To the Melanies, Dexters and rugby coaches of the world

What is it about these “talent” shows that keeps me watching only the auditions? And when the “real” competitions begin, I lose interest.

It must be the circus.

In fact, it is better than the circus.

It is the inability of people to see themselves for who they are. Their arrogance. Their ignorance. Their shamelessness. So riveting!

It does take all kinds of people to make the world go round.

I am tone-deaf (with a music background. I’m beginning to sound like “one of them”). They are just plain deaf.

This is what makes it so entertaining. Amusing. Cringe-worthy.

They argue and deck it out with the professionals. Those who know what they are saying. The “authorities.” Otherwise they won’t be in this business.

That’s the ugly part.

There’s also the beauty of show.

I see the drive. Passion. And from time to time a voice, the voice, shatters the pandemonium.

Most of these people, who have an ounce of talent, just want a chance. A chance for a better life. Not just for themselves, but for their family.

Like Rachel Crow. She’s got spunk and cheeriness. She didn’t resort to strutting her feathers to wow the judges. She has exuberance, life, sincerity and a voice.

Like Melanie Amaro. Like Caitlyn Koch. Like Dexter Haygood.

One’s things for sure, it pays to be nice. Humble pie should never be served by a stranger.

This is a lesson to be taken to heart. By everyone, in all walks of life, no matter your standing in life.

Always be nice
Always be kind
Always be humble
Always be as unassuming as dormice (mouse)

Do unto others as you would yourself
And things would resolve themselves.

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