Beelzebub (べるぜバブ Beruzebabu) is a manga written and illustrated by Ryūhei Tamura. It was first published in Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2008 volume 37-38, then serialized in 2009 and is ongoing. An OVA was announced in July 2010, while the anime adaptation by Studio Pierrot aired from January 9, 2011 (Sunday at 7 am) with a scheduled 12 episodes (but it obviously went further).


The story is an action-packed, supernatural, comedic series staring protagonist Tatsumi Oga, the “strongest juvenile delinquent” in a school filled with delinquents.

During a trouncing of thugs by Oga at the riverbank, he finds a man (a transporter between worlds) floating down a river and pulls him to shore. The man promptly splits in half and a baby boy emerges. The baby is the son of the Great Demon King who the transporter, Alain Delon, has chosen based on his prowess as an “evil” human. Later, Baby Beel chooses Tatsumi as his guardian and care giver when the heir to hell’s maid, Hildegarde, comes to retrieve him. It then becomes Tatsumi’s quest to find a replacement caregiver for baby Beel. But first, he has to find someone from school more evil and stronger than him.

The opening and ending theme are:

1. “DaDaDa” (だだだ) by Group Tamashii (ep. 1-10)
2. “The First Goodbye” (始まるのは, サヨナラ Hajimaru no wa, Sayonara) by On/Off (ep. 11-present)
3. “Hey!!!” by Flow (ep. 24-35) DOWNLOAD (TV size)
4. “Baby U” by MBLAQ (ep. 36-present)
5. “Answer” by no3b (ep. 1-10) DOWNLOAD
6. “Show of Courage” (つよがり Tsuyogari) by Shoko Nakagawa (ep. 11-23)
7. “Seven Colors☆Tears” (なないろ☆ナミダ| Nanairo☆Namida) by Tomato n’ Pine (ep. 24-35) DOWNLOAD (TV size)
8. “Papepipu♪ Papipepu♪ Papepipupo♪” (パペピプ♪パピペプ♪パペピププポ♪) by Nozomi Sasaki (ep. 36-present)

Watched the premier episode in Japan with no clue what it was, but found it extremely interesting and adorable. Didn’t realize that these new series are aired at the weirdest hours, most likely for insomniacs. Definitely will continue with the series.

Jan. 9, 2011 • ep 1 | I Picked Up the Demon King  (魔王拾いました)

Delinquent Tatsumi Oga explains to his (only) friend Takayuki Furuichi how he came to the “father” of a baby who emits massive electric shocks whenever it is unhappy.

During a trouncing by Oga by the riverbank, he finds a man (later to be revealed as a transporter between worlds) floating down a river and pulls him to shore. The man promptly splits in half and a baby boy emerges. The doubtful Furuichi scoffs at Oga’s recount, until a witch, Hildegarde, crashes Furuichi’s house to reclaim the baby. It seems, the baby, Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, is the son of the Great Demon King sent to earth to find a human to raise him so that he could eventually destroy humanity, after the King himself found it too cumbersome and time-consuming. After unsuccessfully retrieving Beelzebub, Hildegarde realizes that the heir has chosen Oga as his guardian. Oga rejects the job and the maid chases him down in an attempt to kill him. She sends her demon bird to corner him, but Oga merely gives it a swift kicks and clears his path while the baby hangs on to him in Oga’s escape.

Tatsumi Oga

Tatsumi Oga the worst of the delinquents

Hildegarde finally corners Oga together with an opportunistic bunch of thugs. However, when Oga’s blood is drawn and it gets on Beelzebub, he goes berserk. At this point, everyone shakes in fear, as Hildegarde tells Furuichi that only the Demon King himself can quell his son’s outrage and tantrum. What happens next surprises everyone, as Oga merely places his hand on the baby’s head and quiets him down. “True men do not cry,” Oga tells Beelzebub and leaves.

Unfortunately, a badly damaged electricity pylon crumbles and falls towards Beelzebub. Oga runs towards him to saves him and at that moment, both their powers intermesh and the falling structure disintegrates. After that, Hildegarde stays on and declares Oga as Beelzebub’s official guardian.

Jan. 16, 2011 • ep 2 | I Became a Gang Leader with a Child  (子連れ番長 はじめました)

Hildegarde, having taken up residence at the Tatsumi household, introduces herself to the rest of the family – claiming that Oga sired Beelzebub and that he was going to throw her out on the streets. Of course everyone welcomes the beautiful foreigner and the very adorable baby Beel, while chastising the for-once-innocent Oga.

Soon Oga realizes that Baby Beel cannot be separated from him at a certain distance. With this, he is forced to bring the naked baby with him everywhere, including school. That makes him a laughing stork until everyone else gets electrocuted when the little demon is displeased.

beelzebub_the pacifing rattler

The Pacifing Rattler

Meanwhile, the Great Demon King realizes he forgot to send with his dear son his favorite toy. Alain Delon is called for the immediate delivery, which he passes on to the trusty maid Hildegarde. During one of Baby Beel’s tantrum, Hildegarde manages to calm him down with the annoying rattler. Better the noise than getting constantly electrocuted… until of course, the rattler is destroyed by accident.

Jan. 23, 2011 • ep 3 | Are there any Strong, Ruthless Bastards Around?

Alain Delon, after attaching himself to Furuichi’s house the same way that  Hildegarde did with Oga, but with a homosexual undertone, hints to Oga that if he found someone stronger and more evil than him to undertake the responsibility of raising a demon child, he could be free.

That sets Oga’s wheels turning. He ransacks his school, the worst school of delinquents in Japan, to find his successor. After misplacing Baby Beel’s specially formulated milk on the sidewalk, he is forced to find milk of sorts in his school. He ends up cutting the line of thugs to drain the machine off a yogurt drink, which was what the thugs were in line for. It seems he was going to be in trouble with their super evil boss, third year student, Kanzaki.

Three musketeers

Three musketeers

Oga finds his way up to Kanzaki’s territory, and instead of handing over the baby to him, Oga, disliking the way he treats his own men, decides to give him a nice trouncing. In the end, Baby Beel remains with Oga, but electrocutes him when he is not feed.

Jan. 30, 2011 • ep 4 | One Second Before the Demon Lord’s Flood Bursts Forth (魔王のおもらし 決壊1秒前ですが)

Oga awakens one day floating in baby Beel’s pee. According to Hildegarde, this is the great flooding meant to eradicate human kind. To momentarily stop the influx, Hildegarde slaps on a temporary fix: an interdimensional pee portal that transfers the liquid to another place other than Japan.

