Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (いちばんうしろの 大魔王) is a Japanese light novel written by Mizuki Shoutarou and illustrated by Itou Souichi published on December 1, 2009. A manga adaptation by Mizuki and Itou was serialized on Sept. 19, 2008 and is ongoing. The series is then adapted to anime and aired beginning April 3, 2010 until June 18, 2010 with 12 episodes.

There is an opening and ending theme:

2. Natsuko Aso’s “Everyday Sunshine Line!” DOWNLOAD

Enter Sai Akuto, who is on his way to the Konstantin Magical Academy as a transfer student (aka Harry Potter). He wishes to be the country’s high priest, therefore contributing to the betterment of the society. On his way, he meets Hattori Junko, who after meeting him swears allegiance to him. Unfortunately for him, things roll downhill after that. At the aptitude test for all new students, it is predicted that he will be a Demon Lord in the future (unlike Harry Potter who has to battle the dark lord). From then on, Hattori resents him, the head of the girl’s dorm wants his power for her own demented reasons, a female android who teases him mercilessly is sent to observe and protect him and finally an airhead childhood friend appears to defend him. All is not as it seems.



April 3, 2010, Episode 1: The Demon King is Born!

The story begins with a weeping mother abandoning her newborn baby at the foot of a Church’s doorstep. Her last words to her baby are in hopes that he will break free from his predestined fate.

Sai Akuto is heading to the Konstantin Magical Academy as a transfer student with a bright future ahead of him. After a slight misunderstanding trying to help an old lady, he gets acquainted with Hattori Junko, another student of the Academy train-bound to the Academy. Hattori is from the Suharaist family, the protector of the empire for generations. She is devoted to her family traditions and has a strong sense of justice.

After he tells her his dream of becoming the high priest she makes a pact with him, promising for a better world for everyone, a pact that if broken means the death of either one.

Unfortunately, the poor boy runs out of luck. During a reading of his future, the predicting spirit Yata Garasu states his destiny as the Demon Lord. It should be told that the spirit has never been wrong. With that ball rolling, students begin to fear and loathe him. He is immediately pulled aside by Torii Mitsuko, head scientist of the Academy. She tells him, that if he ever thinks he’s about to die or want to die, he should visit her immediately, so that she can dissect and analyze his body while it is still fresh. Akuto later realizes that Torii sensei is his class teacher.

Sai Akuto and his harem

Sai Akuto and his harem

In class 1-A, the students all clear away from his presence, minus one, Miwa Hiroshi, who seems to look up to him and insists on calling him senpai even though they are of the same age. Hattori too is in his class, but it seems that she is now hostile towards him. She decides that it is best that she destroys him instead, assuming that he knew about his destiny before their meeting and tricked her into befriending him. After Hattori is chosen as the class rep, Akuto innocently volunteers for cleaning duty, hoping to put himself in a better light with the students doing menial tasks. Unbeknown to this hapless boy, a “cleaner” in the Academy is code for an assassin that maintains the school’s secrets. Hattori gets even more riled up from this and challenges him to a duel. This ends badly for both, as Hattori looses without much effort, and Akuto accidentally uses a power unknown to him, which destroys the classroom.

Later that night, with the aid of Hiroshi, he tries to explain and reconcile with Hattori, but ends up stoking the fire even more by making it look like a lover’s visit. They end up in a chase through the woods, where Akuto bumps into Soga Keena, who immediately swears her allegiance to him, vowing to be his protector. The fight ends in yet another disastrous explosion, this time with even more firepower than the earlier classroom incident.

Suddenly, a green-haired girl appears, as she introduces herself as Korone, an “observer.” Meanwhile, Hattori lies inches away, unconscious with her torn clothes in disarray.

April 10, 2010, Episode 2: The Odd Observer

Korone is a Liladan, a race of androids sent by the government to observe (and protect) Akuto. While Korone explains to Akuto about her presence, Soga Keena disappears. Korone then heals the fallen Hattori with a gun she has in her bag. It looks like Korone has an arsenal of weapons stored inside her little purse, which serves as her hammerspace. She then hauls Akuto to the principal’s office after his massive destruction in the forest. Her unbiased testimony absolves him of any ill intent, but the principal orders Korone to remain with Akuto as his bodyguard and to continue her observance of him as the future Demon Lord.  Korone has the ability to read people’s emotions and can detect a person’s mana levels. They return to his dorm room, only to have Korone stoically tease him about their sleeping arrangements. Korone is stereotypically an emotionless and stolid android, but shows occasional curiosity while making odd and random ribald comments. After a few tries, she eventually climbs into a storage closet to sleep/observe him.

