Anime 2012 Q1 & Q2

New anime


AnotherAnother (アナザー Anazā) is a mystery horror novel written by Yukito Ayatsuji, published in October 29, 2009. A manga adaptation by Hiro Kiyohara was serialized from May 2010 to January 2012. The anime series came soon after airing January 10 to March 27, 2012 with a total of 12 episodes. The live-action film will be released August 4, 2012.

Opening & Ending Themes:

1. “Kyōmu Densen” (凶夢伝染 Nightmare Contagion) by Ali Project
2. “Anamnesis” by Annabel

Sakakibara Koiichi is a middle schooler transferring back to his mother’s old school. Things are not what it seems in the odd Class 3-3. The unfortunately named Misaki Mei, Sakakibara’s classmate, is ignored by everyone and treated as if she doesn’t exist! Soon enough, his classmates began to drop like flies, facing gruesome, senseless deaths.

In 1972, a student named Misaki died partway during the school year of Class 3-3. Devastated by the loss, the students and teachers of the class agree to carry on as if Misaki was still alive. Eerily, she was even present in the graduation photo. The tradition repeats itself every year since: whereby a dead appears as one of the students of Class 3-3 (but no one know that person is dead), but a living person is treated as non-existent (to account for the “extra”). If this is not done, students and teachers of that class dies off one by one.

What a chilling yet riveting who-done-it mystery series! It was quite eerie throughout the series. Realizing who was “dead” at the end was such a kicker! The opening theme song is just a tad wacky and out of sync enough to match this series.


brave10Brave 10 (ブレイブ・テン BRAVE10) is a historical manga series written by Kairi Shimotsuki, serialized from 2007 to 2010, and then resumed on June 15, 2011 with it retitled as Brave 10 S (ブレイブ・テン・スパイラル). The anime adaptation began airing January 8, 2012.

Opening & Ending Themes:

1. “Shōryō Hirai” (精霊飛来) by Daisuke Ono and Tetsuya Kakihara
2. “En Otoko -Adiós-” (艶男。-adeosu-; “Charming Man -Adiós-“) by ADAPTER

The series is a story of assembling 10 brave warriors: Sanada Ten Braves, under warlord Sanada Yukimura during the Sengoku Period. The ten includes Kirigakure Saizo (masterless Iga ninja: the light), Isanami (Izumo shrine maiden: the dark), Sarutobi Sasuke (famed skilled ninja and leader of the group), Anastasia (skilled assassin and childhood friend of Saizou), Benmaru (young kid good with tnts), Juzo Kakei (arms expert), Nezu Jinpachi (pirate), Unno Rokuro (Yukimura’s page and the ninja with the special eye), Yuri Kamanosuke (unknown gender who has a thing for Saizou), Miyoshi Seikai (step-brother of Isanami and monk).

Love the ninja series. Isanami is not quite the maiden in need of rescuing, although she is in distress most of the time.

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Dusk Maiden of AmnesiaDusk Maiden of Amnesia (黄昏乙女×アムネジア Tasogare Otome × Amunejia) is an ongoing supernatural manga written and illustrated by Maybe (めいびい), which was published and serialized on April 22, 2009. The anime adaptation aired from April 8 until June 24, 2012 with 12 episodes. It is simulcast by Crunchyroll.

Opening and Ending Themes: 

1. “Choir Jail” by Konomi Suzuki
2. “Calandorie” (カランドリエ Karandorie) by Aki Okui and Yumi Hara

First year middle school student Niiya Teiichi enrolls into Seikyou Private Academy, built on the grounds of an old shrine. While roaming the halls of one of the school’s old building, he meets Kanoe Yuuko, a ghost with no memories of her past. To unlock the mysteries of Yuuko’s death, they form a Paranormal Investigations club (together with two other girls as members, one who can also see Yuuko) to sort the fact from fiction of the lore of the school. As the skin of each fact/myth is peeled, they come closer to the ghastly and awful truth of Yuuko’s untimely death in an underground shrine.

What an eerie story! Note to self: always watch with someone else.