In the mean time, Oga has 3 hours to find the next solution. He sees an ad televising the wonders of a 10-hour diaper and runs to the store to get it. Hildegarde chases after him, after remembering the Great Demon King calling her Beelzebub’s mother (with the lusting Furuichi in tow). Unfortunately for the bunch, the store is held up by bad-ass-wannabes. Still wanting to rid himself off Baby Beel, Oga offers up the Demon himself. But when the leader of ORZ3 suggests that he will simply use the baby to his own device and dispose of him after attaining his goal, Oga rescinds his offer. Instead, he gives the leader a swift kick in the behind and saves Baby Beel.

In the end, Hildegarde, seeing Oga’s resolve and softening towards the young master, flies the draining infant to the ocean to relieve him.

Feb. 6, 2011 • ep 5 | Money Can Buy Anything (お金でかえないものはありません)

After yet another sleepless night, Oga awakens to a mark on his right hand. Alain Delon and Hildegarde reveals that the symbol, Zebel Spell, marks the signed contract between Oga and Baby Beel. Oga, the parent of the Demon Lord, is a vessel for Baby Beel’s power and the mark will continue to grow with the baby’s attachment to him. The more opponents Oga defeats the more Baby Beel will adore him.

To rid himself off the mark, Oga vows to give up on fighting altogether. Unfortunately, Himekawa Tatsuya, a major player in the school and one of the big fours of the delinquents (THKK: Tohoshinki – no relations to the Korean/Japanese boy group DBSK), hires thugs to kidnap Hildegarde, whom he assumes to be Oga’s wife. She is immobilized momentarily, with the love-sick Furuichi unintentionally nabbed too. Little does Tatsuya know what he is up for. Using Alain Delon as a Trojan Horse, Oga then forgoes his vow not to fight. Tatsuya wants to buy Oga’s services, but Oga wants nothing to do with him. Instead, he gets goaded into punching Tatsuya on the stomach, only to discover a 8mm ceramic plate protecting him. Unfortunately for the wanna-be-thug, that plate protected nothing. Oga’s punch takes him out and in retaliation, Tatsuya pulls out a stun gun only to be stopped by Oga’s bare hand. Baby Beel’s shocks are worse than that. As Oga is angered further, the mark on his hand grows and he takes out everyone.

Hildegarde and Alain Delon are stunned. Oga definitely drew enough power from Beelzebub to kill them, yet the men live for yet another day. It is only much later that Oga finally realizes that the mark has extended up to his arm. The horror!

Feb. 13, 2011 • ep 6 | Toys Have Arrived from the Demon World/We Play Doctor (魔界のおもちゃ 届きました/お医者さんごっこしました)

Oga is out to reduce the size of his marked hand. Without doing anything, the mark returns to its normal size as when it first appeared. Hildegarde is none too happy about this new development and proceeds to destroy his game console.

She then builds a play room for Baby Beel, which turns into a “Portable Magical Beast Cage” that imprisons her and Oga. The key out of the cage is for Baby Beel to solve a block toy puzzle, which he ends up breaking. In frustration, Oga, channeling Baby Beel’s powers, annihilates the cage. The mark grows much to Hildegarde’s delight.

After that, Oga vows to remain saintly for the next 6 days to reduce Zebel’s mark. But Baby Beel has other plans in mind. He opens his chest of toys, and pulls out a stethoscope, which turns him into a doctor and Oga and the unfortunate Furuichi into female nurses. The costumes will become permanent unless Baby Beel is truly able to heal someone. This could be Oga’s chance of doing good too: killing two bird with one stone. Hearing that Oga’s taken over the nurse’s office, the delinquents, lead by Shimokawa sneaks in. The first “victim” is pulled in for “healing,” but the remaining three only hear screams of terror. The Sunada brothers are pulled in next, leaving the baldy behind to tremble in fear. When everyone is “cured,” baldy tries to fight back, but a bomb left in the chest explodes, negating all the “good” Oga did. His mark regrows.

Feb. 20, 2011 • ep 7 |   The Demon Lord Makes His Debut at the Park (魔王も公園デビューします)

Tatsuya and Hajime recuperate in the hospital after taking their beatings from Oga. There they talk about the return of Kuneida from Kantou.  She is a charismatic bad-ass, who has taken over control of the females in Ishiyama.

Meanwhile, Oga’s Zebel mark is growing, much to his horror. But Baby Beel hasn’t been happy lately, and the family thinks that it is time for the baby’s debut in the park to earn him some friends. “It is essential for his growth,” according to Oga’s parents. So, Furuichi ends up accompanying Oga to the park because Hildegarde has to catch up with her sordid love affair with the soap opera on tv. Baby Beel sees a father throwing his child up into the air and catching her successful and sees the delight on the child’s face. He asks Oga to do the same. Unfortunately, instead of gently tossing Baby Beel, Oga hurls him like a baseball and realizes too late that the baby cannot be 15 meters away from him.

Elsewhere in the same park, mothers gossip about a rumored naked baby being cared for by a delinquent. Oga ends up catching Baby Beel right in front of these ladies, and immediately try to make a good impression. They try to smile but end up scorning and scaring them away…all except a young girl with her baby brother, Kouta (who the ladies think is a child born out of wedlock). Kouta and Baby Beel take a liking to each other. To make the earlier mothers take to Oga, the young girl tells them that Oga actually has Baby Beel on the infamous diappy. He retells his story, about beating up robbers at a convenience store and in gratitude, he has a constant supply of the 10-hour diapers from the store owner. That does nothing for his image with the mothers and is worsen with the appearance of Alain Delon who “opens up” to produce scary toy(s) to the young master that are actually explosions. Alarmed, the mothers run off to find help, but so has the babies.

Kuneida Aoi

Kuneida Aoi

Oga and the bespectacled young girl finally find the babies building sand castle, much to their relief. Their joy is short lived when the mothers get to them with a cop. Seeing the cute young girl in front of him, the cop decides to assert his authority by bullying Oga. When she tries to stand up for Oga, the policeman begins to call her “trash” too. “Delinquents are trash of society.” She tries to bitch slap him into oblivion, but instead, Oga stands up for her and kicks his balls. The policeman swears to throw Oga into a lockup, but Oga already has plans for this piece of trash. He leaves soon after.

The young girl returns home, only to be greeted by her followers at a shrine. “Welcome home, Kuneida!”

Feb. 27, 2011 • ep 8 | We Meet Again (また 出会いました)

Kuneida Aoi is told by her trusty aids from Red Tails, Oomura Nene and Tanimura Chiaki, of Oga’s feats against the other rascals: Kanzaki and Himekawa. She promises to deal with him upon her return to Ishiyama High School, to protect the girls of the school. Her return brings the girls back to school as word spreads that the Queen of Ishiyama is back. When a daring and unknowing delinquent tries to take of Aoi, she shows her prowess by slicing a window with her bokutou.

