Minagoroshi-Jizou, to possess him: a human with a demon being.

The possessed uses the opportunity for a sneak attack against Ryuuji and manages to injure him. Hagoromo Gitsune enters the scene with her entourage, ready to finish off Ryuuji, but Yura stops her by calling on Hagun.

Hagun: guided by Hidemoto, controlled by Yura

Past leaders surround her, temporarily shocking Hagoromo Gitsune. Yura quickly commons them to attack, but they are don’t follow. She panics. At this juncture, a calm voice speaks out to her: Hidemoto, the fabled 13th heir. Before Hagoromo Gitsune finds an opening towards Ryuuji and the rescuing Mamiru, Hidemoto imparts a technique to her. A thick plume of smoke cover the remaining Keikain Clan, allowing them to free Akifusa from the possession of Minagoroshi-Jizou and give him the antidote. Yura calls for an immediate retreat.

The Head against the Raccoon

Elsewhere, discord begins to arise between the Toono and Nura Clan in the Nura battle ship. A fight ensues between Itaku and Kubinashi, the Stringer of Jyoshu.

Sept. 11, 2011, ep. 11: Battle Above Tokyo | Kyō Jōkū no Tatakai 京上空の戦い

Itaku’s sickles are temporarily incapacitated by Kubinashi’s web of strings. As the fight progresses, Kejorou begs Kubinashi to end the mindless competition. It falls on deaf ears. Soon Itaku releases his true form and cuts off his bindings. Rikou tries to stop them, but Zen steps in in his stead.

In a blink of an eye, their sky fortress, Takarabune is surrounded by a legion of demons. Lead by Hakuzozu, the Kyoto sky forces attack the Nura Clan. Hakuzozu lands a quick and deciding blow to the fortress with his massive spear, Dakini, and breaks it.  So it seems…until Rikou reveals his illusion: the Kyokasuigetsu and breaks Dakini. Instead of finishing Hakuzozu, Rikou offers him a spot with his Hyakki Yakko. The big demon declines, but offers a quick advice: the real battle is at the first seal.

Minagoroshi-Jizou isn’t destroyed by the rescue of Akifusa. In the mean time, Hagoromo Gitsune unseals Tsuchigumo, asking for his help to break the seal of Nijou Castle so that her baby, Nue, can be born there. Tsuchigumo agrees, not as an alliance between the two, but to fight the strongest of demons. She will rule Kyoto, and when that day arrives, she will destroy the ugly skyscrapers and the humans along with it.

Sept. 18, 2011, ep. 12: Long-Standing Wish | Shukugan 宿願

As Supreme Commander Nurarihyon trains, he wonders if he should bring reinforcements to his grandson. The child is human after all, and he is no match for the lady fox at this point.

In the mean time, Hidemoto warns the rest of the Keikain that the Nijou Castle seal will be broken. He knows that Hagoromo Gitsune has chosen that site for the birth of Nue. Fortunately for them, it is during her child birth that they will have the opportunity to attack. The Keikain Clan surmise that only will they have to defeat Hagoromo Gitsune, but they will have to retrieve the spirit blade, Nenekirimaru, from the grandson Nura Rikou. Yuki-ona quickly interjects to speak on her master’s behalf. They are on the same side. Yura tries to hide Yuki-ona as Hidemoto tries to figure out who she is. Once her identity as a youkai of the Nura Clan is revealed, the laid-back Hidemoto smiles. Rikou is on his way with Nenekirimaru.

Unfortunately for the Nura Clan, as they push onwards, they are quickly attacked by another group of Kyoto Youkai. The ship hovers precariously over Kyoto as it hull breaks. Kubinashi, Itaku, Reira and Shouei safely land the ship on a nearby river. The eagle has landed!

Sept. 25, 2011, ep. 13: Meikyū: Torii no Mori | Meikyuu: A Bird’s Forest 迷宮・鳥居の森

One seals remains at the Nijou Castle, and everyone has their eye on it.