Fate/Zero S2

Fate ZeroFate/Zero (フェイト/ゼロ Feito/Zero) is a prequel to Fate/Stay Night (24 episodes) taking place 10 years before that, chronicling the Fourth Holy Grail War. It is a fantasy light novel written by Gen Urobuchi and illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi first released on December 29, 2006, then in March of 2007, July 2007 and finally December 2007. The anime adaptation was first aired from October 1 to December 24, 2011. The second season began airing on April 8, 2012.

Opening and Ending Themes:

1. ” To the Beginning” by Kalafina
2. “Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau” (空は高く風は歌う Up on the Sky, the Wind Sings) by Haruna Luna.
3. “Manten” (满天 The Entire Sky) by Kalafina

Seven Magicians, Masters, summon reincarnations of legendary souls/heroes across time, Servants, to fight for the Holy Grail, a legendary chalice rumored to grant wishes. The Masters and Servants are, Emiya Kiritsugu (stand in Irisviel Einzbern)-Saber aka King Arthur, Kotomine Kirei-Assassin (Jassan-i Sabbah)- (later) Archer (Gilgamesh), Tosaka Tokiomi-Archer (Gilgamesh), Waver Velvet-Rider (Alexander the Great), Matou Kariya-Berserker (Lancelot of the Lake), Uryuu Ryuunosuke-Caster (Gilles de Rais or Bluebeard, a sadistic serial killer) and Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald-Lancer (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, First of the Knights of Fianna).

The Fate series is a must-watch!

High School DxD

High School DxDHigh School DxD (ハイスクールD×D Haisukūru Dī Dī) is a Japanese light novel fantasy series by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero. The manga adaptation followed in July 2010 and an anime was adapted and aired from January 6 to March 23, 2012.

Opening and Ending Themes:

1. “Trip -Innocent of D-” by Larval Stage Planning.
2. “STUDYxSTUDY” by StylipS

Hyodo Issei, a dim-witted and lecherous second-year high school student is killed by a fallen angel on his first date. He is then brought back to life as by the demon king’s daughter, Rias Germory.

A harem soon follows his growth as he strives and trains to be the best pawn ever to the demon princess next in the line of demonic succession.

Hiiro no Kakera

Hiiro no KakeraHiiro no Kakera (緋色の欠片 Scarlet Fragment) is an otome game (directed at the female market, much like Hakuouki Shinsengumi: both created by Idea Factory) released in 2006. The TV anime premiered on April 1, 2012 with 13 episodes.

Opening & Ending Themes:

1. “Nee” by Maiko Fujita
2. “Kono Te de Idaki Tomeru kara” by Shuhei Kita

The anime adaptation of this romantic series centers around Tamaki Kasuga, a 17-year-old high school girl who inherits the post as the next Tamayohime, guardian of the sword Onikirimaru. She returns home to her grandmother only to be saved by one of her five Guardians, Takuma Onizaki (her classmate who is a descendant of the oni).

Her other guardians include upperclassmen Atori Mahiro (controller of the wind) and Komura Yuuichi (descendent of the nine-tailed fox controlling illusions and spirit fire), underclassman Inukai Shinji (has the power to heal and the use of words), and the unofficial leader, Oomi Suguru (descendent of the giant snake, controller of water and able to forge powerful seals and barriers).

Much like Hakuouki Shinsengumi, Tamaki is well protected by her “boys.” Even though they outwardly find being her guardian troublesome, they do take their duty very seriously and eventually come to see her as an equal and even respect her. Caught this series on my second trip to Japan, with one eye open after a truly exhausting day of galavanting around Tokyo.

Kuroko no Basuke

kuroko no basukeKuroko’s Basketball (黒子のバスケ Kuroko no Basuke) is a sports manga written and illustrated by Tadatoshi Fujimaki published in December 2008. The anime adaptation aired April 7, 2012 with a total of 25 episodes.

Opening & Ending Theme:

1. “Can Do” by GRANRODEO
2.”Katarurizumu” by OLDCODEX
3. “Start it right away” by Hyadain

The legendary six-member basketball team from Teiko Middle School, called the “Generation of Miracles,” disbands and each member enrolls into different high schools. The stage is set for the best basketball competition ever, where the “weakest” team, Seirin High, tries to make it to the nationals with the aid of the “invisible” sixth player, Tetsuya Kuroko.

It is so riveting watching the animation at work. The moves on these players are so real it is hard to believe you’re not watching a real basketball game in action. What’s more, you can’t help rooting for and liking the unassuming little fella.