Kuneida v. Oga

Kuneida v. Oga

Elsewhere, the woman-hungry Furuichi hears of the new Queen in school and drags Oga to find/meet her. Upon stumbling on the Red Tails’ leader, Aoi is shocked to realize that Oga (her “enemy” is the boy who she met at the park). Fortunately, or unfortunately, Oga has no similar recollection due to her “new” appearance. She immediately attacks him, but he easily evades all her attacks. Impressed with her skills, and even more so that Baby Beel has taken a liking to her, Oga proposes that Aoi become Baby Beel’s mother. Thinking that it is a proposal of sorts, Aoi becomes abash and runs off, much to the dismay of Nana and Chiaki.

Meanwhile, another delinquent gang MK-5, headed by the vain Miwa, hatches a plan to take down Aoi and Oga simultaneously.

March 6, 2011 • ep 9 | Love is a Hurricane (恋はハリケーンです)

Chiaki and Nene, Aoi’s right hand ladies, realize that their leader is head over heels with Oga. That is not a good thing for the group, that has a standing clause that states if the leader has a boyfriend, she is no longer fit to serve. In that case, she just can’t fall in love.

Hildegarde vs. Kuneida

Hildegarde vs. Kuneida

In the mean time, Furuichi accuses Oga of two-timing Hildegarde with Aoi. He, however, has other plans in mind: to push Baby Beel off to Aoi.  MK-5 corners Oga, but are turned to pulp with Hildegarde’s aid. The school gathers to watch the dynamic “husband and wife pair” go against the hooligans, as Aoi happens by. After this, Hildegarde approaches Aoi upon hearing of Oga’s plan of leaving her young Master in the care of this stranger. She corners Aoi, but Aoi thinks Hildegarde is confronting her as “the other woman” of her husband. They fight, forcing Hildegarde to draw her sword. She admits that Aoi is strong, but not quite at Oga’s level. “Come back when you’re stronger.”

Simultaneously, Nene and Chiaki confronts Oga of his intentions with Aoi. However, he gets pulled in a different direction when Baby Beel runs after a cat. After his departure, the girls are attacked by MK-5. When they land in the infirmary, Aoi is told of this and links this to Oga beating up unsuspecting women.

Much to the delight of Miwa, the two strong leads face off on the roof. Oga thinks he’s there to pass off Baby Beel to Aoi, but she only sees him hiding behind a baby. As the one-sided progresses, with Oga refusing to fight Aoi, Miwa watches from the sidelines in glee. When Nene finally regains consciousness, she is aided by Shintarou to get the truth of this trap to Aoi. But is it too late? Oga lies unmoving on the ground. Miwa finally steps into the scene, but Oga gets up and beats the living daylights out of Miwa, much to his surprise. This delights Baby Beel to great lengths. And suddenly, Oga becomes more of a hero to her than ever before. Again, he pushes Baby Beel to her, much to her confusion. He tells her he is forced to raise Baby Beel because of Hildegarde (which Aoi hears as his duty to his wife).

March 26, 2011 • ep 10 | A Disciple is Gained (弟子ができました)

On one of their strolls, Oga buys a croquet to share with Baby Beel. Unfortunately, as the croquet cools down, a cat steals it and promptly swallows it, much to the displeasure of the young demon lord. Soon after, the tabby becomes attached to Oga, which in turns makes Baby Beel extremely jealous, causing him to electrocute anyone who shows affection towards the feline (including Hildegarde who unwittingly feeds it her home-made, albeit inedible, croquet).

Baby Beel issues a challenge to the cat, but loses shamefully. However, when a group of territorial cats corner the new tabby, Baby Beel protects it and stands up for it, prompting Oga too to aid them. The two young pups become fast friends.

When Oga’s mom urges Oga to bring Baby Beel to the play center, he meets Aoi and her younger brother (but doesn’t recognize her as the Queen of Ishiyama). Kouta, Baby Beel and the cat play by themselves, as they are totally ostracized by the other children. But soon, they become competitive. On the other side of the wall, Aoi and Oga converse, but each misunderstanding the other, causing confusion and embarrassment. The adults and the toddlers soon have to run for their lives when the babies pull out a bomb from Baby Beel’s toy chest to scare the other children away. Later, the new tabby leaves Oga and Baby Beel to protect his fellow strays.

April 2, 2011 • ep 11 | There is Something that Money Can’t Buy (金で買えないもの、ありました)

Himekawa thinks that money can buy him revenge. He begins plotting Oga’s demise, first by poisoning the sandwiches in school. But Oga’s unaffected because he built up a resilience from Hildegarde’s fiery cooking. Then, he tries to kidnap Baby Beel, by posing as a popular costumed character but his ruse is noted by Oga due to a mis-colored pair of chopsticks. Then he tries to seduce Furuichi, but Alain Delon appears and transport Himekawa and his delinquents to a deserted island filled with wild beasts.

This leaves Himekawa bankrupt…for the month, unable to hire more henchmen to aid in his ploy. While trying to attack Oga himself, repeating the earlier three scenarios, he ends up fighting off a rival gang trying to kill Oga too. After winning, Kanzaki happens by and offers Himekawa his favorite yogurt drink. In gratitude and utter evilness, Himekawa returns the favor by providing Kanzaki with a year’s supply of said yogurt drink, but only with a month shelf-life left.

April 9, 2011 • ep 12 |I Won’t Let You Sleep Tonight (今夜は寝かせません)

Baby Beel has been having sleepless nights for the past three nights. His cries keeps everyone in the family, and the neighborhood awake. Oga tries everything, including baths, tiring him out during the day, but the results are always the same. Oga ends up more frustrated and fatigued than the baby. Hildegarde suggests a toy from hell, but first she has to return to hell to retrieve it.

At school the Tohoshinki (Kanzaki and Himekawa) try to attack the weary Oga, but they all end up getting beaten to a pulp instead. When Hildegarde finally returns with the toy, it certainly quells the young master’s cries. Unfortunately, the noise made by the toy is even louder than Baby Beel’s cries.

April 16, 2011 • ep 13 |Baby Beel’s Assessment Test / Hilda: Dear Great Demon Lord (ベル坊 実力テストです / ヒルダ 拝啓大魔王様)

Ishiyama High school finally has an assessment test for its delinquent students, at the same time that the Great Demon Lord carries out a test for Baby Beel: to beat 100 men or an equivalent. The consequence of not passing the latter is both him and Oga facing remedial classes in hell. No hope in passing either, Oga comes up with a brilliant plan of dumping Beelzebub on whoever scores the highest during the school’s assessment test. However, a rival school, Sappora High, comes seeking revenge for Kanzaki’s “atrocities.” Allowing the rest to take the test, Oga fights them all off, thus earning him enough points to pass hell’s test, but not the human test. Days later, when the results are revealed, the highest scorer at 59 points, turns out to be none other than his best friend Furuichi.