The next day, as they head to class, Akuto is approached by a gorgeous and popular head of the girl’s dorm Etou Fujiko. She promises to come to his aid, despite his destiny, as she believes that he will be able to overcome his fate. Wanting to explain himself to Hattori, he calls his sole “comrade” telepathically through a student book and Fujiko immediately suggests a secret rendezvous in the mountains behind the school. She warns him to come alone, and ingeniously instructs him on disabling Korone, by pulling her tail. It seems that Liladans can be deactivated and reactivated by tugging on a switch resembling a rabbit’s tail on their lower backs.

On the way up the mountains, a rabid dog attacks Akuto and Korone. Korone hypothesizes that the animal is mutated by mana, and instead of allowing Korone to kill the dog; Akuto absorbs its evil mana thereby returning it to its puppy form. This act astounds Korone, as it requires a tremendous amount of power that even a seasoned mage may not achieve. The released puppy picks up the scent of an invisible Keena after the pair. Korone goes in search of the noise made by the puppy, and Akuto immediately deactivates her.

Akuto meets up with Fujiko who asks him to join the school’s Student Council and head the Disciplinary Committee to clear his name. On the subject of Hattori, Fujiko gives him a two-shot gun that will enable the two parties to better understand each other’s feelings. (Fujiko later calls Hattori, claiming that Akuto threatened her to meet with Hattori. She then enters a secret passage in her room, and converses with her brother’s severed head).

After his quick tryst, he returns to reactivate Korone and Keena emerges after fleeing from the attacking puppy. It seems her invisibility is made possible by a dove bracelet she dons on her upper arm, a gift that Akuto later remembers as his present to her when they were children. The bracelet not only makes her undetectable, but it cloaks her mana too. Keena asks only for his friendship in exchange for not testifying against him as a molester after seeing her naked.

April 17, 2010, Episode 3: The Upperclassman Who’s a Bit Scary

Etou Fujiko is the current head of the Etou family, replacing her brother who died after failing a mission. She has since held on to her brother’s severed head, with eyes sewn shut, and keeps him in a liquid-filled container. She is also the ringleader of an underground movement that uses black magic for evil intent. She is determined to attain Akuto’s demonic powers for her own vile purpose. Meanwhile, her plan is falling into place nicely.

Akuto visits the Student Council president, Lily Shiraishim who wears a pointed witch’s hat. Her assistants include a robot, a vampire, and a werewolf. Akuto asks to be accepted into the council as the disciplinarian of the school. Hattori and Akuto are set to meet. But first, Akuto has to deactivate Korone and shake off Keena who suddenly appears in his room asking him to hide her illegal rice pot. Her love for rice is such that she thinks that everyone will be happy and at peace if they were to just eat rice together.

Akuto gets to the underground third floor of the school and is immediately attacked by a bunch of rowdy students of the Academy, which presumably practice the black art. There, they throw down a captured and badly beaten Miwa. As he struggles to do the right thing, an incredible power is called forth and Akuto is able to execute pinpoint targets with incredible precision. He maims them badly only to have Hattori appear at the worse possible situation, as he brutally trounces these thugs. She of course misinterprets his attempts at doing good for evil intentions and worse, doesn’t listen to his reasoning that he was the one who was being setup. She retreats, knowing that she is no match for him, but vows that this will be known by all. Akuto tries to fire the “understanding” shot gun meant for them both, but it looks like the bullets are missing. Fortunately for him, the bullets are taken by Keena who was in his room earlier (otherwise he will be bound as a slave to Fujiko).

The news travels to the principal’s, teacher’s and students’ ears. Hattori calls for the apprehension of Akuto, and for one hour, the Academy permits this act. Unfortunately, Keena happens to sneak into Hattori’s room and finds out that Hattori may actually have feelings for Akuto, but is unwilling to face it, as he is the said Demon Lord.

Miwa stands by his friend, just as Akuto tells himself he just has to bear the fight for an hour and not give in or loose. As the mob headed by Hattori corners him, Keena appears and reasons with Hattori that if she’s in love with Akuto, how can she believe him to do such misdeeds. To which, the mob switches their tune, and decide that this is a lover’s quarrel aired in the open. They turn their anger towards Keena, Akuto and Hattori. Korone, appears, disgusted that Akuto deactivated her, then chastises him, as he would have otherwise have an unbiased witness. She points her bazooka at the crowd, just as Akuto puts up a barrier shield for the girls and him, and she fires. Out pours rice, rice that makes everyone happy, and what’s more, rice infused with “medicinal tablets” acquired by Keena from Akuto.