SankareaSankarea (さんかれあ) is a romantic comedy manga with a zombie twist written and illustrated by Mitsuru Hattori serialized since December 2009 with five volumes as of February 2012. It is adapted to anime and began airing on April 5, 2012.

Opening and Ending Themes:

1. “Figment” (絵空事 Esoragoto) by nano.RIPE
2. “Above Your Hand” by Annabel

Chiharu Furuya, a high school freshman, is obsessed with zombies, so much so he dreams of dating only zombies. Through an unexpected turn of events, his pet cat Babu dies, and he tries to revive it with the aid of a lonely, pretty but disturbed, girl Sanka Rea.

Following an argument with her over-protective (and almost pedophiliac-like) father, she falls off a cliff and dies. She returns as a zombie as a result of taking a potion of Hydrangea meant for Babu.

A little sick, a little funny, and most of all, quite entertaining.

Uchuu Kyoudai

uchuu kyoudaiUchū Kyōdai (宇宙兄弟, Space Brothers) is an ongoing manga series by Chuuya Koyama that was twice nominated for the Manga Taishō in 2009 and 2010. The following year, it picked up the award for best general manga at the 56th Shogakukan Manga Awards and at the Kodansha Manga Award (shared with Chica Umino‘sMarch Comes in Like a Lion). The anime adaptation began airing in April 1, 2012 and is simulcasted by Crunchyroll. The live action film, starring Oguri Shun (playing the older of the two boys) premiered on May 5, 2012.

Opening and Ending Themes:

1. “Feel So Moon” by Unicorn
2. “This Wonderful World” (素晴らしき世界 Subarashiki Sekai) by Rake

Siblings Nanba Mutta and Hibito vow to travel to space one day after having discovered a UFO in 2006. Flash forward to the year 2025, the younger of the two boys, Hibito, becomes an astronaut and is set to go to the moon, without his down-on-his-luck elder brother. Mutta’s luck changes when he gets accepted into the astronaut training program.

Uchuu Kyoudai the movie

Uchuu Kyoudai the movie: starring my curly fro boy Oguri Shun


zetmanZetman (ゼットマン Zettoman) is a sci-fi manga series by Masakazu Katsura that started as a one-shot in a series of four published between 1989 and 1994. The full-fledged series officially began in 2002. It was recently adapted into an anime series that aired from April 2 until June 25, 2012 with a total of 13 episodes. (The anime is said to be only partly accurate of the original story, with various parts either altered or completely removed).

Opening & Ending Themes:

1. “dots and lines” by You Hitoto & Mummy-D
2. “Tomeru” by You Hitoto

Kanzaki Jin is an orphan living with his adoptive grandfather, Kanzaki Gorou, in a beggar’s community. He is able to transform into a superhuman, ZET, as the result of Amagi Corp.’s creation of a perfect being used for fighting and destroying escaped “players.” Unfortunately, he is constantly monitored by his creators.

His counterpart is Amagi Kouga, grandson of Amagi Mitsugai and co-founder of Amagi Corp. who monitors Jin. Kouga, with his strong sense of justice, eventually uses Amagi’s technology to fight as Alphasz.



Bakuman is a shonen manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata (same team who created Death Note). It was originally published August 8, 2008 with the final chapter published on April 23, 2012. The anime adaptation is produced by J.C. Staff, which originally ran October 2, 2010 until Spring 2011, with a total of 25 episodes for the series. Season 2 aired from October 2011 until March 24, 2012 with a total of 25 episodes. Season 3 of the series is scheduled to return in October 2012.

Opening and Ending Themes:
1. “Dream of Life” by Shuhei Itou
2. “monocrhome rainbow” by Tommy heavenly6
3. “Parallel” ((パラレル=) by Fumiya Sashida

The series follows a talented artist Moritaka Mashiro and an aspiring writer Akito Takagi, two ninth graders, who wish to enter the world of manga. After Mashiro accidentally leaves his notebook in class, with drawings depicting his crush on classmate Azuki Miho, Takagi tries to convince Mashiro to illustrate for his writings. Join him, or he will hold on to the notebook, or worse…

Reluctant and disillusioned by the fate of his uncle as a mangaka, Mashiro is sucked into the Takagi’s dream after his crush Miho reveals she too wants to be a voice actor for animes. They promise to marry each other only after achieving their dreams. So begins Mashiro long and arduous journey of becoming a famous mangaka. After three unsuccessfully launches or different titles, can Mashiro still stay strong and follow through?