April 24, 2011 • ep 14 | Is there a Special Move? (必殺技、ありますか?)

May 1, 2011 • ep 15 | The Delinquents have Changed into Swimsuits (不良が水着に着替えました)

Ishiyama’s Tohoshinki consists of Kanzaki Hajime, Himekawa Tatsuya, Kuneida Aoi and yet unseen and quiet, Tojou Hidetora.

Furuichi, unable to take Alain Delon’s sexual advances, tells Oga about Tojou to get him to loose Baby Beel (after Himekawa tells him where to find Tojou – at a beach). The friends head to the beach the next day in search of Tojou, but get mistaken as part-timers at a yakisoba stand. Unfortunately, the hoodlum was fired from his job the day before after a fight. As they keep missing each other, Oga finally asks Aoi to pass a letter of challenge to Tojou, as he does not know how he looks like.

On his way to the meeting place, Miwa’s MK5 holds him up, as they try to recruit him into their group to enable them to beat Tojou. When he finally rids himself of them, Oga ends up being late for his meeting with Tojou – who has left. It seems Tojou also has the Zebel Spell on his arm.
That night, Oga returns home with a nice tan – except for the mark of Baby Beel hanging on.

May 8, 2011 • ep 16 | You’re Not a Bad Specimen of a Man (なかなか男じゃないですか)

Since Oga and Baby Beel have no where to go, they summoned Furuichi back from his tropical summer paradise, much to the delight of Alain Delon. They all end up brooding in the local public pool when Oga realized he could have “shipped” himself over to the resort instead. At the pool, Furuichi makes the best of things by chatting up the Red Tails. Unfortunately, delinquents from his old middle school, lead by Takashima, decide to cause trouble by hitting on the girls. Furuichi takes cover in the pool, but Takashima tricks the lifeguard into evacuating the pool. When Furuichi becomes surrounded, he forces Baby Beel to cry in order to electrocute the delinquents.

May 15, 2011 • ep 17 | How about some Demon World Homework (魔界の宿題どうでしょう?)

The Demon King, with too much time on his hands, sends his son summer vacation homework. His package contains a diary, and a planting and gathering kit. Oga, who has never done homework in his life, urges Hildegarde to return it. Unfortunately, once a name has been written on it, the task has to be completed. Baby Beel just has to fill the pages of the diary with drawings, which coincidentally brings things to life. Then to hunt for “rare” animals, they head back to Ishiyama High to collect rare breeds of animals aka deliquents. Oga manages to get a few of them, while Baby Beel plants his demonic Morning Glory seeds. Beautiful as it maybe, it is a carnivorous plant, which causes a havoc to erupt until Oga destroys it.

May 22, 2011 • ep 18 | I Quit being the Badass Brawler (子連れ番長、やめました)

Baby Beels falls ill in the middle of summer. They try everything to cool him down, but nothing works. Soon, even the Zebel Spell disappears on Oga’s arms, thus signifying the lost of bond between the two. In the baby’s dire circumstance, Oga gets excited of the prospects of not being Baby Beel’s caretaker. Seeing this, Hildegarde gets annoyed and chases him out. As he walks the streets and realizes his mistake, he is ambushed by Tojou’s underling, Aizawa, to test out his prowess. Oga gets beaten up by Aizawa, but before the match can go further, Aizawa is recalled. Oga returns home, to find a missing Hildegarde, but remains to care for the sick Baby Beel.

Evasive manuever

When Oga awakens in the morning, he realizes that the baby has gone missing. His sister beats him up for losing both his wife and son on the same day. She warns him not to return if he doesn’t return with both of them. Oga heads to the river with Furuichi to “cool down” but in truth to search for Baby Beel. There, they see Baby Beel attached to another man’s back. Turns out it is Tojou, who picked up the wandering baby. They deck it out, and exchange punches, but Oga is outmatched and flung into the river. When Oga emerges, he sees only the back of his defeater leaving with his baby.

May 29, 2011 • ep 19 | The Doctor has Arrived (医者が来ました)

After his defeat, Oga returns to find the Demon World’s imperial doctor, Forcas Rachmaninoff, and his assistant, Lamia called upon by Hildegarde. It seems that Baby Beel was trying to draw out massive demonic power, but accidentally severed the link between Oga and him. Unfortunately, with the fever, Baby Beel found Tojou’s aura similar to that of Oga and connected to him instead.

To regain the link between the Baby Beel and Oga, the elder of the two begins “treatment” by entering a dream world to reclaim Beelzebub. Through a near-death experience, Oga finally awakens to an urge to reclaim Baby Beel.

June 5, 2011 • ep 20 | Everyone Assembles (全員集合です)

Shiroyama takes Oga to Kanzaki and Himekawa, who purpose an alliance to defeat Tojou (who has taken the latter two’s followers). Upon agreeing to the new pact, they head to Ishiyama High only to be surrounded by delinquents who want to join Tojou. Fortunately, Aoi and the Red Tails arrive too clear the way for him.

Meanwhile, Baby Beel’s condition worsen and Tojou tries to cheer him up by setting off fireworks. Oga arrives and confronts Tojou, telling him that he doesn’t want Baby Beel back. He is there to fight for himself. The rest is Baby Beel’s choice. At that revelation, the baby’s fever breaks. The earlier severed link is reinstated! Baby Beel climbs back on Oga’s head and just like that reconnects with him. The fight is on!

June 12, 2011 • ep 21 | Who do you Think is Ishiyama’s Strongest? (石矢魔(いしやま)最強、どっちでしょう?)

Furuichi is awoken by Alain Delon to be teleported to Ishiyama High to watch Oga and Tojou’s fight.


Forcas, Lamia & Hilda watching the fight

Oga lands the first punch and subsequent ones, but Tojou still stands. They soon trade punches, but only Oga seems hurt. That is until Baby Beel lends him his strength and the Zebel Spell returns to Oga’s hand. At this, Oga chastises Baby Beel.

“You thought I was going to lose? I won’t lose. I promise.”

With that, the spell disappears and Oga and Tojou both have a clean fight with no help. Finally Tojou is taken down, and Oga proves to be stronger without the mark. His power comes from knowing he has someone to protect. A long time ago, Tojou was bullied but saved by a man with the same mark as Oga. Inspired and idolizing his hero, he copied that mark. Now, he knows though, Oga’s strength comes from protection someone he cares for.

Oga comes out the victor and protector of Baby Beel.

June 19, 2011 • ep 22 | Secluded Mountain Training (山ごもりです)

Ishiyama High is totaled by Oga during the fight with Tojou.

