Light at the end of the Tunnel


Saturday, Sept. 19, 2009

The day started early, and with much on our plates.

am: Meet at headquarters. Flowers to be cut & prepped. Phoas go sailing.

noon: Thai food with the Phoas & Chongs

after lunch: completion of the bouquets

Mommy & Daddy go back to the shit-ting hole to ensure that our things are moved to the right room.

3:30 pm: mani/pedi

5 pm: shower for dinner

7 pm: Japanese food with the Phoas & Chongs

after dinner: last minute to dos

At least that was the plan.  It went more like this.

am: Met at headquarters. Roses were de-thorned, de-leafed, shortened & then fed. That took longer than expected. The Phoas & the Chongs didn’t go sailing.

1 pm: Thai food with some of the Phoas & Chongs was pushed back.  Thai food was edible but not palatable.

after lunch: Jee Ma, Ta Mai, cousin TT, my younger sister and I went back to headquarters to assemble the bouquets – 4 bridesmaids’ and the bride’s.  Cousin TT misses Toronto film fest to hang out with the girls and to be “abused” by us. Had trouble trying to figure out how to tie the bouquet and boutonnière.  But eventually managed it.

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Malaysians in NYC


Saturday, Aug. 29, 2009 – A Day at the Museum

Mommy & Daddy with cheh & I in the museum

Mommy & Daddy with cheh & I in the museum

We planned for a day in the city starting with the American Museum of Natural History in the morning followed by lunch in K-Town with my younger sister.  Hurricane Danny was expected to bring a down pouring of rain.
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