Beelzebub (べるぜバブ Beruzebabu) is a manga written and illustrated by Ryūhei Tamura. It was first published in Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2008 volume 37-38, then serialized in 2009 and is ongoing. An OVA was announced in July 2010, while the anime adaptation by Studio Pierrot aired in January 9, 2011 (Sunday) and the series ended on March 25, 2012 with a total of 60 episodes.

Opening themes

1. “Praise☆ The Boss Appears! Beelzebub” (アッパレ☆番長参上!べるぜバブ Appare Banchō Sanchō! Beruzebabu) by Hiroaki Takeuchi (OVA)
2. “DaDaDa” (だだだ) by Group Tamashii (Ep 1-10)
3. “The First Goodbye” (始まるのは, サヨナラ Hajimaru no wa, Sayonara) by On/Off (ep 11-23)
4. “Hey!!!” by Flow (ep 24-35)
5. “Baby U” by MBLAQ (ep 36-48)
6. “Only You -My Bonds With You-” (Only you -キミとのキヅナ- Only you -Kimito no Kizuna) by Lc5 (ep 49-60)

Ending themes

1. “Answer” by no3b (ep 1-10)
2. “Show of Courage” (つよがり Tsuyogari) by Shoko Nakagawa (ep 11-23)
3. “Rainbow☆Tears” (なないろ☆ナミダ Nanairo Namida) by Tomato n’Pine (ep 24-35)
4. “Papepipu♪ Papipepu♪ Papepipupo♪” (パペピプ♪パピペプ♪パペピプポ♪) by Nozomi Sasaki (ep 36-48)
5. “Girl Traveller” (少女トラベラー Shōjo Toraberā) by 9nine (ep 49-60)

The story is an action-packed, supernatural, comedic series starring protagonist Tatsumi Oga, the “strongest juvenile delinquent” in a school filled with delinquent.

During a trouncing of thugs by Oga at the riverbank, he finds a man (a transporter between worlds) floating down a river and pulls him to shore. The man promptly splits in half and a baby boy emerges. The baby is the son of the Great Demon King who the transporter, Alain Delon, has chosen based on his prowess as an “evil” human. Later, Baby Beel chooses Tatsumi as his guardian and care giver when the heir to hell’s maid, Hildegarde, comes to retrieve him. It then becomes Tatsumi’s quest to find a replacement caregiver for baby Beel. But first, he has to find someone from school more evil and stronger than him.

Watched the premier episode in Japan with no clue what it was, but found it extremely interesting and adorable. Didn’t realize that these new series are aired at the weirdest hours, most likely for insomniacs. Definitely will continue with the series.

FULL STORY | beelzebub

Bleach (Season 16)

Bleach is an ongoing shonen manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo (Noriaki Kubo). The manga began since 2001 and was soon adapted to anime on Oct. 5, 2004. This series has even branched out to movies, CDs/OSTs, trading card game, video games for different consoles, books and even a musical.

The series is about a teenage boy, Kurosaki Ichigo, living in Karakura town, who lost his mother when he was young. In the process he was able to see dead people, and the soul reapers/shinigamis (死神) who come for them. He assumes the duty of shinigami when the official soul reaper sent to guard his town, Kuchiki Rukia, is unable to perform her duties when she is severely injured in a battle with a hollow trying to protect Ichigo. Rukia then transfers some of her reiatsu (霊圧 – spirit energy) to Ichigo to enable him to defeat the hollow, but he unwittingly absorbs all her energy. Because of her lost powers, she is stranded in the human world, unable to return to Soul Society.

After a few months, the Soul Society’s higher-ups receive word of Rukia illegally giving away her powers and sends a detachment to arrest her. She is returned to Soul Society to await her false trial and immediate execution thereafter. Together with his classmates who possess spiritual abilities, Chad, Orihime Inoue, Ishida Uryuu (a Quincy) and ex-shinigami captain Shihouin Yoruichi, they travel to Soul Society to rescue Rukia. Once there, Ichigo and his classmates battle Soul Society’s elite, from vice-captains to captains and successfully rescues Rukia.