Oh boy! Now everyone will be a slave to Fujiko! Evil never wins, especially when it’s against an innocent.

April 24, 2010, Episode 4: Do Isolation Cells Make You Great?

Fujiko’s older brother was ordered on a mission where he had to retrieve three keys. Before his death, he had stumbled upon something very important but his memories were erased. The government found out and tried to retrieve his memories by using the forbidden magic on the dead. But his memories were sealed. Fujiko maybe keeping her brother’s head, to try to unseal his memories.

Back in school, Torii sensei has class 1-A split up in pairs to practice passing and controlling mana to each other. After Miwa declines being Akuto’s partner, citing differences in power, Hattori steps in as his partner. She throws the mana at him, and as Akuto catches it and hurls it back, the mana expands and implodes infront of Hattori, thereby blowing her up yet again. She faints from shock, but Torii sensei sends Akuto to the Mental Self-Discipline Chamber for zen meditation and to control his mana. She tells him to bring a canteen of water and a water-proof bag.

Upon hearing this, Fujiko realizes that this is her chance to trap Akuto as the chamber cannot be opened for 12 hours once it is closed. Captured audience has never sounded better.  Akuto walks in to the chamber, telling Korone to stand guard outside, but as the chamber closes, he realizes he is not alone. Korone strolled in too. Not long after, after bumping into “soft” things, Akuto realizes that Keena too had enter the chamber to bring him food for his meditation. Meanwhile, Fujiko creeps up the chamber as she prepares her magic bullets to fire at Akuto (which will make him swear his allegiance to her). Inside the chamber, Akuto find an old map buried inside the walls, asking the reader to collect three keys, but death awaits those unworthy ones seeking the treasure. Akuto decides that this is just a silly treasure map and that his purpose in there was to learn to concentrate – just as Keena realizes she has to pee. She bangs at the door, asking for someone to release them, just as Korone senses that there already is someone standing outside the door.

Fujiko, on the outside, readies to hit the emergency release door and fire the gun. Unfortunately for her, when the door opens, out spring Korone followed by Akuto and Korone holding the “treasure map.” She sees it, and immediately realizes that this was the map that got her brother in trouble and takes it away from him. As the trio leaves, a girl with green hair appears infront of Fujiko and says, “Too bad you can’t make him your underling.” She doesn’t care for that now, as she has the map.

The next day, the map appears everywhere in the school grounds as they soon realize that it was Keena who posted it thinking it was a treasure map. Of course the boys of the school head out to find the treasure only to end up attacked by monsters. The student council announces a ban on the treasure hunt just as all fingers point to Akuto as the guilty party to this. The green-haired girl appears again, and suggest that to prove himself innocent and this wasn’t one of this traps, he has to go by himself. She introduces herself as Teruya Eiko.

Fujiko gives Akuto another gun for his impending hunt, while Miwa gathers the camping gear.

May 1, 2010, Episode 5: Beware the Underground Labyrinth

As the group enters the cave, two standing glowing flames appear on either side of a huge crater in the middle of the cave. Teruya eggs Akuto on about his demonic status. Akuto vows to his group that he will continue to fight as he is not a demon and will never become one. As he vehemently states this, he draws his gun given by Fujiko and points it towards Teruya. Behind her, a black wind tunnel appears. Teruya melodramatically tells Akuto to avenge her if she dies, but he uses the gun and disperses the tunnel. They then stumble upon a doll with a recorded message.

Hattori finally awakens from her previous hit by Akuto and realizes he has disappeared. She asks Keena where he is and tells him he is on a treasure hunt with Teruya. Hattori immediately chases them down, but as she nears the cave, she falls into a pit.

Meanwhile, Fujiko sees Akuto retrieving the doll from her crystal ball, just as Keena appears in her room. Seems like Keena knows more than she lets on, as she addresses Fujiko’s brother  in the encasement. She cajoles Fujiko into joining Akuto’s team in the cavern, telling her that this is her chance to learn what happened to her brother years ago. Opportunity knocks once.