Rikou’s group pushes forward and arrive at the Fushimi Inari Shrine, which houses the Forest of the Lost. The group is purposely led astray and Awashima finds a crying child, which incidentally, Kurotabo picks up on. Soon enough, she is pulled into an abyss, trapped by Nijunanamen Senju Mukade. As she struggles to to stay alive, Kurotabo comes to her rescue. He, however, warns her that she has to cut through this fear herself in order to escape. Using her Dance of the Battle Maiden, she strikes down the attacking idol. She then realizes it’s the boy’s fear that is feeding the youkai, and quells it.  As the boy’s tears and fears subside, she frees herself and the boy.

Her freedom is greeted by the arriving Hidemoto and Tsurara. As they exchange pleasantries and introductions, Rikou is informed that his school friends are guarded and protected by Aotabo. The Keikain and the Nura will have to join forces to stop Hagoromo Gitsune. Suddenly, they are attacked.

Oct. 9, 2011, ep. 14: An Ayakashi to Avoid | Zettai ni Sōgū Shite wa Naranai Ayakashi 絶対に遭遇してはならない妖

The giant Tsuchigumo arrives and comes face to face with Hidemoto: the man who sealed him 400 years ago. Hidemoto immediately telepathically warns Yura to leave and avoid fighting the demon at all cost. But Rikou is itching for a fight. Soon, Tsuchigumo exhibits his fearsome powers as he cuts through Rikou’s Kyokasuigetsu. Rikou is no match and Yura tries to come to his aid. Hidemoto stop her. He never did beat Tsuchigumo, but sealed him by trickery. This demon answers to no master except the urge of fighting the best. Worse, he has been starved for 400 years!

Tsuchigumo spots Rohiko and tries to swallow her, but Dohiko and the rest of the Tonoo Clan protect her. Hidemoto immediately orders Ryuuji to release Nenekirimaru and warns Yura to make a run for it. Tsuchigumo then sets his sights on Yuki-Ona, but Rikou saves her. Daylight seeps through the darkness of the skies and the human Rikou promises to save them all. He attacks, and slices off a finger, but Tsuchigumo merely laughs and reattaches the digit. The twerp has sparked his interest. With Rikou down, Tsuchigumo kidnaps Yuki-Ona and tells him that he will be awaiting their next fight.

The unconscious Rikou awakens at Gyuuki’s temple, and there he begins his retraining – to accept his human side too.

With the seal broken in Nijou Castle, Hagoromo Gitsune prepares for the birth of Nue in its underground pond.

Oct. 16, 2011, ep. 15: Descent Into Darkness | Yami ni Shizumu… 闇に沈む…

With Rikou off to training camp, the Tonoo and Nura Clan part ways. A guilt-ridden Kubinashi leaves the group too, punishing himself for his inability to protect his master. Determined to single-handedly take down the Kyoto Yokai and Hagoromo Gitsune, Kubinashi goes amok and attacks the unsealed sites: (#7) Hashira Imperial Villa and (#8) Fushimi Inari Shrine. At Ryuuan-ji (#6), Kubinashi stops the feeding of school children and kills the demon standing guard. In his anger, Kubinashi regresses to his murderous self, a time before the appearance and guidance of Nura Rihan. Kejorou tries to stop his rampage as Ibaraki Douji appears.

Oct. 23, 2011, ep. 16: Shared Past | Futari no Kako 二人の過去

Kejorou appears in time to save Kubinashi from his path of destruction. He cannot win a fight like this alone. And he is not alone.

Elsewhere, the 27th Heir, Keikain Hidemoto, and Akifusa defend the Keikain Main House against Shoukera. Aotabo, who put the friends to sleep, escapes in time to save Akifusa from death. Unfortunately, the 27th heir is killed as he is interrogated for Yura’s whereabouts. Shoukera underlings then kidnap Rikou’s friends and try present the girls (Kana, Natsumi and Maki) as food for Hagoromo Gitsune. In his rage, Aotabo breaks off his restraining necklace and destroys Shoukera with one hit.

Aotabo was a priest of destruction. Before his execution, a holy man changed his ways of a killer to a savior of many. But when a group of bandits slaughtered the children he had saved earlier, he lost all hope of humanity and became a demon god instead.