Rukia’s execution was conjured up by Captain Sousuke Aizen (3), who faked his death, to usurp powers in Soul Society. He betrays his fellow shinigamis to ally himself with the strongest of hollows, the arrancar. Ichigo then joins forces with Soul Society’s ranking shinigamis when they realize that Aizen’s next target of destruction is his hometown. Orihime Inoue is kidnapped by Aizen’s subordinate and Ichigo and a few friends are forced to enter Hueco Mundo, the hollow’s world, to rescue Inoue. Now that the forces are split, there are less shinigamis defending Soul Society, Karakura town and rescuing Inoue.

This final season of Bleach: Lost Substitute Shinigami is set 17 months after Kurosaki Ichigo loses his Soul Reaper powers. It began airing October 11, 2011 and ended on March 27, 2012.  This final curtain call for this series is even worse than the filler arcs. There’s a reason why you don’t hear cries for an encore. Unfortunately.

The season’s opening and ending theme are:

1. “Harukaze” by Scandal
2. “Re:pray” by Aimer
3. “MASK” by Aqua Timez

However, there are talks of Hollywood trying to turn this into a movie. Think Dragonball. White people can’t do AND shouldn’t do yellow. Don’t even go there.

Fairy Tail


Fairy Tail is a manga created by Hiro Mashima serialized since Aug. 23. 2006 and is ongoing. Season 1 of the anime began airing on Oct. 12, 2009 and will end on September 27, 2010 with a total of 48 episodes. Even though it was initially meant for only one season, due to the popularity of the series, a second season was announced and began airing on October 2010. The anime is currently on its third season and is going strong with 135 episodes and counting. This series is also being developed as a game for PS by Konami. They already have 3 OVAs “Welcome to Fairy Hills!” released April 15, 2011, “Fairy Academy – Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan” released June 17, 2011, and “Memory Days” released February 17, 2012. The movie, “Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess” is set to be released August 18, 2012.

Opening and Ending Themes:
1. “The Rock City Boy” by Jamil (ep. 96 – 98) DOWNLOAD (TV Size)
2. “Don’t Think. Feel!!!” by Idoling!!! (ep. 96 – 98) DOWNLOAD
3. “Towa no Kizuna” (永久(とわ)のキズナ Everlasting Bond) by Daisy x Daisy (ep. 99 – 111)
4. “Kono Te Nobashite” (この手を伸ばして Reach Out This Hand) by Hi-Fi Camp (ep. 99 – 111)
5. “I Wish” by Milky Bunny (ep. 112 – 124)
6. “Boys Be Ambitious!!” by Hi-Fi Camp (ep. 112 – 124)
7. “Hajimari no Sora” (はじまりの空 Beginning Sky) by +Plus  (ep. 125 – present)
8. “Glitter (Starving Trancer Remix)” by Another Infinity  (ep. 125 – present)

It begins with Lucy Heartfilia meeting Natsu Dragnell and his best friend, Happy a flying cat, who is searching for a dragon, Igneel. Turns out, Igneel is Natsu’s foster father, the one who raised him and taught him the skills of a dragon slayer. Shortly after their meeting, Lucy is abducted by a person posing as Salamander of Fairy Tail, only to be sold as a slave. Natsu rescues her and reveals that he is the real Salamander. He then brings Lucy into the land of Fiore, and she is accepted as a Fairy Tale Guild member. Soon after, the three become teammates, together with two more Guild members, Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet. Of the lot, Lucy brings forth a saner and calmer side to the rest of the team, albeit being exceptionally klutzy.

They battle the Phantom Guild, Gérard at the Tower of Heaven and now the ever evil Oración Seis.

This is a cute magician story about impatience while striving to better oneself and never giving up on one’s friends. As Happy says, “Aiii!”

FULL STORY | fairy tail

Naruto Shippuden (Season 12): Naruto-Killer Bee & the War Arc

Ninja WarNaruto began as a manga series by Masashi Kishimoto, which was later adapted to an anime series that started airing in 2002 until present. The anime, much like the manga, is split into two parts: the time split in the manga is simply named Part I & II while the anime is named Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. The second part of the series takes place two and a half years after the first part ends. Since Jan. 2, 2009 Viz Media and Crunchyroll have been subtitling Naruto: Shippuden.

