Midori Days

Seiji with his right hand - Midori

Seiji with his right hand - Midori

Midori Days 美鳥の日々, Midori no Hibi is about a school punk finally falling for a girl who has loved him from a far for three years.

Seiji Sawamura protects the weak from school bullies, but most people are just afraid of his wicked right hand punch. That makes it harder for him to “find” a girlfriend.  Meanwhile, Midori Kasugano “loves” him so much that one day, she awakens to find herself where his right hand used to be.

Seiji tries to hide Midori from other people by pretending to have injured his right hand. Thus, poor Midori is frequently found with a bandage around her head.  Even though Seiji is embarrassed of Midori, she continously professes her love to him and even wears a dress she made embroidered with “I ♥ Seiji”.

In the meantime, Midori’s real body lies in a coma at her home, awaiting for her to return.

Midori "tending to" Seiji while he sleeps

Midori "tending to" Seiji while he sleeps

This is an extremely heart-warming tale of love finding itself in odd places. When Seiji finally realizes that he has fallen in love with Midori, she returns to her comatose body and forgets the time that she spent as Seiji’s right hand.  Will Seiji be too late?

13 episodes aired from April, 2004 – June 2004.

Ending Themes

  • もう少し…もう少し…, Mou Sukoshi… Mou Sukoshi…
    Lyrics, composition, arrangement and song by : Saori Atsumi


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