Towards a goal


Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009

Headed to work bright and early to set up my computer today.

Then we meet my parents at Garden State mall, Paramus and went for kaiten sushi (carousel sushi) for lunch in Bergenfield. Since mommy doesn’t eat sushi, she ordered grilled salmon which was shared with the entire family.  She ate quite a huge chunk of fish, unlike her usual intake of 2 tbsp of rice and meat.

Mommy then made Hainanese chicken rice for dinner.  Jessie hung around the kitchen the entire time, hopping for something to drop on the floor.  No such luck.  But I did pull a small slice out for her dinner.

She proclaimed that the rice was a “failure.” We thought we struck gold.  Contrary to what she said, she took an extra helping of chicken rice.  She must really be hungry today. Either that, or I must not be feeding her for the pass month.

My maternal grandmother, Popo, used to rear chickens for the family’s own consumption.  When it was a male chicken, they would castrate it.  A string was tied to the testicles and a sharp bamboo was used to slice it off.  According to my father, there was not even a squirt of blood.  And the chicken “happily” walks off. The male chicken then grew up to 20 catty or almost 27 pounds – the size of a turkey.  These chickens were then slaughtered for chicken rice. Good fat = good Hainanese chicken rice.

After dinner, we played another few hands of gin rummy.  I think I may have just aced this one.

Sunday, Sept. 13, 2009

Started practicing my guitar again today.  Who cares if my fingers bleed!  The wedding is this Sunday.

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go. ”

We were going to spend the night without watching tv since we spent the entire afternoon watching KimiKiss, Naruto, Bleach and then Bloody Monday.  But cheh said MTV VMAs was on. Big mistake. I guess I know why we don’t watch the VMAs anymore. The host is crude. Kanye is as uncivilized and boorish as ever. At least let the poor girl finish what she had to say first.  Money doesn’t buy you class.  Then Lady Gaga puts on a show looking like Carrie after prom night. But Beyonce is one classy dame – money or not.

Kanye steals the mike from Taylor Swift

Kanye steals the spotlight from Taylor Swift

How is the next generation supposed to grow up when all they see is rudeness, incivility, crudeness and gore?  My future kid will be hidden under a rock, in a cage where the key has been thrown away.

Monday, Sept. 14, 2009

What a backlash on the arrogant fool!  Karma’s a bitch though.

Packing for the impending trip.  Hoping that I’m not forgetting something important…like panties.  Not that I could EVER forget it.  It’s an example of “something important.”  Something that you take for granted, but when it’s not around, you would DEFINITELY feel it.  In this case, NOT feel it.

Spent the night working on the wedding “stuff” while watching old reruns of How I Met Your Mother – after the US Open Men’s final which Federer (1) lost to Juan Martin del Potro (6) in a five set game that lasted 4 hours.

RIP Patrick Swayze.

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009

D-Day is closing in.  But my goal is no where in sight.  In fact, I just hurt my right hand – lame excuse.  The fingers on my left hand feel like they can fall off any time soon. Voice?  What voice?  It’s going to be down to the wire now.

Mommy and daddy spent the day helping me assemble the song translation card for the wedding. Then mommy rushed to clean the house, and make dinner before we got home.

I think I got everything packed. My three luggages, with four handbags, four pairs of shoes including a pair of boots (WHAT! it’s supposed to be really cold in Toronto this weekend), a dress bag for the wedding day skirt and a dress for the  wedding rehearsal, my guitar, its TABs, food for the road and passport. Mind you, we will be there for only 5 days 4 nights. Oh, that reminds me, I have to withdraw some benjamins and andrews tomorrow.

Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009

Wednesday officially doesn’t exist.  Have been so busy trying to get last minute things together.  We are finally off to Toronto tonight.

Got a really cool ’09 white Buick Enclave rental.  Sweet ride! Haven’t driven an SUV before in my life, much less one THAT colossal.  Have to drive like a granny now.

Everyone’s asking me to SLEEP!  But all I want to do is:

1. do #2.

2. watch Bones and Fringe (which I know I would be barred from doing)

3. and finally relax now that I have everything packed nicely

You know how, when you’re asked to do something, the natural instinct is to do the opposite thing?  I’m so pumped up on adrenalin that I don’t think I can sleep a wink at all.  Watch…I’ll say that now, but the moment I put my head to pillow, I’ll be out like light.  I could be so lucky.

…This is what insomnia feels like.

We finally made the trip at 10:30 pm.  After taking more than 1/2 hour to load everyone in, we said our goodbyes to Jessie who felt like she was being abandoned in a shelter.

Friday, Sept. 18, 2009

The journey to Toronto started out slow. We immediately hit traffic on 80 W, at 11:30 pm. A three-lane interstate merged into one, giving way to road construction. That was our entire trip.  What was supposed to be a 7.5-hour trip dragged out to 10 hours due to constructions and potty breaks.

We stopped at St. Catherines to visit with old friends and finally got into downtown Toronto at 9 am.  Since we couldn’t check into our room yet, we headed to 99 Harbour Square – our headquarters for the next four days. We were warmly greeted by Ta Mai and my cousins.  I, on the other hand, weren’t feeling too “warm.” Running on zer0 hours of sleep and anxiety, I succumbed to the hovering flu and cough.

When we realized we could check into our hotel, we quickly drove off to 92 Peter Street – our bed and “shit-hole” for the next four days.  We crashed almost immediately, stopping for only a quick fajita and shower.  We were awaken at 4:30 pm to get dressed for the wedding rehearsal dinner at 185 Graydon Hall – THE location.

Cheh and I were dressed to the nines, which means we were barely dressed.  It was C-O-L-D that night.

We picked my younger sister and fiancé up from headquarters to head to THE location. After the walk through, the bridal party had dinner at Congee Queen.  Our first good meal of the day.

Went back to headquarters to start a little assembly line going for wedding favors and met up with the rest of the family: Jee Mai and Unc. D, Ta Mai, and cousins. Before we left, Jee Mai’s girls checked-in to headquarters from the airport.  After a short meet and greet, we left for the “shit-hole” (not really a shit hole.  It’s actually a very nice place.  Would have enjoyed it more if we had a little more time).

That was 1:30 am. When we snuggled into our beds, all we heard instead of our snores, was the booms and thunderous beats from neighboring clubs.  Cheh sprung into action (her calling) and we were assigned to new rooms for the next day (on the 15th floor, with better view) AND free breakfast on Sunday.  Good job!  Pat on the back.

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