Later, Oga discovers Baby Beel’s phobia of cicadas. To toughen him up, the pair head into the mountains for training. During their training, they meet Aoi who watches in horror Oga’s torture of the helpless Baby Beel. After much explanation, she tells him that she is there with her younger brother and grandfather. Upon introducing Oga to grampus, he immediately thinks Oga is Aoi’s future husband and goes out of his way to test him. Instead of Baby Beel getting trained, it is Oga getting trounced. In the end, Oga wins over the old man’s approval.

June 26, 2011 • ep 23 | The Demon World (ほんまかい)

The good doctor and Lamia are returned home, but unfortunately, Oga, Furuichi and Baby Beel are pulled into the Demon World. There, they meet Alain Delon’s daughter, Angelica, imprisoned by a group of thieves. They intend to use her teleporting capabilities as a phantom thief.

July 3, 2011 • ep 24 | Welcome Back (ただいまかい)

Furuichi, Oga, Baby Beel and Lamia show up to rescue Angelica. Unfortunately, at the same moment, a huge Demon Beast storms their way, as a result of the thieves constantly attacking it. Seeing this, Baby Beel is angered, causing an overflow of power into his tiny body. He grows as big as the Demon Beast. At this point, it becomes Oga’s turn to climb atop of Baby Beel. The baby takes down the Demon, but runs amok, almost crushing Oga in the process.

At the critical juncture, Oga yells out, “Dinner!” thereby successfully stopping Baby Beel and returning him to his original state.

July 10, 2011 • ep 25 | The New Semester Started (新学期はじまりました)

Vacation is over, but Ishiyama High is destroyed! However, all the delinquents are transferred to St. Ishiyama until the old school is repaired. The new school is known for a high college acceptance rate (unlike Ishiyama High). Thinking they will be the new rave, Furuichi cries out, only to scare the girls. Ishiyama High students, instead of being placed in their individual year class, are all grouped together in a “special class.” The first, second and third-year students are all grouped together: Tohoshinki, MK5 and Oga all share one class. Their homeroom teacher, Sadohara Takumi, thinking to quash their “bad habits” and reputation decides to take-on the strongest of the lot: Tojou in an arm wrestle. Instead, his “Golden Arm” is badly trounced. So he tries a “pushover” instead – Oga who is sleeping with Baby Beel. As he awakens Baby Beel, the rest of the class disperses knowing the outcome of that rude awakening.

At the new school, Yamamura Kazuya who has been in awe of the delinquents follow closely behind them, aspiring to be just like them one day. Even his best friend, Azusa, knows that his ultimate role model is Oga. The duo tail Oga, Baby Beel and Furuichi but eventually are cornered into a dark alley by a bunch of hoodlums from Teimo Tech. They are caught and used as hostages, but Aoi comes to their rescue. Oga sees this and becomes enraged that his schoolmates are being bullied, but Baby Beel has it worse! Way pass his feeding time, Baby Beel releases his electricity, which takes out everyone. In awe, Kazuya begs Oga to take him as a younger brother.

July 17, 2011 • ep 26 | May I Call You Brother? (アニキと呼んでもいいですか?)

The new sworn brother of Oga makes a house call and sees Hildegarde feeding Baby Beel, causing her to immediately assume that she is his wife. He professes to her that he wants to be as strong as Oga.

At school, Aoi and Oga are summoned into the counselor’s office. They really did a number on the Teimo Tech students. The counselor is introducing the “Ishiyama Reformation Project,” whereby keeping everyone in line or risk expulsion from school.

Kazuya follows Oga home for “training” but ends up cleaning the house for him. At this point, poor Azusa is kidnapped by Teimo Tech, who have come seeking revenge. It is up to Kazuya now to save her (since Oga is under surveillance by the school).

July 24, 2011 • ep 27 | Called the Magical Girl (魔法少女と呼ばれて)

Angelica visits the human world to celebrate her missed birthday with her father. Unfortunately, the Yople alien followed her through the time space warp too. To find this alien, Angelica calls on her magic wand to aid her. This transforms her and 4 other girls: Hildegarde, Honoka (Furuichi’s sister), Azusa, and Aoi to Magical Maidens. Soon they find Yople at the fairground.

July 31, 2011 • ep 28 | Let’s All Get Physicals (身体測定してみましょう)

Oga and Furuichi are accidentally trapped in room where the girls in the school are getting their physical. While Oga tries to extract the miffed Baby Beel from a locker (who seems to think Oga has a new “baby” thanks to a toy being attached to his shoulder), Furuichi tries his damnest to catch a glimpse of the almost naked girls.

Aug. 7, 2011 • ep 29 | What are the 6 Holy Knights? (六騎聖って何ですか?)

The students at St. Ishiyama High are trying to disassociate themselves from the delinquent newcomers. However, the “delinquents” aren’t the only bad-asses around town. The MK5 and Good Morning got their behinds handed to them by the “6 Holy Knights” – who are bent on driving the delinquents out of their territory.

The Knights of St. Ishiyama

On the other hand, Oga is still determine to find a suitable substitute for Baby Beel, and idiots (BAKA) won’t do. Just as he hatches his plan, he and Kuneida Aoi are summoned to the counselor’s office. The counselor warns them, once again, about the “Reformation Project” – one wrong move and they will be tossed out. Then he proceeds to use the bare bottomed Baby Beel as scapegoat for the latest destruction of their homeroom teacher’s car. They will have to dress him. Oh, and by the way, they will be “watched” and “reformed” by the 6 Holy Knights.

In the meantime, the oblivious Furuichi bumps into an old middle school friend Miki. Seems like the dude really isn’t a friend. This friend warns him, “We are allergic to delinquents. … the 6 Holy Knights will take down Oga.”  On a brighter note, Furuichi can warn Oga to watch out for them: they all wear an “emblem” / lion pin under the collar of their shirts. And Hisaya Miki’s one of them.

Shijo Alex

Shijo Alex

Oga sets out to discover his new foe/substitute parent. He seeks out Kazu at his class as the wannabe’s classmates all hover in fear and disgust at Oga. But Kuneida follows him, just in case he gets himself into hot soup. There, they are cornered by two clean-cut Knights: boxing club captain Shijo Alex and Kendo club captain, Mitsuteru Sakaki (Moe). Kuneida immediately sees their strength and makes excuse for them to leave instead of causing a ruckus. But they won’t take no for an answer. Sakaki immediately attacks with his bokutou, but she easily evades him. Calling for Azusa to lend her a ruler, Aoi then slices off the tip of Sakaki’s bokutou – much to his and Alex’s surprise.