Team Akuto, consisting of Teruya (the green-haired girl), Miwa and Akuto, presses on and stumbles upon a Knight Research Facility after retrieving yet another clue, a mirror-like device. The armors come a live and give chase to the group.  The end up in a Limestone cave where Akuto dives in alone to retrieve another clue. Teruya follows him in, naked. Meanwhile, Hattori, who fell into a pit earlier, falls into the same cavern and decides to sit in the warm bath for a while. She hears noises and sees Akuto piggy-backing a naked Teruya and tells him she’s an Imperial Guard sent by the government. The two girls begin to fight as a monstrous wolf appears. Akuto tries to fend him off but is bitten in the process. Miasma oozes out from the wolf and an explosion ensues. Seeing the girls in danger, Akuto unconsciously saves Hattori. Teruya sees this and comments that he chose Hattori over her, and throws him a key. She then tells Hattori that she is her eternal rival.

Team Akuto reconvenes with additional members now. Keena and Fujiko arrive as they survey the newly retrieved clues: the doll, the mirror plate and the key. Fujiko immediately snatches all three, activates the key and teleports with the rest. The Student Council President, Lily, appears in the teleported space and warns Akuto not to go further as it houses a sealed demon lord. Fujiko runs ahead of everyone, to find out what happened to her brother. She inserts the key into the lock, scans her hand print on the mirror plate and replays the sound of the doll. The wall opens and a colossal dragon awakens. He roars, “Do you have what it takes to control me?” and promptly unseats Fujiko.

Akuto tries to enter the chambers to save Fujiko as she screams but Lily bars him from entering. Hattori comes to his aid, which surprises Lily. “You’re helping a future demon lord. Are you ok with that?” Hattori replies that she believes in him, and if he becomes the demon lord in the future, she will be the first to bring him down. Akuto springs into action and his appearance changes as he begins to engage the dragon. With his red-eye flaring, Akuto meets the dragon head on as both of them later fall back from an exhaustive fight. As both of them lay down to catch their breath, the dragon asks for Akuto’s name. “Akuto Sai,” to which the dragon remarks that it is a weird name. The dragon then gives his name, “Peterhansen,” a name given by his late master. He then tells Akuto that he is permitted to change his name as he is now Peterhansen’s new master.

May 8, 2010, Episode 6: Let’s Go to School by the Sea!

Kurone is ordered by the governmental branch in charge of observing Akuto to seduce him. If she fails the mission, she will be dismissed. She begins by trying to sleep with him and puts on a “little sister” persona. Instead, he tells her to stop with her incessant teasing. No go. Then she tries the dejected lover in only an apron bit. Doesn’t work either. How about the maid uniform? Nope. Finally, Akuto gets so scared of her, he hides in Peterhansen’s cave, where he finds Keena sleeping with the dragon.

Days later, the school takes a field trip out to the sea for classes. Korone doesn’t stop. This time, while he is unaware, she approaches from the back and rubs herself against him and promptly strips. He ignores her and the next thing he knows, he has her hand on her boob just as Hattori shows up. Korone then places his hand on Hattori boob, which earns him a nice tight slap across the face. After she runs away, Akuto goes searching for her to apologize, telling her that Korone is acting very weird lately, which he doesn’t know why.

“Let’s just have some fun!” and Keena appears mysteriously! They play in the sea (uncensored part) and Keena finds a sea cucumber and begins rubbing and stroking it. Hattori states she doesn’t like slimy things. Meanwhile Keena continuously plays with this sea creature until it squirts out a sticky substance onto Hattori, who screams in disgust. Akuto gently cleans and peels away the substance from her face. Then she puts him on the spot by asking, “Why am I still on a last name basis with you? You call Keena by her name.”

“Junko-san,” he tries hesitantly. She blushes. The moment doesn’t last, as Korone appears and pulls Junko’s swimsuit down.


Akuto tells Korone to stop being a pest by bugging everyone, especially since she is only here as an observer. Realizing her mistake, she apologizes. “I won’t interfere anymore. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. It’s all my fault. I’ll remember you.” Korone leaves, which leaves Akuto and Junko very puzzled.

Akuto then realizes that they are being watched.

Meanwhile, Fujiko is trying unsuccessfully to recruit Akuto. Lily warns her not to try to turn a good guy like him bad, especially when he’s got the “old geezers” trying to seduce him by using Korone as their tool. She will definitely go against anyone who tries to use Akuto for Black Magick. Then as they talk, they mention that the “Simon 5” are after Akuto.