Oct. 30, 2011, ep. 17: Equipping a Hundred Demons | Hyakki Matou Miwaza 百鬼纏う御業

Kubinashi and Kejorou face a very fierce opponent in Ibaraki Doji at the 6th seal Ryuuan-ji. They are soon aided and rescued by Kappa and Yura, who joins forces with Rikou’s Hyakki Yakou forces. Yura, together with the rest of Rikou’s forces, return to the Main Keikain House and finds a dying grandfather, the 27th Heir. Before his passing, he passes the torch of the Keikain to Yura and urges her to become stronger to protect her people. Hidemoto, too, disappears but not before leaving Yura in Akifusa’s care.

At Gyuuki’s training camp, Rikou fails to prove himself a worthy opponent, in the eyes of the Great Tengu of Mount Kurama (鞍馬山の大天狗, Kurama-yama no Ōtengu). The Great Tengu was once Hagoromo Gitsune’s right-hand man until he was usurped by Minagoroshi Jizou. The latter erased Tengu from the memories of Hagoromo Gitsune’s forces. As revenge, the Great Tengo strikes a deal with Gyuuki to aid in Rikou’s training to prevent the birth of Nue. When he sees Rikou’s inability to progress quickly (and his ultimate weakness), he sends his underlings to retrieve Nenekirimaru. This proves to be his biggest mistake. With Zen sharing his confidence and strength with Rikou, the young master finally performs Matoi.

Matoi: Iztsu with Zen

Matoi: Iztsu with Zen

Matoi (鬼纏 “demon-clad”) was created by Nura Rihan, and is only possible for a leader of part human, part yoke heritage. “Fear” is fused between the Hyakki Yakou and transferred to the leader to increase his power. (Rikou later uses two different techniques: Izutsu and Kasane)

Nov. 9, 2011, ep. 18: Entrust It All to Me | Zenbu Azukero 全部あずけろ

With Matoi, Rikou protects his men and crushes the Great Tengu’s men, while earning a mutual trust amongst his men.

Everyone is putting their trust in Rikou to return to Kyoto, to face off with Tsuchigumo and retrieve Yuki-Ona. Meanwhile, the ransomed Yuki-Ona reasons that her existence is putting on burden on her young master. If so, she should just end her miserable existence. But Rikou arrives with his Hyakki Yakou to stop her. He doesn’t need her protection, but her trust and strength. As she releases her fear, he absorbs it and performs his second Matoi with her.

Matoi Izutsu: with Zen and Tsurara

Matoi Izutsu: with Zen and Tsurara

Tsuchigumo gets excited by this new power. He separates Rikou from his friends with his fortress of spider web. But Zen, Yuki-Ona and the Tonoo Clan (Itaku, Awashima and Kappa) come to his aid, to lend them his strength.

At Nijou Castle, Minagoroshi Jizou is told of the lost at the 3rd, 4th and 5th seal.

Nov. 13, 2011, ep. 19: A Bond of Trust | Senaka-goshi no Kizuna 背中越しの絆

Nurarihyon visits Hagoromo Gitsune at Nuega-Ike in Nijou Castle, to confirm that she is the killer of Rihan. But his presence doesn’t go unnoticed and is quickly taken from behind. As he tries to make his escape, Nurarihyon is momentarily blinded (thrown in darkness) by Minagoroshi Jizou’s underling Yosuzume. Stumbling, Minagoroshi uses the opportunity to stab the Supreme Commander with the Devil’s Blade (hammer), 魔王の小槌 Maō no kozuchi that was once used by Inugamigyōbu Tamazuki. Lucky for Nurarihyon, Kurasu Tengu and his boys arrive to save him.

Together with Tsurara, Rikou takes off on of Tsuchigumo’s arms. But is quickly subdued when the ogre finally shows his true powers. With the strength of all in sync, they manage to cut Tsuchigumo in half. The undead remains strong as he patches his cut half back together. While doing so, he tells them about Nue, Abe no Seimei, a powerful onmyouji. He will sleep until the Nue is born.

Nov. 20, 2011, ep. 20: The Cycle of Rebirth | Rin’ne no Wa 輪廻の環

Nov. 27, 2011, ep. 21: Birth | Tanjō 誕生

Dec. 4, 2011, ep. 22: Fragments of the Past | Tsuioku no Kakera 追憶の欠片

Dec. 11, 2011, ep. 23: Banquet of Darkness | Ankoku no Utage 暗黒の宴

Dec. 18, 2011, ep. 24: Rikuo’s Declaration | Rikuo, Sengensu リクオ、宣言す

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