Mitsuteru Sakaki

Mitsuteru Sakaki

As Sakaki backs off, Alex then takes a hit at his opponent. When Oga goes down without a fight, Alex walks of smugly, thinking he had already won. Instead, Oga stands up again (much to the surprise of Alex – whose opponents have never once stood up after a hit), and pushes Alex to answer his question (when is a door never closed. Ans: when it is ajar)

Two of the knights leave, having tested out their opponents’ strength. The next time they meet, Miki will be there.

Aug. 14, 2011 • ep 30 | Who Could the 6 Holy Knights Be? (Rokkisei wa Daredeshou? 六騎聖は誰でしょう?)

Curiosity kills the cat. Oga begins to seek out the rest of the 6 Knights.

Earlier that day, two boys from the St. Ishiyama school hassled Aoi’s girls. Seeing, this, Shiroyama stops them, but instead of fighting, allows them to throw the first punch. The wolves in sheep clothing proceed to roll a large weight onto Shiroyama, landing him in the hospital. Kanzaki, standing up for his “underling,” finds said boys for revenge, but is knocked out by Miki.

Hisaya Miki

Hisaya Miki

Miki then invites the Ishiyama High-ers to the roof after school. With Oga, Baby Beel and Aoi on the forefront, Himekawa, Natsume and Furuichi follow suit. Four of the six Knights are present, including newbie Go, president of the Radio Club.

Hiromichi Go

Hiromichi Go

Natsume limbers up for his fight with Go, while Himekawa faces Sakaki. Oga takes on Alex and immediately knocks him out with one punch. Miki quickly steps in, finally meeting his long forgotten friend and idol.

Aug. 28, 2011 • ep 31 | No Conclusion Was Reached (決着、つきませんでした)

Miki vs. Oga. When Miki was 13 years old, he was constantly picked on by bullies. It was Oga who saved him. Even though they met but for a while, the duo together with Furuichi became fast friends until Miki had to leave.

Miki quickly outshines Oga with Hakkyokuken, a martial arts from China. Even though Oga maybe flailing and is no match for Miki, he doesn’t give up.

Girl Power: Nanami stops Miki

Girl Power: Nanami stops Miki

Before Miki shows off his “most powerful technique,” the two strongest of the Knights: Nanami Shizuka (the only girl in the group) and Kaname Izuma (Miki’s teacher).

Kaname Izuma

Kaname Izuma

News reaches Tojou that there is a fight going on. Not to miss out on any fight, he shows up in time before the situation worsen. However, Izuma quickly stops the fight and calls for a retreat.

Tojou fired up

Tojou fired up

As the gathering disperse, a letter of expulsion awaits the Ishiyama High students. They storm the Counselor’s office to complain that they weren’t the only ones involved in the rooftop brawl, as the Holy Knights were the initial instigators. To resolve the issue, the Counselor forces all of them to participate in a sporting event of his choice in the upcoming school festival. Reluctantly, the students agree.

Sept. 4, 2011 • ep 32 | What has the Transfer Girl Done? (転校少女に ナニが起こりましたか?)

Hidegarde transfers in. The delinquents are a buzz, wondering if there will be a shown down between the wife and the lover?! Even Alain Delon gets in the action, acting as their new English teacher.

Soon, the delinquents find out that the sports event that the enlisted was volleyball – something everyone, including the knights, have no experience in. It was secretly chosen by Izuma.

On the first day of practice, no one shows up. Hildegarde goes on a “motivation” rampage, with Alain Delon abducting them to watch the Knights practice and supposedly bad-mouth them. With that, the idiots are fooled into going for practice. Soon, they are fighting with each other for the Captain/Libero spot. Hildegarde solves the problem: whoever can receive her serve becomes the leader. All fail except for her “love foe” Aoi.

Sept. 11, 2011 • ep 33 | There Are Wounds in the Past (過去に傷ありました)

The volleyball practice bores Oga, who is itching for a fight. Together with Furuichi, they find Miki training in a Dojou and challenges him to light sparring. Miki goes on the offensive as Oga can only play defense.

Miki thinks that after he was saved by Oga and they became fast friends, he was betrayed by him. Trying to fight alongside Oga and show his toughness, Oga turned on him instead when met by bullies who are after Miki. He even went as fas as to denounce his knowledge to Miki.

After that sparring, Oga realizes he has to up his ante. He finds Tojou to hone his “technique.” They wallop each other until both are fairly trounced and Oga “wins” and figures out his “move.”

Sept. 18, 2011 • ep 34 | Maids Run Amok (メイドお騒がせします)

At the day of the festival, Azusa’s class creates a maid café only to meet their rival in the 6 Knights. To push their cafe, she gets Furuichi to join them, who immediately recruits the Red Tails, Hildegarde and Alain Delon.

Teimo Tech hoodlums enter the school grounds looking to stir up a storm. Seeing a chance for more free food and service, they visit the Azusa’s Maid Café, only to be beaten up by them. As they leave with their tails between their legs, they are stopped by Kanzaki, Tojou, Natsume, and Oga who give them a sound beating. Soon after that, the 6 Knights too have their fair share of trouncing with them too.

From a close distance, a stranger watches them.

Sept. 24, 2011 • ep 35 | Time for the Game to Begin

It’s Ishiyama vs. St. Ishiyama: unfortunately Oga and Tojou are clueless as to the rules of the game (since they never went for practice). Instead of volleyball, they play basketball! In the end, Oga comes up with a plan: to foul without letting the rest see it’s a foul – by using Baby Beel. Things go well for the Ishiyama students, until Izuma takes on the service and brings Aoi down. The first set ends with Aoi badly injured.


Delinquents with a baby demon: Himekawa, Kanzaki, Kuneida, Oga, Natsume, Furuichi & Tojou

Second set begins without Aoi and the boys crumble. Seeing this, Aoi pushes herself and the boys even dig in to fight. At the set point for Ishiyam (27 to 28) Himekawa serves. Izuma spikes it. Aoi rushes to save it, but Oga hits it inbound. Even the students begin to cheer for the delinquents, after seeing their drive and grit.

However, a stranger quickly hijacks the mike. Oga, Furuichi and Miki stares in shock!

Oct. 2, 2011 • ep 36 | The Deciding Battle Finally (Ketchaku, Yatto Tsukimashita 決着、やっとつきました)

The havoc maker, with his rowdy group of Teimo Tech Shadow Group (monks), are there with revenge on their minds. Reiji Kiriya (Viper), the leader, only wants Oga for his trespass from long ago. Miki realizes then that Oga was only protecting, knowing that Kiriya was moving to Nara like him.

