1600 -Yr-old Bible goes hitech

As reported by NY Times and the Associated Press on July 7, 2009

The surviving pages of the world’s oldest Christian Bible, written in Greek, will be published and reunited on the Internet.

Nearly 800 pages from the Codex Sinaiticus, above, a Christian Bible dating from the fourth century, written in Greek and containing the oldest complete copy of the New Testament, were posted on the Web site codexsinaiticus.org, coinciding with a conference on the book at the British Library in London. The original manuscript, about 1,460 pages written on prepared animal skin, was discovered by the German Bible scholar Constantine Tischendorf in 1844 at the Monastery of St. Catherine, a Greek Orthodox shrine in the Sinai Peninsula. Its pages were split among Britain, Egypt, Russia and Germany. Scholars from the four nations worked on the restoration of the Bible, which also includes substantial portions of the Hebrew Bible and apocrypha. Forty-three pages of the manuscript are at the University Library in Leipzig, Germany, and six fragments are at the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg.

Selected translations will also be available in English and German.

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