Chilling – but not really

After our, I mean my, big clean out, I just veg-ed out today. I started the day im-ing with daddy while painting my nails green.  I even did a frenchie on it! Then I spent the rest of the morning blogging.

Hubs was out in the city, trying to renew his passport at the embassy.  No such luck.  Wasted the morning because he didn’t have a certified copy of his IC. He came back in time for lunch, in time for me to pick him up and stop at McDs. I am not the biggest fan of the fast food chain, but I really wanted to do everything bad today – including eating artery clogging food and washing it down with battery water.

While I chomped down on my burger and oily fries, hubs was scarfing his down – as he has another errand to run: fixing the alignment on the Acura. He replaced all four tires when we were in Toronto for my sister’s wedding.  The car has a mind of its own now in steering us to the right side of the road. Back to the shop it goes. Anyway, I sat at home, ate my heart-attack-waiting-to-happen-food and watched the return of InuYasha. Sit boy!

Since I couldn’t sit still, I started “cleaning” up things in the house. I put away the mail, paid the bills, shredded a few spams and I even tried to rearrange the study.  No such luck.  I need more time than I had. Instead, I went into hubs’ other closet and started ransacking it. Next week – I’ve got my project all planned out for me.

By the time dinner rolled around, I felt very much like sleeping, although the hunger pangs and rumbling clearly would have kept me up. Caught up with House and more anime.

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