Akuto wanders around the sea-side by himself (after meeting with Miwa who tells him about the urban legend of a Demon Lord and waiting for a hero – him – to show up) and stumbles upon Keena. She tries to share her new concoction, “rice juice,” with Akuto, but she becomes drunk from it.  He realizes she made sake. She snuggles onto his lap. “This reminds me of old times,” she says as she bites his ear and falls asleep. Just as Akuto was presumably going to kiss Keena, Korone suddenly appears from behind and gives him a swift kick on the back.

She gets shot!

May 15, 2010, Episode 7: The Legendary Hero Appears!

The episode just gets sillier after this.  Maybe I should stop watching this series. There’s a robot now, and he’s got funny wings on his you-know-where.

After Korone is shot, she still manages to ask Akuto how he feels about Keena. She expresses her sorrow for failing her mission, but wishes him a proper farewell before leaving and thanks him for everything that he has done for her. Keena suddenly wakes up after Korone leaves and apologizes to Akuto for not telling him what Fujiko told her earlier. Korone has been set on a mission to seduce Akuto. If she fails, she will be dismissed.



Meanwhile, Miwa’s younger sister, Yukiko, insists that her brother is the Hero of their island. For that to happen, Akuto has to be the Demon Lord, as foretold. Yukiko confronts Akuto, and tells him he has to become the Demon Lord. Akuto rejects the possibility and Yukiko flees. Miwa chases after her, and Keena goes after Miwa. Hattori chides Akuto for destroying a young girl’s dream. By denying his future as the Demon Lord, Miwa will never become the Hero that Yukiko so wants to believe he will be.

Miwa and Keena reach the ocean and he tells her about the silly legend made up by the town folks. His grandfather made a cave. In it, he stuck a sword into a stone. Legend has it, the Hero of the land will be able to pull out the sword (much like Arthur) and become the Hero the land deserves. They begin to hear sounds coming from the lake and approach it to find the source. There, they find a lecherous old man trying to summon a beast from the lake. Meanwhile, Yukiko is caught by the perverted man. The summoned monster sucks up magical mana. A naked Keena sneaks up to the old man, thinking she is invisible, to free Yukiko. Unfortunately, her powers are neutralized by the monster.

Akuto and Junko see the huge monster from afar and run towards it. They see the girls being caught, and a stoned Miwa. Unable to do anything, Miwa runs away into the cave. Meanwhile, Akuto tries to attack the beast and the man unsuccessfully.

In the cave, Miwa finds the sword, and magically unsheathes the sword from the stone. The sword then turns into a robot suit as he becomes the Hero of the land to save the people. He swoops in and destroys the monster, with his suit that is unfazed by the monster’s abilities.  The suit is an anti-mage combat D13 transferring robot. But Akuto stops Miwa-in-the-suit from killing the old man, reasoning that that act will make him no different from the old man and his monster. Miwa-in-the-suit leaves. Miwa appears.

Korone suddenly returns too, and tells them that the old man, CIM08, sneaked into the human world without the knowledge of the government. She used that against them, and she was allowed to return. She then proposes that Akuto marries Junko, to marry him off to a good family so that she may “rest in peace” knowing he is well taken care of. She can stop her seducing acts.

May 22, 2010, Episode 8: Do You Have a Crush?

Teruya Eiko, a government agent sent to observe Akuto, speaks to a superior (blond man) about Akuto’s change of destiny when Peterhausen was awakened. Akuto should have died, when the seal was opened. But he wasn’t the one who unsealed it, therefore, his destiny is changed. Seems like other things have been unsealed and changed in the process. The superior seems to be working with Keena too. Instead of focusing their efforts on Akuto, they have switch gears towards Hattori Junko instead, Teruya’s bitter rival.

Back in the school grounds, Akuto remembers giving a young orphan girl entering the church a very expensive dove hair ornament, just as he was leaving the establishment. That girl is Keena, but she doesn’t seem to recall that moment at all. Is Keena really that young girl, or has identities been switched? All the same, Akuto tells that young girl, if she retains that pin, he will always be able to find her. They both realize that they don’t really have a birthday. Akuto made his up the day he left the church – December 25th. Keena also made hers up and wishes for Akuto to celebrate it with her, but she doesn’t tell him when it is. Instead, she makes him promise to celebrate her birthday with her.