Kiriya with a memento on his face from Oga

Kiriya with a memento on his face from Oga

Even though the rest of the students are held hostage, Oga with the help of Miki and the 6 Holy Knights manages to hold them off. As the fight progress, an angered Oga calls on Zebel Spell. The spell spreads over Oga’s arms and face, and just as quickly, he unleashes Zebel Blast in front of the entire school. As everyone watches in horror at the power and fury of Oga bringing down Kiriya, Izuma quickly covers for him. He announces that the “events” of the day was staged. He departs the buzzing gym only to warn Oga to keep his demon powers in check.

Shocked, Oga pulls Hildegard and Alaid Delon aside to let them know what Izuma said. Who is Izuma? Why does he know about Zebel Spell?

Oct. 9, 2011 • ep 37 |  This Man is a Teacher (Sono Otoko, Sensei Deshita その男、先生でした)

A very curious Aoi tries to confronts Izuma about Oga. Simultaneously, Tojou (who is on friendly terms with Shizuka) and Oga finds Izuma for an explanation. But they are all stopped by a new stranger: Saotome Zenjuurou. Tojou immediately shows his reverence and addresses him as “Zen-sama.” He knocks out Oga and Tojou and sends them off to class.

Saotome Zenjuurou

Saotome Zenjuurou the spellmaster

Before leaving, he is stopped by Hildegarde. (Is he the agent of Behemoth? – Hildegarde thinks to herself) Hildegarde takes on Zenjuurou as Aoi watches from the sidelines. However, her magic is sealed by Zenjuurou, Spellmaster, with the Royal Crest. He leaves with the boys, but warns Hildegarde that Oga and Baby Beel better get stronger or die.

Oct. 16, 2011 • ep 38 |

Aoi has to know what is going on now. She confronts Oga and asks about Baby Beel. The simpleton, Oga, tries to make the explanation easy by starting with Baby Beel’s name. But after stumbling a few times, he realizes he can’t recall Baby Beel’s extra long name. He turns it over to the baby to explain himself. Furuichi, who watches from afar, sees the helplessness of the situation and steps in to help. But he makes the situation even worse. Confusing Aoi even more than before.

Suddenly, a woman, who looks like Hildegarde appears and shocks Furuichi enough for him to pass out. She tries to kiss Oga but Hildegarde stops her. “Yolda,” Hildegarde murmurs. Soon, two more maids appear: Izabella and Satura along with their master, Prince En, older brother of Baby Beel. With this introduction of this new comer, Oga has to break it down for Aoi.

Aniki - Big bro En

Aniki - Big bro En

They are all demons: Baby Beel, Hildegarde, Alain Delon, and the newbies. After Prince En’s comfort is satisfied, Yolda turns on Aoi and she becomes unconscious like Furuichi. Soon, they all meet in Furuichi’s house – much to his disgust. The Great Demon Lord wants to destroy earth because Baby Beel is taking too long. So En is there to work together with Baby Beel. However, Baby Beel begins to throw ice cubes on En and the older brother soon throws a tantrum and goes on fire. The maids try to calm him down, before he turns the place and everyone in it into ashes. They try everything, and then Satura suggests the played a game. Furuichi suggests his PS2, which En happily obliges since he’s a “king” of video games like his father. Baby Beel takes on the other remote and ends up beating the infuriated En. In a huff, he declares he will visit all the game shops and arcades earth has to offer. The mission will have to be postponed.

Oct. 23, 2011 • ep 39 |  His Brother was a Crybaby (Kni wa nakimushi deshita 兄は泣き虫でした)

As everyone takes their leave off of Furuichi’s place, Hildegarde begins to fret about the predicament they are in with Lord En’s arrival to the human world.

The next day, they have a triple date: Yazu with Kanzaki, (unfortunately) Alain Deloin with Furuichi and Oga with Aoi at the fairgrounds. Even Lord En appears with his entourage. Trying to pick a fight, Lord En makes Baby Beel move from a ride, but Baby Beels hurls his ice cream at him. Flames start shooting out of the spoiled prince as the maids try to ease the fury.

Soon, Lord En sets his eye on the Mega Roller Coaster, but as the car climbs to a 90º fall, Lord En panics and sets everyone afire. Alain Deloin comes in for the save. Ungrateful, the grump says it was an easy ride. Hildegarde appears on scene and begins chastising the lot. But Lord En walks off, and the rest lose sight of him, as he strolls into a haunted house. His maids are immediately blamed for the foresight. But Oga, Baby Beel, Aoi and Furuichi spot him and follow him in. They have to act fast before the cantankerous and pitiful Lord En turns Ishiyama into a sea of fire. Unable to find him, Aoi slices off the building and find, huddled in a corner, a crying Lord En.

Lord En stifles his tears, and vows that his army, the Behemoth’s 34 Pillar of Division will arrive soon and destroy them all!

Oct. 30, 2011 • ep 40 |  No Shirt, No Shoes, No Assassins (Shikyaku wa kyaku de wa arimasen 刺客は客ではありません)

Tojou meets with Shizuka (deputy of the 6 Knights and his long time friend) to send a message to Izuma. They end up in an abandoned building, decking it out. Unfortunately, their little party is crashed by Lord En’s underlings.

That night, Aoi is escorted home after dinner at Oga’s. Out of no where, a black plume of smoke materializes and sucks up Aoi.

Damsel in distress - held by a fish

Damsel in distress - held by a fish

And so the Behemoth’s 34 Pillar Division has arrived!! Hecadoth has got Aoi hostage. Oga draws Hecadoth’s attention while Hildegarde saves Aoi. Oga calls on Zebel Spell’s blast, but it is easily evaded. Worse, instead of their move, Hildegarde is stabbed. Hecadoth’s motive from the start was not the girls, but Baby Beel’s contractor.



Nov. 6, 2011 • ep 41 |  On the Brink! What’ll We Do? (Zettai zetsumei! Dō shimashō? 絶体絶命どうしましょう)

Elsewhere, Saotome Sensei senses the arrival of Behemoth’s men.

In the meantime, Izuma and Tojou are attacked by Graphel (an overconfident Pillar General) and Naga (a Pillar Baron). Shizuka tries to aid them, but she is easily brushed aside. The eavesdropping Kanzaki and Yuka step out from their hiding spot.

Picking on a girl - shame on you!

Graphel picking on a girl - shame on you!

Baby Beel watches in horror and tears and Hildegarde falls. The baby and his handler immediately become enrage. Oga gets a point blank range hit, but Hecadoth merely swipes it off like dandruff. Before Hecadoth can finish off the weakling before him, Saotome Sensei, the Spellmaster, arrives. He strikes Hecadoth while emitting a huge amount of demonic power, which causes Graphel and Naga (from afar) to come to his aid. Unfortunately for Graphel, he is soon sent back to the demon world by Saotome. Looks like Saotome Sensei will have to teach Oga how to use his Zebel Spell to its fullest.