The series is about a young and rash ninja from Konohagakure, the Leaf Village named Uzumaki Naruto. The story unfolds as Naruto searches for recognition and acknowledgment from his peers and elders as he aspires to become the Hokage – leader of the village. As a baby, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox (kyuubi) was sealed in him to protect Konohagakure (the Leaf Village). However, the villagers, who were very much afraid of kyuubi, transferred that fear to the infant and eventually the child. Naruto grew up hated and mistreated by Konoha’s residents throughout most of his childhood.

Naruto, together with Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura are placed in Team 7 lead by Hatake Kakashi. Even though the team seemed mismatched at first, the soon find that they complement each other. The noisy idiot, with the skilled genius and the quick-tempered thinker quickly become one. However, Sasuke has a one-track mind – he vows to avenge his family and clan by killing his beloved older brother. When the chance is presented upon him, he takes it and leaves the village forever. Naruto vows to bring Sasuke back to Sakura, but to do so, he have to become stronger.

Unfortunately for Naruto, he is not the only one with a goal in mind. The Akatsuki is out to capture him, to drain him off the sealed Demon Fox.

At the start of Naruto Shippuden, Naruto returns home from his training with Jiraiya, having learned the Rasengan developed by the Fourth Hokage. Sakura is well-versed in the arts of medical jutsu thanks to Tsunade. Sasuke may just have surpassed the group in skills, training under Orochimaru. History, it seems, is about to repeat itself. The dreaded Akatsuki is on the move, and Gaara, an old friend, is the first of many targets. Soon Team Kakashi gets a new team member as a replacement for a departed Sasuke. Everyone is suspicious of him because he is recommended by Danzou, the person vying for the Hokage seat. Team Kakashi’s new mission is to seek out Sasuke while getting acquainted with a recluse newbie, Sai. While tracking the death of Asuma‘s old friend, Konoha ninjas go up against two immortal Akatsuki members – Kakuzu and Hidan. Naruto improves on the rasengan and creates a new jutsu under the careful tutelage of Kakashi and watchful eyes of Yamato, called the Rasenshuriken. Shikamura learns the horror of wars and finally lives up to his fullest potential to avenge a beloved mentor. Finally, Sasuke overpowers and absorbs Orochimaru. Unfortunately, Jiraiya sacrifices his life to learn the truth of Pain, the puppet leader of Akatsuki. Sasuke forms team Hebi to avenge his clan, while Naruto is forced to become stronger just to get a brother home and avenge a beloved teacher and god-father.

The twelfth season began airing from Jan. 5, 2012 to present. The allies prepare for the Fourth Shinobi World War against Akatsuki led by masked man Tobi. Naruto finally reaches Kumogakure and will be schooled on how to draw on kyuubi’s (Kurama’s) powers.

The season has a few opening and ending themes.

1. tacica’s “newsong” (ep. 243-256)
2. Hemenway’s “By My Side” (ep. 243-present)
3. The Cro-Magnons’ “Totsugeki Rock” (突撃ロックAssault Rock) (ep. 257-present)
4. UnLimits’ “Cascade” (カスケード Kasukēdo) (ep. 257-present)

This series gets better with each season. The storyline is so well-written and the characters very well-developed. It’s like peeling an onion – layers upon layers of tear-jerkers. Everyone’s rooting for you U-Zu-Ma-Ki Naruto! Ganbatte! Fight-O on!! Underdogs of the world unite. Perseverance, patience, friendship and loyalty are all good themes and moral to learn. You watch as all the characters grow from young tots to responsible and courageous teenagers, learning and flourishing with every new challenge thrown at them. Friends become foes, and enemies become allies. History is never learned but doomed to repeat itself. “Dattebayo!”

FULL STORY| naruto shippuden season 12

Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden

Rock Lee & His NInja PalsRock Lee & His Ninja Pals is a spin-off manga of Naruto Shippuden created by Kenji Taira. The anime adaptation series premiered on April 3, 2012 and is simulcasted on Crunchyroll.