Soga Keena

Soga Keena

Elsewhere, Fujiko is messing with the small and weak monsters who are released when Peterhausen was awaken. She finds a demon egg and smuggles it out under Peterhausen’s nose. With the small ones awakening, the bigger and stronger monsters will soon follow suit. Fujiko then tries to hatch the egg unsuccessfully. While falling asleep, the egg takes off and Keena steals it instead.

The next day, Akuto realizes that Keena is skipping classes and school altogether (even though she is very bright). She could be avoiding her classmates since she chooses to keep Akuto as her company. Akuto decides then not to hang out with her anymore, so that people will not think her weird for her constant appearance with a “demon lord.”

As Akuto tries to convince Keena to attend classes and stop being around him, she decides share her rice and newly found egg with Akuto. Akuto realizes it’s a demon egg, and with one touch, the egg grows and hatches into a two-headed giant chicken. Kurone tries to take it down, but Miwa is one step ahead of her. He changes into Brave and shoots it, causing the demon chicken to grow even larger. It takes flight into the city and Brave goes after it. He eventually cuts off the extra head and dismembers it, making him the hero of the day.

Keena suddenly agrees to go to school, only if Akuto keeps his promise of celebrating her birthday with her.

Meanwhile, Junko is thinking about the marriage “proposal” by Kurone on behalf of Akuto. In fact, Korone has been contacted the Hattori family. Her father has consented to the marriage.

Where is this going?! The only “innocent” party here are both Akuto and Junko. The rest have something to gain from remaining with Akuto.

May 29, 2010, Episode 9: The Marriage Interview Chaos

Flashback a few years earlier in the orphanage, a wealthy man makes a huge donation to them, and the children thank him for his generosity. He tells them not to thank him, but God instead, for without God, he will not exist. Akuto immediately rebuts him, saying that God is created by man, therefore he will not thank God. He will not be grateful for something that doesn’t exist.

The head of Hattori family wants an audience with Akuto, and Junko doesn’t know how to broach the subject with him. Korone offers herself as a middle person, stating this as a “political marriage.” All Junko hears is “for political reasons.” Using that excuse, she invites Akuto, but eventually Miwa and Korone to the Hattori estates.

Meanwhile, the Director of Cabinet Intelligence, the blond superior of Teruya, makes an unexpected visit to the Principal of Konstantin Academy. He warns the Principal that there will be a security breach soon with the monsters running amok because of unchecked mana, implicating Akuto as the source.

As Junko drops hints about the impending marriage interview, Akuto assumes she is referring to the Director’s earlier words. He assures her he will take responsibility.  They near the village and Junko’s sister, Hoshino Yuri, flings a weapon at Akuto stating that, “He smells like a monster.” She knows this because she was once bitten by a monster when she was young, and until now, the monster’s mana still flows in her blood.

Akuto finally gets called in to see Akuto’s father. “Do you like Junko?”

“Yes. Very much.”

“Will you be living together?”

Since Akuto would technically be living together with the Hattoris for the next few days, he replies that he will demonstrate the utmost respect to the family.

Hattori Junko

Hattori Junko

As the family rejoices over the impending wedding, and Akuto seem oblivious to it, Junko realizes that she has to do something about the situation. She visits Akuto in the middle of the night and begins stripping off her kimono, to give herself to him.

“Are you doing this because of your family?”

After she tells him that the entire trip and conversation was about their marriage, he realizes the mistake and confusion he has stirred up. A devastated Junko realizes how stupid she must seem. For a moment, she was celebrating too, but now, everything is crashing in front of her face.

“Forget everything that happened,” she sobs and runs away.

Suddenly, the Iga ninjas of the family appear. “You made her cry!” They run after the “betrayer” but are ensnared in Teruya’s trap in the woods. She proposes that Akuto joins the Teruya family instead.

“I can never like someone like you,” Akuto flatly rejects her. What has he done to Junko!?!

Meanwhile, back at the Academy, Keena is celebrating her birthday by herself, as assassins approach her. In the Hattori land, Teruya tells Akuto that a hit has been put on Keena’s life. The God Suharu has ordered the Teruya family to eliminate her as she has become a threat. He asks Korone to teleport him back to school, but she tells him that it is the God Suhara’s doing and his decision is final. She cannot go against the God. However, neither can she stop him if he wishes to go by himself. She gets him to deactivate her as the Demon Lord awakens and opens the teleportation gate himself. Elsewhere, Yuri’s demon mana is acting up. Keena is ambushed by a snake-man in school, and he proceeds to strangle her. The Director, Yamato Bouichirou, appears and saves her with his Hodgson-style. He tells her that he’s been waiting for her, that he was the one who gave her that dove pin. Akuto reaches the school on cue.