Nov. 13, 2011 • ep 42 |  It’s Time to Train (Shugyō no jikan desu yo 修業の時間ですよ)

Everyone barely made it. Oga and Hildegarde are treated by Forcas and Lamia for their near fatal injuries. As the bandaged Oga walks Aoi home, he is reminded by Saotome Sensei how weak he truly is, and that he has to get stronger. Dropping her off, he begs Granpa Kuneida to train him. And so off they go to the shrine grounds of Mapputatsu Temple. But instead of training, Oga and Baby Beel are put on chore duties. Even the Teimo Tech Shadow Group appears at the dojou for training.

Nov. 20, 2011 • ep 43 |  Where Did the Older Brother Disappear To? (Ani wa doko e kieta no deshō? 兄はどこへ消えたのでしょう?)

Furuichi and Lamia decide to search for Lord En’s whereabouts to try to convince him and stop the impending battle of the Behemoth. As the clock ticks with five more days, the search ends up enmassing a gang of finders: the Red Tails, Himekawa and Kanzaki’s group. Team Furuichi – who would have thought that he could lead delinquents?!

Meanwhile, Saotome Sensei, having given up on trying to convince Tojou that the men he fought before were demons, decides to teach him how to fight “real demons.”

Nov. 27, 2011 • ep 44 | I Must Become Stronger (Tsuyoku nara nakyaikemasen 強くならなきゃいけません)

The Shrine group led by Kuneida Grandpa trains at the waterfall. Their task: break a stone, which Aoi shows them skillfully and gracefully how it is done. But, boys being boys, instead of stones, they pick up boulders. The ones who can’t break the stone end up without dinner.

As the day turns to night, the only one left on the grounds is Oga and BabyBeel with their massive boulder. The rest adjourn to Mapputatsu Temple, where Isafuyu, the priest’s daughter voices her fear of Oga and the baby because of their demonic aura. She knows Baby Beel is a strong demon.

After pulling an all-nighter, Oga finally cracks the boulder. Grandpa Kuneida then sends him to Satome Sensei for training.

Dec. 4, 2011 • ep 45 | There’s One Day and 1 Hour Left Until the Game (Gēmu wa ichinichi ichijikan made desu ゲームは一日1時間までです)

Furuichi’s Team heads to Himekawa’s lavish pad. Rich doesn’t even begin to explain how much money the boy has! He even owns a game center/room, equipped with only the latest technology in gaming. The unassuming and quiet Tanimura Chiaki turns out to be a season pro, but her counter, the talkative Hanazawa Yuka, who is also suddenly on good terms with Kanzaki, is totally hopeless. Game on Team Furuichi!

Oga finally throws away his pride to begin training with Saotome Sensei.

Dec. 11, 2011 • ep 46 | Burn, Super Combination! (Moero, chōzetsu gattai! 燃えろ、超絶合体!)

Team Furuichi finds a robot, called the Crazy Frog, to destroy the enemy’s tanks, but they clumsily destroy it after. The enemy then turns to guerilla warfare, but cheat by using a camouflage that cannot be detected on radar (by reprogramming the game). Himekawa, not to be outdone, leaves the room to “rework” the programming. In the meantime, the enemy revives Crazy Frog, much to the dismay of the “allied group.” But Himekawa returns for the recess. He managed to buy over the game, thereby reprogramming the game and “reviving” the dead as zombies. No matter how much bullets pierce them, they remain “alive.” Not only that, Himekawa bought them another 5 Crazy Frogs, which in turn can be turned into a Voltron look alike. Victory is on their side!

The Baby's got the Moves

The Baby's got the Moves

Elsewhere on the training ground, Saotome Zenjuurou teaches Oga to draw on Baby Beel’s powers. A demon radio is used to make a replica of Baby Beel who then proceeds to trounce Oga. But upon seeing a rabbit, goes after it instead. When Oga finally catches up to the copy, it suddenly transforms with additional wings and a tail.

Aoi and Isafuyu, the daughter of the priest of the Mapputatsu Temple, goes to the Tengu Daimei Shrine to seek advice on how to deal with demons.

Dec. 18, 2011 • ep 47 | Sorry to Have Kept You Waiting (Omataseshimashita お待たせしました)

Even though the game was won by the Team Furuichi, Lord En still insists on continuing the game before he shows himself. During their brief IM, it is revealed that Lord En has a crush on Lamia (thinks of her as his future wife). The play on for 3 days straight without sleep and finally some of them break of food. As Furuichi and Lamia head out for refreshments, they bump into Yolda and even follow her back to their hideout. They were staying not only in the same apartment building as the Team Furuichi, but were actually NEXT DOOR!! They are quickly pulled in, but swept into a different dimension.

Himekawa finds out that Lord En is really next door, but as they storm the place, nothing is left. Yolda has the powers much like Alain Deloin. However, Hildegarde finds them and soon a fierce battle ensues. Hildegarde reminds them that they brought this fight upon themselves first: by not doing anything to stop Lord En’s constant “spoiled needs.”

As Oga finishes his training, the Behemoth arrives in search for Baby Beel’s contract holder. Hildegarde meets them head on, and even Tojou and the rest of the THKK join in the fight. The Red Tails quickly report the latest development to Aoi. And as luck would have had it, Angelica, Alain Deloin’s daughter, is in the shrine vicinity and transports her to the scene. Even Oga and Baby Beel are transported by Alain Deloin.

Dec. 25, 2011 • ep 48 | I’m His Parent (Ore ga oya desu オレが親です)

The Behemoth’s 34 Pillar arrives and crashes the pad.

The devil's in the details

The devil's in the details

Aoi takes on Agiel, who has the backing of Pillars Elim, Parniel, Fabas and Tiriel, and trounces her.

Oga masters the sealing technique as he arrives to meet the Pillar head-on. Graphael takes on the challenge after Hecadoth falls, but is quelled when Oga uses his new Super Milk Time technique. Naga then takes him on, and reminds him that Baby Beel will one day lead the demons to destroy earth. But Oga admonishes him. Baby Beel will never be the harbinger of death to humanity because he is the parent.


Naga off to face a demon baby and his dad

As the parent, he will never allow Baby Beel to do something so stupid. As Oga pushes for more power, he removes his limiter by finishing Baby Beel’s milk, however his time limit is only 5 minutes. He begins to spout wings and quickly Oga transforms into Baby Beel and takes down Naga. With everyone taken down and tails between their legs, Lord En, his maids and his underlings returns to hell.

Jan. 8, 2012 • ep 48 | Beelzebub`s New Year`s Special! Beelbeel Journey to the West! (Beelzebub Oshougatsu Supesharu! BeelBeel Seiyuuki べるぜバブお正月スペシャル! ベルベル西遊記)

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