Time to play catchup with our TV programs.

Didn’t watch the premier of House and Fringe until last night.  Crazy season!

Heroes is just getting irritating now. But I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from the imbeciles trying to kid themselves into believing that they are really that awesome and smart.

Still missing an episode of Glee from 2 weeks before.

TV dramas down. Now for the animes. Boy oh boy… am I lagging. Just watched last week’s Bleach today.  There’s a new episode tonight.

No wonder I’m four-eyed and in need of sleep. Not because I’m doing something important, but because I can’t get over my addiction and affair with the idiot box.

Hubs seem to think that we don’t have enough storage space for all the megabytes the cartoons are taking up. That’s why we are “working” overtime with the viewing. If only there are more night time hours than day times hours in one day, then our problem will be easily remedied.

We were supposed to go away this weekend. But it will be raining in the tri-state area. I guess we’re either warming the couch or hitting the museums.

Things are also slowly falling into place with travel arrangements for the wedding dinner in KL for December. The three of us finally messed the travel agent up so badly that she got us what we wanted. She couldn’t tell one sister from the other – according to her, we ALL sound alike.  She even mixed up the hubbies and the emails. Last night, I received cheh’s travel itinerary. I had to forward it to her. My younger sister got my itinerary two days ago. I got my new itinerary sent to the correct address today.

So after the circus, my younger sister and I realize that we are traveling on the same flight. At the end of the day, I called the travel agent up to see if it is possible that the four of us sat close to each other.

That would be tomorrow’s mayhem when I tell the agent I want aisle seats while my sister wants the window.  The seating is three rows of three seats in the 777 aircraft.  Good luck finding us our seats!

To eat is prosperity 能吃是福


Saturday, Sept. 5, 2009

Woodbury Common here we come – again! This trip with my parents reminded us of our last trip.  Last Thanksgiving, we decided to “try out” shopping  in Woodbury in the middle of the night aka at 12 am.  Black Friday started mighty early for us.  All was good until we got pass Exit 15, the last exit on Interstate 87 before tolls, then we saw a string of break lights.  That was midnight.  By the time we got to the next exit, Exit 16 – OUR exit, it was FOUR AM.  We literally sat in a 2-mile jam for 4 hours trying to get to Woodbury Common.  We wanted to turn back so many times, but there were no outlets.  We sat through the jam, cursing the bloody Asian people and their extreme need to shop for branded goods in the middle of the night.

Thank goodness we were lucky to have found a parking spot almost immediately after pulling into the lot.  That day, we shopped till we dropped.  Cheh and I bought Coach bags like they were free.  Hubs got suede Puma shoes that were very stylish.  By the time we got home, at 8 am, we were totally beat.  What recession?!  Asian people keep money under their beds in tin cans and somehow it grows, like the much sought after backyard money-bearing-tree.

Lucky for us, there was no such mad rush and the need to buy this time around.  Yet, there was still a little congestion going in.  Mommy had to go to the toilet right away.  Cheh calls it the, “pundi kencing tak berguna” – bladder that doesn’t work.  We split for an hour before meeting for lunch.  During that hour, I got intructions from my younger sister to find a “better attire” for my mom for the wedding.  Trying to outfit my mom with new clothes is like trying to dress the king.  Everything was either too tight, too long, too in-fashion, too old-fashioned, too bright, too expensive or just not what she wants.  I even got an earful from her about why her own “dress” was good enough for the wedding. On top of that, I still had to look for my top for the wedding, one of the reason for going to the outlet in the first place.
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