Keena is important is because she can control the will of God. But he, the Director, will use her to control the gods. In the chaos, Fujiko arrives too, after having controlled the demons of the underworld.

June 5, 2010, Episode 10: Sai Akuto’s Imperial Capital War

A recap of the end of the previous episode: The Director of CIMO8, Yamato Bouichirou, saves Keena only to use her to control the gods and change the system to his desires. Akuto, with his awakened powers of the Demon Lord, rushes in to save Keena. The two men face off, but Bouichirou easily overpowers Akuto as he is unable to control his mana.

During the mayhem, Fujiko arrives with her newly “tamed” horde of monsters and retrieves Keena and Akuto, taking them back to Peterhausen.

Teruya kills her father, Teruya Keizou, to gain controlling rights to the God Suhara. She arrives with the government’s army (including the Hattori family under the Teruya control) and begins the assault of the school with “Operation Battering Ram” to trounce the Demon Lord/Akuto. She sends the two Hattori sisters to their deaths to the front line without any backup.

The battle of humans against the Demon Lord with his monsters begins!

June 12, 2010, Episode 11: The Girls’ Final Battle

Akuto, riding Peterhausen, attacks the imperial aircraft “Black Crane” to protect Keena and kill the Gods. Unfortunately, Akuto is flattened by the Black Crane. Fujiko, Junko and Keena watches in dismay and shock at Akuto’s supposed death. But Keena and Junko later psyches themselves that Akuto is still alive. Suddenly, the Black Crane moves. Akuto emerges from the rubbles with Peterhausen hurt.

Teruya commands the troop to destroy the monsters who are infesting the school. Riri Shiraishi, Student Council President, repels them instead. With the help of the rest of her Student Council members, they protect the school from the breach of Teruya and her army. Teruya orders Junko to protect her and then take out Riri. She has Junko’s sister captured as hostage. But Kanna and Guga come to Riri’s aid. Upon seeing a revived Akuto, Teruya orders Junko to destroy him, otherwise the Hattori family will go down.

Junko apologizes to her men, telling them that she will be “betraying them for the man she loves.” She unsheaths the sword of Suharo and takes Teruya down. But her “dead” father appears.

Bouichirou appears again and kidnaps Keena from under Fujiko’s protection, even with Ootake Michie (the student council VP) coming to their aid. He will rule the God, but not if Akuto has any say in it.

The demon lord is also human. They return every 100 years, to right the wrongs.

June 18, 2010, Episode 12: All Done?

Brave’s suit was created by Bouichirou to aid in the destruction of the demon lord. To save Yuri, Junko’s younger sister, Brave decides to align himself with Bouichirou. He stops Akuto from reaching Bouichirou. But Akuto tells Miwa that change is necessary. Without thinking twice, Akuto charges ahead, knowing that Miwa’s suit will nullify his mana. Miwa injures Akuto severely, as the suit begins to malfunction. Instead of watching his friend die, Miwa stops the attack while Akuto regains his mana and heals immediately. They fall from the sky and land where Yuri is. She finally sees Brave as Miwa. Akuto tells Miwa that it is God Suharu who controls her mana. Take Him out and she will heal.

Akuto leaves with Peterhausen to attack the God’s sanctuary. They realize that Keena is the law of identity controlling Him. He failed a 100 years ago because he underestimated the powers of human to survive. Bouichirou approaches the mountains with Keena in tow and opens it. She tries to stop him. But he reasons that humanity will cease to exist if he stops. He has to change the mistake of God. Akuto reaches the mountains with Peterhausen to clean up after the system. Akuto quickly takes down Bouichirou.

Next up, God himself. Peterhausen tells Akuto that God is connected to the system. Dismember the system, and God dies and it will bring chaos. However, the demon is created from that system too. Peterhausen tells Akuto that it is his job to kill God himself. They finally enter the heart of the system. Peterhausen immediately connects himself to the brain while Akuto protects him from the attacks of the guardians. Before Peterhausen gives up his life, he breaks off a tooth and gives it to Keena, reminding her to always protect Akuto. Finally the system is destroyed.

A few days later, everyone’s memories has been altered. Junko finds Akuto and tells him she has renounced her family for him.

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