It chronicles the life and training of Rock Lee, the ninja unable to use ninjutsu or geijutsu but excels only in taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat). This series has no relevance to the main plot of Naruto Shippuden.

It’s all about the chibis! Rock on little people!


Kimi to Boku S2

kimi to bokuKimi to Boku. (君と僕。You & I) is a manga series written and illustrated by Kiichi Hotta since 2004 and is ongoing. On October 4, 2011, the series was adapted into an anime series by J.C. Staff and ran until December 27, 2011 with a total of 13 episodes. The second season aired April 3, 2012 and is ongoing with a scheduled 13 episodes.

Opening & Ending Themes:

1. “Zutto” (“Forever”) by Tomohisa Sakō
2. “Kimi to Boku no Banka” (“Elegy of You and I”) by Yū Sakai

The story is about four childhood friends: the pair of bishonen, good-looking Asaba twins Yuuta and Yuuki, the soft-spoken and effeminate Matsuoka Shun, and head of the class and has-a-thing-for-older-women Tsukahara Kaname. Then enters outspoken, half-Japanese transfer student Tachibana Chizuru to stir the pot. The friends return with more endearing school days stories!

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?: Jigoku Hen

KorezomKore wa Zombie Desu ka? (これはゾンビですか? Kore wa Zonbi Desu ka? Is this a Zombie?) is a light novel written by Shinichi Kimura, and  illustrated by Kobuichi and Muririn since 2009 and is ongoing. Like many longer-named series, this series has been abbreviated to  Korezom (これゾン ). In the same year, a drama CD was released by Marine Entertainment. A year later, this magical, action-packed story was adapted to manga (by Sacchi) and currently has three different manga adaptations to it. On January 10, 2011 (Monday @ 1:30 am), Studio Deen’s adaptation of the series was aired with a scheduled 12 episodes followed by an OVA as the 13th episode. Crunchyroll is simulcasting the anime. A second season aired from April 5, 2012 to June 7, 2012.

Opening & Ending Themes:

1. “***Passionato” (***パショナート ***Pashonāto) by Iori Nomizu
2. “I’m a Beginner at Love (T_T)” (恋のビギナーなんです(T_T) Koi no Beginā Nan Desu (T_T)) by Rie Yamaguchi.

This sequel of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? continues with Aikawa Ayumu, the zombie high-schooler, getting into more trouble with his live-in harem Eucliwood Hellscythe (a necromancer), Haruna (the masou shoujo), Sera (the vampire ninja) and one purported wife: Mael Strom/Tomonori (a vampire ninja). Even Saras (Sera’s superior) begins to fall for Ayumu, or more precisely his posterior. His new nemesis comes in the form of Chris, the strongest masou shoujo.

This season definitely has some knee-slapping moments and other what-is-going moments.

FULL STORY | korezom

Natsume Yuujin-Chou Shi

NatsumeNatsume’s Book of Friends (夏目友人帳 Natsume Yūjin-chō) is a supernatural comedic manga written by Yuki Midorikawa since 2005 and is ongoing. The success of this series has spurned four seasons of tv anime, the first airing in summer of 2008, the second season airing in the late winter of 2009, the third in the summer of 2011 and finally the fourth season aired January 2 until March 26, 2012. All four seasons have 13 episodes.

Opening & Ending Themes:


The series is about Takashi Natsume, an orphaned teenage boy who sees yokai/spirits but tries to suppress it so as not to scare his adoptive homes. As he later settles in with (get passed to) the Fujiwaras he inherits the coveted “book of friends” of his grandmother, Reiko. The book binds these spirits defeated by her to her servitude.

Together with the fat cat, nyanko sensei/Madara, they begin the journey of releasing these spirits from the book (even though it is the cat’s wish to one day inherit the book from Natsume. Until then, he is a self-professed “bodyguard” yojimbo of Natsume).


Another: 05/2012

Fairy Tail: 02/2012

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?: 04/2012

Rorouni Kenshin: Shin Kyoto-Hen: 12/17/2011

Sacred Seven: Shirogane no Tsubasa: 01/07/2012

Usagi Drop: ep. 6.5 “Full Blossom in the Sky” & ep. 8.5 “Way Home”: 01/27/2012

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    • u’re right. can’t wait to see them (kuroko esp) try to oust aomine, AND meet the other two.

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